The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 28, 2011

Schultz Sharpens his Forte

When one thinks a local village idiot can do no worse, somehow they manage to surprise a person. On Monday, the Albuquerque Police Department issued another social media policy directed at an employee’s personal choice(s). Apparently Schultz is a bigot; you must think, believe and do as Schultz instructs! If you do not, you will be disciplined up to and including terminated.

Does this seem harsh or severe? Not if you’re a dictator like oh, let say, Momar Kaddafi or Raymond Daniel Schultz. You must do what as he says like an obedient slave. What’s next with this fascist leader? Is he going to go after officers for being Black or Indian or because they are gay or lesbian? Those days are gone; our community will not tolerate a bigot of any type or form. Schultz will soon find himself in the same situation as Kaddafi, held up in a hole waiting for the free will of the people to take him out.

No Schultz it is not a “threat,” it is a fact that you need to leave and take all your baggage and prejudices with you. Schultz’s actions would make the forefathers of our Constitution puke. The United States of America was founded and built on FREEDOM! That freedom includes “Freedom of Speech!” Schultz has overstayed his tenure and it is time for him to leave. The Eye sees another huge slap in the face to the City over this ridiculous policy.

Let us not forget that incompetence is promoted by incompetence. Schultz placed retired/rehired Officer John Gallegos to be the Departments’ Social Media Compliance Officer. This guy is paid about $50,000.00 a year to “surf” the internet looking for APD officers who might post something on the intranet. This is the same John Gallegos who tried to shove (Ret.) Officer Mark Bralley and his attorney Paul Livinston out of an office during an Internal Affairs interview. This cost the City hundreds of thousands of dollars. Gallegos has already proven he cannot make good decisions and Schultz rehires him and places him in this critical position? It would be shocking, but it is not because it has become a common for Schultz to make bad decisions.

Interesting enough, our Eyes tell us that Schultz attends church and stands there as a hypocrite. Is a church a place where three or more gather for a common purpose? Does his church sometimes oppose what the government does or says? This makes him guilty of his own policy. What about Schultz’s membership of the International Chiefs of Police (IACP)? What about the Fraternal Order of Police who commonly disagrees with the president and has a political action committee that “acts” against the President or endorses another candidate?

What about when Schultz conspired with Darren White to “go after” Sam Costales? Schultz has violated just about every single piece of this garbage; he calls a policy. Berry should terminate Schultz based on Schultz’s past actions. This site has provided proof and “information” repeatedly. UNM wizened up and terminated their problem (who has cost them millions). When is the City of Albuquerque going to follow suit?

Schultz has failed to learn that “respect is earned; not simply given.” When will Schultz learn? This is just another civil rights violation in the making. But Schultz sees it as no big deal, after all, it’s not his money; it’s YOUR MONEY that will be paid out! As far as being convicted for civil rights violations, this will just be another notch in his lip stick case…

Some of this policy is directly out of federal law language. You decide if this policy is right or wrong when it comes to a person’s personal choice(s); we are not talking about terrorist or terrorism:

Personnel shall not knowingly associate, visit, join, participate, mimic or have ongoing dealings with individuals, persons, memberships, associations, organizations, enterprises or groups of three or more persons under a common sign or symbol that:

|1|-|5| 1. Advocates the overthrow of the government; or vigilantism; or violence, or criminal activity, or discrimination, or knowingly or unknowingly violates the laws, ordinances or statutes of the City, State, U.S. or Constitution of the U.S.

[5-7} 2. Reduces the efficiency of personnel or organization, or creates a conflict of interest in either the on, and off-duty conduct of personnel with the stated goals, standards, requirements and or vision statement of the department; or compromises the conduct of themselves both on and off-duty in such a manner as to reflect most favorable on the department, or creates a self-induced jeopardy.

This type of behavior is expected from a two year old child who doesn’t get their way; not from a top executive in the City of Albuquerque.

A dictator is just that; a DICTATOR!

Sep 25, 2011


The Eye, as many others in our community, are tired of the incompetence of our City’s Leadership. The Eye is asking that you tell ten people to VOTE “NO” on all bond issues and “NO” on the Red Light Cameras. What does this mean; it means no more new taxes and the City continues as it is now. It also means, no more supporting Redflex; a company who is not in Albuquerque, let alone in New Mexico.

We are in the worst economy that we will ever see in our lifetime and the City is demanding the citizens pay more and more to compensate for their incompetence. So many people are out of work, losing their homes and cannot put groceries on the table and the City leadership is still trying to “squeeze blood out of a turnip.” New Mexico is the second poorest state in the Country. According to Channel 7 News (see it here) the average yearly income is the same amount of money that Reflex donate to a local fly-by-night outfit to keep the Scamera’s in place. We are a struggling community and any new taxes hurt our kids and our families directly. This is wrong on many levels.
Until the City’s leadership is able to handle (budget) the money that we have already entrusted them with and are able to bring the City up to where it was prior to Berry; we do not trust giving this incompetent group another penny. Mayor Berry wants his Faire Berry Land on the Bosque with our tax dollars. Ask this question, if we don’t have the money to run the City now, how is the City going to pay for costs associated with Faire Berry Land? Where are the additional law enforcement personnel? Where are the maintenance and grounds keepers, supervisors and other required staff and equipment? Who is going to pay for it? This is going to cost the tax payers a fortune!

This is plain stupid. The City leadership needs to become competent and prove they can handle it. Maybe then the tax payers might consider more taxes. For now, we are in the “Great Depression of our era.” The City needs to learn to “live within its’ means; just like the rest of us.” No New Taxes!

And for those liberals who have stated, “Well, it will only cost this much more per household per year…” If you think the cost is “affordable,” then you can pay the tab and there should be no need for any tax increases.

Redflex who owns the Red Light Scamera’s donated $45,000.00 to Safe Streets Albuquerque in hopes of fooling the citizens of Albuquerque into keeping their “Gravy Train.” Don’t be FOOLED! Send a true message to Redflex and the City Leadership and VOTE “NO” on the Scamera’s!

One last thought, Berry owns a few goons on the City Council and it is time to create an equal playing field for the citizens. It is time to get rid of a few problems. The Eye is recommending that you do not vote for Brad Winter who has failed to do his job with the council and continues to wreck APS. The Eye also recommends that you do not vote for Trudy Jones; “Tutti Frutti” who has shown that she cannot handle the job or responsibilities of the position. We are not endorsing anyone and especially NOT endorsing Winter or Jones. Remember these two clowns have been covering Berry’s track, including blocking a federal investigation into the twenty police shootings. If nothing was done wrong why would they oppose an outside investigation? Think about it before you cast your vote. The Eye is not asking you to vote Republican or Democrat; the Eye is asking you to make a better choice. This is not a partisan issue but a logical one.

Please commit to tell ten people to VOTE “NO” on all bonds and the Scamera’s! Ask those ten to tell ten more people to VOTE “NO!”

Sep 22, 2011

Time for Governor to Stop Playing Liberal Games

The Eye takes a different view from Gov. Martinez on how to approach the illegal alien driver’s license issue. Driving is a privileged granted by the State of New Mexico and not a “God given right” or a “Constitutional right.” Even if it was a “Constitutional right,” these people are illegal aliens; therefore, they are not entitled to a “Constitutional right.” The Governor should administratively revoke all illegal alien drivers’ licenses. If the illegal alien wants to fight this issue, they would have to file an appeal like the rest of us do legally.

In a Reuter story (read it here), Judge Sarah Singleton in Santa-Fe, “issued a temporary restraining order blocking the program, arguing in a brief ruling that ‘irreparable injury’ would occur from "constitutional deprivations to the applicants." If illegal aliens have these rights that Singleton claims, none of this would be an issue and every state in the United States would issues licenses to everyone.

The Governor needs to put her foot down and cut the “nicy-nicy” baloney!

Most recently, several churches, including the Catholic Church, have chimed in and given their two cents in favor of illegal aliens having driver’s licenses. Whatever happened to the “Separation of Church and State?” Did all these Churches take a poll to see if the parishioners’ approved of them speaking on their behalf as a communal body? Martinez won the election, and part of her promise was to stop the illegal aliens from obtaining licenses in New Mexico. One last thought, before any church even thinks about looking in Martinez’s closet; they better look in their own closet and clean it first.

If all the liberals are “that” concerned, here is an alternate idea, the State should issue “Illegal Alien Driver’s Licenses.” This would remove the cloak for the crooks. The Illegal Alien Driver’s Licenses would clearly state the person in possession of the license is an illegal alien. Any law enforcement, government agency, or any other party dealing with the alien would know immediately that the person is an illegal alien.

The license would be clearly marked and state, “Illegal Alien” and state the person who presented this information passed a New Mexico driving test. The license would clearly state, “DO NOT RELY ON THE INFROMATION ON THIS CARD!” The reverse side of the card would state, “Confirm subjects’ information independently.” The license would not resemble the New Mexico standard license in any formative manner.

Let the Governor do the job she was hired to do. If you don’t like it; move or run for office and spew your vial after you’re elected.

Sep 20, 2011

Chief Costs the City $175K While “Dawg” Defends

According to the Albuquerque Journal (read it here), “The city has paid $175,000 to settle claims brought by three women against the Albuquerque Police Department and a former reserve officer…” The Journal states in the lawsuit, David C. Young, a radio technician, “misrepresented his position and authority, claiming to be a detective and a commissioned officer when he was in fact a civilian.” We all know a good chief knows what is going on in his department, right? Not APD’s “I know nothing” Schultz.

Our Eyes behind the badge tell us there have been several questionable incidents involving Dave Young while he has been with APD. Young was assigned, at one time, to the Departments’ Special Investigation Division (SID) as a quasi-fleet coordinator (one of the Good Ol’ Boys). Our Eyes tell us Mr. Young had several issues but all were swept under the rug. Then again, you need to keep in mind that APD’s SID Unit does whatever it wants, remember the Brad Arensfield case? Guess who was behind that mess? If you guessed APD’s SID Unit; you are 100% correct. Our Eyes tell us that this unit has been run by and with rogue coppers.

Apparently the Chief doesn’t care because he has done nothing to correct the problems or is waiting for another million dollar suit. When the next suit hits, Schultz can have his guard “Dawg” Kathy Levi attack this new blunder and start the regular rhetoric; “The main thing to remember is that when this was brought to the attention of the chief, he suspended it.” These reactive responses are too little; too late Chief.

In the Journal it states, “The women claim David C. Young, a department technician who was allowed to work overtime as an undercover officer and arrest suspected prostitutes, misrepresented his position and authority when arresting them.” It appears that more payouts are on the way. The Journal also reported, “Attorney Arne Leonard said the recent settlement takes care of pending federal litigation, but a separate state action filed against the city in May by the Kennedy & Han law firm is still pending. That lawsuit was filed on behalf of 12 individuals to set aside convictions in cases in which Young made the arrest.” If the cost is $175,000.00 per every three persons; the City will need to pay out an additional $700,000.00 for the 12 individuals that are pending. The new total; $875,000.00. That will bring this debacle to around the same amount as the Costales debacle.

According to the Journal, Deputy (Dawg) City Attorney Kathryn Levi stated the settlement was paid out to two women who filed suits against the City and a third women just asked for the dough and did not file a suit. Must be nice for the third women; “Ask and you shall receive.”

The Journal investigation also reported, “He even wrote criminal complaints testifying under “the penalty of perjury” that he was a detective with the Albuquerque Police Department…” We figured if Schultz could fudge under oath, it must be okay for APD’s premier radio technician to do the same. Schultz was convicted in Federal Court of fudging the truth concerning former APD Officer Sam Costales. The Jury slammed Schultz who was convicted of civil rights violations which resulted in a huge award in favor of Costales of for $862,000.00.

According to the Journal, Young stated in an email, “…it had been a tough week and ‘I need to point my GUN at somebody.’” Let’s make sure we have the story correct. This dork comes out of Sherwood Forrest and feels a “need” to point a firearm at an Albuquerque citizen, right? Does anybody see a “loose cannon” ready to go off and hurt one of our citizens? Oddly enough, an APD supervisor thought this was a good idea? Can anyone say, “Culture of Corruption?”

Ray Schultz’s number two guard dog, Deputy “Dawg” Kathy Levi, stretched out her neck for Schultz stating, “The main thing to remember is that when this was brought to the attention of the chief, he suspended it.” Who is Levi to instruct anyone on what to “remember?” Schultz screwed up again and Levy wants us all to “remember?” Really? Well Ms. Levi, everyone “remembers” all the debacles that your Master Schultz has caused and no one will forget it either. Just a reminder Levi when a neck stretches out, the end result is not pleasant.

Santa Schultz keeps costing us tax payers but Mayor Eeyore Berry thinks Schultz walks on water. The Mayor should be deducting 10% from each settlement out of Schultz’s pay. Schultz might actually start watching and managing the Police Department. For now; Schultz “skates” again.

Sep 19, 2011

The Honorable Judge Parker Restores Faith

Today Former APD Officer Brad Arensfield learned his fate. Arensfield was convicted in Federal Court of Obstruction of Justice. The Honorable Judge Parker sentenced Arensfield to: six months (and one day) in prison, six months of house arrest, and three years of probation. The Eye would like to salute Judge Parker. This man truly applied common sense in sentencing Arensfield. The sentence was reasonable, given the circumstances and justice has been served.

It was comical watching Assistant US Attorney Yardbird make himself look cheap along with belittling the Office of the US Attorney. Yardbirds’ only claim that he rejoiced in, was Arfensfield was a convicted felon and could not be a copper. We here at the Eye expected a professional display with statements such as; “Justice has been served” or “the people prevailed in this case.” No, Yardbird sounded like he was just released off the farm. This prosecutor should have shown up with a straw in his mouth wearing a pair of faded coveralls.

Our Eyes tell us Arensfield’s attorney will be appealing this case based on the fact that evidence was intentionally withheld by Assistant US Attorney Tara Neda. The records show that Neda has a past pattern and practice of intentionally withholding evidence in Federal cases. In all probability, a higher court will rule in Arensfields’ favor.

Sep 11, 2011

Let Us Not Forget 9-11!

The Eye would like to take this time to thank all of those that have served this country, and all those that continue to serve our country. Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. We will always remember 9-11-01:
Times of impact: 8:46 a.m. and 9:02 a.m. Time the burning towers stood: 56 minutes and 102 minutes. Time they took to fall: 12 seconds. 2819 dead from 115 different nations. 343 Fireman/ paramedics, 23 NYPD, 37 Port Authority officers all perished.


Sep 9, 2011

Smile! You're on Scammer Camera!

Checked your mail lately? This week many citizens of Albuquerque are getting a piece of propaganda in the mail that on the outside looks like a great campaign. Luckily, not all of us are that stupid. Not all of us are willing to buy beachfront property in Arizona. Safe Roads Albuquerque sent out a mailing that depicts a graphic car accident on one side and meaningless and biased statistics on the other. Safe Roads is wanting the citizens to "Vote Yes on October 4 and help save lives". Very dramatic, yet very misleading. KRQE provides two separate statistics. One states, "Red light running decreased by 50% in one year at city intersections with traffic safety cameras. KRQE, 7/24/10". WOW, again looks pretty impressive from the outside. The next statistic is "Traffic safety violations increased by 584% when traffic safety cameras were turned off at three intersections" KRQE 5/28/10". AMAZING, not only is KRQE able to predict the weather and broadcast the news, they are now clairvoyant! How would anyone know that violations were increased when the cameras were turned off? Not to mention that KRQE is Darren White's very own personal newstation (and the term news is used very loosely).
So many questions come to mind. WHO is RedFlex and who exactly is Safe Roads Albuquerque. For those who haven't been keeping up Albuquerque news, RedFlex is the company that is responsible for the implementation of all of the red light cameras throughout Albuquerque. The same cameras that Mayor Berry wanted to get rid of. The same cameras that were shut off for some time because the benefits and validity of the cameras came into question. It was even implied by law enforcement that the grossly inflated statistics were because the accidents were not properly measured and documented correctly to correlate with the cameras.
Craig Loy, retired APD Captain, and former City Council member, quoted the following:"Why should reckless drivers get away with breaking the law? Safety cameras save lives. That's why we need to keep them." This is the same Craig Loy that is the Chairman of Safe Roads Albuquerque, that is behind this ludicrous campaign. It is mind boggling to imagine the cost of printing tens of thousands, or even more, of this colorful two sided-deceptive piece of propaganda. Our Eyes found out that the top contributor to Safe Roads Albuquerque was none other than RedFlex; to the tune of $45,000.00. There was however, another contributor, that was an unknown female who contributed a whopping $50!

The Eye wonders why this information wasn't printed on their fancy little flyer:

A 2008 University of South Florida report found:
"Comprehensive studies conclude cameras actually increase crashes and injuries, providing a safety argument not to install them.... public policy should avoid conflicts of interest that enhance revenues for government and private interests at the risk of public safety."

Or how about this- In October of 2010, the University of New Mexico released The Albuquerque Red Light Camera Study. "The report dismissed the increase in the overall number of crashes by providing an accident cost analysis not based on any examination of the collisions in Albuquerque, but by applying a generic formula designed to downplay the importance of rear end collisions. The report recommended that the city use engineering countermeasures to improve safety. Mayor Berry issued a statement confirming his willingness to do so -- including giving drivers longer yellow times." There was no question that the installment of the cameras was nothing more than a money driven exercise. "The study, which was funded by the city of Albuquerque, presented automated enforcement as favorable a light as it could. The study measured the number of accidents in thirty-eight camera-free control intersections used for comparison with the twenty photo-enforced intersections. The total number of crashes at the photo enforced intersections increased while camera-free intersections saw a decrease. While injury accidents decreased at the camera intersections, the decrease was much more prominent, 29 percent, at camera-free locations." See for yourself at

This is nothing more than a lame attempt to pick pocket the citizens of Albuquerque and question the intelligence of every single citizen. What does Craig Loy gain by this Safe Roads Campaign? As the campaign states, "Vote YES for Safe Roads on October 4". The Eye sees things differently. On the contrary, Vote NO and tell RedFlex we have Albuquerque Police Officers that are there to keep our roads safe and issue their own citations, and not some meaningless citation generated by a faulty, money driven camera.

Sep 8, 2011

Resigned Cynicism; Is there Hope?

The Eye received this letter from Marty Gilmore, a retired APD Captain, and from all the emails we receive, it seems Gilmore is right on target when it comes to many of the retired senior coppers.

I retired after twenty-five of service as an Albuquerque Police Department Captain/Commander. During my tenure I served as Commander of the Southeast and Foothills Area Commands, the Traffic Division, the Crime Lab, Records/ID and Evidence. I was also given responsibility to command the first accreditations process and form the Inspections Unit.

I was happy to see Ray Schultz be given the opportunity to be Chief under Mayor Chavez as he had worked for me in the Crime lab and did a great job. As time passed word kept getting back to me that Ray was not the same person he was before he took the position of Deputy Chief in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was becoming disconnected from the officers and discipline was becoming a major issue. Officers were becoming reluctant to do their job for fear of discipline should they make an honest mistake.

I was very surprised to see the current mayor retain Chief Schultz after being told Chief Schultz and his command staffs were pushing hard for the re-election of Mayor Chavez. The function of loyalty is to the community first and then to the chain of command. To avoid corruption there can be no other approach.

Never did I believe the possibility of a Justice Department investigation possible due to the lack of leadership. Chief Schultz said he is the man to clean up APD's problems. The thought that comes to mind is who was in charge when the mess was created? Also, why is the Journal so quick to defend the Chief and say he is the right man to correct the problems existing at APD when the Journal has been very critical of the APD for the past number of years?

The APD at one time had a reputation of being one of the best local law enforcement agencies in the nation. I believe it can regain that standing through a good work ethic, getting back to the basics of police work, good discipline and new leadership.

David M. Gilmore Retired APD Captain

The laments never stop coming; yet, Albuquerque’s Mayor Berry pretends he is deaf and dumb. The Eye is at the point of resigned cynicism and realizes Berry is never going to correct the wrong doings but force the rest of us to live and deal with his bad decisions. Mayor Berry has become pathetic. Is there any hope?...

Sep 7, 2011

Berry Does the Three Card Monte and its Ugly

Our Eyes have been watching and learned Mayor “Eeore” (Berry) has a long face for a good reason. Berry shuffled the deck of cards when Darren White ousted himself from the City. According to the City’s Web-site (read it here), “Mayor Berry has decided not to fill the position of Public Safety Director at this time. That position most recently paid $120,640. Under the new City of Albuquerque organization chart, the Chief of Police and Fire Chief will report directly to Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry.” The Mayor claims he did not fill the position; however, Perry’s new title is Chief Administrative Officer/Public Safety Director.

When it comes to police and fire issues; Perry doesn't know the difference between derriere products from dairy products. Albuquerque is not the “barnyard” where everything is controlled behind safe and secured locked gates at the Department of Corrections. Perry is completely unqualified for this position. So much for the rubbish for the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board who claimed the Chief could now be the Chief. Berry would have been better off placing police and fire under Soladay who is as qualified as Perry to be the Public Safety Director.
End Sidebar

If the PSD’s position was not filled, why does Perry have this title: Chief Administrative Officer/Public Safety Director? This title blatantly states Perry has the position that was supposedly not filled. Here are a few questions? Why does the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief report to Perry NOT Berry? Where is the big chunk of change from the wasted position that White held? It’s easy; Perry took over White’s old position. Soladay received a newly created position of Chief Operations Officer with White’s old salary of $120,000.00.

What has happened is a card game of politics; the “Three Card Monte.” The game requires the players to switch hats (titles) so fast the public doesn’t realize they have been juke by Berry. Game over Berry and Perry, the Eyes see all and tell all.
Where’s the savings or re-organization you ask; there is none, just the “Three Card Monte.” Perhaps the City Council will see the game for what it is and vote to stop this fleecing of public tax dollars. You have fooled no one Berry; you only hammered one more nail into the box of your political career. Stop lying and simply tell the truth, you’re not going to be the Mayor in a few years, anyway. The Eye is hopeful that our future Mayor is taking notes on what NOT to do.

Sep 4, 2011

Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board Promotes Incompetence

In the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Section was a posting (read it here) by the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board. The Eye has known this Board to say outlandish rubbish; this past week, the Board beat their own rubbish record stating, “APD Needs One Chief; Schultz Right for Job.” Perhaps the City needs to send the tab of over $6,000,000.00 in liability that Schultz has cost the tax payers. Perhaps if the Board was footing the bill they would be “singing a different song.”

If the Board wants to play semantic; they could start by just paying the $862,000.00 awarded to former APD Officer Sam Costales. This huge award was granted after Schultz was convicted in the United States Federal District Court of retaliation/civil rights violations. We want to remind the Board that Schultz started harassing and retaliating against Costales after former Sheriff Darren White gave the order to attack Costales like a dog foaming at the mouth. Once Schultz was ordered to “Sic,” he went after Costales. How does anybody in this City feel comfortable knowing that the Chief committed civil rights violations against one of his own; what value does he place on you and Eye?

The article praised Schultz for responding to the City’s most recent police shooting. The article stated, “This week, when an Albuquerque police officer shot and killed a career criminal armed with a loaded AK-47, Chief Ray Schultz showed why he is the right man for that job.” Really? So if “Porky Pig” or Geraldine Amato showed up, they would make a great chief too; right? The ridicules statements made by this Board are asinine. Of course at this point either one would make a better chief than Schultz. Where is Taco Bell TJ when you need him? I am sure he was out there too.

What the Board failed to mention is CHIEF SCHULTZ provided all the visual props to teach the City’s criminal element how to easily kill an officer wearing a bullet proof vest. Schultz should be terminated for this irresponsible action. This was beyond words for the damage that he personally has now done by this free classroom training for criminals. Way to go Schultz…

The article also discusses the PERF Report. The article states, “When the national Police Executive Research Forum investigated the increase in officer-involved shootings and made 40 recommendations, Schultz implemented 39 and added 19 of his own.” The article fails to speak about the conflict of interest; Schultz is an active member of PERF.

The Board also discusses how Schultz was quick to create a policy concerning social media. Once again, Ray’s cheerleaders failed to mention Schultz a few months prior was “tweeting” and admonishing our district court judges over his perception of the job they were performing. Schultz stated in a memo, “the conduct of individual officers can impact the reputation and integrity of this department and all officers and civilian personnel. It is essential that the public have absolute trust and respect for the Albuquerque Police Department and the men and women who serve in it. … The department is committed to a safe, secure community where the rights, history and culture of each citizen is valued and respected. The department will accept nothing less.” His policy is good for the rest but not good for him. Schultz should “practice what you preaches” and quite being a hypocrite.

The Board claims, “Schultz’s comments show he understands APD officers are held to a higher standard, that they must walk their law-abiding talk, that the public looks to his men and women, who put their lives on the line every day, to set an example.”

“They must walk their law-abiding talk…” Really? Schultz violates civil rights and walks without any consequences; Schultz violated his own social medial policy and walks without any consequences; Schultz provides training to criminals on how to kill officer wearing bullet proof vest, we anticipate Schultz will walk on this one too.

The biggest problem and weakness in APD is Schultz. “Set the example” Schultz, it is time for you to go!

Sep 3, 2011

Is UNM Police Inviting More Problems and Liability?

UNM raised hell with the Albuquerque City Council when the Council refused to clear UNM to proceed with a liquor license. UNM through legal and political maneuvering gained approval to sell alcohol at the UNM football events. Realizing some of the potential problems, UNMPD decided to implement a “Text Messaging Campaign.” This allows anyone to complain via text messaging. Here is the caveat; what if a bitter spouse wants to “get even” with their significant other? Or perhaps some other type of rivalry? What happens when the police have insufficient information because the disturbance was not called into a trained dispatcher? UNMPD has given some disgruntled individuals a tool to harass and/or intimidate another person. In addition, UNMPD may have invited more liability than what they can afford.

Channel 7’s Marissa Maez stated, “UNM Police say, they are also starting this new ‘Text Messaging Campaign’ to allow fans to text them when they see an intoxicated person misbehaving during the game.” According to UNM Lt. Robert Haarhues, “so, not only fans who had too much to drink, uh, whatever the issue maybe, uh, we want people who are afraid to say something… ” What happened to just call the police when someone disturbs the peace? This allows a trained dispatcher to evaluate, extract and gather facts from the caller. Does the text message say the offender is armed and with what? Does the text message say the offender just ran over two kids, gives a vehicles description or a license plate number? Any professional knows that face-to-face communication is the best; next is direct verbal communication with another person. There is a reason why professional law enforcement agencies require calls for service (complaints) to be called in.

UNMPD is inviting more problems and vicarious liability. Ultimately, this botched “campaign” is going to blow up in UNM’s face when a family sues for not following professional law enforcement standards.

One last opinion, if UNM’s desire is to make more money, they should fire their football coach for losing game after game. A proven and accompllished coach like Steve Alford packs the PIT! It would be the same result for the football team, if UNM had a good football coach. UNM is trying to solve a problem by treating a symptom. Fix the problem and pack the stadium; and skip the booze.

Sep 2, 2011

An Open Letter From; We The People

The Eye recently received this open letter that was sent to Mayor Berry. This letter is right on point and spells out some grave errors. We hope when the Mayor read this letter he will realize; it is not just the Eye complaining, this is your voting block.

Dear Mayor Berry,

During your tenure as mayor I have supported some of your decisions when it came to public safety, especially that of accepting Darren Whites resignation. When you chose to veto the city councils effort at calling for a DOJ investigation, (R-11-247), citing in part the P.E.R.F. investigation and that of another city employee, or employees, I made an effort to seek-out and read the report. I immediately saw it as a "schmoozing" report, but when I learned that Chief Schultz in fact is a member of P.E.R.F. I became enraged at the thought that you had to have known about his direct involvement, lest he intentionally kept it from you, as has been his practice regarding myriad issues where the public is concerned. I will not resort to name-calling but his arrogance is legendary.

I then set-out to check a few things for myself and I must say first of all that the P.E.R.F. report, in my opinion, is a waste of money, or as someone recently said, "APD got exactly what they paid for." Actually, "We-the-people" paid for it, or at least its conclusion. As one who helped pay for the investigation and report, I would like a copy of all communications between all investigators and P.E.R.F. personnel and the City of Albuquerque, Albuquerque Police Department, and anyone else who was involved. I can't believe you would be satisfied with a report that doesn't even have a table of contents or an index! Not to mention the fact that investigative methodology isn't addressed, nor who actually conducted these investigations. If your office can-not provide what's requested, please pass this along to the appropriate department.

I maintain the majority of Albuquerque Police Department officer's are of good standing and truly want to do a good job, but they're being hindered by department hierarchy, who're making bad decisions. I am left to wonder what in the hell motivated Chief Schultz, et al, to do a dog-and-pony-show on broadcast television regarding the last shooting incident on the westside, where I live. Was this something you approved? As a citizen I am livid over this, but were I a police officer, I would be requesting chain-of-command to find out why the chief would deliberately explain, nay, demonstrate to "the bad-guys" how to kill a cop, or someone else, what kind of weapon is required, and the type of ammunition needed! It's bad-enough people are intentionally knocking each other off, some call it gang warfare, but for a chief of police to reinforce what to do is stupid, stupid, stupid!

Normally, I keep my opinion of such political hot-potatoes to myself, but it's obvious to an exponentially growing number of "We-the-people" that something is very wrong within our police department, beginning at the top, which includes you too mayor. At the very least things are out of control, and at the very worst citizens are being killed at a rate that far exceeds police departments of similarly sized cities as Albuquerque and some much larger.

Mr. Mayor, picture yourself standing at the center of a locomotive turntable, (your office), and several freight trains are bearing down upon you at out of control speed, all at once. This is how I see your situation. The trains are from within the police, (and fire), department, but they also represent several citizen groups and their membership is rocketing upward, trust me.

This mornings Albuquerque Journal editorial speaks of 14 shootings, when the fact is that there have recently been 20 shootings, of which 14 have been fatalities. It's this form of protectionist reporting that festers like an open wound, to a point that it's hard to separate truth from lies. Mayor, the city and your administration of it is festering and the mis-management of APD is the wound. A good chief would have been proactive and immediately addressed the so-called bad apples, as referred too by Chief Schultz, within the department, instead of waiting for people to thumb their noses, and worse, having done-so publicly! Why have shootings occurred and the officer states he didn't deploy his taser because it didn't work! Why isn't assigned equipment being used in the manner intended? Why aren't officers utilizing audio and video recording devices as prescribed by standard operating procedure? I can go on for several pages but I will say this, now that the horses are out of the stable, "We-the-people" are invited to have a look inside, in the form of a damned dog-and-pony-show! Am I missing something here or is it just my blood boiling?

Mr. Mayor, I think it's time to cut-out the wound and begin the healing process, for the sake of us all. Although, I am a democrat, and because I believed you would be the breath of fresh air our fine city needed, I voted for you, but you haven't kept your end of campaign promises; you've simply bargained them away. Speaking for myself, I want to see a change in the top administration at APD, and for supervisors to ensure stricter adherence to policies and procedures by everyone in the department, yes that includes civilians too. It's a police agency, sir, not a bordello. As someone who helped manage a protective force of several hundred armed officers at a weapons laboratory, I know what it is to deal with a strong union on a day-to-day basis, and it starts with respect. Unfortunately, you, Chief Schultz, and most of his top command do not have the respect of subordinates and dog-and-pony-shows won't get you there.

Without needed change Mr. Mayor, I promise I will ask 100 people not to vote for you in the next election, explaining why, and I will ask that each approach 10 more, and so-on, until "We-the-people" have our say! Accordingly, we're also keeping our eyes on the city council and taking note of who listens to what we believe is in the best interest of our city, and for us who choose to live here. Until election day, your option is to hunker-down and weather the proverbial Department of Justice storm, or just continue to bury your head in the sand.


Lawrence Trujillo

Sep 1, 2011

Some Police Shootings are in Question; This One Is Not

APD’s most recent police shooting is legitimate. The Eye has taken an in-depth look into this case and the facts are undisputable. Our Eyes tell us that APD Officer James Purdue is one of the best; if not the best Officer in APD. Our Eyes tell us that Purdue is a mature, rational and seasoned officer. One senior high ranking retired APD officer stated, “Purdue’s background prior to and his service to APD and the community is impeccable! ‘I would trust Purdue with my life.’” There is not a story here in regard to illegal or inappropriate actions or behaviors on behalf of APD.

The incident occurred when 31 year old Michael Marquez, who was wanted for several violent armed robberies, was located and surrounded by police. Marquez has a long history of violent behavior. Below is a small list of facts concerning this violent felon and this incident:

• Convicted triple felon
• Convicted child rapist (14 year old girl)
• Convicted car thief
• Convicted of drug possession
• Registered sexual offender
• Armed with a stolen loaded military type assault weapon
• Felon in possession of a firearm
• A member of the violent Sureno’s 13 gang

Marquez should have been in a “comfy prison cell” in the Santa-Fe, New Mexico State Penitentiary. Marquez dictated the actions of police contrary to his brothers’ statement to a Journal photographer (read it here); “Bill Marquez, the suspect’s brother, told a Journal photographer that just because someone is a criminal does not mean they ‘should be treated like an animal.’” It is deploring and an insult for Marquez’s brother to compare this violent fleeing felon and child rapist to the innocents of an animal. The only truth to the Bill Marquez statement by proxy is; Michael Marquez was a criminal and chose how he wanted to be treated.

Michael Marquez was a criminal living a life of crime. There are consequences for violent criminal behavior; Marquez finally paid the price. When Marquez chambered a live round in his assault rifle while surrounded by police; what did he think was really going to happen? He knew there would be response and consequences for his actions. The victims that Marquez shoved a gun on and threaten and the 14 year old girl who Marquez raped; may now be able to start the healing process, knowing that Marquez is no longer a threat to them or anyone else.

Sidebar On the Channel 7 News, Schultz was bumbling and did not make any sense. We believe he was trying to say; the officers were familiar with the sound of a live round of ammunition being chambered into a firearm. Sidebar End

The Eye offers condolences’ to the family. No one wants to see another person die. Officer Purdue acted accordingly to stop the actions of an armed violent felon, Michael Marquez. Officer Purdue prevented Michael Marquez from hurting another human being.

The Eye believes this was clearly a legitimate and bona fide use of force. The Eye is positive that Purdue took no joy in having to terminate another person’s life; Purdue was only performing the job he was hired to do, “serve, protect and defend.” Marquez will no longer be a menace to society.

Is the Mayor a "Berry Good Liar?"

The Eye received the open letter below from Senior Sergeant Paul Heh (Ret). Apparently there is more to story we have yet to hear. Some say the “eyes are the window to the soul.” If this is true; we will be looking a lot deeper into Berry’s the next time we run into Mayor Berry…We all Know how much this Mayor loves our "Eyes."

To Mayor Richard Berry:

I have tried several times after the election to speak to you regarding concerns I have. You refused to speak to me, stating, “you were simply too busy.” I understand hectic schedules. I worked for APD for over 24 years. I worked from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., and then often times spent the entire day in court, only to come home and sleep for an hour, at most. Well guess what Mayor, I am retired and have all the time in the world to email you this letter.

As I am sure you remember I supported you when you were running for Mayor, when you told me you had no support. In case your memory has failed you, let me remind you of a few things: I made radio advertisements for you, I arranged “ride alongs” for you with officers of APD, I had several sit down meetings with you (sometimes weekly at Flying Star), we spoke at least three or four times a week by telephone. I rallied support for you from APD (AGAINST the endorsement of the APOA). I rallied support for you from AFD (long time supporters of Marty Chavez). I rallied support from various city employees. I rallied support for you from court employees, and even attorneys of all fields and party affiliations. I did this because I believed in what you told me. People voted for you because of what they were told, “what you stood for and what you believed in.”

You, Mr. Mayor, told me that upon your election the Chief of Police, Raymond Schultz, would be immediately replaced. In fact, you bolstered the fact that you would clean house from the fifth floor up. This was paramount in getting the support of the rank and file of the police department. Mr. Mayor to say you were disingenuous is a huge understatement and just a nice way of saying; YOU LIED!

The ink wasn't even dry on the ballots and you reappointed Raymond Schultz as Chief of Police. You told me that Public Safety was going to be your main concern and that ALL city employees were very important to you. You have made the Police Department, the Fire Department and City Employees your enemy. You have made a mockery out of Public Safety. You promised you would not fill the Public Safety Director position; you told me you felt it was a waste of taxpayer's dollars. This was a position you promised Darren White in August, three months before the election; yet, another one of your lies. Well Mr. Mayor, I feel you have made your position as Mayor a waste of taxpayer's dollars. I would ask you these questions: How did Darren White work out for you? How is Raymond Schultz working out for you?

You are destroying what I have dedicated 24 years of my life to, which had become a second family to me. I cannot sit silent and watch the good men and women of The Albuquerque Police Department suffer under your inept lack of leadership. In my opinion Mr. Mayor, you have no ethics, no integrity, and you, Mr. Mayor, are without any honor. If you would like to dispute what I have said here, I will happily meet you in any public forum of any time and place. Until then, take a long look in the mirror. That is your soul looking back at you; are you happy with what you see? You can lie, spin, and twist, but your soul knows the truth. Luckily for the citizens of Albuquerque and the members of APD and AFD, we are able to see the truth at last.

You will be hearing from me again Mr. Mayor. I will do everything in my power to make sure you do not get re-elected. I will not allow you to destroy APD, nor will I sit still and sit silent and watch you destroy the City of Albuquerque. If anyone wants to challenge me with what I have had to say, I will not answer anonymous challenges. I will meet anyone face to face in any public forum to answer their challenge.

Paul J. Heh
Senior Sergeant APD, (Ret.)