The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 30, 2013

TV Debates....

Over the last three televised mayoral debates, we've heard some strange stories and outrageous fiction come out of incumbent Berry's mouth.

"I'm proud to have served with Ray Schultz"
"We're moving in the right direction"
"Our crime rate is down and the lowest of the last 20 years"
"The other candidates don't believe in Albuquerque"

"The Affordable Healthcare Act is not a mayoral concern"
"Mr. Dinelli's plan is a hanger at the airport"
"I'm proud of my officers"
"I ask you give Maria and I another term as mayor of Albuquerque"
"I have not received contributions from corporations or individuals doing business with the city"
"We've added over 7,200 jobs in the last twelve months"
"Unemployment is below 8 percent"
As the pictures herein reveal, there is little about RJ Berry that is real or authentic. Just like his assertions. Proud to have served with the person who single handily brought DOJ in, the largest black eye to smear our city.
The direction of our city is down. Berry loves to draw verbiage from Moody's but even their report puts us at 298th in job growth, below Nome, Alaska.

Berry loves to quote how auto thefts are down but omits the increases in property crime, violent crime, homicide, rape, theft, and burglaries. He won't even answer simple questions about his position or abortion or ObamaCare. His officers are suing him for breach of contract and workplace condition violation. His senior officers are suing him in a class action discrimination lawsuit. He thinks not of the citizens, but only of him and his wife (note to spouse, NM is a community property state, if he loses and you kick him out the door, he gets half....).

His silly fact checks are written by an out of town adoptee who is a staunch but failed Romney supporter who, can't make this up, uses the Albuquerque Journal as her reference source. In the last twelve months the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics shows we've actually lost jobs with a total of 373,682 in October 2012, and 369,855 for July 2013--net loss of 3,827 jobs.

In terms of his contributions, Berry has received blood money from persons named and unnamed in the murder or prominent civil right lawyer Mary Han as the image shows. And lets not forget the thousands of dollars donated to Berry by Deborah Peacock--Nate Korn's wife and co-owner of city vendor Kaufman's West.
And lastly, as reported the true rate of unemployment in the city of Albuquerque is just above 14%.
But don't take our words for it. Feel free to consider these statements as they are offered by a candidate sweating bullets in a mere debate. One who had so much make up caked on his face he started gagging from its fumes. A candidate who, our Eyes tell us, goes to forums with an armed police escort. A candidate, who with close to $800,000 in contributions, apparently needs to raise more out of fear that maybe, just maybe, his 60+% rate is actually not genuine.
Folks, watch the debates and measure the candidates for yourself. If assertions are made that can't be backed up with facts or hard data, is this really somebody we want running our city? 

Remember, Enron was presented as being solid to its shareholders, all while top executives were pulling the ripcord on their platinum parachutes....

Sep 29, 2013

Breaking Bad Berry 2; Welcome to Albuquerque

Berry continues to wreck Albuquerque.  Read what a native of Albuquerque who is also a writer for the Time's says about the disaster Berry has created:


ALBUQUERQUE, NM — After the debate, RJ Berry and his out of town spin team threw out and published claims in response to his loss during this morning's KOB debate. The stunning "Berry Facts" (lies) include:

Here are the facts:

CLAIM: Crime is up in Albuquerque.
BERRY's "FACT": During Mayor Berry’s time in office, APD cracked down on property crimes and double the number of property crime arrests. Last year our city had 650 less auto thefts than the year before he took office. Furthermore, Albuquerque has seen the lowest FBI crime rates in the past 20 years. While violent crime has gone up all across the country, it has gone down in Albuquerque.

THE TRUTH: The FBI's own crime rate has been climbing since Berry took office. The FBI's own crime data shows that: Violent Crime is up 1.69%, Murder is up 7.89%, Robbery is up 9.42%, Property Crime is up 6.23%, Burglary is up 4.72%, Theft is up 11.93%. And while true, auto theft and arson are both down, this is a reflection of a decrease in the reports taken, not actual incidents. Remember, these numbers are based on actual reports taken. in fact, Berry's answer confirms the claim, if there were twice the number of property crime arrests, then there obviously an increase in property crime offenses.

CLAIM: Response times are down.
BERRY'S "FACT": According to city data, response times have actually decreased for Priority One calls that involve threats to life, shootings, stabbings, armed robberies and car jackings.

THE TRUTH: Temporary Chief Allen Banks openly confirmed that response times are up because of city policy. They have also increased out of design to help "cool officers down" as they respond to P1 calls. 

CLAIM: Pete Dinelli says he had nothing to do with a civil rights lawsuit that cost the city $1.7 million.
BERRY'S "FACT": The Safe City Strike Force, which Pete Dinelli oversaw, was so out of control that it cost the city a $1.7 million civil rights lawsuit.

THE TRUTH: Just this year alone, under the Berry administration the city lost a civil rights lawsuit and was order to pay over $10 Million due to the unlawful shooting of Ken Ellis, III. Over $55 Million has been paid by the Berry Administration because of APD misconduct cases and more are coming not to mention breach of contract suits with the city's very own employees.

CLAIM: Our Middle-Class is hurting.

BERRY'S "FACT": Pete Dinelli hurt the Middle-Class while he served on the City Council when he voted to raise taxes on food, gas and prescription drugs.

THE TRUTH: The middle class is shrinking while the working poor have grown in numbers and the wealthiest 5% have more. From his Holy Cross educated out of state campaign manger to the hiring of an out of state temp service to find an out of state chief, Berry sends precious domestic money out of state to out of state interests. His very own actions both personally and publicly are not consistent with his statements of being a good steward of our economy.

CLAIM: Mayor Berry used Sanctuary City as a wedge issue.

BERRY'S 'FACT': 84% of Albuquerque residents supported Berry's position on Sanctuary City, according to the Albuquerque Journal poll.

THE TRUTH: Berry's own position confirms it. He used the Sanctuary City and the mobile billboard as a device to "scare" people into thinking illegal aliens were overtaking out city. To this day, ICE rarely is even at the PTC.

CLAIM: APD is in a complete meltdown.

BERRY'S "FACT": Mayor Berry has enacted tough reforms during his time in office, helping turn around the department that Pete Dinelli oversaw. During Pete Dinelli's time in charge of the Albuquerque Police Department, he cost the city $1.7 million in a civil rights lawsuit.

THE TRUTH: APD is at staffing levels as low as they were almost two decades ago in the 1990's, is being investigated by the DOJ, has seen it's most experienced officers leave as soon as they can or resign and take positions elsewhere, morale is at rock bottom, and he is being sued by the very officers he "supports." With regards to lawsuits, again, $55 Million dollars and growing....

CLAIM: Mayor Berry will not enforce the minimum wage.
BERRY'S "FACT": KOB, the station that hosted today's debate, found the claim to be so outrageous that it called the attack "a pretty far stretch from reality."

THE TRUTH: Berry continues to evade answering hard questions. As a city ordinance, Berry has a duty and obligation to enforce it when a citizen is harmed by it.



Today at 10:00 A.M., there will be live debate between the three mayoral candidates on KOB TV Channel 4.

Sep 27, 2013


The following was forwarded by one of our Eyes:
"Eye, thank you for your recent publication of the press release by Paul Heh. Now i understand what I saw a few weeks ago.  Attached is a picture that I took at the end of August when I saw Ray Schultz get into a shouting match with who I think was one of Paul Heh's campaign workers. Now it all makes sense.
I was leaving summerfest on the westside when I saw who I thought was Ray Schultz. He was with a woman who seemed to be in her late 30's or early 40's. Black hair, maybe some hilites and a child who was maybe about 8 years old. I saw them get in the car that was definately an unmarked APD car. As it pulled out it suddenly stopped and I saw Schultz get out of the car and start yelling at somebody. He was saying "What, you wanna picture? Why do you want a picture?" really loudly almost yelling at a petite woman who was holding Paul Heh campaign signs and walking towards her. Then I heard somebody yell "because we like you Ray" and I looked over and it was Paul Heh.  Schultz turned red in face and turned around got in his car and drove off. I was able to take this one picture as he was driving away and you can see the orange cone he is about to run over and actually does.

Anyways, since there had been all this press about Schulrz retiring, I couldn't understand why he was still in a police car. But after reading Paul Heh's press release it makes sense. He really hasn't left. Feel free to post this email but please don't reveal my email address, I don't want Schultz or Berry's people coming after me. But I think this should get out and people should know that Schultz is definately still around."

Sep 25, 2013

Here is more Proof that Berry is a Liar

During Sunday's debate Heh told Berry that Schultz was still a city employee and was only on vacation.  Berry stated that Schultz was NO LONGER a city employee...Well, Berry lied AGAIN and here is solid proof... Who is going to Vote for a big liar like Berry?

September 25, 2013
TO:                 All Media Outlets

Contact:           Paul Heh   (505) 459-5545
Schultz Not Retired
ALBUQUERQUE—During last weekend’s KOAT-7/Albuquerque Journal mayoral debate, much of the time was spent talking about public safety and the economy. During one heated exchange between incumbent RJ Berry and candidate Paul Heh, Mr. Heh asserted that former APD Chief Ray Schultz had not retired from the city.
Over the last few months there have been numerous reports indicating Ray Schultz had not only retired from employment with the city, but received a $100,000 cash distribution from unused sick and vacation leave and was paid $10,000 for a month-long consulting contract. A few of those stories are:
Mr. Heh stated that “Ray Schultz has not retired and is still on the city’s payroll and I have the documents to prove it.” When asked about his statement, Mr. Heh added, “Ray Schultz not did not cash out like RJ says he has, and he isn’t even on any consulting contract. He’s just drawing his pay as if he’s on vacation. His paperwork says his retirement is effective January 1, 2014. And until then he still receives his city medical benefits and his monthly pay of about $10,000.”
When asked about the disparity between what incumbent Berry said, Mr. Heh offered, “It’s well past being spin, it’s outright lies. RJ knows Schultz is a liability but they don’t really want to let him go, so they’ve let him go on ‘vacation’ until after the election. There is not consulting contract, there is no retirement, and there is no cashout.” When asked what would motivate incumbent Berry to keep Schultz, Mr. Heh speculated, “I can only guess it’s something truly terrifying to RJ. I have no doubt Schultz will suddenly come back if Berry isn’t defeated. I’m sure he’ll be public safety director since it seems he isn’t really going to leave here even though he’s said he’s going to leave and I’m told his wife has already left.”
Attached to this statement is a copy of city employee Ray Schultz’s notification of retirement form which confirms the statements made by Mr. Heh.

Who Stands to Gain the Most if Berry is Re-elected? HINT: Not the Citizens

The Albuquerque Journal endorsed Rj Berry in this past Sunday's paper but they left out a few facts which we will bring to light below:

Give Berry the BOOT now not in 4 years to make city even better 

     When Richard Berry took the reins of Albuquerque almost four years ago, the city was not in a good place. It faced:
It was time for Marty Chavez to leave but the City under the Chavez administration was clean, prospering and crime was down every single year he was in office!  Things did not go to hell until Berry took over. 

   A $90 million budget shortfall.
The truth is; this budgets “shortfall” has been over Berry’s entire term which averages to approximately $20 million dollars a year and is mostly Berry’s fault.

   Unemployment that topped 8 percent.
As reported on KOB Channel 4 (read it HERE), the real unemployment rate is around 14.1% when you take into consideration those who have “given up” looking and those who are working part-time low paying jobs. 

   A capital budget that had been raided for 8 mills — tens of millions of dollars a year — to cover operations, salaries and raises.
The Journal wants to talk about raids; Berry has raided the entire City budget to the tune of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that he and his Republican Councilmen have diverted for the Berry Boutique Projects.  Remember, this is after the voters told Berry NO!  

   A lack of transparency regarding city spending, staffing, contracts and pay.
Let’s talk about transparency. Berry announced that RAY SCHULTZ was retiring and was placed on a consulting contract for another month. The truth: RAY SCHULTZ is STILL a City employee on vacation. Berry lied during the debate and stated, “Ray Schultz was no longer a city employee.”  This is a LIE! 

   Bureaucratic red tape, inequitable impact fees based on location and an over-the-top energy code that bogged down construction projects.
All of those problems still exist and Berry’s “claim to fame” is he was a “construction guy.” At that Berry has killed Albuquerque’s economy; no one is looking to build here… 

   A major traffic interchange well over its design capacity affecting 56 million commutes each year.
Not to worry, Berry is endorsed by the ABQ Journal; anyone wonder why, when he is a dismal failure? Here is the answer: Berry’s big push for the Paseo project with “special access” for the ABQ Journal Center will cause the Journal’s property to DOUBLE OR TRIPLE IN VALUE! This is commonly referred to as “motive and opportunity.” 

   An at-risk homeless population running up huge public safety costs.
Berry forgot; this “homeless population” are PEOPLE!  Real People, with real problems and issues. Berry’s view of the “homeless population” is they are “running up huge public safety costs.” Money spent on our homeless people is money WELL spent.  These people need our help. How heartless and mindless of Berry. 

   And a commitment to education that amounted to little more than before- and after-school care.
Berry has done nothing to improve our educational process. Although, Berry commonly calls upon APS’s Superintendent, Winston Brook, to back his play. Brook makes over $264,000 a year for our students to have one of the worst dropout rates…Thanks Berry for nothing. 

   Berry came to the job with experience as a state legislator in the minority party who had little choice but to build consensus to get things done. It’s a skill that has served the city well as he has tackled each of these challenges in turn.
Served the City well? The Journal means it has served Berry and his SOB’s (Supporters of Berry) well. Berry has several pawns on the City council like: Meyers, Winters, Trudy Jones, Janice Arnold-Jones and Dan Lewis who back his immoral acts and his fleecing of the City of Albuquerque. 

  The city addressed more than $160 million in shortfalls during his term, turning in balanced budgets each year. It avoided layoffs in its city workforce, and a recovering local economy added 7,200 jobs from June 2012 to June 2013.
Wow, if Berry added 7,200 jobs what were those 7,000 plus people doing standing in line at Target to apply for 200 minimum wage jobs?  What about the 5,000 plus people who applied at the Downs Racecino for 400 minimum wage jobs? With all the “jobs” Berry claims he created our true unemployment rate shouldn’t be at 14.1%. Or is this all another Berry good Lie? 

   It returned an annual $3 million to the capital budget from operations, with more promised. It won awards for its ABQ View portal that put the city’s business — contracts, salaries, benefits, construction projects, internal audits, political contributions, travel expenses and more — online for its real bosses, the taxpayers.
This hogwash all sounds good but the truth is the 3 million dollars is the money that Berry and the Republican Council have diverted for the Berry Boutique project which the voters voted down. 
   It equalized impact fees, instituted a business center to bring information together for new and expanding companies, implemented E-Plan Review and FastTrax to streamline plan review and approval, and set up a “green path” to expedite cutting-edge building projects.
Once again, this all sound really good but the facts do NOT support this rubbish. Has Berry offered the companies who used this baloney and created the “7,000 jobs” Berry claims were created? 

   It built metaphoric bridges with the state and federal governments, leading the way with $50 million for the $93 million rebuild of the literal bridges of the Paseo del Norte/Interstate 25 interchange.
Remember this is your tax dollars paying to double or triple the property values for the Albuquerque Journal Center. This will not create long-term sustainable jobs.  This is nothing more than Government welfare.

   It housed more than 200 of the city’s most vulnerable, chronically homeless, recording an impressive 89 percent retention rate after a year and saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars on calls for police and emergency medical services.
Didn’t Hitler also send what he thought was a menace to the public to be “housed” in certain places?  We all know how that worked out. Let us know when they open one of these housing projects in FOURHILLS where Berry lives. 

   It joined with Sandia High School to offer an International Baccalaureate program, the University of New Mexico on a planning/architecture facility Downtown, private industry to give high school students Running Start for Careers training, Southwest Learning Center on an aeronautics/math/science academy, and Innovate + Educate on a system to get potential employees skilled up to enter the workforce.
This was set up to benefit all of the SOB’s (Supporters of Berry) friends and family.  Honestly, how many regular people really have been given these type of opportunities? Very few if any! 

   Has it been a term without controversy and mistakes? No. Critics especially would say he didn’t move quickly and decisively enough to address problems at APD, which seems sapped by low morale and is the target of a Justice Department probe into use of force. The number of officers is down, but so are crime rates. And Berry supported innovative reforms such as lapel cameras for officers.
Berry allowed APD to be wrecked by Ray Schultz whom is still the Chief of Police according to the City’s Record Custodian. APD was one of the best police departments in the Nation and now APD is facing a TAKE OVER by the Department of Justice. This is all a result of a lack of leadership.
 Here is another huge lie Berry keeps telling. Crime is up by over 3,600; of those additional 3,600, 2,000 of those additional crimes this past year were all PROPERTY CRIMES.  Did APD make an additional 3,600 arrests?  The answer is no but we did have an additional 3,600 victims. According to Berry the crime rate is down. But, crime itself is actually up.  All the records prove this including the Journal which showed that crime has steadily increased the past three years Berry has been in office. 

   Berry has run the city more like a business than a political machine. His first CAO was a prominent Democrat.
Here is a funny!  Berry does not talk about the newly created position that he created for Trujillo as the Deputy COA.  We are out of money but Berry gives another SOB (Supporter of Berry) a $90,000 a year job to do nothing. Way to go Mr. Trujillo. 

   Overall, his pragmatic fiscal stewardship, his drive to propose game-changing projects and his commitment to be accountable to voters have put the city in a much better place than it was when he took office. He says he loves Albuquerque, has “a passion for the job” and wants a second term to “really improve (the city’s) value.”
Berry is not “pragmatic,” he is problematic. Berry’s boutique projects are not game-changing, they are an attempt to ruin the City’s beautiful Bosque.  Berry has no accountability to the voters; otherwise he would stop lying.  Berry does not love Albuquerque; Berry loves all of his SOB’s (Supporters of Berry) who he has done favors for like Mr. Trujillo’s $90,000 a year job to do nothing and others. Berry does not love Albuquerque half as much as he loves himself.  Berry only wants to stay another four years to make more money for him and all of his SOB’s (Supporters of Berry).

   The Journal recommends voters re-elect Mayor Richard Berry so he can do just that.
The Journal will make a huge profit off of the Paseo deal plus the average $500,000 that the City of Albuquerque pays the Journal.
Berry is a bad choice and has been a dismal failure! It is time for new blood with new and fresh ideas.

Sep 23, 2013

ABQ is in Need of a Quarterback, NOT a Cheerleader

After months of anticipation, the first televised mayoral debate finally came and confirmed what many have been saying for years: that RJ Berry has a glass jaw and is full of hot air.
And in need of water.
While thousands of viewers watched candidates Pete Dinelli and Paul Heh hold incumbent mayor RJ Berry to task for his lies and misrepresentations, all Berry could seem to do was search for water out of an empty water bottle.
You see, our Eyes tell us about 15 minutes into the debate, Berry drained his bottle of water and despite his repeated efforts over the remaining 45 minutes, he couldn't get any more water out of the empty bottle. Water poured down his face, his collar, and armpits, but he couldn't put any down to loosen his dry scratchy throat.
And that would've been relief we're sure.

Because during that time, candidates Heh and Dinelli informed viewers that despite Berry's assertions that Albuquerque is wonderful, it isn't.  Desipte Berry's lies that we have more jobs now, we don't. Despite Berry's lies that the economy has rebounded, employers and closing and laying off workers. And despite his assertion that we're ready "to round the corner," we are about to get rounded out.
From increased crime rate to disgusting actions by APD top brass at crime scenes, Berry failed to challenge these assertions and thus confirmed them (not that he could refute these truths or others).

Employers don't want to come to a cellular city where it's police force is under DOJ scrutiny and its leadership is a disgrace and taints the work of good officers.
Citizens don't want to be told things are cheery when there are few jobs and a major employer such as Intel, is ramping up to shut down. They don't want to hear about their mayor going abroad and bragging about how people talk about Albuquerque's violence and drug epidemic and its lead role in "Breaking Bad."
They want a leader. One who tells them the truth; good or bad. A person who gives them hope, and not distortions of reality or false expectations.

Interestingly enough, KOAT's spin-meister voodoo doctor Brian Sanderoff called Berry's "performance" a win. And that non-politician Heh a non factor. Well, it seems the people of Albuquerque differ with you Sanderoff-Ferengi. It seems, your analysis is not correct (not that it ever has been).

Go to KOAT's poll and check out for yourself. Or even better vote for who you though won the debate....

It's Here: and on the left side of the screen.

P.S. RJ....bring a gallon next'll need it because you will not evade being held accountable for your failed leadership and your lies....
Despite what self appointed news "Analyst" Brian Sanderoff-Ferengi
 says, we all know what we saw.......

Sep 22, 2013

First Televised Mayoral Debate TONIGHT

The first televised mayoral debate will be on tonight during a huge football game.  You ever wonder who planned it this way?  Can we all say "B-E-R-R-Y."

For those who are interested in watching the debate it will be aired on Channel 7, KOAT TV, at 4 P.M.

Sep 20, 2013

ABQ JOURNAL: Poverty UP/ Berry walking the RIVER OF DENIAL

"Poverty rate rose from 2000-12"

But not according to Low-Key Berry as he and Dorothy travel through Make-Believe Wonderland…According to the Albuquerque Journal (READ IT HERE), Berry only came to Albuquerque for the free-bee’s; “It was the mountains – and a scholarship – that brought Berry to Albuquerque.” (Italics and bold added emphasis)  Now Berry has soaked Albuquerque for all he can; he is asking for your vote to fleece the city for another four years.

(Journal Photo)
What is that look on the Mayor’s wife’s face? Maybe she is tired of hearing Berry’s lies too. And talk about horrid cheerleaders; what an awful picture.  John Sanchez, hoping for another job since him and Martinez hate each other.  Sanchez looks as if he is facing a Mexican firing squad.  Smile John, the Sun will come up tomorrow…And what’s up with the guy who looks like a German Nazi waiting for the Furor to finish? Don Harris? McCleskey and the little tugboat Missie MISSED their mark on helping you with this debacle.

As we read through Berry’s article all that was apparent to us is Berry’s clear and blatant DENIAL of the truth; THIS CITY IS IN THE TIOLET AND IT’S BERRY’S FAULT FOR NOT TAKING THE APPROPRIATE ACTION TO CORRECT IT!  Sorry, we want to be politically correct, this City is headed for Berry’s re-cycled water rafting trip.  Did anyone see where Berry NEVER answered how many officers APD optimally needs?
We have a major issue with one of Berry lies! Question 9:
(Berry better get his spin masters on this QUICK!)
  We remember specifically during Berry’s campaign for first run for mayor, Berry admitted to filing for bankruptcy on his business (not personal) and ending up working for his wife. We will continue to research this issue for the court records. 
So we say this; Berry, drink up your re-cycled water and continue down your river of DENIAL. As for the rest of the public we don’t buy your re-cycled water.  Tell the truth and maybe you could actually be a true leader.  Your entire rose colored glasses view of Albuquerque is a fallacy on your part.  Everyone knows we need jobs, everyone knows we need to fix APD, everyone knows we need new industry in Albuquerque and everyone knows based on “data- driven” statistics CRIME and DRUG USE IS UP.  STOP LYING!
Thanks Berry for taking the City of Albuquerque on your re-cycled water rafting trip!

Sep 19, 2013

Does your mayoral candidate really care about you?

Here is a challenge:

 The choice will become crystal clear...

Sep 18, 2013

Banks Lies: AGAIN...

In the Spring of 2012 we broke the story about how then Deputy Chief, and now Chief of APD, Allen Banks was caught lying under oath during a cross examination by attorney Sam Bregman. Now, as the link below reveals, it is clear that not only is Allen Banks capable of lying under oath, but fully able to fabricate events AND hold himself to a clear and separate standard while disciplining others of the same violations.

Click the link to our friends at “SpeedoftrustAbq” and listen for yourself as temporary chief (and we emphasize the word temporary) Allen Banks not only confirms his presence at the suspicious death scene of civil rights advocate Mary Han, but he denies his interference in the investigation.

(You may also click on the image below to access the video/audio)

While Banks confirms he was in a place he shouldn’t have been in, in the height of arrogance, he asserts he did nothing wrong. But the revelations offered by Banks get even more bizarre and sordid.

Mr. Banks confirms that he had a one-one conversation with a person who was arrested by then Officer Russell Perea for burglarizing Banks’ home. A one-one? Could Mr. Banks had said something intimidating and threatening to the person accused of breaking into his home? And did he just admit that he had this conversation while the person was handcuffed and contained in the back seat of a police car?

Our retired APD Eyes tell us that Mr. Banks may have just admitted to committing the crime of assault. And given the his position of authority Banks may have committed other felonious crimes.
And it gets worse.
In this audio, we hear Mr. Banks also confirm from his perspective what good police practices are and are not.
He states that it is ok for a department lieutenant to enter a suspicious death crime scene, tamper with evidence, and essentially run amok all while not documenting any of the actions in a police report.

Just like our Eyes tell us Allen Banks did at Ms. Han’s crime scene.
Mr. Banks would have us believe that it is ok for a senior figure in the state’s largest police department to enter a crime scene and not document their actions in a police report. Actions that Banks himself confirms would warrant discipline had a field officer committed such actions or inactions.
Our Eyes tell us that at one point, Mr. Banks was a field investigator in APD. As a field investigator, Mr. Banks is highly knowledgeable about how crime scenes are processed. For him to NOT comply with SOPs concerning his action is extremely disturbing and as a leading figure in the APD, truly models what can only be described as criminal behavior. In short, Banks cannot say he didn’t know what he was doing. His actions were the epitome of knowing and deliberate.
As Mr. Banks invites Mr. Bregman, maybe it’s time that somebody closely examines his history as a police officer. To enter the residence of a high profile adversary, to throw officers out, lock the door, and take pictures of her to show to your boss, Ray Schultz, that she is gone, is amongst the most repugnant actions we at the Eye have ever heard of an officer do in uniform.
It shows such a level of disrespect, it makes us wonder is there anything Mr. Banks would not do…..

Sep 17, 2013

Welcome to Hell; but it doesn't have to be this way

200 Jobs Open at Target

2,000 applied on-line/7,000 applied in person
Read it (HERE)
400 jobs open at Downs Racetrack/5,000 apply
Read it (HERE)
Intel redeploying 400 jobs from Rio Rancho
Read it (HERE)

As you read through the headlines above; what thoughts go through your mind?  
“Those poor people.” 
“Oh my God! Seven thousand people for only 200 jobs.”
“How are those people making it now?” 
"Who is going to save these people from all this hell?"
“If I had the power; I would give all those people a job!”
Folks, here is the truth; you have the power and you can give all those people a job; you can put a stop to their "hell." But in order to get those people a job you must first FIRE the person who is responsible for this mess and that person is RJ Berry. We are not blaming Berry for the downturn in the economy; we are blaming him for doing nothing about it to help all of these people. Berry is good at helping his rich friends and rich corporations but he doesn’t give a lessor damn about the regular person who is not rich.
If you are tired of the little person getting screwed and you want to make a difference; VOTE BERRY OUT!  Make your voice heard by VOTING!!!