The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 28, 2017


Please excuse our lack of online activity, as we were hard at work gathering intel over the last few weeks. Please enjoy our latest post below!


On Sunday Albuquerque Attorney Thomas Grover slapped the shit out of this lying administration, by doubling down on their double talk, and calling them out, stating the Berry administration which is a total failure in every sense of the word was in it's last gasps.

Very true words. This hateful, lying, malevolent, malfeasant, criminal enterprise has sucked this city dry, and they do not care about anything but their bank accounts. Just as Berry has trashed this city, our fat drunken little pizzah partier Governor is crying poor mouth, and pointing the finger at everyone else.

In case you have not been around town lately, lets take a tour, shall we?

If you would like to go to our Albuquerque Zoo,  Aquarium, and Bio Park, you may want to take some antidepressants first. Sad to say, things are pretty pathetic. If you have an ounce of compassion, it's sad and heartbreaking. The facilities are in disrepair, and not for lack of hard work, because the staff are working hard. It is lack of money.

In the Aquarium, the eyes on the fish are clouded over, and some exhibits have only one lonely specimen floating around waiting for the end. The water is hazy, and maintenance is badly needed in many areas. The Zoo animals look sick and tired. The seals are just laying there, with nothing to occupy them. They are not even swimming. If you have gone to these attractions on a weekday, and had issues with parking, just try to find a spot on a weekend. The attraction has outgrown the parking.  It is evident there is no funding, and the welfare of the animals is suffering. Just look at how many large animals have died during Berry's tenure as the worst Albuquerque mayor ever; some being tossed in dumpsters like trash.

The Albuquerque Rapid Transit project is a bust. The coward mayor Berry put the cart before the horses during an election year, arrogantly rolling the dice with your tax dollars for completion funding from the federal government, and came up short. He was denied, and the city is now short tens of millions of dollars, while Central looks like it was bombed, and small business are dropping like flies. All of this, while our Governor is also threatening furloughs. None of her cronies will have food taken out of their mouths. You can take that to the bank, because these parasitic scum look out for themselves first.

We here at the Eye warn any candidate that is even pondering contracting with Jay McCleskey for their campaign strategy, that if you do, you will face exactly what this administration faces from us here, and worse. We will look up your ass with our microscope, and dissect you like a high school lab frog. This is it for these miscreants. And to any candidates tossing around the idea of bringing back some retired Ray Schultz crony asshole from the past to be police chief, you can forget that too. We know everyone our little school resources guy decided to bed, along with all of the horse shit the rest of them have pulled over the years, and enough is truly enough. You got that Mr. Colon? It will all come out the minute you announce your man or woman. Oh yes, that nasty little rumor about Jessica Tyler being groomed as the Republican's sensational approach at appeasing those touting her to be the first woman chief of the Albuquerque Police Department, look again. Her immature, spoiled antics are nothing short of pathetic. How anyone could even think of putting a mouthy, spoiled brat, with performance and inadequacy issues in that position is reprehensible, and would counter any attempt at progress in reform. That woman is the perfect example of what is wrong here. The incompetent, willing water carriers, and ring kissers with more baggage than anyone, put in positions as favors in an effort to cover up for this failed administration. It is people like Tyler who resent anyone more qualified than her, that need to be rooted out, and fired. If you are not selfless in making this a better place, you belong in the shit pile. Stick your last three high years up your asses. It's not bad enough that Gorden Eden placed this brat in charge of internal affairs after her past with BCSO, and her almost getting her NM Law Enforcement certification revoked? (Anyone else would have been revoked)

Also, someone with few years police experience, and a DUI arrest is not a candidate for police chief. We better never hear that rumor again, nor should we even get an inkling anyone like that is even thinking of pining for, or positioning themselves for such a position, because if we do, truth, and humiliation will be the word of the day.

The crime is so out of control that many citizens are terrified. Response times are deadly. You can drive from one end of the city to the other without seeing one marked police unit. Entire parking structures are burning to the ground. Robberies, shootings, and killings are out of control. A total change is needed, and it is not going to come from some clown from the past, who just can't let go of the ego trip, who is connected to those who are the problem, and should just stay retired. Greed is part of the problem here; a big part.


For those not verse in the scum bag ways of the city attorney's office under Kathryn Levy, and now Jessica Hernandez, everything is a word game of smoke and mirrors, a shell game where there is never an object to find under any of the shells when it comes to APD or the lying
Berry/Perry administration.

In keeping with the description of the Taser debacle under scum bag Ray Schultz as being a train wreck, that started with him, the city AGAIN hires their own expert, so they can AGAIN  control every variable of the investigation, to AGAIN guide the results in their favor. If it is not outright tampering with investigations, it is carefully wording their responses, and answers to avoid the truth or conceal the findings, and redirect attention to a benign part of the issue, or to an altogether different topic.

The city claims all of the video evidence they uploaded into the Taser cloud is solid, and should match the videos released to the public and requesting attorneys, though their expert never even looked at the original videos. What the sneaky lying, city attorney dodges is the fact that that is not the only question here. She conveniently left out how she and former deputy attorney Kathryn Levy have coined the pattern and practice of concealing evidence by any means necessary, then crying victim when called out on it.  How many videos were never even downloaded? How many times have city attorneys lied about not having evidence, they in fact did have. How many times have city attorneys only partially filled discovery requests, only to be nailed when the other party had the answers to the questions they asked, and caught this administration in lie after lie? You see, the question is not only about being able to alter video before uploading it. It's about if some videos were even uploaded. It is more so about certain city officials lying about the existence of video evidence, playing games with the DoJ, and civil rights attorneys, and defrauding the courts to fraudulently win cases, and deprive people of their civil rights.

While the Taser scandal continues to cause widespread problems within the court system, involving every conceivable case, Memorial Villages Texas Police department is promoting scum bag Ray Schultz to police chief of their department on the 31st of this month.  IRONICALLY, all of this is being done as the Attorney General Hector Balderas has expanded the scope of the Taser bid rigging investigation into Schultz. What makes this more unbelievable is that another investigator hired AGAIN by this administration says their new $5,000,000 contract is kosher. We think not! No, folks, Taser is now fruit of the poisonous tree. The initial deal with Taser caused bias, and dependency on Taser for this up and coming contract. There are no two ways about it. We all know that the original purchase of Taser equipment entrenched the department in TASER, causing this reliance, all of which Schultz profited from, just before he ran away with his tail between his pink legs.

We now have a competing police body camera manufacturer claiming the Taser contract was biased. If city council ratifies this contract in light of everything pending they will show their malfeasance. We urge everyone reading this to remember every one of them, and launch them out of office come election time.

The above actions tell us either Ray is confident, because he received leaked inside intelligence from a source within the New Mexico Attorney General's office that he is in the clear, or he is just looking out for his selfish self, like he always does, and could care less about the reputation of the police department he hoodwinked, if and when his indictment comes. This is disturbing, considering Albuquerque Mayoral Candidate Brian Colon is very tight (good friends) with AG Balderas, and Colon works for the law firm representing Ray Schultz.


Our Eyes have told us that Lojak Corporation has gotten it's claws into Albuquerque. First, we must agree that being able to locate your stolen vehicle via gps, and having the capability for Law Enforcement to track it safely is beneficial to public safety. Sometimes it is not the idea, but the procedure that is wrong, and what gets you in trouble.

How would you feel if Lojak customers were given priority in vehicle recovery, over the non customer? Is it okay to let a stolen auto go, or have a no contact policy on vehicles who do not have Lojak installed, while using all resources to recover the Lojak subscribed customer vehicle? We were told that officers are going after Lojak vehicles with an OK from the department brass,  while letting non Lojak vehicles go. How fair is that for the person who can not afford Lojak, but still pays taxes for police service? We were also told individual officers are being offered installation of Lojak in their vehicles.

How would you feel if a retired Albuquerque police officer, who is employed by Lojak, and in charge of Lojak for this regional area, is given carte blanche concerning the release of NCIC information from a police department dispatch source?  Considering retired officers need an escort when inside Albuquerque Police facilities ,this defies logic, and proves once in the inner circle, always in the inner circle. You see, our Eyes have told us that APD command staff have advised all police dispatch personnel that if retired stolen auto detective Matt Morales requests any information whatsoever from APD dispatch concerning NCIC information on stolen vehicles, he is to be given any information requested, because he is still in their officer rolodex. For sure, this is not in accordance with DoJ reform, and does not provide integrity within the NCIC system. It is possibly illegal.

We all know that this administration protects their favorites, like Jessica Tyler who accesses NCIC for her husband to make a complaint, in order to retaliate against a whistle blower, while they illegally fired Steven Hindi for following procedure to protect himself and document a lying CPOA investigator. Hell.... they even swept the investigation into Regina Sanchez under the rug to protect her, after she retrieved NCIC information on a domestic violence victim which got out to a relation of the defendant. Untruthfulness was even an issue in that matter. To make things worse, that officer was involved in a relationship with former murder suspect Levi Chavez which brought embarrassing disrepute to the Albuquerque Police Department nationwide. This officer is still employed, while officers charged with far less have been fired and had their Law Enforcement Cert. Revoked. If that is not a pattern of immoral conduct showing an individual to be unfit for police work, nothing is. There is no standard here. The scum prevail.

We are getting from our Eyes that Morales has been involved in active stolen auto police recoveries, investigations and pursuits. We are also being told he is on numerous police dispatch CADS, (Example #1077) and police radio transmission tapes. Get out your IPRA pencils people. Our crafty investigative reporters may want to request any memorandums, emails, and department orders concerning Mr. Morales, and Lojack activities, especially APD brass clearing him for requests, and retrieval of NCIC information from APD


We here at the Eye have received  more information on one of Bob Huntsman's SWAT pups. We can not think of anyone who would want a sicko, who would plot ballistic ranges from a sniper position onto a police facility, to kill his wife, who is an Albuquerque Police Officer, holding the position of a police officer. Can you? Below is a written statement from the request for order of protection in reference to what we are talking about.

Any other officer, or person for that matter would have already been charged with multiple felonies concerning the above incident... ESPECIALLY WITH AUDIO AND VIDEO EVIDENCE. We wonder where that evidence is. Not here, and not when you are APD tactical, and one of Bob Huntsman's chosen cult of the SWAT, and therefore protected. The most disturbing part of that statement is where the petitioner states that her husband told her that he used a ballistic range finder to plot a shot at her from a distance. (THESE ARE LASER RANGE FINDING DEVICES USED BY HUNTERS AND SNIPERS TO DETERMINE THE KNOWN RANGE FOR DISTANCE SO THAT YOU CAN COMPUTE KNOWN BULLET DROP FOR A FIRST SHOT HIT WITH YOUR KNOWN RIFLE AND CALIBER.) That is sick, pathetic, and disgusting. That is not depression or something that can be counseled. That is behavior that is unacceptable in any circumstance. Ironically, this has been going on. This is sick, terroristic, controlling behavior, but the brass actively cover it up because it involves "Nature at Play." More disturbing,  is that the box for "no drugs or alcohol was involved" was checked off at the bottom of the photo. So, he acted this way strait.

It was no coincidence that the night this officer went off the deep end out in the West mesa, spawning a manhunt months ago, Major Gonterman interjected his fatass into it, and it all went away.


NO, Major Timothy Gonterman has not learned a thing or two about responsibility, or doing the right thing, by getting away with burning a homeless man's ear off with a Taser, and costing the city over $300,000, because a little while back Timothy left a firearm in his car. That car was broken into, and his firearm was stolen. Did anyone hear a peep about that?  Of course not, because the SOP was changed requiring disciplinary action against those who are irresponsible enough to leave loaded weapons around unsecured, to be stolen.

Previous to Gonterman, two others had firearms stolen from their vehicles, prompting the department to change SOPs regarding discipline for such negligent behavior. Jessica Tyler, the Major failure in charge of Internal Affairs, covered for one of them. Gonterman's incident happened after these two, so you know why they kept that under wraps.... to protect fat boy.

It is evident that this administration is corrupt, unethical, biased, malevolent, inept, and intentionally thumbs it's nose at doing what is right. Intentional wanton and willful misconduct, and public corruption is what we have here, and one of the largest, and most resourceful efforts ever in place to cover it all up. Now we have a wreckless, negligent, police administration putting the public at risk of harm or death, by putting guns out onto an already violent, out of control environment, because they are lazy and stupid. It figures one of the biggest, notorious morons to wear a uniform is at the center of it AGAIN.


Our Eyes have told us as the mayor, and every other liar in this administration lies about the manpower reason not being the cause of the out of control crime rate, city leaders are now discussing combining APD and the Bernalillo County Sheriff's office. Now they want to ruin the SO. Wonder where little Jessica will run to?


Sean Wallace, who has shot more than one unarmed men like a coward, is now on the APD Lieutenant's promotional list. The hits just keep on rolling folks. In case you need reminding, Wallace was the tactical officer that shot Alan Gomez from across the street with a rifle, in the back as he was unarmed and holding a spoon.


And oh yessssss... We have heard that Mr. Colon is flip flopping on his statement about coming in as Mayor, and giving everyone a chance to talk with their new boss. Yes, Mr. Colon is now saying he would get rid of police chief Gordon Eden. It's too late for that. No, Mr. Colon, now you have proven to have no fortitude to stand your ground. You are a flip flopper politician who will say anything to get what you want. You just don't get it, so Albuquerque will not get you. Adios Donkey!