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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jul 12, 2017


Mister Lewis,

First, we are going to address your accusation that you have somehow connected some dots. Albuquerque is a small place by big city standards. Word gets around fast here. Your accusation that some candidate that entered the mayor's race is behind this is juvenile, and amounts to what we consider crybaby behavior. The Eye is an independent entity beholden to nobody. We have backed up our statements with what we have as evidence. You have used hearsay. This is the type of crap we are tired of.

You, and a few other crybabies need to know that this blog is run by nobody that you think you know. We are provided mounds of information from every conceivable corner of this corrupted environment. Our contributors are from all walks. Those like you who have had the light shined on them think you know, because you only hear from the few that may be vocal. Believe us, everyone knows the truths. Everyone is sick and tired. They are more weary of the constant playing of victim by those being called out on their horse shit, now than anything else.

You have responded, and stated your case in response to our posting, shedding light on your definite conflict concerning your business dealings with Desert Fuels LLC, while being a city of Albuquerque City Councilor. While stating your case, you left out a very large amount of pertinent information, dates, and details. As we all know the devil is in the details.

Observe the devil Dan.

The fact is J.J. Mancini is the president and founder of Desert Fuels LLC, and Sara (Westbrook) Mancini is married to J.J. Mancini. We will start here.

Your position with Desert fuels began on June 1, 2012. Since 2/17/2012, the City of Albuquerque (note only according to its online vendor checkbook) has paid Desert Fuels $3.2 million. On 9/25/15 three years after taking your job with Desert Fuels, you requested that the Inspector General, for the city of Albuquerque review what you did. In that request you stated that "Neither have I had any conversations with any member of the city administration, nor any other City Councilors regarding the city's contract with Desert Fuels."

Yes Dan you did request an investigation into the above matter. You also primed the pump for the IG to look in a certain other directions. The IG failed to look at many issues here Mr. Lewis. All other potential conflicts were ignored, or intentionally overlooked. Like the fact that Mr. Mancini's wife Sara Westbrook was your policy analyst. Mrs. Westbrook was employed by the city of Albuquerque city Council. Is that not a very close relationship that was overlooked by the COA IG in his investigation?

Isn't it true Mrs. Westbrook started working at the City of Albuquerque with you in December of 2009? At that time, Mrs. Westbrook was with J.J. Mancini for over a year. In 2010 Desert Fuels was founded by J.J. Mancini who's background was reportedly in computer programming and web design.

2/17/12 Desert Fuels is awarded a vendor contract to provide fuel to the city of Albuquerque, despite reports that there were concerns the infant company would be unable to provide "all" of the necessary fuel. There were also some indications that Desert Fuels subcontracts with other providers of fuels for fuel that it is unable to provide. So, the company you are Vice President of got a contract to supply fuel, when you can't always get it? How does a new company get a contract to provide something they can't? Are not companies vetted by who is the best for the job? Not here, we guess? Just how many times has your company had to subcontract fuel supply?

6/1/2012 You took a job as Director of Supply for Desert Fuels with absolutely no experience at all in the fuel business. Curiously, Suspiciously, and Ironically the Inspector General's report mimics your review request that since you took the job with Desert Fuels "after" the company was awarded the City of Albuquerque contract, there couldn't be a conflict. Getting a job "after" the granting of a very lucrative contract would seem to be the very definition of quid pro quo, particularly in light of your policy analyst's close relationship to the owner of Desert Fuels... Right?!? Did the Inspector General's Report mention this. No... the defective, incompetent, and incomplete IG report failed to address this at all!

On or around 8/28/2012 J.J. Mancini proposes to Miss Sara Westbrook in a very public and scripted proposal that was posted on youtube, and included you, and your wife as players in the event. Participation in someone's marriage proposal clearly indicates a relationship that extends beyond business or work, wouldn't you say? We will. Yes it does.

10/20/12, two months later! Sara Westbrook and J.J. Mancini were married at Los Poblanos, with you presiding over part of the wedding... another indicator of a close relationship between these two and you. Less than a year later, you were made Executive Vice President of Desert Fuels Inc. according to the letter you provided the IG. That same letter names you Acting President of Desert Fuels beginning 1/1/15!

On 2/16/15 Sara and J.J. Mancini depart on a mission tour of Capetown South Africa. They returned 3/16/16, and internet social media states that Sara is not working. Note that your request for review of the city contract with Desert Fuels is dated 9/25/15. Mrs. Mancini would not be returning until 2016, and would not be available to answer questions posed by the IG even if Mr. Pacheco chose to investigate her potential involvement.


By August 2016, documents show that Mrs. Mancini is back working at the City of Albuquerque as a Council Neighborhood Services Manager. She is later placed in charge of the Office of Neighborhood Coordination, with a salary of over $76,000 per year, after the Office of Neighborhood Coordination is moved from the planning Department to Council Services.

All of the above clearly shows a long, and close relationship between Sara (Westbrook) Mancini, J.J. Mancini and you. That relationship pre-dates the Desert Fuels Contract. It shows a potential quid pro quo job for contract exchange. This relationship between Sara (Westbrook) Mancini, her future husband, and you, provides both the access to information, and the opportunity to influence decision makers with, or without your knowledge.

While you dispute evidence linking you to influencing the Desert Fuels / COA contract, there is hard evidence that there was no disclosure of the close relationship you had, have, and continue to have with both your employer and his employee who also worked for you. This is dishonesty by omission.

What is more suspect in this, is the timing of your request for an investigation to clear you by the IG, prior to running for Mayor of Albuquerque. The timing of this request places two of the three out of the country, and out of the reach of the Inspector General for interview, and investigation. Coincidentally the IG rapidly concluded this investigation within this frame.

We believe there is plenty of evidence to show that at best, a piss poor investigation was conducted into this matter, and at worse there was possible collusion, intentional omissions, and avoidance of discovering what we have found by the IG you and others. We believe a complete investigation into this matter needs to be conducted by the Federal Department of Justice, where lying, omitting, and bullshitting federal agents, by playing the shell and word game, results in a six year federal prison sentence for false statements to a federal agent.


Mister Lewis, you mentioned "legitimate journalists" and this city in the same correspondence. Please give us all a break. Legitimate journalists do not write commendatory articles, like the trash that the Albuquerque Journal's perverted editorial board does. Notice how the cabin boys and whores over there never commented on the mayor's horse shit crime award, but were sure to pressurize the propaganda flow the other way for a homicide detective that is under investigation for framing a young man for a murder he did not do. We all know about a majority of journalism here. The good ones have their work edited into benign articles, that never ask the hard questions, and when the heat does come down, the network executives call off the dogs when the city administration cries their asses off. One of the only games in town that holds feet to the fire is the Albuquerque Free Press. The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board is just as complicit in the precipitation of the condition of this city as the rapists, pedophiles, robbers, the city administration and Mayor, is because they all lie to everyone for their own personal greed and benefit, by filling their pockets.

Those making a difference are the officers out there doing their jobs every day, while tolerating the usual home-wrecking, whore colleagues fucking in department stairwells, while they are shagging calls, fucking their wives, and husbands at Foothills Substations, when it is zero car availability out there, and the response times for auto theft calls is hours... the same married whore officer fucking dozens of married officers over only a few years, causing the wives of these officers to file complaints, with hard evidence of texts videos, and dick pictures, only to have nothing done by an administration of liars, and cover up artists. Those making a difference are those officers out there picking up the slack for pieces of shit, who see this place as a whore house, and money tree. Those making a difference are those officers, who despite an administration who hangs them out to dry to provide cover for themselves, continue to go after the criminals and uphold their oath...Our Eyes. Those making a difference are the citizens who are not having this horse shit. Those who are shining the light on this filthy administration... Our Eyes. Those making a difference are the reporters, and news casters who can not stand this corrupt criminal enterprise of an administration... the ones who are working hard to expose it, and have the balls to ask the hard questions, press for answers, push back, and give these assholes a taste of their own medicine, but get paid little for it.

Please Mister Lewis... please do not tell us about making a difference, because anyone who wants to make a difference does not do it for the money, power or influence. What you and those responsible here do not understand about making a difference is what is required to do so. Those who want to make a difference do it before looking like you are doing it is popular or beneficial to their campaign.

In the next 90 days we will see just what's required to make a difference here, and we will be torpedoing those who are not in this for the right reason.

Yes, Mister Lewis, the Eye may have commended you. We do call it like it is, but when we see something questionable, we address it. This election is going to change the city. We are going to make sure of this.

Please abstain from taking the moral high ground about helping us. Nobody has helped anyone here. We have been fighting this corruption for years, and nobody has done anything. The Eye is a dirty word around here. All of you armchair chest thumpers read this blog, and nobody has called for a corruption commission to be convened, in order to deal with the out of control criminal enterprise of an administration that has crippled this city. No, none of you want to walk into the room with a baseball bat, because you are all pussies, worried about who's feelings you may hurt, when some asshole gets taken out with a sweeping political corruption dragnet, and how it may effect your bottom line down the road. All you have helped us with was having your people cry to Facebook in order to shut our page down. The same way you tried to shut down an old patriot when you kicked him out of a city council meeting for holding a flag.

When you wonder why this is happening, think about the elderly gentleman Sylvio Dell'Angela...The Vietnam veteran you, and others within city council, and this coward administration have kicked out of your meetings, like a bunch of punks. He is the older gentleman, who holds the upside down American flag. He is the guy who shows up, regardless of his physical condition, relentlessly holding the filth responsible, and calling them out. He is the man who served this country, shows up to city hall, when nobody else does, and consistently pushes on a daily basis for change. That man has more balls than any of you, and you all snub him, and label him a pest. He was bullied, and threatened by Schultz, and the disrespect and mistreatment continues. Why is this a problem? Because it is a prime example off what is wrong. Thin skinned punks are running things. Criminals, and self promoters are running things, and they are all doing the same to those that oppose them. They are trying to silence them. They are lying to them, and when that fails, they ultimately cry and portray themselves the victim. Citizens like Mr. Dell'Angelo, who have shown more balls serving for us in foreign countries than you, or anyone responsible for this mess have, or ever will, do more for this city than any of you political jokers ever will. What do you do? You call him a threat. Not once has any of you just walked up to the guy like a man, and asked to talk to him. No, you kick him out like trash. How would you like that?

This blog, and this October is for everyone walked on or bullied by the likes of this administration, their investors, political contacts, their cronies, bought judges, failed judicial system, coconspirators, abusers of power, the politically corrupt, liars, whores, perverts, lying journalists, editorial boards who collude with this corrupt administration, nature at players, fake awardees, filth bag, lying, coward mayors, drunken punk CAO's, lying APD public information officers, lying, and court defrauding city attorneys, IPRA avoiding, and law breaking city officials, corrupt lying detectives, scum bag, lying police brass, a failed Governor, repeat offenders, impotent labor backing, and an overall failure of an honorable righteous government.

This coward administration should get up every morning, and thank God they are administrators, and politicians in the United States of America, because anywhere else this shit would have been dealt with swiftly, and in a drastically different manner. But we all know the truth when it comes to them. The only time they want everyone to see them praying, or portraying themselves the pillars of "Gods Plan" is when they need political contributions from the rich white mega churches responsible for getting Berry elected like Legacy Church.

Next time you see Mr. Dell'Angela, thank him for providing you an environment where we don't throw people off of roofs for destroying a city, and hiding behind an elected political position to do so, while gaining monetarily from it, and getting money from a religious organization to do it.

Were are done with bullies.

The Eye.

Jul 7, 2017


Does anyone remember the case involving Albuquerque Police Officer Richard Whitten? That special "Nature at Play" case around the summer of 2016? You know... when Mrs. Whitten blew the whistle on everything we already knew was going on for years, after she wrote a letter about the rampant sexual misconduct, and extramarital affairs that were plaguing APD...the same shit that we have reported causes severe domestic issues, violence, and suicides within the department... the same shit that is, and has been covered up by Ray Schultz, and his gang, and Now Gordon Eden, and this crummy administration....

We have written more than one story concerning cancers within this administration, who fail to learn their lessons... fail to correct their misconduct, and continue to do whatever they want, whenever they want... because they are rewarded by a filthy administration that values their loyalty over doing the right thing. This is because when you are dirty, you need fellow dirts to be just as deeply involved as you are to help you, and keep their fucking mouths shut about it...
conspirators, equally culpable if you will. Case in point... Gonterman, who was finally asked to leave because his horse shit got to be too much for the department to bear due to our relentless attacks concerning his antics... the stolen rifle lies and hypocrisy being the final straw. Now we have this... after burning off ears, acting like an asshole, and all the other things in his background he was promoted and protected. This administration has a record of this. They protect and cover for their chosen few scum bags.... Sedler... Brachle... Trahan... Aragon...



In the aforementioned article it was reported that Officer Richard (I can't keep my small dick in my pants) Whitten not only had an affair with a Walmart loss prevention officer on duty, but he had an affair with the Albuquerque Police Department Real Time Crime Center civilian supervisor he worked overtime under. This supervisor was Crystal Quintana. You want to know why this is so interesting?

This is so interesting, because Gorden Eden took virtually no action against either of these city employees who can't seem to keep their pants up, but are to be trusted with being an officer, and the other having access to citywide surveillance cameras. Not only did Eden merely give these two cretins a slap on the wrist, but he hired the home wrecker Crystal Quintana onto the Albuquerque Police Department to be a police officer! Her reward for falling in line with the APD DO AS YOU WANT NATURE AT PLAY CULTURE AND CREED...

BUT.... As with all things... karma has a way of creeping in, like it did tonight... proving that dishonorable, dishonest people usually stay dishonorable, and dishonest, and only this administration hires, and rewards them as they have proven once again.

One only has to look at the failed leadership of this city, and their deliberate, and willful misconduct to understand why good officers are struggling, and the citizens are under a crime siege. This administration is criminals for the criminals.

Mrs. Quintana was not only arrested for DUI tonight, but she was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident, which is a crime of integrity. This is disgusting, because Mrs. Quintana was on on the job training (OJT) with a Field Training Officer (FTO) with APD as a graduate of the police academy. And so the attrition continues. Fancy that folks. If that is not karma, nothing is.

But the beat goes on... because Mrs. Quintana was released on her own recognizance, with $0 bond.

We hope our readers have a better night than Ol' Mrs. Quintana and Gorden Eden. We wont say we told you so.

The Eye

P.S. We are taking bets on what is going to be done about this. Considering this arestee is on an on the job probationary period, she would normally be terminated. Lets see how they twist this into no action taken, or a convenient reassignment back into her previous assignment, because we all know what kind of hairs can pull a freight train here at APD.

Jun 30, 2017


We here at the Eye call it like it is. We say what most are thinking, and we do what many would like to do, when it comes to the creepery around here. Although we have called out many for doing, or not doing in many instances, we would like to recognize those who have finally stepped the fuck up.

Mayor, and resident scum bag Richard J Berry was awarded the biggest horse shit award in the history of horse shit awards yesterday, and we can honestly say that this guy has gone through a door which there is no going back through when it comes to us. This lowlife could not make up for what we know he has done, and he will always be the brunt of our aggressive vermin eradication plan for our city. The outrage on this incident was epic from every angle....

Recently, we called out Dan Lewis for what we and many others perceive as an inappropriate deal, concerning the company he was appointed Vice President of... Desert Fuels, coincidentally, after they get a very lucrative contract with the city. Lewis told the Albuquerque Inspector General that he did no wrong, and the Inspector General must have just taken his word for it, because it appeared he interviewed nobody, and only looked at a few documents before clearing Lewis in extremely short order. We are now in possession of all of the information we need to address the issues Mr. Lewis artfully dodged. We will be addressing this soon, and the Federal Department Of Justice may want to listen up. We definitely suggest all other mayoral candidates along with all of the Albuquerque voters listen up too. But... the reason we are bringing this up is because Dan Lewis, in all of his wailing, and gnashing of teeth, brought up a good point about how we have at times championed things he has done, but now we are persecuting him for some political reason. That is a good point, because we here at the Eye are fair, and out of our fairness, this message was spawned.

Just as we will call people out for being dishonorable filth, we will also stand up, and call it like it is when people do what is right. We wrote about Mayor Berry getting the Terri Cole Chamber of Commerce award days ago, and since then, shit has exploded right on Berry's face, where it belongs. Maybe Kent Walz has some rags to wipe Berry and Coles faces off with. KOB news stepped up, and took the gloves off, calling Berry out, and it was enjoyable watching the asshole squirm, while giving an interview to KOB in extreme sign language. We call it devilspeak. We want you, the public to know exactly how to tell when a liar, fraud and dishonorable turd is feeding you devilspeak, because each one of these subhumans has their own unique queues. You see, when Berry is humiliated, but has to toss out the political horse shit, and devilspeak, his eyes shrink, but what really gives this complete asshole away is how he loses control of his hands, in his nonverbal attempt of drawing your attention away from the sheer nonsense, and incoherent twisted manipulative rationalizing babble coming out of the hole between his cheesy mustache and glass chin, as he did in the attached videos at the bottom of this paragraph.

Maybe next interview Berry can break out his Safety Dance.

Please watch the two news stories below to see for yourself how fed up even the media has become.



Terri Cole and Mayor Berry made complete assholes out of themselves this week by giving and receiving an award for unproven concepts, that have no tangible results yet. This award given to the fraud of a nutless ballsack Mayor Berry was based on what these idiots hope their pet projects like the feel good, reactionary, Albuquerque Police Department ALeRT and Real Time Crime Centers "may" do. Hmmmm. How about that? Well.... all is well, because Berry understands everyone's frustration. Frustration huh? You condescending little piece of shit. You lowlife anal wart, who hides in your office... You parasitic weak little sissy. You mealy mouthed, milk toast cuckold. You prostitute. You lying shucking and jiving dirt merchant. You self serving coward. Terry Cole... you and your boy RJ, that bitch Rob Perry, and Kent Walz should invite Eden and Jay McCleskey for "coffee with the parasites" on the Taos gorge bridge, preceding base jumping without parachutes for charity. Have Susana Martinez bring the pizah and coke(aine.)How's that for saying what everyone is thinking? And bring that gutless bitch Schultz who is hiding in Texas with you. We could think of a few dozen others, but those cretins would suffice for starts.

One of the outstanding quotes from callers on the KKOB radio program was about how giving Berry this award was akin to awarding an arsonist for setting a fire then calling 911 to report it. We would like to add to that gem of a statement by saying it is worse. Awarding Mayor Richard J Berry the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Award for Public Safety is like Awarding that arsonist for wanting to call 911, after lighting a fire, but never really doing it, then lying about how it started.

We here at the Eye would like to do what most wouldn't. We know the media reads this blog. We know the scum we expose read this blog, and we know the citizens and employees of Albuquerque read this blog. Hell, we know the feds read this blog. We would like to commend Caleb James, and yes you too, Chris Ramirez for handling this story as you did. We would also like to thank KOB anchor, and very classy lady Tessa Mentus for her great commentary, and that all telling voice inflection in how she reported on this hypocrisy and travesty. You are one of the news reporters we here at the Eye respect because you do your job with integrity, professonlally reporting the news without the noticeable bias or slant in the way you present it. Thank you for that. Stating those crime stat numbers do not lie like you did said it all.

Two others we were hard on this year have seen the light also. Although it came down to them having to have this administration try to play them the fools, until they finally saw them for what they are... criminals, liars, and thieves... Joanne Fine, of the Civilian Police Oversight board called them out. You can see the story on the Albuquerque Free Press website below.

CPOA Joanne Fine calls them thieves in ABQ FREE PRESS

It is a little too late, but we would like to say that, Shaun Willoughby, over at the APOA did good with his "most out of touch with the community award" that the union awarded Berry in response to this joke.

They probably never thought everyone would be this pissed off. Maybe the rich elite assholes fucking everyone over behind the scenes should think more before making shit up like they have all been doing for the last eight years.

As usual, Dennis Domrzalski and Dan Klein over at The Albuquerque Free Press kicked them right in the balls over this. Great work fellas!



Joe Monahan broke it off in Berry and Coles asses too. Thanks Joe!


Thanks to everyone who showed up at this clowns award ceremony to protest. That was great.

Thank you to all of our officers out there doing the job, only to have this motherfucker screw you at every opportunity, take credit for your hard work, and make excuses and lies up about why everyone is leaving the department. Keep your heads up. We are pushing these assholes out one by one. Just ask Gonterman.

Everyone is fed up!

The Eye

Jun 27, 2017


We here at the Eye, and our citizens and the employees of Albuquerque have seen some things over the years that have really defied logic. Here at the Eye nothing surprises us. Things may make us angry, like what we are about to discuss, but nothing surprises us. You know why? It is because we know just how the problem people here operate, and their motives. We know their greedy agendas. We know their circles. We know their reasons.

Anyone who can find a reason to call Richard J. Berry even a mayor, let alone a good mayor, is not delusional. No... not only are they not delusional, but their actions are deliberate. That is fine, because birds of a feather flock together, because Berry is a coward, creep, and liar too. The Berry supporter is that person seeking that grain of coal in a salt mine, just to call it a coal mine. They are the twisted person who is constantly trying to ram the square peg into the round hole because the outcome benefits them greatly. It is all about perverted sex, power and greed. These people are so pathetic, that they will pimp themselves out, just to be seen rubbing elbows with political assholes like Berry, at places like Scalos, or some other political hangout, these miscreants consider their watering holes. They spend thousands to buy a mayor, so they can profit at the detriment of an entire city, as long as they get something out of it. These days of selfishness need to be put to bed and if churches want to enter the million dollar market of buying a mayor, then they should have their non profit status revoked.

In Albuquerque, the above group is always the same. It is the rich white profiteers. It is the mega churches like Legacy, who should be separate from state. It is the contractors, who profit from Berry's actions, and who Berry will profit from later on, after he is out of here. But the biggest, most disgusting slap in the face came from the money tree that put this creep in office. They have given him a free pass for eight years... It is The Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce. This group of socioeconomically detached bunch of elitist assholes, who are insulated from the daily assault on the average citizen, had the audacity to announce today that RJ Berry will receive an award for public safety. With a strait face, Madam Terri Cole who is the CEO of this sham outfit of mayor's office bootlickers says Berry deserves this. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

We will not ask Madam Cole if she is crazy. We will not ask her if she, and her chamber of circle jerks sat around huffing tywall, before coming to the conclusion that they were going to award the worst mayor in the history of Albuquerque, with the worst, and most heinous crime record ever, and most corrupted administration ever, an award for protecting the public. We will not ask Madam Cole what particular public is Berry being awarded for providing safety to. We will not ask her if she lost her sanity. We will not ask her where she lives... in what nice neighborhood, or socioeconomic level she sits comfortably at. We will not ask her if she was ever a victim of violent crime, or if she ever personally had a family member raped, and dismembered as a child. No, we will ask her none of this. We won't, because we already know the answer. Madam Cole does just what Kent Walz, and the Albuquerque Journal does; they make shit up.

We will say this. Madam Terri Cole, you are just another privileged low life, who benefits by shitting on those you deem beneath you, and unworthy of having a voice. You wrinkley old money driven spinster. You are the poster child for privileged apathy. You are the example of how appearances ARE deceiving, and how a turd can be gilded. Corruption is the problem, but smiling frauds like you are the accomplices and enablers. You know why? Because it isn't you, and your's being found up alleys with 2x4's broken off in your asses. It is not you, and your's having your cars stolen from your alarmed garages. It is not you, and your's having your family owned small businesses shuttered along the Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project route. And it is not you, and your's being shit on by a lying, filthy corrupted administration. You, and your group of political whores are just as much the problem. Political Groupies like you, Sherman McCorkle, and Kent Walz. Madam Cole knows Kent well. Say hello to Kent for us will ya! We know all of you vultures travel in the same circles. Albuquerque has all of you to blame for this eight year slap to the face.

The bizarre shit going on around here is only bizarre to those uneducated in the whose who, of sellouts, kickback artists, political favors, $15,000 dollar plate campaign dinners, and whoring of ones ass for the almighty dollar. Today, the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce proved AGAIN, that there is a core group of greedy filth, who will turn a blind eye to the murder of children, and war on the citizens of their city by criminals in order to ingratiate themselves to a loser. Well, folks, hitch your broken wagons to that meteor. We will enjoy it when the tables are turned come October.

Madam Cole's Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Linked in Summery states:
"The chamber is one of New Mexico's largest advocacy organizations for business, and is recogized as one of the most highly regarded chambers in the nation. Ms. Cole is currently the longest serving chamber CEO at one chamber in the United States and executes the implementation of all policy decisions of the board at national, state and/or local levels."
We cut and pasted this. As you can see, Madam Cole has trouble with the word recognize. It is probably because she can not recognize a failed mayor if he slapped her in the face. Good luck with the chambers integrity after this one Madam Cole. Again, say hello to your flunky Kent for us. And recognized by who? Yourselves? You obviously give yourselves a pat on the back, and an "A" like Eden, Perry, Huntsman, and Berry does. Pretty damn pathetic from our viewpoint.

No matter how hard you liars work to fit that square peg in the round hole we will be there to make sure everyone knows the truth.

The Eye.

Jun 19, 2017


Thanks to one of our Eyes.


No Country for Old Men

We here at the Eye like like the saying "YOU GET TO SLEEP IN THE BED YOU MADE."
You know why we like that saying so much? It is because many dishonorable cowards who have been employed with the Albuquerque Police Department, as self described Police Executives have taken the liberty to make lives miserable while they were here.

These people lied, and did to others what they would never tolerate having done to themselves. These vermin have retaliated against those who have called them out on their actions. They have bullied citizens and employees. They have stood by as this administration has railroaded people, destroyed a police department, and wrecked a city. They have conspired to do all of the above, and they left when the heat came down. Some tried to stick it out, only for their own enrichment, until they too finally got run out. The common variable in all of this is that they did it all for that pension. Well, to you scum bags.... you got it, now take it and leave. Go away.

The private sector is a whole hell of alot different than civil service. In the private sector, your reputation, and the recommendations required to get that job matter. Your former employer matters even more when you came from APD, as one of the top level police executives.

Some APD brass are hanging on when they are past the retirement eligibility, because they can not find somebody who will hire them. Some wanted out so bad that they took secretarial positions. What does this tell you?

We are hearing that many employers are not hiring recently retired Albuquerque Police Department brass due to them being a possible liability. We could not agree more. Many of these cowards are now seeing the fruits of their labor coming full circle. It is called karma.

You see, you can screw people, but we all live in the same world. What a small world it is some times, especially in places like Albuquerque, where there are usual places that these clowns all see as the tried and proven retirement watering holes for double dipping. Well.... not anymore.

Some are realizing they should not have left a sure thing, while many are realizing that thing may never leave them, and others are stuck in a situation because they stood by, and let all of this happen. This folks is why you do not tolerate poor behavior. The poor behavior of these scum bags has effected everyone. Those responsible for this do not deserve progress while everyone else is stagnated in the mess they made. Many employers are beginning to realize this and it is proof that enabling is just as bad as doing.

Enjoy the bed you made. To the rest of you. You have until November. The Rolling Stones said it well... "So if it's all been said and done... I gotta move I had my fun... Let me walk before they make me run"

The Eye.

Jun 16, 2017


So far, in our city of Albuquerque New Mexico, we have had a child raped, disemboweled, eaten, murdered, dismembered, and incinerated in the bath tub of an apartment by her mother, and two disgusting, subhuman deviates, and the complete trash bags at the top levels of APD lied about it to protect themselves. We have had a human body found, decapitated with its male genitals cut off, naked, behind a shopping center. We have had a man nailed to a tree, crucifixion style on the Rio Grand River Bank. We have had three small children shot to death on their front lawn by a psychopath, in front of their mother. We have had children shot through the head in road rage incidents. We have had other children obliterated by speeding police cars. Now we have a homeless man found engulfed in flames on his mattress. This one barely made the news. We know we have made mention of this before but this keeps happening. It is getting worse and those within this administration continue with disgusting behavior that promotes it and feeds it.

While all of the above, and exponentially more has happened, we have a police department led by cowards, and a fraud of a mayor playing the stalling game. They are only there for themselves. They have proven this. Anyone who ever held their right hand on a bible, and took the oath to be a police officer would never leave their city like this, as the punks and cowards who have fled the last 7 years have done, while innocent civilians are in desperate need of help. They never did take the job of a police officer to be a true cop; that is why. To take an oath, and leave a city like this is the greatest betrayal of that oath.

Our citizens are victimized daily, yet everyone is safe, and sound in their retirement with their protected pension. They can laugh. That laugh may be short lived, but one thing is sure. They lost their honor and dignity, but THEY made it home. They don’t deserve a home. They deserve a steel box with a sliding port in the wall to put food trays through, and a pot on the floor to shit in.

The state of affairs here is tragically sad. It is painful. It is painful in many ways, but two ways are most abundantly clear. The citizens can not rely on the police to be their protectors, and those responsible for this need to be pulverized. Society can not be protected, when those in charge of this sacred duty are the problem. Officers can not do their jobs, when their leadership is an evil entity. The officers trying to hold the line are stuck in the middle of a crumbling society, due to one of the most corrupt, and morally degenerate administrations in the history of public government.

While crime is reaching the types, and levels of that in third world, uncivilized, warlord territories, we have a mayor hiding like a gutless piece of dog shit. This dried up, corn encrusted piece of dog shit only comes out for award ceremonies, and appearances that benefit him, while avoiding at all costs showing up at the tragedies that he is too good to answer for. The tragedies that his failed leadership, and intentional wanton willful misconduct created.

While Mayor Richard J Berry Hides, his lying police chief Gordon Eden can only find time to pose with small children, or play the crying game, as he tries to manipulate heart strings at horse shit press conferences, touting their worthless after the fact ALeRT crap, lead by another fat bloated tick, and money chaser, who could give a rats ass about this city… free loader TJ Wilhelm. The only thing the chief of police is not afraid of is children.

While all of this is going on, we now have an officer put back to work after years of protests, destruction of property, riots, and tens of millions of dollars of tax payers monies spent, for spite and obstruction of justice. Others are covered for, and gifted pensions. The beatings of wives, and domestic violence is tolerated, accepted, covered up, and the suspects are protected, and put back to work. If that is not bad enough, our Eyes have told us that this past Saturday an APD police officer, with homicidal thoughts was just cleared, and put back to the field on OJT, in the Southwest Area Command of APD, after being out, and reassigned to the real time crime center for over a year. Allegedly, He was out for having several PTSD 10-40 episodes that were documented, where it was said he wanted to shoot people. This has been happening for over two and a half years. This person is an ex Marine. We here at the Eye are appreciative for all veterans, but there comes a time you have to call it what it is when a mistake is made, or when something like this comes to light. Nobody benefits when innocent people get hurt because someone snaps, and it could have been prevented. All of this happens just because an administration wants to get over the goal line, and hand off a mess to the incoming administration. All of this with a newspaper like the Albuquerque Journal, who makes excuses for the failures, or just lies about it. There is no more room for a parasitic administration, with a contaminated infrastructure in place, that provides for concealment, excuses, lies, and lack of accountability. If the department of justice will not do it, an incoming administration can fix things, and punished the responsible parties. Anything less is just more of the same, and double talk to get elected.

The troops trying to do the right thing see all of this, and know that those running the Albuquerque Police Department, the CAO Robert Perry, the Mayor Richard J Berry, and the city attorney Jessica pineapple face Hernandez will do whatever it takes to fuck them if they open their mouths about the corruption. Many are trying to leave and all this Gorden Eden Character is doing is trying to keep a lid on it until our complete asshole mayor is out the door, and enjoying some CEO position in one of the city contractors companies like Dan Lewis is doing.

What are APD officers to do when they see Sargents do the right thing, and step up to report timesheet fraud only to have an entire chain of command obstruct, and cover for a clown like Geha? Mysteriously, that same reporting sargent does not make the lieutenants list now. But it is funny that steroid users who were notorious for beating people, but suddenly become water carriers who carry out hits at IA, and perverts who have oral sex in police buildings get promoted to lieutenant! No wonder why nobody speaks up. We know why. Because they will be the next target shot in the back by this administration of termites. We all know how to handle termites.

As all of this is going on, self serving politicians, like that worm Pat Davis, has the sack to ratify the Taser contract, then this week he uses the tragedy of a politically driven shooting of two senators in Virginia to make it all about himself, and how a clown who does not want to put in a days worth of hard work, or get a callous on his hand wore a fucking uniform for fifteen minutes, because he wants it out there for his campaign. Lets see Pat’s commendatory citations for putting himself in harms way. As a matter of fact, what has Pat Done? Nothing. Oh pardon us… Thats right, he was arrested for Driving Drunk and sounded like a pathetic moron, while he tried to paint his slurred speech as an East Coast accent that New Mexicans are too stupid to distinguishing from a drunken asshole. Manipulative liars who come out that easy with that type of bullshit lie are dangerous. Imagine if Pat had run into a car with a mother and child in it. We wonder if he would have even stopped to render aid. Taking advantage of tragedies is pathetic, and cowardly and seemingly a trait for these politicians, and police executives. We do not need weak, self servers like this.

Now it is up to the voters, and those out there exposing all of this come October. All of this can be changed with the understanding that things need to be put aside for the common good of ridding this city of agenda based politicking on the backs of a suffering public. Do you want a mayor like Colon elected, who would put the defense attorney of Dominique Perez in as the new City Attorney?!? Well… do you? Start asking the hard questions. Who will be the next police chief… the city attorney… the CAO?

We will be responding with more reasons why you should not vote for Dan Lewis very soon too! We have already addressed candidate Colon, and why he should not be mayor. Colon is just a rain maker for Luis Robles’s law firm. He is just more of the same old, and will tell you what you want to hear just to get elected. We think everyone would agree, we have had enough of this with Berry, and who wants Schultz “having the ear of the Mayor” through his attorney anymore? Remember… Brian Colon flip flopped already on removing just one of these cockroaches.

Some candidates may make you feel good with what they say, but they just do not have the savvy, and know how to deal with the type of treacherous scum who will still be in the shadows. They will need the leadership qualities, and fortitude to root out every last semblance of this administration, and fire them, prosecute them, and make them unable to do harm in the future, while having the skill set to improve things, and move forward. The snake needs it’s head smashed. Do not think for a minute there will not be those self serving scum who would wish failure on the next administration out of jealousy or being made to look bad.

If the New Mexico AG does not prosecute Ray Schultz for even jaywalking to meet a Taser executive across the street, considering what that creep, and coward did to this city in order to profit from it and hide it, among many other crimes, there will need to be a new AG, and anyone he throws his support behind may also need to be removed from consideration for the position of mayor of Albuquerque. Quite frankly, we here at the Eye have been very supportive, and patient with the AG’s investigation… at times, urging others to do so also. Everyone has their limit though.

Remember to remember what these vermin have done. Vote smart and efficiently. Nobody will say everything you agree with. Watch for personal agenda, and who they are connected to. Do not vote to send an obstinate message. Put your differences aside to wipe out the parasites, deny them cover, and any future access, then starve them like they have done to this city and state while we rebuild. Let them fall while we rise.

Drastic measures need to be taken, because Albuquerque is not going to hell. Albuquerque is hell. Hell is now taking lessons from Albuquerque.

Jun 13, 2017

Adios Turd. Another one flees. Need we say more?


Fitting a square peg in a round hole: Bias and yellow political reporting from the Albuquerque Journal (Urinal)

It has been no secret that the Albuquerque Journal has been the political disinformation arm of this filthy administration since it's inception... especially the perverted editorial board, with their warped, biased, and intentionally slanted "opinion" used to provide a cushion, and cover for those in this administration, and their agenda.

Although some writers within the Journal touch lightly on subjects involving the blatant corruption issues, the other self titled "journalists" within that cess pit betray the mere definition of what journalism is all about. (Mainly the Editorial Board and their pervert handlers) Our sources over there tell us that the journalists who want to ask the hard questions have their work neutered through editing. The hard questions that would hold the Mayor, CAO, Police Chief, City Attorney, and ranking brass of APD are avoided. The titles, and content of articles are neutered to make sure they do not damage the fragile egos, and reputations of these failures. This is all done because those in high places at the journal are pathetic groveling scum, who are either beholden to this administration, or expect returned favors down the line. We have shown you the expenditures concerning monies given to this rag over the last few years, in return for biased reporting that slants stories, and lies in order to promote this administration's agenda.

Just so we are clear about our accusations here, lets look at the below article....

Albuquerque Journal (Urinal) propaganda piece

Since when in the history of the Journal have they written an article stating a fired APD cop deserved his job back?

Through out the process of the Boyd case the journal rarely called out this administration, because of their immediate support of Perez, due to Eden's premature case of diarrhea of the mouth, when he justified the shooting of Boyd. Our Eyes told us that after Eden uttered that statement, he was scolded like a puppy that shit on the floor by Berry and Perry. That statement set the pace for things here, because as we all know these clowns will never admit a mistake. The Albuquerque Journal (Urinal) did not fail to deviate from their standard operating procedure of providing cover either.

The above article shows a gross deviation and the idiots on the Journal Editorial Board fail to realize that people are watching their patterns. Over the years, this fake newspaper has relentlessly attacked officers within APD, who have faced egregiously disparaging, and criminal actions against their entire existence, or any discipline for that matter.   Dozens of officers have faced lies and libelous attacks from the Albuquerque Journal, and it's Editorial board. These favors called in by Schultz, Perry, Levy, Perry and various minions for Eden and Berry, along with others within this administration have complicated matters for employees, the courts, the police department itself, and the public. It has caused problems within the reform process, where vengeance and resistance to this Federal court ordered process is carried out, due to animosity to being exposed, insulted or humiliated, and it is done with the skill and conduct of a child.

We here at the Eye have written many articles exposing the above methods of how the Albuquerque Journal colludes with city government to filter out damning information, and shade their articles to ease public opinion in accepting the horse shit this administration feeds the public on a daily basis. All of this is done out of the motivation of greed. That is right. The Journal, and their pals and families make money, and this filthy administration enriches themselves, while delaying scrutiny, and possible accountability for their actions. These people are lowest form of scum imaginable. They know it. We know it. We have proven it, and articles like the above are their impotent way of firing back, and ineffectively retaliating, while making fools of themselves. Someone should be handing out towels over at the entrance to the Journal building at 7777 Jefferson St. NE, so Kent Walz, Dan Herrera, and the editorial board can wipe the APD Brass, Martinez and Berry administration's  bodily fluids off of their faces.

Further calling out the owned fiction writers at the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board.... we would like to say......
Thank you for proving the Department of Justice findings true in regards to SWAT being able to do anything they want whenever they want while being held to a far different standard than the rank and file officers who are shit on every day by this administration.

The fiction writers on the editorial board lied to the public by saying that that Perez is not getting a free ride back into APD, and they did it by failing to back it up with any facts as to why he should be reinstated.

Perez is getting a free ride. Here is how. First, he was handed back his job, without having to go through any hearing whatsoever. There were other officers like officer Guenther, who's case was dropped. He had to go through a hearing. There were other officers who were terminated, and did nothing at all wrong, but all had to have waves of hearings. There were other cases where the city got caught doing officers dirty, and settled out by paying the officers to avoid what they did getting out.  Those officers were not reinstated. Nobody apologized to them. Not until now has someone walked back into APD. The irony in this is that Perez was charged, and not found innocent. To make it worse, every officer prior to the Perez case, had their New Mexico Law Enforcement certification attacked, regardless of their innocence or not, but the culture of retaliation and lies perpetuates to protect this administration, through the illegal actions of those in places such as the NMLEA board, and City Attorney's office, where they can tamper with these types of cases. You want evidence of this? Just read through our articles, and or pull up everything the Journal has reported on since 2010.  Since the DoJ has made entry, and we have exposed these actions, the entire upper command of APD has disappeared. Schultz, Feist, Paiz, Roseman, Banks, Paige, Schultz, and a slew of others took off like bats out of hell when the DoJ ramped up. Levy stayed behind to hold up the rear, and push the rest of the railroading court defrauding cases  through the courts. That slimy creep Nate Korn is no longer heading the NMLEAB, and a long term assistant AG for that same board resigned when he got caught tampering with case hearing officer decisions a little while back. Everyone ran away, but the Journal calls it "moving forward." Everyone continues to flee as suspects like Sedler, Gonterman and Peck continue to run and APD hemorrhages officers out the back door as they usher in new victims through the front. These poor recruits have no idea what they are in store for.

There is no "moving forward" about any of this.

The second part of Perez's free ride is the fact that he is being put back into a specialized unit, but not having to do the duties that come with being in that unit. So, essentially, Perez gets paid his back pay, and a salary to sit in an administrative position, and collect a pay check, when officers are desperately needed out on the street? This is where the Albuquerque Journal editorial board really makes assholes out of their credibility.

The fact that the Journal attempts to make Perez's APD return purgatory a punishment, is a slap in the face to every officer who faces discipline for cursing in their unit, when nobody is around, and they are not dispatched to a call, or just happened to have their camera running, so some police executive can justify their existence, by building horse shit stats to show the DoJ that they are taking care of business. Everything this administration is doing is a front and fraud. The Albuquerque Journal carries their load just like the liar Celina Espinosa does.

Behold... the Albuquerque Editorial Board says someone deserves their job back when faced with no facts to show why. Ironically, the Journal has consistently attacked other officers when provided hard evidence that what they have printed was untrue.  Not surprising, considering the source.

We have been told why the Journal does what they do, and how they do it. The juvenile and perverted individuals exposed take their positions, and confirm their butthurt over being called out with funny little stories like this. When you have to attempt to tug at heart strings to manipulate opinion, you know something is wrong.

As much as we are no fan of Sandy, it is interesting how the Journal says Sandy escalated the Boyd situation. Being the uneducated stupid bunch the Editorial board is, they justify contagion gunfire, where Perez shot someone in back, because someone else started it.  They even go far enough to blame orders given as a mitigating factor. After being critical of use of force policy for a decade, they fall back, and say an order to do something is justification. If these idiots do not realize what they have done, we will be here to remind them.

The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board is Mayor Berry's whore concubine. They are his political whores, and water carriers. They will do whatever it takes to make this shit pile of an administration look good or better than they are. What is worse is that they embarrass themselves, and their profession by being owned whores. They continue to ruin the reform process, and the citizens pay the price for their idiocy and sissy ass tit for tat reporting.

We would like to take this time to thank the Albuquerque Journal (Urinal) for wholeheartedly confirming that the Federal Department of Justice was 100% right in their findings, that some within APD can do whatever they want, whenever they want, and there is a different standard that some are held to; especially SWAT. Thank you for proving how hard you assholes over there work to find that grain of salt in the coal mine, in order to deem that hole a salt mine. Thank you for proving the need for that little toddler toy, where even the baby knows you can not fit a square peg into a round hole. Thank you for proving this place is a shit hole, with shit heads who will lie, and risk TRUTH, while tossing the betterment of things to the wind for their own personal agendas, jollies, and faux thought that they have gotten the last laugh, because folks, you have no clue. To you deer in the headlights, who sit in your cubes, and take the load for this administration... the war has just begun. We will see who has the last laugh. We are not even close to the last laugh.

One final question..
Did the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board use both fists to write up that editorial?

Please do keep up your Jackassery. You prove our point with every publication.

Jun 10, 2017


For as long as we can remember, the Albuquerque Police Department has had massive problems with "nature at play" issues. Long before APD's former Ex police employee in exile and coward Raymond D. Schultz uttered those three words, there were rumors of pervert wife swapping swinger parties, now retired police sergeants beating up APD Deputy Chief's for sleeping with their wives, even though they were all swinging, and marital strife as a result of it. Many times it has become a problem, affecting the department, as when suicides result from it, as in the case of that little creep Fernando. Often, when both parties are employed as police officers, it creates a ripple effect on the department, when the parties are taken out of the manpower pool, due to administrative reassignments, restraining orders, terminations, and the need to be out of the workplace through use of leave time as a result of negative domestic issues.

One thing has remained steady through the many domestic violence incidents that have plagued the Albuquerque Police Department through the years. The punks accused as suspects in these incidents have all been covered for. The cases have either been totally swept under the rug administratively, with no action taken on the offending parties, or nothing was done at all. They have allowed the offenders to resign, then took no action on their New Mexico Law Enforcement Certification, so that they may later seek employment as a police officer down the line, after it all blows over. High ranking administrators and politicians who are connected to some of these defendants have actually stalled investigations, delayed findings, and worked hard to get some of these people over the goal line time-wise, so that they can purchase the time they need to save their pension, and retire early. Great, isn't it.

But what do they do for the guys on the inside, who are politically connected, and vested in their pension, but will lose everything should they be charged and convicted? Well.... we will show you.

You see, back on 1/31/16, at 3AM officers were called to the home of APD officer Matthew Trahan in reference to a domestic violence incident. Officer Trahan did not call. The woman who was allegedly beaten senseless, to the point that she had to run out of the house with her bare feet and PJ's on did not call 911, but apparently she called her friend, Bonnie Briones, who is also her coworker. You see, the victim was a cop. The listed victim in this matter was Santana Padilla, the fiancé of Matthew Trahan; also a cop, and both with APD.

Looking through the reports, you can see that Officer Briones stated that her friend Padilla frantically called her, stating that she had her ass beaten, and needed to be picked up. Lieutenant Simmons was called out, along with several other officers miles away from where the incident occurred. This was not just some bullshit call. Friends do not come at 3AM to pick you up in your PJ's, while your head is split open, and your eyes are bleeding for no reason.

Apparently, Lieutenant Simmons did the right thing, and had this investigated, which resulted in having Trahan summonsed into court on domestic violence charges. But there is a problem. The aggravated domestic violence charge could, and should have resulted in a charge that night. You see, Trahan is a police officer, and dispatch has his contact information. The reason given for not contacting Trahan because he lived outside of the area command of the responding officer is nonsense. Notice that nowhere is it stated that the two of these individuals are police officers, not even as the reason for calling Internal Affairs in the reports. All references to them being officers were kept out of the reports.

There is a very big problem here, because someone is a liar.

Supervisors stated in their reports that the victim Santana's injuries were not consistent with what she said happened. These supervisors also stated that the victim was uncooperative. Well guess what? As a police officer, you do not get to be uncooperative in any investigation, and because of that, either a statement is given at internal affairs or it is not. If a statement is refused, it is instant termination.

This situation is disturbing in many ways, because it draws in another officer who is a supposed friend of Santana. This officer / witness stated Santana told her Trahan kicked and punched her, injuring her head, causing injuries with lacerations and swelling to her head, and blood filled eye whites. This put Officer Briones on the spot, because she is required to report this, which she did. Santana's statement that nothing happened, and she hit her head on a shoe rack essentially makes a liar out of Briones, if the crime was not committed as Briones states she was told. If the crime did occur, it makes Trahan a liar. If the crime did not occur, then Santana is a liar. EITHER WAY.... SOMEONE IS A LIAR. We do not believe Briones would make something like this up.

Another glaring similarity in these APD, officer involved domestic violence cases is the subject of the alleged perpetrator always being accused of crying, then claiming they will commit suicide because of what happened, or if their wives or girlfriends leave them. This is a problem, because who wants an unstable, suicidal, crybaby responding to their home, when they need the police for help.

Currently our Eyes tell us that Matthew Trahan is on administrative reassignment until this blows over. His court case resulted in dismissal upon him completing some court ordered hoop jumping like anger classes and no drinking.

It is obvious that all of the players in these cases know exactly how to work the angles to avoid losing their jobs through a domestic violence conviction. Truthfulness is another matter though, when you bring other innocent parties into the fold, like friends and co-workers. This is where the buck should stop, if you want to be a liar. Seeing that the internal investigation into this matter is completed thoroughly and competently, SOMEONE WILL BE FIRED FOR UNTRUTHFULNESS.

Incidents like the above need to be taken seriously, investigated without bias, or favoritism, and either cleared as unfounded, or founded with punishments being doled out evenly, and fairly. This is not happening. As a matter of fact, studies condemning fraternization and such behavior have been trashed by the APD administration over the years and it continues to be concealed.

Wives do not have their heads spontaneously concussed. They do not have their noses mysteriously broken by unseen forces. There is no invisible man going around putting the heads of APD housewives through the drywall. Someone is doing this, and we know exactly who.


Below are some of the case files on the Michael and Joanne Shook case from 3/9/16. You can clearly see that Joanne Shook was arrested on the spot when she was merely accused of pushing her husband, who was an APD detective. Observe the disparity in the way these cases were handled considering the allegations and physical evidence.


Our Eyes have told us that no LEA90's were filed at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board on any of the defendants in these cases.... Unless of course you are the WIFE. Our Eyes have also told us that Lt. Simmons may have faced negative feedback from the brass for taking action against Trajan. We know Veronica Ficke faced administrative retaliation from those within APD, when she pressed charges on her husband who was an APD sergeant. Sedler's wife was forced to work with his mistress and with him still intact as a police officer. Joanne Shook was arrested on the spot and one wife is deceased while the clown involved in that incident has been promoted.

It is evident that the culture within APD is derogatory towards the rights of women. Certain people are protected by all means. The more this administration lies and conceals from the public and the DoJ, the more the chance of reform takes a shit right in front of us. Nothing will change until all of the dishonorable cowards and liars are rooted out and forced to kick rocks. APD BRASS SAYS IT IS OKAY FOR THEIR FEMALE OFFICERS TO HAVE THEIR HEADS CAVED IN IN MYSTERIOUSLY UNEXPLAINED WAYS. WE HERE AT THE EYE SAY IT IS NOT!

Jun 5, 2017


Get ready folks, because the hits keep coming. What we are about to tell you is likely to really set off people on both sides of things here.

Our Eyes have told us that the heat may have gotten a little to hot for our resident ear burning, filth bag, Major Timothy Gonterman. Word is, this coward is finally going to flee like the rest of them, and retire this Friday. So, another back stabbing, dishonorable punk steals another pension.

Our Eyes tell us that the city should be very thorough when this rat processes out, because all those years of being in charge of ammunition stockpiles within area commands may have been beneficial for this guy. Things like ballistic shields, weapon sights, various equipment, and ammunition should all be inventoried. We all know there has been many cases of sticky fingers concerning things within the Albuquerque Police Department, and this clown knows all about 27-5's.


Our Eyes have also told us that former SWAT officer Dominic Perez is being processed back onto the Albuquerque Police Department. We are hearing there will be no hearing, and he will be quietly snuck in the back door... get this... without a hearing. Did we say no hearing? This is a major problem folks. We will get to that momentarily.

The details are being hammered out, but preliminarily we are being advised that Perez will have to work an administrative assignment for a year, then he can and will be put back into SWAT. Those within this rotting from inside apple of a disparaging police department, who Perez is juiced with, are pushing for Perez to be placed in a "fabricated for him" position within SWAT. This is so he can essentially be in SWAT, train with them, and make overtime pay. Not too shabby, huh? So, folks this is the reason Perez has been wandering around the Police Academy.

What we are wondering, is just how can officers be fired for doing their jobs, have hearings where police administrative staff perjure themselves, recant their testimony, and tamper with evidence, and witnesses, and not get their jobs back, after all of this comes to light, when not only were they never indicted, there was no 51% preponderance of the evidence to hold against them. The actions taken against them, and their lives was criminal in nature, and a blatant conspiracy to violate their civil rights, yet THEY killed nobody.

Celina Espinosa wants to talk about Probable Cause. She should talk about Probable cause in this case, because probable cause is a higher standard than preponderance of the evidence, and preponderance of the evidence is what keeps a police officer from getting his job back.

If anyone has any doubt that this place is not vile. Here is another example.

Everyone screwed by this department needs to class action it into extinction.

Good people were ruined by everyone responsible for what is going on here, in order to keep out the DOJ, now they are protecting all of their cronies.

One person who always seems to be at the center of all of this, with his state contracts is Luis Robles. It is not amusing anymore what this little creep has his hands in. He was caught lying and malfeasant in his expert testimony against former APD officers. Now he is pulling strings to get his buddy back on the job.

Had those who operate in the crony way of doing things wanted to take care of their buddy, they should have cut him a check, and told him to kick rocks... a check from their own pockets, that is.

APD is not recovering anytime soon.

May 31, 2017


Happy belated snowflake of the month to former APD police sargent Jason Peck who bought his time, and quit. We say quit, because a bonafide, retired cop does at least a minimum of twenty years of service, in order to be considered retired... Not 15 or 16, then buying your military and air time, in order to run away from a mess you helped to create. Another one leaves in disgrace under the cover of darkness and silence. We say farwell to this liar, spy, and coward who was nothing but a company boy for Schultz and a CF in the field, when it came to actually doing police work.

And oh boy! We have been waiting for this! Gonterman, and the upper command brass were successful in their scheme to Brachleize now retired Anthony Lazer Range Finder Sedler. They got this guy over the goal line folks. Today Our Eyes told us Sedler retired. APD must have the record for the largest quantity of the youngest officers to ever retire from law enforcement. We wonder what Anthony will do with that spiffy after shooting APD tattoo now that he is no longer an operator.

Two more fleeing. A whole 5th floor to go.

Adios Burros!


Tim Gonterman needs to be investigated for his role in tampering with the investigation of Sedler when he went missing the night he caused his wife to call 911. Gonterman is responsible for covering this incident up like he tried to do with his stolen rifle.

May 24, 2017

New Facebook "CAUSE" Page!

Hello Folks,
We now have a new Facebook cause page. Facebook as everyone knows is a good tool to get information out there as we have noticed recently due to hitting a nerve or two. Since a sissy decided to cry to facebook, our account had to be set up as a "CAUSE" page with the ability to link up to it through likes. Please direct everyone you know to like our page so that the word continues to get out. You can access the page by clicking on the usual link! Thank you for your patience. We have updated our settings and controls to stay ahead of the game in case a malicious attempt to silence us arises again. We will be getting notifications in the future and will let you know who was responsible for this as our inquiry is processed. For now, it is business as usual.
Thanks for your patience.
The Eye

May 23, 2017


This evening The Eye on Albuquerque Facebook page was shut down by Facebook for absolutely no reason.
This is the second time this has happened. The first time this happened,it was immediately after the Eye commented on a Memorial Villages Texas Police Department FACEBOOK PAGE, about Ray Schultz's corruption; another chicken shit punk who destroyed this city, filled his pockets, then ran away when the heat came down.

It is no coincidence that this happened tonight, after our article yesterday on Albuquerque Mayoral Candidate Dan Lewis. You want to play? Game on motherfuckers!


We here at the Eye will continue with our blog entries. We will continue to expose the liars, the two faced hypocrites, the cowards and the criminals who would silence everyone, so that they can fill their pockets. There is nothing more disgusting than a punk who calls themselves a man of God, but lies his ass off to the public in order to get elected mayor. The two faced scum, and frauds responsible for this must have forgotten about the parable of Jesus ridding the temple of merchants, and money changers. Well, we will remind you cowards. They got thrown the fuck out.

It is obvious when the hard facts hit home, the unjust seek to silence the source. We will fix this like the last time, and we will let you know why this happened. This is evidence of the chicken shit mentalities behind those who do not have the spine to confront anyone head on. Do we want this running our city anymore? Of course not.

Early on this year Dan Lewis For mayor Facebook sent the Eye on Albuquerque Facebook a request for us to like his page. We just want to put that out there, because we did not respond, as we were witholding any support in this election, until we were more aware of the candidates stances, backrounds, and intentions in this election. Now after this article goes up a complaint is filed, and our page is pulled down by Facebook.

We would ask that our facebook friends and readers make your feelings known to facebook regarding this censorship. We are also asking our readers to share all of our future articles until we get this dealt with. AND IT WILL BE DEALT WITH ON SEVERAL LEVELS.



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Enjoy the war you selfish little coward.

May 22, 2017

The Optics on Mayoral Candidate Dan Lewis. Seems the new boss would be more of the old boss.

Folks, we have always stated that if you want to see where a problem lies, just look for the deviation in standard operating procedure. When someone's words do not back up their previous deeds, or the vice versa, they are a fraud, a fake or someone going through the motions of horse shitting you, so they can get what they want, much like RJ Berry did.
We all know how that worked out, because he turned this place into a sink hole.

Now, we are going to put forth some information we have come across on a new Republican candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque this year. We are going to highlight some very disturbing issues, but we will let you be the judge of just what is going on here.

Below is a letter from Dan Lewis, preemptively asking for the Republican Mayor Berry appointed City of Albuquerque Acting Inspector General Peter Pacheco to look into Lewis's relationship with a fuel company called Desert Fuels Inc. This fuel company has had a very lucrative contract with the city for fuel supply.

Upon first looking at this letter, the question is why? Why write such a letter, and why use a phrase such as "hedging mechanisms," when referring to the last three years that Lewis refers to on page two paragraph one? Why not just call it negotiations, or a bidding process? We believe it may all be in the timing and wording. You see, Lewis was planning to announce his run for mayor, and wanted to get this fiasco cleared up, before someone found out about it. The second issue is that Lewis was elected city counselor for District 5 in 2009. His rolls from 2011, until this contract was ratified, consisted of Chairman of the Budget Committee - 2011 and 2013, Chairman of the Finance Committee - 2012 and 2015, and Council President - 2013 and 2016. In the above letter he stated that he never had any conversations in any way with City of Albuquerque employees regarding the COA / Desert Fuels contract, but he says that he did disclose that he was an employee of Desert Fuels, when the negotiations were going on. Well, to who... did you have that conversation, email or text message with is what we are asking? In cases like this, the mere knowledge of someone's connection, is all that is needed to put the fix in. Desert fuels was awarded this contract on 2/17/12. Hmmmm.

When one calls for an objective investigation into something, one does not write a letter already suggesting the outcome of that investigation to the investigator, as was done on page two in the last paragraph.

What is more disturbing is that Dan Lewis is the Executive Vice President of Desert Fuels Inc. now, and that the IG looks at this from the pretty screwed up "chicken or the egg" mentality of the fact that the contract to Desert Fuels was awarded to them by the city four months before Lewis was given a job at that company, when the fact is that Desert Fuels was given the contract while Lewis was a city counselor, then Lewis was hired by Desert Fuels as a mere "Director of Supply" but was rocketed up to the position of Executive Vice President of that company a mere year and three months later, with a stint of acting President along the way. Who has ever been promoted to that type of position in a company so fast? Unless you are hired on as a high level executive manager, that type of promotion is highly unusual.

So Dan Lewis is the Chair of budget and finance, but expects everyone to believe that by stating (oh by the way I work for that company, then leaving) that those who work close with him will not be influenced just by that? And it is ok to take a promotion to VP of the company afterwards.

There may have been some worry about the optics of this, and for just cause, because every dirty deal in this state revolves around a favor, and a kickback afterwards as a payment. (DO WE NEED TO DISCUSS TASER) The smallest thing as just knowing your buddy is connected to a business you are approving in a contract is inappropriate, and this whole matter needs to be reopened.

Below are the IG letters back to Lewis Advising him preliminarily that nothing wrong occurred. How many people being investigated objectively by the IG get a preliminary letter of the status of the investigation less than a month in? Just how many IG investigations are completed in only a month? These letters only show that the IG thinks it "appears" nothing wrong was done here, and it does not state that there was a full investigation, including corroborating interviews, statements, the pulling of phone, email and text message data. It also does not say "Mister Lewis you did nothing wrong at all, and we are sure of that through our extensive investigation into the matter." This letter actually only states they only said they pushed paper on the matter.

Below are the first and last pages of the invoices for the company we have. As you can see we are talking about a lot of money.

Below is the second page of the contract that shows where the contract can just be renewed with only a mutual written agreement almost ensuring business into 2021.


On 3/2/2017 Dan Lewis was absent from a huge issue that his party was pushing because standing for it would have crushed his political aspirations in a city like Albuquerque.
Lewis was absent for the Immigrant Friendly Affirmation Status Vote. On February 22, 2017 Dan Lewis was again absent when it came time to vote for the sanctuary city issue reaffirming the City of Albuquerque's commitment to diversity. (m-17-4)
At a time when Mr. Lewis knew he wanted to run for mayor he voted to increase public funding by 75% for mayoral candidates who qualify from $369,000 to $645,000.

On May 8th 2014, (0-2014-011) Lewis voted to make it criminal for employers to violate the minimum wage ordnance.

Dan Lewis voted on 4/6/15 to sell city bonds amounting to $13,000,000 for developing the Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project (ART). (0-2015-009)

On June 15th 2015 Dan Lewis voted to apply for a $5.1 million dollar grant from the Federal Transit Authority to fund ART (R-2015-055) and on the same day voted to apply another federal grant from the Federal Transit Authority to ART to the sum of $1.4 million.

But after all of this.... In March of 2017, Dan Lewis stated to the Albuquerque Free Press "I have stood against this project from the beginning, and ART will be completed by the time the next mayor takes office," Lewis said. "But I will introduce legislation that says if it doesn't meet the metrics of traffic flow and the metrics of economic benefits to the corridor, then we will have the ability to revert the road back to it's original configuration.

We here at the Eye are wondering where all the fuel will come from to run those busses, maintenance trucks and security vehicles for A.R.T. No doubt, from Desert Fuels Inc.

You see, everything here revolves around the you scratch my back philosophy. From Susana and her cronies marijuana grows, to Schultz and Taser, along with Schultz and Kaufman's West contracts, and what that little creep Nate Korn did pulling strings on the NMLEA board, to tamper with cases, and cover for Schultz, to what may happen after this administration gets ripped out like a weed, as our Eyes are telling us. Our Eyes have told us recently that Mayor Berry is eyeing a spot as CEO for Bradbury Stamm, the construction company now working on the Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project, after this election. There is no doubt that when Berry ran 8 years ago this was all planned. All, but the DoJ, and the out of control death spin the city is in.

Our Eyes have told us that Major pain in the balls, and consummate malfeasant turd Gonterman is fleeing come October also. He has to just squeeze the last bit out of the place, because he knows with his reputation, and having to rely on real qualifications, it's going to be slim pickings after this free ride.

One thing is for sure. We need to put these mayoral candidates through the mill, to vet out the self servers, and greedy creeps so that we do not have another Richard J Berry on our hands, and we are able to clean up our city.


The below post was observed this morning. We felt it was disturbing and relative to the point that it needed to be added to this article. Thanks to our readers.