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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jan 30, 2017


The question remains. What happened to Civil Rights Attorney Mary Han after she dissolved her  practice with former law partner Paul Kennedy, and the city maliciously desecrated the crime scene?

We all know that former Deputy Chief Allen Banks, along with a host of other dirtbags mishandled the crime scene at Mrs. Han's home in November of 2010, in such a way that if she were your family, and you were to see this disgraceful act of misconduct, nothing would stop you from throwing those responsible through the drywall.

Former New Mexico Attorney General Gary King stated that there was no definitive evidence that Mary Han took her life that day. He admitted the cause of death should be changed to "undetermined" after those involved in the investigation called it a suicide. Words like "meddled" and "no real investigation was done," "unfairly and unjustly labeled a suicide" were attached to this incident. The AG labeled the actions of those at the scene that day inexcusable, yet one was promoted to Chief, another is still the Chief Administrative Officer, and others got to retire with fat pensions. In other words, business as usual, and nothing was done.

Mary Han was found with a CO blood level of 84.8%. For her size that was impossible, much as is breaking your small toe by yourself, post mortem. Observing the crime scene, it's what's absent that more so tells the story, like the absence of exhaust condensation from her car, which was not running, or the presence of condensation from water vapor from the exhaust under the car. There was no puddling, or displacement of dust or dirt from condensation from the vehicle's tail pipe, and Mrs. Han did not have the symptoms of pink flushness in the face, as exhibited by carbon monoxide poisoning victims, as per AFD Commander Hiland.

On January 26th 2017, the 2nd phase of the Han family appeal to have Mary Han's case changed from a suicide to undetermined, or homicide took place, and two people, among others were present posting updates on Twitter; Reported Jolene Gutierrez Krueger, and Charles Arasim. The information posted about testimony from those accounts on that day was disturbing to say the least. Much of this hit the news, but in this case, more exposure is better.

Below are the links to the two Twitter accounts. Scroll down to January 26th and, read.

Joline Gutierrez Krueger Twitter

Mr. Arasim Twitter

In front of judge David Thompson, APD officer Tim Lonz describes how Paul Kennedy, who found Han was allowed to leave the scene, and return. This officer admits to being a friend of Deputy Chief Banks, and stated that he didn't want to see an email that was in a "file" in Mary's home "get out," so he called banks to the scene. Lonz then describes how the brass showed up, and everything went sideways and cloak and dagger, from there as they kicked him out, and took over the scene. Lonz described how Banks ordered him to violate a major crime scene rule; to protect the integrity of the crime scene, by ordering him to leave his own scene. This officer described how it was unusual for so many city officials to be on this scene, and how his request for a full crime scene call out was denied. Lonz stated that he did not know where the folder with the Banks's email went, and that Han's laptop was given to Paul Kennedy, who was allowed to leave the scene with these items.

Former APD officer Jacob Welch also testified, effectively pointing out what a true filth bag Allen Banks really is, as he described what he took as a threat, when Allen Banks told him at the crime scene that "Your testimony better match mine," concerning their actions, and observations that day. He also went on to describe in conflict to other testimony that Han was in what appeared to be a very uncomfortable position in the vehicle seat, where she was found.

Not only is there the question of what happened, but why did it happen? Why was this incident phoned in as an "accidental suicide" by Mrs. Han's former law partner, who is legal counsel to the Governor, and why was he allowed to leave the crime scene with key evidence that a rookie officer would have checked first for signs of foul play. A novice would have known to preserve those devices for evidence, like notes, emails or contacts last called on the phone, along with text messages? Why, to this day has he never been interviewed? Why was Rob Perry, and Kathryn Levy there, and why was Ray Schultz called on his cell phone, only for him to make  further outgoing calls back from his wife's cell phone, as he was away?

Police, and city administrative officials kicked police officers out of their own crime scene... a crime scene involving a very prominent civil rights attorney, who was considered a thorn in their corrupt sides, and no questions are asked! No eyebrows are raised?!? Diamond jewelry, and files go missing and nobody asks questions? Yet.... the OMI, based on information gleaned from this disgraceful fiasco, and travesty can honestly deem this a suicide? We think not.

It is shocking that those responsible for this, like Allen Banks, can land a job as police chief in Round Rock Texas with this, and his lies involving the Perea case, and administrative issues and lies concerning the prisoner transport center that are well known, documented, and proven hanging over his milk dud head! Amazing, isn't it? And we have not even touched on the former crime lab head Mark Adam's nephew scandal, where he (mijo) was deemed unfit during the hiring phase for his job at the PTC, yet was hired anyway, and covered for by the brass like you would not believe. What is with this phenomenon of do as I sayers constantly lying under oath, and tampering with investigations, while getting a free pass on their behavior as if they were the opposite of disgusting human beings? This is not Iraq or ISIS occupied Syria. This is the United States where these punks are allowed to act like this. These filth are given weight because they attained a title or rank. They are protected because of what they know or have done for judges and politicians. Maybe this is the reason for some really peculiar rulings concerning cases close to this and the agendas of these criminals.

APD may not have been on trial on the 26th, but the decision OMI made based on what APD did, and did not do was. OMI made a decision based on no investigation, and out of control acts of an out of control, and corrupted administration, that deliberately fouled up a crime scene.

Now we will wait to see what this judge has to say. Meanwhile, the vermin who know exactly what happened get to live their pathetic, self centered lives, profiting from their cowardice, either in exile in other states, or here, sucking blood money. Meanwhile...

"If you know the enemy, and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."
~Sun Tzu~


The name Celina comes from the Latin and Greek languages meaning from the heavens, or moon. This is very befitting, because The statements that come out of the mouth of the Albuquerque Police Department's Public information Officer Celina Espinosa sound like they come  directly from the moon and outer space. Case in point, is the issue below, where Eden claims staffing is not the issue with the out of control crime rate, and Celina Espinosa swears to it.

In Albuquerque, almost a car an hour is stolen, because it is the victim or the court's fault according to APD Police Chief Gorden Eden. Gorden blames the courts, the jails and victims. Just listen to the below interview to see the arrogance coming from a Punk in uniform... a non cop. By the way, where are your sleeve hashes Eden! Ha ha ha!  Eden could not effect a solo arrest on an armed, and capable felon if his life depended on it, yet he sees fit to put forth an opinion, no legitimate street cop worth his badge would agree with. Chief Eden is a soft, weak, pathetic, lying, crybaby. As this punk who dodges anticipated, heated city council meetings when controversial topics come up lies to Caleb James from KOB News, look at how he tries to posture up. Listen to his defensive and evasive replies. Look at his hands in his pockets like an unprofessional. It is pretty pathetic, but so are all of Governor Martinez's political appointees, whether direct or indirect. 

Looking at Gorden, we can understand why the crime rate is so high. Would you respect a police department with that bleach blonde, lying weakling as the leader? Would you stop for an officer who was chasing you for robbery, when you know the self serving leaders of his corrupted  police department would scape goat him, frame him or fabricate a media fireworks display out of his justified actions in order to either cover their public corruption or paint themselves the solution to a problem they created and perpetuate? No! No, you would not, and that is the problem. It is two fold. 

Because of the actions of this administration in all facets, officers have shut down. Criminals were emboldened by seeing a department that eats their own to protect the criminal upper echelon, and the good officers do not want to be the next target of a desperate, lying administration under investigation. We all know what a rat can do when cornered. Most jumped ship when the DoJ came, but the rest are the ones still lashing out to protect their investments. The lack of response times, coupled with the manpower added to this morale issue completes the equation. Everyone wants to dance around the FACT that officers are terrified of the cowards running the show here. 

Real officers take the job to do what needs to be done, in order to protect those who can not protect themselves. They do the most with the least, regardless of resources available to them, because being a cop is something they want to do. They deserve an administration that provides a fair work environment, not one full of top heavy, self serving cowards, criminals and perverts who only care about their agendas, and who will betray them at the blink of an eye. 

Maybe Eden forgets about the Message he sent out, latently threatening employees about cooperating with the Federal Department of Justice? We did not. That is tampering with a federal investigation. Eden blamed an employee for it like a coward, but we will not lose track of his lies.

In keeping with their practice of controlling information flow in or out from the line officers, or anyone for that matter concerning this administration, who would probably be candid, and blatantly honest to college newspaper students, Celina Espinosa wants to unburden officers, or "take the load" ( Ha Ha Ha ) from them, of fielding lengthy interviews. She wants to do this because she has all the time to do so and because it's her job to make their job easier. What a crock of shit! Funny, are not the records division and PIO extremely busy too? Haven't they claimed they were sooooooo busy, they could not comply with many IPRA requests? Pretty interesting, but it sounds to us that this was just another shut your mouth, and let us lie email. More rhetoric from a space cadet. 

"Take the load......." Now that's funny..... We wonder who's next up on the APD PIO wheel to take the load for this corrupt administration. Because.... after all, it's everyone else's fault. 


In this new world of social media, and mainstream media manipulation and disinformation for the sake of personal agendas, or political reasons, we like to point out the deviations in standard patterns and practices, especially when you would ask just why would a newspaper be giving positive publicity to two individuals who are known causes for the entire collapse of a city, and famous for retaliation and malfeasance? Why would a newspaper 2000 miles away write articles about a failed mayor, and now about the police department Ray Schultz is working for, while he is under investigation for bid rigging, and public corruption involving pay to play and kickbacks?

Last week the Memorial Villages Police Department posted video of an elderly woman being abused by her hired care taker in Memorial Villages Texas. This video was obtained from a NEST internet video camera installed by the victim's family, not police. You can see it below.

WP article and video

As seen in this video, the actions of this woman warranted immediate arrest, based on the contained evidence. Any detective could have obtained a warrant based on the video evidence.
That is not what happened though. Schultz said his police department wanted to consult with their DA, and attempt to interview the suspect in a "calm setting." It was also stated that the suspect admitted to the crime. Hmmmm...

Almost a month later, this woman was arrested due to tips from concerned citizens.

Prior to the crumbling of Schultz's little fiefdom, he did whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted, and oversaw special units that operated under the same culture, but now that he is desperate to keep his career, certification, and freedom, he wants to appear as the compassionate, caring, competent police chief who didn't throw innocent people into a fire, lie to the public, courts and media, and eventually run like the spineless coward he is, to avoid scrutiny for his actions, and keep filling his pockets. We are calling horse shit on this clown. No Ray, you do not get a clean slate when there are several of your criminally shit stained slates right here in New Mexico. No, you do not get to fool people into thinking you are such a competent jolly good fellow, when you are nothing but a horse shit artist, punk, and coward.

The above suspect was free for almost a month more than she should have been, because Schultz wants to keep his little gravy train going by being the fake politically correct guy. We wonder why a police chief is allowed to work in full capacity, while under a massive public corruption investigation, when an officer would at least be on administrative leave. This clown knows he has to walk on eggshells, and a criminal went free for a month because of it.

Some in this world may not know what Ray Has done, but we do, and we have a long memory and the facts to back it up. Isn't that right Ray?

"The Blog"

Jan 25, 2017


The Eye on Albuquerque has been around for years, and for years we have leveled the playing field on cowards who think they are above scrutiny, or accountability; those who would otherwise go unchecked, getting away with their shenanigans and crimes. Through these years we have been called "the blog" when referenced by scum bags like Ray Schultz, that "vile blog" by punks like Nate Korn, the "infamous" or "controversial blog" critical of the city administration by the media, and newspapers or just "The Eye" by those who know us.

The Eye is well known by those involved in public corruption, this administration, or anyone else who wants to bully, walk on, or trample the rights of others, because we give those cowards a taste of their own medicine. For years, people have surmised, assumed, guessed, or accused many of being The Eye. We find this funny. One... because all are wrong, and Two... because, you see sometimes you regret what you find when you go looking for it. There is an old saying about chasing down your own ass kicking. There is a better one called, "the door swings both ways" and most know exactly what that means.

Because of what The Eye is, many reach out to have their voices heard or expose the truth. Behind closed doors, the cowards are the ones who creep, and curse this blog. They hate it. They wish it would go away, so they could do whatever they wanted to do unchecked.

Below is a letter that was sent into the Eye by Mister Paul Heh. We decided to post it, because it shows the cowardice that goes on behind the scenes, orchestrated by gutless pieces of dog shit who have a grudge. This is one of a few times that the media was intentionally tipped off in order to smear a man, by attacking his family or trying to humiliate him. What is more pathetic is the news story put out there is that of a middle aged man responsible for his own actions. This person is now answering for those actions. Those running things politically for now, and their pathetic media contacts, are nothing more than immature, picayune, disgusting, self serving, perverts, who act like they are still in high school.

Like officers, most in the media are good folks, but some just can not keep their pants up. Some use shady relations with city employees to gain information. Some like to build their reputations on the misfortune of others. Others like to have group sex with cops, send married police sergeants explicit videos of themselves using sex toys diddling themselves nude on camera, and others like to flat out promote lies, and slander to promote a failed and criminal administration, or help this administration cover their antics. Remember, this is those people themselves doing this, not their thirty year old sons, daughters, uncles or twice removed cousins. Look in your own back yards scum bags.

In light of the above, here is Mr. Heh's letter.

THE TROUBLE WITH ALBUQUERQUE: The following is my opinion and my story.

The City Of Albuquerque is awash in drugs. It is fueling the out of control crime that has infected our city. I want it clearly understood that I am not holding the rank and file Police Officers of our city responsible for this. They are doing an impossible job, under impossible conditions. The Police top brass and the city administration are quite a different story however.

My son is addicted to drugs, and as a result has become a criminal who I am convinced is now mentally ill, because of long time drug use. Police Officers that have had numerous contacts with him, agree with me on that fact.

My son started drugs after he got married to a wonderful young lady, from a wonderful family. For some reason, they both decided to get into drug use, and destroy their lives. They hurt everyone around them that cares about them. For now, I will speak only of my son.

My wife and I have done everything in our power to help our son. We sent him to rehab twice, at a cost of fifteen thousand dollars each time. In total, we spent nearly one hundred thousand dollars trying to help him. I make no excuses for my son. I deplore and hate what he does, but I will always love him. I have never, and will never try to interfere in any of my sons criminal cases. My opinion is if you did the crime, you will do the time. My son is not allowed on my property, because I have a criminal trespass order against him. This of course, does not stop him. I call the Police more times than I can count, but with a two hour response time, and the fact they have to catch him on the property, it is an exercise in futility. My neighbors have also called for problems, and they have waited over three hours for an officer.

When my son gets arrested, some within the media seem to enjoy pointing out that he is my son, and the fact that I had run for mayor. For those that are carrying water for the current city administration, to you, I will say I am not responsible for a 31 year old adult, who has chosen the path he has. I am responsible for what I have done in life. I can not tell you how many people have contacted me, and asked me why some in the media choose to do this? My response is; I guess some are afraid that I will run for mayor again. That decision has not been made.

What the politician in this city would have you believe is there is really not a drug problem? Watch the local news, and look at the people that are arrested. Just look at them! You can see that they are a drug addict just by looking at them. There are only two ways that their criminal activity will stop. They get off the drugs, or they die.

Many people know the story of my son, and they tell me the story of their loved one. Many are almost identical to mine. If you ask a hundred people I know, ninety five of them will have a family member, relative, a friend, or know someone that is involved in destroying their lives, due to drug use. All of us live with the fear that the knock will come to our door, telling us our loved one is dead , or even worse, that some innocent person has been hurt, because of their actions. There are reasons why this criminal activity will continue unabridged, and fueled by drugs. It will not stop until we get smart, and work to stop it. You think prison is the answer? Think again. I have a friend who's son served ten years in prison. Recently he was released. He was out for about two months, and was right back into drugs. If you talk to anyone who has been in jail, or prison, they will brag to you that as long as they have money on their books, they can get all the drugs they want, while they are locked up.
Of course, there are some crimes so horrendous that locking these people up, and throwing away the key is the only answer. We have to start treating drug addition as the disease it is. If a person commits a crime that can send them to prison for a year or more, rather than prison, send them to rehab for those two years where their disease can be treated. In the long run, this is more cost effective than the revolving door of incarceration, where the person keeps returning to the population still addicted to drugs, continuing to commit crimes to feed their habit.

We have been putting drug offender criminals in prison for decades, and the crime and drug problem has just gotten worse. The District Attorney's Office is over worked, because of time restraints placed on them to prosecute criminals. Sometimes they let the criminal free to get more time to prepare the case. While the person is free, they do more drugs, and more crimes. The revolving door continues unabridged, which results in more innocent victims of their crimes.

So are you going to believe what the politicians tell you or your own lying eyes? The politicians in this city should hang their head in shame for holding office, and letting the city deteriorate to the crime ridden state it is in. They should hang their heads in shame for allowing a once premiere Police Department fall to the state it is, while being subject to The Department Of Justice.

In a letter, the outgoing District Attorney compared A.P.D. to a criminal enterprise . I would add to that, they are like the school yard bullies. If you stand up to them as an officer your time is short, and your career is over. For example, I retired in 2011, after almost 25 years of service. For those of you that don't know, you only had to stay on the job at that time for 22 years and 10 months for full retirement. I always stood up for what was right, and as such, I was marked. Since my retirement in 2011, I have not receive my retirement plaque, or retirement badge. I guess the bullies really got even with me.

These bullies want to talk about people's families, well they should know I punch back. I wonder how they would feel if I released the information I have on them, and their families. Don't hurry to records to get rid of the reports; something I hear your very good at. I already have them. Should I sink as low as they, or their water carriers do, and release what I have, only to hurt their families, or to get at them? PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES.

I stated that I have not decided if I will run for mayor. If I do not, I will support a person that closely supports my values. I don't care what political party they belong to, what religion they are, what sex they are, what color they are, or what their sexual orientation is. What they are going to do to improve this city, and what are they going to do improve our lives is what is important. If they get elected, and have lied to do so, then I will do everything I can to make sure they don't get reelected. Right Mr Berry?

( Paul J. Heh S.Sgt. Ret. A.P.D. )

Rest assured Mr. Heh. We all know the lengths these scum bag muck rakers will go to retaliate and cover for their cronies. Thank you for your candidness, although no explanation is necessary. 2017 will be their hell!

Jan 20, 2017


If anyone had any doubt that the relationship between Taser, Schultz, and this administration was a beer and liquor soaked hedonistic courting of greedy, self serving, scum bags, bent on free trips with side pieces, free food, free liquor, and all the perks of an all expense paid vacation on the backs of tax payers... here you go.

Below are emails concerning events in 2012 and 2013, where former Deputy Chief Allen Billy D. Williams Banks, also known as mister tremendous himself. You remember this guy right? He was the clown who swagged around with his ass up his back, licking his lips, and stuttering. This bonafide liar is the police chief of the Round Rock Texas Police Department. He fled there when the DoJ came, and the heat came down over the no bid Taser contract, after he and Schultz started the finger pointing at each-other.

In the below emails, you can see that APD Deputy Chief Allen Banks initially ordered TWO tickets for the Taser International Association of Police Chief's TASER party in 2012. This convention was held in San Diego. When you register, you have to tell them how many tickets you need. That is, of course, until they request the identity of the person you will be taking with you. It is funny how the tune changed when Taser wanted the identity of pimp daddy's guest.

The individual being referenced to in the 2nd email sent from Taser executive Andrew Grayson, to APD staff is Marcus Womack. In March of 2014 Marcus Womack was promoted to General Manager of, after working for Taser for only a year. This happened shortly after Taser acquired the company he co founded, (in 2013) and was CEO of, called Familiar Inc. The carbon copy recipients in the above email are Josh Isner and Rick Smith, of Taser international. Isner is Taser's Executive Vice President of Global Sales. Rick Smith is the CEO, and founder of Taser International. Notice this email was forwarded to former Deputy Chief Allen Banks with the notation "TASER is hoping to meet with you at IACP." Seems top staff at TASER deemed Banks a major player in their TASER / APD plans.

Coincidentally, Andrew Grayson who was setting this all up with Schultz here is the same Taser rep that did the Taser contract in Dallas Texas under almost identical circumstances, and language. We posted part of the article, and a link to the article below so you can see for yourself.

We have recently acquired these, and wanted to give you a look into what was going on behind the scenes as the Taser deal was in the works, and why we believe these clowns have been racketeering for years.

Almost every one of these perverted, lying cowards ran out of here faster than war criminals when the feds came.
Now they should be treated like criminals.

Jan 14, 2017

Mayor Berry, a fake... Gorden Eden, a liar... Ray Schultz, still under investigation... Albuquerque, in the toilet!

On 8/11/16 the Washington Post did an article on our Albuquerque fraud quasi mayor Richard J Berry, lauding him as some kind of great guy, and innovative thinker, for his Homeless work program. On 12/29/16, the same newspaper named this joker one of their top eleven most inspirational people for 2016, in reference to the same program. We somehow think the list stood at 10, until someone called in a favor. Most lists are top ten lists. As if it is not obvious, Berry, and his band of asshats were starting their ramp up for Berry's run for the Governor's race, and we all know how politics goes.

When it comes to propaganda, we all know that the fools who think they are running this city think they are the ones fooling everyone. They are only able to fool the gullible.

Everyone knows how heinous of a mayor Berry has Been for Albuquerque, when you look at what he has done to this city. Bodies are being found on the streets just laying there dead. Old ladies in wheelchairs are being run over. A man was found behind a shopping center with his head and genitals chopped off. Valiant Printing, a family owned business for almost a century is closing. Macy's is closing. 65 year old Beauchamp Jewelers is closing. Morning side Antiques is closed. The Desert Sands Motel is demolished. El Vado motel is sitting there. Dozens and dozens of other businesses have gone out of business, or moved away. Several ATM machines have their computer screens shot full of bullet holes. A nut goes on a fire bug spree, throwing bombs, and burning Starbucks, Old Navy, and Barnes and Nobles stores across the city for days, before being caught. The city just had a ridiculous amount of accidents two weeks ago, because city officials neglected their duties to the public, and stayed in bed, rather than salt the roads, then they lied about it. Children are being slaughtered by the twos and threes at a time. The schools are falling apart. Employees get shot at in the parking lots of their own employers when checking on their vehicles. Houses are being burglarized like it is a free for all. Auto thefts are through the roof. Shootings are multiple, and every day, along with stabbings, as are SWAT callouts. Babies are shot to death in road rage incidents. The homeless are on every street corner. Stray dogs run through the streets like it is Mogadishu. We have a police department under consent decree. We have a former police chief under investigation for corruption. The police chief, his deputies and a good portion of commanders fled when the DOJ came. The current police chief has had a perjury complaint filed on him. Gun shops are ransacked at will, and dozens of stolen weapons are on the streets. Driving on I40 and I25 can get you run off the road, or shot at, never mind being held up by reckless marauders doing donuts, stunts and burnouts on the highway, like Albuquerque has no police department. How many more animals are going to die out of neglect at the Albuquerque zoo, only to be callously thrown into a trashcan? The Paseo Road project looks like a bunch of drunk crackheads, suffering from vertigo poured the concrete. They should have painted the retaining wall in a snake skin pattern. It would have worked!

A true leader takes responsibility for what happens under their watch. A nutless coward, blames others, makes excuses, allows his minions to blame others, and allows others to face the music for his piss poor management. This is RJ Berry. YOU VETOED THE DOJ RJ? If Berry were a soldier he would be hiding behind women children and hamsters.

Throughout his pathetic two terms Berry has been a liar, and a coward. That is the best we can say he is. He gets no better than that. When the Boyd shooting happened, he made sure he was out of Dodge. He went MIA. He must be the only mayor without a work cell phone. Oh, that is right, his phone didn't work in Brasil. How many times was Mister Inspirational conveniently not here when the heat was on? Every time! He shows up at no court appearances. He never shows up at city council meetings. He runs for cover every time there is a controversy, until his group of liars can cobble up a story to put in his mouth. This idiot is always talking about moving forward with progress, but is never anywhere to be found, unless he is in front of a captive, supportive, controlled audience, that symbiotically benefits from his malfeasance. The Washington Post was half right. Berry is inspirational... inspirational for how not to be as a man. Certainly not as a Governor!

One of the first things Berry claimed he would do if elected would be to get rid of Ray Schultz, but after getting in, and seeing that THAT liar was the glue holding the corruption together, and keeping the malfeasant machine rolling, he realized that removing him wouldn't be profitable. Berry kept Schultz, and bought into everything that was going on here by doing so.
As we go forward, we are going to outline why certain people are mainly responsible for what has happened to our city. You have seen through our postings how many of the crimes committed by this administration were perpetrated, and we have named names, and provided evidence. A long time ago, we told you that they would attack anyone who brings scrutiny upon them, and we have a letter written to the federal monitor, calling out the city, and predicting this. We called it when the federal monitor released his first scathing report. This past week we have seen the city fulfill this prophecy. Individuals who have met with the Department of Justice a long time before their findings had outlined just how the Administration of the City of Albuquerque is a Criminal Enterprise, with an extensive network, and infrastructure in place to support, and promote their mission, complete with an arm of propaganda.

One of the big issues that sticks out is how not one person in this administration will admit when they are wrong. They will lie. If that does not work, they make up their own version of what happened, governed by rules set by them. They tell you the sky is red until you either forget to keep asking them, or you just go away. Over the years they have always counted on wearing people out when it comes to the truth. You can tell a lie, but when nobody hears it, it does not matter. This is where their propaganda infrastructure comes in at.

Amazon owns the servers that were used by Taser AXON up until the end of 2015.

Do you want to know why this is important?

Jeff Bezos is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of He is worth 70.3 billion dollars. He was initially from Albuquerque New Mexico. Nash Holdings LLC owns the Washington Post. Nash Holdings is owned personally by Jeffrey Bezos. When you are scratching your head wondering "just why would a Washington newspaper write two articles out of the blue praising a failure of a mayor a thousand miles away in Albuquerque," it is because none of these clowns can get positive biased coverage, without a 1 degree separation from the person willing to print their horse shit propaganda." Everything is a favor, a payback, or favor being called in on. Favors are not free.

Berry, you are a fraud and failure. You will not be the next New Mexico Governor. Under your administration there has been nothing but enrichment of corrupt, selfish public officials, both now, and invested as kickbacks down the line. Taser and Schultz are in the middle of it. You have used officers as a smoke screen to cover for corrupt, illicit activities, in order to deflect attention, and fool the DOJ. Your retaining of Schultz cost the city everything, and almost every fiscal issue can be linked back to the illegal "greased" contract with Taser, that Schultz facilitated through the abuse of his position, with legal cover provided to him by former city attorney Kathryn Levy; all using our tax dollars. If this is not a racketeering, RICO based criminal enterprise, nothing is!

The attrition rate of officers, and morale issues that plague the place are a result of what Schultz started to cover his tracks with former city attorney Kathryn Levy. Gorden Eden carries on the tradition with Jessica Hernandez. The results of these cowardly actions put us in a place where crime is out of control, because many officers retired or quit. Because there are no officers, response times are through the roof, and the criminals are emboldened, and out of control because of a direct lack of proactive policing. Police are not proactive, because they are understaffed, there is no backup, and they are terrified of being the next flavor of the month for an administration that will scapegoat, and use them the first minute they need to distract attention away from their public corruption.

As a result of Schultz putting all of the city's eggs into the Taser basket, the department became "stuck" with a system, and equipment that requires such embedded dedication, that it would be cheaper to stay with the devil you know, rather than re-equip, and outfit with a source that may be better. So we either choose to spend 5 million dollars to stay with a company that set the snare, or cut the umbilical from the same company who's contract reeks of pay to play, and is under criminal investigation. Because of things set into motion by Ray Schultz, and this administration, under a mayor who plays stupid, and hides from scrutiny, we can not afford to have salt trucks out on our streets. There is a tens of millions of dollars shortfall for Berry's silly ass Rapid Transit Fiasco that is suffocating small businesses in this city. Millions of dollars are getting paid out in lawsuits. The city is breaking IPRA request laws like they do not exist, and the city attorney pulls the biggest horse shit excuses out of her dirty ass to cover for a circus that it defies logic, assaults your common sense, insults your intelligence, and makes a mockery out of the truth. As all of this transpires, we have another worthless failure, Susana Martinez, in Santa Fe calling for everyone to tighten their belts because of their screw ups. Funny.... We have never seen her wear a belt. Maybe she can't wear one after all of that pizza and coke. Someone should buy her a new pair of Spanx. Looks like she wore her old ones out.

Well folks, it is obvious we have a network of individuals working hard to foul the place up for everyone else while their lives get better. We are glad that we at least have a team of federal attorneys willing to step up, and put a foot in the collective asses of the biggest bunch of ignorant, insolent, arrogant, lying, cowardly pieces of dog shit to ever hold office. We here at the Eye would like to thank those at the DoJ civil rights division for laying it out with class; namely Luis Saucido, Ruth Keegan, Elizabeth Martinez, Corey Sanders, and Patrick Kent. The city attorney does not deserve your patience or respect. And to Dr. Ginger, it is okay to say this is the worst place you have ever had to deal with. Take the fuckin gloves off. Many here stand with you. Next time we hope to mention the USDOJ Criminal Division. It is a long time coming.

Hopefully we have connected a few more dots, BUT before we go, we must address the disgusting comment that came out of Celina Espinosa's pie hole... How dare you call the accusation of "LIAR" leveled at Police Chief Gorden Eden not fair, because he was testifying from recollection? Look at the transcript of good old Gorden Eden's recent deposition, where he described his great memory. Hmmmm.... funny how you treacherous liars expect cover when you make up lies on others in order to call them liars. We here at the Eye think there has never been a more dishonorable bunch of simpletons in one Administration. Well... Celina... Gorden thinks he has a great memory!
You don't decieve, and fight so hard to keep an innocent honest mistake from coming to light unless the mistake isn't so honest or innocent! Dishonorable liars.

Jan 10, 2017

THE RUSSIANS DID IT. That, and more excuses from those caught tampering with evidence. Plus the letter from Brandenburg to the Feds. Enough is enough. .

The blame game put forth by this lying, criminal enterprise we call a city administration is getting better by the minute. We came across video of a civilian police oversight meeting, where members of the CPOA were discussing being told by the city attorney Jessica Hernandez, and Chief Administrative Officer Robert Perry, that Taser's / AXON data storage may have been hacked. We here at the Eye are getting a kick out of this. We bet next they will be blaming little green men for stealing the computer from the evidence room. Watch it here:

You see, now these malfeasants need an excuse for videos going missing, because they know they are caught, and who do they blame?!? The vendor they are involved in a "diametrically different" bid / contract deal with. That's right folks! These liars can not keep their plans or stories strait from one day to the next. They can not keep a line on their lies. This place has become a lie factory under their watch. It is absolutely ludicrous, and there is no honor or loyalty between thieves.

The city wants to award a contract to a company who's internet security they do not have faith in, and believe may have been compromised. Of course we know this is a ruse to cover for their own actions, but we wonder what Taser has to say about these allegations. Time will tell, as these morons dig their hole deeper and deeper.

We think it is about time a few people step down, maybe put the Scotch down, debloat, sober up, and cut a deal with the feds soon. Perry, Schultz, and Berry should think about cooperating with the feds, and giving themselves up because the inevitable is already in motion.


Above is the letter former Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg wrote to the Department of Justice. The letter sums up what has been going on perfectly, and really rounds out an opinion of this regime from every angle now. The citizens, officers within, and now the DA's office all concur that a criminal enterprise is afoot here. We think it's not only something we all agree on, but it will be a major point in this election.

The City is being run by criminals and henchmen. It is about time a commission is assembled to deal with these scum bags. THE KNAPP COMMISSION COMES TO MIND! Please take the time to listen to David Durk's statement to the Knapp Commission below....


One final thing. In late December a Bernalillo county grand jury returned an indictment on the piece of shit that murdered our brother Daniel Webster. We here at the Eye will not engage or promote a bickering contest or debate the handling of this prosecution. What we will do is put it to bed right now.

There are many times cases get handed off to other prosecutors, wether it be more resources, or better funding. There are a multitude of reasons this happens. Our sources close to things have told us that the New Mexico Attorney Generals office took this case, and the family of Daniel feels good that they did. That is all that matters. The Bernalillo County DA's office is in transition right now, and we believe they would be able to handle this case just as well, but a little help from the state is not a bad thing considering the inundation the county is facing right now. We will leave it at that. We do not believe this was a political maneuver. It was a resourceful tactic. God bless you Dan. We miss you.

It all began with this clown....
It all needs to end with this clown...

Jan 7, 2017


Just when you thought you have seen the highest level of disgusting behavior, along comes another surprise. Just when you thought you have seen it all, along comes yet another surprise. We here at the Eye rarely question the lunacy we see, when it comes to political appointments, political elections, and promotions, because we know what drives the machine. As many of us sit, and watch the world continually take a shit right in front of our eyes, it is crap like we are about to tell you that truly confirms it. What we do is connect the dots and keep you informed.

We are going to severely deviate from our standard practice of refraining from posting links to a certain rag, in light of the current circumstances. On Saturday the Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal printed a story concerning the new, or as the Elf on the shelf, Gilbert Montaño puts it, "diametrically different," Taser contract that was just struck with the city. In this story little guy Montaño who is the CHIEF OF RICHARD BERRY'S STAFF, tries hard to set this contract apart from the "other" contract with the usual Mayor Smallfruit two step, word game. Montaño claims it is different, but provides no factual basis on just "how" it really is, and nobody presses the matter or asks the hard questions. As usual, the city gets caught, and just gets to say everything is okay. Move along. There's nothing here to see. Not this time!

If you remember when the media got a hold of the emails between Raymond Daniel Schultz, and the Taser executive he was conspiring with to rig the bidding process for the police on body cameras, you will remember this. Ray advised this Taser executive that the deal was "greased," and that he "would have the ear of the mayor" even after he (Ray Left). Wow! Now that is an ethical conundrum if you ask us! It sure looks like Ray's fingers are still in this, and Berry's ear is not where it should be. Look at the story in the link here: URINAL ARTICLE

If you remember, deals with Taser were going for years prior to the Taser deal Schultz rigged, and the rigged deal was in the works, as the DoJ announced they were coming in to look at the Albuquerque Police Department. Coincidentally, Ray and this administration went into overdrive burning officers, or outright framing them in order to fool the DoJ into reconsidering their possible investigation. This is exactly where the morale issue, and attrition rate within APD started. As this was being done, Schultz, his Deputy Chiefs, assistant city attorney Kathryn Levy, and chief operating officer Robert Perry were tampering with witnesses, lying in court hearings, making evidence disappear, withholding facts that were not in line with their agendas, defrauding the courts, extorting hearing officers, intimidating employees, and anything else they could do, in their desperation to stave off the Federal Department of Justice probe. They were terrified of what the Feds would really stumble on; the widespread and bottomless public corruption plaguing this city and the enrichment of gluttonous public officials on the backs of betrayed employees and the tax paying public.

Shortly after all of this came to light, the Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal proclaimed "right man for the job" fled to the MEMORIAL VILLAGES POLICE DEPARTMENT, NEAR HOUSTON TEXAS, where his buddy JD Sanders was the chief. JD created a nice assistant chief spot for Ray, out of appreciation for Ray and his buddy Nate Korn assisting him in keeping his New Mexico police officer certification. Ray parachuted into that spot just prior to the Taser criminal investigation debacle coming to light. How convenient! Mr. top cop goes to a dozen man PD in Texas, as their assistant chief, working for a chief he has more experience than. Not only did Ray flee, but all of his Deputy Chiefs took off, several commanders fled, along with many other employees, and city officials. Of course, Kathryn Levy stayed behind for as long as she could to push through a few more of the last remaining fraud on the court cases they used to cover their tracks. Yes, Levy stayed until it got too hot around town, and she knew justice was closing in like it is now. Somehow we think there is no place to retire that's too far away for extradition.

Well folks, here's the punchline. Ray Schultz is no longer the assistant police chief of Memorial Villages Police Department. No! He's the Police chief now. It seems as though the Memorial Villages Police Department Board of Commissioners is just as fucked up, twisted, and mentally challenged as the Administration running the City of Albuquerque, and everyone else who has turned a blind eye to what this scum bag coward has done to employees, this city, and it's citizens.

Yes folks, Memorial Villages Police Department has just promoted to police chief a man who is under investigation for public corruption. If you do not want to read the article we cut out the exact part where THE NMAG STATED THAT SCHULTZ IS STILL CURRENTLY UNDER INVESTIGATION. Pretty goddamn amazing if you ask us. No wonder why law enforcement in this country is a mess.

Below is the Facebook post announcing this utter disgrace, and slap in the face to everyone who lives with honor, and puts in a good honest day's hard work.

Observe the irony in the statements. It is obvious the author of that mess did no factual research. Ray Schultz is a liar. He has lied under oath in hearings and in court. The facts are all public. They actually said he had "strong leadership." Considering this coward fled his Police Chief position, leaving a city in shambles, as a federal investigation began into his department just after he said he looked forward to fixing things but after he got caught rigging the Tazer no bid contract, then taking employment with the company he rigged the bid for..... we say are you kidding us! Where is that a model of leadership? Maybe this Texas village will see for the first time what civil liability is all about the minute Ray Schultz has to take the stand in a civil case, and is impeached by information provided to the plaintiff proving Schultz has lied under oath numerous times. That's just the tip of the iceberg. There's the evidence room scandal. The time card fraud investigation. Yea. Didn't ask Ray about that? Well, ask and ye shall receive, just not from the liar himself.

Notice the wording, when they announce his experience. Notice how they are proud to have him, but only announce he served as a Police Chief of "a major metropolitan city." The wording in that statement speaks volumes. Being in Albuquerque, and knowing the police chiefs, as we know them, we all know how egotistical the lying, corrupt, coward, sacks of shit they are. We all know how they like their reputation to precede them, or want everyone to know who they are, but not Ray, or his Commission. No. You know why? Because they deliberately left it out, to avoid scrutiny over the landfill of baggage this asshole has. You see, the internet is unforgiving, as is the past. What is more unforgiving is the TRUTH, and the memories of those you screwed over to get to where you are. In Coward Ray's case, a whole city.

There is no coincidence that Ray's representation in this criminal matter is the same attorney who taught force under contract at the APD Police Academy, and whom Ray called on to frame two officers.

Ray may have gotten a little Christmas present, but the ghosts of Christmas past will not forget.

Remember this you creep.... It hurts a lot more the higher you fall.

We would like to advise city council that with an election coming up, and the video altering scandal, their ratification of anything concerning this "diametrically different, tentative contract" would be anything but ethical, regardless of what the administration thinks or who still has their ear. The appearance of impropriety is an understatement, and the deal is a slap in the public face and salt in an open wound. With a current criminal investigation still ongoing, it would show poor judgement, and just plain stupidity. Imagine the embarrassment if indictments come. There may be possibly up to three active federal investigations concerning Schultz.

Quit a few need to go to prison.

Here's a familiar one. "You ready for the firestorm?"

Well.... are ya Ray? Maybe you should just go to the feds, and confess. Fall on the sword. You know they have your case.

Jan 4, 2017


Anyone who knows a little bit about how nature works, knows that the above photo, or lack of what is in the above photo speaks volumes about what needs to happen here. The only exception is the prey lacks any innocence.

Some people just never learn. It is a known fact that we have many eyes in many places. Many of these eyes contact us with information that the corrupt never want to see the light of day. A lot we post, or forward to the appropriate authorities through our channels.

Our eyes recently brought us some very disturbing information concerning the Albuquerque Police Department brass. Extortion, retaliation, and blatant disregard for the presence of the Federal Department of Justice is as prevalent more so now, than it ever was.

Since his appointment, APD Deputy Chief Bob Billy Badass Ballbanger Huntsman has fancied himself quite a tough guy, and enforcer for his BFF Police Chief Gorden Eden. This end aged, bald, sunglass wearing weakling, and political appointee swags around the place, enjoying the worship and ego stroking of kids who do not know any better, while acting like a thug, henchman, entourage boy, intimidating civilians, and covering for his tactical buddies. If he's not holding Gorden Eden's hand at meetings and press conferences, he can be found enjoying one of his many meals through out the day, with his gal pal, female minime Jessica Tyler, as they reenact the reality show Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives in the many Albuquerque eateries we have here. Must be nice. Understaffing at an all time worst, cops busting their asses out there, but the command staff plays the traveling foodie roadshow daily. No wonder why nobody wants to work here. APD is the poster child for the "do as I say" philosophy.

It was brought to our attention that it was Bobby Boy's idea to pin the Mary Hawkes gun on Dear as a throwaway, until the breaks were put on that scam after an investigator found reference to the small auto pistol on internet social media concerning Hawkes.

Recently we posted a deposition where Huntsman stated that lapel camera footage can not be edited. We all know the truth about that.

Now we have been told that Bobby Boy got his panties in a twist, and may have allegedly saw fit to threaten a certain person involved in accountability within the city. This appeared to have been done in part cryptically referencing weapons, and advising the watching of one's back. Hmmmmmm....Could the heat be getting to a few? Is there stress down at the APD main? We know so. Someone may need to face witness intimidation charges. Rats always lash out when they are cornered.

One thing is for sure with APD command staff. They will do anything to keep a lid on things that they do not want to get out. They've never deviated, nor will they, for this behavior has been the culture of APD for decades. The difference now is that incriminating information and evidence is leaking from within APD, so much now that it is only a matter of time. Employees still deal with this every day, the former District Attorney dealt with it when she was retaliated against, and the public deals with it at every City Council meeting.

Because of the pattern and practices of this out of control behavior we are discussing, there is word that the Feds have opened an investigation into the above threats and Bobby Boy. One has to ask what the hell is going on when the leadership of a police department becomes extortionists? What kind of leaders threaten women? What is next, the kidnapping of civil rights advocate's children, because they are speaking out about the corruption? We already know what they do to employees who go against them, or their sex, greed, and power culture. Maybe the feds are catching on that there are so many foxes in the henhouse, that it is now a foxhouse.

Folks, we have never stated anything other than the Federal Government needs to hit this place like it is an ISIS stronghold, with indictments for the past and present actors of this administration for what they have done, and continue to do. As we go into a new year, this needs to be the focus. There is an election coming up, and now is the time to mop these scum bags up. All candidates for office need to know that eradicating these parasites is a priority. The DoJ needs to make these bullies the Prey now.

Lets throw some chlorine into the 2017 pond, shall we. Stay tuned, because we have a lot that we will be posting after our sensational holiday break. We will be addressing the travesty of an article that Berry bought in the Washington Post as part of his horse shit governorship ramp up, and we will be addressing the issue some have with the DA allowing the New Mexico Attorney General to prosecute the murderer of Officer Daniel Webster.

2016 was another rough year, but we hope our eyes in the field, our readers, and our citizens had a great Christmas, and have a Happy New Year! Lets kick these assholes out in 2017! To our officers, hang in there and stay safe! Your malfeasant self serving bosses have less than a year left at the trough.

No, Berry, you are not inspirational, unless you are giving lessons on how to be a self serving, coward, liar or a groundhog.

Keep the faith, and stay tuned!


Yours Truly,
The Eye