The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jan 31, 2013


Over the last few weeks there has been much drama over in the halls of the Police Oversight Commission. To much of the Eye's delight, even the Albuquerque Journal has covered some of the shenanigans going on. (Read it HERE). You see, at one of their recent hearings, POC member Richard Shine ordered a public speaker to cease talking and sit down. When the speaker persisted to enjoy his First Amendment right to free speech he was removed from the hearing. In the following days the Journal openly stated that the commission has lost "all credibility" (Read it HERE) and supports the efforts of two city councilors who want to totally overhaul the commission (Read it HERE). The fact that the Eye and the Journal  are in agreement on an issue should speak volumes!

But as usual there's another story that is not being reported. At these hearings there are citizens using the public comment time to protest of actions by APD executives and the POC.  While we realize many APD officers are not in agreement with those citizens, we all agree they have a right to speak freely. But do they have a right to be free from being monitored by the very people they are expressing their dissent against? We think they do and we are extremely concerned about the picture here. In the picture, we see none other than APD/Ray Schultz lawyer Kathy Levy recording an image of people speaking at the meeting. Given the nature of what has happened in recent weeks by what can truly be described as bizarre behavior by POC members, is it possible that when the lead attorney for APD, sitting alongside the chief of police, deputy chiefs, and SED director Marc Adams is personally recording the actions of citizens and commission members she is influencing the very people in place to hold her and her chief accountable.

While citizens who speak at the hearing are aware that the news or the city may be passively recording their words, is it not a different issue when the very target of your criticism is taunting you by using her own cell phone in a personal capacity? It's one thing when the police are recording an encounter with you out in the street, it's something entirely different when their lawyer is documenting the public expression of citizens critical of the very office that employs her.

Several of our Eyes over the last week have been busy researching the failures of Ms. Levy in court. It seems her reputation for earning the ire of the judiciary is well founded in the numerous times she has earned fines by the court for misconduct. A list of such cases was provided courtesy of a recent poster:

Costales v Sanchez, No. 07cv827 MV/ACT,Doc. 113 (D.N.M. memorandum opinion and order filed Dec. 10, 2008)
Chavez v. City of Albuquerque, No. 07cv476 JCH/RHS, Doc. 19 (D.N.M. Magistrate Judge’s order filed Oct. 29,2007)
Painter v. Wells Fargo, et al., No. 07cv395 MCA/ACT, Doc. 42, 47 (D.N.M. Magistrate Judge’s memorandum opinion and order filed Mar. 3, 2008, and order filed Mar. 18, 2008); Canizales v. Armendariz, et al., No. 07cv198 JB/RHS, Doc. 74 (D.N.M. order filed May 12,2008);
Graham v. Kenny, et al., No. 07cv258 MCA/DJS, Doc. 38 (D.N.M. memorandumopinion and order filed Sept. 17, 2008);
Hatheway v. Thies, 335 F.3d 1199, 1207 & n.3(10th Cir. 2003);
Regensberg, et al. v. Cityof Albuquerque, et al., No. D-202-CV-200701342 (N.M. 2nd Jud. Dist. Ct. final order filed Jan.31, 2008);
DeLeon v. Arias, No. 10cv105 JCH/RHS, Doc. 5 (D.N.M. motion for entry of default and default judgment filed Mar. 12, 2010);
Harris v. State of New Mexico, No. D-202-CV-2010-00789 (N.M.2nd Jud. Dist. Ct. petition filed Jan. 12, 2010).
Slook v. Albuquerque Police Dept. et al., 07-cv-46 WJ-RHS, Doc. 50

And then there are all the cases that get suddenly settled and evade the court record. The Eye calls for an open inquiry into the misconduct by Ms. Levy and demand that there be a strict review of her performance as a city lawyer AND her adherence to the New Mexico Bar requirements for ethical and professional conduct.

Lastly, it seems that the department's lawyer is very busy in escorting Chief Schultz in various capacities to conferences that are strictly law enforcement in nature. It also seems the Chief travels with quite an entourage when he embarks on city business...

Jan 29, 2013

Schultz Executes and Deploys (Another) Failed Plan

About ten years ago, in 2003 the Albuquerque Police Department was awash in scandal involving evidence room thefts and tampering, sexual liaisons between SED personnel and deputy chiefs, supervisory misconduct, and a manpower shortage that seemed to be as bad as it could get. To say the department was in crisis was not an overstatement. But put in today’s context, those issues seem relatively mild. A mere bump in the road. Now the storm has come full circle and this time APD’s chief of police Ray Schultz is subject to a true neutralizer on the playground: the US Department of Justice

Now it seems another federal agency has entered the fray: The US Department of Labor. In response to the manpower crisis facing the department in 2003, APD launched the ReHire program. In this program they offered to rehire recent retirees back on the police force. The department wasn’t getting enough applicants to fill even one academy a year (sound familiar? We are told there are less than 10 cadets in the current class) but rehires liked the idea. Here we had experienced personnel who could come back and be police officers.

Over time rehires found positions throughout the department. They were no longer just on patrol but they were assigned specific positions by, you guessed it, Ray Schultz. Yet while there were some rehires that were given these special perks, it seems Schultz only did this for select friends. For the vast others (there are upwards of 100 rehires in the department today) they were left to contend with positions on patrol. Unless you were a protected by Schultz you got where you were sent and that was it.

This scenario proved unacceptable to most of the rehires and they petitioned the city and the APOA for change. They said they were being discriminated against because there were two sets of standards: one set for non-rehires and another set for rehires. Schultz and the APOA shrugged them off, and being that they are cops, they did not go away. In fact they went to the EEOC and filed a complaint of age discrimination against APD/Schultz and the APOA.

Well, after almost two years of arguing and counter arguments the EEOC issued their determination on the matter. The EEOC has found that the City/Schultz and the APOA have in fact discriminated against the rehires as a class and the employees have been deprived of certain opportunities and burdened with additional costs solely because of their age.

The scale of this decision cannot be under estimated. Because of poor, if not illegal, planning and deception by the APD’s Ray Schultz, and the APOA, have now burdened the taxpayers with liability on a scale that almost defies belief. All of the rehires now have a standing claim of discrimination against the city and the APOA for their practices.While we know the issue of rehires is very controversial amongst APD officers and we at the Eye do not take sides in this matter because each side has valid claims. However we believe all officers should be treated equally regardless of their immutable characteristics and their one common trait: their blood is blue.

Mayor Berry and CAO Perry, you were aware of these issues yet you chose to retain the primary offender in this mess: Ray Schultz. While he executed and deployed the failed plan that has now burdened the taxpayers with this mess, you failed to act make things right. Now you will have to restructure everything from the entire bid, to current specialized unit assignments, from pay disparity to PERA contributions. And you will have to adjust things retroactively...

Jan 27, 2013

When Angels Cry

                             THIS IS WHY THE ANGELS CRY....

Why would a normal well-adjusted teen kill his family?  Because according to his uncle, former State Senator Eric Griego, the 15-year-old murderer of the Griego family was just that “a normal well-adjusted teen” and not the monster everyone is allegedly portraying him to be.  What?  Normal well-adjusted teens do not kill their families, let alone anyone else for that matter.  So, here are some of the Eye On Albuquerque’s thoughts regarding this tragedy.

However, we have to share some information we received before we proceed to our thoughts.  We received some interesting information from one of our Eyes.  The murderer of the Griego family was not a normal well-adjusted teen, in fact he was just the opposite; he was a defiant teen who had been headed down the wrong path for quite some time.  According to one of our Eyes, the murderer of the Griego family was thrown out of several public schools and not allowed to return.  This is reason why he was being homeschooled by his mother, who by the way was his step-mother and not his biological mother (another detail one of our Eyes brought to our attention).   
It was also pointed out by a couple of our Eyes there were multiple guns throughout the Griego home and not just in the parent’s bedroom as stated by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department and the media.  Our Eyes reported that Greg Griego felt the murderer of him and his family was the eldest child and being the eldest entitled him to be “the man of the house” when he was gone.  So, Mr. Griego felt the murderer of him and his family needed to be able to protect the family when he was away at work, church, the store, etc…  Mr. Griego felt this way because some of the primarily felonious reintegration’s (possible convicted felons) he had living on his property. 

One of our Eyes broke down in tears while sharing this information.  Our Eye said they are having a hard time dealing with the loss of their friend, Greg Griego, and his family.  Along, with this loss is the guilt this Eye is living with and the misinformation that is being fed and/or displayed by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department and the media.  Our Eye feels they should have pushed Greg Griego harder to do something about the murderer of the Griego family.  Our Eye told us they stopped going to the Griego residence because they were in fear of the murderer of the Griego family and the many guns available throughout the house that were not locked up.   
Now on to the Eye On Albuquerque’s thoughts regarding this horrific tragedy.  One word, NARCISSISM; narcissism is simply a personality trait distinguished by egotism, vanity, conceit or other selfish desires and needs.  Why does the Eye bring up narcissism?  Because we feel today’s society is teaching its youth to become more and more narcissistic.  We give our children everything, such as; game systems, cell phones, computers, etc…  We call our children a prince or a princess and build up their egos, when the bottom line is our children, just like us, in all probability will be just like us; ordinary adults trying to survive day-to-day, week-to-week, paycheck-to-paycheck.  Giving and providing for our children is the ‘norm’ of parenting.  Building your child’s expectations with unreasonable prospects is the downfall of most failed parenting.

Here is where we are going with narcissism: Greg Griego felt his eldest son, the murderer of him and his family could defend the family when he was not home.  This is an extremely heavy burden and responsibility to place in the hands of a fifteen year old teen who was displaying defiant behaviors.  We believe Greg Griego had a heart of gold but with this heart of gold, he was trying too hard to save others, while ignoring or being blind to the needs within his own home. 
Sara Griego (possibly the step-mother and not the bio-mother, so we will go by step-mother throughout the rest of this article) was the disciplinarian while Mr. Griego was away.  Now, the murderer of the Griego family was dating a twelve year old girl, who we have been told by our Eyes the murderer of the Griego family’s parents were not happy with and did not approve of their relationship.  The murderer of the Griego family has said he was mad at his mother.  It is our opinion Mrs. Griego and the girlfriend’s parents wanted them to end their relationship.  Could this have upset the murderer of the Griego family to the point of planning his parent’s death, along with the girlfriend’s parent’s death (the girlfriend’s parents are still alive and no harm came to them)?  An obstacle he felt he needed to get rid of so they could still be together?  The Eye found this very thought in an article the Albuquerque Journal (Read it HERE) wrote called Kids Who Kill their parents.  Here is a piece of this thought: as well as a desire to remove an obstacle-such as a parent who won’t let the child date the person of his or her choice (Heide 2013). 

The murderer of the Griego family’s parents provided him with a game system and video games.  It has come to the public’s attention that some of these video games were extremely violent.  We do believe these violent video games can make a person become desensitized, especially in young children and teenagers. 
Granted, the murderer of the Griego family was upset and wanted to murder his parents and did just that.  Why his siblings, where they in his way?  Hum, well let’s see.  They became witnesses to a horrific crime and too young to comprehend that their brother just murdered their mother (Mr. Griego was ambushed four hours later when he returned home, after everyone else was already killed).  These small children probably started screaming and crying and the murderer of the Griego family was unable to control them, so he controlled the situation, just like in a game.  The children became points per kill and not his own flesh and blood.  So again, another red flag Mr. Griego ignored.

The murderer of the Griego family fits the perfect narcissistic individual; everything was given to him and the people who knew him best, his parents, ignored and enabled these behaviors and tried giving him more monitorial items, then what he needed most; help.  So, when the parents tried to take away the one single item the murderer of the Griego family wanted most, his girlfriend, he became enraged and started planning. 
The murderer of the Griego family, along with his twelve year old girlfriend, started planning their parents’ murders.  Yes, this twelve year old girl new everything, in fact, the murderer of the Griego family sent a picture of his dead step-mother to her via his i-phone.  Evidentially, this twelve year old was interviewed by police and cleared of any possible complicity in this tragedy.  This according to ABC news (Read it HERE) in an article you can find at the following:

Again, another narcissistic child, she knew what was going to happen and did nothing to stop it.  Granted, some will say she is only twelve years old, too young to know what to do.  What?  Sorry, she is old enough to know right from wrong and could have brought it to someone’s attention.  But again, her parents were coming between what she wanted; the murderer of the Griego family.  Remember, they discussed killing her parents too.
Now not all narcissists will commit murder but narcissism in combination with other problems or issues that go untreated, undiagnosed or ignored, such as’ deviant behavior, mental issues, psychological problems, drug use, etc… is a deadly combination.

The Eye also feels the media holds some culpability in this tragedy.  What you ask.  In recent tragedies, such as, the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings, the Colorado Movie Theater killings, etc… with the media we are told “if it bleeds it leads.”  In other words, the media thrives off the blood and misfortunes of others; they sensationalize and make the monster famous.  The media does need to report the news but their focus should be on the victims and not the monster.  We feel the murderer of the Griego family also had a desire to experience being the focus of all the media’s attention.  If you have taken note you will see that nowhere in this story does the murderer’s name appear; he does not deserve it.
Some view the murderer of the Griego family as a child who has made a mistake, when in all probability the facts will reveal, he was a cold-hearted calculated murderer who took five precious lives away from our community.  The Eye sees three very different valid points:  the first is the family who has lost five members but still has this child who they do not want to see spend the rest of his life in prison.  The second is justice, justice in certain situations is what the victim(s) feel is just.  The third and final point is the community, as a whole, will not feel safe with a “person [child]” free in our community who has murdered five family members.  If this person did not respect his own family, we feel assured that the community will hold a much lower ranking to him, than his own family.   

Now, please take a moment to read the passages below and think about its “meaning” and do not take the passages literally.

“Someday God will force parents eat their own children.”

‘And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.’” -- Leviticus 26:29

And thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters. -- Deuteronomy 28:53

“Children who refuse to obey their parents must be executed.”

If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them: Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place; And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard. And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear. -- Deuteronomy 21:18-21

He that smiteth his father, or his mother, shall be surely put to death. -- Exodus 21:15

He that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death. -- Exodus 21:17

These scriptures are extreme, however, the point is; people must be parents to their children.  Parents must love, care, nurture, teach, train, coach, counsel, mentor and at times discipline their children to provide them with the correct path of life.  A parent must recognize bad or deviant behavior as just that and act accordingly.

Bad or deviant behavior is commonly a cry for help!  Give your children the help they need.  This cry for help may indicate psychological problems, mental problems or even drug use.  Talk to a doctor, a counselor or a psychologist.  Call the Juvenile Probation Department for other ancillary services that are provided for free.

We here at the Eye want our community to be safe.  That means you, your family, your neighbors, your co-workers and anyone else that is part of your life…  This story was not intended to disrespect or belittle the Griego family but to use this tragedy in hopes to reach out to other families that may be experiencing a similar situation.  It has made us take a second look at how we are raising our own children and grandchildren in our families here at the Eye, so we can make a difference in our community.   Our sincere thoughts, love and prayers are with the family.

Dinelli Cries [Foul]

The Eye On Albuquerque received the posting below from Mr. Dinelli via his agent. According to Mr. Dinelli’s agent, the Eye’s story concerning Dinelli’s bid for Mayor was a “Hit Job.” The post below is exactly as we received it from Mr. Dinelli’s agent.

I want to address the Eyes points of criticism:

1. Ray did not work for me when I was CPSO. I was not in the chain of command but acted as a liaison between Chief, Mayor and the City Council. Ray as a Department Head reported to Chief Administrative Officer Ed Admas and the Mayor. Chavez and CAO Adams made it clear that Ray did not report to me. Berry changed that when he hired Darren White.

2. I did not "choose to keep" Schultz. Mayor Chavez hired Schultz and I advised Chavez against it at the time. Ray was my third choice, and would always be my very last choice. I was CPSO for only 18 months

3. Frivilous and fruitless issues: When I was a city Councillor, I was the sponsor of the public safety tax that gave police and fire straight across the board 4-6% salary increases without negotiating. I sponsored 2 out of 3 of the quality of life tax bills that built the science museum, the aquarium, the botonical gardens and the balloon museum. I sponsored the creation of the Internal Audit Department, the creation of the Independent Review or Independent Council for police, the General Council for police and the funding for a full time psychologist for APD.

5. No media "hammered" me at press conference and no one asked me why I did not deal with or get rid of Schultz, but I did go on record to get rid of him.

6 The Eye said I did not make corrections when had the chance: totally wrong. I demanded the detectives and inspectors removed from CNAU and I ordered dramatic changes to SOP. I also turned around 911 with a complete reorganization making 30 hires and implementing salary adjustments and a training progam.

7. Not a single person has asked me NOT to run, including all the other potential candidates who I have made clear that I am running.

8. As far as not being successful at any positions I held, I built the Strike Force from the ground up and it had a huge impact on cleaning up the City.

9. As far as acting as a spoiler and dividing the Democrat vote, I have a strong base of support within the party by virtue of being a Ward Chair, being on the State Central Committee and being elected to go this year the Demo National Convention.

There were two major points that I would add to my original response to the Eye":

10. Not being successful at any position I held: As a Deputy City Attorney, I built the Safe City Strike Force from the ground up and we closed down crack houses, meth labs and I initiated nuisance actions against motels along central and violent bars. I negotiated the tear down of 8 motels and 4 violent bars that were magnets for crime. I personally sued over 300 graffiti vandals, gang members and their parents and collected approximately $180,000 in damages. I also established and set up the Metro Court arraignment program and hired and managed the para-legals and the attorneys that process 35,000 to 40,000 traffic cases a year. I also managed the DWI Vehicle Forfeiture unit in the City Attorneys office and the last year I was the manager it seized more vehicles in court than ever before or since collecting $1.5 million from the sale of confiscated DWI cars.

11. The Eye said there were a number of officer involve shooting that occurred when I was Chief Public Safety Officer. I was CPSO for only 18 months, the same amount of time Darren White was CPSO, and I believe there were only 2 or 3 shootings, while White had 24 shootings

Politics, politics, politics...As a politician Mr. Dinelli has run for several offices, several times, he should be open to and welcome any criticism or maybe the truth?
NOTE:  Dinelli failed at his last attempt for Mayor.
UPDATE: 02/07/2013
We have received miltiple requests for the Eye to post the chart shown.  Below is the City of Albuquerque's organizational chart which SHOWS that Ray Schultz ANSWERED to Mr. Dinelli.

Jan 24, 2013

Ray Schultz, RJ Berry and Their Broken Window Known as Albuquerque

Back in 1982, two social scientists formulated what has since been labeled the “Broken Window” theory. The basic gist of the theory is when low level crime is allowed to persist, bigger problem emerge. Communities that tolerate litter, neglect, and low level street crime tend to have more larger crime because there is an attitude of indifference. In contrast, in communities where they are on top of such quality of life matters, there is a lower rate of felonies. There is also a corollary to this theory. Communities that are run well also thrive economically and are more prosperous.

In the recent weeks, there has been much publicity about how Albuquerque has not only withered under Mayor RJ Berry but has actually moved backwards in economic and social growth. (This also applies to you our intrepid Governor.)

Jobs are leaving to the point where the city was recently recognized as being #1 for job losses in the United States. Crime in general is on an upswing despite Berry and his CAO, Rob Perry, stating that it is going down. The city’s bond rating has fallen. Tax revenues continue to fall. The city is plagued with endless lawsuits. City personnel are having their rights routinely violated with little if any internal control leaving the employees to sue the very department which employs them.

And of course the elephant in the room is the US DOJ has started a comprehensive (no Mr. Schultz it is not limited) investigation into all practices of the Albuquerque Police Department. A department so mired in supervisory and executive misconduct, neglect, inaction, and malfeasance it defies belief.

While many of our Eyes are law enforcement officers, we hear from our friends in academia quite frequently. One such academic proposed an elaboration of the Broken Window theory upon the city. Given that Berry, Perry, and Schultz have done such a poor job running the largest city in the state, is APD and the institution known as the City of Albuquerque not the broken window affecting the general area?

Our academic seems to think the neglect and failures of these individuals are having a ripple effect on the economy and general confidence in the area. Since these “leaders” seem more focused on attending parades, cutting deals for their friends, and mismanaging their departments, we the citizens are bearing the brunt of consequences of their actions.

For those in positions of knowledge who fail to speak up, are you not willing participants in this mess? Whether you are a city attorney who hides the deeds that would otherwise land people in jail or department executives committing direct actions that break more windows, are you not ultimately making this city worse?

The mayoral election will be upon us very soon as candidates conclude their “exploratory period.” In 2009, Berry won because the democratic vote was split, but despite Berry’s reported popularity by the Albuquerque Journal we all know the vast majority of voters in this city did not vote for him….and don’t think his pet snake doesn’t know that either.

Jan 22, 2013

APOA's Former Jail Bird Sigala may have an entire Flock

Recently a former public official was indicted for federal crimes. The crimes this person was charged with involved federal corruptions charges where certain actions were granted, or inactions allowed to stand, in exchange for money, services, and tangible items. According to the charges, this person enjoyed the benefit of cell phones, travel, cash distributions, discounted business services, home improvement material, direct compensation to family members, and seemingly endless payments to reduce overhead. In exchange for these items, the person named in this indictment gave favorable contracts to others, supported certain actions at the expense of others, and manipulated entrusted funds to certain other entities.

While this all sounds like the scandal that has plagued the Albuquerque Police Officers Association, this in fact involves the former mayor of New Orleans: Ray Nagin. What stuns us, is that according to a very quiet local media report, former APOA President Joey Sigala seems to have evaded any charges stemming from the NM State Police investigation into his reported "activities" as the police union president. Our Eyes tell us all of the above items are exactly what occurred while he was in charge of the cash accounts of the APOA.

Given that he was subsequently arrested for domestic violence, and while those charges have since dropped, we have been told that the LEA Board is not considering revoking his peace officer certification. Notwithstanding all of this, there still remains the question of why he was in possession of a stated issued EBT card given all he was making as an APD officer and drawing over $25,000 in additional income as the police union president. The media also reported that the state's Attorney General's office is investigating whether or not fraud was committed to obtain the EBT card (Read it HERE)

Given all that has gone on between Sigala and Schultz we're sure there is something in play between the two. Either way, our Eyes tell us Sigala has been heard boasting about how his return to APD is assured.

But the details over Nagin's recent indictment don't just bear a resemblance to the purported activity by Sigala...they also seem strangely similar to what seems to be brewing in Santa Fe with Governor Susana Martinez. You see, another citizen who refuses to accept the hypocrisy and overt conduct of our two most powerful elected leaders (Berry and Martinez) either. Michael Corwin at the Independent Source PAC (Read it HERE) is awaiting public record documents from Martinez that detail how her husband and administration personnel went paid-for vacation trips to the same Louisiana people involved in the purchase of the ABQ Downs racino...the same facility that Darren White and Dan Mourning now operate. Yet despite a directive from the AG's office, Martinez refuses to release the public records sought by Corwin. Our Eyes also tell us that several cases concerning the denial of public records by the "transparent" Berry administration are already working their way through Bernalillo District court.

Could it be another case of birds of a feather flock together....Sigala, Schultz, Berry, Martinez, White, Mourning, Korn.......?

Jan 17, 2013

Is There Even One Honest Person on the 5th Floor of APD?

Here is an open letter to the Eye. It details all the lies and SOP violations that were committed by APD’s Deputy Chief, Paul Feist. This Deputy Chief lied to the media when he was interview by KRQE Channel 13 which mean that he lied to you; the public. It’s no wonder Feist lies so much since he was raised by Ray Schultz. We have said it many times here on the Eye; corruption starts at the top and trickles its way down.

Good Evening Eye,

My name is Orlando Camacho, the former APD officer that you did a
story on regarding the shell casing that was returned to me by APD
Evidence and also KRQE did a story on KRQE (Read it HERE). I am
writing to you tonight because after I saw the KRQE story about Deputy Chief
Feist, I found out by APD releasing the casing to me, they
violated procedures and regulations regarding the handling of evidence
and I filed a complaint with the Independent Review Office.

Today I received the attached letter from the IRO stating that due to
the fact I retrieved the evidence in April of 2012 and filed my
complaint in November 2012 it was past the 90 days of the incident and
their office has no jurisdiction to conduct a further investigation
in the matter and inactivated my complaint without further
investigation. Also, in my complaint, I stated Deputy Chief Feist
lied in the KRQE interview stating the shell casing was released
as a result of a court order and should also be investigated. I
never had an attorney file any kind of injunction with the courts to
have the city release my items. Nor, did I file any sort of paperwork
on my own behalf with the courts for my items to be released.

The way I see it, by Feist lying, he violated several operating procedures:

1-04-4 W. Personnel shall truthfully answer all questions
specifically directed to them, and narrowly related to the scope of
employment and operations of the department. (Truthfulness)

1-04-1G Conduct unbecoming an officer or employee shall include:
1. That which could bring the department into disrepute; or

2. That which impairs the operation or efficiency of the department.

1-04-1 F. Personnel shall conduct themselves both on and
off-duty in such a manner as to reflect most favorably on the

1-02-2 D. Use of discretion by sworn personnel
during the performance of their law enforcement

1. When sworn employees of this department are faced with a
situation where discretion can be exercised, they must evaluate the
circumstances, consider the available resources, and rely on their
training, department policies, department procedures, statutory law
and supervision in making the appropriate decision.

2. In addition, within each situation, the appropriate
decision should be the least restrictive that still accomplishes the
intent of the law, is in accordance with department policy, and does
not compromise officers' safety.

These same operating procedures when violated by other officers,
especially 1-04-4W Truthfulness, is an offense that usually results in
termination or the officer having to resign instead of being
terminated. I'm not here to sound like a cry baby, the reason I'm
contacting you is because this is another clear example of the current
APD administration picking and choosing who gets disciplined and who
does not and it needs to be brought to the public’s attention. Please
feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time and God Bless,

Orlando Camacho

This statement by Hammer (below) clears the way for every single officer to get an investigation quashed rather they are right or wrong. Here you go Police Union. The City deserves what they get…

Here are a few questions; is there ANYONE on the 5th Floor of APD that doesn’t lie constantly? If a high ranking officer can boldly lie why isn't it okay for every officer to lie? We Think the answer to the first question is; there is not one. The answer to the second question is "NO!" Lying is a bad thing; a thing Feist should have been FIRED for period. Feist is suppose to be setting the correct example for the rank and file. It is time to vote in a Mayor who can and will do the job. Berry needs to start counting down the days till his departure.

Jan 16, 2013

SWAT Lieutenant Lopez gets Swatted; SWAT Commander Medina Remains Lost

As we reported earlier this year and more recently (Read it Here), APD's SWAT unit's tactical lieutenant Tim Lopez has been a little "erratic" in his behavior since his promotion. It seems Lopez and his tactless inexperienced commander Harold Medina have been thrust in over their heads with the responsibilities of one of the most scrutinized divisions in all of APD. While Lopez can't keep his anger in check with subordinates or his fingers out of crime scenes, Medina just doesn't know what's going on and is lost.

Numerous Eyes tell us that Lopez will be suspended for at least 160 hours without pay. It is still unclear whether Medina will face any discipline for failing to act when two of his officers were physically assaulted and threatened with retaliation by Lopez. It is also unclear whether Lopez will return to "leading" the SWAT unit or if the two officers who APD treated as suspects will be returned to the unit where they were victimized by Lopez.

Many of our Eyes expressed shock that Lopez wasn't simply terminated if not demoted for his unlawful actions. Our Eyes tell us that investigators from an "outside" agency were looking at the incident and for that reason Schultz had no choice but to do something. We at the Eye wonder if that "outside" agency is the big one here in town from Washington......

We know that Lopez has milked his position while the tactical commander of the Metro Division as he's enjoyed his horse rides in the arroyo (Read it Here) and has been a featured speaker detailing his and Medina's "extensive" knowledge of tactical operations (Read it Here) and crime scene "management."

While the local media finally did report that "something" was going on in APD's SWAT unit last October (Read it Here) we wonder what, if any, follow up there will be.

Given Schultz's perpetuation of APD's no comment policy (Read it Here) we extend a huge thanks to our Eyes for forwarding us this information. We now wonder how APD will make things right for Officers McFarlane and Arias after such an extensive ordeal.

Jan 15, 2013

Target’s is now on Berry

Berry promised the citizens of Albuquerque if he was elected, he would bring jobs to the Duke City. Well, that didn’t happen; actually Albuquerque now ranks as the number one city for job losses.  In the Northeast Heights where Saint Pius was once located has now been converted to a state of the art Target Super Center.  According to Channel 7 News (Read it HERE), Thousands of people applied for 200 new jobs at Target over the last three days in Northeast Albuquerque.”
This case simply shows that Berry has not done the job that we hired him to do.  People need to put food on the table, gas in the car and buy diapers. Seven thousand people applied for 200 jobs.  Does anybody out there have any idea the desperation these people are feeling?  Does anyone know what it is like to be hungry? Have creditors hounding you for money you do not have?
Two hundred people will have a job in a few weeks but the other thousands and thousands will be stuck trying to get by in life.  One of the worst thing about this problem is these people want to work; Mayor Berry has failed to bring those jobs to Albuquerque.  This is literally a crying shame.
Berry has created a mess. He has only existed as a mayor in name; in all actuality he never was a mayor other than in title.  We need to hold Berry accountable and vote him out. It’s time to get a person into the Mayor’s Office who will do the job as a mayor should.


Jan 14, 2013

Welcome to APD’s Antique’s Road Show

Last week the City of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Police Department announced a gun disposal program. According to Mayor Berry and Ray Schultz via the Albuquerque Journal (read it HERE), the Journal stated, “Police Chief Ray Schultz on Saturday said APD always had a gun-disposal program, but he and Mayor Richard Berry decided to make it more visible, especially after the Newtown, Conn., shooting.” Folks listen to the announcement; gun-disposal program. Most normal people would interpret this statement and understand it to mean a turned in gun will be disposed of (destroyed) so it may NEVER be used again; Right?

Not so, according to Ray Schultz who is known for his fascism. You see, when you’re the Chief of Police or the Mayor of Albuquerque; these are just words and are subject to interpretation. In another Journal article (Read it HERE), the Journal made the following statements:

“The guns will be checked to see if any are stolen. If they are, APD will try to return the guns to their owners. All others firearms will be destroyed.”

“One of the more fascinating weapons handed over was a museum condition MP 40 machine gun used by German troops during World War II. It was turned in by a woman who said her late husband’s father was a German soldier.”

“Schultz said historic or rare weapons like the MP 40 would not be destroyed but placed with a state museum that has a gun collection display.”

In the article Schultz states, “We’ve had some pretty intimidating weapons recovered thus far, especially some of those that had their serial numbers ground off, so it really makes me feel good to get those guns off the streets.”

Taken at face value, a citizen would be lead to believe this was a disposal program and NOT another series of “Antiques Road Show.” Did Schultz or Berry compensate this person for this museum antique piece? The average value of this particular weapon has an estimated value of between $4,500.00 and $7,500.00.
We are sure the senior woman who turned this weapon in is on a fixed income. Schultz stated that the program has existed but he and the Mayor just wanted to make it more visible. How many other antiques have been ripped-off by APD Antiques Road Show? When did the Police Department become involved in antiquing? Where is the budget for this newly found department? Would this be considered legalized thievery? We already know Schultz and Berry are liars.

Schultz is a liar and an oxymoron; first he states it’s a disposal program and he is pleased to get guns off the streets, next the Chief of Antique’s, Ray Schultz states, “…historic or rare weapons like the MP 40 would not be destroyed but placed with a state museum that has a gun collection display.” Schultz clearly states it himself; the weapons are to be destroyed.

Berry you own this fool. Folks, remember when you vote what this administration has done and continues to do.

Jan 11, 2013

Merry Berry is Quite Contrary

The Eye called this game a long time ago when Merry Berry was ordered by Governor Martinez’ pet snake, Jay McCleskey, to place the nefarious Darren White as the Public Safety Director of Albuquerque. When Berry showed the inability to place a competent person in that position coupled with the retention of Schultz; the writing was on the wall. Remember, Merry Berry PROMISED he would remove Schultz and eliminate the position of the public safety director.

NOTE: We all know Berry tells the Albuquerque Journal what to do; in this case the proof is where this story was located. The story was buried in the "business" section of the paper. Why wasn't this story on the front page? You decide...

               Now everyone can say Berry is a liar and have proof.

Now does everyone remember his promises to improve our economy and create job growth?  Here is the result of all his efforts.  According to the Albuquerque Journal via a report by the U.S. Department of Labor the Albuquerque Metro is hemorrhaging jobs (Read it HERE).  Here is the topping on Merry Berry’s pie in our faces; Albuquerque is #1 for the largest metro job losses in this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

In spite of an extremely poor job performance, a record amount of job losses and more citizens killed by police in the history of Albuquerque; Berry will still run again. We are not even talking about the Federal Department of Justice investigation. Berry should shove his head in the sand like he normally does but tyrants do not simply give up. This is why we must vote him out. 

The point is simple; we need to vote this incompetent fool and all of his jesters out.

Jan 8, 2013

Warfield on the Warpath with Misconstrued Tales

This past December 21, we posted a story regarding the latest APD officer involved shooting where a fleeing burglary suspect had his rear window shot out as he outwitted and outlasted the leadership of APD’s elite SWAT team.

In the hours following the suspect’s escape, APD spokeswoman Tasia Martinez stated, “…As Sosa drove at Officer White, Officer White fired his weapon at the charging vehicle in effort to prevent the suspect from running him over.”

While our Eyes tell us such an action is in violation of APD procedures and use of force rules (because after all, shooting the driver won’t stop the car---basic Newtonian physics here folks: an object in motion tends to stay in motion) what surprises us even more is APD’s chief and his newly minted deputy chief’s effort to twist and distort their very own actions.

This past weekend, APD Deputy Chief, Steve Warfield, went on the offensive to assert Schultz’s new policy regarding the loathed lapel-cameras. It seems the policy for the cameras is: whatever is convenient at the moment. So despite the department being under the scrutiny of a DOJ investigation, and while the department is dealing with a SWAT activation where a felon barricaded himself inside, and despite the high likelihood of the use of deadly force…it is now OK to use “officer discretion” as to use their lapel cameras or not. And now, as stated by DCOP Warfield, even though there were over thirty officers at the Shirley NE address, and nobody had their cameras on, Warfield confirms the cameras rarely capture what is necessary… OK; liar.

Back in 2010 when the lapel cameras started to make their appearance we posed that the devices not only were going to have a chilling effect upon the work officers do and the citizens they contact, but would also be problematic in court.

Our Eyes now tell us, case after case is getting thrown out in court because officer’s lapel cameras are recording only partial snippets of an encounter. Partial snippets are inadmissible as evidence because, among other things, they fail the “completeness” rule. Now thanks to DCOP Warfield and Schultz it seems there is no consistent policy as to when the cameras are to be wonder officers expressed confusion about this issue in the recent survey!

From DCOP Warfield:
“The lapel was never meant to replace the police report.”
“These officers made excellent decision making ability.”
So what we’re left with is:
                                     Shots Fired + No Video=Good
                                     Taser/Physical Force + Video=Bad

Jan 6, 2013

Dinelli First to Officially Enter the Mayor’s Race

Former Public Safety Director, Peter Dinelli, announced publicly he is running for Mayor.  Dinelli was the Public Safety Director for the City of Albuquerque when APD was involved in several police shootings.  Dinelli left when Berry was elected and was replaced by Darren White.  Dinelli’s successor, the nefarious Darren White, made several bad decisions, including, retaining Ray Schultz as chief and later resigned in disgrace and embarrassment.

Ray Schultz worked for Dinelli while he was the Public Safety Director.  Dinelli, like White, chose to keep the worst chief of police in APD history. We anticipate Dinelli will stand on his soapbox and try to be the “knight in shining armor” that is going to “now” save the City of Albuquerque from this menacing chief. The vast majority of votes will see this as a political ploy and nothing more.  As with most political magicians, Dinelli will pull his magical wand out of his pocket and promise everyone that he will make everything better.

Dinelli is a “has been” and when he had the chance and opportunity; he blew it.  As a former city councilor, Dinelli spent most of his time fighting over frivolous and fruitless issues. As a public safety director he had many opportunities to rid the City of Schultz. While Dinelli was head of the City’s Safe Strike Force he had ample opportunity to report and help correct the deficiencies at APD and other city departments.  Dinelli failed at every position and opportunity he was given.  During Dinelli’s announcement ceremony, the media hammered Dinelli hard asking why he had not handle Schultz when he had the opportunity.  Being a seasoned typical politician, Dinelli played word games and never answered the question.

Our Eyes tell us Dinelli will come with an enormous amount of baggage. Starting out a campaign by omission of the truth to the media and the voters and with this much baggage will probably leave this candidate and campaign stuck in the sand…Our Eyes have told us that Dinelli was told by some and asked by others not to run.

Here is our simple analysis of Dinelli’s candidacy:

Dinelli will only serve to split the Democratic vote. This will allow Berry and the rest of the parasites to remain in power for four more years.

Jan 4, 2013

We Should All be Outraged!

Albuquerque resident, June Ortega, is accused of beating her baby (Nevaeh) to death. The name “Nevaeh” is heaven spelled backwards. Ortega is in custody for the crime. Ortega looked very refreshed and unconcerned when she appeared for arraignment in Metro Court. After losing her baby, Ortega did not seem concerned about the death or the pending charges. We know some “Liberal Bleeding Heart” out there is going to write in and state that Ortega is in shock and poor thing... We say, “DAMN YOU!” How do you think that innocent baby who has been repeatedly beaten felt?


The case has spawned public outrage. According to a Channel 4 News anchor, “The case has shaken up…even the most veteran law enforcement.” The next footage shown is of a very young girl from APD. Here is a question; where is this zit-faced kid a veteran? KOB 4 is consistently presenting information that is skewed and misrepresentative of the real facts. We thought Channel 7 was partnered with the Albuquerque Journal. It is obvious Channel 4 is sensationalizing things to gain ratings. This is a new low even for Channel 4.


The City keeps running into case after case where a baby or small child has been severely injured or killed by a parent or guardian. Why? Is it a parenting issue? Are these people using drugs? What is the core issue(s) surrounding this demonic behavior? Why this mayor and chief haven’t done anything to research the problem, take appropriate action and save these children is a mystery.

Something needs to change. If a person is found guilty of killing a child; it should be an automatic death sentence. There is not EVER an acceptable reason for hurting a child. Think about it, why did our society conduct public hangings back in the day? Why does the Mexican Drug Cartel hang people in public places like off bridges? It sends a clear message that certain behavior(s) are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

Note: We DO NOT condone the Mexican Drug Cartel; they were used as an example to prove a point.

We as a society will do whatever it takes to protect property and financial vestments but our greatest treasures are our kids. Yet, we all say, “What that person did is awful; they should die for what they’ve done!” and we go about our business. Shame on us for not demanding more from our public servants and elected officials and accepting that they do nothing.

For every child that is injured or killed and nothing is done about it by the mayor and/or the chief; we find they are just as guilty of hurting that child as are the offender. We desperately need a new mayor and chief who will serve the people and not be self-serving.

Jan 1, 2013

2013 An Opportunity Awaits Us All

This year we all have an opportunity to change our City.  Let's VOTE out this bunch of fools and hire competent management!!!

Our Best,
The Eye On Albuquerque