The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 27, 2015


There were two recent stories reported by KRQE CH13 that caught our Eye. The first story is concerning a thug by the name of Anthony Chavez who is intelligent enough to commit violent crimes but is mentally incompetent to be held accountable for his action. This is a complete conflict. Either your incompetent or your competent and you’re committing crimes. The second story is about Chelwood Elementary School and Its playground that has been taken over by prairie dogs. APS is complaining about the cost; claiming it will cost up to twenty thousand dollars to move the prairie dogs. This is a serious health issue and a danger to our kids. At the same time APS has blown hundreds of thousands of dollars on the last two incompetent superintendents.

The first story was about Anthony Chavez and his get-out-of-jail-free-card. In an interview with District Attorney Brandenburg; Mr. Chavez cannot be prosecuted because he has been judged mentally incompetent. This is despite Mr. Chavez being arrested time after time for breaking into homes, vehicles, pointing guns at victims and being caught on video stealing time after time. Mr. Chavez has to commit a violent crime before he can be confined to a mental health institution. Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon is not violent enough. Mr. Chavez will have to shoot someone, kill someone, kidnap someone, or rape someone to be sentenced to a mental institution. Oh wait a minute rape won't work because the Rape Kit will never be processed. Does anyone want to volunteer to be Mr. Chavez next victim?


 Does anyone see the next lawsuit against APD; “Man Shot by APD was Mentally Incompetent.” Everyone knows he’s a danger and when the officers have to stop this thug, the tables will be turned and poor little Tony was going to get back on his meds and get his GED. He was even thinking about getting a job someday.


Come on folks we’re all nobody’s and the politicians could care less if we get hurt. We can hear it now; the politicians will get in front of the media and say our hearts and prayers go out to the family of nobody. We will take steps to make sure this will never happen again. We at the Eye think the morons that made this law should change it now, create the right legislation. Oh that's right politicians are too busy doing nothing.

The second story is about Chelwood Elementary School. It seems the school playground has been taken over by prairie dogs. This is a huge health hazard to the children, teachers and anyone who visits or works at the school. The children are walking in what the prairie dogs leave behind and are tracking it into the school, lunchrooms, buses and taking it home to their family. It is just a matter of time until one of the children gets bitten and suffers a severe health problem. Now we at the Eye know there is no rabies or plague in New Mexico; now is there? A.P.S. states it would cost up to twenty thousand dollars to move the prairie dogs because they are protected by City Ordinance (City Council and Mayor REALLY!!!) Oh, we get it; no politician’s children go to that school, just a bunch of nobody's. At least A.P.S. put a price tag on a child’s life; twenty thousand dollars. We at the Eye wonder how much the lawsuits will cost us taxpayers’. Really you bunch of morons, how much did you paid for the last two superintendents that failed our children and our community? IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THINGS; you need to VOTE!

We at the Eye agree for the most part you are just replacing one politician with another. We must keep replacing them, no second term, unless they are taking care of us, our children and our community and conducting business in the best interest of the public. If they want to stay in office they will do what the citizens want. There is no amount of money that will compensate for a child's life. The problems have been exposed by Channel 13. When something bad happens the politicians must be held accountable and if necessary prosecuted.

Sep 26, 2015

The Honorable Chief, Bob V. Stover

It is truly with a heavy heart and sincere sorrow we must all say our goodbye's to Chief Bob V. Stover, who recently passed.

Our senior Eyes tell us Chief Stover was the BEST Chief of Police the Albuquerque Police Department has had in the past 35 years. We are told Chief Stover was a no nonsense type leader. Stover was not a politician's political appointee and pawn like many others such as Joe Polisar who's wife was related to Marty Chavez; or Gil Gallegos who was only appointed because of his political ties to the FOP; or Ray Schultz who was brought in by Chavez to rescue APD but instead ruined the Department; and recently the newest political appointee, the inepter and incompetent Gordon Eden who was appointed by the same type of incompetence, RJ Berry.

For many of us who have lived in Albuquerque all of our lives we have seen chief's come and go. Only one chief has ever stood out as a real Chief of Police; a real leader; that person was Bob V. Stover. One can only imagine in the ruins of APD being able to say Chief and real Leader in the same sentence; because right now that is impossible.

Our sincere condolences to the Stover and Garcia families. We know what a tragic loss you have suffered.

For the coppers who knew Chief Stover and to all the law enforcement family; you also have our condolences for you will soon hear the Alert Tone. PD to ALL UNITS; 10-3!

Sep 24, 2015

Double Standards

We here at the EYE have been watching The New Mexico Secretary of State Duran, saga play out.  First when accused of embezzling campaign funds she disappears for three weeks with pay (Maybe she was out playing the slots again). Then she gets a formal indictment and in a short time returns to work.
We are told by our Eyes that our State Representatives will decide what to do about her in the near future. We do not think not much will happen; after all, aren't there other State Officials being looked at for the same thing?  Are these same people who will be apart of the politicians who will decide Duran's fate?
Now let’s look at the Police. Here are just a few examples, there are many, many more. Orlando Comacho, fired from A.P.D. found not guilty in a Court of Law.  Doyle and Woolover both fired despite both State  and Federal Investigations found no crime and no charges brought. Sandy and Perez indicted; Sandy retired  and Perez was fired. Pablo Padilla, indicted and fired.  But let us not forget Chief Ray Schultz.  Our EYES tell us there was a complaint filed with The New Mexico Attorney General well over a year ago reference Taser Gate and nothing has happened.  What are they waiting; for the statute of limitations to run out?  We don't claim to know the guilt or innocence of anyone. We mainly point out the DOUBLE STANDARD.  The police are always accused of covering up for one another; the word “police” should be replaced with the word “politician.”
How many of you know the City Council Election is October 6, 2015 FOR DISTRICTS 2, 4, 6, and 8? Early voting is now. Want to really start changing things?  VOTE!

Sep 20, 2015


Recently our Eyes told us about the problem with rape kits not being processed at A.P.D. Seems there are 1,300 rape kits; a shocking number in itself. Out of the 1,300 kits 300 have been processed and 1000 still need be processed. Here is an even bigger problem; the statute of limitations is running and on some cases it has already run. Results: it’s too late to prosecute.
So now the excuses start, we don't have enough people to do the work, some of the victims decided they did not want to go forward and we don't have the money. Let’s take these excuses one by one.
Here is a clue for you brain trusts at A.P.D. Brass, HIRE SOME PEOPLE TO GET THE WORK DONE.
Let’s be generous, if there were 100 people that decided not to go forward that still leaves 900 victims being further victimized by A.P.D.
Last but not least the lack of funds. Many of you may not know that The City is self-insured, that means all the tens of millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements come right from your pocket and city services are cut to compensate for the loses.
Now we are sure at The Eye, if it was a politician’s family member or relative the rape kit would be processed before the end of the day. But who cares we are sure the victims are nobody's just like the rest of us. We all remember the brave young mother, Millisa Torrez, who watched as David Hernandez snatched her little girl off the street. Mrs. Torrez chased Hernandez in her vehicle crashing her vehicle into his to save her daughter.  What happens next, charges are dropped by the District Attorney Office and A.P.D. STARTED POINTING FINGERS AT ONE ANOTHER.  Here is the end result; Mrs. Hernandez and her daughter become victimized by the system.  The shame of it all is Mrs. Torrez and her daughters are nobody's right? What do you think would have happened if a politician’s daughter would have been snatched off the street? You see, the politicians want us to forget and go away; after all we are nobody's.
Here is a suggestion for the Brain Trusts in charge in the City.  Give up half your fat salary and get the job done. We know you have plenty of cash; we, know you Mayor just purchased a home in Red River.  How many of you nobody's can have two homes. How many of us don't even have one? WE MUST NEVER FORGET THE NOBODY’S! For it is the NOBODY’S that pay the bills for the City, County and the State.
We have said it here since the start of the Eye On Albuquerque; We the People, For the people and By the people.  Seem pretty simply…

Sep 15, 2015


We at the EYE have been hearing for some time about the new Major at the A.P.D.  Training Academy, Jessica Tyler (Eversgerd her madden name).   You may remember the last A.P.D.  Academy Director, Mr. Wolf, was having an affair with a sworn A.P.D. Officer and resigned in customary APD disgrace. Our Eyes tell us that Major Evergerd-Tyler applied to A.P.D. in 1999 but was turned down because she failed the polygraph.
Well, you can guess what happened next. Evergerd-Tyler applied to The Bernalillo County Sheriff Department and was hired. As time went by Evergerd-Tyler was promoted to lieutenant under the nefarious Sheriff, Darren White. Evergerd-Tyler then became a captain was placed in charge of training for the Bernalillo County Sheriff Department.  Evergerd-Tyler's husband is a retired Sandoval County Sheriff deputy and is now working for The Sandoval County Sheriff, Doug Wood, in a civilian position, we are told with their training department.  The Sandoval County Sheriff Department is a small department so they pay A.P.D. or The Bernalillo County Sheriff Department to train their cadets. 
Sandoval County had several new cadets to be trained; however neither A.PD nor Bernalillo County had an academy class going at the time. Now we have a new Bernalillo County Sheriff, Manny Gonzales, and it is discovered B.C.S.O. held an academy for the cadets who needed to get certified, mostly for Sandoval County.  It is also discovered J. Evergerd-Tyler was paid “under the table” to host and conduct that academy class. An investigation was started and J. Evergerd-Tyler resigned.  J. Evergerd-Tyler was then hired by A.P.D. given the rank of major and is now in charge of The A.P.D. Academy. We know Berry and Eden’s preferred job qualifications is someone who is unethical and controllable. Evergerd-Tyler exceeds both of these preferred qualifications.
Our Eyes tell us Rob Perry hired J. Evergerd-Tyler. Now let us not forget the nefarious Darren White is a reserve officer for Sandoval County and a close friend of Rob Perry. Our Eyes tell us Major Evergerd-Tyler Law Enforcement Certification has been sent to the Law Enforcement Board for de-certification. We know the administration has a good friend on the LE Board who commonly does the administration bidding.  IF THIS IS TRUE, MAYOR BERRY SHOULD FIRE ROB PERRY AND J. Evergerd-Tyler AT ONCE.  If this is true no wonder A.P.D.  is in free fall. If this is true, do you dare do this while under the eye of the D.O.J.?  We at the Eye want to hear from you. We know the rank and file know this story to be true. It is time; past time to get involved.  Local Media investigate, push the issue we nobody's have the right to know. As for Manny Gonzales, Thank You for standing up and doing the right thing.

Sep 13, 2015


Just where should we begin?  We now have a Secretary of State, Duran, accused of misusing campaign funds to gamble. We have an out of control crime rate in Albuquerque and a broken Police Department with no morale. A little girl snatched off the street while the 911 operator tells the parent to stop chasing the abductor who has her child; the abductor is now free to strike again. High ranking at the Police Department telling you everything is fine. And last but not least, two failed superintendents we the “nobody’s” paid thousands to just so they would leave for their misconduct. Albuquerque is plagued with the mentality that all of this is acceptable and it is NOT.
Our EYES tell us Duran is now in rehab with Bonnie and Clyde being treated for a gambling addiction. If this is true she should do the right thing and resign immediately. She should also stand up and face her punishment which should be the same as the rest of us “nobody’s” would get if we committed a crime.  We all know that will never happen. Watch the politics begin because who she is; she is politician unlike us “nobody’s.”
We have shootings almost nightly. We have murder after murder, we have gangs running the streets stealing whatever they can get their filthy criminal hands on. We have carjacking’s; we even had a taxicab carjacked by a woman armed with a frying pan. We have our major interstate shut down by punks that think it’s funny to drive reckless and pull guns on us “nobody’s.” When these people are caught (if they are ever caught) and stand before a Judge; all you’ll have to do is look at them and you will know they are on drugs. Don't believe It; watch the local news. Of course the politicians will not admit to our drug problem with Albuquerque being rated at the top for heroin and methamphetamine abuse. Well, at least we made the top of the list for something.
This next issue will shock you. Millisa Torrez watched as her little girl was snatched off the street by a man later identified as David Hernandez, as he fled in his car. Mrs. Torrez chased after Hernandez in her can while on the phone to 911. The 911 operator told Torrez to stop chasing the car. YA RIGHT!!!!! What would you have done? We think we would all have done the same as Torrez. Torrez crashed her car into Hernandez car. Hernandez fled and Torrez saved her little girl. Police caught up to Hernandez but here it comes, CHARGES WERE DROPPED BY THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT OBTAIN ALL THE EVIDENCE TO PROSECUTE HERNANDEZ.  Hernandez is back on the street able to strike again.  Of course we realize Torrez and her little girl are “nobody’s” just like the rest of us.
Of course all the high ranking at The Police Department will tell you everything is fine, no need for all you “nobody’s” to worry. After all, we get our huge salaries and really don't care about you “nobody’s.” Heck we even give the Mayor 24/7 protection, because he is one of us politicians’ and in their eyes a somebody. Has anyone heard from Chief Eden?  We think he is taking after the Mayor and hiding under his desk.  Heck maybe the same desk.  Maybe Eden needs protection 24/7 just like the other coward?
Finally our schools.  Are you kidding us “nobody’s?”  Two failed superintendents that we the “nobody’s” paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to buy their silence and so they would leave. We “nobody’s” have a School Board that thinks they can meet and vote in secret and don't have to open the meetings to the “nobody’s” that are on the hook for all the payouts and everyone's salary. But don't worry we have a California Company looking for a new superintendent for us.  We in New Mexico are too stupid to look for ourselves and pay a local company to find us a good one. This is just like the Texas Company handling the accounting and license for Animal Humane. We are too stupid to do this and pay a local company and keep the money at home. Now ask yourself why are out of state people flooding local political campaigns with cash during elections. If you think we can't figure that out we guess we are just too stupid.  We at the EYE would like to hear from you.
P.S. School board here is a free Idea.  HOW ABOUT APPOINTING Mr. Moya Superintendent? You know, the same person you have on leave for doing the right thing and protecting us “nobody’s” and our children.
We “nobody’s” voted in these people and we have options. We can always vote them out when the times comes but right now we can force the people we elected to be accountable to us “nobody’s”!

Sep 11, 2015

Who is Smoking Dope? Integrity For Sale

Recently the public was notified the nefarious Darren White has most recently become one of the directors of Purlife as noted in a application to the State of New Mexico. The application from Purlife is a legal request to sell dope in New Mexico. As most recall, White left the State of New Mexico disgracefully after opposing the Governor policy on Marijuana; White then ran for Congress and lost to a liberal democrat; next White would later be bounced out of the City of Albuquerque in disgrace as usual.
Former Governor Johnson called the application (that includes White) hypocrisy. Johnson also called White a clown in a polite fashion and stated it was “unforgiveable.” White who made a music video while with the Albuquerque Police Department asking youths to say “No” to drugs now wants the Almighty Dollar over a gateway drug that poisons our youths and continue to ruin our society.
White was a police office in Houston Texas and Albuquerque, New Mexico, Secretary of Public Safety Director, Bernalillo County Sheriff (two Terms), and Chief Public Safety Officer for the City of Albuquerque.  All of these positions held by White are or were law enforcement orientated positions. All of these positions demanded integrity.
According to our law enforcement eyes, they want no part of pushing dope in New Mexico and are very resentful by the manner White attempted to include honest retired and former law enforcing officials to his aspiration of being a big time legal dope dealer in our State. Real law enforcement officers do what is right; every time regardless who it may or may not benefit. Yes, it is called integrity.  Pushing dope legally or illegally is wrong.
White’s recently released statement is repulsive. White stated in part, “…I was asked by a company to develop and implement a risk assessment and security plan for their application.”  Whites’ past history has clearly shown he lies; we want White to immediate produce his “risk assessment and security plan for Purlife’s application.”  And an explanation on how he became one of the dope company directors compared to being an advisor or consultant? This appears to be nothing more than another lie to mask greed.
Is this just another White lie? Mayor Berry stood staunchly behind White when he fled in disgrace. We hope the Mayor would now see we were right about White; we were right about Schultz and we will be proven right about Eden.  The Eye advised and warned the public about White and Schultz and we warned Berry to. So will Berry man-up and admit he was wrong?
One final thought. Isn’t White a Reserve Deputy with the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Department? It is completely inappropriate and unacceptable to have an openly and active drug advocate tied to any law enforcement agency. Being in law enforcement requires integrity. True integrity is not for sale for any amount of money.

Sep 9, 2015


The Thin Blue Line ( Police ) is all that stands between us and total chaos and criminal running wild in our streets. We look at places like Baltimore, Ferguson, Detroit and yes, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Local news reports almost daily on murders, gangs running wild in the streets stealing anything they can get their hands on.  There is no one to stop the criminals; the THIN BLUE LINE IS BROKEN ACROSS THE UNITED STATES.
There are police officers being murdered just because they wear a badge. There are POLICE OFFICERS being refused a meal at a restaurant just because they wear a badge. You have radical groups calling for the murder of Police Officers. In many cases the Police  are afraid to do their  job  and are slow to react because they know the politicians are just looking for the next scape goat.
Let’s talk just about Albuquerque. It is not because the officers at A.P.D. have low moral it is because they have no moral left at all. The prior Chief Ray Schultz was more interested in throwing good officers under the bus just to make himself look good in the media and to try and keep The Department  Of Justice away from Albuquerque. The new Chief is just another politician who you rarely see or hear from and has no respect from the officers he is supposed to lead. Chief Eden is a total failure as the CITY and Police Department spin out of control.
The Officers want to do their job but are afraid. The reason for this is they know even if they are 100 percent right they will get no backing from Mayor Berry or their chain of command if political winds are blowing in the wrong direction. These Officers have families to support, they need their job, so it has come to a point they don't want to be involved in any type of confrontation.  They don't want to be proactive for fear of becoming involved in something and the politicians going after them instead of standing behind them when they are right.
Want proof? Ask A.P.D. dispatch how many calls are holding on any given day with no officers available to take them. Just this past weekend there were forty plus calls holding with no officers to respond. It is sad a once proud, proactive Police Department has come to this.
What do we do?  Do we sit in silence and believe the spin from the politicians who pretend everything is just fine? Have you or your family been a victim of a crime? Have you called the Police and had to wait hours for them to show up or they didn't show at all? Don't blame the patrol officer put the blame where it belongs; with the politicians that have created this mess and have no clue how to fix it. All the politicians care about is protecting their huge salary. We here at the EYE do not claim all Police officers are good and noble but the vast majority of them are. All of the good officers want to be able to do their jobs and that job is very clear; to protect us all from criminals and keep us all safe.