The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 30, 2011

City, County and State Leaders Need to Take Lead

The Las Conchas Fire is setting a new state record as being the largest fire in New Mexico history; our leaders are doing little to prevent others. Closing off certain areas is a good preventative measure, as are requests to the public not to purchase fireworks. All leaders are making these requests but are offering little alternatives to a public, who are grateful for 235 years of freedom. The public has a right to celebrate Independents’ Day as proud Americans.

It seems that our leaders want us to make the sacrifice and do without because they want to be “penny-pinchers.” How come our leaders do not set up and provide several fireworks displays, at different locations, in different communities? Is it the cost? Stop “penny-pinching,” if there is another fire, the coffers will be quickly depleted in an effort to stop another fire. What the Eye is saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

For example, if Mayor Berry set up fireworks displays in several areas around the City and advertised these events, there would be no need for the public to purchase or use fireworks. Yes, there is costs (ounce of prevention) involved but in comparison to a fire in the Bosque, which would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (a ton of cure); the fireworks displays would be a small price to pay. The City could charge a small fee to help cover the cost and/or give out passes to attend the events.

Our leaders need to do more to prevent fires during the fire season. What they have done up to this point is insufficient. Cheap talk and acting like they are really doing something does not cut it for a public who is in tune with the real world.

Keep in mind, the Eye is not questioning the need to be safe and protect our land from fire. The Eye is questioning our lame leaders. The need to be proactive is clear but the rhetoric that our leaders speak about is just cheap talk.

The Eye encourages our audience to be safe and avoid situations that may be dangerous to them or to others. Make plans on attending public fireworks displays that are available to the public or park where you and your family may safely enjoy the celebration.

Santa-Fe Interim Chief Real’ Cognitively Deficit Decision

The Journal North (read it here) carried a story about Santa-Fe Interim Chief, Ray Real, and his decision to change the police officers Take-Home Car Policy. The City of Santa-Fe and the citizens’ of Santa-Fe should realize the repercussions that will follow this “cognitive deficit” decision. This will affect liability, recruitment, retention and quality of officers in the long run. The cost could be staggering.

Not all the officers that work for the SPD make as much money as Val Kilmer or others who can afford to live in Santa-Fe, New Mexico. Most of the officers live where their salaries allow them.

The Eye located this information:

The median income for Santa-Fe is $52,000.00 New Mexico’s median income is $43,000.00.

The median house/condo for Santa-Fe is $306,000.00. New Mexico’s median house/condo is $160,000.00.


According to the City of Santa-Fe website, the starting wage for an officer is $18.73 to $22.33 an hour. Yearly this comes out to be $39,000.00 to $46,500.00 per year. This is before taxes, insurances or other benefits are deducted. The average salary for a Santa-Fe police officer is around the New Mexico median income of $43,000.00. This shows a deficit for an officer of approximately $9,000.00 compared the average/median income for a Santa-Fe resident.

Let’s compare the housing market. If the median house/condo for Santa-Fe is $306,000.00 and New Mexico’s median house/condo is $160,000.00; that means an officer would need to afford and make two house payments in comparison to living in Santa-Fe. This does not even touch the issues of property taxes. It should become clear why so many officers do not live in Santa-Fe; it is cost prohibited.

According to the article, “both the city and the county have undertaken fairly aggressive programs to create more affordable housing.” No police officer wants to live in the “projects” of Santa-Fe or any other place for that matter. Let’s make a deal; Rael and the Santa-Fe City Council need to move into the “affordable” housing first. Then the Eye believes that the officers will then move and be your neighbors. We hear it from here; those officials of Santa-Fe do not want to give up their nice homes in good neighborhoods. Case-in-point made.

If Rael wants to make a name for him-self and remain as chief, he needs to think of something better than this type rubbish. Rael should have learned a lesson from the time that Albuquerque’s Public Safety Director, Darren White, tried to change the APD policy and lied to the Albuquerque City Council. Throwing a bone to city leaders and shoving the rank and file under the bus for a personal benefit is wrong and shows moral bankruptcy.

The Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board (AJED) must be detached from reality. Their praise of this cognitively deficit decision is just as poor of an action as Rael’s decision. The cretins that are on the AJED are detached from reality. The Board also recommended, “Rael might want to consider a slightly more radical approach to the commuting issue. Why not make the 20-mile rule apply to everyone? The Santa Fe community would reap the benefit of take-home cruisers – namely, an after-hours police presence in whichever neighborhood an officer lives. And the city – and taxpayers – would save money.” With this type of poor mentality; get rid of the take-home-cars and cost the City of Santa-Fe tens of millions of dollars. Did anybody catch the key word that is completely descriptive of the AJED? RADICAL! Radicals have no place in government.

Santa-Fe PD will have to purchase land at all police facilities, pave parking lots to park the officer’s vehicles, provide security, install showers and locker rooms, provide time for officers’ to dress out for work, etc… In lieu of this, the City of Santa-Fe would have to substantially increase officers’ wages and benefits in order for the officers to afford “Santa-Fe living.” The cost would be staggering. Before you suggest such rubbish, do your research and get the facts.

The only way to get a policy like this into place would require more money now and in the long run than what it is currently costing now. Santa-Fe needs to avoid the “good ol’ boy” routine and hire a competent Chief. Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors.

The Eye felt that this needed to be addressed because our local cretins may get the same dumb idea again to modify our local policy.

Jun 23, 2011

*Reprint from the Eye Story: Culture of Curruption (March 1, 2011)

Mar 1, 2011
Culture of Corruption; Does it Exist?
One of our Eye’s has found a serious deception in Berry’s Magical Spin Kingdom. Seems that back when our illustrious Mayor, Thee Honorable King Berry, had de-throned Martin Chavez, there was a mad dash to organize transition teams for twenty some departments throughout the City of Albuquerque. It appears the Transition Report for APD was “doctored” before it was submitted. The Eye wonders if other department reports were also “doctored.”

As the teams were being formed and selections were made for these prestigious positions, King Berry made two vex and faltered appointments; that being David Campbell, CAO and Darren White, to Public Safety Director. Now keeping in mind that it was determined two positions would or should be eliminated; one held by Joe Bowdich, Executive Director, Albuquerque Police Department and Pete Dinelli, Public Safety Director, City of Albuquerque. The Public Safety Director position was never eliminated and the appointment of White seemingly appeared strictly a “Political appointment” in return for White’s Monday morning endorsement of Berry. We recently heard that Campbell was “muscled” out by White, but the Eye does not know this for a fact. Rob Perry appears to be competent and an acceptable appointment.

Because of the Teams’ finding and before the final report was submitted to the Mayor and Public Safety Director White, a special meeting was requested of the two aforementioned to discuss some peculiar irregularities the team had revealed. The meeting was denied and the team was instructed to rush the report and turn it in. It didn’t seem to matter what was in the report and all wondered why? The team worked diligently on the report just the same and submitted it. The team later learned why they didn’t care what was in the report; the original report was re-written, “Doctored.” It appears that anything talked about or alluded to corrupt or the culture of corruption of any kind was taken out of the report.

Based on a periodical written by Dr. Neal Trautman, “How Police Departments Become Corrupt,” the team found many subtle likenesses to that of APD. These types of cultures start at the top and are cultivated. As this behavior continues, it radiates downward till the entire organization is corrupt. The Eye asks this question, when Schultz released a story concerning a female officer failing an alcohol test, is that not a culture of corruption on some level? “The Eye is not saying…the Eye is just saying.”

The transition team’s report was altered, revised and re-written, “Doctored.” Question is; who “Doctored” it and who gave it final approval? The original report contained findings that mirrored the “Culture of Corruption” that was intended and printed for the newly elected Mayor Berry to review. Did Berry know that there are two different reports? Did Berry see both reports? Who is the Spin Doctor?

Hence, another version, the so called ‘Official’ (Doctored) version was filed.
Both versions can be viewed via the links provided below along with Dr. Trautman’s periodical.

Once again, deception, lies and cover ups go back to the origin of the Berry Administration. Was the report that was submitted a result of a loyal subordinate or of an insubordinate deceitful employee? Maybe Berry has a spin doctor on his staff that does a magical spin that does all these foolish evil deeds. You will have to decide.

The public demands better, ethical and accurate reporting. Does this Mayor really know what’s going on around him? Perhaps assembling a new team selected by the City Council to re-evaluate the Police Department is appropriate. This would erase the appearance of impropriety or make it look good and have the magical “Spin Doctor” do the same thing as before all over again.

To view the two different reports, please visit The Eye On Albuquerque on Facebook @

Anybody want a bowl of “Fools Berry” for breakfast? Apparently this is the only item on the Berry Administration menu. The public are not fools and should not be treated as such.

What say you; Mayor Berry?

That’s what we thought…

Final words:

The Eye gave the proof but no one in authority cared; well, here it is again. Read what Dr. Neal Trautman wrote in his periodical, “How Police Departments Become Corrupt” and what the transition team found. "The team found many subtle likenesses to that of APD. These types of cultures start at the top and are cultivated. As this behavior continues, it radiates downward till the entire organization is corrupt."

White Leaves Biggest Stain on APD

Public Safety Director, Darren White and Chief Ray Schultz called a meeting of APD’s management staff of rank of sergeant and above. According to the Journal (Read it here) the purpose of the meeting was to advise supervisory staff about the concerns of top management. Chief Schultz told his “supervisors to warn officers that misconduct won’t be tolerated.” Public Safety Director, Darren White stated, “We are confronted with misconduct and allegations of misconduct that has led to a perception among many in the public that we have forgotten who we work for.” White continued and stated that some officers have “stained” APD. The question becomes; is this pot calling the kettle black?

The answer to the question is, yes, Darren White has stained and continues to stain the City of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Police Department. It is odd that White would have the audacity to even speak. White told the audience, “We’re not talking just about comments posted on the Internet. If you engage in any behavior that brings discredit to this department, you should expect to be terminated.” If this is true, where is White’s termination? Ask the City Council, about White lying to them. He has lied over and over again and without consequences.

White also stated, “I don’t think I’d say there’s a cultural problem at APD, but there are a number of folks — and it’s more than just a few — who don’t live up to the values and ideals of the majority of the hard-working men and women on this department. They are putting a stain on the department that, left unchecked, could create longlasting problems.” The Eye disagrees with White and has stated this before, APD is suffering from a “culture of corruption” which gained all its’ momentum when White became public safety director. The guilty ones never call it like it is. White enjoys the masquerade of a smoke screen and putting “lipstick on a pig.” The problem is when it is all said and done; all you have is a pig wearing lipstick!

The “stain” that White refers to is his own. The rank and file witnesses the top leader (White) of the Department lying and running amuck. It only makes “sense” to them that this is an acceptable practice and they see no issue if they do the same. This is how the “culture of corruption” gets started, fostered and is promulgated by the top. The days of, “do what I say and not as I do” is no longer acceptable to anyone. Do the math, when did White become public safety director and when did all the hard problems and issues start with APD. The facts speak for themselves.

Schultz is battling many fronts. He is trying to save his department and trying to deal with a monkey (White) on his back. Terminate the public safety director’s position, this will allow Schultz to be chief and allow positive change. Schultz has looked like a smut because of the fronts he is battling. This will not change till the rank and file see that there is consequences for all, including White. If Schultz doesn’t do the job he was hired to do, get rid of him and find someone who can.

Both White and Schultz need to clean out their own closets before they look into some else’s. This “holier-than-thou” routine only makes it obvious what they are doing and make the public want to heave.

Accountability, responsibility and authority starts at the top.

Jun 21, 2011

Money Hungry Redflex Opposes Public Vote on Scam-era’s

According to the Albuquerque Journal (read it Here), “Albuquerque city councilors want the fate of the red-light camera program to be decided at the polls Oct. 4.” This of course is a lie. Part of the Council wants it to go to the votes but the other half does not and is seeking a “legal opinion” in hopes that they do not have to abide by the voters wishes. It appears that half of the Council is trying to protect Reflex’s “Cash Cow.”

The Journal stated City Councilor Dan Lewis sponsored the ballot measure. He said politicians have made all the camera decisions so far, and it’s time the public weighs in directly. “It’s time that we hear the citizens of Albuquerque speak,” said Lewis, who’s been critical of the cameras.

In the story by the Journal, “opponents of the measure raised legal questions about whether it’s appropriate for the council to delegate a public-safety decision to voters. The election results won’t be legally binding on the council – just advisory – and that fact may be lost on voters, critics said.” The people speak their will and the dictators on the council want to consider it as “advisory.”

According to Tutti-Frutti Trudy (Jones), “This is a representative government,” Councilor Trudy Jones said. “We were elected to make decisions.” This statement by Tutti-Frutti Trudy shows her ignorance. Yes, City councilors are elected to represent but their elected purpose is to voice the “will” of the people they serve. If the people vote the Scam-era’s out; that is the will of the people. City Council has absolutely no right to challenge the will of the people. This is a flagrant ethics violation and shows a complete contempt for the public they swore to serve.

Here is a surprise, Reflex’s’ big dollar attorney, Dick Minzner, “also questioned whether the issue is proper for the ballot.” Is anyone wondering why Reflex is getting involved? Anyone remember Dick telling the City Council last month that he hoped that Redflex would issue enough citations to keep Redflex profitable? Anybody see a problem here?

Dick went on to give the City “free legal advice” stating, “The proposal to put this on the ballot runs close to violating the City Charter,” he said. “The council cannot delegate its legislative power to the voters.” The Eye is guessing that Dick plays a lot of Horseshoes. His statement is more of a comedy show, the statement that “it runs close to violating the City Charter” is compatible to almost being pregnant; either you are or you’re not. City Attorney Perry better be careful, Dick may be after his job.

Making the correct decision to send the Scam-era’s to voters were Don Harris, Ken Sanchez, Brad Winter, Michael Cook and Lewis. The “I want to play GOD over the Citizen’s of Albuquerque” who opposed the measure were Jones, Rey Garduño, Debbie O’Malley and Isaac Benton.

Council Sanchez stated, “It’s time the voters have their voices heard once and for all.” You can see why Sanchez is re-elected time after time. What a concept; allowing the publics’ voices to be heard.
O’Malley was quoted in the Journal as saying; it doesn’t make sense to put the question before voters. “It essentially asks … ‘should we fine you if you violate the law?’ They don’t really have any authority to say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ ” O’Malley Negated to state that the fines are civil and not criminal and she negated to state that this scam is making Redflex extremely wealthy.

Of interest, according to the Journal, “Monday’s meeting grew especially testy at one point, when Lewis questioned Minzner, who had identified himself as an attorney for Redflex. ‘I wonder why you’re here,’ Lewis said. ‘I question the motive.’ Lewis repeatedly mentioned that Redflex makes money from the program. Other councilors said Redflex had every right to have a representative argue on its behalf, just as anyone else can. Jones apologized to Dick. ‘I don’t believe it’s our place to tell someone they shouldn’t be here,’ she said.”

Councilor Dan Lewis is completely correct for asking the public how they wish to be policed. It is also completely appropriate for Lewis to question the motives of Dick Minzner who represents money hungry Redflex. Cutting through the chase, Redflex knows that the Scam-era’s are a “Cash Cow” and will fight “tooth and nail” against anyone who threatens that cash flow. Redflex is becoming like the Mexican Drug Cartel…Money, Money, Money…

Tutti-Frutti Trudy and the rest of the “Napoleons,” need to remember this; we the people, by the people and for the people. Take stock in these words. You know what happened to Napoleon.

One last thought; if the public votes in favor of the Scam-era’s, would the dictators still want to seek a legal opinion? The answer is no, the tyrants would have gotten their way and they would not need to use your tax dollars against you, to fight you.

Jun 19, 2011

APD Officer's Behavior called into Question

The local media has been taunting a story concerning the twitter postings by APD Officer Pete Dwyer. Is Dwyer a problem officer? Has the Police Department been ignoring the problems with this officer? Why would the Police Department commit nonfeasance of duty if they did know? Let’s review some of the issues and concerns that have been brought to our attention.

Pete Dwyer is a former Albuquerque Police Officer’s Association (APOA) President. Our Eyes behind the badge tell us that Dwyer was forced to resign under pressure during his tour as the APOA President due to unaccounted debt that Dwyer charged up without the permission or authority of the APOA. Our Eyes tell us that the APOA Board decided not to prosecute Dwyer on the condition that he resigned. Our Eyes also tell us that the Police Department had knowledge about these alleged improprieties’ and did nothing. The Police Department allowed Dwyer to be assigned to a cushy job that Dwyer wanted after he resigned from the APOA. Dwyer dodged the bullet on this one.

Most recently, the Police Department was looking at Dwyer for his MySpace Page. According to the Journal (read it here), “Police Chief Ray Schultz said Detective Pete Dwyer wouldn’t be disciplined for an ‘inappropriate’ comment on his MySpace page…” Dwyer barely dodged another bullet.

And now Dwyer has set himself back in the line of fire. Dwyer’s twitters; although they are distasteful, are protected under free speech and do not violate APD’s policy.

According to the Journal, “Dwyer’s name has also come up in the midst of another controversy, one that he mentioned on his Twitter account.”

The Journal stated, “APD Criminal and Internal Affairs investigators are looking into how a vehicle identification number plate from a truck once owned by Dwyer ended up on a truck owned by former APD cop and wife-killing suspect Levi Chavez.” Our Eyes tell us that Dwyer was assigned to the Department’s Auto Theft Unit at one time and dealt with vehicle identification number plate as a detective in the Unit.

Schultz did a knee jerk reaction to the media’s pressure and panicked. Placing this officer on desk duty over a possible department SOP violation which only carries a penalty of a verbal reprimand or at best a written reprimand is simply ridicules.

It appears that Schultz has already played the part of the hangman and has already decided the guilt of Dwyer without an investigation or any legitimate proof. In the Journal story, Schultz stated, Dwyer “has been told to show up at 8:30 in the morning (today) at Internal Affairs with his badge, his gun and his car,” Schultz said late Thursday. “Obviously we have some serious problems here.” When Schultz spoke about “serious problems here,” the Eye wonders if he was referring to his leadership.

The Journal quoted Schultz as saying, “We respect and value the right to free speech, but comments that impair our officers’ ability to perform their duties and brings discredit to the Albuquerque Police Department will not be tolerated.” In this statement by Schultz, he ties “performance of duties” and “discredit to the department” together. Even if there was a violation, it is doubtful that Schultz will be able to prove the “and” part that he has asserted.

Dwyer never said or represented that he was a copper or even a City employee. If Dwyer is going to get hammered for this, Berry better have another hammer ready to do Schultz for his rant on twitter against the District Court Judges. Oh, that’s right; Darren White was shooting off his mouth against the District Judges too. Berry, you will need to run by Sears and buy out their stock on hammers.

With all the violent crimes in this City; With 18 police involved shootings; and all this administration is worried about is violating protected free speech. Do the job you were hired to do and get back to work.

Jun 16, 2011

White Lies would get you Fired, but not Darren’s White Lies

How do you know Albuquerque Public Safety Director, Darren White is lying? His lips are moving! It has become common place to hear of another White lie from the “Burro” Award recipient, Darren White. City Councilor Ken Sanchez called White out in public on his lies. In the opinion page of the Journal (read it here), Sanchez blasted White for repeatedly lying to the public. The Eye has done several stories documenting other lies that White has told.

Sanchez in his open letter to the Journal set the record straight. According to the letter, White lied when he was interviewed on KOB-TV; White said that voters were assured that Public Safety Tax money would not go to salaries and benefits. Sanchez stated clearly, “That is absolutely not true.”

Sanchez went on to chastise White and the Berry administration (and rightfully so) for diverting 3 Million dollars per year for up to thirty years “in order to borrow money to pay for boutique capital projects that the city may not be able to afford to operate.” That same money could have purchased new police and/or fire vehicles.

Sanchez also stated, "In the same Journal article, White asserted that the city has not followed the five-year expenditure plan that I referred to earlier. Once again, that is simply not true. In fact, through fiscal 2009, the last year of the five-year plan, the Public Safety Quarter Cent Tax had purchased more than $34 million in public safety equipment, including nine fire engines, six rescue vehicles, one command vehicle, 32 sedans, one brush truck, one SUV and dozens of police vehicles. In addition, the city used Fire Public Safety Tax money to renovate the Fire Academy, to renovate fire stations 2, 15 and 18, and for miscellaneous maintenance and capital equipment." This was simply another one of White's lies.

Sanchez backed up his claim by stating, “It’s important to point out that since the inception of the Public Safety Quarter Cent Tax, the city’s Office of Internal Audit has conducted a management audit and a follow-up audit on the use of the proceeds of the tax. One of the purposes was to determine whether Public Safety Tax dollars were being used in accordance with the law. Both the management audit and the follow-up audit found only minor technical issues, but absolutely no misuse of the funds.”

Kudos to Councilor Sanchez, thank you for educating the public and setting the record straight. Oddly enough, if you or Eye lied the way White does, we would be fired. White lies constantly and nothing is ever done. Maybe fibbing and being a tattletale is truly Darren Whites job because that is all he seems to do. It is no wonder the culture of corruption thrives in the City.

It is time for new leadership. When election time comes, please vote your conscience.

Jun 15, 2011

Violent Mentally Ill Issue is a National Problem

The Eye took note of the Journal’s claim that 50 people showed up at the Civic Plaza on Tuesday to protest against APD. There were several signs that asked for peace and justice. The Eye wants to know where were all these “family and friends” who know their loved one was mentally ill and did very little or nothing to ensure that, that person received medical attention or assured that their friend or loved one took the medication to help control their violent behavior?

When the police dealt with any of these individuals, it was not because the police were on the hunt for some mentally ill person to see if they could escalate that person into a violent psychosis; in the hope of being able to gun them down. No! The police were there because someone, a family member or friend or a neighbor called the police because they could not handle this violent individual or the police were there as a result of the violent behavior that was precipitated by the mentally ill individual.

These people who claim to be family and friends have to bear the majority of the responsibility for what transpired. The police have a fiduciary duty to respond to calls for service. Does any citizen want the police to create a policy where the dispatchers hold the call for an hour or so, in hopes that the mentally ill individual might calm down and be “Mister Nice” when the police arrive? Lives are on the line; the police must respond and act accordingly.

The Journal (as usual) was trying to sell a few extras of their product to try and inflame the public. Let’s do the math here. If there were 50 people (the Journal claims about 50) out protesting and there have been 18 police involved shootings, which means that only three people represented each victim.

This is not a local police issue but a national crisis and should be addressed as such. Chief Schultz is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) which offers national support for police issues in addition to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). The IACP and the FOP Presidents have spoken directly to the President of the United Stated as well as our Congress. With assistance at a national level, not only from the FOP and IACP but from our house of representatives and our senators Understanding HIPAA and other restrictive laws, the time has come to create a new index for National Crime Information Center Data Base (NCIC) to house information concerning mentally ill persons across the United States. The NCIC data base is a computerized index of criminal justice information. This would give law enforcement officers across the Country a valuable tool in dealing with this segment of our population. Knowledge is the rawest form of influence and with this type of knowledge (influence); the officer’s decision making process would shift into high gear and hopefully save lives.

The Eye understands the concerns of a grieving family. Family and friends should be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Family and friends should take responsibility for their mentally ill member’s actions that set the stage for their demise and stop pointing fingers. These people need to lobby their representatives and senators.

If Schultz or White want to steal this idea and run with it; the Eye is okay with that…

Jun 14, 2011

White Has a Real Job Now; Being a “Tattletale”

Adults commonly tell their children not to be a “tattletale.” We all know that no one likes a tattletale, but not Albuquerque’s Public Safety Director, Darren White, who went crying to Bernalillo County District Attorney, Kari Brandenburg. White decided to play cyber cop and rat on one of the ADA’s.

White ignited the drama according to today’s Journal (see here). White apparently acted childish and decided to report ADA Drager for a post that she placed on the “Fans of APD” Facebook page. This is the same site that White claims is bad and that he “never” goes to. ADA Drager posted several comments on the Fans of APD Facebook page including one concerning White. According to the Journal, the post was describing Albuquerque Public Safety Director Darren White as a “political appointee that (doesn’t) actually do anything.” Everyone knows this is a true statement; other than his new job of being a tattletale.

According to the article, “Brandenburg said she learned about the posts from White on Saturday and began reviewing Drager’s posts immediately.” Drager expressed an opinion and never represented herself as a representative of the DA’s Office. To summarize the bottom line, this ADA did nothing wrong and did not violate any policies of the DA’s Office. Brandenburg clearly knows and understands First Amendment Rights and knows not to infringe on them. White on the other hand is simply trying to instigate problems since he really doesn’t have a real job. It is doubtful that Brandenburg is going to do White’s dirty work for him, he will have to do it himself.

White needs to learn just like an irresponsible two year old that there is a difference between being a tattletale and reporting. What White did is an example of being a “Cry Baby Sally” and being a tattletale. When someone threatens another person’s life and you bring it forth to the proper authorities; that is reporting. White needs to grown up and accept responsibility for the mess that he alone has created. We have enough real fires burning here in New Mexico without a tattletale like Darren White igniting more over his hurt little feelings.

Here is one last note for the record. The title of the Journal story was, “Asst. DA Uses Facebook To Blast Fed Case.” The majority of the story centers on White being a tattletale and what the ADA posted that hurt White’s feelings. This is just another cheap shot for the Journal.

Mayor Berry has a real winner on his hands. Re-election keeps getting slimmer and slimmer for what may be a One-Term-Mayor. Good for you Berry!

Jun 13, 2011

Public Safety Director, Darren White, Gets “Burro” Award

Channel 4 News reported this morning that property crime is down in the City by 18%. Public Safety Director, Darren White, was interviewed on camera. White lauded how APD has arrested several hundred offenders for property crime offenses. White stated, “You, ya, ya, you can’t have crime control until you have criminal control.” The Eye is not sure if White was serious or poking fun at “Porky Pig.” In any event his statement did not make any sense to anyone other than to himself. It is not so much what White said, but what he did not say. Why didn’t the on-duty APD PIO speak? Why didn’t Chief Schultz speak? Chris Ramirez? Anybody, anybody?

What White did not say was the underlying reason for the high property crimes that is plaguing Albuquerque. It is common knowledge that most property crimes are drug addicted users and this is the reason for the high property crimes here in the City. The City needs to address the real reason for the high property crimes and deal with that issue. These “criminals” are addicted to drugs. They need real help. They may never have been thieves before or ever thought about committing a crime. Drugs make people do things that they would never consider doing like prostitution, shoplifting, identity theft, burglaries or petty larcenies. The property crime issues would resolve itself by proxy. The recidivism rate is high because these people get arrest, released and return to the only life they know; the life of crime. Correct the underlying problem and all criminal related offenses would drop significantly.

Some of our Eyes behind the badge have told us that APD’s top command has been ordering some officers and teams not to investigate narcotics because, “This is not the focus of this Administration.” Yet, the citizens all know that narcotics are at an all time high in the City and in our schools. Strangely enough, White did not release the hard numbers with documentation to substantiate the claim of an 18% decrease in property crimes. Just because a City official says something does not made it so.

The Eye realizes that White is trying hard to legitimize his position by stepping in and doing the job of others who are already employed and paid to handle those functions. Notwithstanding, White needs to educate himself before he speaks; otherwise he makes himself and the Berry administration look like a bunch of “Burro’s.” This is why the Eye has awarded DARREN P. WHITE, the prestigious “Burro” Award.

Jun 8, 2011

Albuquerque Journal commits Blasphemy against its’ Own Patron

The last APD officer involved shooting has raised eyebrows, not for the dynamics of the shooting, but how once again the media has spun the story in an apparent effort to put an unjustified black mark on the Albuquerque Police Department. The printed media played a filthy game by referring to this armed violent convicted felon as a “victim.” The only reason to print such garbage was in order to sell a few extra copies of the product.

Raymond Leroy Garcia was no more a victim than Osama Bin Laden. Garcia terrorized several citizens at 6th and I-40 committing several violent felonies and carjacking a citizen at gun point. Who were the real victims? The real victims were the citizens of Albuquerque whose lives Garcia chose to place in peril. The innocent citizens who were on the road driving when Garcia defied the laws of our state and all law enforcements’ commands and refused to stop in a vehicle he had carjacked. Garcia already was a felon out on parole, not Cub Scout and not a regular law abiding citizen; he was a convicted criminal, a convicted felon. Garcia continued his criminal behavior of his own free choice over the weekend that ended in his life, the destiny he chose; is the path he followed.

The first victim was the attempting carjacking of a patron of Freeway Liquors. This victim left his home not knowing how dangerously close he came to not coming back. The first victim refused to give up the keys to his vehicle when Garcia threatened him with a gun. Garcia’s pointed a gun at the male and then fired at least one shot, luckily missing the innocent man who was just trying to protect his property. This is called a violent felony; an aggravated assault and attempted murder. Garcia did not stop there; he confronted another man and forced the man at gun point to give up his vehicle. It was by the grace of God that these two citizens’ did not lose their lives at hand of this violent convicted felon.

As the police arrived, they were able to see Garcia attempting to make his getaway. Their lights and sirens went on in an attempt to give Garcia an opportunity to surrender to law enforcement. By fleeing Garcia set the stage for his demise. Garcia clearly refused to accept responsibilities for his violent criminal actions. Garcia was not compliant with officers and led them on a high speed, dangerous pursuit. Every citizen along his path became a victim of his selfish, reckless malice. In the end, officers were able to stop the vehicle and Garcia continued to defy all commands by officers again. Garcia made the conscientious decision to point his gun at three police officers. The officers were now victims of an aggravated assault upon a police officer by a violent fleeing felon. What would anyone expect you to do when coming face to face with a violent fleeing felon that obviously gave no regard to anyone's life? The officers were left with no choice; they had stop the action of this violent felon. It appears that all three officers perceived the threat of an immediate and imminent death threat and responded appropriately.

There is no nice way to put this; how filthy of an act of labeling Raymond Leroy Garcia as a “victim” for the past two days in the Albuquerque Journal. If a violent convicted felon had a gun pointed at your mother, father, child or significant other and an innocent bystander killed him, would he still be the “victim” the Albuquerque Journal portrayed Garcia as? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Here is the Journals’ “victims” (Garcia's)history:

Raymond Leroy Garcia was a convicted felon arrested numerous times and guilty numerous times of violent felony crimes, among several misdemeanor crimes. In 1991 he was arrested for Receiving and Disposing of Stolen Property. In 1992, he was arrested for DWI. In 1993, he was arrested for Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Resisting Arrest, and Disorderly Conduct. In 1994, he was arrested for Breaking and Entering, Aggravated Burglary, and Resisting Arrest. In 2001, Garcia was arrested for driving on a Revoked/Suspended License. In 2006, he was arrested for Aggravated Assault on a Household Member, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Child Abuse, and Habitual Offender enhancement. Finally, in 2008, he was arrested for Escaping from Jail, and a habitual offender enhancement again. He was not a victim by any stretch of the imagination in any of those crimes. So why is the Journal calling a violent convicted felon a “victim” now?

This man (Garcia) presented a clear and present danger to the public; to each and every one of you. Why does the current administration, including the current Public Safety Director, Darren White, refuse to confront the media when these blatant untruths are spewed from the paper? What would their actions have been? Would Chief Schultz choose to deploy a taser instead, since he is requiring everyone to carry a taser? If he had been there, would Darren White, even know what to do? It is time they stand up for the public safety, for their officers, instead of hiding and allowing the department to take another undeserved black mark.

Here is an old west thought, “Live by the gun; die by the gun.” Best idea, do not commit crimes and do not point guns at the Po Po! They will shot you…

Who’s Zooming Who?

The Albuquerque City Council voted and approved a one-year extension for the Redflex Camera “money maker machine.” Only two City councilors voted “no” on the Scam-era’s fleecing operation. Bravo to councilors Dan Lewis and Michael Cook for standing up to the money hungry councilors. Now the question is who is zooming who?

The morons on the city council and others; such as, the Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board pound their hands on the poppet and proclaim that this is all in the name of “safety!” The Eye begs to differ. We all know this is in the name of money. The City of Rio Rancho did not lie to their constituents’; they clearly stated that the Scam-era’s are to generate revenue. And, oh yeah, they might help out with that safety issue too… The City of Albuquerque lied and continues to lie.

All the local media who are played by the Berry Administration, report on the Scam-era’s and make unsubstantiated claims based on the City’s secret monitoring system that the City claims show red light violations increased over 200%. That’s strange; shouldn’t accidents at these intersections have increased by 200% accordingly? Someone is zooming someone else here and numbers do not match up. That basically means someone is lying and fudging the numbers.

Here is a thought for our City leaders; “We the people, for the people, by people.” The people of Albuquerque voted you into office to voice the will of the people. If you cannot do that, then send the Red Flex Scam-era’s to polling booths and let the people vote. This seems like a simple concept but our City leaders refuse to submit to the will of the people. Why would the City leaders and administrators like Chief Schultz be so reluctant to permanently shutting down the Scam-era’s? Do these people have some other type of interest in keeping the Scam-era’s proceeds flowing? Who has investment from the City in Red Flex? Does the City of Albuquerque’s have any investments in Red Flex? Any of these scenarios would clearly be inappropriate and a clear conflict of interest.

Red Flex is a for profit company; not a public safety none-profit agency. According to the Journal (Read here) Redflex lobbyist Dick Minzner said Redflex will reimburse the City for any administrative cost and at the same time stated that “the company hopes that enough citations are issued to make the program a money maker for the company…” Does anybody in Albuquerque really think that Redflex is going to take a loss when they are a for profit company? The answer is NO, we will see the cycles of the lights change again to ensure that Redflex remains profitable.

Shame on you City Councilors for condoning Reflex’s ripping off the public and to Councilor Sanchez who stated in the Journal, “I’m very pleased with the contract the administration has put together.” Councilor Sanchez, you should never be “pleased” when our citizens are being swindled.

Take a look at some of the people on the council and the predicament that their primary employers are in due in part to their inabilities or abilities such as Brad Winter. APS is in shambles and it’s getting worse daily. Some of the councilors need to clean out their own closets before they even open another door. The main issue that plagues APS is fiscal irresponsibility.

The citizens of Albuquerque have the right to decide how they wish to be policed. If it is the will of the voters to keep the Scam-era’s, so be it. However, if the public decides they do not want to be fleeced any longer by the City’s and Redflex’s greed, the Scam-era’s need to go dark forever.

What are our City leaders so afraid of? Is it loss of revenue to the City? It is loss of other investments? Below are a few other problems that will find their way into the debacle that has been created by Chief Schultz and company. Schultz is the one who brought Redflex to Albuquerque when he came from Scottsdale, Arizona. Take a look…

“Minnesota Supreme Court Strikes Down Red Light Cameras.” (Read here)

“Houston voters reject red-light cameras by wide margin.” (Read here)

“Missouri: Judge Finds Red Light Camera Program Illegal” (Read here)