The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 23, 2016


We here at the EYE have noticed a trend here in our city and state.
As those who do bad things to others, are selfish, perverted, arrogant, and are just plain outright disgusting representations of a somewhat human form get caught, called out, and hunted down, they vapor. That's right, those who would otherwise have everyone fooled into thinking they are pillars of the establishment, are being exposed. As with what happens with a weak, superficial, fraudulent, knockoff, it can't take the heat and light; much like a SNOWFLAKE. It may not snow much here in Albuquerque, but it sure is a target rich SNOWFLAKE environment. So, in the name of the everyone gets an award philosophy, we do not want to leave anyone out, especially those self serving attention seekers. The deserving recipients will be bestowed monthly, sometimes two and three at a time, because we here at the Eye have an unorthodox way of getting our message across, but we do get it across.

Jun 21, 2016


In the spirit of breaking news first, and bringing good news about bad apples, some say no news is good news, and some say better late than never. We here at the Eye would like to say we told you so. Our EYES have told us that the State Police conducted criminal investigation against APD employees Eric Jordan and James Geha, will now be forwarded to the District Attorney for a good Ol' Grand Jurying! Well, two faced Bob.... What was that about them having nothing? No comment, huh? That is what we here at the EYE thought, tough guy. Our Eyes tell us there are at least 20 counts of crimes coupled with conspiracy charges. Well..... It is about time.

When things like this happen in such a target rich, corrupted environment, it could lead to reduced actions, or penalties to those who cooperate in the name of self preservation. We can only hope the rolling and squealing, and wailing, weeping and gnashing of teeth will commence with much more intensity.

The realization that there is a core group of malfeasants at large in this city administration is no mystery to us, here at the Eye. We will be on the forefront in the future in exposing this corruption, and all actors involved, because there needs to be public accountability.
We wonder if at the end of this there will be enough shackles for the guilty.

Stay tuned folks... as the bunker mentality at the Albuquerque Police Department goes into full effect, and our coward absentee mayor becomes more absentee. We will be preempting their every attempt at damage control with the truth.

We wonder who is next in the APD RETIRE, AND RUN POOL.

We here at the EYE do not have phony baloney coffee cup awards, like the deflecting, hide and go seek mayor of Albuquerque, but if we did, we would give one to the officer who stood up, and did the right thing in this case. It took a lot of guts, and hopefully more will follow in his footsteps. This is an example of a man who sticks by the oath he took. There will be no tolerance for retaliation against this man. Any actions against this individual that comes to the attention of the EYE will come to the attention of the entire world. Liars, cheats, malfeasants, the corrupt, vindictive, immature, retaliatory, tormentors have pushed things to a new level. It is over.

Those in the know have whispered, while knowing what has been going on for years. The whispering is over. The yelling is going to start, and the knowledge that you can not make a perfect omelette without breaking a few eggs is going to be evident. A word to the wise....
Stay away from the lies... and you will not be the subject of our EYES.
Stay tuned folks, because as with everything involving APD this one has as many twists as a a New Mexico Corn maze.

Our eyes are telling us that the cruds over at the Albuquerque (journal) Urinal are at it again, with their smear, and distraction tactics, over a controversial shooting and the concealment of a very damning (for them) Internal Affairs investigation file #I14-99. They will be blabbing about chicken wings at a bar and massages. We will let the Urinal run their garbage, then rip it apart in usual fashion, and expose the leak from within the administration that is in cahoots with the Urinal, and why they are orchestrating this distraction now. OH SCREW IT..... THEY ARE DOING THIS TO DISTRACT ATTENTION AWAY FROM THESE UPCOMING INDICTMENTS..... 1000 pages of you are a criminal coming to a DA's office near you! Do we really have enough shackles for all of the corruption here!?!?!

Yes! That is right! The filthy forces at work are planning this up coming article with the city to distract away from this breaking bad news for them.

We will be having more news about massive retaliation, and conspiracy from a newly hired city official involved in another whistleblower lawsuit very shortly. You will be very surprised to see who is willing to do the city's dirty work, when it comes to promoting their own personal agenda. Maybe this clown can be impressed with himself the next time he is swilling an IPA IN THE SPORTS BAR, AND HE IS THE NEWEST TOPIC ON THE NIGHTLY NEWS.

Jun 17, 2016


We here at the Eye will post links to relevant stories concerning events in our environment involving corruption, information leaks, malfeasance, retaliation, hostile work environment, harassment, and game playing, while also commending good work, and progress, from time to time, among many other issues. Today, for the second time this week, we would like to commend another officer for his tenacity in fighting for what is right, and having courage. Congratulations Jeremy Romero! We know, nothing will replace what you have lost, and the time wasted stressing over these scum bags, but it is good to see a win for once, in a stacked system, where those doing these sorts of things to people have gone virtually unchecked and protected, while defrauding the courts. In Jeremy's fight, he has perfectly outlined how one act of treachery committed against a good man, out of childish, criminal vindictiveness, can have a ripple effect throughout a period of time, multiplying it's negative effects on the victim, and those close to the victim, like ripples in a pond, or domino effect.  This is a very important case, because this behavior is the norm here at all levels in the City of Albuquerque too. For this man, doing the right thing resulted in a chain reaction of further bad conduct, compounded by more lies, conspiring, and gang behavior to cover for filth, who know better, and have no place holding the positions they do. There are bullies in this state, who perpetuate their coward ways, and attacks, by making phone calls to their network of cowards, and we will be naming all of them. There will be no more hiding for you gutless vermin.


We urge our readers to check out the above link to the Santa Fe New Mexican published yesterday. See the story, and get an idea of how long it takes justice to work it's way through the lagging, failing, (sometimes intentionally delayed to attempt to protect the careers of the guilty) system, for the individuals in this state who have been maliciously, and willfully wronged.

There are current whistle blower lawsuits in the pipeline involving IPRA requests, and falsifying documents to cover for this administration, while defrauding the courts, and attempting to appear proper in the eyes of the DoJ. Those battles are ongoing, and like this case, will show the blatant arrogance, and disregard for the rights of others by the usual suspects, who have ruined lives for their own personal gain.

There is a core group of people responsible for taking all, from a few, for their own personal advancement and gain. The days of attacking those who fight back are over, because the numbers of the fed up are growing, and they are educated in the ways you have connived, cheated, and lied to get away with your actions. You are filthy rats.

There will be some welcomed criminal accountability coming very soon. Get your flip flops and toothbrushes cowards, because you will need them. The endings to these stories need to go further than civil payouts. There needs to be severe criminal accountability for these actions. When these culprits are taken from their homes, placed into orange jumpsuits, and made to live in a cell for a few years, while THEIR families are forced to deal with the justifiable embarrassment, lack of income, and reduced quality of life, there will be a drastic shift in behavior. Or..... Much more fleeing. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

We urge our readers to read the Albuquerque free press, and comment on articles when necessary. Also, check out the Santa Fe New Mexican, because they are both asking the hard questions, and exposing the corruption.

Again, God bless you, and your family Jeremy. You are a fine example of the rank and file making a difference.

Jun 16, 2016


Last night, after a car chase and gun battle, another Albuquerque police officer was shot. If it were not for his vest, the officer would be in bad shape. This officer has himself, and his fellow officers to thank for surviving this encounter, and being able to go home to his family. These officers are out there day in, and day out, doing their jobs, despite not being backed by an administration that rewards poor behavior, while seeking out scape goats to throw under the bus for doing their jobs. (This officer probably wouldn't have been provided a vest if Gordon Eden deemed vests inflammatory and inciting to the public) This has been done to fool the many eyes who know what the corruption issues are, into thinking it surely is not them. We here at the Eye would like to thank, and commend this officer, and all those out there with him, during this event, for having double the courage of most people in this world, and still doing what they had to do in an opportunistic fratricidal environment, created by a corrupt self serving administration, while facing a deadly threat out on a rampage, and winning. Thank you for your dedication, and know that we are right beside you. God bless you, and your families. There are actually people out there who would hatefully condemn our words for the rank and file. They know where they can go.

For those of you who want to blanket attack those out there doing their jobs every day, and getting it from both ends, with very little protection from self serving individuals at every turn, your comments referencing our disclaimer, only bring attention to your own hypocrisy. When your comment is "repetitive in nature," and does nothing to make anything better, through constructive, or destructive behavior, followed with constructive measures, you only show that you have an agenda, and that you are a fraud. It is ironic that anyone who has the types of things in their background that some do, have the guts to cite any rules, from anywhere in defense of themselves when we here at the Eye have true examples of "hate, foulness, attacks, perverseness, corruption, entitlement and arrogance and slander" that have YET to be exposed. We advise those tired of the attention, to either get some bark on your trees, or change your behavior, because you ain't seen nothing yet. Better yet, get your own blog. This is what is great about America. This is our house.

Over the years the Eye has been critical of all forms of corruption, and misbehaving. We here at the Eye will not explain anything to hypocrites. For those who have no barometer of just how far is far, rest assured that we here are in possession of facts, and information that will broaden your horizons infinitely, should you choose to keep poking the bear. When you are involved in sending OR RECEIVING explicit videos of yourself through electronic means, when you are a media figure, public figure, or in trouble for breaking the law, do not attempt to take the moral high ground, and play victim with counter accusations. When you lead a hypocritical life of perverseness, beat your wife, steal money, retaliate against innocent people who expose you, you are warned to know your place, and take a walk. You made your bed. You sleep in it. Let this be a warning. Grow up. Put your grown up pants on, and own it. Any individual who dares attempt to silence the Eye will be met with overwhelming intel, of which we here have been using much unappreciated and unrecognized restraint with. To those out there who can not take the heat of the fight, get out of the kitchen. To the cowards who want to hide behind people, because they know they are wrong, you better check YOUR facts, pick your fights, and be careful what you wish for. You you may not like what you find. If we here at the Eye even get the whiff of a threat towards our work, you will be presented with the undeniable evidence of the behavior of your "professional victims" in ways that pale in your ability to comprehend. Please do not mistake our kindness, patience and or silence in some matters, as a weakness, or inability to go to war. Laugh now at the misfortune of good individuals, and what you THINK you have gotten away with, and what you THINK no one knows, and you will be crying later. Undestand if your correspondence stays where it wound up; in the SPAM folder.

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Eye.

Jun 15, 2016

From retired APD Captain David Gilmore

Albuquerque's leadership allowed for the continued stoning of our police officers, the destruction of property and the national media had a frenzy rubbing it in our collective noses.  In California, the next day, their officers utilized the required force and took the anarchist out of the picture.  Albuquerque can now be referred to as Baltimore II.

Under the current administration our police department has been reduced to the point that it can barely protect itself.  They had to know events were going to turn violent, and from all appearances they were totally unprepared for it.  Listening to an afternoon radio talk show I heard the APD spokespeople defend their actions during the riot.  Sorry, I and a number of the citizens are not buying it.  One of the primary objectives of riot control is to remove the instigators.  One arrest for all of the injuries sustained by the police and all the property damage, impressive to say the least.

We all need to support the right to assemble and protest in a peaceful manner.  Assaults on our officers by extension is an assault on all the law abiding citizens of this city.  At the first sign of violence our officers should have gotten aggressive and quelled it then and there.  Chief Eden said the rocks, urine bombs,sharpened objects and Molotov-cocktail like devices sounded like a rainstorm as they hit the officers, horses and others.  The Chief makes it sound as though it was a good thing that our officers endured the onslaught of potential lethal objects.  Mayor Berry said the officers  "showed restraint, professionalism and good judgement" throughout the night.  He further stated the Department was operating under a new plan approved by the court appointed monitor over-seeing police reforms for handling large crowds.  The monitor should pack his bags and go home if his reforms are to allow our officers to be injured without the ability to respond.  The City of Albuquerque's Administration can only spin this fiasco so far.

Kudos to our front line law enforcement personnel for doing the best you could under the circumstances.  It was your leadership at the highest levels that let you down.  No doubt the thought of the DOJ watching may have hindered their judgement in how to handle this mess.

There is absolutely no excuse what-so-ever for the APD to deploy officers to the front lines without protective riot gear, not even a helmet.  Another point picked up by the national media.

This was published at the request of David due to the fact that he sent it to the Albuquerque Urinal (Journal) and they failed to print it.

Jun 10, 2016


It has come to the attention of the Eye that there is an Albuquerque Police Department Special Order #15-11. This order stipulates that "all" sworn personnel "will" log 75 at the start of their shift, and "will not" log off until the end of their shift. We Have attached the portion of this order that has been provided to us, minus any identifiers, to protect our sources. You can see the city watermark on the stationary.
75 is Albuquerque police 10 code, as in 10-75, which is a miscellaneous out code. This code is used to log officers on to show they are actually at work. This is done through their in car computers, or by notifying dispatch.

This is important to to us here at the Eye, and it should be important to you, the public too. The Department of justice may find this interesting too, considering those over at APD Special Investigations Division seem to ignore this order. As a matter of fact, our eyes out there have told us that there is a word of mouth order that nobody questions anything about SID, despite 15-11, and that they (SID) are not obeying this order. It has been relayed to us here that APD employees are told not to worry about where "they" are, why they are not logged on or accountability for where they were, or what they did during their shift.

We are getting word that much of what is going on with APD concerning the DoJ consent decree involves feigning compliance. This is just another example of the arrogance exhibited by those individuals continuing to do wrong.

We urge the Department of Justice, along with all media outlets to request all CADS, listing the status of all SID units, and officers, correlating with their time sheets. There is no excuse for personnel to be off the radar like this, with no accountability, but with SID's previous questionable history of shady behavior involving now former Sgt. Ryan Buckner, who also fled quickly under perjury issues as the DoJ ramped up on APD. We have reason to question, and look at this a lot closer. We have a lot of reasons. Maybe current SID Sgt. Jason Peck can answer this question, considering the low profile he has been taking since the entry of the DoJ, and his involvement in several scandals of which he has been a part of? With the out of control, vindictive, and retaliatory behavior exacted on individuals by city officials, and police command staff, that can be proven, like the APD attack on our district attorney, the last thing we need is a bunch of willing servants, looking to please their handlers like little Jason, running around with Stingray systems, and other sensitive reconnaissance equipment, trying to get rid of the light being shined on them.

If you see the below oath betrayer, make sure you advise him to log on, and stay out of the APD pilates, and yoga gym while on city time.

A warning:

Jun 9, 2016


A lot of attention has been lavished on our well deserving chief liar Gordon Eden lately.
There is no dismissing the fact that this Eden character was put in place as a muppet.

Muppet definition:
A person who defies explanation with regard to common sense and logic, emitting an air of confidence that is mutually exclusive to that of their accomplishments or ability.

"Well, it's not quite a mop, it's not quite a puppet, but man... " - Homer Simpson

"In Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, the word muppet has come to be used as a mild term of abuse, meaning a stupid, incompetent, or idiotic person, or the obvious interpretation of someone who is inanimate, or somehow not there."

Gordon was not the first choice for chief, and he definitely was not the the most qualified.
When a bumbling clown, who gets caught in lie after lie needs guidance, what better place to look than a good old buddy like Eden's, Bob Huntsman; good old two faced Bob, as we call him here at the Eye. You see, Bob was always the kind of guy who had to stand out from the crowd, with his 6" wheel gun, like some kind of John Wayne, and he enjoyed the worship of his swat pups, as he called them. Bob was brought back to hold Gordon's hand, so Bob can now share in the attention he deserves for what he decided to buy into, and support. Good old Bob portrayed himself as the gunslinging tough guy, who was the cop's cop, but we have seen quite the opposite, since he was called back for babysitting, and diaper changing duty, and we can be sure that he has really been a two face all this time. Good old Bobby has been our grassy knoll man, the guy calling the shots from the shade, a "Mini Berry Me" shall we say, hiding out, avoiding scrutiny. We here at the Eye think it is about time he answers for the choices made, and the danger our officers, and citizens are put in concerning the lies put out by the Albuquerque police department command staff. Officers being told to change reports concerning being equipped properly during riots...lies about being prepared...lies about staffing levels...and lies that ruin lives, committed by criminals in the city administration.

There are the usual suspects, but the Eye knows there are the ones in the wings. Those cowards who do things undetected. We promise to keep our EYES ON THE PRIZE, but we are going to widen our scope to include those who are professionals at avoiding scrutiny. More is coming.

We here at the Eye have received a quote. Not just any quote, but a quote that will be part of the beginning of the end of this corruption. It has only just begun people. We added it to give everyone a sense of the climate we are in these days.

"I should be dead now. I will pursue this right to a wrong. They get away because people tire. I'm just getting my second f*****g wind. They will regret when they started this dance. I will not falter nor fail, one way, or the other." ~victim of a corrupt administration~

Below are Albuquerque Police Department computer (CADS) for last night, 6/8/16 at approximately 22:30, from swing shift, Southeast Area Command. They are the radio calls for service holding during that time. Our Eyes tell us that there were over thirty calls holding. This means that people that needed help had to wait, when seconds could mean a life. Ask the city administration if there is a problem, and they will lie, and say no. They will tell you to wait for their official lie to be released. They will tell you their version is better.

This is all being done to delay the inevitable, so the guilty can flee. The mayor, police chief, CAO, and their minions....

These CADS Do not lie. Look for yourself:

Maybe Bob has the answers we are looking for. Maybe Bob can tell us these CADS are all a figment of our wild imaginations. He sure had a lot of disinformation to talk about concerning the Dear case. More to come on that and the secret IA the city is criminally concealing, and terrified about getting out.

This just in:

On a lighter note, the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board convened today, and the board unanimously voted to overturn corrupted hearing officer David Linthicum's recommendation that Tyler's case be tossed out. That means that the board sees something is afoot here! Our resident queen may be getting what is coming to her. This was initially exposed here when it was first listed with the NMLEA. THEY PULLED IT FROM THEIR AGENDA!

Could it be that Mister Linthicum covered for Tyler, because of his previous history with BCSO and Tyler?  Could it be that Mister Linthicum, Darren White's business partner sees a little of himself in Tyler, as he himself left the Bernalillo County Sheriff's office under some shady circumstances? Maybe Mister Linthicum should be made to answer for why he took that BCSO chopper on a joyride with his buddies.

That is right Mister Linthicum, you are front, and center on our radar here at the Eye. We are onto you, and the strings you have pulled for your friends. It is going to get really uncomfortable for corrupt people. This is only the beginning. No longer are cowards going to be permitted to snipe from the shadows, then flee off into the land of unaccountability.

Jun 8, 2016

Princess Jessica

Princess Jessica Tyler is one of the untouchables that just on keeping getting away with it.
As reported in The Albuquerque Free Press, Albuquerque Police Officers were attending training on use of force. The Officers went to lunch during their break, and while sitting in the restaurant, they were discussing  the class of instruction, and how it was not matching what they had been instructed by their chain of command. This seems reasonable to THE EYE to discuss what you have just learned, and then return from lunch and point out the differences so everyone will be on the same page. The Officers observed someone they did not know sitting at a table next to them. He seemed to be recording their conversation on his cellular phone.  Guess who this person turns out to be?  The person is none other than former Captain of Bernalillo County Sheriff Dept. Robert Tyler.  Now Robert you do know it is a misdemeanor to record a conversation that you are not part don't you?!?  No matter.... you are also one of the untouchables. So you think.  Well Robert ran as fast as he could to tell the Princess what he had learned. In turn, the princess enters the classroom, and announces that anyone that does not like being a supervisor, she will bust to patrolmen.  Hahahahahaha. One of the Officers involved in the lunch conversation is a sergeant. The sergeant filed an internal affairs complaint against the Princess for creating a hostile work environment. But wait... Robert to the rescue. He filed a citizen complaint against the sergeant. An A.P.D. Spokesperson stated they could not find any internal complaint against the Princess, but we at THE EYE bet that citizen complaint against the sergeant is front and center. This Princess was hired by A.P.D., and given the rank of mayor, to run The Police Academy while under investigation by her former employer
B.C.S.O.  That is still an unsettled investigation.  We at THE EYE ask all of you current, and past Officers, how many of you were hired while under investigation for something? How many good Officers lives were ruined on trumped up charges by the administration, just in an effort to make the administration look good?  We all know that nothing will happen to the Princess or husband Robert just like nothing ever happened to Ray Schultz, and so many others that have destroyed The Albuquerque Police Department.

Jun 7, 2016


Sometimes it takes being told to do something in order to get it done, and sometimes it takes a little pushing. In order to get people involved with things here to do the right thing, it seems to take an unusual amount of persuading, usually in the way of humiliation, and public embarrassment. This is because there is a prevalence of the attitude that if it is not them getting wronged, then they do not care. The penalties for sometimes even talking a little brashly to them can result in legal issues, so the lazy, apathetic, selfish, criminal, cocky, cowardly, backstabbing, filth who assist in doing wrong to others, or turn a blind EYE to it for their own selfish reasons seem to flourish here unchecked. Over the years we have seen many of the water carriers take a hit from the very people they assisted. It has been amusing. It is karma. These soft targets are not used to push back. They can not handle confrontation, and they have no loyalties.

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."
~Martin Niemöller~

Those responsible for willful misconduct, and malicious activities against others need to understand that you are between the corrupt you serve blindly, who have no honor or loyalties, and those looking for justice who have been wronged.

Two days after all hell broke loose as we here at the Eye expressed rage over the way officers, and the public were intentionally put at risk during the Donald Trump rally, other news outlets AGAIN exposed Gordon Eden as a liar. The APOA was forced to do their damn job. But we here at the Eye would ask, how is the Albuquerque Police Officer's Union supposed to attack the city for their willful misconduct, when some at the APOA are owned by the city, because the city has covered for them, paid out millions for their antics, and justified their wrongful shootings? Or.... Are those in these positions intentionally there? The Devil is in the details.

Both of the below issues were addressed after coming to light in the media and here.
Not a coincidence! Much conduct has been changed due to the Eye.

In established, advanced cities, an administration would never cut loose $5,200,000 to a union to disperse as they see fit, especially a union that has a track record of financial irresponsibility, mismanagement and theft as the Albuquerque Police Officer's Association has had. Remember Joey Sigala? Most responsible cities would cut checks strait from payroll to the officers, the responsible way. Not here. Here we have a lazy mayor, who knows he got away with major labor violations. He just tosses over five million out the window to make it go away. The APOA states they are withholding  $800,000 for taxes and "unknown" expenses. Every dollar better be accounted for at the end of this. We here at the Eye are watching.

If you correspond the dates on the below documents with discussions here, and in the media, you will see that things are not being done out of the sense of doing them because it is the right thing to do. They are being done because YOU KNOW.

Jun 2, 2016


Our Eyes have told us that yet another APD ranking member has chosen to announce to everyone that he is fleeing (retiring) in light of scrutiny. Through the last few years, we have seen many questionable, to say the least, individuals (coincidentally?) leaving as soon as they are either accused of criminal behavior, served with lawsuits, or out of fear of being caught for what they have done when justice comes "breathing down their throats." As usual, greed trumps everything, and they opt to preempt the inevitable by retiring; some early. Yes folks, some of these cowards have retired early, losing thousands, because they know little is better than none. They really deserve nothing, because they are the root systemic problem with what has been plaguing this city. They are actually responsible for it. They are the culture of corruption in it's truest form, but ask them, and they are the only victim in all of this; the innocent party. Everyone else is the problem. It's all a big misunderstanding. Some actually think they can walk away from what they have done to citizens, employees, and this city. They are wrong. This is why they run. This is why they move out of state.

Look back at the cast of usual suspects we had running for the hills when the Department of Justice announced they were starting an investigation into the Albuquerque Police Department. We had deputy chief Paul Feist, and commander Rae Mason take off like bottle rockets. Beth Paiz, and several others retired abruptly also. Darren White bolted. Deputy chiefs came and went like dirty sox. We had two major positions fabricated, and one of them, Major Montano is now gone. We all knew former Deputy Chief Allen Banks, and the coward who started this... Ray Schultz, were going to run, and they did! Brachle and Sandy hung on just long enough to get that pension. Actually, the department intentionally stalled things to get them there. The good ones decided that enough was enough, and left on their own terms, and now the department is left in shambles. Hell, even that yellow colluding newspaper, the Albuquerque Urinal is doing stories on the MIA. Yes, even that bloated, gluttonous, dirt merchant Scott Greenwood is nowhere to be found. Maybe he found a new no bid contract city to foot the bills for his penchant for porn, and pay for his poodle's treats?  We all knew this was coming. Two things these malfeasants have in common are greed and cowardice. This has been demonstrated with excellence. These distinguished alumni are now wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. Some of them actually get the heads up. That is why it seems like they are able to dance through the rain drops.

As the guilty point the finger, we have deputy chiefs supporting officers charged with murder, and bragging like criminals, that the state police have nothing on their buddies in this recent timesheet scandal, and criminal investigation into former IA lieutenant Eric Jordan, whom we hear is now the latest to prep for flight. That is right. Top APD brass are bragging that the state police have nothing. Famous last words. There is an old saying.... "Where there is smoke, there is fire." There has not only been blinding smoke, but the fire has been pretty out of control too. While others were terminated at the Albuquerque police department for untruthfulness, this individual was spared, when he admitted to stealing a wallet connected to a police investigation years ago when he was an officer, and his admission had to be pulled from him. Actually, he only admitted he took the wallet, because they caught him, so it is no surprise now that he has not even seen a day of administrative leave, since a state criminal investigation has been launched against him, and two others weeks ago.

As all of the above behavior continues, APD,s person in charge of the police academy, and resident grenade throwing termite, Jessica Tyler just can't help herself. When one person has one incident, it may or may not be their issue, but when one person has multiple incidents of drama, and controversy, resigns from a position, then brings their drama to another agency, and the nonsense continues in the same way it always has, you have to look to the one variable always in those failing equations. The problem usually lies there. It is even more evident when the behavior of that defective variable mirrors the behavior of the entity she is now aligned with and protected by. The below behavior is just as described...... pathetic. Cry victim when caught, make counter accusations, then.... when confronted with the truth, clam up, and take the fifth, and hope it all just goes away.

We here at the Eye would like to thank the Albuquerque Free Press for their continuing hard work in exposing the public corruption plaguing this city, it's residents, and employees.

We here at the Eye think it's going to be a long hot summer for some people.