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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Feb 28, 2017


A while back we did an article about "Taking it on the face...Susana Martinez style." You can see it here!

We also did another related story called "Benghazi; Gordon Eden Style." You can see it here!

Both of the above stories were about the parasitic miscreant disciples of Susana Martinez, and her punk Jay McCleskey's influence. One was written pre-presidential election. The other was written post-presidential election. Both describe these two faced, self serving politicians, and water carriers, predicting their actions after either riding the fence, or outright snubbing presidential candidate Donald Trump. Please go back and read them for a refresher.

As we have predicted, back in January Martinez can be seen climbing up Rick Perry's ass, and praising Trump's nomination of him to Secretary of Energy. You can see this crap here!

We all know how much money there is to be made in energy these days, and we are well aware of Ol' Pizzah and Coke Susana's penchant for lining up herself, and her buddies, like Darren White, who got his marijuana grow license nice and quick. We all know Mrs. Pizzah party is angling for something now. 

What we do remember well was how Martinez and Mayor RJ Berry did not show up at the rally for the presidential candidate of their own party here in New Mexico on Tuesday May 24th, 2016. We do remember how Martinez would not make a stance on backing Trump and Berry having no comment either. We remember them not attending anything supportive of Donald Trump, but of course the two parasites attended the inauguration for free food, drinks, and party time on the tax payer's dime, even if beer bottle throwing and Coke wasn't permitted. 
What we really remember the most was all the HASHTAG NEVERTRUMPS (#NEVERTRUMP) that were tweeted by everyone very close to the governor, and her people like Darren White. You can see a screen shot at the bottom of the second article link.  The marijuana topic has been very hot lately. We here at the Eye could care less about a weed either way. If it works for you, fine... If not, that's fine too, but don't be an unfair hypocrite. That is where these scum bags excel. You see Susana had delayed marijuana grow licenses to people of New Mexico, but chose to give them to her Husband, and Darren White, whom she is always lining up with gigs. 

As we have called it, more of Susana's minions, appointees, and water carriers are lining up at the government trough for primo jobs. 

Our Eyes have reported to us that Gordon Eden, who is under Federal investigation has applied AGAIN TO BE the United States Marshall for the New Mexico district. How ballsey is that? This guy shouldn't be allowed to wipe piss off of shoes in the men's bathroom in a federal building. 

Another of Governor Martinez's political appointees, New Mexico State Police Chief Porkbelly Pete Kassetas has thrown his hat into the ring for the same job as Gordon Eden. Hmmmm... Seems everyone is looking for a parachute and soft landing with the up-coming election, but they all forgot who they snubbed.  

The audacity of this backstabbing administration that has no shame, never ceases to amaze. We think we are tired of the constant coddling, and handing out of high paying, cush, political appointee positions to people who make a job out of stepping on people to get what they want. 

While inhabitants of this city and state struggle to rebuild the place next year, these clowns will just move on, like Ray Schultz, never looking back, or giving a shit about the damage they have done. 

Not this time. 

Cc: blind copy sent

The Eye

Feb 26, 2017


Most of the Mayoral candidates agree on one thing. Roof police Chief Gordon Eden. A police chief who is a proven liar, should be tossed into a dumpster just like they do with filthy politicians in Europe. Gordon Eden is not only a liar. He is being investigated by a federal grand jury. He has stonewalled reform, and sent out an email, latently threatening employees about cooperating with the Department of Justice. How this clown has not been let go already, is amazing, but we are talking about the Berry and Martinez administrations. He needs to be indicted for perjury, and tampering with a federal investigation. Both of these administrations are busy sabotaging everyone around them, while keeping their water carriers in place to protect their interests. This criminal enterprise knows no political boundaries, when it comes to the almighty dollar. We are not going to tolerate a light handed, or passive aggressive approach to removing them.

We like to post information, and let you make up your own minds, but now we are going to flat out advise everyone to VOTE NO FOR BRIAN COLON AS MAYOR OF ALBUQUERQUE. As a matter of fact, we do not believe in even letting this disguised operator even get his political airplane out of it's hangar. For the record, we are going to lay it out now. Brian Colon works for the Robles Rael and Anaya law firm. His buddy, Luis Robles is Ray Schultz's personal attorney. As a matter of fact, Robles has his hands in a lot of lucrative things that this corrupt administration is involved in, and he benefits well from it. Luis Robles assisted Ray Schultz with one of his schemes to keep the DoJ at bay (Doyle Woolever case) while he made directly conflicting representations as he represented officers in the foothills shooting of James Boyd. We all know Robles profited well with city contracts under Schultz, and is chums with the very people who have destroyed, and continue to destroy the city and state. Little Luis Robles also has a contract with the state for $4,000,000 for civil defense litigation. Yea, that's right... FOUR MILLION.

We here at the Eye are sick and disgusted of little weasels lining their pockets, and feathering their nests on the backs of people who are betrayed, like the good citizens and employees of this city and state. We are just as sick of people associated with these selfish scum standing by, and betraying their constituents, out of loyalties to friends, for favors or monetary gain.

As everyone comes right out, and rightfully so states that our failed, impotent, weak, pathetic, and willfully malfeasant police chief needs to go, Brian Colon wants to ride the fence with this comment:

"On day one (as mayor), that is the first meeting I have (with Eden) Anyone who has devoted themselves to public service deserves to have a sit-down with their new boss. Colon said. “To get political points by by saying his head is on the chopping block is not my approach That's not to say I can see any conversation where it ends well, but he deserves that professional courtesy."
(Quote taken from Joe Monahan's blog) 

Well Mr. Colon, many police officers have been railroaded by this administration, and it's lying leadership. Eden is the main part of it. Eden did not devote his life to anything but money, political water carrying, and favors in return for political appointments, and high paying jobs... none of which he was qualified for. He is a poser, fraud, and incompetent leader. He has been handed everything he has. A lesson for you Mr. Colon.... A person who devotes themselves, has no problem staying in one position, in one state to help it's people. They do not bounce around from job to job, taking state, federal and private positions, then leaving the state to chase the almighty dollar like a gypsie. A person who devotes themselves does not lie to the people who depend on them. They do not run away from criticism. They do not send out others to face what they should be facing or post videos on Youtube to avoid answering questions. They do not lie under oath. They do not intentionally misrepresent their experience. They do not get defensive, and act like a scorned little school girl, when reporters put them on the carpet for their lies. The devotee, makes sacrifices. The devotee stands up for what is right, regardless of being fired for doing it. Gordon Eden is none of this. He is nothing but a pussy who does what he is told by the mayor and Governor Susana Martinez, the one who put him there. So, Mr. Colon, we do not need a mayor who can not reach down, and show the balls needed to call these criminals out, and give them the chances they all gave the innocent who just happened to be in the way of their political steamroller. NONE. 

So, If Brian Colon wants to give these creeps what he calls "a professional courtesy," Brian Colon will be given the same chance we give those he wants to be nice to. NONE. 

Brian's comment reeks of the same old "free pass given" sentiment, that one's title grants them special treatment, because of who they are. Political appointees paid thousands for being corrupt lying pieces of shit, should get them thrown through the front doors of their office buildings, not their asses being kissed.  

Albuquerque needs drastic change undertaken by someone with the guts to go to asymmetrical  war with people who only understand enough is enough, when they are grabbed by their collar and kicked in their ass on the way out the door. No..... smiles and friendly bullshit are not going to cut it. And if you are associated with the problem, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. 


THE ONLY LOYALTIES HERE ARE TO MONEY, POWER AND SEX. Until we find someone "devoted" selflessly to clean this mess up, who is connected in no way at all with the root cause of the mess here, things will not change. Brian Colon is not this solution. Do not vote for Brian Colon this November. 

Thank You, 
Your devoted Eye on Albuquerque.

Feb 17, 2017

Pacifying the public Gorden Eden style.... A letter from a fed up community member

A few days ago Pumpkinhead Eden gave a stand up fleecing to the ABQ Northeast Community Policing Council. Watching this clown, and bonified liar bounce in with his clipboard and water bottle is funny. No longer does this phony wear his two foot long sleeve hashes, does he? He dodged this meeting twice, until he could get his screenplay together.

Many are frustrated at the constant shit they are being fed, and nothing quite sums it up like a dose of uncensored reality.

Over the course of this administration one person they consider "outspoken" is Silvio Dell'Angela. Silvio is a veteran, and citizen in our community who has a voice, and a right to be heard. He gives this administration the hard treatment they deserve. Why is he like this? Because he is fed up. He has been bullied by cowards who hide behind rank and title and they turn their backs on him. They do this because they have no honor, respect or dignity. They are cowards.

We have been sent the attached correspondence, which we posted with the permission of it's author. We appreciate the message it sends. Please take the time to read it.

See the posting below by Charles Arasim that shows liar/B.S. artist Gorden Eden at his very best addressing APD’s NE Area Command’s CPC. Some comments of it from me are below.

Watching it sickened my stomach to hear all of the lies told by Eden as if the CPC members and meeting attendees were naive morons. See my earlier 2-9-2017 comments on these toothless/impotent CPCs attached.

Let me start first by saying that Eden was a former low level US Marshal and later politician and one who never met the posted City qualifications for his job. Unlike our disgraceful Councilors Charles Arasim and I took the time to review the resumes of the over 40 people who applied for the Chief’s job after the corrupt Schultz and Banks fled town.

Berry passed over 40 other nation-wide applicants, many with eye-watering credentials/qualifications and picked this incompetent/Governor Martinez discard Eden and incredulously then paid him $166,700/year merely to follow Berry’s and Perry’s orders.

His first lie after taking the job was to try to justify the murder by cops Sandy and Boyd of homeless camper James Boyd. Afraid of putting these two on trial in a civil lawsuit, the City-we taxpayers paid the family $5 million.

To do Eden’s job for him, Berry would then bring Schultz’s thug/former SWAT-”death squad” Commander Bob Huntsman out of retirement to do Eden’s job and would pay him $134,900/year.

There in the back of the room was the disgraceful Huntsman and other overpaid thug members of Eden’s senior Command staff.

Eden began the CPC meeting by claiming a throat problem as an excuse for being MIA-actually hiding in Berry’s bunker. He would send out his $137,800/year police officer First Class Simon Drobik, his lying other PIO Celina Espinoza and others to B.S. for him. See attached how the Eye on Albuquerque depicts/damns liar Celina. Earlier Eye postings damn often not only Eden but Huntsman and other senior APD staff members.

Then Eden’s insulting B.S to the CPC and attendees as read from his notebook would continue to try to “stop rumors” about the APD Area Command’s eight CPC’s impotence while ignoring his APD’s refusal to really reform. Eden would lie claiming he and Huntsman were actually involved (“we crafted”) in negotiating the City’s APD reform agreement-CASA with the DOJ.

In fact it was Schultz’s Taser buddies-the disgraced former Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher (whose PD the DOJ also investigated) and Tom’s buddy Scott Greenwood who were hired to do the negotiations along with the Journal’s Kent Walz’s attorney brother Jerry Walz.

During the negotiations in 2014 DOJ’s Luis Saucedo revealed to me and attorney Alan Wagman that DOJ negotiators were threatened with a lawsuit by Berry’s mob attorneys if they didn’t water down the reform demands. The DOJ folded like a wet blanket to this threat. During the negotiations, Berry likely told the incompetent Eden to go in the corner and shut up.

During his talk, Eden ignored the fact that assigned DOJ Monitor James Ginger would damn APD in his reports to Judge Brack Eden’s for never intending to reform. Eden would further lie/claiming that just the lack of community involvement and changes in their mayors in other DOJ investigated US cities not their PD’s stonewalling were responsible for the lack of reform.

The fact is that APD has routinely ignored all of the NE Area Command CPC’s recommendations including two of which were made well over eight months ago. This CPC wanted the tinted windows on APD cars removed and have APD change the saying on APD vehicles back to “serve and protect.” APD did neither for that CPC.

The only “community” APD “is in step with” here is their own community-particularly their bad killer cops like Dear, Perez, Sandy, Carter, Sedler and others. None of the killer cops have been jailed yet.

Likely new DA Raul Perez will come up with some bogus excuse soon for not holding a new trial for Sandy and Perez. None in the media will dare ask Raul about this.

Eden would further claim that nobody in APD was ever involved in the selection of CPC members when in fact the Mayor’s Alan Armijo along with Eden’s lying Celina Espinoza kept speaker Ben Lovato-the only Hispanic applicant off the Valley Area Command’s CPC even after his required ride along.

Eden again lied claiming he didn’t know about that. Then it was Jen Rhea, another deemed threat would be then thrown off the VACCPC.
While APD boycotted last years’ September 25-29 National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) meeting, held here in ABQ, Ben did attend to see what other cities were doing.

Huntsman and even Eden’s reform project manager Bill Slausen would even lie to the City Council claiming as an excuse for their minimal-almost non-existent APD reform that they were not allowed by the DOJ to adopt other good US police departments policies but had to start from scratch-essentially reinvent the wheel.

The cowards on the council never questioned that. The DOJ later said this claimed restriction was a lie.

Eden said after his and Huntsman’s retirement (AKA firing by the new Mayor-hopefully not Berry’s embarrassing clone Dan Lewis) that he wants taxpayers to continue to fund Celina’s and Nicole Chavez Lucero’s positions. Really? Will the new APD Chief be that stupid?

As discussed in my attached 2-9 e-mail all know that Mayor Berry likely at Guv Martinez’s urging wasted money creating a job for Nicole as a reward for her TV hit piece during the past election to defeat the then Democratic Senate leader ‘s Michael’s Sanchez’ bid for re-election.

In a nice pay to play arrangement, Veronica Garcia-Nicole’s partner in the TV hit piece on Sanchez would also be rewarded by APD by not charging her husband Alan Garcia for child endangerment, something that led to the road rage shooting of their daughter Lilly. The also endangered by Alan shooter of Lilly was forced to take a plea deal for murder rather than offered manslaughter.

Charles Arasim, who filmed the youtube video, is like me and others another deemed enemy of APD. We are not yet dead like Mary Han. Charles and I were specifically mentioned in the lawsuit filed by former (fired by Eden) APD Records Custodian Reynaldo Chavez after he revealed being directed to keep all NM IPRA requested videos and other incriminating documentation from us and others.

The control by APD is not limited to the eight CPCs, most of which have nominal membership. With the help of Ed Harness ex-cop/now Executive Director for the Civilian Police Oversight Agency (CPOA) and Amanda Bustos, they continue to also betray the trust of good volunteers on the Police Oversight Board.
See Charles’s e-mail attached Gmail to Harness’ Amanda Bustos discussing her and Harness’ deliberate violation of the NM Open Meetings Act.

Disgusted-as all should be



Feb 4, 2017

More piss poor judgement from the do as I sayers. More Hypocrisy from the Land of Entrapment.

We are just going to put this out there.... just because. Above is a photo of someone who is charged with judging officers actions, and making decisions regarding the moral fitness of individuals brought before the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board regarding their actions on duty, as sworn police officers. The judgements handed down by these quasi (frauds) judges can be anything from reprimands, to revocations of their law enforcement certifications. These Monday morning quarterbacks are not lawyers. They are not judges. They are political appointees usually connected to the political machine in power, and loyal to it's agenda.

Some of these people claim to be people of the church. They act as if they come from heaven itself. They attend church eeeeeeevery Sunday! Holy rollers, if you will. Bible thumpers. They walk around as if they are pillars of society. Sometimes listening to these sanctimonious clowns is an exercise in self control. It must take severe self control to not stand up, and tell them to piss off with their Monday morning quarterbacking, while watching them cower, and run out of the room like the punks they are. When confronted by someone who has their number, and is not going to tolerate their spineless horse shit anymore, away they will run, because none of them have the balls to go at anyone head on who confronts them.

Above is a photo of Bill Reed. Mr. Bill was recently photographed in Las Vegas with friends where this photo was found. It has since been hastily removed. Mr. Bill is a hearing officer for the NMLEA board in Santa Fe. He hears cases up there with retired APD coward Paul Feist. All republicans. All loyal to Martinez and Berry. All with connections to APD. All beholden to people who are responsible for the mess here. He is also the husband of Patricia Paiz, who ran as a Republican for Bernalillo County Commissioner. Remember Mr. Bill, and the election meltdown? We do. It amused us how they tried to call out Mrs. Paiz's political opponent in that election; Michael Quezada. Poor sportsmanship in our EYES!

Remember folks, while we are all dealing with the train wreck that is going on in our state, the connected are not happy with what they have. It is never enough. Until the nightmares created by the smug, are brought to the same people who hurt others to cover for corruption, protect their cronies, and profit from, we will not stop. We will not stop until we rid the place of hypocrites, liars, cowards, perverts, back stabbers, punks, criminals and the corrupt. We are going to right the wrongs.

So we say to officers who have to be judged by people like this, print out this photo, and bring it to your hearing. Call for properly qualified, morally fit individuals to be fairly judged by. This should not be making decisions on careers that effect people and their families, departments and society.

Standby folks, because in the near future we will be busting the NMLEA board wide open with evidence of fixed hearings, where rulings were tampered with, and tainted by political influence and hearing officers were told what to do. It is going to get really ugly. All they have to do is be fair, and they can not even do that. They will all have themselves to blame when the inquiry comes knocking.

And if anyone felt self righteous, or that we were wrong, the photo would not have been ripped down as fast as it was posted. So STFU PREEMPTIVELY.


Just our $.02