The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 30, 2014

"F***en" Lunatic Chinese Penis!

The networks came out swinging at APD and Berry, complaining how they are not saying anything about the new Boyd shooting evidence.  And after almost two days of hiding, and Berry being not "Transparent," he and Eden came out of their bunker.  I guess they had rehearsed their story long enough to Janet Blair's satisfaction.

But let's not forget, it was good ole Jane who fled from KOB's Chris Ramirez. (OK, we've been hard on Chris in the past, like him or not he pushed on this and did well.) Blair looked angry and stomped off.  Please tell us why we are paying her $100,000 per year?

What a mess and at Balloon Fiesta! Maybe there will be a surprise balloon in the special shapes rodeo, something that commemorates this latest fiasco.

And what is of this safeword silliness? Really? Sorry folks, this is a distraction technique. Watch, this APD "hazing culture" will become the big issue and Detective Sandy is another victim.

It sounds like ROP needs to be disbanded. They have become a wanna be SWAT team and they are not doing what they were created to do.  What are they supposed to do?  They are supposed to be targeting career criminals and doing arrest warrants, search warrants, testifying in court and putting bad criminals back in prison.

Our Eyes tell us all they seem to be doing is running around like a SWAT team, showing up at SWAT calls and serving someone else's arrest warrants. The department should spend a year studying where ROP went off the cliff and set up safeguards to ensure it doesn't happen again.  In a year bring ROP back but with stringent rules over what they should and should not be doing and a brand new set of detectives who actually know how to do undercover work, warrants and present and testify in criminal cases. While we think about it, time to get rid of Commander Les Brown who oversees ROP, he failed.

Furthermore Eden should start replacing the SWAT team. Yeah we said it, enough is enough.  They can't / won't run their cameras.  They seem out of control and Eden needs to regain control of them.  Start by immediately replacing the Commander Joe Christman of SWAT and slowly replace everyone else in SWAT over the next year or so.  APD should develop a new training program for SWAT officers, one that stresses less-lethal weapons, patience and teamwork.  That doesn't mean they don't need deadly force training for those incidents like Emcore and Chris Chase, but the majority of incidents are not like that and we need to move our SWAT team in a different direction.  The number of incidents where a SWAT team needs to assault a scene or where we have an active shooter are very few, the majority of SWAT events are already contained by uniform patrol officers, we need to take a hard look at SWAT and ask are they causing certain situations to move in the wrong direction?

Oddly enough, we're not saying anything new.  Eden should know this?  Berry said he could hit the ground running at APD?  But all we see Eden and Berry doing now is running away from any camera.  Where are the dynamic changes at APD?  Berry hired Blair and Huntsman but still the status quo goes on, no changes, just hiding and stonewalling.

Albuquerque is in a leadership vacuum, that giant sucking noise coming from the 5th and 11th floors are destroying this great city. This is just more of the consequences of Ray "Nature at Play" Schultz. Speaking of which, where's Mr. Taserman been lately? Our Eyes tell us he hasn't been seen at his favorite gym in a while....

Sep 29, 2014

Eyes from Barelas: Where is AFD?

We find lots of interesting things in our mailbox. Sadly it's not like Christmas, but more like Halloween with tricks or treats. A faithful reader sent us the following little treat this weekend. You see, it seems that no matter how the braintrust on the 11th Floor of City Hall tries to play games, the citizens of Albuquerque are wise to their little tricks.

Dear EYE,

I am a tax paying citizen of the Barelas community. I want to know why AFD is using a pumper truck in place of a ladder truck to serve our part of town. The last time I checked, the tall buildings are downtown. What the hell is going on with this city? A few weeks ago I saw we don't have enough firemen on our trucks and now we don't even have trucks! How the hell is the truck in this picture going to save anyone in a building downtown?  APD is a disgrace, AFD is short staffed and doesn't have trucks, Albuquerque is dead last in the entire county in job growth and New Mexico is now number one in child poverty. WTF is going on! 

Signed, Disgusted Barelas Resident 

Sep 23, 2014

On the Eve of a Consent Decree, Not a Creature was Stirring...

Our Eyes tell us that in the not too distant future, the fate of the state's largest police department in the state's largest city will be presented before all who have been waiting since last April. Ironically, or maybe not so, what comes forward of the consent decree between the City of Albuquerque and the United States Department of Justice will have been negotiated by outsides. As much as our good buddy Jerry Walz likes to brag about his influence on things, what the reality is APD's fate has been decided by a duo from Cincinnati and a crew from Washington D.C.

Which makes us wonder is there anything that could happen where the people in power here in Albuquerque, or Santa Fe for that matter, will EVER be held accountable?

A year ago during the mayoral race we were told the city's economic struggles were all but over. Yet here we are and things are worse.

We were told APD was one of the best department's in the country, a place where people come to learn from. In reality it's an example of what not to do.

We were told that candidates Dinelli and Heh were naysayers about the city and that all was great. Yet the only thing Albuquerque has led is it's national recognition as place the preceded Ferguson, Missouri, in police violence and a place where the city's CAO shows up at shooting scenes drunk.

We were told that crime was down and was continuing to fall. Yet in reality its continued to rise.

We were told that Richard Berry loved his city employees. Yet he hires temps faster than permanent employees and cuts the workforce.

So many promises have been broken and so much scorn has been thrown at those who dare challenge the status quo of such hypocrisy, it makes one wonder if it truly is not time for change in Santa Fe for simply the sake of change.

Folks like the disgraced former Public Safety Director Darren White love to do nothing but point out the lint on the shoulders of others while disregarding the nakedness of host. We've not been impressed by AG King during his tenure in office. But we've been sourly disgusted by the rank and foul conduct by the current occupant of the governor's office. But hey, we're the Eye, tell us how you really feel.

One thing is for certain, once this consent decree comes out, not much is gonna change.

Sep 16, 2014

AFSCME: Refusing to Lay Down

Last Friday, the spokesperson for all-but criminal gang occupying the 11th Floor of Albuquerque's city hall issued an edict to the members of AFSCME Local 2962. In the words of Rob "Thug Life" Perry, "the City will IMPOSE its Last Best Offer made to the Local 2962 on July 31, 2014."

In essence the negotiations are over. Not that there ever were any negotiations because in dealing with Berry/Perry, there are no negotiations. There is only their way. And as we've seen with the fire and police unions, the Perry plays only to win.  So while Berry went on the news Friday touting how the 500+ clerical members of AFSCME are getting a 3% raise, let's take a look at what they are losing. And these incidentally are the things our eyes at AFSCME tell us were the sticking points that the City refused to negotiate on:

1. A 1 year contract as desired by the City as opposed to the 3 year contract desired by AFSCME. Why bother securing a multi-year contract so that you can plan the city's budget for multiple years when you can pay your contract union buster John Martinez another several hundred thousand dollars next year?

2. Removal of the "evergreen" clause as opposed to keeping it. Why bother respecting to the terms of an agreed upon contract when it expires when the City can just call it void and do whatever it wants?

3. Denial of any binding arbitration as opposed to respecting it. Why bother risking getting called on the city's deceitful and deceptive negotiation tactics with a binding third-party?

and of the course the big deal breaker:

4. Require all union members contribute to their local union reps rather than have them compensated by the city for "union time".

But like all things Berry/Perry, there are a lot of hidden details that are conveniently omitted from their press parties. For instance:

5. Disciplinary action my now initiate when management believes such action is necessary. Who needs any due process when you got Rob Perry deciding such matters. (

6. Investigation into employee misconduct will in many cases be conducted without any disclosure to the target employee. (24.2.1)

7. Denial of any appeals where the disciplined employee may be "made whole". (25.1.5)

And of course we have the notion that under Mr. "Thug Life" Perry, the city can just arbitrarily implement such changes despite their being a collective bargaining agent for these 500 employees.  This should be interesting....

Let's see if AFSCME turns out to be the most committed labor union for their members.  Oh and if anybody has any questions, feel free to call the city's chief labor czar, John Martinez, at 505-228-1360. Since he's taken several hundred thousand dollars on behalf of the city, we're sure he's fine hearing from some of the folks he's been working over. Ooops, an "eye" slip, we me for.

Sep 12, 2014

We all know how our little misspoken chief of APD, Gordon Eden, can't help but put his foot in his mouth whenever he talks. Especially to members of the national press corp. And it's become routine where Eden we'll say something and then days later back away from what he said. (Imagine if an officer did that in IA?). And now even the police union is sticking their nose in the comments and saying Eden didn't mean what he said. Noticeably absent from this mess is Berry/Perry who are doing what they do best when something like this happens. They hide. But don't worry, your loveable Eye is going to weigh in with some questions....

Eden told USA Today that some APD officers don't deserve to wear the badge.  Does this include command staff?  Does this include Major Gonterman? On what standard is Eden talking about? Maybe he's just talking about fat officers? Or ones who can't shoot?

Eden's comments to USA Today should be entitled, Why I Will Fail, by Gordon Eden.  He places all blame on the police union.  This is wrong.  He is vacating his authority.  Changes starts at the top with his command staff. Eden says officers sue and win their jobs back. Who has done that? We can only think of Rusell Perea in recent memory. Maybe if the department didn't illegally fire officers they wouldn't have to sue to get what was taken from them. 

Want to change the SWAT no camera on mentality?  All Eden has to do is give the Swat DCOP / Commander a day off the next time no video is recorded.  This would change the culture overnight and save us $50,000

Cultural change at APD starts at the top, not the bottom.  Berry never held Schultz accountable, it continues with Eden.  Blaming the union is deflection.  Take accountability and responsibility that is what Eden and Berry must do, but they are incapable of that. In the recent history of the department's most notorious cases there's not only been NO accountability but there's been rewards (think about promotions after the Han incident, the Ellis shooting, the Boyd shooting...)
Berry and Eden seem incapable of holding their appointees accountable.  They point fingers and blame others (union) and they do nothing more.  At least Marty fired Gil Gallegos, now that is holding people.

And what about the District Attorney?  USA?  NM AG?  Aren’t they suppose to be the check and balance when the city and police command staff refuses to police themselves? Where's the DOJ?

Sep 11, 2014

Do Not Drift

The Eye would like to remind all that we proudly stand with those that honor the oath they've taken, run towards harm, and stand firm against tyranny and enemies our great country
...both foreign AND domestic.

Sep 9, 2014

AFD: "A Glitch in the System"


APD is no longer alone in having a staffing shortage that risks the lives of both its members and Albuquerque citizens.  AFD is now so under funded that Chief Dave Downey has authorized AFD apparatus to be run short staffed. Trucks, which should be staffed by four firefighters, are now running with three crewmembers.

This is happening because AFD is understaffed and underfunded and this administration refuses to do anything about it. 

During the worst economic times our country has known since the Great Depression, and in the city with the worst economy in the nation, the City of Albuquerque says it cannot hire firefighters! It appears there are unending funds to pay lawsuits but not enough money to staff AFD trucks.

The Albuquerque Fire Department’s entire training process and SOPs for fighting fires are built on running four man pumpers, not understaffed three-man units. The decision of Chief Downey to save money by running short-staffed units has put firefighter lives at risk and, worse than that, it jeopardizes the lives of Albuquerque residents. Each of the four persons on the truck have specific duties to do as it is and with three, they each have excessive duties.

The real responsibility of this staffing and budgetary crisis lies at the feet of Mayor Berry. He is responsible for leading Albuquerque into its current state of economic disaster, destruction of APD and now the dismantling of the Albuquerque Fire Department. I guess this is what Mayor Berry was referring to during this past election when he continually stated, “Albuquerque was about to turn the corner economically.” Except it was turning the corner away from recovery and INTO meltdown.

This morning orders came down from the top of the AFD administration that anyone who stated over the radio during an emergency response that they required an additional unit as a result of a short-staffed pumper would be disciplined. You read that correctly, if an AFD firefighter requests over the radio additional units do to a short-staffed pumper they will be disciplined!

AFD Deputy Chief of Operations Victor Padilla was recorded Sunday morning stating explicitly that the decision to short staff AFD apparatus was being done to save money and that AFD administration did not want this fact getting out. 

Chief Padilla repeatedly stated that he disagreed with this decision but that it came from the Mayor’s Office. Chief Padilla explained that Chief Downey could obey the Mayor or look for another job. Chief Padilla also stated that Chief Downy had made the decision to short staff units endangering lives in a reactionary fashion due to AFD members calling of sick this weekend. If that is true, Chief Downey needs to be dismissed. Sick leave has been used for over one hundred years in AFD and there has always been more sick time used on the weekends.

Endangering the lives of firefighters and Albuquerque residents to punish AFD members who did show up for work is totally unacceptable and conduct unbecoming, by definition!

"If this gets out....Fuck You." In his statement, Chief Padilla spoke sarcastically about the well being of AFD personal. He holds the very members of AFD he has sworn to protect in contempt. It is totally intolerable that any Chief in AFD behaves in such a manner. During Chief Padilla’s disgusting and outrageous presentation he used profanity and conducted himself in an unprofessional manner. Chief Padilla needs to be immediately removed from his position. His handling of this AFD crisis has made a bad condition even worse! The time for AFD to receive the same scrutiny as APD has had for mismanagement is long over due.

Sep 8, 2014

Follow the Money: APD A$$ault Rifles

Back in early July 2014 many local and national news media outlets broke the story about the Albuquerque Police Department’s purchase of 350 5.56 x45mm AR style rifles. You can read some of them right here:

To the uneducated reader these stories may only read as something that may inflame feelings towards a department already in turmoil over use of unjustified deadly force, but folks it goes deeper than that, much deeper like it always does

There is no question that over the years, when it comes to the City or APD, some really shady deals have gone down regarding sole proprietor bids on merchandise that is substandard, but was settled on in order to throw some business to those who would later provide services favorable to certain individuals in return. 

We had the Kaufman’s West ballistic vest fiasco, the Spiwak jacket joke, and the list of toys and trinkets of "must have" that Kaufman's pushes on new cops goes on. Now we have Redflex, Taser and this gem of a weapon’s purchase. It is not the purchase so much as the devil in all of the details behind it and the usual antics and suspects. 

You see, when you dig a little deeper you start to connect the dots and see just how and why things happen around here, for in Albuquerque nobody does business without the mob having their hand in it; the mob being this administration and those who are always looking to profit any way they can from it.

The details:

The AR15 is a magazine fed, gas operated, direct impingement rotating bolt semiautomatic rifle. Direct impingement means that gas is bled off from the gas tube within the upper receiver, just forward and above the bolt carrier, to force the carrier rearward, unlocking the bolt from the barrel extension allowing the bolt to travel rearward to eject a spent casing and load another into the chamber for firing. This is a proven design, used in combat for years. Earlier versions had reliability issues due to fouling, but for all intents and purposes the weapon functions for what it was made for, especially in law enforcement environments which is a far cry from the jungles of Southeast Asia. 

Several manufacturers have made changes to this design over the years, and many have developed a new gas piston system based on the AK design. This is a good system, but much more expensive than the direct impingement, due to the parts and manufacturing. These newer designed weapons operate cooler at sustained full auto fire and stay cleaner longer in the combat zone. 

This is good for a weapon being used for combat. It is not really needed for patrol in a law enforcement environment. If you can’t keep your rifle clean, you shouldn’t have one, and NOBODY will be firing sustained fully automatic fire or dumping mags. 

The question is why would APD purchase rifles with a suggested MSRP of $1749.00 a pop when they had just previously purchased Smith and Wesson direct impingement ARs which sell for an MSRP of $1159.00? See it right here:

The 350 rifles purchased by APD are Primary Weapons MK1 Series Gas piston rifles. They were purchased from BMC Tactical in Albuquerque NM. They retail for $1749.00. These weapons are not proven, and are not being used extensively in the military or police departments nationwide. Their track record is not proven, and in fact, our EYES tell us that these weapons are malfunctioning at a high percentage, and have to be brought back to the vender who sold them for repair. 

Now APD wouldn’t do that with a product would they? They wouldn’t put an inferior untested piece of equipment out there on the streets like they did with the Taser Axom cams, and they wouldn’t circumvent a bid when there is another PWI dealer right here in NM also? SEE THEM HERE: 

Our EYES are telling us that they would, and did. After being caught time and time again, you would think the administration would adopt the philosophy of "It was a mistake, and I have learned from that mistake. I have taken responsibility for it," but no, that’s not the APD way, and nothing seems to change in the land of greased deals.

Why was there no bid? Why was Primary Weapons Systems rifle chosen as the weapons platform When LWRCI puts out a superior product that IS proven and in vast use through out the military and police departments? SEE IT HERE:  In all actuality, why was the exponentially less expensive, and just as reliable direct impingement weapon platform that has been fine for all of these years, and used even more extensively without issue, been abandoned for this very expensive, unproven trinket, that does not perform reliably? 

Our EYES tell us that the city knows all of this, and still went ahead with the deal; a deal for 350 rifles to the tune of $612,000 with an agreement for more purchases of 50 at a time costing $87,000. The same number of Colt, Sig, Smith &Wesson or Rock River direct impingement rifles would have cost the city approximately $280,000 with the next 50 costing $40,000 and these rifles are perfectly fine. That is half the price for rifles that we already know work. This is what happens when you look a little deeper.

The devil:

Our EYES tell us that current APD Major Tim Gonterman is very friendly with the owners of BMC Tactical. In fact we are hearing that this deal may have been greased also, but we will leave it up to our readers to make up their minds, considering the current trends and patterns of this type of behavior in regards to those running things in this out of control city. 

Were these rifles chosen because BMC is one of two NM vendors who can get them? 
Were these rifles chosen to inflate the price for profit? 
Was BMC chosen because they were friends with the Major?
Why the rush to buy these specific rifles when the US Government is providing rifles to departments all the time across the country?

Something is not right here but we here at the EYE have burned your ear long enough on the issue. You decide.

Sep 5, 2014

Going Out of State

It seems despite the best efforts of Martinez and Berry and those controlling them from the shadows, things that are of major significance to New Mexico are either staying away or leaving.  And let's be real, what counts for "best" in our little backwater state is really just not that.

No shocker here (yes that was an Eye pun). Not only does the car not consume fossil fuels but the manufacturer is clearly NOT a Koch family friend. Well, duh, NM is only open for business for associates who donate to Martinez...leading to more martinezizing of the state. I mean really who wants a $5 Billion investment in the state? Have fun Nevada, may we'll be seeing you soon too!

There was a lot of widespread reports that a federal magistrate judge's granting Berry/Perry's desire to see this case go away accomplished just that. Well folks, this case is now headed to Denver to the US Court of Appeals where it may be heard finally by a panel of judges from outside of New Mexico. We'll see what this means but for Berry and company, it means this matter is not going away. In articles published across the country by the AP, we found the closing paragraph on the case rather....eerie:

City officials have called the case frivolous but have not explained the highly irregular and suspicious circumstances involving APD’s botched investigation and contamination of the crime scene. 

Can't make this up. While the actions of Ray Schultz, Darren White, Allen Banks, and all the other cronies brought upon the city one of its most disgraceful acts forever in APD's history, Albuquerque city attorney David Tourek is actually having his brother in law Steve French go after the Han family for their legal fees. Here's a breakdown of bills sent to the city by French and Associates:

8/30/13    $10,998.49
9/30/13    $9,542.98
10/30/13  $7,157.23
11/30/13   $3,755.70
12/31/13   $10,916.57
1/30/14     $6,147.15
2/26/14     $7,655.85
3/31/14     $13,899.30
4/25/14     $5,778.00
TOTAL:    $75,851.27 is the city going to go after Brett Lampiris-Tremba for costing us over $8,000,000?

Sep 2, 2014

Ye Olde Towne CrEYE'r

In the days before your loveable Eye-on-Albuquerque there used to be something called the town crier. This person would broadcast information of concern to the citizenry so that they would know what was going on. Because in the United States of America, an informed citizenry is one of the best defenses against despotism.

Sadly, large newspapers displaced the lil old town crier and he had to find a new job. Then along came the internet, and poof he found a way to do what had been done so well before. Raw and revealing information. Information that scares those that hold office, or desire to hold office. Well we know our readers have grown somewhat numb to all the treachery and corruption unfolding in New Mexico's largest city of Albuquerque.

We also know that there are two large campaigns in full swing here in the Land of the Shrug and in the spirit of our great great great great great great grandfather, we're going to poke a little fun at our current crop of governor and senate candidates....and before their minions start sending their little emails and complaints to Google and Twitter (believe it or not they do!) crying about the little boo-boos their boss is getting courtesy of the Eye, please, for lack of a better expression, suck it up or get off the stage. If you can't handle a little shin kicking then you have no business being in office for anything. Today a quick little overview, then a more detailed look at each candidate over the next week or so...

Ok we've heard enough about how she's the country's first Hispanic governor. We don't care and frankly please show us something that she can honestly be proud of. In virtually every metric the state is in the toilet and years behind neighboring states in economic progress. The idea of kicking out our best and highest paying tenant, the US Gov't, while not having a replacement in the wings was not too smart. Sadly, thanks to her, we have a new word: "Martinezed" which refers to a scenario where one comes in yelling and screaming but accomplishes nothing.

As the Attorney General for the State of New Mexico, the only thing we remember you doing is shutting down horse slaughter plants. You made a great presentation on APD's gross conduct at the death scene of Mary Han, but in the words of a tough old lady, "Where's the beef?" We all know how corrupt things are but you haven't shown us much Gary. As the chief law enforcement officer in a state that's stocked pond of corruption we are concerned that you'll let things be as they are. We know you're a "King" in your own mind but there's got to be something other than your family's name to convince those on the fence to vote for you. Step up or step aside.

This is our state's senior senator. Funny we didn't know that either until we decided to look up who his opponent was running against. That speaks volumes Tom. We know your family is rich in political history but let's look at the field you're playing in, crops are thin and what exists is all but dead. Having a sitting governor that says "thanks but no thanks" to the Feds doesn't help we're sure but for crying out loud DO SOMETHING! Show us you have a pulse at least. We'd love to say "You d'all that?!" but you haven't done much.

Allen is a full-bird USMA colonel and what baffles us is why a person with nearly twelve rows of medals would want to get in the fray with this crowd. Oh right, we forgot, power. What is the deal with these very wealthy conservatives that make their fortune in contracts with the very government they desire to downsize to virtually nothing? Is this like a self-hate thing or are they really trying to deprive others of the very opportunities they so richly profited from? And really, using images of jihadist murderers to fuel your campaign. That's WAY crazy.

More coming....