The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 25, 2017




Over many years we have been honored to have had many contacts close to many situations, government entities, and organizations, citizens, and employees who have laid it out to us about the truth of what is going on behind the scenes, when you were lied to. Many of these times information was put out there, causing the phones of those responsible to ring in the middle of the night, so they can get their (LIES) stories strait. Many of this lead to settled lawsuits, resignations, and stories getting out before the mainstream media even knowing anything. Heck, we even posted evidence of this administration attempting to intimidate employees out of cooperating with the Federal   Department of Justice investigation into APD. All of this is done to shine light on evil, so those responsible get exposed. We have never taken issue with anyone using our material, because we put it there to be disseminated.

Over the years we have posted stories telling you that someone was going to lie. We told you what the lies would be, and we outlined the motives, then told you what the truth was. We do not mince words, or play the shell game. We call a lie a lie. When you say something that is not true, or purposefully leave things out to protect yourself, it is a lie by omission. When those we are outspoken against are confronted on their dishonesty, they claim to have been misunderstood, they cry foul, they say they misspoke, and sometimes deny the lie, but one thing is consistent; they never have any proof to say it was not a lie. As a matter of fact, their excuse never holds any water. When slight pressure comes they lash out with finger pointing, and counter accusations. When the overwhelming Thor’s Hammer Of pressure then arrives, they “REMAIN SILENT.”

Sometimes there are things in human behavior that are worse, or just as bad as a lie. One of these things is Hypocrisy. We all know what that is, because we see it every day in the behavior of this administration, and how they operate with a do as I say, not as I do mentality. Another thing that may be worse than both, is targeting a person who has done nothing but good, who has pure intentions, with the willful motive of destroying that person, negating their hard work, and causing further damage to something that that person could improve, for your own benefit. It gets compounded, when this is done through outright lies fabricated to trick people, denying a fair process to selection. It is made worse when you get others to do these things for you, or you know about these acts, but do not speak out about it, or condemn them.

Here in our city, we have seen people from all walks and vocations chewed up, and spit out for doing the right thing, or just being in the way. Citizens are being slaughtered, and our officers are scapegoated for doing their jobs, or speaking out, while the bad, dishonest, corrupt, and malfeasant are protected, promoted, and rewarded. This behavior has created a treacherous, cutthroat culture that Albuquerque is becoming known for. You see, we want to attract solid businesses, long term jobs, and families to our state, but who wants to come to a place that will ruin your every fiber, the minute you do something that threatens someone’s bottom line? Who wants to live in a place where you can do everything right, until someone with a cowardly dishonorable self serving motive comes along, who wants what you have, has connections to others with the same motives, and just wants to take it by framing you, cutting your throat, or out of plain old jealousy? This is what our city is becoming famous for, and it is becoming a vicious cycle, because nobody looks into motive.

Today, we are breaking down and explaining motive for some of the most notorious liars hypocrites, and posers involved in twisting the truth, lying, and trying to manipulate the public’s opinion, for their own benefit. If successful, they will destroy the City of Albuquerque.

This election is about reversing the destruction done by a bunch of self interest, malfeasants in city government who, while we address one fiasco, just consider it a distraction, so they can undertake another self enriching malevolent task. This can only be done by choosing the one person who has no ties to those responsible, has the most experience, and tools for the task at hand to execute the best plan for doing this.

We are going to kick this off by putting the cowards and filth over at the Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal Newspaper Editorial Board on the rug over their Hypocrisy, and slanted horse shit they try to feed the people, by their constant meddling in city politics.

The cruds, and paid for political manipulators at the Urinal did exactly as expected, considering the sociopathic cowards they truly are. They endorsed two candidates from two different parties, and two different extremes in political thinking, but with one common ground that is now plaguing this election like it did the BernCo. County election, and is now also attacking District 1 city council candidate Javier Benevidez….. THE SANTOLINA DEVELOPMENT PLAN. This is not a coincidence, because Barclay bank, which owns Western Albuquerque Land Holdings, the developer that wants to build Santolina, recommended increasing taxes, and a public relations campaign be
undertaken to support their agenda. You can read all about it, and the memo that the Albuquerque Free Press obtained in reference to this below… It is on pages 10 and 11 where you can observe where we clipped the below paragraph from.


After reading the above articles, you can see where the motives are. We have done many articles calling out the Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal over their collusion, and one sided reporting as they have given constant cover to former Police Chief Ray Schultz and failed Mayor Richard Berry. Over the years they have constantly given Berry a free pass, omitted opposing facts, and opinion and ignored substantial evidence showing collusion with these liars. Well they sold their asses again. Yesterday these clowns made fools out of themselves by not only not having the spine to pick one candidate, but they made sure they picked candidates that back their agenda, and the agendas of their money sources. The Journal not only backed Lewis, who is exhibiting behavior that Berry pulled before being elected, like promising outlandish salaries to get the police union endorsement, being involved in a deal with a city contractor where he became VP of that company who landed a huge contract with the city ala kickback, pay to play style… and Colon, who works at the law firm that represented Ray Schultz in the Tazer pay to play “greased” deal scheme, and that will no doubt represent him if he is charged. This same candidate flip flopped on firing Eden, and can be seen in the
below video refusing to take a stance on Santolina. We know he supports it, and will approve what he needs to be approved to make sure this plan comes to fruition. He won’t say he is pro Santolina, because he knows he will lose the votes, and he won't say he is anti Santolina because those supporting him will withdraw that support, and the money paying for the attacks on Keller will end, and he knows if he lies then approves of Santolina afterwards, he is done, just like Berry but we all know what he will do, especially when it is his friends Lobbying for Santolina and backing the attacks on Keller. This newspaper claims Colon’s track record backs his claim that he will be the hardest working mayor, and they attempt to preempt criticism of his work as democratic committee chair, in 2008 when the place was a mess, saying he took his lumps. He had to take his lumps, because nobody else was the boss. They failed to mention though that Brian Colon raised over $56,000 for Governor Bill Richardson’s campaign, and was Chair of the Democratic committee during all of that pay to play shit that went down, but stood by, and did not call for any investigation. Instead he brags about how he was never called in for an interview. It is not funny anymore how these jackholes fabricate shit to attack people they deem a threat to their criminal enterprise, but look the other way, and omit the nonsense their dirt doers, and cronies blatantly do.

Take the time to read this agenda based article from our favorite yellow stained rag by clicking on this.

Yes folks! The Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal has been the twisted public relations wing of a structured enterprise, that has destroyed this city, while filling their pockets, and leaving it in shambles…. No doubt part of the Western Albuquerque Land Holding’s Santolina public relations campaign we discussed above. All we have to do is just reread the below article to reinforce this truth as the Journal has covered for these fools, lied for them, and insulted your intelligence. Just reading the below article, where the Albuquerque Journal Newspaper sold their asses, made fools out of themselves, and contradicted themselves by writing the article APD Needs One Chief; Schultz Right for The Job where they disgustingly shove their noses up his dirty ass with praise. If you want to
vomit in your mouth, just read the below article, it removes any illusion the Journal thought they had as a reliable source for any truthful guidance. As a matter of fact, it is a guide as to proceed in whatever direction is the opposite of what they advise. As a matter of fact, the Journal’s editorial board is about as useless as that blog run by that bloviated failed Mayoral candidate that Berry smashed the living shit out of back in 2013, which we will be addressing further down this post.


As a matter of fact, the Journal is a guide as to proceed in whatever direction is the opposite of what they advise. As a matter of fact, the Journal’s editorial board is about as useless as that blog run by that bloviated failed Mayoral candidate that Berry smashed the living shit out of back in 2013, which we will be addressing further down this post along with tits on a bull.

The Journal recently gave Jeff Garrett, CEO of Garrett Development Corporation, and Asset Manager for Western Albuquerque Land Holdings the floor to run his arrogant, coward, out of state, mouth about what he thinks is good for Albuquerque Government. You can read it in the below article, where this clown says…

“When we learned that Tim Keller had voted yes for Senate Bill 184 (SB184) which would eliminate the city’s ability to restrict the locations in which sex offenders and child molesters could live — we were shocked, Tim Keller’s inexcusable support for pro-sex offender legislation and failure to stand up for protecting families, for any reason, directly conflicts with what is best for Albuquerque.”

Now this punk flat out lied. Keller’s vote for this was to protect the way things were done so legal case law issues, and challenges would not arise that would jeopardize sex offender registration, in essence, possibly giving sex offenders more freedom, or ways to skirt it. This is how disgusting these cowards are. Not only that, but we were already investigating these guys, and observed Mr. Garretts Facebook, complete with his fly fishing photos, showing him enjoying the good life a far cry away from Albuquerque’s, stifling crime and violence, but the yellow belly spineless gutless worm of a coward pulled down his Facebook as soon as it got out that he was behind this Political Action Committee (PAC) as he was the last ones. One more thing Garrett, you self righteous punk, do not take the high ground when the treasurer of your PAC has to use a different name to conceal her identity and connections every time she opens an attack on opposers of your Scheme. Is deception and draining valuable water resources for your benefit what’s valuable for Albuquerque? We think not.

The glaring thing here is that a certain blogger who fancies himself an attorney who should know all of this legal jargon, and be using his soapbox to explain all of this to you, purposefully skips over explaining the ramifications of the bill Keller voted for, and how Garrett's babble is total horse shit. because it does not fit his agenda. He does this while leveling ridiculously bloviated scrutiny on meaningless crap that is irrelevant, because he knows explaining what we are willing to will only help someone he does not want to see succeed.

Jeffrey Garrett’s statement that Keller is soft on crime legislation is more horse shit too, because in the senate Keller has introduced legislation, and had that legislation signed into law. Ask Colon or Lewis if they know how to introduce legislation or if they have made any laws. Neither of them have run a government, and neither of them have run an office that holds public officials accountable for corruption. They sure do defend them though.

Here is a list of some of Kellers background:
2008 State Senate Rep. District 17 (Just before this, Brian Colon was fund raising for Bill Richardson)

December 2012, Keller was elected to the New Mexico State Senate leadership as Majority Whip and served two years until resigning after his election to State Auditor.

After 2 years as Majority Whip, he resigned to take the NM State Auditor position he was elected to.

As State Auditor, Keller focuses on helping government work better by providing transparency and accountability for government spending; informing policy choices; and tackling fraud, waste and abuse.
Special Investigations -
As State Auditor, Keller has worked to safeguard New Mexican’s tax dollars and shine a light on cases of fraud, waste and abuse across the state. These Special Investigations include:
• Statewide Law Enforcement – a special audit of New Mexico’s backlog of untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kits, commonly known as rape kits
• Superintendent of Insurance - $200 million uncollected premiums tax
• Charter schools/APS/PED – lack of oversight, doctored receipts
• City of Santa Fe – misappropriation of a $40 million Park Bond
• Public Education Department –special education underfunded by millions
• City of Albuquerque/Taser – procurement violations, “greased” contracts to TASER
• Developmental Disabilities Planning Council – embezzlement of funds meant for people with disabilities
• Alamogordo – water billing fraud
• Cibola County Commission – government credit cards used for personal purchases including a semi-automatic weapon, baseball tickets
• Hatch – city land purchase in Las Cruces
• McKinley County sheriff – misuse of DWI Funds
• Taxation and Revenue Department – preferential tax treatment, abuse of power
As State Auditor, Keller created the first Government Accountability Office in New Mexico. The GAO is focused on bringing transparency and accountability to the agencies that receive and spend public money. The GAO aims to make the important information buried in the 900+ audits and financial reports that New Mexico state and local agencies produce each year accessible and understandable to the public.
The GAO has compiled reports including:
• The Findings Report: A Summary of New Mexico’s Governmental Financial Audits
• Money on the Sidelines: Report on Unspent Fund Balances
• Risk Advisory: School Personnel Act Compliance
Trickle Out Economics -
Keller conducted a study on "trickle out economics", a tally of how much of New Mexico's government spending is flowing to out of state companies. Local business is losing out on more than $500 million due to government agencies contracting with out of state companies. The largest percentage of money leaves the state from the IT, health and medical and food services industries. On the other hand, architecture and engineering sectors in state received 91% of the tax dollars spent last year.
After discovering that the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance (OSI) had failed to collect hundreds of millions of dollars in premium taxes from insurance companies, Keller initiated a special audit to get to the bottom of how much is owed and how to ensure it is collected.
State CAFR-
Following an over year late release, New Mexico’s FY 13 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), troublingly, reported millions of unaccounted for funds. Auditor Keller immediately launched an audit of the CAFR to ensure all New Mexican’s tax dollars are utilized to their fullest extent.
Money on the Sidelines Report-
Auditor Keller announced the “Money on the Sidelines” report which found 4.5 billion unused state funds. This report, the first of its kind from the Auditor’s office, is meant as a tool to help the Governor’s office and the legislature to identify these funds and how to best appropriate them.

With Notre Dame and Harvard degrees, and the creating of jobs in disadvantaged countries under Keller’s belt, Mister Garrett and his band of carpet bagging out of state dirt merchants should probably shut their dishonorable mouths, and quit while they are ahead before their horse shit buys them a federal RICO investigation. Political opportunists only interested in their own political careers do not create 1000 jobs in third world countries for disadvantaged people.
You see, Mister Garrett, who does not live here, along with those we are discussing, and about to discuss are the problem here, because their conduct is what makes people feel unsafe about moving here due to their behavior that promotes corruption, which lead to the situation where officers can not do their jobs, and crime gets out of control. That, and risking your life and reputation by just happening to be in the way, or trying to do the right thing, and getting attacked is another factor that repulsed people thinking of bringing businesses or their families here. Think about it. Who wants to get steamrolled because they have a constitution and refuse to compromise their integrity. No one in their right mind.

We here at the Eye know what the problem is here. Keller is in the way.
He is in the way of pay to play.
He is in the way of corruption.
He is in the way of piss poor ethics.
He is in the way of a criminal enterprise.
He is in the way of cowards who would continue to ruin the city so they can fill their pockets.
He is in the way of Nature at Play.
He is in the way of cronyism.
He is in the way of unfairness.
He is in the way of untruthfulness.
He is in the way of fraud.
He is in the way of no bid contracts.
He is in the way of waste.
He is in the way of crime.

The disturbing fact is that all of the above examples trump the last example, because those against Mister Keller are for them. They benefit from them. Crime and the victimization of our friends and family is acceptable, if the preceding gets in the way of self enriching business interests, and that is a fact.

All prior to this election we were fighting a lying police chief and a malfeasant mayor. As we were all preoccupied by this distraction technique, the engineers of this Santolina fiasco were operating, engineering and insuring their elaborate scheme. Damn us for not seeing the big picture, because now we are dealing with it, and if you people do not get your heads out of your asses, the next administration will make Berry look like a Saint. What we are saying is the joke is on everyone. What you thought was the big picture was only the distraction.

And of course while we are busting our asses for you, infants in the world of blogs are chucking pebbles from the sidelines, and this is where we address the final aspect in this whole smoke and mirrors game going on in this election. Do we need to, not really, but we are going to.

Recently, we addressed a very opinionated, egotistical ex-city official who decided to be a sideline commentator in this election, but decided to pull the very same spineless shit the Journal newspaper pulled in their recent shilling of this process. All through out this election campaign this failed ex-mayoral candidate provided biases slant with content that was inflated more than the other candidates, and inflected in an almost contemptuous manner towards Tim Keller. We watched this go on for a while as we were still looking at all of the candidates and gathering information. We continued to watch as we started to see things in Mr. Keller that we liked. We continued to watch as this writer then made points that were silly and not able to be substantiated against Mr. Keller’s qualifications. What's more, being that we believe in putting in your time and walking before you crawled, we then criticized this commentary over the hypocrisy being exhibited, but the further we looked the more we saw what was really going on… We expressed our opinion and feelings, then in poured the comments all matching the same rhetoric. This individual we will not name because we don't want to bring attention to promote his negativity or bring attention to a blog that nobody reads written by someone’s opinion who has only caused drama, because attention is just what this person wants.

After criticizing this person, followers of this wet blanket decided to come into our house and proceed to tell us how insignificant we were. Although we got a good laugh at this, it is serious because it contributes to the disinformation flooding social media. Not only that, but we here at the Eye can not stand two faced back stabbers. These very same people, and bloggers who have supported this site over the years decided that because they did not get their way it is okay to dishonorably run their mouths and call this blog a hate group. It is funny how one day people are sending in stories to be posted, commenting on our writings, and liking our links, then over one disagreement they decide to go to that extreme like a vengeful child. That is very poor behavior, but that is their choice. We really didn't let it bother us, and let it go.

After we had moved on we were noticing references to our article with chopped up excerpts from our posting when we posted the entire thread. This conveniently gave the perception that someone was insulted without showing the whole story, kind of like how the Journal Editorial Board reports. As a matter of fact, this bozo wrote an article for the Journal, then in a groveling way thanked them for publishing it when they didn't even endorse him for his run for mayor which for everyone's information he lost that election to the worse mayor in the history of our city. Hmmmm. Can you say pathetic? How's that for two biased salty peas in a pod?

After all of this, we posted up a story breaking Santolina’s connection to the election campaign attacks on Keller and others. While everyone else was speculating on who was behind it. The connection between the Treasurer and the law firm and the lobbyist for the Santolina Plan were all outlined and the lobbyist is friends with Colon.

The same person who had a wet the pants hissy fit, and called us a hate group decided to use our above information to promote himself as someone in the know about what was going on, giving his readers the illusion he had some confidential informants sending him the above information. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….
OH BOY! Imitation is the best form of flattery they say. We say this is a shameless perfect example of what we are dealing with here… a never ending self promoter, and we will say it again… one with an agenda who is salty as shit that he was kicked to the curb, and made to sit on the sidelines. Why would you source something from an entity you say is a hate group? Is that not validation or acceptance? If that is not bad enough, this jackass had the audacity to claim the Eye betrayed the current mayor. Fact is, the current mayor betrayed everyone, and we have been lambasting him for it since he went rogue. This little twerp has chimed in on many an occasion about it.

Just after using information we here at the Eye broke, this clown decided to write an article condemning the police union (APOA) for endorsing a candidate, then making sure he lashed out like he always does against this candidate to passively aggressively, and negatively shine a light on him by saying he should have declined the union’s endorsement. We ask where was this self righteous know it all when all candidates, including the one he has been incubating went to the union to present for that endorsement they were all looking for? We will tell you. He was wishing they dropped their endorsement on his candidate, or someone else because he can not stand the fact that people got behind Keller unlike him. His reaction to this endorsement equates to the employee who gets discipline, but wants to counter with accusations about some bullshit they say happened weeks prior, but failed to report. It carries no weight, because it is agenda based, and it reeks. Nice try anyway Mister pissy pants. Enjoy your sour grapes.

In the above mentioned article it is amusing how this writer condescendingly states how the other candidates do not understand the DOJ consent decree, and acts as if only he does, but that is his M.O. This character then states how the police union should have let the officers pick who they wanted the union to endorse. What is epic here folks is that that is exactly what was done. The rank and file chose Keller. This clown did not have access to that intel so he assumed. We all know what they say about assuming ya ass.

The union’s endorsement makes Keller no more beholden to them then Lewis’s and Colon’s statement of having their backs but this petite little blogger would have you believe Keller’s acceptance of the endorsement will no doubt be brought up during union negotiations as a reflection that Keller wants to fully support the demands of the police union, which is complete horse shit. The union is not a corporation who paid him money.

In another ME ME I I moment, this delusional narcissist stated how he interviewed with the union, and asked them not to endorse a candidate. He then brought up his running opponent who was a cop, stating that they didn't even endorse him either, but failed to tell you the dynamics behind what was going on in that election, and that it was that retired officer and him running against Berry, and crooked criminal Joey Sigala was the union president the first time around, and There is a whole lot more behind all of it, because Sigala was in cahoots with Schultz, and we all know Schultz was in cahoots with Berry. It didn't matter anyway, because the worst mayor in history stomped a mud hole in this guy’s ass.

We file the last bit of this under the pathetic category in our negative campaign influences category.

The final issue we will address in the pathetic category in regards to this blogger is about another recently written article by the same blogger. It’s about former city councilor Eric Griego, who wrote a letter defending Keller’s campaign, sarcastically likening Griego to Keller’s protective father, when that is all this blogger has done for his little angel.

When you look at all of the motives for the attacks and criticism, those attacking Keller are doing so for greed, political agenda, sour grapes, or because of some form of corrupted agenda. None of it holds up to rebuttals. They are doing it because they perceive a threat to what is going on, and what is going on is no good. This means the bad is threatened. Only good can threaten bad. The choice is logical here, and the ones trying to bend logic to fit their purpose are only making it worse on themselves, because we are all sick and tired of the bad. Let's root out the bad and anything connected to it.

We are recommending that you open your eyes. Educate yourself on what is transpiring, and vote for the guy who is going to clean house… the one who has been cleaning house…. Tim Keller. Ask anyone talking trash on him why, and demand they back it up with articulable corroborative facts. They can't.

We ask that you vote for Tim Keller for Mayor, and Javier Benevidez for District 1 City Council seat. They will do the best for our city.

Next, we will be connecting the dots on what is going on with Javier Benavidez.

Remember… take nothing you read or hear for face value, and that goes for what we say also. Feel free to research it, and do so.

Do not let our solutions be sabotaged by those with self serving agendas. This is what got us here people.

Calling it what it is… A good man is being baselessly attacked by people with fractions of the qualifications he has, all of the connections he does not have to the causes of the situation this city is facing and problems we are having while a same political party member stands by and watches, knowing his friends are behind it as he claims he is running a clean campaign.

Enough is enough. VOTE KELLER ON OCTOBER 3RD!!!


Endorsements for Keller

New Mexico State Auditor and candidate for mayor of Albuquerque, Tim Keller, continues to earn significant endorsements from current and former public officials, neighborhood leaders, labor unions, and community advocacy organizations.

This week, Keller was endorsed by the Albuquerque Police Officers Association, a major boost to his efforts with crime and public safety trumping all other issues in this election.

A selection of statements and quotes are included below as well as a full list.

“I am so grateful to share a vision for our future with so many in our community from across the city and of every political stripe. It is truly humbling to have the support of so many in this campaign to create a safe, inclusive, and innovative Albuquerque,” said Tim Keller.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited about a candidate as I am for my former colleague, Tim Keller. Tim is a progressive who gets things done, with intelligence, energy, and heart. I saw him pass legislation to bring jobs to New Mexico by getting government agencies to buy local; to reform a pay-to-play State Investment Council; and enact greater transparency measures. He usually did it with bipartisan support. Tim comes at problems with angles no one has thought about.” - Former State Senator Dede Feldman

“I’m proud to support Tim Keller for mayor of Albuquerque. As long as I’ve known Tim as State Senator and State Auditor, he’s fought for women, children, and working families. He’s fought for pay equity, for women’s health choices, and for the opportunity to lift up families through early childhood education. I believe in Tim.” - Former Lt Governor Diane Denish

“Tim will fight relentlessly to attack the challenges the city faces head-on and be a champion for every Albuquerque family.” - Former State Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez

“We endorse Tim Keller because we believe he is the candidate best suited to address issues impacting Westside families. He has a clear vision for making real investments in our small businesses, tackling our unacceptable crime crisis, and standing up for kids with specific ideas for after and summer school programs.” - Alan Armijo, President and Board Chair of ABQWest Chamber of Commerce

“I trust Tim to tackle our serious crime problems and focus on local businesses to create more jobs and real career paths for our kids.” - Tim Eichenberg, State Treasurer

“Jobs, jobs, and public safety -- doing something about those things is the key to Albuquerque’s future and the future of New Mexico. The key to doing something about jobs and public safety in Albuquerque is Tim Keller. He has a plan and the qualifications to make a difference.” - Former U.S. Senator Fred Harris

“Tim has a proven record as someone who is willing to confront our deepest challenges head-on.” - Patricia Madrid, former New Mexico Attorney General

“I support Tim because of his realistic vision and comprehensive plan to restore safety to our citizens.” - Bernalillo County Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III

“Tim Keller has a proven track record. He absolutely has done everything he set out and said that he would do, on behalf of this community, and he's done so by demonstrating what progressive values and principles really mean when a job has to be done. And he not only exemplifies what it means to not just carry a label, but to actually work and truly be committed to what he says and is going to do. I wholeheartedly support Tim's approach to public safety.” - State Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero

“I believe Tim’s bold initiative and uncompromising values prove he has the ability to make Albuquerque the thriving city we all know it can be.” - Former City Councilor Rey Garduño

“Tim is the right choice for Albuquerque’s mayor. All he’s ever done in his hometown is to work for a better and brighter future for New Mexicans, and we all know Albuquerque needs it right now.” - State Representative Nathan Small

“Tim is an excellent leader who has demonstrated the ability to truly bring people together. He has a clear understanding of the connection between our economy and local government, and that’s what it will take to get Albuquerque working again.” - Former NM Director of Economic Development and Chief Deputy CAO of Albuquerque Fred Mondragon

"LIUNA is endorsing Tim Keller for Mayor of Albuquerque because he is the only candidate who has the skills, qualifications, and work ethic to improve this city's economy. With all the problems we are facing, we need someone like Tim who will get in the foxhole with local businesses and help us create new jobs. That is exactly what we expect Tim to do as our next mayor.” - LIUNA Local 16 President Darrell Deaguero

“Tim Keller has a track record of supporting policies that benefit Albuquerque's local businesses and their workers. We are proud to be endorsing Tim to be our city's next mayor, and we look forward to working side-by-side with him in that role to make Albuquerque’s economy a model that the rest of the nation can follow.” - Robert Aubert, Business Representative of IUPAT Local 823

“Tim Keller is exactly what Albuquerque needs. Throughout his career as an elected official, he has shown a commitment to working people and their families. He is going to take that commitment with him to City Hall and put our local businesses and their workers ahead of outside interests. Teamsters are happy to be endorsing Tim for Mayor of Albuquerque.” - Walter Maestas, Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 492

“Tim Keller has done an excellent job representing not only himself but all the citizens of Albuquerque and New Mexico in his roles working with us as a state senator and a state auditor. He has shown support for the issues facing working families and has a good relationship working with both business and labor.” - Mike Archuleta, Vice President and Union Representative of Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 412

"We are endorsing Tim Keller to be the next Mayor of Albuquerque because of the leadership he has shown in his current position as State Auditor and before as a State Senator. Tim understands the challenges facing working families and will do everything he can to meet those head-on. Albuquerque will be a better place with him at City Hall." - Brian Condit, President of NMBCTC

“Tim Keller is willing to stand on the front lines and protect the rights of all workers in Albuquerque, and that is why we think he should be our next mayor. He has a history of doing what it takes for New Mexico’s working families, and will carry that commitment with him to City Hall.” - Earl Reed, Business Manager of BCTGM Local 351

“No one in this mayoral race has demonstrated more commitment to everyday people over time than Tim Keller, which is why we are proud to endorse him. Tim's vision for Albuquerque's future is aligned with our values, and we are confident his policies will move our city in the right direction.” - Rick Meyer, Business Manager for IWLU 495

"Tim understands that public safety is our priority, with his accountability and proven leadership he will ensure a safe future for the city of Albuquerque. He knows we must invest in fire and police staffing, operations, and infrastructure to protect our community; taking direction from the voters to provide the necessary revenue to get the job done!” - Diego Arencon, President of IAFF Local 244

“Tim Keller has always fought on behalf of families like mine, and we’re standing with Tim because of his plans that will raise the quality of life and make investments in our neglected neighborhoods.” - David Ortiz, Carpenters 1505

"Tim understands that now, more than ever, it is important to do what we can to fight climate change at the local level. He is a strong supporter of conversion to renewable energy sources, both to limit warming and as an economic driver for the city. Tim understands the importance of nature and outdoor spaces to Albuquerque citizens and is a strong supporter our the City's wonderful Open Space program, including protecting and restoring the bosque." - The Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club

“Tim Keller is the best candidate to represent Albuquerque voters who care about the humane treatment of companion animals and urban wildlife. Keller has a proven track record of supporting public policies that help animals, particularly where they intersect with important issues like crime, public health and safety, and transparent governance.” - Jessica Johnson, Chief Legislative Officer for Animal Protection Voters

“Blue Collar workers ensure that our city parks are clean and safe for our children, that our city busses are running on time, and that our streets are clean. Our members work hard every single day to make our city beautiful and improve the quality of life for all of us. We are honored to endorse Tim Keller for mayor because he shares that same vision and will work hard to make all of us proud to live here." - Casey Padilla, President of AFSCME Council 18 and Local 624.

“Tim Keller is only candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque who had the small-donor support to qualify for a publicly funded campaign. In office he'll be accountable to the people, not just big business.” - Our Revolution

Current and Former Public Officials:

Fmr. US Senator/Fmr. DNC Chair Fred Harris
Fmr. Ambassador James Sweeney, Special Representative of the President for Arms Control, Nonproliferation and Disarmament matters and Chief Science Advisor to the Director of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
Fmr. Lt. Governor of New Mexico Diane Denish
Fmr. New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid
Fmr. New Mexico Director of Economic Development/Fmr. Chief Deputy CAO of Albuquerque Fred Mondragon
New Mexico State Treasurer Tim Eichenberg
Fmr. New Mexico Public Relation Commissioner Karen Montoya
New Mexico State Senator Jacob Candelaria
New Mexico State Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto
New Mexico State Senator Linda Lopez
New Mexico State Senator Cisco McSorley
New Mexico State Senator Mimi Stewart
New Mexico State Senator Bill Tallman
Fmr. New Mexico State Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez
Fmr. New Mexico State Senator Dede Feldman
New Mexico State Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero
New Mexico State Representative Eleanor Chavez
New Mexico State Representative Miguel Garcia
New Mexico State Representative Nathan Small
New Mexico State Representative Elizabeth Thomson
Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales
Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins
Fmr. Bernalillo County Commissioner & ABQ City Councilor Alan Armijo
Fmr. Albuquerque Mayor Jim Baca
Albuquerque City Councilor Isaac Benton
Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis
Albuquerque City Councilor Diane Gibson
Fmr. Albuquerque City Councilor Rey Garduño
APS Board Member Elizabeth Armijo
APS Board Member Lorenzo Garcia
APS Board Member Candy Patterson
APS Board Member Dave Peercy
APS Board Member Barbara Petersen

Labor Unions:

AFSCME - American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Council 18
APOA - Albuquerque Police Officers Association
BCTWGM - Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers Local 351
CWA - Communication Workers of America Local 7076
IAFF - International Association of Firefighters Local 244
IATSE - International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 423
IATSE - International Association of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 480
IBEW - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 611
International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 492
IUPAT - International Union of Painters and Allied Trades Local 823
Iron Workers Local Union 495
LIUNA - Laborers’ International Union of North America Local 16
New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union 412
Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

Community Organizations:

ABQWest Chamber of Commerce
Animal Protection Voters
Breaking Bread ABQ
EDo News
EQNM - Equality New Mexico
Ole New Mexico
Our Revolution
Nasty Women
NW ABQ Political Action Group
Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico
Sierra Club
New Mexico Working Families Party

Sep 21, 2017


Nothing here at the Eye fires us up more than seeing the bullying of those doing the right thing, while the wrong are the ones covered for, and allowed to get away with their behavior. When we see men and women out there doing the right thing every day, getting bullied by an administration that is considered a criminal enterprise, citizens terrorized, robbed, beaten stabbed in the neck, while protecting their small businesses… Children raped, murdered, dismembered, and eaten by pure evil predators… a corporate, back scratching moneymaker, forced on people, who didn't want it, by an incompetent mayor… a malfeasant ex police chief, who inked a greased deal with Taser, that got the city roped into another 4 million dollar deal… a conglomeration of good old boys, that do people dirty in the name of greed, and money, but do not even have the guts to own their actions, and are so dishonorable they act in ways that deny their own friends, and blame others for their actions when caught. Citizens, and employees who's lives were destroyed in countless ways… and nothing ever done about it… But we will, and we have, and we will continue to do so.

As we heard Tim Keller was considering a run for mayor of Albuquerque, we thought from the minute of hearing it, that he may be a great mayor, and he may be the man for the job. We based this on his track record in State Senate, his educational background, his performance as state auditor, his lack of any connection to those responsible for our city's condition, his work on public corruption, his integrity, and his word as a man.

During Tims campaign, he has not made any outlandish promises in order to get votes. He has remained genuine, and has honor. He faces issues head on, and handles criticism with class. Tim is a family man raising his small children in our city, and that carries a lot of weight with us. This turned our “may be” into a “will be” a great Mayor. We know Tim will do the right thing, and work hard to repair the damage done, and it will be done in the light of day.

We looked at all candidates, and Tim stood out. Our support was obvious, but we realized that it was support, and not an endorsement. Today, the Eye on Albuquerque would like to announce our endorsement of Tim Keller for Mayor of Albuquerque, and wish him our best.

We are looking forward to being able to speak great things about the next administration, and facilitate positive change, as Albuquerque moves forward. We welcome the genuine, honorable effort this man represents, and look forward to seeing the good things that can be done with benevolent, honorable, transparent, leadership, done in the name of what is right. Tim said words like “owned” and “fairness,” words this administration never said and probably do not know the meaning of, and it speaks volumes.

We would also like to make it known that it was us who decided to support, and endorse Tim Keller. Nobody from Keller's campaign reached out to us. Anyone that knows the Eye, knows we are beholden to nobody. This was a matter of doing the right thing, and endorsing this candidate is the right thing.

Let's make this place better for everyone.

Good luck in the home stretch to Tim, and his hard working supporters. We will see you at the finish line.

The Eye

Sep 20, 2017

The scent of Santolina has now entered the mayor’s race… Contradictory politics, flip flopping, and two faced politics that have reached new depths.. We connect the dots on the political attacks on Tim Keller.

Folks, Santolina is a perennial genus of chamomile plant that was introduced to this area in 1952 from the Mediterranean. It thrives in a barren, infertile, environments that are well drained, and it lives close to the ground, spreading rapidly. Sound familiar? Because it is a metaphor for what is going on in our community.

For the last eight years large businesses owned by connected individuals have been thriving through political connections, while the poor in this state have been suffering while being drained. The current administration is a perfect example of this, with their slimy no bid contracts, and Berry hooking up his construction and developer friends as in the Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project. While all of this has been going on, we have been trying hard to connect the dots, put faces to those responsible, and outline exactly what is going on, so the filth is exposed to the light.

While all of this is going on forked tongued, politicians in sheep clothing have been portraying themselves as operating in the interests of the citizens, while attacking those who actually have a track record of exposing corruption and truly wanting to do good without enriching themselves.

After years of writing, and exposing behind the scene dealings, pointing out illegalities in the actions of city and government officials, and linking the work of others with the intel we have gathered, that closes the gap on exactly what is going on, and why… this may without a doubt be the most important story we have ever written.

The question exists… WOULD YOU WALK AWAY FROM $8,000,000,000, and just what would you do to insure your investment in something that could bring you that kind of money? Please read this with an open mind, and you do the math. We are just going to provide the intel.

Western Albuquerque Land Holdings has been seeking approval of a Planned Communities Master Plan, called the ‘Santolina Master Plan’ in SW Bernalillo County.The area is about 13,851 acres, and is bound by I40 to the north, 118th Street and the escarpment open space to the east, the Pajarito Mesa to the south, and the area adjacent to the Rio Puerco Valley on the west. Along with access from I40, the property is can be reached from several roadways, including Central Avenue, Dennis Chavez Boulevard, Atrisco Vista Boulevard, and 118th Street. In June, 2015, the Bernalillo County Board of Commissioners adopted the Santolina Level A Master Plan for the entire 13,700-acre property. It is a sprawl development.

Jeff Garrett, of Garrett Development Corporation is the asset manager for Western Albuquerque Land holdings, and owns the land that would become Santolina.

The Law firm representing Santolina is the Rodney Law Firm. The four lawyers there working for the Santolina Plan are John Salazar, Richard Minzer, Justin Horowitz, and Robert Lucero.

Bohannon Huston is the engineering firm hired by Santolina for the construction project, and the CEO of this firm is Brian Burnett.

During the 2016 Bernalillo County Commissioner election the Santolina project became the main topic, and candidates were viciously attacked by interest groups connected to a political action comittee called New Mexicans for New Mexico (NMNM). Steven Michael Quezada won this election. The Albuquerque Free Press did a story covering this, and the Treasurer of that PAC was Donna Madrid. Donna claimed in that article that she wanted to elect someone who would bring jobs as seen in this quote.

“I’m tired of those with good jobs saying we don’t need jobs in our community. Why Santolina funds? I know Santolina wants leaders who are job friendly, so I asked for them to contribute to help candidates that I want to create jobs.”

Remember this, because it is just one example of where ones words do not correspond to their actions, or to a feasible plan.
You can read the Free Press story here:

The New Mexico Political Report reposted the below works from NEW MEXICO IN DEPTH you can see them below…


Please read the above articles and all links posted, because it will reinforce your understanding as we go along.

As the Santolina Building plan moves through approval phases, we are now moving to elect a new Mayor in one of the most important mayors, races we have ever seen in this city, and now the attacks are coming again. While everyone has been distracted by the infighting with the Republicans, the real treachery is going down right in front of everyone's faces. Those responsible have just used variations of their names to conceal, their connections, but we found out who they are, and it is not good. You see, this is why the populace are considered sheep. This is why most politicians are able to manipulate people. This is why they are arrogant.

Just as many citizens, employees, and others are crossing party lines to get the best candidate elected, the Democrats seem to be doing something way more dishonorable, and nefarious in the name of money and greed.

Out of the blue last week a political attack was launched in the form of an ad attacking Mayoral front runner Tim Keller. This ad was all about his voting for a Bill, that if had passed would have prevented legal complications for local municipalities in reference to enforcing sex offender laws.

The state AG favored the bill, saying that failing to pass, it could result in local governments adopting exclusionary zones restrictions that could open them up to legal challenges.
The Sex Offender Management Board, responsible for making recommendations to the state Sentencing Commission for managing sex offenders, supported the bill too. The general consensus was that “Imposing blanket restrictions has had a destabilizing impact in every jurisdiction where it has been implemented, and most experts believe that it is dangerous and counterproductive,”

Tim Keller responded to this Political Action Committees attempt to manipulate and defraud the public with the below statement…..

“As a father of two young children, it is absolutely offensive to suggest that I would let anyone harm our kids, let alone make life easier for those who do,” Keller said in a news release. “What the attacks don’t tell you is that as a senator, I fought for and passed the nation’s strongest sex offender laws to date, and as auditor have been a champion for public safety and tackling the rape kit backlog.

Since then, several victim groups have come out to support Keller, and denounce the attack as a bogus, baseless, and without merit. This attempt backfired in the faces of those responsible, as seen in the below quote.

“[Tim] is a champion for sexual assault survivors. He is focused on public safety and ensuring accountability among the agencies responsible for fixing the problem.” - Connie Monahan, statewide coordinator for SANE and co-chair of the state Sexual Assault Evidence Kits Memorial Task Force.

Sometimes you just have to watch the smiling guy in the corner a little closer. When there is utter chaos in a cutthroat race, and you are number two or three, and you are just sitting there giving the perception that your hands are cleaner than the Virgin Mary, you just have to think… Why? When Dan Lewis and Wayne Johnson are kicking the piss out of each other daily, along with going at their democratic rivals, Brian Colon has been a little quiet. But what we say is why be quiet when you are number two or three. It just defies tactics…. UNLESS an unconventional third party is willing to do your work for you in order to keep your hands clean, and this is where you need to pay attention.

There is a technique used to identify an enemy snipers position, called the back azimuth detection technique, where one inserts a dowel, or rod into the bullet hole, noting the angle of trajectory to estimate the range, then recording it’s reverse azimuth to determine the direction from which the shot was fired.

As Keller was attacked by what turned out to be a benign add, that was eventually snuffed out by the truth, because of it’s trumped dramatics, and lies that could have swayed those uneducated on the true reason the bill was voted for, we looked at just who launched this add, did some digging and investigative work, and found out it was launched by a Political Action Committee called MAKE ALBUQUERQUE SAFE. This PAC, like the one (NMNM) in the BernCo Commissioners election popped up just as quickly, and suspiciously launching attacks before anyone knew who they were or who was donating to them. That was until now.

Make Albuquerque Safe was formed on 8/29/17. The Treasurer is none other than Donna Taylor… Donna Madrid-Taylor. The same Donna that used her Madrid last name for the NMNM PAC that attacked anti-Santolina County Commission Candidates.

Donna Madrid-Taylor is listed as a paralegal for the Jason Alarid Law firm. The monkey business here that raised our suspicions was when we found out that a possible relative of Alarid, Vanessa Alarid, is a lobbyist that was hired by Barclays Bank of London to sell Santolina to us all through our politicians. She is the primary lobbyist for Santolina. Not only that, but Vanessa Alarid is married to Antonio “Moe” Maestas who is a Democratic member of New Mexico State House of Representatives. And do you want to guess what district Moe represents? You don’t have to, because we’ll tell you. Moe represents District 16 which covers the West Mesa of Albuquerque. Why use two last names… unless you do not want people to pick up on the connections? Just our thoughts.
Notice the two different last names on her career networking profiles below....

Moe and Vanessa...

The Albuquerque Free Press AGAIN did another article on the impact of Santolina fiscally on Albuquerque, and we advise you to read it below:

Is this the motivation behind the attacks on Keller? We think so.

The connections just don’t end there. Back in 2007 Brian Colon decided to run for Chairman of the Democratic State Committee against Michael Olguin. Governor Richardson appeared to remain neutral in support, but Brian colon made no bones about two things back then…..
Being very proud of raising $56,000 for Richardson’s campaign at the Sandia Casino, and being what he called himself… The New Generation of Democrat, which is another name for progressive. He was also supported by the progressive wing of the political party, and was heavily aligned with Antonio Moe Maestas. There ya go people.

Joe Monahan did an article on this and you can read the details there…

If you look at what we have here it is people claiming to be Democrats, looking out for jobs for people, but who are only in it for the short run to make a profit, and they could care less about the long term. Is taking water away from out South Valley people looking out for Albuquerque? Read the below article from Las Acequias…..

Some of contributors to the NMNM PAC were below:
Rodey Law firm gave $25,000
Jeff Garrett of Western ABQ Land Holdings LLC Gave $5,000
Bohannon Huston CEO gave $10,000

The above are all democrats, or democratically affiliated. The difference here is that Colon Supports Santolina, but Keller does not. People connected to Colons political friends are behind the attacks coming at Keller…. All over sprawling developer interests.

We hear that Colon expects support from those he does things for, and we are sure this goes the other way too, but this is just plain disturbing.

Colon has claimed that he was not involved in any of the things, or the investigation into former governor Richardson’s pay to play investigation, and that he was never even interviewed, but he was the Democratic Committee Chair Person during the time in question, and he was not the one who called for an investigation either. Let's see him try to flip flop again, like he did with firing police chief Eden, when it comes time to make his stance, since people have accused Keller of being an extreme Progressive when in all actuality he is very grounded and willing to just do the right thing.

As we see it, Brian Colon is in a very sticky situation here as Santolina interests infest this election as it did the BernCo. election last year, with the same characters behind the shenanigans.
He is in an even stickier one after seeing the below video.

If 40,000 $200,000 homes are built in Santolina, that amounts to $8,000,000,000.
You do the math. We know the motivation.

Here is the deal folks. Brian Colon is benefitting from an attack ad being driven by Santolina supporters and personal friends of his. While everyone seems to be distracted by the fights between Lewis and Johnson, the real fact is that the Colon camp has come at Keller with a knife.
And we thought Berry was bad…


Sep 17, 2017


We would like to take a break from our usual topics today in order to let everyone who has not already heard know that the KRQE news chopper suffered a fatal crash today, north of Carrizozo at 4:30AM. Pilot Bob Martin was piloting the chopper. Friends family and co-workers of Bob are devastated. We would like to extend our condolences to everyone, and urge all to keep Bob and the above mentioned in your thoughts prayers and actions. We are very sorry for your loss.

Sep 13, 2017

What is the Homosexual Agenda? Will the real Slim Lewis Please Stand up?

I like chicken a lot because chicken is generous - that is to say, it's obedient. It will do whatever you tell it to do.”     
Maya Angelou

Well folks, we here at the Eye are just flabbergasted. The hits just keep coming. We did not know there was some kind of Homosexual agenda going on. You see, we are all human beings, and most of our agendas are to survive, and be free from attacks, prejudice, hostility or ignorance, based on our ethnicity, color, religion, creed, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. That includes the survival, and fair treatment of our families, friends and everyone around us. We here at the Eye take that one step further by dealing with the bullies who attack people base on the above categories, or for that matter attack, and bully ANYONE in our own special way.

We have seen the smiling faces of candidates who put up fronts in our lifetimes during election time, in order to get what they want, while at times knowing the truth about how these people really are, but this election may just pan out to be most epic in that category. There was recently an article written about Dan Lewis in the Albuquerque Journal titled Pastor: Lewis won’t support homosexual agenda. This article discusses Legacy Church’s endorsement of Dan Lewis for mayor by the church pastor Steve Smotherman. The article came with a quote stating “I wholeheartedly support Dan Lewis for mayor. He’s the one true believer in the race, and could never in anyway support the homosexual agenda,” Smothermon posted on his Instagram account recently. “He will bring business to our city and he will reduce crime.” WTF IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? You can see the article here:

Newsflash for you shitweeds… There are millions of LGBT business owners, executives, investors, and workers who do not want to live in a place where turds think like this, or is governed by a mayor who says one thing, and does the other behind their backs.

Maybe Dan and Steve would like to chime in, and explain what their concept of a “homosexual agenda” is, because it appears we are seeing the real Dan Lewis come out in these gaffs, flubs, and slip ups.

We all know that the pastor to Legacy Church had supported Berry in his bid to get elected, and is not foreign to a homophobic way of thought, as he demonstrated back in 2012 when he ran his mouth about the governor hiring a gay gentleman to the state Public Regulation Commission as seen here:

Folks, this does not only just go back starting at 2012. No. This type of thought process comes with piss poor upbringing. The same exact verbiage from 2012 was used in what brought this to light… AGAIN!

Notice how Dan Lewis did not turn down this offer of support, and we have not seen any condemnation of this type of talk either. As a matter of fact, this church is known to be very politically active, and has supported those in this administration. How about that?!? There is another church in this country that thinks like this called Westboro Baptist Church folks. Please tell us we do not have our own little Westboro right here in Albuquerque.

Our question is: What was said between these two to elicit this statement by Smotherman?

What say you Dan? Since we are all in a voting state of mind, yay or nay? Come on. It’s a lose lose either way, but this time it’s all your doing, especially with this little gem we snatched off of the interwebs Facebook, as you snubbed Equality New Mexico.

You see, if you are true and honest, there is no pretentiousness, no facade that is put up that we have to see right through. There is no keeping track of your stories. There are no slip ups or insults to the intelligence of those who know better. There is none of this when intentions are honest and pure. Nobody likes to be snubbed, and the last week has spoken volumes. Chickenshit comes to mind when we see good people attacked, and the real personalities behind the politicians come out.

20,000 votes makes one beholden to a hate monger, and if that hate monger wants a hand in politics so much, then he obviously does not understand what separation of church and state is, and needs to pay taxes on all of those tidings.

To our LGBT readers…. Feel free to discuss in the comments section what this agenda stuff is all about with these two clowns. You seem to have them terrified.

Enjoy the campaign tailspin.

The Eye


From time to time, the Eye puts up guest writings concerning matters important to what is going on. The below writing was submitted by Dennis Maez. In case you do not know Dennis, let us tell you that he was the man, who through his hard work, and commitment to what is right, exposed that his grandson was wrongfully charged in a murder case involving APD. Dennis spent 30 years in law enforcement, and is a well respected, retired federal agent of the Secret Service who retired as a Special Agent In Charge. He is also an Albuquerque business owner. 

Below is his opinion on the state of affairs concerning the election, and the plans of our mayoral candidates. 

Comparison of the Keller, Colon, Lewis and Johnson crime mitigation plans and APD changes:

I’ve always been a “big picture” guy, and not much for the bits and pieces when it comes to issues. When I was SAIC and ASIC with the feds, I would let the supervisors that worked with me know what the “plan” was, then let them get to work and get it done. I did not micro-manage supervisors, because my thoughts were; if you have to micro-manage the supervisors that work for you, then you probably made a mistake in making them supervisors. But for this little exercise I’m going to get into the weeds, and make some comparisons, then give my two cents on what I think, because I’m the one writing this little gem.

I printed out each “plan” and am going off of what is written on their web sites, and the comments made by each of the four candidates. I don’t spend every waking moment following these guys around like a puppy, so if they’ve added parts to their plan that’s not on their web sites, and stuff I haven’t heard, those additions won’t be included in this little analysis.

The reason I didn’t include Garcia-Holmes, Chaves, Pedrotty and Wheeler-Deichel is because I don’t think they have a realistic chance of making a runoff, much less a first vote win. I’ve only commented on parts of these plans, that I think are the most important. The reason I did this was to try and focus the conversation to what I think is important, which are the issues, and not all the BS about who’s getting what money, and from whom and how. I surely wouldn’t get too wound about the Keller “in kind” issue, because from what I’m told there’s a lot more to come out on that deal, (like his campaign got a legal opinion before they did what they did), and the ethics complainant will have some answering of his own to do soon on some of his contributions. Anyway,,,,,, about the “plans.”

APD Leadership:

Tim Keller, Dan Lewis and Wayne Johnson have said from the beginning of their campaigns that they will replace the current Chief and Command Staff. Brian Colon, at first said he would wait until he was elected, then meet with Chief Eden before saying he would get a new Chief. Brian told me that he has since met with Chief Eden, and as a result of that meeting he will definitely replace him with a new Chief. Brian’s explanation for his wanting to meet Eden before deciding was sincere, and after hearing his rationale I believe he did the right thing for himself, Brian. Everyone else can make up their own mind on that.

I didn’t see a time frame for a new Chief for Lewis, Johnson or Keller after they were to take office, Colon states that he will hire a new APD Chief within 60 day or taking office.

Manpower & APD staffing:

• Brian Colon’s plan states he will have 1200 sworn APD officers within 30 months of taking office.
• Tim Keller’s plan states he will have 1000 sworn APD officers within 24 months of taking office.
• Wayne Johnson’s plan states “we will need to fully staff the Albuquerque Police Department in order to sustain a secure environment.” There is no time frame given, and the budget now calls for 1000 sworn.
• Dan Lewis plans states he will have a “fully staffed” department. Again, I think that’s 1000 sworn but gave no time frame given.

My thoughts:
As much as I’d like to see the APD have 1200 fully trained, highly qualified and highly paid officers the fact is that isn’t going to happen for many years. The goal of 1200 officers seems impossible to attain in 30 months, or 48 months for that matter. With the factors in play that the new Mayor will be dealing with on day one, such as the DOJ, a department in transition until a permanent Chief and Command Staff are on board and functioning, and not having an infrastructure to recruit, hire and train large numbers, having 1200 cops in total within even three years I just don’t think is a reality. Even if there were sufficient numbers of qualified applicants, the police academy isn’t geared at this point to handle and train more than three recruit classes a year, which I believe is their current rate. The average is 30 officers graduating per class. Keep in mind that based on attrition in APD in 2015, and 2016 if the same pattern holds for the next few years, there would need to be 500 officers hired to hit a staffing level of 1200 sworn. For ’15 and ’16 there was a combined total of approximately 150 sworn that left for retirement, other departments, or “other” reasons. If you do the math it just doesn’t seem that Mr. Colon’s goal is realistic.

Immediate solutions:

Brian Colon:
I looked over his plan, and frankly didn’t see any immediate solutions that would be effective in working to get more cops on the streets immediately. The longer term goals are reasonable like, “Strengthen staffing levels of the Narcotics Unit, Burglary Unit, and Area Command Impact Teams to address unique crime concerns for different parts of the city, including a stronger presence in our schools, and improved safety for Albuquerque women.” Another quote “To be a truly Safe City, the Colón Administration will devote the time, effort, and resources necessary to truly embrace effective community policing in the City of Albuquerque.”

My thoughts:
Increasing the detective units is a great idea, but with not enough officers now to handle calls that are stacked up I just don’t see where officers would come from to be able to move more sworn into the detective units, until the PD is fully staffed. I agree with Brian that embracing community policing is necessary, but again, I don’t think this is a viable option until there are enough officers to make community policing an option, now and for the foreseeable future.

Dan Lewis:
Disclaimer- My analysis of Mr. Lewis and his plans are tainted so take it for what every you think it’s worth. The reason my analysis is tainted is simple. Dan Lewis has been a City Councilor for 5-6 years (?) and to me it seems like he just woke up recently and discovered that the City has a crime problem, and the APD has a leadership crisis. Now I know that as a councilor, he called for the replacement of Chief Schultz, and I guess that had merit at the time, but I’m more interested about what he’s done or hasn’t done about the current APD leadership, and to my recollection, he hasn’t called for Eden’s resignation, or a council vote of confidence on either Eden or Berry.

I think any city official who sat on their hands, while the situation has been allowed to get to the stage it is has been a part of the problem, and definitely not a part of the solution past, or in the future. It seems to me Lewis should have been screaming at every council meeting that the ship was sinking, and it needed drastic changes. Maybe he did, and I just didn’t hear about it, but if he did he should have been screaming louder, and banging on the table to get more people’s attention.

Also, the Lewis plan has a couple of things that I think are just plain pandering to the voters. Mr. Lewis states that he will pull all APD officers out of DOJ taskforces until “they (the DOJ) comply with the same CASA requirements APD officers have to comply with.” He thinks the feds should wear body cameras, maybe they should, but good luck with that one. Maybe if Mr. Lewis, and his fellow councilors would have shown more leadership in the past, there wouldn’t have been a need for the CASA requirements in the first place! His response has been, “I’m just a councilor”, my response is, and you should have been a vocal leader screaming about the direction crime was going, and the bad leadership at APD, as well as a councilor. Also, from a practical standpoint, taking APD out of federal task forces doesn’t make sense from a law enforcement standpoint, no matter the reason. That’s just bad policing, period.

Tim Keller:
This seems to be the ONLY plan that has any immediate solutions for dealing with the current crime problem. The Keller plan has the long term solutions that are similar to the Colon plan, but the short term solutions are more defined, and actually are there.

Some of Keller’s short term solutions:

1. Get rid of the Major rank, and evaluate each non-field services assignment to get more officers in the field. One example he gives is having one civilian, and one sworn PIO only.
2. Add the rank of Corporal and Senior Sergeant, to incentivize officers, and reward senior patrolmen, and long serving Sergeants.
3. Have officers not assigned to Field Services on a rotating basis work in the field, in uniform to supplement Field Services officers, until more cops are hired. This adds immediate numbers or officers in the Field to make sure officers have more security for themselves, and quicker response times to citizen calls. Nothing, nothing is more important than making sure that there are enough street officers, when they are responding to high priority, violent crimes, to cover each other, and not making citizens wait for hours, when they need a police officer.
4. Partner with the other agencies to “develop a multi-agency Safe Streets Task Force for targeting high-crime areas with saturation enforcement. The interim chief should immediately meet with the local heads of federal law enforcement agencies; the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Office, the Valencia County Sheriff’s Office, and the State Police commands serving central New Mexico. We must recognize that criminals don’t pay attention to jurisdictional boundaries. Our crime problem demands a cross-jurisdictional approach. The more we can coordinate with our local partners, the better positioned we will be to root out organized criminal activity. Cross-jurisdictional collaboration will be a huge force multiplier. If each agency were to assign just two individuals to this task force, and cross-commission officers, they would be able to saturate high-crime hotspots anywhere in the metro area.”
5. More from his plan. “We will enforce quality of life ordinances regarding liter, public defecation, intoxication, vandalism, and others designed to make public spaces safe again. By enforcing what some would consider minor laws, police can establish a proactive presence in troubled neighborhoods, to send a signal to criminals to get out of the area. We will follow up with saturation patrols in all areas on a random basis, which catch criminals off guard. This method seeks to eradicate criminal activity in high priority areas, and will be employed as a near-term strategy to lower crime rates, and make neighborhoods safer, while the department staffs up.”
The folks who say that this philosophy targets minority, and low income citizens should talk to the folks who live in those “low income and minority” neighborhoods. The good folks in those neighborhoods are begging to get more officers in their neighborhoods, to stop the thugs that prey on their lives. Frankly I’m surprised that any Democrat would advocate for what is basically the Broken Windows policy.

Wayne Johnson:
My thoughts about Mr. Johnson are similar to those of Mr. Lewis. Where have you been as an elected official Mr. Johnson, did you just notice the problems in the city and with APD? The one thing I will say about Johnson is that he isn’t as off base as Lewis, (in my humble opinion) in some of his long term strategies, but as with Colon, and Lewis I don’t see any immediate “solutions.” The solutions he proposes are to fire Chief Eden, hire more officers and re-negotiate the CASA with the DOJ. Although I do think (and hope) under the new Attorney General the mandate’s put forth by the Obama AG will not be as stringent, but, the policy proposed by Johnson is more of what we currently have with the current Chief and Command Staff at APD. Simply put, an adversarial relationship with the DOJ will only keep the DOJ in ABQ longer. It seems Mr. Johnson wants to keep the bickering and non-compliance between the APD and DOJ going into the future. At least Colon and Keller want to do what is needed to get the DOJ out of the APD, and start moving forward.

This is a comment I put on the Eye’s Facebook page last week dealing with the DOJ:
“I've been around a long time, 30 years active carrying a gun and badge, and I've been around a lot of police departments both in the US and around the World. To this day I still work with police departments around the country and in Latin America as a consultant, and one thing I know for sure, is even with all the problems with this department it still has great officers that go to work every day and want to be able to be professional and protect the public. Every cop I've talked to here in ABQ that want to do the right thing, but, they are demoralized to the point that many are counting the days they can get on with another agency or retire. Comments like those of Mr. Harness don't help. To the police officers in ABQ, and their families and friends, please strongly evaluate the candidates for Mayor, read the information that is posted in places like the The Eye On Albuquerque, and be smart on who you support. One of two things will happen in the next few months, this city will elect a Mayor who will make the changes that are needed, or one of the candidates who will keep things the same will be elected, and the situation will get worse. Don't let those who scream about the DOJ and the CASA be a distraction, a lot of departments that have been in the same situation have survived the DOJ, and have come out the back end better, and stronger than ever. Candidates that support the DOJ CASA reforms are not necessarily enemies of the street cops, or the Department. It will take a strong Chief to educate the next Mayor about the way to take advantage of the CASA to benefit the department as a whole, and the street officers in particular. It can be done. The big issues for some, is the DOJ use of force standards and reporting. Turn those issues to your advantage, by showing when you handcuff the police you need more police to get the job done to make police officers safer on the streets, because criminals become emboldened. More highly paid, highly trained officers, and more show of strength will result in less incidents where bad guys will take on the police, which will mean less confrontation. And for those who make the mistake of taking on the cops, well, big mistakes result in big consequences. A strong pro-APD Mayor and Chief that will stand up for the officers will make this department one of the best in the Country, again. Hopefully better days are coming.”

The election isn’t far off, it really is time for us to stop with all the cursing and name calling, blah, blah and get down to looking at these folks, to see who’d do the right thing for the city and the PD. The rest is weeds, it’s time to get out of the weeds.

Dennis Maez

Sep 12, 2017

Realtors and developers give big money to ABQ mayoral candidates

Marjorie Childress of New Mexico in depth drops a bomb on campaign financing in this election.
Read this article and don't be played in this election.

Realtors and developers give big money to ABQ mayoral candidates

Click on the above link and be amazed.
Great work from a real journalist.
Holy Shit folks. Let the games begin.


The last couple weeks of the election trail here in Albuquerque has been an example of what has been going on for years, and what put this place in the situation it is in. We all know how politics can get, but New Mexico politics is probably one of the more slimy nationally. Those here would rather see failure, than to put their ego aside for the common good, and they will do anything they need to get what they want.

Last week we saw Albuquerque reporter Chris Huffman Montalban Smith Jones Chan Nikolai Ramirez do a surprise article on Keller donations over in kind donations that there is no ruling on, and which are documented. It is interesting to note how McCleskey was on the grand jury investigative hook for a long time, but no surprise visit interview was done there. A point to remember was that this reporter used to work for Berry. Those donations are legal, and unlike the criminal actions of this administration, and their political supporters, millions were not lost in lawsuits, nobody was defrauded, nobody lied about it, the record of all of it is there, no employees or citizens were railroaded to cover it up, and nobody lied when the issue came up. It is all documented. Good luck getting documents from this administration, or the millions lost to their malfeasance.

There were also many people going around citing the KOB and KRQE polls as the first numbers out on public opinion on candidates. That isn't the case either. There was also a poll in the Albuquerque Business Journal weekly. Keller won that poll, but it seems some very odd things are going on with these polls, as they are shut down early.


Recently, the KRQE poll conducted last night after the Mayoral Debate was shut down before the twenty four hour mark even hit. If you read the comments, you can see some accusations, and we have received a few complaints here. Lets hope this is not the case. There will be no change electing someone who is just a Berry 2.0, or someone who is tied to Schultz by their balls. That is a fact.


We here at the Eye feel that there are some very sincere people in this election. We also feel there are some wolves in hamster clothing who are in it for financial gain, political drag, to hook up their cronies, and to fill their pockets, while feathering their nest for the future on the backs of our citizens and employees. You will see things play out very soon in reference to all of those who are in it for the wrong reasons, because the unjust can not help themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for the usual antics of finger pointing, and attacks from those with their own back yards full of garbage. Look for the crying and playing of victim too, because they are all traits of the current administration’s culture.

What is worse? Representing filth, and standing like a man, saying yes I did that, or representing someone, and denying that person to distance yourself from them, because it does not look favorable for your campaign? It really does not matter, because we bet the representation of Ray Schultz was never officially ended, meaning that if Ray needs an attorney, Colon’s firm would represent him. Not only that, but Ray Schultz’s long time BFF Nate Korn, who owns Kauffman’s West Army Navy donated $800 to Brian Colon’s campaign. No surprise there! It is funny how these self preserving / serving individuals will flip flop any which way they have to in order to benefit their agenda. We all know how imbalanced, unfair, and outright crooked the NEW MEXICO LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY BOARD WAS under Korn. We all knew that there was an unexplainable amount of disparate punitive measures laid out on anyone who Schultz deemed a target to be revoked, or retaliated against, and the proof is there to stand it up. One assistant AG had resigned over tampering with cases, along with other hearing officers over the conduct going on up there. We all know that Nate Korn buys in when it benefits Nate Korn and this sends a clearer message that Colon is allied with those connected with Schultz.

One last thing. Today through social media, we found out that Dan Lewis’s own Turf is supporting Tim Keller in the election. Yesterday it was announced that ABQWest Chamber of Commerce is endorsing Tim Keller. You can read it above. Now that folks is a kick in the balls.

Most every union and association in the state seems to be behind Tim Keller. We will wait, and see what the APOA does in the near future, considering who they will be supporting. From our Eyes in the field, we know that most of the officers with APD are supporting Tim Keller. Our Eyes are telling us there is much wavering over possible money issues, and personal promises made, but Keller laid it out as opposed to the others. Things will be negotiated, and he will support our officers so that they can do their job under a just, and not corrupted administration. No lies like Berry told, but admitting there will be raises.

As for the rumored attacks coming down the pipeline… we will be watching closely, and observing for the usual suspects, along with their motives, and where these snipes are originating from, because you are going to see the same creeps who stood by while this administration burned down the barn, twist words, manipulate circumstances, and flat out lie to make it look like someone ate a chicken egg that wasn't theirs. Remember the difference between what something looks like, and what it is, because all of these attack traits can be seen in this administration.

We are looking forward to a new administration, and an end to this back biting, candy ass, horse shit, and it will be nice when we have positive things to say for a change.

Below is a social media release from Keller we picked up from the net.

Sep 8, 2017


There is nothing like seeing results from the dissemination of information about corrupt dealings. For weeks we have been hearing about chosen employees within this filthy administration being shuttled into protected positions, so that the next administration is yoked with problems from the past.

Back in July we did a story about resident toilet bowl ring TJ Wilhelm who was in the process of being set up with a protected position as this administration prepares for the evacuation of Hanoi. Well, the administration went right ahead, and did it anyway, like the imbeciles they are. They not only did that, but they did worse. You would think with the light on these idiots they would quit the antics. Not these idiots. No, not these stupid jackasses. They say insanity is the act of doing something over and over expecting a different result. These jackholes make an art out of that. Even criminals are smart enough that when they get told HEY ASSHOLES, WE KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING, they stop doing it, or change their methods. Not these turds. Is it stupidity? Is it desperation? We do not know, but we are enjoying the show, because it is entertaining.

You see, our Eyes within have told us that TJ Wilhelm was admitted to a training program put on for police commanders, and APD Lieutenants were denied this training so he could go. This was at a cost of $4000.00 each.

Caleb James from KOB did a good story on this political appointees promotion from an at will position, to a protected position. Our Eyes are telling us that the job was posted, but people were skipped for the position so good old BLOATED water boy TJ could be shoe horned, wedged, towed, craned, airlifted, greased, parachuted or whatever else it takes to get someone or something like this into the position they wanted him in. You can see the story here…..


All of this was going on while the same exact scheme was being pulled for Berry’s little gem Dayna Crawford. Mrs. Crawford was an at will mayor’s communications director, and director of ABQ RIDE, but coincidentally was recently given a permanent position… but for this princess… the job position was changed to a protected position. Aren’t these clowns tricky?


Well, now the Albuquerque Inspector General is conducting an investigation into what the hell is going on here, because it is obvious that the water carriers are being taken care of.
See the story here:

Let's hope the IG does a better investigation than his office did with the Dan Lewis / Desert fuels contract we wrote on here:

And so went the big freak out when this filthy, dirty, biased administration found out that word of all of their jackassery got out and the media was on it. Red Faced Rob Perry apparently tried to get the stories squashed, and the back-peddling began, along with the sweats and cases of the shit the pants, with a little of the old “let's start an investigation into how this got out, so we can retaliate,” in other words, more business as usual, as this administration continues with their stupidity, burdening the next administration with toxic spillover sure to pollute progress in December.

When are they going to learn that we will be making this hard for them every single day until their worthless asses are out the door. Even then, it’s not over till we say it is over.

Of course, today the Urinal gives this administration an unchallenged forum to respond with more horse shit. You can see the article below, and believe us, it is a challenge in self control to not explode over the response. Of course the nutless sack of a mayor we have didn’t respond. The response came from his anus in the form of an alcohol soaked fart. Read it below:

“For eight years now, we’ve held ourselves and our management team to the highest ethical standards, and we don’t appreciate anyone impugning that,” Perry told the Journal late Thursday.

Our response: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa...
Just Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

Oh boy as if we didn't need any more proof the administration of this city is lead by drunk, delusional, undiagnosed Sociopaths. We don't even need to address That quote, because our blog is full of evidence proving otherwise.

Well, Mister Perry we don’t appreciate you assholes impugning our entire city.