The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Aug 30, 2013

Let’s Lie to the City Council and the Public

Back on August 7, 2013, we reported to you (READ IT HERE) how the new Interim Chief of Police, Allen Banks, started his new position by lying to the City Council.  Banks was asked by City Councilor, Ken Sanchez, about the Gang Unit. Banks lied and told the Council the Gang Unit was not disbanded but members were “placed” in other units. Well, this was a lie and here is more proof to show it was a lie.

 Here is an excerpt from the Eye’s story:
“Councilor Ken Sanchez stated to Banks that he understood that the APD Gang Unit was disbanded in APD. Sanchez then asked Interim Chief Banks if this was true. Banks replied, “No,” the unit has not been disbanded but the officers assigned to the gang unit have been “placed” in other units…”
The comparison is asking someone to do something and they reply, "Yes, I won't."
Recently the memo below was circulated by APD. Now you can read it and decide if Banks disbanded the original unit and is now trying to reformulate a new unit or he is now wasting time and money duplicating the same position that Banks claims still exists.
Or does this mean that gangs are out of control in Albuquerque and Failed Mayor Berry has failed again to disclose the danger to the public? Or is it all of the above?
If you’re tired of Albuquerque being the worst of the worst under the current failed leadership; the time has come to VOTE this administration OUT!
Did anyone notice who this memo says “the” Chief of Police is? It says, Raymond D. Schultz.  Right after Martin Luther King Day and Banks is being treated like a second class citizen. Although, we recognize there is no official date on the memo; we are still waiting for the real chief of police to step forward...

Aug 28, 2013

Heh Goes Viral!

Recently Albuquerque's failed Mayor Berry spoke about how the crime rate the past three years was the lowest in the past twenty-three years. Of course Berry was lying and Republican Mayoral Candidate Paul Heh responded to Berry's lies.  Heh told Berry and the crowd that the UCR Report (from APD) and the FBI stats showed the crime rate was in-fact up the past three years.

Heh backed his statement with bona-fide facts and documentation. Heh told the crowd that his staff had the actual data sheets available for those who sought the truth. Berry was feeling smug and "on-top of the World" until Heh sent Berry crashing to the ground.  Heh told Berry, "I have to call Bullshit!"  This was in response to Berry's lies about the crime rate being down.  Heh continued and told the crowd, if you want to know what the crime rate really is; ask any cop working the streets!

The video below is the portion of the debate when Heh called it like it is and it appears the video is going viral!

Click on the YouTube below to view.

Now that Berry has been caught with his pants down (again); what new lies or spin will he put on things...

Would the Real Chief of Police Step Forward

In typical Failed Berry style, Berry is caught in another lie.  Mayor Failed Berry announced the retirement of Ray Schultz as Chief of Police. Failed Berry placed Allen Banks in as the Interim Chief of Police.  Failed Berry stated that Schultz would be on “contract” to the city to ensure a smooth transition. Failed Berry’s number “two” Rob Perry stated to the Neighborhood Presidents that he had contracted a company from CALIFORNIA (not Albuquerque) to conduct a Nation-wide search for a new chief of police. This is all smoke and mirrors from the Berry Bad Liar’s Administration.

Here are the facts:
Failed Berry should have never kept Schultz who ran APD into the ground and is possibly going to be taken over by the DOJ.
Failed Berry tried to force Schultz out since it is an election year (and Schultz's repeated failures) and replaced him with a minority person.
Schultz refuses to leave because his retirement would be most effective for him if he leaves in December. It appears Schultz is strong arming Failed Berry. And Failed Berry is paying the ransom with our tax dollars.
Ray Schultz has NOT retired and CONTINUES to draw a city salary. And apparently has a “Golden Parachute.”
Ray Schultz is still EMPLOYED by the City of Albuquerque as the Chief of Police. Schultz is driving a $50,000.00 Black Dodge Charger that is loaded! Let us repeat this: He is STILL a city employee!
Allen Banks was appointed as Interim Chief of Police.
Allen Banks is the “mantel trophy” for Berry since he is a minority.
Perry did hire a firm from CALIFORNIA (not Albuquerque) to conduct a National search for a new chief.  The question is why? Failed Berry has absolutely no intention of replacing Banks.
Failed Berry allowed APD to promote a new Deputy Chief to replace Allen Banks. This means if Banks WAS NOT selected as the new chief; where would Banks return to? Once again, Berry has absolutely no intention of replacing Banks.
We hear the thoughts in your mind; where is the proof, right?  Below is the page from the City of Albuquerque's Transparency site.
Failed Berry is a liar and a typical politician and he has his staff busy lying for him. Perry should have never been the Correction Secretary; he belongs behind bars for what he is doing in an illegal effort to get Failed Berry elected.  Failed Berry will say and do ANYTHING to get your vote.  Below will be the new sign and symbol for Albuquerque if the voters keep Failed Berry.
Albuquerque has to be the only city in the United States that has two chiefs of police. Here we go again; we will be at the top of another bad list...Thanks Failed Berry...What an embarrassment to all. 
This makes Failed Berry look like a fool and that is fine because he is. The problem is, this makes Albuquerque look like a fool too and Albuquerque is not a fool; we only have a fool for mayor... 
Speaking of fools: 

Aug 27, 2013

RJ Berry's a FAILED LIAR: Here is PROOF

At a forum that was held at the Sheraton Up-town, Berry repeatedly (and acted snotty like a child) stated, "Crime is down in Albuquerque...Who says; the FBI says!"  Yesterday at another forum that was held at the Marriott Up-town, Berry again lauded his spew of vile about crime being down. Well, apparently Paul Heh did not believe a word from Berry's mouth. Heh was adamant that crime was up and repeatedly stated that to the audience. Heh called it like it is and told Berry, "I have to call bullshit!"

Heh told the crowd of around 400 plus people that he had proof to back his claim that crime was indeed up and at the end of the forum, Heh's staffers passed out a printout of the FBI stats from the FBI and stats from the UCR (Uniformed Crime Report) from APD.  This documentation clearly showed CRIME IS UP!

Heh also asked the crowd to vote for the best person for the job and avoid the prejudices of voting for a person based on party affiliation.

Heh stated after the forum, "I am not afraid to call it like it is. I represent change and reform; my plan will fix the problems that are ruining Albuquerque."  

Here is where it gets interesting. Channel 13 News reported (READ IT HERE) Heh used an "explicative" which was their "big story." What is funny, 13 News also reported that according to the FBI stats Heh was 100% correct; crime is up BUT if you take into account population growth; crime is actually down.  That rubbish has to of come directly from Berry. According to Berry's statement, crime was down based on the FBI stats. Was Berry lying when he said that or is he lying now that the spin has been placed on the story after Berry was caught lying?

Population growth? Here is a story from Channel 4 News (CLICK HERE). the story start sout by stating, "Not only does Albuquerque lead the nation in losing jobs, it's also one of the leaders when it comes to losing people, as in people moving away. It's a double whammy haunting the state's deeply troubled economy."  Now, how is it that Berry and Channel 13 News used "population growth" to legitimize Berry's claim?  And if population growth was a legitimate factor, the FBI would have placed that adjustment into the final numbers to reflect the true crime rate.

Now we have a mayor who is a liar and the media backing his lies.  Below is a media release from Heh on this issue and a graph from the FBI stats.

The last picture on this post says it all.
You may click on either document to have a full screen view.

Aug 26, 2013

Berry is...

Let’s describe Berry…

BERRY (fill in the blank) _______________....

is a liar

has not created any new jobs

has lost jobs

lacks vision

lacks ambition

is unethical

Your turn to fill in the blank space…

Aug 24, 2013

For those Who Wish to RIGHT the WRONG

Please see the attached below. Please print the form below and have as many registered voters in Bernalillo County sign it! After you have gathered all of the signatures please send copies of it to the NM Attorney General at:
New Mexico Attorney General
111 Lomas NW, Ste 300
Albuquerque, NM 87102

If you want the corruption to stop; this is a great start!

Up-Date on Mary Han's Case

Several of our Eyes have asked that we up-date our map of people involved in Han's case.  If you have any additional information and wish to remain anonymous you may do so by calling one of the numbers below.


(505) 222-9000
Fax: (505) 222-9006Santa Fe:Phone: (505) 827-6000
Fax: (505) 827-5826

One of our Eyes sent us this petition. You may click on either image to enlarge it.

Aug 23, 2013

Mary Han Part III: Shades of White

"Darren White has long fought against shady deals, corruption, and ethics violations throughout his career – from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. Darren White will shake up the political bosses, shady lobbyists, and the traditional power-brokers in Washington, D.C., and promises to govern in an open and transparent manner."
Displayed herein is a chart showing all the connections between many of the high level players at Ms. Han's death. The thicker lines represent thicker relationships. As you can see, Kennedy and White have the most connections and the thickest connections.
The above statement came from Darren White and his campaign on October 15, 2008, prior to being beaten by then city councilor, and now U.S. Senator, Martin Heinrich. White made the remarks as then state senator pro-tem Manny Aragon plead guilty to charges of conspiracy and mail fraud in a public corruption case which brought down the once mighty politico.
Two years later, White himself would be in the center of orchestrating the greatest and most macabre police cover-up in APD's history. In it White would be promoting the desecration of a crime scene, tampering with evidence, lewd acts of voyeurism, grand theft, obstruction of justice, conspiracy, and the cover-up of the murder of one of Albuquerque's most high profile and successful civil rights attorneys.
The call to APD Dispatch came in at 12:35 on November 18, 2010, and in it Ms. Han's former partner and rejected state supreme court justice Paul Kennedy reported an "accidental suicide." Kennedy stated to the dispatcher that he had gone by to check on her because she had not gone in to work that day. Instead of the silver Mercedes convertible Kennedy is known to drive, he arrived at the scene in a black Range Rover. But 911 is not the only call Kennedy made.
As the city's Public Safety Director, Darren White received a call, that his records indicate as being from an "Unknown Caller" moments later, White made a flurry of calls to City Attorney Rob Perry, to his own PIO TJ Wilham, to APD Deputy Chief Allen Banks, and to APD Chief Ray Schultz. From there those persons called other familiar names in Albuquerque's current affairs including then APOA President Joey Sigala, APD Deputy Chief Paul Feist, Assistant City Lawyer Kathy Levy, APD PIO Trish Hoffman and other unidentified persons including an APD detective.
As this mob of scoundrels descended upon Ms. Han's residence, the first responders were rapidly displaced by a never ending parade of stars and suits. DCOP Allen Banks and DCOP Feist went into the house and removed all first responders. Their actions, and the actions of others, remain inexplicable to this day. In the course of their actions triggered by White's flurry of phone calls, a crime scene was destroyed by people who had taught and overseen crime scene training and instruction. A scene was invaded by onlookers that seem to show a flurry of data transfers (that we are sure can be pinged to the cell towers near Candelaria/Rio Grande) which can only mean images were sent away. When those images and/or phones were "replaced" evidence of the scene was also tampered with and destroyed by the very people who provide instruction and oversight to thousands of city employees. And then there are the diamond rings.

Were they too tempting of a trophy for the offenders?

Or were they articles of nostalgia for one boxed into a corner by years of nefarious actions, unrequited love and bold rejection?
Displayed herein is a chart showing all the connections between many of the high level players at Ms. Han's death. The thicker lines represent thicker relationships. As you can see, Kennedy and White have the most connections and the thickest connections.

Help us fill in the blanks.....

Aug 22, 2013

Acts of Desperation or just plain Stupidity?

This is not a long or belabored story.  Berry's number "two guy," Rob Perry released a video in an effort to try and taint Pete Dinelli. Meanwhile  the APOA Vice-President has been busy trying to help Berry too.

Politics is politics but the video released by Rob Perry was under a federal court seal order.  Perry being a good liar; we mean lawyer, and having an in-depth knowledge about the law and court orders decided to defy the courts order. Now two questions remain concerning Perry.

1)  Why is the city's CAO, Rob Perry, violating a federal court order by releasing a video that was supposed to be sealed?

2)  Why is the city's CAO releasing a video that current interim Chief Banks knew about and failed to act on (doesn't this make Banks look bad again?)? 

Click on the Picture to watch the video by Albuquerque Journal:
Another pawn is Shawn Willoughby who is the Vice-President of the APOA.  Willoughby has told several of our Eyes that he has been in contact with Berry's people.
 On a side note: Berry did not fare well in last night forum at the Sheraton Up-Town.  Berry was flustered and  made a desperate appeal to the crowd. Berry asked for the crowds support and vote for his family to continue being mayor...Yeah, we thought it was a oddball statement too...
But then again, when your desperate; some will say anything.

Aug 21, 2013

Berry’s has imposed a “Death March” on Albuquerque

Last night in-front of a fairly large crowd of Tea Party folks, both Paul Heh and Pete Dinelli spoke.  This forum had invited ALL the mayoral candidates including Berry.  Guess who was not there and why he was not there?
It is interesting how Heh and Dinelli have attended over 100 different forums and community meetings and Berry never shows up but still wants your vote. Most recently, Berry has started his lying and negative ads campaign.  Berry states in his commercial, “…the economy is moving forward…” is that moving ‘forward’ like the “Death March?” Albuquerque lost more jobs last year than ANY OTHER PLACE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to the tune of 3,900 lost jobs.  Even with Berry’s “Paseo Welfare Plan” he claims will create 2,500 jobs but that still leaves a minimum deficit of 1,400 jobs lost.  We call it Welfare because the Government is footing the vast majority of the bill.
In Berry’s commercial he shows some APD detective who worked for Pete Dinelli acting like fools. Here is the funny part of all this; guess who was the Chief of Police? Ray Schultz.  Guess who kept Ray Schultz as Chief? RJ Berry. Guess who was the Internal Affairs Lieutenant when this occurred? Allen Banks.  Guess who appointed Allen Banks as Interim Chief? Richard Berry.
Corruption breeds corruption. Berry is corrupt and he has and continues to appoint corrupt people like Schultz and Banks.  If we are going to look at facts; the facts clearly state Berry has been a terrible mayor and has ruined the city. Berry’s “At the speed of business” is synonymous with a “”Death March.”
If Berry was such an outstanding man and mayor how come his commercials do not showcase his accomplishments? It is because he has NONE! Why doesn’t Berry put on his big boy panties? Oh, that’s right; he left his big boy panties in his girlfriend’s suitcase. So Berry does the cheap political thing; he goes on the offensive and attacks his opposition. Someone needs to tell McCleskey and Little Missie they missed the mark on advising Berry.  People are TIRED of politicians. On a positive note; keep up the good work Berry showing your real colors, you are giving the none-politician Heh a bump up in the polls…
On a side note, we are being told that APOA Vice-President Shawn Willoughby has been actively in contact and cooperating with the Berry campaign and doing his best to support Berry against APD and APOA members. Does Benedict Arnold come to mind. He was a back-stabber and a traitor too...

Aug 20, 2013

The Real Reason for the Mass Exodus at APD (Re-Post)

Since loser Berry is busy lying (as usual) and trying to get the citizen's to buy into his lies; we decided to RE-POST one of our original story's: "The Real Reason for the Mass Exodus at APD."  This story originally was posted on November 30, 2012, almost a year ago and now that it's election time; Berry has all these ideas...Berry was forewarned over and over.
Berry is a politician and he will say and do ANYTHING to get re-elected. Berry wants a DROP? The voters need to DROP him!  Look at the facts and Vote for the best man for the job.  Here's a hint: IT IS NOT BERRY!
Below is a retirement letter from an  officer who is sick and tired of Schultz's distraction of the Albuquerque Police Department.  This letter spells it out truthfully.  The Eye On Albuquerque has been warning the Berry Administration and the citizens about this tyrant; now you have the opportunity to read it for yourself.  It appears this officer want you, the tax paying voting citizen to know the real truth of what is really going on in your police department.                                            
The lack of responsibility and leadership is clear.
 Schultz needs to be terminated and Berry voted out!

Aug 19, 2013

New Mexico's Attorney General's Report: Part 2

Berry's Boys start Digging their Own Grave

Whether a New Mexico Certified Peace Officer attended the state’s DPS or NMSP academies, or the Albuquerque Police Department's Academy, the instruction officers receive in handling and investigating a crime scene is fairly consistent across the board.

Under the Department of Public Safety Basic Peace Officer academy curriculum, Block 6 addresses “Principles of Criminal Investigation” and academies are required to devote at least 76 hours of instruction to cadets on the subject. Of this 76 hour block, 22 hours is devoted to the duties officers have as first responders to scenes and identifying, collecting, preserving, and processing evidence. Remember, these are duties...not options. They are expected and required. This is one of the reasons why officers are given higher credibility in court than citizens...they have sworn themselves to duties for citizens.

Several months ago and thanks to one of our Eyes, we were provided APD’s training material for crime scene investigation. This is the material we were told (and many of us remember) was used in the training of cadets and is consistent with APD’s internal Standard Operating Procedures. We’ve attached a couple of slides from the extensive PowerPoint which we have in its entirety (among other materials). While we are not going to summarize the lessons involved, we are going to highlight some of the basic PRELIMINARY rules of crime scene management.

We do this not to show how senior APD and city personnel violated Ms. Han’s crime scene, but to show that their actions were intentional. It simply is not possible for people who are entrusted in running the state’s largest city and police department to commit these actions and incactions by accident. They didn't forget about these procedures or their duty to follow them, they intentionally violated them.

The principals involved are very easy to follow, not complicated, and are consistent with common sense. But there are many of them, and it takes effort to violate virtually all of them in the ways that these perpetrators did on November 18, 2010 which because of their actions have led us to where we are today.

As new officers are instructed, “Objectives of Investigation” begins with Rule #1: Determine if a crime has been committed. This involves: a visual inspection, interview with victim and/or witnesses, and determine what crime has been committed. In the case of an unattended death, the presumption and best practice model is ALL unattended deaths are suspicious deaths and are treated as crime scenes.

Rule #2, Identify the Offender, requires officers to: search for their identity from interviews with victim and/or witnesses, or via evidence at the scene, and identify a motive.

Rule #3, Apprehension of the Offender, involves efforts to locate and take the offender in custody.

Rule #4, Gathering and Preserving Evidence, involves SECURING THE SCENE, request additional assistance, assess and search for evidence, and document the scene (photograph, sketch, etc.)

Officers are instructed that upon arrival, their duty is to PROTECT THE CRIME SCENE. There are two simple but very important reasons why crime scenes must be protected: 1) To prevent the destruction or removal of physical evidence and 2) To allow for accurate documentation of the scene and reconstruction of events at the scene.  Additionally, officers are required to remove unauthorized persons, determine the scene’s boundaries, identify evidence and make a safe path through the scene that will not disturb evidence, establish perimeters, and do no alter the scene.

This is basic academy training. And from there, cadets are instructed about this material for hours. And then they apply their learning in scenarios. Then the training is reinforced when they are paired up with training officers out on patrol. And finally they get to appreciate why this is all necessary in court because if there are deviations to this, evidence will get excluded and offenders get released….or not pursued.

Aug 18, 2013

New Mexico Attorney General's Report: Part 1

The release of an official findings report from the New Mexico Attorney General regarding the Albuquerque Police Department's response to the unattended death scene of successful civil rights attorney Mary Han once again brings the incident to the front page and lead story of local media.

And again APD makes national news of yet another failure so egregious, the department is known from coast to coast as one of the worst law enforcement agencies in the country.

Over the next few days we are going to scrutinize APD and the city's handling of this matter in thorough detail. As we have been routinely monitoring the initial incident, the department's response, the actions of high profile public and private persons, and more, we at the Eye are confident in saying this sad affair not only challenges the very legitimacy of APD, but many of the city and state's current leaders. Our Eyes have kept us updated since the date of the original incident and we have indeed made some all but certain and definitely relevant connections which occurred prior to November 18, 2010.

We start at the end however. Today we look at the city's (and defendant) and Bank's response to the AG's letter.

The New Mexico Attorney General functions as the state's chief legal officer and legal counsel to state government, consumer advocate, and guardian of the public's general interest. It has civil investigative divisions as well as criminal divisions and has jurisdiction state wide. It is staffed with attorneys and certified law enforcement officers. Regularly the NMAG is asked to review incidents or conduct its own investigations into high profile matters that are beyond the scope of the local agency or appear to need an objective review.
These review are commonly known as opinion and advisory letters. Citizens, towns, cities, counties and the state use these opinion letters to guide actions. Think of them as robust legal analysis that give one an almost certain idea of where an issues stands. From campaign reporting laws to issues affecting law enforcement, NMAG opinions are significant legal products. Go here if you would like to see the archive of them:
This past Friday, the NMAG issued its objective and independent review of APD's handling of Ms. Han's death scene and the report confirmed much of what is already known: That APD deviated from standard law enforcement protocols, state SOPs, and internal SOPs that its actions were simply disgraceful. In fact the actions of APD and city leadership were described as “inappropriate,” “terribly mishandled,” “inexplicable,” and “fundamental police procedures for suspicious deaths were inexplicably not followed.”

What does this mean? It means that nothing that APD claims to be true at the scene, can be considered true.
When confronted with these findings, APD and the city of Albuquerque's leaders confirmed the report by simply not challenging it. They do what all people guilty of acts do, they attack the accuser. But in this case, the accuser are the people of New Mexico.

Instead of addressing any of the findings at all in the AG's report, APD's interim chief, Allen Banks jumped on creating a comparison between the AG and the FBI. Banks remarked that the FBI "did receive all the information."
When asked about the NMAG inquiry, Banks added,

"the Attorney General has not reached out to us. If he has additional information, um or evidence, then yes, reach out to us we'd be more than happy to work with him. I stand behind the investigation of the Albuquerque Police Department. I also stand behind the investigation of the state office of the medical investigator. I'm kind of surprised and perplexed at the way the Attorney General sent out a news release and has not contacted the Albuquerque Police Department.”
We at the Eye find that answer bizarre. It sound like what many of our Eyes hear when they arrest an offender and that offender cries that the arrest is bad because some other offender got away with the same incident on another occasion. It doesn't even make sense. Perhaps Banks didn't understand that the FBI was working in conjunction with the NMAG?

Following up those statements came this response from the office of David Tourek, the city attorney for Albuquerque:

"Mary Han's death was investigated by the independent, professional and non-political state Office of the Medical Investigator, which was on scene and reached its own conclusion based on scientific findings. Our understanding is that the FBI was asked to review this case and found no evidence to support additional investigation.”
This of course was in follow up to a statement by city lawyer, Kathy Levy on 11/9/12:

"We've reviewed the lawsuit and it does not state a cause of action under the New Mexico Tort Claim Act. The complaint is factually inaccurate. We are confident the court will dismiss the complaint."
While we appreciate the science that technicians in the OMI are expected to use, by now we've all heard the disgusting biased sexist comments offered by the forensic pathologist who examined Ms. Han. Dr. Reichard may have forgotten about New Mexico, but we have not forgot about him...
Feel free to drop him a line:
In essence, Banks and the city have conceded to the higher authority of the NMAG. And they are attempting to distract us all by attacking the messenger. Which of course not only will backfire, but will make things much worse for them.

Won't they CheetOh?


Aug 16, 2013

Here is Proof why the Berry Administration needs to be Voted OUT!

The AG's Office released this memo today. This clearly opens the flood-gates for the lawsuits against APD top command staff; former COP Ray Schultz (who resigned in disgrace), Interim COP Banks (the person taking picture of the deceased), Tj Wilham (eating burritos), the nefarious Darren White (who also resigned in disgrace) and a horde of others.  Why would all of these idiots tramped through a crime scene? Why did they commit the acts they did at this CRIME SCENE? Didn't any of these cretins learn anything in "Cop 101?"

There is none lower when it comes to disrespecting the dead; not even being a pedophile. The smug arrogance of these members of Berry's Administration is repulsive.

Here comes another ten-million dollar case...

Aug 15, 2013

Berry caught Red-Handed with his Hand in the Cookie Jar;Some would call this Thievery


August 15, 2013
TO:                 All Media Outlets

Contact:           Paul Heh   (505) 459-5545
Berry Syphon's 45 Million Dollars from APD and creates a Financial Crisis
Before Berry took office in late 2009, there were about 950 sworn officers and detectives in APD. This 950 does not include personnel of the rank of sergeant or higher but only those whose primary duties are to respond and investigate crimes and maintain public safety.
Upon taking office, Berry essentially froze or reduced the hourly wages of those officers to where they are now which is $25.18/hour. With 950 officers making $25.18/hour the base personnel budget out of APD’s operating costs would be (and was projected to be) around $50 Million. This does not include overtime expenses. However since Berry took office, the population count of these officers has fallen to about 750 which is where it stands today. Therefore, the base personnel budget for this actual number of officers is about $40 Million. So over three years, by the departure of almost 200 officers and detectives, Berry’s city budget has not had to spend close to $30 Million in APD personnel costs as the actual costs fell below the amounts budgeted because of manning level shortfalls.
On July 1, 2010, by contract with the city these officers were supposed to get raises to $28/hour.  This would’ve meant an increase of $5.6 Million/year in personnel costs for those 950 officers as their wages jumped by 11.20%. However, as we know Berry breached that contract despite there being tens of millions of dollars available for discretionary expenses that Berry preferred over contractual obligations. Because Berry did not honor this increase in pay, he again departed from budget forecasts and did not have to spend approximately $16.8 Million over the last three years for this pay increase.
Because of Berry’s policies, he has diverted over $45 Million away from the police department. But in doing so he has created a personnel crisis. This has not been an accident, this has been by design and these numbers prove it.
APD is understaffed and has all but lost its most seasoned and experienced officers. APD’s recruiting effort is hampered by DOJ’s ongoing scrutiny and investigation into the department and its lack of competitiveness with other departments. And by the officer’s own assertion, morale cannot get any lower.
However APD’s budget has continued to grow to where it is today: $153 Million. So even with actual personnel costs plummeting because of a 25% reduction in staffing, the department is rife with expensive boutique projects that look great, but accomplish little –especially when you are the person trying to get an officer to respond to an ongoing crime.
Berry’s actions like this are not limited to APD, but include all departments staffed by employees working under collective bargaining agreements. From Fire to Solid Waste, Berry has diverted funds from the very employees that make this city great to outside interests wanting the city’s business. Ironically, while RJ Berry promotes his management of the city as being thrifty and consistent with conservative values, he’s been anything but. The funds I describe here have not been “saved,” they’ve been spent elsewhere and a majority being used to pay outside vendors. That’s where all this money has gone. Under RJ Berry APD, for instance, costs 5.5% more to operate now, than it did under Martin Chavez’s last year but with 25% fewer officers.
--Paul Heh


Aug 14, 2013

All the indicators say it is time for Positive Change

A friend of the Eye's sent us this post. Please read it and take the meaning out of it.  This man's words are profound and true.

It is time to swing the mop and clean up our community.  We need to start at the top and work our way down. We as a community need to unite as one and vote Berry out of Albuquerque! Paul Heh has the best road map and plan to get our city out of the mess Berry has created and to change and restore Albuquerque back to its' greatness.

14 Year Old Girl Dead; who’s at Fault?

A 14 year old girl died following at a “Foam Party” that was allowed to be hosted at Expo New Mexico.  Who is at fault? The youth from Santa-Fe, New Mexico, looking for fun? Incompetent managers at Expo New Mexico? The security guard who was supposed to be checking ID’s? It is a combination but the real culprit(s) remains silent. Someone has blood on their hands; the question is who?

This horrible event starts out by Expo New Mexico booking the “Foam Party.”  Most people in the known refer to these parties as “Raves.”  They play loud music, flash lights while young kids partake in the use of drugs like “X” or “K.”  These drugs are more commonly referred to as ecstasy and such.  The kids jump and dance till their hearts races out of control and their body are overheating.  The event sponsors then sell bottles of water for $5.00 each to the kids who are ready to faint from heat exhaustion.  Don’t forget all the drug dealers present selling their poison to the children.
What makes this case worse, some idiot allowed booze in additional to the entire drug scene. Going by Expo New Mexico stated rule which allows people 16 years of age and older to attend the question must be asked.  Who allows a child who is 16 years old to attend an event like this with people over 21 years old who are drinking.  This had tragedy written all over it from the start! Now let’s talk about the players who are really responsible for this child’s death. Was this death due to negligence and/or incompetence?

According to Mr. Hennington who is the Media Director for Expo New Mexico, since this 14 year old passed away they may not have this type of event again where they mix teenagers with drinking adults.  Really?  Ya think? This is the same Mr. Hennington who use to own "Frantic Romantoc."

Expo New Mexico which is managed by Dan Mourning who is good friends with the nefarious Darren White who manages the Downs Racino and New Mexico’s Pro tem Governor, Jay McCleskey.  The same names keep coming up over and over every time there is a problem or a tragedy.  Mouring managed a small restaurant prior to running the “largest show in New Mexico.”
The nefarious Darren White took to tweeter and made a claim that the girl was on “X.”  Shortly after White posted his garbage, he quickly removed his post.  We would like to see White’s certificate which proves he has more knowledge than the OMI or a doctor. Or how did White come across this information? Was he there with these underage children? Did he use his position to gain this information like he did to remove his wife from a DUI crash before he was booted from the City of Albuquerque in disgrace?
Whoever’s name appears as approving this event is liable which by proxy makes the State of New Mexico liable.  This family will sue and get a huge settlement; but this does not bring their daughter back. Don’t worry; no one is going to lose their job. The Governor will not fire anyone or do anything. Besides all these people involved are political flunkies of the Governor and are fully protected.
This was completely avoidable and was all a result of incompetent decision making by several people in power.
Now someone has the blood of a 14 year old child on their hands…We hope the few dollars made was worth this child’s life.

Aug 13, 2013

What's $9.47/per Hour Worth?

For 2012, the Albuquerque Police Department's operating budget was approximately  $154,000,000. Across the street at the Albuquerque Fire Department, they made due with a budget of about $70,000,000. Now we're not saying either department is comparable at all to the other in terms of costs. In fact it makes little sense at all to compare either department except together AFD and APD represent virtually the entire public safety line item on Albuquerque's expense budget.

Together, the two departments cost about $224,000,000.
APD however is finding it impossible to retain their finest and most experienced officers, and incoming applicants have all but dried up. Despite what the city's mayor says, our Eyes tell us that there are 853 sworn officers left in the department. Which is down almost 25% from four years ago.  Even with cadet pay of $19/hr, and patrolman pay of over $25/hr, and hiring bonus of $5,000, APD is hard pressed to populate a full academy class.

However, AFD is not having that issue. Their academy classes move forward as they train the city's bravest for endless rescue, fire, and haz-mat calls.

Astonishingly though, given that both departments combined constitute "public safety" and field personnel from both departments assume huge risks to their own safety when they put on their uniforms and go on duty; there is a huge disparity in the pay offered to department personnel.

Where APD cadets earn $19.00/hour, AFD cadets make a mere $9.18/hour. And once the AFD cadets graduate from their academy, they get a whopping 39-cent raise to $9.47/hour. Finally, once AFD personnel complete probationary period they are bumped up to $15.60/hour. In essence they are always at least $10.00 below what their counterparts in the public safety make.
We at the Eye believe positions in public safety are a calling and you cannot induce anybody to become a firefighter or police officer merely by pay. It's a profession where duty comes first.
But it has to be sustainable and proportionate. We at the Eye openly wonder whether a first year salary for a firefighter of about $20,000.00 is sufficient given the cost of living in Albuquerque? For a family of three, $20,000.00 is 100% of the federal poverty level. That means this family is eligible for public assistance.
Yes, there will be the fringe conservatives out there like Berry who will say "they should be so lucky to have a job" but when it comes to service providers, do we really want our public safety personnel at or near federal poverty levels? What does this say about our mayor and city?

AFD brass promote that the department is fully staffed with 700 uniformed personnel (our Eyes say it is around 670). But given that AFD pay is significantly less than their public safety counterparts at APD, one has to wonder, where the balance of the budget is going. Our Eyes and news reports tell us of aging fleet vehicles, insufficient gear, inadequate gear, and reduced staffing. Unlike APD where they spend millions of dollars into boutique units and operations that result in no increase in safety, money invested in AFD saves lives and reduces damage to property.
And yes, we here at the Eye know that AFD is based on a 56 hour work week. Notwithstanding, there still remain a substantial disparity in pay which totals over $500.00 per month. One has to wonder, how much more blood will AFD's chief Breen draw out of his firefighters at $15.60/hour....

Aug 12, 2013

Redlining Rescue Away

While much of the attention of Albuquerque's current mayor, RJ Berry has focused on his endless shortcomings and failures with the economy, APD, his extracurricular activities, and his absence of any public debate, it's time to turn our attention to the other half of the city's public safety: the Albuquerque Fire Department.
And by that we do not mean the hard working efforts of all our firefighter friends out on the street and in the stations across town. Unlike AFD Chief Breen who seems to think that as long as he tells his boss, Rob Perry that all is fine and so what if a few firefighters can barely make ends meet, that everything is fine in AFD and the citizens they serve. Let us be clear, we fully support the men and women of AFD who are assigned to ladder, pumper, hazmat, and rescue crews. But it seems when it comes to rescue crews, some areas of the city get abandoned by Breen's operations. You see, our Eye's have been busy telling us, and we have confirmed, that there are some glaring holes in the rescue coverage provided by AFD's rescue services.

Rescue crews are highly trained medical personnel that respond to persons in need of immediate medical attention and who require immediate transport to the hospital. They are the folks who respond to victims from anything to heart attacks to gunshots to overdoses and "scoop and run" the patient to the hospital while performing emergency life saving triage.

And while one could say these holes in the service areas are mere oversight by Breen, we know that nothing in the operations of the Berry/Perry administration are by accident.

They are by design.
You see, if you drive south on University from Gibson SE, you enter a very isolated and self contained neighborhood known as the Kirtland Addition--or "The Kirk" as many locals refer to it. This neighborhood is recognized as having one of the highest concentration of African-Americans in the state. It is also a very poor community, plagued with significant amounts of drug activity and violence. It's an area where even APD officers of the Southeast Area Command do not go alone, and rarely stage tac-plan operations. In many ways, and sadly, it has been abandoned by Perry, Berry, and Breen.
And right across the street, just north of Gibson, AFD installed a new station almost complete with a tanker and ladder truck. But you guessed it, there is no rescue unit assigned to a neighborhood that sees more overdoses than almost anywhere else in the city.

If you look at the map, all the dots in blue are AFD stations that have Rescue Units. The dots in red are stations that don't. If you notice, stations without Rescue Units run almost up the center of the city and correspond with predominately minority populated areas.
Not having a Rescue Unit in your area means an increase of at least 10 minutes to respond to a medical emergency. This means while your loved one who is dying from a heart attack, gun shot, vehicle collision, stroke, seizure, or your baby has choked on a grape will have to wait even longer for a Rescue Unit.

With the station on Gibson is so new, it's hardly a coincidence that Breen failed to assign a Rescue Unit to it. And as you travel north up the Valley, you'll see that there are two other stations without Rescue Units as well. The one at Coronado Park, near 4th NW/I-40 and the one on Rio Grande NW/Candelaria.
We have to ask, was "The Kirk" left without coverage of a Rescue Unit accidental or by design? Because if you look up through the rest of the city, it is clearly well covered with Rescue Units....
Thanks to Berry, Perry and Breen, one's survival in the areas not covered by Rescue Units have been highly impaired. And as one of our Eyes told us, "...that extra 8-10 minutes means a 50% reduced chance of survival in an emergency."
This week the Eye On Albuquerque will discuss the blunder and clear disparity in how the city treats APD compared to AFD. Is it political gain Berry is seeking? Is it Berry's "speed of business philosophy?" We already know APD is in ruins and we know the administration must be replaced but what about Breen and his inept ability to lead? Is Breen to busy kissing Berry's...Uh, ring to do the job of the fire chief? Why can't AFD recruit cadets? Why are some cadet on "State Welfare?" All this will be address...

Aug 11, 2013

Does Berry keep ANY of his promises?

The West Central Community Development Group sponsored a Route 66 Car show on Saturday, August 10, 2013.  The event was held from 9 A.M. till 2 P.M. Your Mayor Berry reserved a space and promised he would attend all the festivities for the car show.

Well, several times during the show local school board member and veteran comedian and Breaking Bad TV star, Steve Michael Quezada, called for Mayor Berry. this was in vain, Berry was not present.  Berry was not present as promised.  There were several public announcements and raffles for the children; where was Berry, not where he promised to be...

Not to worry, the Mayor did make an "appearance" 15 minutes before the show ended.  Mr. Quezada' did go back up on stage while a city employee ushered Berry to the stage out of his truck that he parked illegally. Mr. Quezada was polite and introduce Berry and turned the microphone over to the "no show" mayor.

Berry says one thing and does what even in the hell he feels like and still expects your vote.  You're saying what proof do you have, well, read below and view the pictures.  They say a picture is worth a thousands words.

NOTE: Berry made it a point while walking up to the stage to stop and talk to a handicapped child who is confined to a wheelchair. Yet, that child and his parents parked over a half-a-block away; but not Berry... What a slap in every citizen's face...
Maybe we are all wrong. Maybe Berry thought he was actually at the FOURHILLS COUNTRY CLUB where he can do what ever in the hell he wants...

Or maybe Berry doesn't really care about the community; just getting re-elected to support him friend in private business...

Aug 10, 2013

The Sigala Affair gets Complicated....

In April of 2012, we reported how because of excessive spending by then APOA President Joey Sigala, the New Mexico State Police had opened up an investigation into his conduct. President Sigala and Vice President Felip Garcia (now sergeant TJ Wilham's unit the Real Time Crime Center) promptly resigned. In the weeks following Sigala was arrested for a domestic violence incident but because his wife refused to testify the case was dismissed this past December.
It now seems things have caught up to Mr. Sigala. While the investigation by the NMSP continues, they have confirmed Sigala is the target of criminal charges (Here:
We at the Eye have been reporting what our Eyes have been telling us for years since recently fired APOA employee Ron Olivas was the APOA president that from him through at least Sigala and possibly Weber, that the APOA President and Vice President looked upon union funds as their own personal expense account and their positions full of additional benefits where they could work extra time however and whenever they saw fit to.
But as with all financial crimes, the hard questions are now going to come forward. Who else knew about Sigala and Garcia's activities? Why did they not step forward and do the ethical thing? And if there are persons who should've known, why are they still in positions of trust within the APOA? For instance, current Treasurer Matt Fischer co-signed checks for work claimed to have been done by Sigala. Does Fischer not have a duty to safeguard the membership's funds even when confronted by Sigala? And what of Weber, during the course of the audit, was similar activity not found out concerning Olivas and didn't Weber have a duty to do what is right? And what of then and current Vice President Shawn Willoughby?
And regarding Garcia and Schultz, did they not benefit as well? How many times did Sigala bring his tag along Garcia on double dipping activities? And how many times was Schultz in a position to know that Sigala was falsely claiming work time while they shared "meetings" together over meals...

While only the members and executive board of the APOA can answer these questions voluntarily, we know that given the scale of charges facing Sigala, it is not a questions of IF he will roll on cohorts, but WHEN. Surely, Sigala is not going to take the hit for everybody.

We told the members over a year ago that an opportunity was going to present itself where they could step up and do what's right for all the members, or they could remain silent and protect the few. It is now apparent the less noble option has been taken.  We hope that current APOA President Stephanie Lopez is informed enough of the legacy of corruption and mistrust she has inherited and wise enough to know that covering up the crimes of others is just as bad as committing them...


Aug 9, 2013

Hell Hath No Fury....

What to do when you have a minor crisis on your hand? Create a larger crisis to conceal it; is a deft technique used since politics became the blood sport it is. Our Eyes are telling us that is exactly what happened in Friday morning's evacuation of City Hall.

Earlier on Friday, a petite dark haired woman is seen leaving a suitcase (not a box or a bag) on the receptionist's desk of Albuquerque mayor R.J. Berry's office. Instead of treating the bag as just that, the Mayor's office reportedly exploded into fear and treated the suitcase as a "suspicious device." The mayor's office even discounted the evacuation as something that political leaders have to deal with all the time.
After trying to distract all that it was a "briefcase" it's clear that it is a piece of carry-on size luggage. But what is truly stunning is what was inside of the luggage. Our Eyes tell us inside the empty luggage was a note with "you'll get what's coming to you" written on it.
Our Eyes have been telling us for months that Berry seems to have other extracurricular activities besides being the hideaway mayor. It seems this woman and her actions are fallout of those....activities. This would also explain Berry's near total silence about his FORMER police chief's comment and acceptance of sexual philandering in APD as merely "nature at play..." 

It seems, much of the fallout that is occurring in the collapse of City Hall, is none other than "Nature at play" and frequently in comes in the form of a woman scorned....

Aug 8, 2013

City Leaders prefer to blow your Tax Dollars: Berry MIA, as usual

The leaders of Albuquerque seem to be living in upside-down-land. Not only in how they spend our money, but in how they address challenges on the street…

Faced with spending about $10,000 compared to more than $500,000, the Albuquerque City Council openly revealed how they could care less about citizen tax dollars. A citizen initiated ordinance which would change the “viability” date of late term abortions from 24 weeks to 20 weeks, is prepared to go to the voters. But instead doing what they have the power to do and include the measure on October’s city ballot, city councilor’s are instead desiring to have a special election for the matter. At issue are to matters:

1) Can the city council approve an election resolution

2) Can city clerk Amy Bailey certify the 12,000 or so signatures of the approximately 28,000 turned into her by September?

Costs for a special election are anticipated to run between $500,000-700,000. But why spend $10,000 when you can spend over half-million?! Instead of moving forward with the necessary resolution and offering to supplement Amy Bailey’s staff to certify the necessary signatures by hiring people, the members of Albuquerque’s city council want to bilk tax payers for the cost of the special election. While they had no problem looking the other way on a “consulting fee” of $10,000/per month for recently departed chief of police Ray Schultz, city councilors can’t seem to assign a few people for $20/per hour to help count signatures. How many community centers could stay open a few extra hours each day if the council used that money for our kids?

But this kind of upside down thinking shouldn’t surprise us. Even though the current mayor, RJ Berry is supposed to be a “businessman” (we thought that meant making and saving money not wasting it…) under his administration, APD has shrunk and not grown. At latest report there are approximately 853 sworn officers. And his approach to dealing with crime in the city is also the inverse of what needs to be done. Instead of dealing with it, he hides from it then says it doesn’t exist.
Under Berry, gang violence has increased and now there are midday shootouts where recent gang violence spilled up to 70 bullets into the streets in gun fight last Sunday afternoon (Here: This didn’t happen in some remote section of the “International District” or some destitute area of the South Valley, but in the busy intersection of Menaul NW & 4th NW. But because of officer scarcity no dayshift officers responded to the call nor swingshift officers. Only an off-duty sergeant who was headed into work but whose shift wasn’t to start for another half hour.

When asked about this mess and the lack of officers, newly pressed APD Chief Allen Banks openly stated to City Councilor Ken Sanchez that APD’s Gang Unit has not been disbanded but merely “dispersed.” (By the way, even KRQE anticipated gang violence weeks ago: and we at the Eye called it months ago)

Like STD’s the legacy of disgraced former Public Safety Director Darren White continues to give. Just recently the city settled a high profile case where he encouraged aggressive action on citizens back in 2010. In the fabled “4th Street Mall” case, we got to see how litigation rich targets, also known as Leah Kelly and Jennifer Jara, pushed their badge around on citizens not violating any crime. (Here: And this is the second case in this incident that the city settled with the total tab running to about $100,000. The conduct of officer in this incident is really beyond comprehension. We’ll let you see this for yourself: hey, when Public Safety Director Darren White says the gloves are off, he means it!

This is the same Leah Kelly who would be involved in a shooting a few months later which has yet to fully litigated. Will the city settle this one also or will they take it to court and risk another $10 Million? Given that the target of the shooting was found to have not committed any crimes and Kelly has, well, an endless discipline and complaint history we expect there to be a lot of fireworks in this mess. We'd like to see the lawyers involved in this matter grill White as to what personal liability does he have Kelly's actions against her victim/target. By failing to discipline Kelly and Jara for their behavior on the 4th Street Mall did he encourage and incite such aggressive behavior? If not for White's inaction to appropriately discipline Kelly and Jara did they not feel they were untouchable and fully empowered to go on their own shooting rampage?

The point is folks, just when we thought things couldn’t get worse, well they are. Then there is the matter of some discriminatory practices involving what is known as “The Kirk” (a predominately black neighborhood) that we at the Eye have uncovered.  We’ll leave that for next week though….