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Apr 2, 2007

Living with Red Light Districts

As you are sure to know by now, Governor Richardson in one of his pit stops in the state, decided to veto Michael Sanchez's Senate Bill 365. So, the Almighty Marty will be able to continue to run his kangaroo courts and his red light toll booths with impunity.

Governor Richardson explained his veto saying "I see no reason for the state to micromanage this program and jeopardize the impressive results in order to fund other programs." (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required) In other words, the ends justify the means. SB 365 was designed to send as much as a third of the revenue from the Candid Camera system to the state to be used to replace monies that would normally be collected from criminal citations, which the red light "tickets" are not.

Richardson also cited Mayor Marty's promise that he would work on the fines however, the Journal reports the Almighty Marty is already hedging.

"[The Mayor] said that charging $100 for all the tickets would provide enough revenue but that he wasn't positive the City Council would be comfortable charging third-time offenders the same as first-time offenders." (ABQ Journal - Subscription Required)

We showed you how the revenue split worked. We showed you how the city could still run the program and still clear over $9 bucks a citation, but His Honor the Mayor says the City Council would be uncomfortable with lower fines for the 2nd and 3rd toll uses.

To say the least were skeptical that once the dust settles, the mayor, council, et al. will lower the fees to any significant degree. Further, even if they do lower the 2nd and 3rd offense fines, the two year time period serves to make sure that citizens are kept in servitude and fear.

Folks, this is about money not safety. The mayor emptied city hall in order to lobby the legislature to prevent these bills from passing. Our legislators decided that the program had problems and although their legislation didn't address all of them (like the total lack of a fair hearing process) they passed legislation that would at least keep the red light districts from running unchecked despite the full-court press from Marty's many lobbyists.

Presidential Candidate and part-time Governor Richardson decided that Marty's tenuous promises and incomplete statistics trumped public outrage and Legislative direction. After all, who cares about a little thing like due process?

Since the Guv has jumped on board with the Almighty Marty, we'll be living with these things at least for the foreseeable future. So don't forget we've posted information on how to defend yourself at one of Marty's tax collection hearings. Read "Red Light Cameras - How to Beat'em" for more information. And, we've got our Legal Eye working on tips for the speed vans and will be posting them soon.


Anonymous said...

Let's deprive them of so much money they have to drop the program!!! Go to, and order yours today!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a sampling of the future of the red light cameras:

ABQ isn't the only city protesting the legality of these tickets.

Anonymous said...

Guess I won't be voting for our Governor for President either.

Anonymous said...

Get back at Marty by cuting off his GRT. Shop in Los Ranchos, Rio Rancho, the county, or on line. Albq gets over 2% of the gross sales in stores. Buying an average car somewhere else would cost Smarty Marty $400. Just to rub it in, send him a copy of the bill of sale, with a note about big-brother red-light cameras. Better yet, send the same copy to a dealer in Craque, and add that you took your business elsewhere because of the red light cameras.

Enough people do this and the cameras will be gone before you know it.

Anonymous said...

New red light cameras went up on Louisiana and Menaul today and yesterday. Just to let people know which intersections to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh...another intersection I now need to avoid. I wonder how the neighborhoods are liking the increase in traffic through their formerly quiet little streets?

Anonymous said...

As long as it was'nt in Marty's neighborhood. Would'nt want to disturb him and the young girls he's running around with now..(life after Margret)*****

Anonymous said...

Yep - there's no statistics on how many folks now avoid these intersections! Maybe all the accidents have simply been moved to the side streets now! By the way, I see Wyoming & Lomas now has cameras for Southbound & Eastbound traffic - 40mph both directions - another one to avoid!!!