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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Aug 28, 2018


Once upon a time, there was this vile little troll, who hated a a blog he called vile, for exposing the corruption his buddies were involved in, and how he profited from it. This weak, selfish, dishonorable, feeble old, self concerned, sneaky, foul, COWARD TROLL, was directly connected to cases that were connected with former police chief Ray Schultz, concerning incidents that directly destroyed the Albuquerque police department, and lead to the outrageous disparity at the kangaroo court, up at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy. These liars acted like they were cleaning up the place, when in actuality, they were putting up a smoke screen, to deceive the DOJ into looking elsewhere. Over the years, this person has been allowed free access to market his law enforcement supply store to Albuquerque Police Department recruits, who do not know any better, inside Albuquerque city facilities, like the police Academy. This individual has had LLC relationships with APD employees, as board members, yet he has been given sole source contract after contract with the city. This person makes sure to give his little campaign contributions to everyone he can, to insure his in. Trolls have no loyalty though. He smiled in faces, while he tampered with cases, to railroad police officers up at the NMLEAB. Many on the board have said they felt bullied to come to conclusions siding against officers in LEAB hearings, through pressure put on them by this person. We were told by our Eyes the order of the day at the NMLEAB was to find everyone Schultz filed an LEA90 on guilty and those he filed on when he was trying to keep the DOJ from coming to be revoked by any means. When the DOJ heat came in at its highest intensity, it was no surprise this assistant chairman, and citizen at large skadaddled, just like his filthy friend Schultz, and the dozens of others, who are no longer here.

On the week of the 20th of July, APD recruits were on a working lunch break, in a room where they were all studying for a test that was going to be on the 20th. During this break, recruits were eating their lunches, while studying, in preparation for their exam.

It has been brought to our attention that the above slimy little troll was seen slithering into an APD police academy classroom, and interrupting the studying recruits with one of his used car salesman, cheesy sales pitches. When does it end? Really?!? We remember the days, way back when this clown had the police department make his accident report protractors, the only protractor that recruits could use for their classes, and allowed him in to sell them like like a little pencil vendor girl, to sell them to all the recruits that were coerced into buying them by the department (Schultz). We also remember the no bid Aimpoint and Spiewak jacket contract. Now there is yet another!!!!

Our Eyes told us that the academy staff was not too pleased, when they caught this little troll interrupting their class. Apparently, they stood there, looking at this troll, until it was very uncomfortable, and told him he had to leave.

Our question is how was this allowed to happen? Ask yourself. Who the hell gets to just walk into an academy class, and what kind of pompous asshole thinks he can just interrupt studying cadets unannounced? How was a non sworn citizen, or non employee allowed to gain access into a police training facility, and just walk into a classroom full of recruits? This in not only an unfair, unethical business practice, that puts other vendors at an unfair disadvantage. It is a safety issue! These fucks never learn, and never quit, while they are ahead. What kind of korny shit is this?

While we are at it, we were told that the aforementioned troll was recently given the sole source contract with the city, to supply the new recruits with the the new vests they have to buy from him, with their own dime. Who the hell wants to work for a police department, where you have to buy your own vest from a troll?


We are hearing that there are cases developing that will bring certain trolls to the forefront of the past decade of shenanigans, and antics at the NMLEA. It can not happen soon enough.

Here is a word for the little punk troll. You are a coward troll. We know what you did for Schultz at the NMLEAB. We know how you directed hearing officers to come to the conclusions you wanted them to come to for Schultz, Levy, and any other administration in the state you could profit from, and we know you are friends with them. We know you profited, in exchange for your actions, through the gaining of access. We know the lives you have ruined. We know the people who you were told to burn. We know how it was all done, and we know why. You, and your band of coward racketeering criminals are directly responsible for the poor morale, the fratricide, and the decline of our city, for your own personal gain. You are a gutless coward. Stay the fuck out of places you do not belong. You are no better than anyone else. Actually you are below most. Stay under your rock.

You want business? Take your happy ass over to Texas, and take your fucking shine box.

We would advise our readers, police officers, and recruits to spend their hard earned money over at TLC uniforms, at 925 2nd ST NW, or Galls, over at 2520 San Mateo Blvd NE for all of their emergency equipment and uniform needs. That public service announcement was paid for by those dedicated to truth, duty, and honor.

Thanks for reading our blog, where we shine the light on trolls and cowards.

The Eye.


Below is a portion of a communication we have received from a very concerned community member who has been calling out the city on it’s corruption for years. This man served his country, and has had the courage to stand his ground against people like Schultz, Perry, and many others. We see him at city council meetings calling out those he deems the problem here. He has been bullied but continues to fight for what he believes in. People are feeling let down, and we believe a chance for real change has been missed, in exchange for pretentious images and a commercialized cookie cutter form of government.



After reviewing Friday the only three recordings, some clearly edited in APD’s case involving Christian the relative/likely stepson of Councilor Ken Sanchez who caused a vehicular accident in mid-June and fled the scene after pulling a gun on the man he crashed into, I sent the following initial comments to your fine new Clerk Ms. Duhigg and to many others
“The first, 18-0063592, was the APD detective’s telephone conversation (at Tel 206-6881) with Councilor Ken Sanchez’s wife regarding her son Christian’s driving conduct o/a June 13.  Also of 18-0057175, the video of the elderly threatened gentleman whose white SUV was hit by the black BMW that Christian was driving, who said the boy pointed a gun at him before fleeing the scene. The van driver gave the APD aide its license number-I believe he said it was NJB 405. Also of video 18-20057961 of the later APD stop of Christian, that contrary to his mom’s telephone statement to the detective, the officer(s) never searched the car for the gun-just searched him. White paint from the crash with the van was on the black Sanchez BMW.

“After reviewing the three recordings yesterday which I briefly commented upon (more to follow) it is clear that much of APD’s information supported Councilor Sanchez’s seemingly attempt to influence, possibly have APD cover up his young relative’s/possibly step-son Christian’s threats with a gun of an elderly owner of a white SUV right after he sideswiped it in the family’s black BMW that he was driving o/a June 13 of this year-a clear bodily harm criminal offense. While initially denying her son even had a gun, Christian’s mother who works in BERNCO’s HR would later even ask the detective on the phone ( recording 18-0063592) whether brandishing a weapon at a motorist was even be a criminal bodily harm (aggravated assault) offense?”

This case intentionally buried by APD Chief Geier was brought to my attention by an honest City insider that prompted my July 31 NM IPRA request.  Even though the media was copied on my e-mails to Ms. Duhigg, they cowardly refused to cover the story nor was the CPOA even interested.

The judicial system here beginning with our police and DAs-contrary to the recent Journal article by Judge Daniel Ramczyk has always been for sale.  All those in the deemed “privileged class” of our government, including our bad cops and others in power (or their family members) are never to held accountable/punished here.  This was even more proof that Chief Geier should never been given the job by you when he chose to bury this mid-June incident by Ken Sanchez’ step son Christian.

While many never heard of the Christian’s criminal offense until I brought it up, many saw the KRQE report last night where APD arrested Sean Saiz for pulling a gun during a parking dispute and APD then cited  him for aggravated assault. It’s too bad Sean Sais wasn’t also related to Ken Sanchez.

Those privileged in power here likely wish that blog sites like the Eye on Albuquerque, ABQReport and other truth tellers along with their readers-many of them honest cops, would go away.  But fortunately they won’t. See attached the latest ABQReport article by Jim Larson, a former POB member.

Also see the reader comments to a recent Eye posting on former cop Leah Kelly Acata who the misguided Councilors had even honored at a meeting.  See the summary below of Leah’s 9/14/2010 unjustified shooting of non-threatening Chandler Barr downtown.  As expected, a federal jury exonerated this despised-by-many APD cop. 

I continue to hope that some day you will stop being just another embarrassing NM politician seemingly committed only to maintaining the status-quo, the culture of corruption and lack of accountability that has made this city and State the disgrace of the nation.

We are also getting tired of seeing these insulting photo ops of you being dreamed up by your high-paid publicists pretending that you really care about us-doing something meaningful. The latest was with the UNM football team.  Yet your enablers in the mainstream media are more than happy to publicize these phony photo-ops of yours.

Until that time, you and others like you including AG Balderas can expect to be damned for your actions or inaction by the truth tellers who hope someday that their tough love will finally sink in.

It’s finally time to admit you made a serious mistake when picking Schultz’s prize pupil Mike Geier as permanent Chief and finally send him packing along with others like him including his NM IPRA stonewallers like Ms. Barraza-all of whom have dragged this city down into the gutter.

It appears that Steve Aguilar, your personal attorney and head of your Legal Department who was also chosen-like Geier in a rigged selection process has also shown himself to be no different than Berry’s embarrassing Jessica Hernandez and Kathryn Levy and should also be shown the door.

Finally, maybe a long talk with new US Attorney John Anderson and the DOJ folks in DC are also in order whose decision to also go AWOL in this reform challenge is also part of the problem.  Possibly they may consider hosting a meeting with us-the real concerned/involved, often threatened people of this city in order to hear the truth for a change.



On a positive note, I was impressed with your new clerk Katy Duhigg during my Friday visit who I hope will be a catalyst for change-will bring about real transparency if you allow her to do so.”

Reading the above correspondence it is essentially clear that some people need to get their heads out of their asses and quit covering for cowards who expect political favors but want to hide in the shadows.

Citizens are getting fed up of being placated, and are fighting back with information. Information is key and knowledge is power against corruption and favoritism.

As we are dealing with remnants of the past still influencing, and continuing to ruin our city and state, the administration is considering allowing officers to wear beards. Yes folks, as the city is in meltdown over out of control crime and corruption, this administration is more worried about some commercialized image of Albuquerque One, and allowing minime clones with oldtimey hairdos beards and sleeve tattoos. What asshole suggests a change in policy for beards when all of this is going on?!? Talk about arranging deck chairs on the Titanic and priorities. No wonder why this place is crumbling.

Someone needs to get it through their tucking head that the problem here is not about something that a marketing program can help. It’s time to put your fucking pants on and get some calluses.

Fixing this city isn’t a fashion show or popularity contest. We would like to thank Mr. Dell’Angela for stepping up with tenacity.

P.S. Quit bitching about the man hurting your feelings like candy asses and start doing what you are supposed to. We are hip to the deck stacking going on and more is coming.

Aug 24, 2018

DV in the Mayor’s west wing... More eating of their own.

It has come to our attention that Albuquerque Police Officers have arrested an officer on Mayor Keller’s detail for DV three days ago.

This is disturbing for two reasons, and both are reasons why officers do not want to work here.

Over the years, incidents like the ones below have been thrown out there faster than you could imagine. Some were truth and some were lies. Noting has changed here. It is just done differently to make some people look good, just as other stories are withheld to keep others from looking bad.

We have attached the below documents, outlining a DV arrest, involving the below Albuquerque police officer. We here at the Eye have called out a few wife beaters, and scoundrels over the years, but we just do not see it here. We are wondering who the hell signed off on this arrest, and why was it allowed to go this way? Furthermore, why was it kept silent?

The answers to both of these questions are about an administration having it’s cake, and eating it too; essentially image. There is a media blackout on anything that puts this administration in a poor light. Taking this further, there are those within this administration who have been part of, and know of incidents where true scum bags were covered for, for so long, that they now believe in just letting the chips fall, regardless of making proper decisions, because they know the public doesn’t trust anything they do anymore. Of course, this only when they think word may get out. This is sad, because now minor incidents, where an argument or disagreement could be remedied by separation, counseling, or other less destructive manners, they are now handled by clinically throwing the book at it. People with poor track records, who have had termination level incidents squashed for years, have been protected so much so, that individuals who now have one minor issue are exaggeratedly thrown under the bus, and backed up over.

Things have gotten so bad due to piss poor leadership, and a fake facade of this place being a great place to work as a police officer, while under the surface it is a life shredder to its employees. Don’t let recruitment, or the fake smiling faces fool you. You truly take the lives of yourself, and your family into your hands working for such a place, and it’s not the crime that will take you out, but the person beside or above you. APD is pushing for numbers for political reasons, and it is essentially the path of least resistance. They can not do anything about the crime problem, so they are looking to other issues that were promised, in order to claim success. This is not the way to turn things around. Luring people into a trap is unethical. Nobody wants to come to a place where they can have their whole life turned upside down, because they have an issue that anyone can have happen at any time. People have arguments.

The below incident did not result in anyone getting hurt, and it appears that a father did not want to see his son, and wife leave under the circumstances they were attempting to leave in. It is never good to have to drive with a child in a car under such circumstances. There was also another adult on the scene to help calm the situation. How was this false imprisonment, when ultimately the complainant was able to leave? How many people have taken someone’s car keys to protect them or someone else? How could this possibly be a felony? It seems everyone else gets to sleep in the bed made by a few.


Nobody was hit. Nobody was afraid of being hit. BUT SOMEBODY WAS ARRESTED! Where does this happen? In Albuquerque New Mexico. It seems here you can destroy entire states with corruption but a man can not have an argument without someone blowing it up to destroy a family. Who gives a fuck now that we have outdoor kumbuya concerts, $75,000,000 in ART funding, and a police department that is failing in every aspect?

Welcome to Albuquerque... where the undeserving pay the price for the deserving.

You really just can’t make this shit up.

Before anyone decides to run their mouth saying Eye, what’s up with sticking up for a cop involved in a domestic.....

Our answer is simple..... Anyone can have an argument that can be turned into something it is not. APD has become famous for turning things into something they are not. Read the complaint and you can see for yourself how easily a disagreement can be turned into the end of a career, that has a ripple effect on a family, because of the current state of affairs. We have a zero tolerance for domestic violence, and that is well known. We do not see it here. You also have a right to have a beer in your own home. Knowing there was a child involved, and things were heated, it still did not get violent as opposed to another case where a female officer had her head bashed in, and nothing was done. This officer did not lie about it nor did he try to cover it up. There are no standards here... no baseline... no barometer. It is all arbitrary. Arbitrary is the unpredictable precipice of a cliff, and nobody deserves to be forced to stand on the precipice, with cowards containing even bigger skeletons in their closets, making decisions because of politics, ready to push them off. That is why.

Officers across the department are stressed out, because leadership priorities are all fucked up.

Good luck to the officer, and his family in repairing things as APD continues in its fratricidal behavior.

Aug 20, 2018

Discontent fear and possible retaliation in little Albuquerque, south of the border. The quiet riot in Belen PD.

Our Eyes at state level are telling us the deputy chief of Belen NM PD was put on administrative leave after some sort of spastic episode on or about the second week of August 6th, and his return is pending some sort of evaluation. 

We are hearing officers are leaving, or are planning to leave. This is very concerning.

We found the below incident upon being told of this incident and can just ask what the hell is going on with law enforcement in our state? 


Apparently the union had a vote of no confidence, and there are several other matters pending, and ongoing in reference to this matter. 

If a majority of officers are afraid of their command staff, how are they supposed to be able to do their jobs? It is getting worse in our state and it really appears that the bullying of officers by police brass is getting out of control. 

This sort of issue is becoming epidemic not only in New Mexico, but nationwide. 

We ask that our Eyes keep us advised of this situation as it unravels, because this is happening way too much. 

Good luck down there fellas. Stay safe. You have a forum here if you need it. Feel free to use our discussion boards to the right or comment below. 

Thank you all for your service, and keep your heads up.

Aug 16, 2018

New Answers on the Taser Investigation into Ray Schultz, and the Deal He Greased. Pay to play that is prosecuted everywhere else is being covered up in New Mexico.

Our Eyes have just told us the plan going on over at the New Mexico Attorney General’s office, and it about perfectly jives with the information we have been hearing.

This is an election year, but on top of that, we all know the “will” those in charge with holding public officials accountable for their misdeeds have for going after targets like Schultz, and the dozens of others who so far, have NOT been held accountable for their actions that precipitated the crumbling of our city and police department.

What we are about to tell you should make a second term for Hector Balderas not happen under any circumstances, if this is all true. Nobody should be allowed to dodge a given duty out of political concern! NOBODY!

Our sources are telling us that the Taser / Schultz investigation is being purposefully left to die on the vine, and wither away by the AG’s office, with efforts in place to make sure nobody is able to ask questions or find out what is going on, until it just doesn’t matter anymore.

We all know that when the now mayor Keller did his investigation as the state IG into the Taser deal, after emails were found with Schultz clearly stating the deal had been “greased” between Taser and the city, there were crimes committed, and the case was forwarded to the Attorney General for possible prosecution.

We all know that Louis Robles was Schultz’s go to guy for legal representation in the Taser investigation. We all know that Robles, his associate Brian Colon, and Hector Balderas are all buddies, like peas in a pod.

Now here is how they are doing it.

You can not get information on an active investigation through Inspection of Public Records. The AG knows this, and the case is being kept open. It is inactive, and nobody is assigned to it, or working on it. That is right. NOBODY IS WORKING ON IT! Why you say? Because statutes will run, and it will just die, and wither. They do not want to touch this, because it involves everyone, and it is politics as usual. This blatantly means that the political careers and futures of politicians are more important than holding corrupt officials accountable for the sad state of affairs our whole state is in, because of a few criminal dirt bags. No matter how small the charges may be, or who it may affect, or drag back here, there is no excuse for this. It is reprehensible and heinous on the part of an office in charge of holding everyone accountable. They are hoping this goes away, so as not to disturb political careers. When things like this happen, it is usually because the trail will lead to political cronies, supporters, and friends. This is unacceptable. Essentially the investigation is being kept floating as open so they can ignore questions about it.

We are being told from within that as long as the case is kept open, requests for information can be withheld by claiming there is an ongoing investigation. This is playing the system for one’s own political benefit, and it is malfeasant.

Knowing all of this, this political hot potato can be kept in limbo for as long as they need it to be, essentially allowing certain people to avoid making the hard decisions, and choices for the welfare of our community, as they were elected to do, because of their own political reasons.

Right now, the AG needs to be called on the carpet for answers into this matter, just like is being done with Geier and Keller. He needs to reveal who is assigned to work on this case, and what the progress
 is. There was supposed to be a grand jury convened, and we were told that that was cancelled too.

So we are going on another year after the AG said the Taser probe has widened, and they were coming to a close. What has changed? Political Tetris positions have changed, and elections didn’t pan out the way people thought they would. Aspirations have shifted and certain issues need to be hushed up. Brian Colon is running for Inspector General now. The horse shit is getting old, and everyone knows these three are connected at the hip, along with their previous relationships with Ray Schultz.

We here at the Eye believe the system in the State of New Mexico is more than broken. We believe it is being systematically and intentionally sabotaged, and enough is enough.

Every citizen in the state needs to stand up, and call these liars out on their inaction, because they have been making fools out of everyone while profiting from it. Corruption is a cancer that is spreading outward.

Shit collapsed, and officers can not do their jobs because scum betrayed everyone for their own personal gain. Where are these cowards? Not here! No! They fled like chicken shits. They are no longer dealing with the mess they created. Contact Hector Balderas and demand answers now!

201 3rd St. NW
Suite 300
Albuquerque, NM  87102
Toll Free 1-844-255-9210
Phone: (505) 717-3500
Fax: (505) 318-1050

408 Galisteo Street
Villagra Building
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Toll Free 1-844-255-9210
Phone: (505) 490-4060
Fax: (505) 490-4883

AG Twitter

Aug 15, 2018


Today, The Honorable Judge David K. Thompson, division 4 District court judge did the right thing.

Today, the Albuquerque police department got more egg on its face, but more so, a murdered civil rights attorney, and her family came a little closer to justice.

We all remember November 18th, 2010, when Attorney Mary Han was found deceased in her home. We remember the top Albuquerque Police Department brass showing up to the crime scene, ordering officers to violate standard operating procedure, as former confirmed liar, DCOP Allen Banks told officers in charge of the scene to leave, as he and his gang of clowns turned the scene into a disgraceful circus. We remember people like TJ Wilham showing up, when they had no valid reason to be there. We remember the accounts of former police chief Raymond D. Schultz receiving phone calls from those on the scene but using his wife’s phone to return those calls, AND WE REMEMBER FORMER DISGRACEFUL ASSISTANT CITY ATTORNEY KATHRYN LEVY WORKING SO HARD TO OBSTRUCT, AND MUDDY THE TRUTH WITH HER MOB LAWYERING TACTICS. We remember all of it and we remember them all scattering like the cockroaches they are when the light was shined on them as their tactics to fend of the scrutiny of the DOJ failed.

Almost 8 years ago, and those who have caused all of this have left this city, and hundreds of lives in turmoil and wreckage, but today it was proven that when you take the home court advantage, and variable control out of the hands of corrupt public officials, there can be some progress, and the right thing can get done.

For decades, those within APD, who were charged with running the police department, claimed they knew best. They still do. They claimed “their way” of conducting investigations was the best. They claimed to tell the truth. They claim to conduct fair investigations. When challenged, after being caught obstructing the truth, tampering with witnesses and evidence, and directing numerous preconceived investigations to their desired outcomes, they claimed their proprietary knowledge made them experts in the field, and nobody should challenge what they say. They claimed over and over again that their verdict is the only verdict, because they say so, without ever really backing their conclusions with the truth, or untainted or complete evidence and testimony. Every single high profile case involving APD and the city Attorney’s office has been tainted for over a decade. It is all still coming to light now, and anyone who stands up to them is attacked, extorted and retaliated against.

Below, we are going to show you excerpts from the 96 page order Judge Thompson filed overturning the Office of the Medical Investigator’s determination of suicide regarding the death of Mary Han, to undetermined. The judge in this case ripped the OMI and APD a new one for failures on multiple levels.

For years, we have been providing evidence of how the command staff at high levels within APD have been bullying officers, and committing crimes as they tampered with cases for their own political agendas. Below yet more evidence of officers who did the right thing, but were threatened by then deputy Chief Allen Banks. You can see for yourself the culture and mindset of Banks. This has been corroborated by countless claims and complaints made by current and former employees of APD. Many cases are still plagued to this day with this type of mindset, yet nothing has ever been done to punished these scum bags for their criminal behavior. As a matter of fact, they have been rewarded with pensions and new jobs as police chiefs in cities like Round Rock Texas and Memorial Villages Texas. To this day we still do not have an answer to the open investigation into the Taser scandal involving both Allen Banks, and former disgraced Albuquerque Police Chief Raymond D. Schultz, aka Ray Schultz aka Turkeyneck.

We would like to commend the above officers, some of which had to leave the department out of fear of retaliation, for having the fortitude and guts to stand up to punks like Allen Banks, and this filthy administration, by telling the truth.

If you read this blog, you can see how many of these cases will be tied together forever, as Mrs. Han was working on lawsuits involving prostitution, that may have spilled over into human trafficking, involving many high profile police brass, judges, politicians, and the connected wealthy. Because of this, Taser, and countless other corruption issues, the question is how many more “it remains unanswered” issues are out there? How many cases were tampered with, just because they wanted to, or because they wanted to hide their actions?

Today, we know that Albuquerque NM may be one of the most corrupt cities in the country, with no accountability, and no oversight by outside authorities. For this reason, it is apparent that nothing will get better, until orders like this are followed up with criminal investigations, that result in convictions for corruption. People like Banks and Schultz still have pending investigations they are part of, yet nothing is done. Just imagine if an officer or citizen threatened, or intimidated a witness about their testimony. The book would be thrown at them, and their whole life would be OBLITERATED. In New Mexico the district attorney’s sit on corruption cases like Raul Torres is doing in the James Geha case, or they clam up and refuse transparency as the NMAG is doing in the Taser / Schultz case.

How many more cases like this need to happen before someone responsible for holding these cretins accountable reaches down, and grows the set of balls needed to start charging the officials who betrayed public trust, got people killed, destroyed our city, and residually continue to prevent forward progress through rebuilding, like the viruses they are.

Folks, the damage done was so bad, and the indifference towards it is beyond comprehension, because selfish individuals do not consider it an issue. This is because it does not adversely affect them and their little worlds.

Unrepairable, willful, malicious, intentional, and criminal acts were committed by the previous administration and it is being permitted now by this one. Those responsible were allowed to run away to collect pensions, despite evidence they committed perjury, tampered with cases and witnesses, and defrauded courts. Many of them are now working in high paying jobs in other departments and cities. Ask yourself how many people get to wreck a city, then get rewarded or have other employers ignore their past?

That remains unanswered and that is unacceptable. A woman was found dead. That woman was exposing corrupt behavior. The scene was tampered with, and destroyed. It was intentional, and the stage was set from there. If the last ten years in not proof that this place needs to be dissected and disinfected with aggressive retroactive and proactive civil and criminal proceedings, then it is over.

The time for being pussies, and not cracking shit open, because of how involving and daunting it may be is over. The excuses of it being a never ending rabbit hole, is a betrayal to public trust, and the public’s hope in justice.

Everyone here is disgusted and sick to the point of being enraged about the lack of action.

It is time for federal monitor Ginger to recommend harsh action, and Judge Barak to call for an audit of everything APD for the last decade.

We are all sick of “it remains unanswered.” That’s nice speak for they lied, omitted, dodged, fled, ran away, and got away with.... and it is all unacceptable.

A big thank you to judge Thompson, and the officers involved, who did the right thing.

To the family of Mary Han, and all those working for justice in this matter, we are sorry for what you are going through.