The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 21, 2016


Breaching the public's trust is unforgivable, but doing so to further your personal gain and stay in the good graces of a malfeasant and proven incompetent administration is a failure to a community that is being crapped on almost daily.

Diane Gibson and Brad Winter want to accuse the federal monitor of chucking bombs onto the process of reform, while casting doubt on his assessment? Remember Mayor Berry vetoing the city council vote to have the DoJ conduct this process? Maybe they should remember the constant roadblocks, and lies thrown out there by this administration in order to sabotage the DoJ investigation, like the email from Eden latently threatening employees over their cooperation with the DoJ in the final phases of their investigation. We here say that the time has come now for enforcement through punishment. There is a culture where these politicians have short memories when it comes to the past and their actions. They forget what they did yesterday. This administration buys cooperation through appointments. Was it a coincidence Winter was appointed to his APS position? There will be no reform as long as the selfish keep throwing illusions, influence and lies, in the way of the truth so that they are not the next enemy of this corrupt administration.

As we have said, the manipulators are hard at work attacking their critics. Berry and his administration play the passive aggressive word game of "we want to do the right thing, but they make it so hard," blame and redirect game, while playing the victim as they have their allies, who are indebted to them, or who will benefit from their cooperation, attack their critics. This is how they have played it for years.

Two of the most corrupting influences of government are money, and personal interests. Government is empowered to guard against the exploitation of their people. In Albuquerque, government has failed. It has intentionally failed. Replacement needs to come at all levels. and facets. ANYTHING SHORT OF A TOTAL HOUSE CLEANING ISN'T GOING TO MAKE A BIT OF A DIFFERENCE.

To know their game is to know these cowards. The tentacles of this administration reach out. They are all over the place. Every time you see someone back this failing administration, all you have to do is conduct a background check of associates to see they are directly connected and their motive for support is personal gain.

We think severity against this administration has not come close to terminal velocity.

Sep 17, 2016

Looks like no more barbecues in the Federal CASA.

Well... Well... Well... In the spirit of a downright wanton disregard for transparency, honesty, and forthright effort for reform, the City of Albuquerque mob attorneys, lead by miss ambitious sour puss face Jessica Hernandez, and henched by the APOA, with crooked, double talking, two faced attorney Fred Mowrer, decided to exhibit the audacity they are well known for while doing what they are known for best, when the the critical truth presents itself; they try to silence it.

We are not surprised at the above, who had the balls to ask that federal monitor James Ginger's Special Report, mentioned in yesterday's Eye article, be edited (BY THEM) because the truth hurt so much. We here at the Eye ask you to read the order issued by U.S. District Court Judge Robert C. Brack, putting the kibosh on that shit immediately. No doubt there was major disappointment down at the Cult of Co-Conspirators on the 4th, 5th, and 11th floors Downtown, when Ginger's ass ripping hit the Eyes of the world yesterday.

"Lost and Forfeited Opportunities" is the last Appendix in Ginger's Special report, and it is appropriately enumerated as as letter F. That is perfect, because as Mayor Berry ordered Eden and Schultz to always give themselves, and this administration an A, we all know they are all
F-ers. The last Albuquerque mayoral election was a lost and forfeited opportunity. Lost and forfeited should actually be at the tops of their birth certificates, and the birth certificates of a bunch of other culpable individuals who have fled, and a few that are still lingering like Jessica Hernandez's metastatic origin Kathryn Levy, the lynchpin, and mother of all liars who's modus operandi still lingers around this administration like a hot fart. The power of the above title means more than you know, because there is a golden opportunity to not lose, or forfeit any more opportunities to take the gloves off, hold accountable, and punish these dishonorable malfeasants. These creeps only understand aggressive enforcement, because they are bullies, and this is now what needs to happen. It should have happened long ago, but better late than never. The passive aggressive ring around the rosy needs to be over. No more barbecues. No more pizza parties. No... just getting to go to bed without your pudding. No! These delinquents need a federal belt across their collective weak asses, and a sentence to a locked room for a few years. When someone is indicted... when someone loses their career... when someone loses their pension... when someone loses their reputation... when someone loses their bank account... when someone loses their home... When someone gets their door kicked in with a federal search warrant... When someone gets shackled....THE SHIT WILL END! It is time for the taxpayer paying the price for the actions of these criminals, and their limitless public corruption defense fund to end. This administration has the mentality of children. They only make it appear as though they are doing what they are supposed to do when someone is watching over them. They need to be dealt with as such. In the case of this administration, no government is better than what we have. Yes, it's that bad. You all paid the city attorney to write this garbage that actually and ironically, if approved by the judge, would have kept you from seeing the truth. And if you think this was bad, just wait till you see what is coming down the pipeline for these cowards.

The City's argument is even trash. Wrong is wrong. Changing SOPs has no bearing on the moral compass addressed by Ginger.

As we have always said, deviation in patterns is where you can find vital signs of an issue. Before DoJ, this administration was in a furor to scapegoat officers, while lying and concealing evidence to say that officers were untruthful, and fire them, when indeed they were truthful, and reported their actions. They thought this would benefit them in keeping the DoJ from coming in. Now we have an administration that is covering for officers who lie, while lying and concealing to protect them when they failed to report their actions. They now think this will benefit them by stalling and fooling the DoJ into going away, or until they get to their pensions or next kick back scheme, pay to play, or investment scheme. We say Ginger is right, but it is more devious. It is intentional.

The leadership of APD are failures. This sums it up:
"At present, in our judgement, APD does not have sufficient organizational capacity to guarantee that use of force investigations of all types confirm to professional standards and CASA mandates"

Eye on Albuquerque Translation:

APD Leadership is deficient, incompetent, arrogant, arbitrary, capricious, duplicitous, two faced, fraudulent, compromised, malfeasant, and criminal in their behavior. They are intentionally bucking the CASA, and if they did have a semblance of competency, they lack the honor and integrity to choose to do the right thing anyway, so reform with these assholes at the wheel is futile. The ship will sink, unless we toss the rats overboard.

In light of some current court cases and this mess, City Attorney Hernandez should be barred from representing the city in the reform process and fired. She is a smug, ambitious little princess, who should be relegated to babysitting that bloated, parasitic tick of a CAO Robert Perry.


Since we all know this administration's penchant for retaliation, concerning those who hold them accountable, like politically attacking district attorneys with malicious prosecution, retaliating on whistleblowers, employees who go against their culture, and citizens who go after the city for various injustices, we wonder what they would like to do to the Monitor and his team, along with the federal judge. Yes, they are that stupid and foolish.

Reading Ginger's report, you can see that the Federal Monitor has had to deal with the same shit from the city as defense and civil attorneys, oversight investigators, the media, wronged employees, and citizens have had to deal with for years. Now is the time to force THEM.

To know what one's enemy fears the most, watch what they do to their enemies. It's time for a little medicine to be administered. The DoJ needs to declare weapons free on this administration.

We have also been told the APD Sargent who scared the living shit out of his wife after she confronted him about an infidelity, is now occupying that same cushy CHAIR RIDE TO RETIREMENT that Lieutenant Brachle enjoyed as he was protected, and ushered to retirement. This Sargent has a little over a year to get to retirement, and the powers to be plan to get him there. Lips are sealed on this incident, as far as the city goes.

Berry probably should not run for election or re-election.

Sep 16, 2016


KRQE shows a gilded turd.


Where have all those sleeve hashes gone Gorden? Why have you removed them?
Is it because you are a fraud? A while back, the poser police chief of the Albuquerque Police department was called out about his years of service sleeve hashes; 16 gold bars running down his weak left arm. Each one of those bars represents 2 years of service. Last year KRQE's reporter at the time Tina Jensen did a story on it where former APD Commander David Gilmore split his ass in half over the issue, and likened Eden's fraud to "STOLEN VALOR."

Suddenly, after that story aired Gordon Eden, or his seamstress removed not one, or a few, but all of his little gold bars off of all of his medium uniform blouses. Folks, the upper command structure of APD is staffed with fakes, liars, cowards, creeps, perverts, and has absolutely no command presence. They have proven this time and time again, and we are hearing another bit of proof is in the pipeline. But until then, lets dissect this police chief, shall we.

Mr. Eden claims to have been a police officer for about 27 years. A police officer?!
Hmmmmmm... Some real police officers may take offense to this because Mr. Eden has not fit that definition much, if at all.

Def. as taken from Wiki
A police officer, also known as a policeman, police agent, or by slang terms, is a warranted law employee of a police force. In the United States, "officer" usually is the formal name of the lowest police rank. In many other countries, "officer" is a generic term not specifying a particular rank, and the lowest rank is often "constable". In some nations the use of the rank "officer" is legally reserved for military personnel. Police officers are generally charged with the apprehension of criminals and the prevention and detection of crime, protection and assistance of the general public, and the maintenance of public order. Police officers may be sworn to an oath, and have the power to arrest people and detain them for a limited time, along with other duties and powers. Some police officers may also be trained in special duties, such as counter-terrorism, surveillance, child protection, VIP protection, civil law enforcement, and investigation techniques into major crime including fraud, rape, murder, and drug trafficking. Although many police officers wear a corresponding uniform, some police officers are plain-clothed in order to dissimulate as ordinary citizens.

We here at the Eye would like to add to this, Sir Robert Peel's nine principles.

The nine principles were as follows:
1.To prevent crime and disorder, as an alternative to their repression by military force and severity of legal punishment.

2.To recognize always that the power of the police to fulfill their functions and duties is dependent on public approval of their existence, actions and behavior, and on their ability to secure and maintain public respect.
3.To recognize always that to secure and maintain the respect and approval of the public means also the securing of the willing co-operation of the public in the task of securing observance of laws.

4.To recognize always that the extent to which the co-operation of the public can be secured diminishes proportionately the necessity of the use of physical force and compulsion for achieving police objectives.

5.To seek and preserve public favor, not by pandering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolutely impartial service to law, in complete independence of policy, and without regard to the justice or injustice of the substance of individual laws, by ready offering of individual service and friendship to all members of the public without regard to their wealth or social standing, by ready exercise of courtesy and friendly good humor, and by ready offering of individual sacrifice in protecting and preserving life.

6.To use physical force only when the exercise of persuasion, advice and warning is found to be insufficient to obtain public co-operation to an extent necessary to secure observance of law or to restore order, and to use only the minimum degree of physical force which is necessary on any particular occasion for achieving a police objective.

7. To maintain at all times a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and that the public are the police, the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.

8.To recognize always the need for strict adherence to police-executive functions, and to refrain from even seeming to usurp the powers of the judiciary of avenging individuals or the State, and of authoritatively judging guilt and punishing the guilty.

9.To recognize always that the test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, and not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with them.

Many have seen these principles, and we all know that the APD command staff did not uphold these as officers and do not today as they continue to ruin the city with Berry at the helm as Mayor. FMB!

Mr. Eden worked at the New Mexico State Police, the New Mexico Department of Public Safety, the New Mexico Attorney Generals' Office, as the Director of the NM Motor Vehicles division, NM Department of Public Safety Cabinet Secretary, and APD police Chief. For ten years he wore a uniform in the NMSP, as a police officer does, then from there it was appointment after appointment. Laughably, shortly after becoming a state police office, he went inside to work as at the state police academy. Any old salt street cop who cut their teeth out there getting to know their beat, protecting their citizens, and getting scuffed up fighting crime knows what this guy is all about... Himself. We told you a while back we were going to do this, and here it is.
As Mr. Eden Gypsied himself around, getting appointed politically by cronies as he did here, he tried a stint in the private sector for a year and a half (it didn't last long did it?) in Illinois, at Northwestern Universitie's Center for Public Safety, as a teacher. Not too stable of a work history, as would be considered by an employer. Ten years was the longest stint. A whole lot of moving around. Oh, and Mr. Eden got his bachelors degree from a University of Phoenix in Business Administration. Do cops run businesses? Sometimes, but Mr. Eden was not, and is not in police work for the right reasons, or because he wanted to be a cop. He is in it for the profit, and all the wrong reasons that ruin a police department, because personal agenda has no place in law enforcement, neither does the illegal agendas of your bosses. You see, a fraud can only get what he is given, and he can only hide his incompetence with the help of others who are frauds for a short time, until they are outted, and have to seek another hiding spot.

As the officer's career develops, and if he or she chooses to promote, they become an investment to the department, and community, and they buy in to committing to improve their community, and give back, just as they benefit from what their community, and department give them. If you take the job of a police officer, it is an investment and buy in. You love your calling. Not these guys. It is all about political connections, personal enrichment, power, greed, perversion, perks, networking. When things stop working for them, they take their ball and go home. They are gypsies and they care nothing about fixing what is broken. They will say anything you want to hear, they will cry crocodile tears at in line of duty officer funerals, they will hold your hand at vigils for murder victims, while they look down, and fake sadness, meanwhile, they will torch the cop who upholds the above principles and loses sleep, and sometimes their job over the way a once great profession has been torn apart by these self serving malfeasant cowards.

Being a compassionate, competent, vigilant, good cop is not about photo ops, and doing things for publicity. It is about doing things for the right reasons.

There is a saying that you can gild a turd, but under that gold it's still just a turd. These frauds lead by Mayor Berry, and his punk CAO Robert Perry ARE turds that have fleeced this city. Gorden Eden is a turd. The department is full of self serving turds. The Mayor's office is loaded with turds, and the City Attorney's office IS a turd. The turds need to be flushed.

Please take time out to read our friends, the Albuquerque Free Press today to see today's release of federal monitor James Ginger's special report ripping APD over non leadership.

All the gold in the world can't make a turd something it is not, but a real good enema can.

Sep 14, 2016

Why is it hard to just say LIAR?

The double standard still applies. We were recently sent copies of a complaint filed that may on its face, to some seem minor, but knowing what we know.... it is not. BECAUSE, IF IT WAS YOU, it would be a different ball game and we all know this involves another "CONTRACT" with the city.

We have seen the games being played concerning no bid contracts, Taser, Redflex, and APD equipment contracts being awarded to buddies of Ray Schultz. This investigation was intentionally stalled, because it may lead to bigger issues, like laws being broken to get a contract.

One thing is for sure, a liar we knew was a liar, is now being called a liar right here on paper. Read page 3 paragraph 2. The CPOA recently called former Albuquerque employee Robin Hammer a liar. They said she uttered an untruth. We say, call it what it is; a lie. She lied. They not only accuse her of lying, but they say she tampered with an investigation and changed findings to cover for some "unknowns in APD. Well, we have our suspicions who those unknowns are. As you read these documents, you will see that an employee at the dealership involved in this was fired. Hmmmmmm.... It seems there is always collateral accountability for everyone connected to the filthy things that go on, except for those connected to this administration. Just who was the chief during this awarded contract? Would it be called an "untruth" if it were you?

How is it that the CPOA can not find out who the unknown subject is who assigns vehicles to officers? They can find a needle in the haystack when it benefits them. Well, we guess if you can lose hard drives and cell phones, you can lose anything.

The cancer spreads.

Sep 9, 2016

A tale of two faces... Oops, We mean two Facebooks.

The Hatch Act : It’s not just for federal employees anymore!
The Hatch Act of 19391 (“Hatch Act”) was originally enacted to prevent federal employees from participating in partisan political activity, thereby curtailing corruption in the political process. In 1940, the law was expanded to cover state and local employees whose salaries are paid, in part, by federal funds or whose duties are connected to federally funded activities. In the 1940s and 1970s, the Hatch Act was appealed to the United States Supreme Court on the grounds that it violated free speech but both times, the high court upheld the constitutionality of the prohibitions. In 1993, the law was amended to clarify that federal, state and local employees maintain certain rights to engage in personal, off-duty, voluntary partisan activity, speech and expression. Despite the clarification that off-duty speech is protected, the statutory restrictions of the Hatch Act can have serious implications for federal, state and local government employees as well as those individuals who interact with these covered employees. Because of this, it is useful for all government affairs attorneys to have a basic familiarity with the Hatch Act and its restrictions.
The prohibitions contained in the Hatch Act can be summarized as follows: covered employees may not: (1) be candidates for public office in a partisan election; (2) use official authority or influence to interfere with or affect the results of an election; or (3) directly or indirectly coerce contributions from subordinates in support of a political candidate.2 Alleged violations of the Hatch Act are investigated by the United States Office of Special Counsel. If, following an investigation, there is evidence of a violation, a written complaint for disciplinary action may be filed with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (“MSPB”) where a trial-like proceeding will be held. After consideration of the record, the MSPB will determine if discipline is warranted. Importantly, if discipline is warranted, the penalty may be forfeiture of employment.

Taken in part from a letter written by By John A. Knapp and Tammera R. Diehm Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.

With the above aforementioned excerpt in mind, we would now like to know why one of our favorite public delay, and disinformation communication outreach directors for the Albuquerque Police department would have two Facebook pages. Hmmmmm...

You see, one seems to be a personal page, where she is heavily campaigning for her husband Diego Espinosa, who is running on the Republican ticket for the District 9 New Mexico Senate seat against Sen. John Sapien, and the other one lists her as a Community outreach Director for the Albuquerque Police Department, with a direct link to APD from that page. You can check out both links below:

Where things get a little funny is one... This is one of the main spokespersons for the biggest police department in the state, which neighbors District 9, and two...there are personal contact and police department advertisement spillover onto her personal page, where she is promoting her husband's campaign. Not only that... but on the Facebook page listing her as being employed by APD. She has a link to her husband's official campaign page there. Look lower right at the bottom.

Is this fair? We will hold off on assumptions of what goes on behind the scenes, but we are not stupid. With the way facebook news feeds work, we think this is a mighty inappropriate way to try and circumvent ethical practices of using an advantageous public position for personal gain and political influence.

With all of that aside even..... Mrs. Espinoza has dodged the media on information issues, given the citizens the run a round on IPRA requests, not returned calls for statements, and carried the water for this filthy corrupt administration. There are sayings like "Birds of a feather." We wonder. Considering what Republicans like Coward Berry have done to this city, and his pizzahhh party buddy Suzanaaaa Martinez, along with Jay McCleskey's plans, people are getting fed up with the schemes, croneyism, political bullshit, lies, and phony smile in your face to get your vote nonsense.

Look at the below screen shots our Eyes in the field have gathered before it all disappears. You be the judge. There seems to beca lot of spillover back and forth.

And just for the record, courageous men face scrutiny, they don't run away from it, make youtube videos to dodge the media, or hide until things blow over. Holy men do not politically attack people, lie under oath, or send their officers in harms way, unprepared during a riot, to look like a savior in the public's eyes. Holy men are not self serving. Compassionate men do not sacrifice their Officers, by scapegoating them to protect themselves, and a true leader surely does none of this. Do they Chief Eden? But some people will just say anything. We here at the Eye hope you enjoyed your birthday cake at work while those tangled in the mess you continue to perpetuate continue on. We are disgusted!


Folks, you can consider this part two to Edward Harness's shit show called the CPOA. We are going to post up two videos to show you exactly what civil conspiracy to violate civil rights, and a blatant federal whistleblower violation / retaliation looks like. You see, just prior to this fraud put upon city council on 9-8-16 in our video #2, Edward Harness, and the woman CPOA board member he is speaking to, who is acting like she heard this for the first time, rehearsed this dog and pony show two days prior on 9-6-16, as seen in the previous blog post and here in video #1. We believe the woman in this video is Joanne Fine. Mrs. Fine may be a good actor, but she needs a lesson in ethics, fairness, objectivity, and humanity. Her perspective is perverted by the uneducated crusade she is on, and her overblown sense of self importance. Well, Mrs Fine, you are no better than anyone else. Maybe you should walk a mile in someone else's shoes before you go judging them, because by the looks of you, your attitude, and arrogant demeanor, you could have never physically done an officer's job, nor can you wrap your head around the concept of police work.  

We here ask you to view these videos, and make your own mind up. This is how they manipulate everyone, and everything. This should be of importance to anyone who is trying to figure out why the wheels of justice work in reverse here and why decisions like this defy reasoning. They do whatever they want, whenever they want. 



Notice how this was not on the agenda just like all of the other shady things they pull on people.
Many have asked why officers have no problem with cameras in the room for their hearings under the open meetings act. Many others have noticed and seen how many on the other side object violently to being recorded. This is why, and it is only skimming the surface.

Sep 7, 2016


Back on June 8th of 2016 we here at the Eye did a story on the Albuquerque Police Department academy director. You can see it here:

Princess Jessica

Back then we told you about a story concerning a whistleblower incident, involving timesheet fraud that was uncovered by an APD sergeant who stood up and did the right thing. Now we are going to expose the fraud, and connections that are the absolute reason that there exists a culture within APD of why officers, and employees do not speak out against the corruption. The culture of retaliation exists right in the face of of the Department of justice. Those responsible for accountability are betraying society for their own selfish reasons. As a matter of fact, it has gotten more blatant, with intentional targeting of individuals through a flawed Police Oversight Board. In APD, those who complain become the defendant.

APD Sergeant Adam Anaya was cleared of any wrongdoing for accessing NCIC to identify a suspicious, shady individual was who committed a misdemeanor, by third party recording a conversation this Sergeant was having on his lunch. He was having this break with other police department employees who were attending training at the APD police academy, regarding use of force. He was cleared because he did nothing wrong. That is the way the system is supposed to work. Not here though, especially when there is an agenda of retaliation when they want to get you by any means necessary, because you exposed and humiliated them.

We have been hinting that we were going to expose a mole within the Civilian Police Oversight Board as we have been gathering evidence from various resources within our network of Eyes. Now you are about to be given a glimpse into how Berry and Perry's criminal enterprise manipulates all avenues to affect public opinion, direct investigations, tamper with the federal reform process, and guide everything in the direction of their own personal agendas to cover for widespread public corruption and malfeasance.


If you watch the below youtube video, and pay attention to the subtle cues, you will notice the preconceived opinions of board members being manipulated by the Executive Director of the Civilian Police Oversight Board, Edward Harness, as he slightly plays on those opinions to get them to reopen the case against a Sergeant who did the right thing. Notice how he lets the two women express their already tainted view of the situation with comments like now "there's a catch all," (unprofessional in our opinion). Notice how Harness knows exactly what went down but allows the board members to elevate their hysteria (3:20) already making their minds up that there is a pattern. We say what pattern Mr. Harness? They were all unique and differing circumstances. Vastly! Harness throws out former officer Hindi's name along with officer Sanchez for illegally accessing NCIC. Hindi did not access NCIC for illegal reasons. He in fact wrote a report on it. Sanchez on the other hand did access NCIC and that information found it's way into the hands of a person who had a restraining order against them. That information was the address of the restraining order petitioner! Again, we say what pattern? Three cases where the disparity and duplicity is so egregious in the way they were handled that one female officer keeps her job after possibly exposing a citizen to life threatening further domestic violence. One officer was fired for audio taping an investigator, and writing a report that he did so, (He ran the investigator in order to get the person info for his police report so that he could tag it into evidence) (Standard procedure) (This investigator lied about being intimidated after she was questioned in the investigation against Hindi) and now a police Sergeant who is having a case reopened against him after he was cleared.

Now for the good part. Here is where the scheme unravels, and the administration mole presents himself. The complainant in this case is Mister Tyler. Mister Tyler is Jessica Tyler's husband. He is also friends with one of the individuals who got hemmed up in the timesheet fraud investigation spawned by Sgt. Anaya stepping up. No coincidence here folks. There are no coincidences here at all. It is all intentional. You see. Mister Harness fails to tell the board the real shit, like him being in the class with the complainant, (and husband of Jessica Tyler) who filed the civilian police complaint, (CPC) and as Adam Anaya was indirectly threatened with being demoted by Jessica Tyler after she entered the room in a tirade threatening those critical of APD. Notice how Harness downplays the crime of third party recordings by saying Tyler (May) have taken a picture. If Edward Harness had done his job, he would know exactly what Robert Tyler did because the guy is his complainant. And you want to talk about abusing their position and illegally accessing NCIC to break the law, and retaliate on a whistleblower? Lets talk about Tyler having his wife Jessica call police radio to find out who ran her Husband's plate through NCIC, then providing that NCIC information to a non APD employee who is friends with those being investigated through an investigation spawned by this Sergeant. What a wicked web we weave. Mr. Harness should not even have taken this complaint. This is a blatant conflict of interest. He didn't tell the board that, now did he?

Brass tacks is, the board does not know police procedure. Not a knock to them, but they are influenced by what they see in the media, and lack common sense perspective that comes with training, and hands on experience. This deficiency is being exploited by Mr Harness. The hands of this administration are through out the CPOA. Notice how in the video he plays on the board's conspiracy theory mindset, and sense of urgency to get them to file an appeal within the 7 day time frame to reopen the case. Mr. Harness plants the half seed and sits back to watch it grow. He is a manipulator.

Things are getting clearer. It seems as though Mr. Harness sees this assignment as a way to bolster his resume, make political connections, and promote himself. We say this because we know sincerity, and a genuine item when we see it. We see nothing but a fake front here. Mr. Harness gets to attend training at APD. He has been seen hanging out with certain APD brass, he promotes Jessica Tyler like a fan on his Twitter page. ( ) As a matter of fact, he can't promote himself anymore than he does on that page. Look as he tweets board decisions, and talks about how important he is.

Many people say what they think people want to hear in order to get what they want. Harness said in a newspaper article that he has strong investigative skills, both from his work as a police officer and as an attorney. We would like to know how. Lets break it down from an educated perspective shall we, because we have many seasoned 20 and 30 year old salt street cops who say you never know everything. That is humbleness though. Genuine.

Looking at Mr. Harness's dossier, he attended law school almost simultaneously with being employed with the police department. Now, we all know how demanding full time college can be, let alone law school. We also know the demands, and unpredictability of police shift work, changing assignments, and court appearance obligations that conscientious police employees face. We would love to see this person's work attendance record. Somewhere, being a cop had to be put aside for that law degree. It seems as though Mr. Harness used that time to concentrate on being a lawyer. Mr. Harness claims 6 years as a police officer. We bet that counts his academy time. We all know what goes on when you go to school, and work full time folks.

We here at the Eye are getting information that Mr. Harness is not being objective in his investigations, that he is not interviewing witnesses in cases where it appears he wants to protect APD brass, and he is turning civilian evidence requests into IPRAs, in order to skirt their presentation by, saying it is too burdensome. In some instances he has actually been antagonistic towards citizens, seeking transparency and accountability, alienating them, and intimidating them from doing what we want, seeking answers, truthful objective answers. In short order, he is playing the same old games the city plays as an inside double agent. Argue with us, and we will provide even more proof.

Enough is enough. Berry and Perry have engineered every aspect of control, by putting their people in place, or constructing inappropriate tentacles of influence that reach through safeguards to effectively keep the cap on their corruption, while fooling you into thinking something is being done as they enact safeguards to protect their buddies who may get caught up in the process. They are a Herpes Simplex Virus. City council is oblivious to it, easily baffled by big words, and bloviated expressions of feigned accomplishments. Essentially, they are having their cake, and eating it too. And those who are in positions of trust are complicit. The system is compromised. We are sick of it. If you are not a part of the solution you ARE the problem. GTFO!

Sep 6, 2016


Be sure to pick up the September 7, 2016 edition of the ABQ Free Press where Dennis Domrzalski exposes the deadly side of “nature at play” at APD, and Dan Klein discusses why professional police don’t do a "Perp Walk".

Quote Roof Perry Now Unquote

Back in the summer of 2012 the city kicked Quote Unquote, a 30 year old community access center for public programming out of their offices and studio. This organization had provided a public television access platform to those in the Albuquerque community for all of these years. You may ask why now Eye? Well, sometimes it takes a while to see the full picture. Sometimes it takes a little while to see why people do what they do. We see it on this one now.

These people were kicked out, and their audio and video library was taken wrongfully. You see, at times they were critical of the wrongdoings within the city administration and the forum they provided to those with evidence of this intimidated corrupt city officials who would have the light shined on them in such a forum. They can't have citizens voices be heard if it will expose them. In true tyrannical fashion their property was locked up, and their things were wrongfully taken.

Here is an article briefly explaining:

Fast forward to today, and what our eyes have told us

You see, another unexplainable no bid type competitive contract was awarded to this new company called Upublic, and someone is their staunch supporter without a leg to stand on in light of their deficient performance; our very own mister tough guy Rob Redfaced Perry, the bloated tick. Rob is buddies with Metz.

Watch and listen to this video where he babbles, and has no valid reason for hooking up his cronies. Watch him fumble and bumble like an idiot. Of course his city attorney has to hold his hand. WATCH THIS VIDEO PEOPLE!

We all know this loose cannon's penchant for threatening media outlets with information cutoffs for negative publicity stories, his arrogance in extorting hearing officers to change personnel board hearing officer decisions in favor of the city, then firing them and violating their contracts and civil rights when they don't cave in to his felonious behavior, his out of control, drunken behavior at police shootings, as he has his family members drive him to the scenes, his erratic behavior while petting puppies at the pet shelter, his unexplainable presence at the Han crime scene, threatening Fire Department protestors, his baiting and escalation of anti-corruption protestors, the tens of thousands of dollars in exponentially multiplying raises, and his intimidating of citizens at city council meetings. This coward is actually a defendant in a lawsuit when he was involved with another city attorney in the parking garage of Civic Plaza, where they accosted a citizen who had attended a city council meeting that day. The list and pattern of this racketeering, mob like behavior goes on and on. Now we have this. Now we know why some people can do whatever they want, and nothing is done. It is because they do the dirty things for the filthy who call the shots. You see Mark "office masturbater" Shepherd was the enforcer on this one; the one sent to do the dirty work to Quote Unquote, and fat Rob is all about extortion.

Money is made between the lines
There is a lot more to this scheme than meets the EYE. NOT OUR EYES THOUGH!
This scam involves making the bandwidth that cable channels operate on look as if its worth a fraction of what it really is, while Perry sells these channels to Comcast for pennies on the dollar. The Comcast proposal for purchase of 6 of the 9 public access channels from the City of Albuquerque was for a total of $250,000. These channels are worth an estimated $1.3 million EACH! No surprise this was done behind closed doors. Who is getting rewarded? Who's family member will all of the sudden get an executive position with this company? We saw all of thus with Taser and Schultz.

On top of all of this, we are being told that three very important pieces of production equipment, worth tens of thousands (called tricasters) each are unaccounted for, but may be being lent to to hollywood studios that are here in Abq., Why? Who is getting their back scratched on the back end of this one? A favorite church of the Abq. police department may have one too. We will let you guess what that one is. Someone is trying to leave a Legacy of corruption here folks. Also, the property that Perry's buddies at Upublic moved into was renovated, and no permits were filed with the city. Of course. Maybe Perry's buddy Metz knows what's up?

Here's the back story:

Someone needs to be launched out of this city and into a prison cell. The feds need to open up an investigation into this, and add it to the festering pile called Albquerque Corruption.

Thank you to our Eyes.