The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 16, 2017


So far, in our city of Albuquerque New Mexico, we have had a child raped, disemboweled, eaten, murdered, dismembered, and incinerated in the bath tub of an apartment by her mother, and two disgusting, subhuman deviates, and the complete trash bags at the top levels of APD lied about it to protect themselves. We have had a human body found, decapitated with its male genitals cut off, naked, behind a shopping center. We have had a man nailed to a tree, crucifixion style on the Rio Grand River Bank. We have had three small children shot to death on their front lawn by a psychopath, in front of their mother. We have had children shot through the head in road rage incidents. We have had other children obliterated by speeding police cars. Now we have a homeless man found engulfed in flames on his mattress. This one barely made the news. We know we have made mention of this before but this keeps happening. It is getting worse and those within this administration continue with disgusting behavior that promotes it and feeds it.

While all of the above, and exponentially more has happened, we have a police department led by cowards, and a fraud of a mayor playing the stalling game. They are only there for themselves. They have proven this. Anyone who ever held their right hand on a bible, and took the oath to be a police officer would never leave their city like this, as the punks and cowards who have fled the last 7 years have done, while innocent civilians are in desperate need of help. They never did take the job of a police officer to be a true cop; that is why. To take an oath, and leave a city like this is the greatest betrayal of that oath.

Our citizens are victimized daily, yet everyone is safe, and sound in their retirement with their protected pension. They can laugh. That laugh may be short lived, but one thing is sure. They lost their honor and dignity, but THEY made it home. They don’t deserve a home. They deserve a steel box with a sliding port in the wall to put food trays through, and a pot on the floor to shit in.

The state of affairs here is tragically sad. It is painful. It is painful in many ways, but two ways are most abundantly clear. The citizens can not rely on the police to be their protectors, and those responsible for this need to be pulverized. Society can not be protected, when those in charge of this sacred duty are the problem. Officers can not do their jobs, when their leadership is an evil entity. The officers trying to hold the line are stuck in the middle of a crumbling society, due to one of the most corrupt, and morally degenerate administrations in the history of public government.

While crime is reaching the types, and levels of that in third world, uncivilized, warlord territories, we have a mayor hiding like a gutless piece of dog shit. This dried up, corn encrusted piece of dog shit only comes out for award ceremonies, and appearances that benefit him, while avoiding at all costs showing up at the tragedies that he is too good to answer for. The tragedies that his failed leadership, and intentional wanton willful misconduct created.

While Mayor Richard J Berry Hides, his lying police chief Gordon Eden can only find time to pose with small children, or play the crying game, as he tries to manipulate heart strings at horse shit press conferences, touting their worthless after the fact ALeRT crap, lead by another fat bloated tick, and money chaser, who could give a rats ass about this city… free loader TJ Wilhelm. The only thing the chief of police is not afraid of is children.

While all of this is going on, we now have an officer put back to work after years of protests, destruction of property, riots, and tens of millions of dollars of tax payers monies spent, for spite and obstruction of justice. Others are covered for, and gifted pensions. The beatings of wives, and domestic violence is tolerated, accepted, covered up, and the suspects are protected, and put back to work. If that is not bad enough, our Eyes have told us that this past Saturday an APD police officer, with homicidal thoughts was just cleared, and put back to the field on OJT, in the Southwest Area Command of APD, after being out, and reassigned to the real time crime center for over a year. Allegedly, He was out for having several PTSD 10-40 episodes that were documented, where it was said he wanted to shoot people. This has been happening for over two and a half years. This person is an ex Marine. We here at the Eye are appreciative for all veterans, but there comes a time you have to call it what it is when a mistake is made, or when something like this comes to light. Nobody benefits when innocent people get hurt because someone snaps, and it could have been prevented. All of this happens just because an administration wants to get over the goal line, and hand off a mess to the incoming administration. All of this with a newspaper like the Albuquerque Journal, who makes excuses for the failures, or just lies about it. There is no more room for a parasitic administration, with a contaminated infrastructure in place, that provides for concealment, excuses, lies, and lack of accountability. If the department of justice will not do it, an incoming administration can fix things, and punished the responsible parties. Anything less is just more of the same, and double talk to get elected.

The troops trying to do the right thing see all of this, and know that those running the Albuquerque Police Department, the CAO Robert Perry, the Mayor Richard J Berry, and the city attorney Jessica pineapple face Hernandez will do whatever it takes to fuck them if they open their mouths about the corruption. Many are trying to leave and all this Gorden Eden Character is doing is trying to keep a lid on it until our complete asshole mayor is out the door, and enjoying some CEO position in one of the city contractors companies like Dan Lewis is doing.

What are APD officers to do when they see Sargents do the right thing, and step up to report timesheet fraud only to have an entire chain of command obstruct, and cover for a clown like Geha? Mysteriously, that same reporting sargent does not make the lieutenants list now. But it is funny that steroid users who were notorious for beating people, but suddenly become water carriers who carry out hits at IA, and perverts who have oral sex in police buildings get promoted to lieutenant! No wonder why nobody speaks up. We know why. Because they will be the next target shot in the back by this administration of termites. We all know how to handle termites.

As all of this is going on, self serving politicians, like that worm Pat Davis, has the sack to ratify the Taser contract, then this week he uses the tragedy of a politically driven shooting of two senators in Virginia to make it all about himself, and how a clown who does not want to put in a days worth of hard work, or get a callous on his hand wore a fucking uniform for fifteen minutes, because he wants it out there for his campaign. Lets see Pat’s commendatory citations for putting himself in harms way. As a matter of fact, what has Pat Done? Nothing. Oh pardon us… Thats right, he was arrested for Driving Drunk and sounded like a pathetic moron, while he tried to paint his slurred speech as an East Coast accent that New Mexicans are too stupid to distinguishing from a drunken asshole. Manipulative liars who come out that easy with that type of bullshit lie are dangerous. Imagine if Pat had run into a car with a mother and child in it. We wonder if he would have even stopped to render aid. Taking advantage of tragedies is pathetic, and cowardly and seemingly a trait for these politicians, and police executives. We do not need weak, self servers like this.

Now it is up to the voters, and those out there exposing all of this come October. All of this can be changed with the understanding that things need to be put aside for the common good of ridding this city of agenda based politicking on the backs of a suffering public. Do you want a mayor like Colon elected, who would put the defense attorney of Dominique Perez in as the new City Attorney?!? Well… do you? Start asking the hard questions. Who will be the next police chief… the city attorney… the CAO?

We will be responding with more reasons why you should not vote for Dan Lewis very soon too! We have already addressed candidate Colon, and why he should not be mayor. Colon is just a rain maker for Luis Robles’s law firm. He is just more of the same old, and will tell you what you want to hear just to get elected. We think everyone would agree, we have had enough of this with Berry, and who wants Schultz “having the ear of the Mayor” through his attorney anymore? Remember… Brian Colon flip flopped already on removing just one of these cockroaches.

Some candidates may make you feel good with what they say, but they just do not have the savvy, and know how to deal with the type of treacherous scum who will still be in the shadows. They will need the leadership qualities, and fortitude to root out every last semblance of this administration, and fire them, prosecute them, and make them unable to do harm in the future, while having the skill set to improve things, and move forward. The snake needs it’s head smashed. Do not think for a minute there will not be those self serving scum who would wish failure on the next administration out of jealousy or being made to look bad.

If the New Mexico AG does not prosecute Ray Schultz for even jaywalking to meet a Taser executive across the street, considering what that creep, and coward did to this city in order to profit from it and hide it, among many other crimes, there will need to be a new AG, and anyone he throws his support behind may also need to be removed from consideration for the position of mayor of Albuquerque. Quite frankly, we here at the Eye have been very supportive, and patient with the AG’s investigation… at times, urging others to do so also. Everyone has their limit though.

Remember to remember what these vermin have done. Vote smart and efficiently. Nobody will say everything you agree with. Watch for personal agenda, and who they are connected to. Do not vote to send an obstinate message. Put your differences aside to wipe out the parasites, deny them cover, and any future access, then starve them like they have done to this city and state while we rebuild. Let them fall while we rise.

Drastic measures need to be taken, because Albuquerque is not going to hell. Albuquerque is hell. Hell is now taking lessons from Albuquerque.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up. You are fucking up the brassholes at APD. You have run them out. Gonterman wanted to stay until October until you guys broke the shit he pulled with his stolen guns. That and the shit his wife pulled was too much exposure for them. Roseman took off too. Stay relentless because nobody else has the cajones to call these dick heads out like this. The Feds wouldn't know shit without this forum. You guys have them on the run. Check your email. I sent you a document backing this disgrace. Enough is enough. There's more of us than them.

Anonymous said...

First eye. The public needs to know who this homicidal cop is. Your not doing anyone any good if he's out terrorizing people and we don't know who we need to avoid. Give us a name. If you have enough proof to post a story then post a name. Second. Mabey, the southwest area is the best place for this officer. The commander there is known for her Sexual healing. Might as well give her another person to add to her long list of conquests. But if he is in serious need of help, MC isn't the person he needs to supervise him. She is used to suckering/screwing people into doing her job not helping anyone do theirs.

Anonymous said...

Put a 10-40 officer in the southwest.....brilliant. Is Campbell going to do a little one on one "counseling" with him. Mabey with all the SWAT guys she's slept with, she can give him some tips and how to murder and get away with it like perez. Gotta love it. It's wishful thinking to think once this administration leaves it'll get better. Want proof ? Just look at the LTs and Commanders that will remain. WE ARE DOOMED

Anonymous said...

Gonteman has always sucked and Roseman was a hillbilly. Good riddance you pussy's.

Anonymous said...

What was the dirt on roseman that made him leave?

Anonymous said...

When you're thinking of BRIAN COLON for mayor remember you're bringing the same crew of scumbags who retired early back to APD. Levi Anaya, Conrad Candelaria, Louis Sanchez, Roseman, etc etc, get my drift.

Anonymous said...

Roseman, dirt? no it was on his camera. Pictures of a female officer's breasts taken without her knowledge or permission and shared with all the othe creeps on the 5th floor. Perverts.

Anonymous said...

Michele Campbell is just following in her fathers footsteps. He had affairs for years with his underlings. Apple don't fall far from the crooked tree.

Anonymous said...

Campbell? Was her father former deputy chief Campbell?

Anonymous said...

Yes he was a former DC why do you think she was able to get on APD... Her brother Daniel was also on APD what a slug.

Anonymous said...

Good article Eye. But I can't help but wonder why the DOJ seems to be turning a blind "Eye" to the shenanigans of the 5th & 11th floors. Yet the 5th and 11th floors still carry on with their bull crap behavior! They don't give a rats ass. All they care about is getting their fat pensions to match their fat, flacid butts. Good reporting Eye, but I'm not so optimistic about the upcoming changing of the guard. When it comes to local politics, Albuquerque is rivaled only by Chicago in it's questionable back room deals and that ever present network of the same worn out people, trying to claw their way up the ladder and recycle what's left of their sad, crumbling lives in this Hell Hole. Jesus, seriously Pat Davis, Pete Dinelli? Next thing we know Darren White will throw his worn-out snapback in the ring.

Anonymous said...

Oh shit, don't give Darren "I smoke weed for a back & knee injury I sustained while on duty" White any ideas. He smokes weed because he's a POT HEAD and that's the only reason. Injury and didn't want to get addicted to medication (like his wife) my ASS..............................................

Anonymous said...

Why can't you lying motherfuckers start naming names to scared who was getting head in an area command and who is the 10-40 officer if y'all can't be straight and name names then stop talking shit and get off the fucking way

Stealth said...
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Stealth said...

June 19, 2017 @ 1:34 AM,

This is our house, in case you missed it. The information gets released, when we decide to release it.
It does not confirm to what you want, when you want it. That horse shit is for the few running APD, FOR NOW. If you want that, go to McDonalds. Afraid of who? Who do you think we are afraid of? We are afraid of nobody. We are not the ones running away like punks, with our tails between our legs. We are not the ones buying time to retire early, or retiring before we wanted too. Anyone who tries to open a door on us will have it ABRUPTLY kicked back in their face. And liars? Lies do not make people flee like war criminals.
If you think you can do better, start your own blog, and see if you can get the results we do. We are the game in town. It would be business as usual for these scum bags, without us, and you know it. We understand the frustration. You need to understand that other variables beyond your uncontrollable burgeoning curiosity are at play. Be patient, it all comes out eventually. Remember what your momma told you about sticks and stones. Thanks for reading our humble blog.
The Eye

Anonymous said...

Hey dipshit, I'll "get off the fucking way" when I'm done working you're sister over ok?

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to pull the flight log for the APD helicopter. Why isn't the city using it. Rumor has it the city doesn't want to pay to have it fixed.

Anonymous said...

6/19@9:42pm exactly and not just the helicopter. It's embarrassing when APD has BCSO's bird on speed dial. K9 is all crickets and no 47 units readily available to 82 with DWIs. RTC is a useless worthless money suck POS and dispatch seems to be getting, well, weird is the only word that describes it mostly with the newbies. ANYWAY I HOPE AIR ONE GETS AN OIL CHANGE SO THEY CAN GO GET THE POS WHO RAN OVER A COP IN THE NE ABOUT AN HOUR AGO!