The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Feb 22, 2015

Berry's Sin City

Albuquerque's mayor Berry has done a belly dance around the tent sin city camp. This is just ugly to begin with but add a ding-dong berry to the mix and it becomes un-stomach-able. Meanwhile, you have Gordon Eden who was quick to back a bad shooting but doesn't do anything about illegal camping within the city limits who are blocking a sidewalk.

Okay, so nothing here is within the norms of everyday thinking people.  The local community are complaining about crime and the infestation of the "criminal element."  Where is this group of people using the restroom at? Where are they dumping their trash? Where are they getting money to do what they do? They are victimizing a strong traditional Hispanic community; the Barelas community.

So what does the city leaders do? Pretty much nothing.  They cater and coddle the homeless who are committing illegal acts.  Why doesn't the city take a stand on issues; the occupants are clearly wrong. When it comes to certain issues the city should handle, that are legitimate, they don't?  The answer for us here at the Eye is clear; it is incompetent leadership.

Go give the warning to show you are compassionate. Give and offer resources; there are between 30 and 40 different agencies who help feed, cloth, shelter, provide legal assistance, access to telephones, etc... here in the Metro area.  After offering the olive branch, it is time to take care of business.  This is a life-style choice not a mandate.  The city is now going to spend over one million dollars to "help" them.  What about the community that was victimized? What about the rest of our poor who are truly trying to escape poverty? No, the city is going to waste money on people who do not want help but to be left alone to live a life on the streets.                                                          
Many of the poor simply need a hand up and not a hand out. With $1,000.000.00 you could give 200 families $5,000.00 each or 1,000 individuals $1,000.00 each.  But the city will waste it on bureaucracy and city red tape.  In the end none of our homeless will truly see a penny.

Bring in a few troopers in: issues citation, arrest and/or issue criminal summons to the offending parties. Call in a trash truck and haul it all off or tag it into the APD evidence.

This is a form of civil dis-obeisance and cannot be tolerated.
Case closed.

And the leadership of Albuquerque cannot understand why people do not want to move here, why businesses do not want to move here and why they cannot staff the APD fully.  Albuquerque is in desperate need of competent leadership.  Maybe next time, huh?

Feb 15, 2015

In like a Wolf; out like a Wimp!

Back in 2012, with much fanfair, the braintrust of the Berry administration brought in a new training director to take over the APD's infamous academy. If you remember, back then the department was struggling to keep DOJ from opening up the state's largest can of worms. And who better to combat the feds than hire a fed the brains of Perry and Berry thought!

Joe Wolf was going to be the hero to revise all of that nasty para-military training out of the academy. In Albuquerque Journal report after report he was hailed as the great trainer from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the go to go for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  In an interview with the paper Wolf sad away were going the drill and ceremony exercises, away were going the inspections, and in coming were the classes.

But no sooner had Wolf landed and become part of the varsity club of Anthony Montano, Will Roseman, and Mike Archibeque, but the department's beloved "Nature at Play" culture presented him with treats no 56 year old could refuse. Soon Wolf's...liason's....with the department's polygrapher reached not only the 5th floor, where Banks relocated the polygraph unit out from the academy, but it reached district court where Wolf's wife sued him for divorce (see court paper work filed on July 23, 2013, case number D-202-DM-201302897).

Now Wolf was free to roam all of Albuquerque as he saw fit. And roam he did. While "leading" the academy, endless scandals unfolded where cadets and personnel complained of abusive behavior and unlawful conduct. Behind closed doors, cadets were being subjected to humiliating games and sexual jokes. There was the huge investigation of a official letter written by Wolf verifying training that didn't occur. Then our Eyes tell us, Wolf realized his main lieutenant wasn't quite the leader he presented himself as and was told horror stories by cadets complaining of Archibeque's actions in front of them. We are told Wolf called Archibeque out for his laziness and behavior and this of course didn't bring scrutiny down on Archibeque but opened the door for Archibeque's buddy and Deputy Police Chief Will Roseman to put the screws down on Wolf.

We are told Wolf has been sitting on the sidelines since last Fall and there was even discussion of him being reassigned because let's face it, he was never APD and was never a cop.

So with all the hype of the great Wolf coming in to fix APD's academy, he "suddenly" resigned last Friday (the 13th no less). And with barely a ripple, Wolf fades away like a whisper.

It has become a common place to see the disgraced who are forced
 to leave with their tails tucked between their legs...Who is next?

Feb 8, 2015

Professionalism and its Relationship to the Determination of APD

For many years the coppers have told us there was a mutual respect shared by APD and the public.  The bifurcation of the public and APD has many root causations.  The question we pose today: is it a lack of professionalism that has led to publics diminished perception of APD?

As time has worn on has APD suffered an on-going diminishment of professionalism? There are many reasons for the slide towards hell APD has suffered.  We are only going to look at a handful of what we view as major components that have been at the root cause.
APD started hiring just about anyone. These were cycles where APD would take anyone with a pulse.  APD accepted many lateral officers who were, let’s say, questionable at best.  This is not to put a slant on all lateral officers.  Many of the laterals are wonder coppers.  We are told at one point APD was accepting laterals whose only police experience was being a military officer manning a gate at a Government base.  None of these folks ever attended a real police academy.  People who were on the DO NOT HIRE list were pushed through the system and hired.  This was all initiated by the chief and top management. Dismal training by APD by incompetent leadership and ultimately a civilian director who has compromised the department while engaging in what some have stated is unethical behavior while working for the APD.

APD started conducting training with DOE many years ago to improve their abilities and effectiveness.  But then APD started training with the military whose goals and objectives differ from those of a civilian sworn officer.  When a police officer must use deadly force the rule is “shoot to stop the action.”  In sharp contrast when the military uses deadly force it is “shoot to kill.”  Those two directives differ greatly from the chosen objectives.  Police only want to stop the illegal act.  The military objective is to kill the enemy.  The public is not the enemy.  We believe this is where APD started to slip deeper into the oblivious. 
The primary root causation is poor leadership which continues to drag APD into the depths of hell.  From the Galvin era through today the Eden era; the Police Department has been dealt a crappy hand over and over again.  Failed leadership is a direct reflection of what APD is experiencing.  We would like to also mention the lack of real and meaningful training.  The vast majority of police officer involved shootings has been a result of a mentally ill person who has stopped taking their medication and whose actions become bazaar due to the mental illness.  Yes, APD has started some training but it is only a band aide on a hemorrhaging amputation.

Note: What ever happened to being dedicated to the job and the people you serve? All of APD's top command are already make a sizeable salary and now they will receive an additional bonus of $12,000.00 a year? for what; failing to react appropriately and allowing the DOJ to take over the APD? There was a fix but failed leadership only mean a failed organization. The City and Berry have made it an acceptable practice of rewarding BAD BEHAVIOR.  How many more officers could have been hired in lieu of paying the greedy to do their jobs? Top Brass will stay without any bonuses because without the badge and positional power; they are "no bodies."  The fact of the matter is they are already "no bodies" but they are to ignorant to know the difference. This includes Albuquerque's Mayor Berry.