The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 31, 2012

The Journal is a Political Propaganda Machine Intended to Poison Your Mind

In the absence of any competition, a single monopolistic media outlet wields tremendous power. Here in New Mexico’s largest city, the Albuquerque Journal is the state’s largest print based newspaper and is the only one serving the greater Albuquerque area. With a reported circulation of over 96,000 daily copies, the Journal’s influence is without competition in its ability to “inform” readers with its stories and it ability to reinforce lies.

To be sure, the Journal is a for-profit enterprise. Selling papers and ad-space are their primary missions. But given the amount of influence they have on their reader’s knowledge base are they not subject to higher standards and have a duty to be objective in their reporting of all that is newsworthy? Or are they merely a device for government propaganda? William Randolph Hearst, a legend in the newspaper business, once remarked, “News is something somebody doesn't want printed; all else is advertising.” It seems the Journal prints nothing but corporate and government advertising because it rarely reports anything but news consistent with the Schultz/Berry agenda.

We proved a few days ago, the Journal is far from being unbiased and objective in its endless criticism of APD officers and endless praise of Ray Schultz. Likewise, it never finds error in Albuquerque’s mayor, RJ Berry, and always holds individual employees accountable even though Berry has led the city into a “death spiral” as Forbes Magazine reported last month. This is a dangerous position to hold, because while those who are truly informed know, Ray Schultz is THE PROBLEM with APD; not individual officers. But it seems the public readily agrees with the paper. But why is it that something so obvious is overlooked by so many?

In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut, massacre, pundits once again began talking about the influence the media has over the general population. Theories abound (and support exists for many) where violence sensationalized on TV and in the paper simply invite copy-cat actions. But for the tragedy in Aurora earlier this summer they argue, would Newtown have occurred?

“Reinforcement theory” asserts this very principle. In general, the theory holds that people seek out information/stimuli that support their pre-existing attitudes and beliefs. If they know a given action will result in tremendous media exposure and they desire that exposure, regardless how heinous the act, they will act in a manner they know the media will cover. Their beliefs gratified even if it means they kill themselves and are no longer witness to the coverage. If the killer in Newtown was so bent on self-destruction, why not just end it by yourself without affecting so many families and people with your own personal horror?

We have our own example of reinforcement theory here in Albuquerque. Because little to nothing is reported to the general population about how poorly officers are treated by Schultz, how individual misconduct is sensationalized to the point where it has tainted the entire pool of police officers in New Mexico, how Schultz evades and denies responsibility for ANY department issue, and how deficient management personnel are in APD, the Journal has trained the general population that APD leaders are generally infallible because individual officers are where the problem lies.

Even though the reality is APD supervisors, commanders, deputy chiefs, and even Schultz himself have been held liable for crimes, violations of law, personal misconduct, and acts of atrocity, the general public is resistant to such reports because it is in conflict with what the Journal has reinforced upon them. Even though the knowledge of Schultz and his staff’s misconduct is widely known and taken as fact for APD employees, it is largely unknown to the general population.

For example

• When a patrol officer was found to have sent inappropriate texts to a citizen, the Journal had a front page story and a week ending editorial almost immediately. Yet when deputy-chiefs text images of a deceased civil rights lawyer, there is nothing reported in the paper.

•When SWAT lieutenant, and defendant, Tim Lopez committed battery upon two of his own subordinate officers there was nothing in the media reporting the incident, even though it has been widely known since last summer.

•When Schultz states there’s a promotional system involving total transparency and a third party vendor he omits commanders and deputy chiefs are NOT INCLUDED in that process—yet another lie. 

•When Schultz states he hasn’t received any notice about officers retiring and stating morale is at an all-time low—and the letters are publicly presented here or in the paper, Schultz lies again.

Thanks to the Journal’s suppression of such reports, the public remains largely uninformed. Additionally, even as stories break out there is general resistance because they are challenged by something called “cognitive dissonance.” Cognitive dissonance simply holds that people do not like to have previously-held beliefs challenged and will look elsewhere to find information more in line with their beliefs—regardless of how preposterous they are. Thanks to the Journal the public’s perception is that DOJ is here because of the actions by individual officers when in reality it is because of Schultz and his minion’s mismanagement of APD.

After three years of endless praise by the Albuquerque Journal it is clear now with the DOJ investigating Schultz and his tenure as chief of APD something is wrong with the paper’s editor, Kent Walz. Perhaps his cognitive dissonance is so strong he simply cannot see the truth for matter at hand: he has supported an incompetent person as chief of APD and an incompetent person as mayor of Albuquerque.

Over 2012 we have revealed in brutal detail the lies Schultz's position as APD’s chief is built on. Thanks to our posters, those stories get even more detailed with the cold, hard, and often profane, reality of what it’s like to operate under the Schultz regime. 2013 will no doubt bring more brutal details, and it is up to all of us to let the general public know and break the Journal’s reinforcement of Schultz and Berry’s lies…

To our loyal readers and regular commenters (posters)…Thank You! 2013 we will bring you much more. Thanks to our patrons; you will always be rewarded with the truth. Our readership has increased two fold this past year and we intend on continuing with this movement.

Dec 28, 2012

Albuquerque Journal Assumes Too Much Based On Their Own Bias

Ever since RJ Berry won election to be Albuquerque's Mayor in October 2009, the local paper (the Albuquerque Journal) continues to unleash a never ending attack on the rank and file of the state's largest police force: the Albuquerque Police Department.

Week after week, month after month, the editors of the state's largest and most influential paper criticize, comment, and defame officers and non-management personnel who frequently are vindicated from the uninformed attacks. A case in point is the paper's most recent editorial where they address the "steroid" problem facing APD. This investigation is barely off the ground, the details hardly known (if they exist at all), and appear to be as bizarre as the case against APD Officer Burge who is accused of kicking in the apartment door of a fellow officer and stealing a flat screen plasma TV from the apartment. But the paper unloads as if its a given that there is widespread steroid use amongst officers in APD.

Yet the paper's uninformed bias continues and reinforces the notion that poor Ray Schultz has his hands full and just trying to clean up his department of a few bad cops. But the reality is, Schultz has been in charge of APD since 2005, and much of whom the department was staffed with since then are....gone. APD is but a shadow of the department it was yet the paper continues to hold Schultz blameless for the mess APD is in now. APD is a mirror of Ray Schultz based on his creation, choices and selections.  A mirrored mess so large, the US Department of Justice is doing the most thorough investigation it possibly can of the wreck APD has become under Schultz. The Journal however is quick to blame and attack rank and file officers, is glaringly obvious in its lack of criticism of the very people who have brought this problem upon the citizens of Albuquerque: Schultz, Berry, and Perry.

While red states, blue states, red cities, and blue cities surround us show positive economic and employment growth since Berry's election, Albuquerque remains stagnant; a literal black hole in the desert. Few new jobs, declining revenues, stagnant home sales, virtually no new construction, and downgraded municipal bond rates. But the Journal under editor Kent Walz's leadership and decisions continues to grant exceptions to the very people it should be holding accountable--City and Department leaders. It seems tonight's statements by Schultz on KKOB-4 (watch it HERE) about the Albuquerque Police Officer Association's survey will be more of the same: the officers just don't get it and the data is skewed. In other words: I know I'm chief, but it's not me, it's the other guy.

Well, here's some data for you Mr. Schultz. Below is a list of every editorial published by the Albuquerque Journal since Berry was elected mayor. While so many officers have left, and so many "new" policies have been implemented (at least on paper, we all know there's nothing really new), and so many unqualified people have been placed into positions of leadership, the problems in APD have only gotten worse.

Yet despite all this turnover and change in APD, one thing has remained constant: Raymond Schultz has been APD's chief of police.

Schultz Returns Shine to All APD Badges10/21/2009
APD Brass Shares Blame1/17/2010
APD Shouldn’t be "The Young and the Restless"2/5/2010
Facebook Posts Put All APD Conduct in Doubt2/17/2011
City, APD Break Down a Blue Wall of Silence6/2/2011
Time For Change in APD Culture, Practice6/13/2011
Stakes Just Got Higher in APD/White Inquiry6/25/2011
All of APD Needs to Scrube This "Stain" Out6/26/2011
DOJ Probe Could be Positive Step for APD8/7/2011
APD Needs One Chief, Schultz Right for Job9/2/2011
APD Security Overkill Raining on Parades9/15/2011
APD Officer Deserves Community Thanks10/20/2011
Cost of APD Rogue Cop? Close to Priceless10/24/2011
Felon Freed Because APD Didn't Disclose11/4/2011
Mayor Missed Chance to Step up on APD11/18/2011
APD Protects a Culture Out of Control11/23/2011
Make APD's Oversight Commission Effective12/10/2011
APD's Efforts Pay Off in a Safer Community1/2/2012
Current Process Won't Rebuild Trust in Police4/24/2012
APD's Learning Curve On Use of Force is Steep4/24/2012
APD Changes Should Make Us All Safer5/9/2012
Friends Have No Place in Ex-cop Investigation5/25/2012
Keep Troubling APD Lawsuit Out in Open6/12/2012
Video Shows Challenge for APD Training Boss6/23/2012
Another Suit Reveals Deep Problems in APD6/27/2012
Electing Chief Would Hurt Department6/28/2012
Kicking Case Reveals Need for Better Intel8/9/2012
Fix APD the Right Way 8/9/2012
Schultz Moves to Stop Game of Pass Bad Cop8/31/2012
Schultz Gives APD an A for Reforms9/12/2012
Weigh APD Grade with DOJ Resolution9/17/2012
Schultz Sets Example of Policing APD Needs9/18/2012
APD Doesn’t Need Cops Who Sext Minors10/2/2012
APD Should Build Its Force the Right Way10/10/2012
Consider Chiefs Action With Survey11/17/2012
3 Months of Paid APD Leave Enough Already11/21/2012
APD Must Fire Bad Cops11/27/2012
DOJ Probe Could Make a Better APD12/1/2012
Steroid Use in APD Raises Concerns12/27/2012

It's a never ending cycle of blame the cops but hold the chief blameless. Despite the fact that the largest and most grotesque scandals have occurred under Ray Schultz--there's no comment about that by Walz. Despite the fact Schultz personally caused millions of dollars in judgements--there's no comment. Despite the fact Schultz own officers are turning on him--there's no comment. Berry recently said he could care less about what the rank and file feel about him. We find that humorous because looking at the list of editorials, it seems all they care about is the rank and file...

If APD's devastation were to be converted to a mathematical equation it would be very simplistic to solve.  The "constant" in this situation is Ray Schultz throughout the time frame that APD has been decimated.  Ray Schultz is the main problem; not the rank and file officers who are doing the job.

Dec 26, 2012

Does APD Have Mentally Ill Staff or Just By-Products of Schultz

Have you ever heard the saying, “The walls have Eyes.” This is true and our Eyes have been telling us about a loose cannon that is ready to blow at any minute.  This is another one of the people that are part of Schultz’s upper echelon. The actions of this individual warrants a full investigation and termination, if this case is proven to be true (or promotion to Deputy Chief since Schultz loves an incompetent staff).  Is this person just following the examples given by Schultz? Schultz knows about this person but just like the mother in Newtown, Connecticut, he refuses to acknowledge he has a person who may have mental issues and is sympathizing with him.  We all know how the last event played out…
This incident unfolded in the afternoon on Friday, July 20, 2012, at the Albuquerque Police Department’s SWAT office.  The primary people involved were two police officers and a police lieutenant.  There were other police officers present in the room where this incident occurred. 
One of the APD officers (Officer MacFarlane) was in the SWAT Office cleaning his personal weapon.  APD Lieutenant Timothy Lopez walked into the room, unloaded his gun, threw the gun on the table where MacFarlane was at and ordered MacFarlane in an insolent manner; “Clean that weapon!”  Another officer by the name of Arias was next to MacFarlane. The inference was the order was for both officers to clean his gun according to our Eyes.  Lt. Lopez then walked out of the room.  The other SWAT officers who were present stated to MacFarlane and Arias, that it was unprofessional and inappropriate for this APD commanding officer to give such a bogus order. The SWAT officers also contended it is the responsibility of the owner of the gun to clean and maintain the weapon and to ensure that it is functioning properly.  The weapon was placed on a bookshelf.  When Lt. Lopez returned, he looked at his weapon and noticed that it was not cleaned.  Lt. Lopez stated to Officer MacFarlane, “I said to clean my gun.”  Lt. Lopez left the room again.  The SWAT officers who were present reiterated and maintained their position and insisted the two officers not to clean the gun.  The gun was placed back up on the bookshelf.  Lt. Lopez returns several moments later only to learn that his personal weapon has not been cleaned per his orders. 
Lt. Lopez stated to the two officers, “I told you to clean that gun.  Both of you get your ‘asses’ in my office now!”  The two officers followed Lt. Lopez into Lopez’s office.  Lt. Lopez immediately started a battery of vulgarity and was yelling in an unreasonably loud and boisterous fashion.  It was obvious that Lopez wanted the other officers present in the other room to hear him.  The officers exited Lt. Lopez’s office and Sergeant Fox enters the office immediately. 
Sergeant Fox and Lt. Lopez conversed about the inappropriate behavior and treatment of officers by Lt. Lopez.  Initially, Sergeant Fox thought it was all a joke by how outrageous and ridiculous Lopez’s was acting.
The entire tactical sections of APD have voiced their displeasure with the behavior of their "tactical commander."  Commander Harold Medina did hold mediation later on.  Medina stated to one of the officers during the mediation, "People make mistakes."  All parties were “strongly encouraged” to handle this matter in an informal fashion.  Commander Medina assured the officers that it will not happen again and all parties would be respectful. 
NOTE: Commander Medina shot and killed a mentally ill juvenile in a church on the west side several years ago. His wife who does not meet Chief Ray Schultz standards is now part of APD.  Hypocrisy at its' finest!
Lt. Lopez takes MacFarlane and Arias into the garage bay and says he expects orders to be followed.  Out of a spirit of cooperation, the two officers do not push the issue or inform Lopez that cleaning a personal weapon is NOT a legal order.  Being a command level officer, Lopez should have known the order he gave was not legal and thereby the officers were not obligated to follow the invalid order.  Summer continues with good working relationships between all parties. 
The next incident occurred on Thursday, September 6, 2012, at the APD SWAT Office. Present at the time were Lt. Lopez, Sergeant Catsis, Sergeant Gallegos, Officers Schmiel, Griffin, MacFarlane, and Arias. 
Officer MacFarlane was cleaning his gun while Sergeant Catsis and Officer Arias were working on administrative paperwork.  Lt. Lopez observes Officer MacFarlane cleaning his gun and states, “We cleaning guns MacFarlane?” Lopez was sarcastic and had an antagonistic tone in his voice.  Officer MacFarlane replied, “I'm cleaning my gun, Sir."  Lt. Lopez continues badgering and states to Officer MacFarlane several additional times, “We cleaning guns MacFarlane? ‘I said are we cleaning guns, MacFarlane?’”  It was obvious Lt. Lopez was mocking Officer MacFarlane by mimicking Officer MacFarlane’s voice.  MacFarlane replied, “Yes, lieutenant I'll clean your gun.” Officer MacFarlane shakes his head and keeps his head down acknowledging Lt. Lopez’s bullying technique.
Although, there were other supervisors in the room, Sergeant Catsis stayed seated at his desk and did nothing, not even to attempt to stop or prevent a heated event.  Officer Arias attempted to defuse the situation and stated, "Ok guys, let's not do this again."  Lt. Lopez continues relentlessly with his verbal battery of bullying. Officer MacFarlane was using a cleaning tool box which had the lid open at MacFarlane’s eye level.  Lt. Lopez blows up and lost his temper.  Lopez slapped the tool box which launched it into MacFarlane's face.  The tools in the box flew and were scattered.  Lopez proceeded to yell at MacFarlane, “You fucking answer me when I'm talking to you!”  Officer MacFarlane stood up shocked and replied, "What the fuck?!"  Lopez then walked angrily and stopped less than three feet away from MacFarlane’s face.  Lopez yells at MacFarlane, “You want to stand up to me?!”  Based on the rage Lopez was displaying, our Eyes tell us Macfarlane was in fear of receiving an immediate battery. Lopez continued aggressively and bumped MacFarlane’s chest, causing him to fall backwards.  Officer Arias jumped up to stop the fight between MacFarlane and Lopez. Once again an APD supervisor (Sergeant Catsis) did nothing to stop or prevent the bullying or the battery that occurred.   Our Eyes tell us that Lopez had his right hand posed on his firearm.  We are told that Arias felt that Lopez was going to shoot MacFarlane.  Based on this fear, Arias placed Lopez into a restraint position, thus denying Lopez the opportunity to draw his firearm.  A short scuffle ensued.  The entire time Sergeant Catsis watched and did nothing. 
Sergeant Gallegos, Officers Dave Griffin and Scott Schmiel ran into the room from the hallway and pulled Officer Arias away from the Lopez.  The officers then escorted Arias into the hallway.  As Officer Arias was being pulled away, Officer MacFarlane attempted to exit into the hallway but Lopez cut him off; again Lieutenant Lopez got into Officer MacFarlane’s face and angry words were exchanged and it appeared Lopez was battering MacFarlane.  Officer Arias attempted to break away from the Bomb officers to prevent MacFarlane from being battered but Arias was unable to.  Sergeant Catsis continued to do nothing and sat at his desk.  As Officer Arias was being taken down the stairs, all the officers could hear Lopez yell to Sergeant Catsis, “Write them up! They're both off of SWAT!”  Arias yelled, "Who does he think he is, an Air Force General!”  Officer Arias challenged Lopez to take his uniform off and meet him outside.  Arias also told Lopez, “Don't Hide behind your rank!”  Lopez refused,stating to Arias, "Fuck you."  Lopez retreated to his office as Sergeant Fox arrived.  Sergeant Catsis told Sergeant Fox the Lieutenant is really out of line and proceeded to the Lieutenant’s office to talk to him.   Later Sergeant Catsis asks Officer MacFarlane and Arias if “they wanted to talk to the Lieutenant just as ‘Tim'” in an apparent attempt to pacify Lopez’s behavior and keep the situation at the lowest level.  Both refused and ask for Commander Medina.  Lieutenant Lopez sabotaged MacFarlane and Arias by calling Commander Medina and placing a bias in Medina’s (his friends) mind by offering his tainted version of the story. 
     When Commander Medina arrived, Officer MacFarlane, Officer Arias and Sergeant Catsis entered the room.  Officer Arias was instructed to leave.  Arias asked why MacFarlane had to go in alone with the supervisors without a witness or a representative.  Commander Medina become childishly agitated and upset and stated to Arias he would not tolerate disrespect.   Later, Arias entered the office alone and apologized to Commander Medina for any misunderstanding that was not intended.  Commander Medina appeared to be angrier and in a defensive posture mentally.  Arias requested a union representative and Commander Medina took several moments to decide if he was going to allow it.  Medina sat back in his chair with a “pompous arrogant attitude” wondering if he was going to allow Arias a representative.  Medina finally states, “That’s a good question Steve (Arias); let me see if I will allow you a representative.”  Arias informed Medina he would not talk to him without representation.  Commander Medina stated, “You know Steve, I predict the Lieutenant will get hammered, Steve will get hammered, and Jeff will fall somewhere in between.”  It was interesting that Medina had already passed judgment, predicted discipline and assigned blame without ever hearing from key witnesses.  It is clear Commander Medina could not be objective and clearly had a personal agenda (friendship) with Lopez.  Union Representatives Sergeant Greg Weber and Officer Justin Montgomery arrived and discussed the incident.  Nothing further occurred on that day.
Officer MacFarlane and Arias returned to work on Friday.  The incident involving Lopez was the topic of discussion.  Sergeant Catsis, Officer MacFarlane, and Officer Arias were alone in the office.  Sergeant Catsis, who had sat back and did nothing, began to berate Officers MacFarlane and Arias stating, “The officers should have just cleaned the gun and stop behaving ‘righteously.’”  Sergeant Catsis used vulgarity several times in his tyrant.  This abuse continued for some time. Arias finally told Sergeant Catsis, “how as a military officer and an APD supervisor, could you think what the Lieutenant did to us was right?”  Catsis stopped talking and appeared to be somewhat resigned and defeated but agreed with Arias he had never before seen any supervisor anywhere behave that way.  Arias continued to explain his dismay with Catsis because he sat through the entire episode without as much as a word to protest the unjust.  Sergeant Catsis was told the officers no longer trusted him and they were weary about performing tactical work with him due to his lack of integrity and desire to muddle through no matter what injustice had been committed.  Catsis attempted to apologize for his gross negligence.
     The following week on Tuesday, the officers were informed that Lieutenant Lopez was to stay away from the SWAT office and relocate to the horse stables; in addition he was no longer allowed to supervise SWAT until the matter was resolved. 
On Wednesday (SWAT training day), Officer MacFarlane and Arias are told to report to the Commander's office at the Gerald Cline Memorial Substation.  The two officers are advised they were being administratively transferred to patrol starting following day.  The two officers were told they were prohibited from training with the SWAT team.  The following day, both officers received target letters from the APD’s Internal Affairs Unit.  The letters informed the two officers about the administrative transfers and the IA investigation. The charges listed against the two officers were insubordination, conduct unbecoming an officer and workplace violence (CABQ Administrative Instruction 301.5). 
When one officer went to Lt. Mike Miller's office (Miller is in charge of Internal Affairs) to sign for their letter, Miller informed the officer of the letter and decision, “Is not from this office.”  Miller was alluding the decisions were being made by the 5th floor (Chief Schultz’s Office).  The officer humorously states to Miller, that he and the other officer are “a little sketchy” of APD management at this point.  Lt. Miller, apparently misunderstood the comment completely and stated, "Well, you better not be sketchy in here! ‘We will fuck you!’"  This officer was shocked and resigned by this statement and over reaction.  The misbehavior of APD’s management team proliferates throughout the Department, the officer is now afraid to speak in fear of retaliation or simply being misunderstood again.
 About mid-September, Arias is accompanied by Officer (Ret.) Ron Olivas and APOA Attorney Fred Mower to APD’s Internal Affairs Unit.  Arias is read Garrity and compelled to give a statement to investigator Anastacio Zamora.  Arias had documented all the misconduct by APD supervisors which he stated was necessitated due to the gross misbehavior of APD supervisors.  Arias asked that Commander Medina not be a part of the administrative review since he was a pivotal party involved in the incident after-the-fact and since Medina had a personal friendship with Lopez.
Of interest, the APD SOP and administrative orders clearly states, the offending employee shall be removed.  In addition, the instruction says the “harassing employee” will be held fully accountable for their behavior and its result.  Of course in Good Ol’ Boy APD Style, APD laid the “hammer down” on the victims.  Keep in mind; this is exactly what Commander Medina had previously predicted.  
  During the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, our Eyes tell us Lieutenant Lopez had several adverse and negative interactions with SWAT officers as he attempted to assert his authority (remember Lopez was not to supervise SWAT officers).  A key to being a command level officer is; “respect is not just given, it must be earned.”  Officer Drew Bader went to IA to file a complaint and Officer Russ Carter and Anthony Sedler were possibly disciplined for insubordination against Lt. Lopez and Commander Dodo Comacho. 
     The week of December 4th, which was a Tuesday and the 90th day of the investigation, Officer Arias attempted to get a copy of his compelled statement from Internal Affairs.  Arias wanted to ensure accuracy.  Arias was told the investigation was not completed.  Several days later, Arias returned to IA in person and greeted several of the investigators.  Arias asked for a copy of his statement in person and Investigator Zamora informed Arias the investigation was not complete and that he still needed to proof-read it before sending it to Lt. Miller.  Once it is submitted, Lieutenant Miller would return it with suggestions and then a final draft would be completed.  Arias was also informed that Commander Medina would NOT be reviewing the investigation but instead a deputy chief.  This part came as good news to the officers.  Lieutenant (Ret.) Ray Torres called Lieutenant Miller on Arais’ behalf and discovered the investigation was still incomplete.  Time continued to pass without any word from IA.  Arias was told he could not have a copy of his compelled statement until findings were presented.  Arias was informed that Deputy Chief Steve Warfield (whom clearly has anger issues himself) was reviewing the matter and asked the Chief of Police for more time due to the length of the  report (140 pages).  One would think a deputy chief of police could read 140 pages in a day; maybe not.  Perhaps Schultz should give a reading test before promoting a new deputy chief in the future or instruct the IA investigators to convert the investigation to a comic picture book for Warfield to look at.
All of this information is rumor and conjectured, because neither IA nor anyone in Arias’ former chain of command have attempted to contact or correspond with this officer.  Based upon the behavior mentioned in this story, it can only be reasonably assumed the delay is intentional.  It appears the purpose of this “game” is to reduce the chances of litigation, the officers’ right to fight for fairness, to allow Lieutenant Lopez to retire without consequence, and to prevent the media and Department of Justice from uncovering APD's practice of protecting serious violations by management and placing the burden upon others. 
     This is obviously a detail enriched story.  However, as extreme as this may seem, it is intended to clearly show and demonstrate that the corruption in APD starts at the top.  We here at the Eye have been warning the public about this for some time.  This involved a gun; a deadly weapon and a command level supervisor who is either mentally ill or a gangster thug (a by-product of Schultz), who was intoxicated with the power of authority.  The behaviors of other supervisors, allowing this to happen, should be fired with Lopez.  Yes, we said fired.  Medina obviously has been promoted far beyond his abilities. He too should face harsh discipline including termination.  We know nothing will happen till Berry and Schultz are fired and a new mayor and chief come into office and scrub APD clean from the TOP to the BOTTOM.
Here is a disclosure; Arias’ stepfather is the Honorable City Councilmen, Ken Sanchez. Our Eyes have told us that Arias has not allowed or asked Mr. Sanchez to become involved despite the despicable actions of APD’s management team. Although, we here at the Eye are sure Mr. Sanchez must be displeased and disappointed by the leadership of APD. 
    Throughout this entire incident, the only APD supervisor to show any decency was Sergeant Jim Fox.  This sergeant has been the only shining example of what a man of integrity resembles. 
It is truly sad police department personnel cannot be trusted to behave justly when its sole purpose and obligation to the citizens is to be trusted.

PICTURES UPDATED ON 12/26/2012 @ 6:27 PM

Dec 25, 2012


As you celebrate Christmas and share feelings and thoughts of family, please give an extra big hug and kiss to your loved ones. Say a prayer in your hearts for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Remember Sandy Hook is Anywhere, USA, that could have easily been our children or loved ones....
                                                             MAY GOD BLESS!

Our Best Regards,
The Staff at the Eye On Albuquerque

Dec 21, 2012


This past Monday, December 17, 2012, APD's SWAT team was activated to deal with a barricaded subject who officers had found hiding in the roof of a house on Shirley NE. As events spilled out of control into a shooting, the 5th Floor went into crisis mode in an effort to conceal details of the actual event.  The 5th Floor spokeswoman Officer Tasia Martinez released the following statement:


…[a]t approximately 7:00 p.m. the suspect believed to be Sosa opened the garage door of the home and fled the area at a high rate of speed, stealing Chavez’s vehicle, purse and cell phone. As Sosa fled he drove the vehicle in the direction of police and residents who were on the outer perimeter of the scene, charging directly at Officer Randal White who was standing by his vehicle at his perimeter post. As Sosa drove at Officer White, Officer White fired his weapon at the charging vehicle in effort to prevent the suspect from running him over. The vehicle then drove around Officer White’s vehicle, onto the pedestrian sidewalk to breach the perimeter.

The suspect fled in a Green 2005 Toyota Camry. Detectives continue their active search for Sosa. Detective have received information from witnesses who have seen Sosa since the incident occurred and received report that Sosa is not injured and is actively evading police capture.

No residents or officers sustained any injuries in this incident.

Yet, as what has become standard form, what is stated, supported, reinforced, and held to be fact by APD's chief, Ray Schultz, and his other diminutive chiefs, has little bearing to reality. Our Eyes tell us the vehicle that was shot at ONLY had its rear window shot out and only its rear window. We wonder how a vehicle fleeing from Officer White justified the use of deadly force. While Officer White may have felt reasonably justified in firing at the car, we at the Eye are concerned that Officer Martinez and Chief Schultz have now boxed Officer White into a corner where he will have to confirm their lies, and thus lie himself OR speak the truth and assert a different story. Either way the truth appears to be the shot were fired at the car as it was fleeing the perimeter and not as it was approaching posted personnel. Our Eyes also tell us several citizens had to dive for cover in fear of being shot by the 3-4 rounds fired at the car...

Dec 19, 2012

Big Dollar Republican Attempts Charade

As one of Albuquerque’s most high profile and flamboyant venture capitalists, Sherman McCorkle has made himself a wealthy man off the government funded civilian operated enterprises. In Mr. McCorkle’s recent Op-Ed piece in the Albuquerque Journal, he revealed his and his version of the NM Republican Party’s true agenda: more wealth creation for few at the expense of others.

Why do we at the Eye say this? Let’s begin with the AJ’s obvious bias…  In the paper Mr. McCorkle’s column is listed as a letter to the editor and he is identified as a mere Albuquerque resident. Why would the paper want to conceal Mr. McCorkle’s involvement, positions, and leadership with such organizations as: Technology Ventures Corporation (, Sandia Science & Technology Park (, NM Angels (, and was a board member of Sunwest bank, and New Mexico Bank & Trust. But yet the AJ played down his standing in the community? Hmmmm………..
Despite Mr. McCorkle’s business success he is woefully uninformed at best, or lying at worst when it comes to his statements about Albuquerque Mayor RJ Berry and APD Chief of Police Ray Schultz:

1.       APD’s Organized Crime Unit did not receive “the most prestigious award” in law enforcement. A niche award was bestowed upon them by the IACP. And ironically, no detectives were brought to San Diego to accept the award by APD’s fearless leader, in fact it was Ray Schultz and a civilian named Karen who accepted it.

2.       The city’s crime rate has not dropped under Berry. In fact the Albuquerque Journal itself reported that the crime rate has increased as evidenced by FBI statistics.

3.       Mr. McCorkle highlights elements of the The Albuquerque Progress Report while omitting the huge concerns such as Albuquerque’s lowest standing in violent crimes per capita, job growth, disparity in income, and Forbes and other national periodicals have ranked Albuquerque as one of the WORST places to do business.

4.       That under RJ Berry, the police department is in total disarray: from the departure of Darren White, to criminal conduct by supervisors and department leaders, to ineptitude by its own chief of police.

5.       And last, but not least, the management of APD by RJ Berry, Ray Schultz, and Rob Perry is so poor, that a national investigation of the highest order is under way by the United States Department of Justice into APD’s patterns and practices.

Mr. McCorkle closes his editorial by saying “I, for one, appreciate the efforts of APD, Chief Schultz and Mayor Berry.” To which we at the Eye ask, Mr. McCorkle, is APD and the City of Albuquerque really the type of institution you would put your own money in? Would you counsel investors to invest in a corporation that has leaders like this? Would you risk your own children’s future with people like this? Our advise for you is to go back to driving your fancy cars and the things that you are informed about. Your positions as reflected, and endorsed in the paper are in conflict with reality.


Dec 15, 2012


As more facts start to unfold in the heinous and despicable acts of a person the media is reporting to be mentally ill, has far reaching effects on all of us. The reason the Eye On Albuquerque has chosen to do a story on this case is because there are haunting similarities to some of the police shootings here in Albuquerque.

There are several questions that must be answered for us to accurately put the pieces together.  For now, there are several assumptions that are quasi safe to assume, although, they are not facts at this time.  Here are several questions that will un-lock some of the puzzling questions about the shooting in Connecticut, USA.
Ø  What is the history of this person?

Ø  How did this person obtain firearms and an assault weapon?

Ø  Why did this monster kill innocent children and adults?
Here is our take on the answers to these questions.  Are there other questions; sure, but we want to deal with this as it relates to our community.  Some of what is said in this article is based off of what is known and some is conjecturing and may prove to not be factual.

Here we have a female kindergarten teacher who purchased several firearms in all probability for her son whom in all probability was mentally ill.  A female kindergarten teacher does not purchase an assault weapon for personal use.  A female kindergarten teacher may purchase a handgun to keep next to her bed in the event of an intruder or to defend her life or the life of another.  As the facts continue to come out, we will see that this teacher was a “helicopter” parent; always hovering over her twenty year old son to protect him from everybody and everything.  In all probability this person should have been on medication and was NOT taking it.  The facts will show that she purchased “Call of Duty Black Ops” and other violent video games to keep her mentally ill child happy and content.  You see, on a video game you “kill” someone and its extra points. Think about the way he was dressed and prepared to do the killings.  He was dressed in black fatigues, a military vest, and heavily armed.
This kindergarten teacher did not buy or do something this spoiled mentally ill person wanted; so he acted out the way you play the video games.  He started killing and killing and killing.
Here is the caveat as it relates to us here in Albuquerque.  This person was mentally ill.  This person in all probability should have been on medication.  This person in all probability was not taking those medications.  This person had an enabler who knew the dangers but chose to ignore them.  If you look back at many of APD officer involved shootings; you will see this same pattern over and over again. Notwithstanding, APD failed to train the officers better, in our opinion, and this proved to be catastrophic.  Second, there should be an NCIC data base that contains the names and issues associated with properly diagnosed mentally ill people who pose a threat to themselves and/or others.
Back on January 15, 2011, The Eye On Albuquerque posted a story (read it HERE ) about the police involved shootings and the mentally ill.  We did not just talk about it; we offered real solutions.  Of course Berry and Schultz ignored it and went on about their business of ruining the City.  APD continued to shoot and kill several more people. The following is part of that article;
“This is not a local police issue but a national crisis and should be addressed as such. Chief Schultz is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) which offers national support for police issues in addition to the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). The IACP and the FOP Presidents have spoken directly to the President of the United Stated as well as our Congress. With assistance at a national level, not only from the FOP and IACP but from our house of representatives and our senators Understanding HIPAA and other restrictive laws, the time has come to create a new index for National Crime Information Center Data Base (NCIC) to house information concerning mentally ill persons across the United States. The NCIC data base is a computerized index of criminal justice information. This would give law enforcement officers across the Country a valuable tool in dealing with this segment of our population. Knowledge is the rawest form of influence and with this type of knowledge (influence); the officer’s decision making process would shift into high gear and hopefully save lives.”
Meanwhile, things continue to deteriorate locally and nationally.  An NCIC data base is a huge step in the right direction.  Funding must come from the Feds to assist police departments across the nation in monitoring our citizens who are mentally ill and assure they are taking their medication.  In the event they are not, law enforcement must intercede and take appropriate action.  This will required collaboration and cooperation with doctors, parents, family and the community.
More gun control is not the answer here.  We have enough laws already.  This guy tried to buy a gun a few days prior to this incident. Connecticut has a mandatory waiting period which prevented this individual from having a gun.  The law worked the way it was intended.  Does anyone ever stop to think; crooks, criminals, mentally ill, thieves, etc… DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW; THIS IS WHY THEY ARE CRIMINALS.  Only law abiding people like you and Eye follow the law.  What this means is; if more gun control is enacted, then you and Eye will not have guns but all the criminals will!  Once a person has made the conscientious decision (choice) to injure or kill, the method is irrelevant. If we pass more gun laws we will need to create more propane tank laws, kitchen knife laws and car laws. What about diesel fuel or fertilizer like ammonium nitrate that was used in the Oklahoma City bombing?  We must gain control of the offenders, their chosen method to execute their criminal acts are not the issue.
As for the schools themselves, we all know that schools are soft targets.  There should be at least one well trained armed police officer at every school.  Our greatest treasures; our children, are at schools unprotected.  Albuquerque Public Schools have a small force which could call in APD to handle most situations.  If you notice the APS Chief, Steven Tallez, hides, you never see him or hear from him.  Steve Tellez, was a mediocre sergeant at APD and now heads APS.  Our Eyes tell us the chief’s position was never circulated by APS or offered to qualified personnel.  Our Eyes also tell us Tellez was set in place by City Councilor Brad Winter who has also proved to be a great disappointment to Albuquerque. 20/20 hindsight, it was a good thing that Marty Chavez whipped Brad Winter hard when he ran for mayor.
Our hearts here at the Eye are heavy with sorrow for the children who were killed, the adults who were killed, their families and their community.  This event has to shatter the hearts of any person with a conscience.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased and the community of Newtown, Connecticut, as they work their way through this catastrophe and move forward to celebrate the birthday of our Lord.


It should be noted that the name of offender of this terrible crime does not appear anywhere in this article.  The reason for this is he does not deserve to be recognized in the least.


Charlotte Bacon, 2/22/06, female (age 6)

Daniel Barden, 9/25/05, male (age 7)

Olivia Engel, 7/18/06, female (age 6)

Josephine Gay, 12/11/05, female (age 7)

Ana M. Marquez-Greene, 04/04/06, female (age 6)

Dylan Hockley, 03/08/06, male (age 6)

Madeleine F. Hsu, 07/10/06, female (age 6)

Catherine V. Hubbard, 06/08/06, female (age 6)

Chase Kowalski, 10/31/05, male (age 7)

Jesse Lewis, 06/30/06, male (age 6)

James Mattioli, 03/22/06, male (age 6)

Grace McDonnell, 11/04/05, female (age 7)

Emilie Parker, 05/12/06, female (age 6)

Jack Pinto, 05/06/06, male (age 6)

Noah Pozner, 11/20/06, male (age 6)

Caroline Previdi, 09/07/06, female (age 6)

Jessica Rekos, 05/10/06, female (age 6)

Avielle Richman, 10/17/06, female (age 6)

Benjamin Wheeler, 9/12/06, male (age 6)

Allison N. Wyatt, 07/03/06, female (age 6)


Rachel Davino, 7/17/83, female (age 29)

Dawn Hochsprung, 06/28/65, female (age 47)

Anne Marie Murphy, 07/25/60, female (age 52)

Lauren Russeau, 1982, female (age 29)

Mary Sherlach, 02/11/56, female (age 56)

Victoria Soto, 11/04/85, female (age 27)

Dec 14, 2012

Proof Schultz Is Attempting To Suppressing The Truth To Avoid Responsibility

As we mentioned earlier, during last week’s Chief’s Staff meeting, we were told that Schultz launched a campaign of intimidation against his officers. Apparently he thinks it is his officer’s fault for the mess that has now brought the DOJ in. And in being true to his form, Schultz will do everything he can to suppress the truth and avoid responsibility.

As we were told, and confirm with the displayed memo, now that the DOJ is here, Schultz states he will be attending officer briefings. Now that DOJ is here, Schultz states he wants to hear what concerns officers have regarding APD. Now that DOJ is here, Schultz wants his Deputy Chiefs, Allen Banks, Steve Warfield, and whomever is named to the space abandoned by Paul Feist, to meet with officers. Now that DOJ is here Schultz wants people to make sure they are all following their SOPs. And now that DOJ is here, Schultz wants his officers aware that the department has pattern and practice problems involving civil rights and use of force. Now that DOJ is here, everything is “we…we…we.”

We think this memo speaks for itself. Anybody who knows Schultz knows that this is nothing but an effort to keep officers quiet and to alert his supervisors as to what DOJ will be looking at—and thus make all efforts to conceal anything “of concern.”

The reason why DOJ is here is NOT because of officers, it is because as APD’s Chief of Police, Schultz has led the department to failure. From incidents where his staff has run amok at crime scenes, arbitrarily fired officers, covered up endless incidents of civil rights violations against citizens, squandered federal grants, lied under oath, and let the issues in the evidence room get worse, Schultz has been the one ultimately responsible for the tarnished reputation APD now has. And Mayor Berry has endorsed Schultz’s actions by either openly defending him or hiding behind his inept city lawyers Robert Kidd and Robert Perry.

As anybody who has been in APD knows, the only thing surprising here is Schutz’s admission that he doesn’t regularly talk to his officers. He hides in his office behind a lobby door he installed to separate him from the rest of the city. He acknowledges the department is in pieces. He acknowledges, subtly, that APD’s house is not in order….

Kudos goes to one of our Eyes for forwarding us the memo shown. As we can see APD’s Schultz has engaged in a full court press….but all it takes are a few brave souls to stand firm and honor the oath they took for their badge.

Dec 12, 2012

OMERTA: Schultz Style

Over the weekend our Eyes alerted us to news that once confirmed is almost too hard to believe even with Berry administration’s history of persistent denial of problems in APD in particular and the city in general.

Our Eyes tell us that at last week’s Chief’s Staff meeting, Schultz instructed his deputy chiefs and all of his commanders and supervisors to identify what issues officers have with the department. While we’re sure Schultz and his executive staff presented this in all of the best intentions and “transparency,” we know from his history of vindictiveness and passive aggression this is nothing but an effort to chill the honest expression of information by officers to DOJ. Why would Schultz want to know what officers have to say to DOJ? Our Eyes tell us Schultz intends to talk to officers and find out. We wonder what if officers choose NOT to tell him or his minions what they’ve said to DOJ? Will they be subject to discipline? Will they be ordered to disclose what they’ve said or want to say?

We all know that if an officer were to assert specific instances of gross misconduct and its cover-up by department leaders that officer would suddenly find themselves the target of retaliation or internal investigation. Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) or removal of otherwise earned privileges are just the start of Schultz’s methods of intimidating officers. He’ll go so far as to create offenses and shop for prosecution of officers. Just last year we saw to what lengths Schulz would go when he fired Officers Doyle and Woolever for their apprehension for armed violent fleeing felon Nicolas Blume simply to appear tough to the DOJ. It seems they don’t buy his efforts either.

Our Eyes also tell us that confirmed perjurer Allen Banks is now in charge of all media inquiries regarding DOJ’s investigation of APD. We wonder how “forthcoming” Banks will be in his answers to the media. We wonder if he will be held to the same standard he holds officers to if there are ANY discrepancies between his statements to the media and those to DOJ. In fact, we’d be surprised if Banks says anything at all as he has been “tremendously”silent since he was caught lying under oath earlier this year.

Several years ago, Schultz stated in a formal interview to one of our Eyes that because of the evidence scandal in the early 2000’s “we were this close (index finger to thumb) to being subject to a consent decree.” Back then, DOJ was not even on the scene. Clearly from Schultz’s statement he had no idea what is involved with a federal consent decree. We are sure that he very much does now thanks to HIS own personal failures leading APD into the situation it is now in.

Albuquerque and New Mexico reached new low water marks this past month with their failures in economic and educational progress. Now the state’s largest police department is being subject to an extensive internal review the likes of which have never been seen.

In the context of all this, our Eyes now tell us in true Schultzian fashion he wants to know what his officers are saying to DOJ and he and his staff will be going around to talk to the officers personally. We’re sure he’s talking about how “we all need to band together” and is creating an environment of APD vs. DOJ.

We’ve seen this game before Mr. Schultz and Mr. Berry…’s called OMERTA.


Dec 8, 2012


Policing is rooted with honorable men and women who want to serve the public.  These men and women have valor, pride, integrity, dignity, honor, honesty, fairness, self-respect, respect for others, compassion, understanding, patience, courage, hope, wisdom and trust as values of belief in doing the right thing for all.  When something goes wrong and the fault lies with a police officer, the honorable thing to do is take responsibility for what you have done wrong and accept the discipline imposed. The police officer then moves forward with a commitment to never intentionally repeat the same offense.

For the public, who law enforcement, must earn trust from and maintain it, this is acceptable when the police act accordingly.  The public also finds it acceptable when a police officer errors and he accepts responsibility and makes a penance. We here at the Eye believe this is true for public officials as well.

Yet, we have a mayor who refuses to take responsibility for his part in ruining the Albuquerque Police Department and hiring Mr. Schultz for the top post.  We also have the City’s Top Cop who refuses to take responsibility for his part in ruining APD.  Mr. Schultz lied to the United State Federal District Court as well as others and has never been held accountable.  How can you tell he is lying; his mouth is moving.

It is up to the citizens of Albuquerque to cure the city of these two cancerous tyrants (Berry and Schultz). What we mean by “cure” is people need to take their VOTE to the polls and rid our community of this cancer. We all know if cancer goes untreated, it only gets worse till it ruins everything. Folks; we all know this is where we are at.  The cure for this cancer is your VOTE.
If Berry and Schultz were men of honor; they would both do the honorable thing and resign.  Allow a real leader to step up and clean the mess this administration has created.

Oh, Berry…Do you really think people have forgotten about all your blunders?  Here, let us remind you about one of them.

Can you guess who? 
Here are a few clues:

1)      This person worked for a local paper.

2)      This person was hired by Berry as a (let's say) public icon.

3)      This person was fired by Berry via his staff.

4)      This person had too many of Berry’s secrets and was re-hired by Berry.

5)      This person was then placed under Schultz.

6)      This person recently spent time with Darren White and Ray Schultz at the Downs.

7)      This person was hidden in the basement of APD like an experiment gone wrong.

8)      LAST and final clue; this person likes Burritos!                                                                              

Mr. Schultz why are you so angry?  Are you sorry you got caught; but not sorry for what you have done?
Schultz stated he wants a challenge; grab a shovel Ray.  The "snow job" you have given Albuquerque is over.
Please stew over this for a few days...