The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Feb 24, 2016


There is no other way to describe The Albuquerque Police Department other than broken. 

Our EYES inside A.P.D. tell us that the Officers don't fear the criminals but do fear being the next target of City Hall.  

Officers tell us they are afraid to do their job for fear of being the target of City Hall on trumped up charges in an effort to protect the administration.  Officers tell us that there is not enough of them to properly respond to and handle calls and citizens have extremely long wait times for officers to respond making a dangerous situation for the Officers and the Public. Mayor Berry seems the solution is to have Officers return to work after they retire.

We at the Eye ask Berry what alternate universe does he live in?  Out of the last 53 Officers that retired 35 of them bought time either from P.E.R.A. or Military....just to get out early.  Some paid in excess of $80,000.00 to retire early the other 18 had enough time to retire (REPORTED K.O.A.T. ). 

We at the EYE ask did the eighteen have enough time to get full retirement?  An Officer can retire at 20 years under the old system that these Officers would be subject to. However it takes 22years 10 month for an Officer to reach full retirement benefits at 80%. 

Mayor do you have your head up and locked?  This situation has never been a problem at A.P.D., Officers would stay many years after they had reached full retirement eligible.  Experience Officers leaving and no one to guide the young officers is a disaster just waiting to happen.  Officers will retire many in their forties and will return to work but not at A.P.D..

Feb 16, 2016

The Town

On Friday, February 5th, 2016, 298 miles Southwest of the Community of Memorial Villages, where the catalyst, and top culprit of several malfeasants responsible for the city of Albuquerque's corruption problem, Raymond D. Schultz now resides, the FBI took out the entire top tier of the Crystal City government all at once, leaving a complete vacuum, and demonstrating that "YES" the federal government is capable of showing up en masse, to demolish cretins where they are elected, hired or appointed, regardless of the "Saddam Huessein vacuum effect theory" it could have on the government agency involved.

You can read the whole story here on the Washington Post website:

In this impressive raid, the FBI arrested what would amount to here, as Mayor Richard J. Berry, and CAO Robert Perry, along with the third in command, and two city counselors; the five top city officials. When you read this story, you can not help but notice the similarities to what has been happening here. Lets compare shall we?

The individuals listed in the federal indictments were charged with "using their official positions to enrich themselves by soliciting and accepting payments, and other things of value." Kathryn Levy and former chief of the Albuquerque Police Department Raymond D. Schultz, along with several others including Robert Perry appear to have committed several linked acts in order to profit from the no bid Taser contract, promote it, or cover up the fact that it happened. The actions were so egregious that the city Inspector General, even under duress, had to admit that there was wrong doing, and that she was told to "soften" her report on Schultz's actions in what a rational person would say would "make it easy" on him. And of course in Schultz's email to Taser, he stated that he made it easier for them to get their no bid contract by "greasing" the deal with city council so the contract would "sail through." 

This was all done as former assistant city attorney ran interference for Schultz, and devised every plan she could to keep the Department of Justice from commencing their investigation into the Albuquerque Police Department on levels that defy the comprehension of just how dishonorable, illegal, and disgusting her acts were in doing them. The documents in this Texas case make accusations of bribery, extortion, and turning a blind eye, which pales in comparison to the proof that exists that Schultz, Perry, the Mayor and those in the City Attorney's office, tampered with cases, tampered with, and destroyed evidence, intimidated witnesses, retaliated against witnesses,
attempted to terrorize, and intimidate city officials, city employees, and citizens, lied under oath in criminal, civil and administrative hearings, not once but habitually through out their entire time of service. They have retaliated, looked the other way as state documents were forged, retaliated against whistle blowers, threatened city workers not to speak to the DoJ at the advice of individuals contracted by the city, who have worked for Taser international. These individuals have, over years of plotting, developed an elaborate system of control to keep their organization running. They have become so arrogant that they continue arrogantly through new city attorney Jessica Hernandez, to pull the same antics. 

Though Albuquerque makes the city of Crystal look like a tea party, the similarities in these cases are amazing, right down to their city attorney manhandling a citizen as happened here when CAO and ex assistant city attorney Wheeler and his buddy CAO Robert Perry became involved in a dust up with an amateur reporter in the city's underground parking garage at Civic Plaza. That Texas city attorney was indicted. These two fools are being sued, and one resigned. The CAO was given another raise by the mayor. Someone knows something though, and maybe it is the prey this time, like the gazelles in the African plains when the lions are circling, or the tuna in the Atlantic, when the Great Whites are circling. 

However you want to look at it though, everyone connected in this wicked web, from the nefarious and disgusting ex city attorney, to Schultz and his minions, have all fled as soon as the heat was on them. The entire top level of APD retired starting the minute they confirmed the fact that the DoJ was coming. Now, due to the vacuum of skilled corruption brokers, the information officers are stumbling with public comment, (lies) the chief started hiding behind youtube videos, to prohibit scrutiny through questioning until the pressure of being called a coward forced him out from hiding, and the mayor had to give CAO Perry two raises just to keep him, because we all know that Perry is the other half of things here. He is the one who constructs the schemes, threatens people, intimidates employees, and can't control himself.

The latest scandal involving the IPRA requests may just be the icing on the cake. You see, when you conspire to conceal evidence involving civil proceedings, or partake in that destruction, you are guilty of committing felonies. When you do these acts to cover official public corruption, like what Ray Schultz did to officers Doyle and Woolever, then you defraud the courts, and promote perjury to further cover your tracks, like Kathryn Levy did in that case, you conspire to promote official corruption, and conceal it from discovery. When you coach a police chief how to word statements, lie, and manipulate testimony to scapegoat an officer, while devising plans to stall proceedings, and play games to cover for the fact that you accepted gifts, and made it possible for your co-conspirators to enrich themselves in pay to play deals, and kick back schemes, while an entire police force was provided substandard equipment, as you blame an officer for an inherent issue you knew was plaguing the Taser cams, (Wire pulling loose) you are willfully, and maliciously violating civil rights. In Albuquerque we can have all of this. 

We can have conflicts of interest like Nate Korn sitting on the LEA board up until recently. This person has benefitted from numerous no bid sole source contracts that we have discussed here more than enough times. Every case Schultz and Levy had their hands in to push events in their direction were directly dealt with, or influenced by Korn. And might I remind everyone of the ARAPA business set up by Schultz's "friend" Karen Fischer, who used tax paid start up funds to kick start her business (Albuquerque Retail Assets Protection Association) then through the Schultz created loophole, came back as a consultant to run this business. This was all about feathering their nests and not getting caught.

If these people would have only done the right thing, none of this would have happened. If they would have stayed consistent in their conduct, not an eyebrow would have been raised. Had they only told the truth, there would be no lies to painfully keep track of, and get caught in when they can't. Had they left people alone, they wouldn't be hunted. As these malfeasants took every step, they failed
to realize that there are those who were watching them, and those who became their unpaid consequences. They failed to realize that there is a price for everything, and a balance in nature. As taken from the referred to article; Richard Durbin Jr., the U.S. attorney for San Antonio, told the Associated Press that he hoped the indictment would help restore some public confidence in the local
government. This is all people are asking for. It is not hard to understand. If convicted, each official faces up to 10 years in federal prison and as much as $250,000 in fines. That would be light considering, what was done here, and the lives it has taken a toll on, and taken. From the death's of Boyd, Torres, Ellis, and Gomez being treated like mere nuisances that could get these corrupt officials caught, to the unprovoked attacks against whistle blowers, who wouldn't go along with things, to the scapegoating of employees to deflect blame away from themselves, and the hiding from their accountability, when caught, they have to realize that nobody is immune from what happens when you hurt people, and there is nothing more cowardly, disgusting, or criminal, than someone who hurts others for profit, then cries victim when caught, especially when you are the biggest game in town, with the deepest pockets full of money that is not yours to hide behind.

Think about this one statement alone, by the former special agent in charge of the Albuquerque Field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation: "New Mexico is the Capital of Corruption of the United States. I've never seen anything like it in all my years at the FBI. Corruption is pervasive at every level ofgovernment". FBI Special Agent in Charge, FBI Field Office-Albuquerque, Thomas C. McClenaghan, January 2009, in an interview with KRQE Channel 13 News. If that statement is true, and there is no reason to believe otherwise, because it was uttered in the middle of all of this and the proof is public knowledge, the investigation will be the biggest of it's kind in the history of this country for one of the most forgotten states in the history of this country. Maybe it got so out of hand because New Mexico only mattered to those who lived here. Again, one city gets demolished for extortion, illegal gambling, and looking the other way, making it easy for their cronies to commit crimes while taking bribes, but here we have city officials collecting blackmail files on individuals they wish to extort, destruction of police reports, destruction of evidence, destruction of city equipment, and theft to conceal evidence, witness tampering, witness intimidation, illegal attorney conflicts of interest, conspiracy to violate civil rights, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud on the courts, violations of federal whistle blower laws, attempted malicious prosecution, violations of city
ordinances concerning contracts, bidding, and employment with vendors, kick back and pay to play schemes, retaliation, hostile work environments, intentional misuse of tax payers funds to cover up this conduct through city attorney funded representation, perjury, permission of perjury, and conspiracy to commit perjury, bribery, breach of public trust, falsifying government documents, false swearing, falsifying police reports, case tampering and obstructing a federal investigation, all for one coward who did anything he could not to get caught, with the one common denominator in all of this who did whatever she had to to make sure he didn't get caught. Looking at all of this, we still haven't scratched the surface of the help they all had at state level, when it came to keeping a lid on all of this. 

People are scrambling, and our Eyes are telling us that Schultz is still actively in contact with those here, out of fear of justice catching up with him. As a matter of fact, while every other police department in the Southwest placed memorials to fallen officer, and hero Daniel Webster on their official police department Facebook pages, despite not having their police chiefs being recent retired APD alumni, Ray Schultz and former APD deputy chief Allen Banks from Round Rock, Texas police department decided to be cowards and hide, ignoring the death of this officer who actually served while they were here out of fear of their filthy and cowardly past following them to their new homes. Ironically, these two liars and cowards get to start over after running away, while everyone here is stuck in the mess they created. God bless you Dan. you will never be forgotten by those who matter.

With federal and state level investigations going on, we would ask that everyone with knowledge of this corruption, past or current, please take the time to step up, and do the right thing, either anonymously, or in person. Write letters. Send Emails. Make Phone calls. Unlike Current Chief Gordon Eden, continue to contact and talk to the DoJ. Email the federal monitor. Send tips to the NMAG's office, and Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington DC. Everything is important, whether or not it was when Schultz was an officer, or through out his career, it all matters, because you do not become like this guy over night, and criminal enterprises take time to build. You just may have the next piece to the puzzle. Dismantling an organization like this is done one weak link at a time. Just as criminal enterprises take time to build, sometimes it takes time to exterminate them. Be patient and persistent, and Albuquerque will be the next Crystal City.

The media can cower to the threats to black out negative reporting on high ranking city officials, but they can not silence everyone. Read the ABQ Free Press, and New Mexico In Depth. Continue to leak intel incriminating the corrupt through any channels necessary, including emailing the EYE, and understand that turning a blind EYE is as bad as being one of them. Jessica Hernandez, Celina Espinosa, Tanner Tixier, Simon Drobik, you all can be a very public part of the problem here, or you can be the solution by knocking off your self promoting behavior, and sticking to your job description. Your choice.

To everyone else... Do your part.

Feb 8, 2016

Nobody Coming and Everybody's Leaving!

Crime, education, economy, corruption......why would anyone want to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico?

The fact is they don't.  New Mexico had a 1.3 % growth rate in 2015, while Arizona had 7% growth in population and Texas had a 9% growth rate. 

New Mexico growth rate is due to births not people moving here.  Bernalillo County wants to build a small city on the westside which leaves one to wonder who is going to live there?  The politicians will tell you everything is fine.  Really is it ?  KRQE reported that New Mexico is number one in the nation for income below the poverty line.  New Mexico is 40th in the nation for education.  KRQE even said home prices are due to drop 31% in New Mexico in the next two years, so lets hurry with the new city on the westside.

Crime is out of control and our EYES tell us that the brain trusts are eliminating most detective positions and sending those detectives to take calls.  Good luck to all us nobodies who are the victim of a crime and expect it to be solved.  Albuquerque has 5000 rape kits that have never been processed.  This boils down to 5000 victims that will never see justice.  Mayor Berry, Chief Eden you should really be proud of yourself.  Corruption is everywhere....  Duran convicted of embezzlement, Schultz greased the wheels for Taser,White interfering in a Police Investigation, Martinez involved in a snowball fight, and now Kimberly Green of The African American Preforming ARTS Center is accused of embezzlement. 

The State Legislature can't even fix our driver licenses. Here is a suggestion for the Legislature. Stop worrying so much about the illegals and start taking care of the citizens that voted for you and you are sworn to take care of.  All of this information makes national news and its little wonder why no one wants anything to do with New Mexico......