The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 30, 2016

Is Albuquerque a Third-world City??

When is enough going to be enough? When are we the nobodies going to stand up and tell the politicians you have failed and we are done with you? 

Albuquerque has gotten such a bad reputation no one wants to move here.  KRQE reports but there is never any follow up, and we nobody's sit on our backside and do nothing.  Most of us don't even vote.  We could not help but notice a few recent stories on Q13 that is glaring proof just how bad things are. 

Here are some recent reported stories :  home values down 31% in next two years, free standing mailboxes broken into resulting in mail theft and weeks with no mail delivery, growth rate in population for Arizona 7 %  Texas 9%  and New Mexico 1.3 % due to births not people moving here.  It seems that politicians that handle money in this State think its their own and take it for themselves, such as our last Secretary Of State, Duran.  Our parks are filthy, We have the worst roads in the nation ,32% in poor condition costing us nobody's $1,700.00  in vehicles repairs, accidents, and an average of 36hrs. a year being stuck in traffic, crime is out of control with a 35% raise in the murder rate over last year.  Our City is awash in narcotics and our Police are over worked and under staffed.  We are number one in the nation for nobody's living below the poverty line.  Not to worry Our State Legislatures are considering giving themselves a $45,000.00 salary and imposing a food tax on us.  Do you have enough to eat? Do you have a job?   Mayor Berry is going to build his trail through The Bosque even he was told no by us nobody's. Really Mayor we know your construction buddies and supporters need to fill their pockets.  By the way Mayor  how are your pockets ?  Are you living below the poverty line ?  Why don't you give it a try ?

Mar 5, 2016

Revisiting the Albuquerque Urinal

Have you ever had that bathroom that you just hate to use? You know, the one that smells like feces, urine and vomit, with floors that are so sticky that they almost pull your shoes off as you walk across the floor to relieve yourself. Does that remind you of anything? It does to us. You know why? Because there is a newspaper here in Albuquerque so disgusting, vile and perverted, with it's offices filled with people so contaminated with personal agenda, involved in colluding with city government, and obstructing the truth that it is blatantly evident. That newspaper is called "The Albuquerque Journal," and it's what bias journalism is all about. The latest bile to come out of this bought and paid for political rag is below. Lets analyze this filth, shall we? As you read both this the Urinal article, and the information here, notice it is the Perverted Urinal Editorial Staff AGAIN, carrying water for, and protecting the current out of control administration, and attempting to intimidate and influence the outcomes of personnel board hearings in true criminal enterprise fashion. To make sure everyone is up to par on why we shine light on the out of control city corruption and explain to the uninformed just how they carry out their actions we have attached the FBI glossary definition of "criminal enterprise."


The FBI defines a criminal enterprise as a group of individuals with an identified hierarchy, or comparable structure, engaged in significant criminal activity. These organizations often engage in multiple criminal activities and have extensive supporting networks. The terms Organized Crime and Criminal Enterprise are similar and often used synonymously. However, various federal criminal statutes specifically define the elements of an enterprise that need to be proven in order to convict individuals or groups of individuals under those statutes.

The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute, or Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 1961(4), defines an enterprise as "any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity."

The Continuing Criminal Enterprise statute, or Title 21 of the United States Code, Section 848(c)(2), defines a criminal enterprise as any group of six or more people, where one of the six occupies a position of organizer, a supervisory position, or any other position of management with respect to the other five, and which generates substantial income or resources, and is engaged in a continuing series of violations of subchapters I and II of Chapter 13 of Title 21 of the United States Code.

The city has a myriad of current civil rights lawsuits, criminal proceedings, and a Department of Justice consent decree being launched on them. The mayor lies every time he opens his mouth. Police Chief Eden has been caught lying at these very same personnel board hearings. Former APD Police Chief Raymond D. Schultz is under a grand jury, and federal investigation for bid rigging, concerning TASER INTERNATIONAL, and other incidents and acts, finally, after having officers framed, thrown under the bus for doing their jobs, lying at several sworn testimonials, and costing the city millions in his efforts to obstruct the DoJ from conducting their investigation. We had the mayor's blatant veto of city council's plea for the DoJ to come in, and now we have the "Albuquerque Journal Newspaper" continuing to blatantly collude with government, to guide the winds of politics, and public opinion in their favor, in total disregard for all of our rights to due process and fairness, and as citizens of the United States. From this point forward, as before, we will refer to this filthy newspaper as the URINAL, because anything that comes from something that promotes corruption, bullying, trampling employee and citizen rights, violating civil rights, intimidates hearing officers, and promotes an environment where you will be publicly ridiculed for listening to all of the facts, and making a fair decision that is not favorable to this administration, because you have discovered that this administration was the one who acted inappropriately, maliciously and criminally, you are no better than something that people defecate, urinate and vomit into, among other things. You get out of it what you put into it, and we all know what is at the Urinal.  

The warped minds at the Urinal Editorial Board call someone winning their arbitration hearing because of city misconduct, and corruption being given a "free pass." That's amusing. We call that the wheels of justice in motion, and DUE PROCESS. Like it or not, everyone in this country is entitled to due process rights, and to be free from those who conspire to violate those rights. The Urinal should make themselves aware of this, because being involved in it is prosecutable. Whether you agree with a hearing officer's verdict or not, it is an employee's RIGHT to have a fair objective hearing in appealing their termination. Cop, clerk, janitor, zookeeper, it does not matter. Ironically, the Urinal fails to tell you that this board is a board unfairly comprised of three members picked by the Mayor, and only two picked by the city unions, that makes a decision based on the recommendation of a hearing officer under contract by the city, who have been operating without a contract which essentially means that "if you do not rule in our favor we will let you go." That is called duress. Current hearing officers Bingham and Siegel made some very bad illegal decisions that can not be legally explained, looking at the evidence and testimony presented. It was obviously so bad that only a minority of water carrying minion board members clung to backing it, despite having so much political influence being held over their heads. This is a fact. We all remember when Robert Perry threatened Zane Reeves to change his verdict in the Perea arbitration. When Zane refused, Perry fired him. Judge Nash rectified that situation without even deliberating, and Mr. Reeves was made whole. He is now back on the board. Processes are in place to protect everyone's rights. The police chief, Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer have no respect for these processes. We know for a fact that the city attorney not only has no respect for process, they actively sabotage that process by lying, hiding evidence, intimidating witnesses, pressuring the media, omitting facts, and delaying. We have known all along that the Urinal has no respect for process, only for the almighty dollar, and staying in the graces of the political machine that "greases" their wheels. There is no honor at the Urinal. Those responsible for promoting the type of rhetoric, and disregard for human and civil rights, through the constant cover they provide to this administration are no better than rest stop bathroom floor particulate.  IF THE CITY WAS SO CONFIDENT THAT THEIR CASES AGAINST THOSE THEY FRAMED WERE SO RIGHTEOUS, THEY WOULD HAVE NO PROBLEM PUTTING THEIR HEARINGS ON IN FRONT OF ANY PANEL, CHOSEN BY ANYONE, AND VIDEOTAPED ANYTIME. INSTEAD, IT IS THE OFFICERS WHO HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM WITH HAVING THEIR HEARINGS VIDEO TAPED BY ANYONE IN FRONT OF A STACKED, AND BOUGHT HEARING OFFICER, AND HALF MAJORITY OF A BOARD OWNED BY THE MAYOR, WHILE THE CITY FIGHTS TOOTH AND NAIL TO KEEP THE CAMERAS FROM RECORDING THEIR WITNESSES FROM BEING CAUGHT IN LIE AFTER LIE, THEY DELAY, AND OBSTRUCT, AND HAVE THE ENTIRE PROCESS IN THEIR FAVOR, INCLUDING THE FREE PASSES GIVEN TO THEM CONSTANTLY, WHEN THEY ARE IN BLATANT DEFAULT OF THE GUIDELINES THEY SET FORTH THEMSELVES. 

The Urinal dug deep to 2012 on one officer, and discussed the termination of Steven Hindi, but what they did not tell you were the facts, and the reason for this "all of the sudden article" that reeks of agenda.  The Urinal is notorious for printing stories without the facts. The Urinal likes to speculate, and edit out anything not conducive to promoting the agenda of this administration, the administration that goes like this.....
Susana Martinez, the governor and her BFF, advisor, hand that works her mouth Jay McCleskey, who is under federal investigation, Mayor Berry, who aspires to replace Susana and Robert Perry, who is the one behind the scenes orchestrating things. The new city attorney is no surprise..... a Susana political appointee. Observe how former public safety officer Darren P. white got his pot growing company Purlife approved by the state to grow. Darren is related to Perry. Darren White's partner in his security firm is a Mr. Linthicum. Mr. Linthicum is a hearing officer at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, where they freely admit to editing hearing officers findings before presenting them to the board. Mr. Linthicum was the same hearing officer who was going to scrap the case against APD police academy director Jessica Tyler until he got caught. Mrs. Tyler and Mr. Linthicum worked together at BCSO and when Mr. Linthicum's past along with the conduct of a few Attorney General's office employees conduct comes to light in the very near future, many more cases involving conspiring to violate civil and due process rights are going to further rock this administration and the NMLEA BOARD. These are no conspiracy theories. They are fact and, evidence that should lead to federal indictments involving hearing officers, police chiefs, city officials, business owners, and vendors. IPRA former Hobbs PD chief JD Sander's LEA90, and see what disparity in discipline is all about. His case was washed out while Ray Schultz still "had the ear" of then board co-chair Nate Korn, owner of Kaufman's West Army Navy, who's company has received several no bid, sole source contracts with APD through Raymond D. Schultz. It must be another coincidence, misunderstanding, or another free pass that Raymond D. Schultz is now working for that chief right now, while under investigation. 

These people think they are above the law. Case in point being Darren White, who admits to now being a Marijuana user. There is a question on the federal form 4473 for gun purchases and for gun permits that disqualifies you from both, if you answer yes to that question. Darren holds a NMLEA cert. How can a person under the influence of a narcotic carry a firearm, or be a certified police officer when, if you have a drink while armed, you are committing a felony? Is using Marijuana habitually not a moral character issue that opens you up to revocation of your state certification to be a police officer?  Apparently, in the state of New Mexico if you are friends with the Governor you can have your pizzaaahhh and eat it too. 

But, back to the facts that the Urinal left out. To record someone, and then include them on a police report, you need their information. To obtain that information you have to run them. Hindi was to always use his lapel camera. Writing a report to state that is what you did and what is on your lapel video is not an abuse of NCIC. Officials from the Albuquerque police department ordering the destruction of that report is a felony, and it is tampering with evidence. The Urinal should have done the investigation that the Eye did. No, their omissions are intentional. That is a fact. 

Regardless of your feelings for a person, everyone has rights. To violate them in one instance, while fighting for those of chosen others, not only is wrong, but makes you a hypocrite. 

So... As the Hypocrites sit around on their worthless back sides down at the Urinal Editorial Board, devising ways to insulate Mayor Richard Berry and company from scrutiny, shield him from accountability, and protect him from exposure, so they can keep their inappropriate relationships with high ranking city officials, in order to insure their enrichment through more guaranteed contracts and influence, they really need to think before opening their big fat mouths, and consider who is really getting a free pass, because it is not the low hanging fruit that they constantly attack like the cases in the listed article. The people getting the free pass are the police chief, Gordon Eden, who lied under oath in the exact same Dear hearing they are talking about in their article. That is just one of Eden's free passes, and another little detail the Urinal conveniently left out. You can find a photo of the other right here on this blog. Gordon Eden sent out a blatant threat, meant to intimidate employees to stop talking to the DoJ. That is tampering with a federal investigation, but Eden got to call it a misunderstanding. The city Attorney, Jessica Hernandez got to call the federal monitor James Ginger's accusal of her obstructing the reform process a misunderstanding too; another free pass. Ray Schultz is still skating down in MEMORIAL VILLAGES TEXAS POLICE DEPARTMENT on his free pass. Kathryn Levy is collecting her retirement free pass, and Robert Perry gets his six digit free pass every year, after bullying citizens, taunting protestors, tampering with hearing officer decisions, then extorting hearing officers, (yes, extortion) and having his son drive him intoxicated to the scenes of police shootings to harass officers and violate their civil and due process rights.  How about Lieutenant Greg Brachle's free pass to shoot his own officers, and his free pass to his relationship with one of them that will shortly come to light, and may have had a hand in why this happened. Now those are some free passes that the Urinal must have conveniently missed. All of this, and not a peep about why the former APOA president is still employed after being charged, or the up and coming trial for former detective Sandy, blatant omissions due to their adverse effect, and embarrassment on this administration, therefor ignored by the Urinal. 

At this point citizens need to boycott a business like the Urinal, who feeds them lies, libels targeted individuals for political agendas, and cowardly promotes back door agendas for their own benefit and access. READ THE ALBUQUERQUE FREE PRESS, AND CONTINUE TO SEND YOUR INFORMATION TO US AND THEM. WE WILL MAKE SURE THE TRUTH SEES THE LIGHT OF DAY,  AND THE UNJUST ARE EXPOSED.