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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 31, 2014

A Sad State of Affairs

NOTE: Whomever took this photo deserves an award--truly outstanding!

Thanks to the failed leadership of Richard Berry, Robert Perry, Gordon Eden and the untold number of APD lieutenants and commanders, this is where things stand in the wake of yesterday's mess.

In front of a world watching a lone protestor sat down in front of a skirmish line of highly armored and armed police officers. The very force that Berry, Perry, and Eden have used to cripple this city in almost every sense imaginable.

And off to the right of the picture you can see the irony of all of this. Supervisors standing there smoking and joking acting as if this is just another coffee break at the local Giant.

Here's some news for you fellas, it's all over. When Jay McClesky's other client, Governor Susana Martinez advised her staff to release NMSP records directly to the FBI from the March 16 incident with James Boyd, she all but slammed the door on Berry.

It is no longer a question of IF Berry and his overpriced dog Perry fold, but when......

Welcome to the 'Burque Spring......

To the rank and file of APD, please be safe and remember your oath is to the United States and New Mexico Constitutions.

Mar 29, 2014


As Berry/Perry b'querque order all of the city's computers to be shutdown in anticipation of whatever may happen tomorrow, this little doosey has been brought to our attention by one of our regular commentators.....

Question: "Where were you RJ?"  Answer: "Where was I? Ummm......"

In Friday's press conference (not that we had anything to do with Berry's first joint press conference), KRQE's Jeff Proctor asked Albuquerque Mayor RJ Berry where was he when he first saw the video. Berry clearly did not have a quick answer for this question. Click the above link and go to about 14:00.

He had to think about it and fumble. And as we and many of our Eye's know, that when somebody has been very specific throughout an interview and then they get vague, we are on to something. And that something is called deception....

Funny, Berry SHOULD HAVE been on a trade mission to Brazil. You remember that RJ don't you? You do remember that you are the chief executive of the state's largest city right? You do remember that Albuquerque is one of the worst performing cities in the country right? You do remember that as chief executive you have a duty to help improve this city's economic VITALITY right?

Apparently going off somewhere in the desert was more important than promoting economic opportunities between Brazil and Albuquerque?  We mean, there was a huge opportunity waiting for Albuquerque in Brazil. By RJ's own words:

“We have identified Brazil as a strategic market to promote trade with New Mexico. In the last five years, New Mexico exports to Brazil have increased fivefold from $8 million in 2009, to over $40 million in 2013 and we believe there is great potential for continued growth.”

But apparently going off into the desert on a "family trip" in the "family car" was more important.

Huh?  Sorry RJ, not buying it.

Will the media follow up with increased scrutiny on this matter? Will they IPRA RJ's schedule to see if he had actually scheduled time off from this important trip for "family time."  And, is there really "family time" when you're the mayor of a city under the microscope of DOJ, FBI, NMAG, and Anonymous????

Folks, we know a sales job when we see it. We also know deception when we see it. Start pressing Berry on hard tight answers and push back. Enough with the "let's have a conversation"'s time for "let's get real."

Mar 28, 2014

RJ Berry: Failed To Appear

Here's a very interesting press conference.....

Berry then, now, ....soon?

Over the last several years we have been witness to different political leaders "disappearing" during times of crisis in their community.  The most notable was Ex South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.  Who disappeared for six days in June 2009.  His staff told the media he was "hiking the Appalachian Trail".  

Later it was confirmed it was all a lie.  Sanford was in Argentina with his mistress.  Sanford ended up shamed and resigning as Governor.

So here we are in March 2014 with Albuquerque collapsing in every way. Once again, despite COPS not being here, our city is looked at by national and international media as one of the worst run cities in the country with one of the worst run police departments.  

We have children being murdered after they plead for help from Albuquerque Police and CYFD.  

We have lost over 4,000 more jobs in the last 12 months (The only major city in the USA to do so), we have a police department so mismanaged over the last ten years that now we are getting ready for the Department of Justice to take over, a massive protest of well over 1,000 Albuquerque residents and another (Boyd) questionable shooting.

And now even the international cyber watchdog group Anonymous has entered into the fray.  

But just like the cartoon, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, we have to ask, Where in the World was Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry from March 16, 2014 to March 23 2014?

Here is your timeline:
March 16, 2014
Albuquerque Police shoot and Kill James Boyd. 
Response from Richard Berry,,,silence.

March 17, 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence

March 18, 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence

March 19, 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence

March 20 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,, silence

March 21, 2014

APD Chief Gordon Eden holds a press conference where he releases a helmet video of the Boyd shooting and states the shooting was "Justified". 

Response from Richard Berry,,,,,,silence

March 22, 2014

Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence

March 23, 2014
Response from Richard Berry,,,,, silence
Response from CAO Rob Perry,,,,,,Eden was correct as this was a "dynamic" event. 

March 24, 2014
Richard Berry finally appears for individual interviews with local media.  Looking haggard and not well Berry finally comments and says Eden "misspoke".

March 25, 2014
The group Anonymous threatens APD and the city of Albuquerque

March 26, 2014
Richard Berry schedules a press conference and then doesn't appear.  The reason?  A medical procedure.

March 27, 2014
Richard Berry again holds individual interviews with local media.  He says he is partnering with the DoJ,,,, funny how in 2011 he vetoed a City Council measure to have the DoJ investigate APD.  

My how times change. Las Cruces PD says "thanks but no thanks" despite all of Berry's grandstanding that they are going to come in and help APD.
The question is where was Richard Berry from March 16 to March 24?  From our sources with local media here are the different answers Berry and his staff have given on his whereabouts during the worst week Albuquerque has experienced during his time as mayor.

First response from Berry's staff was he was out of town on a business junket to Brazil (our sources say this was told to all media outlets).

On March 26 Joe Monahan reports that Berry's staff is now backing off of the Brazil story.  They are now saying he was never in Brazil but that Berry was in Arizona all week enjoying Spring Break vacation while Albuquerque burned to the ground!

770 KKOB morning talk host Bob Clark then reports (March 26) that Berry was only out of town, in Arizona over the weekend of March 22 and 23.  Where he was at from March 16 to March 21 Bob Clark doesn't know or say.

The next story from Berry and his office is he was in town on the day of the Boyd shooting, March 16.  They don't say where he was from March 17 to March 23.  (this comes from a media source).

So here are the lies told to the citizens and media from Berry through his staff:
Lie One:  Berry is in Brazil
Lie Two:  Berry was in Arizona the entire time
Lie Three:  We forgot to tell you Berry was in town the day Boyd was killed

So where was Berry from March 16 to March 23?  Why won't the local media put a camera in Berry's face and ask him why he disappeared for 8 days?  If he was in Albuquerque on March 16 why didn't he help newly appointed Chief Eden?  Why did Berry not make any appearances or comments from March 16 to March 23?  Why did his staff lie to all of us by saying he was in Brazil?  Was he in Arizona?  If so it is a one hour flight, why didn't he return to Albuquerque?  Was he even in Arizona?  For eight days this mayor disappeared and his staff lied.  Is Albuquerque just going to put up with this? Don't we demand honesty from our mayor?  Well he won't tell us where he was and his staff lied to us.  Every time this mayor goes for an interview he should be asked to prove his whereabouts from March 16 to March 23 and explain the lies and the silence.  

If you the reader agrees, please flood KOAT, KOB, KRQE, The Journal, The City Council and the mayor's office with calls and letters.  The bloggers are doing the big stories, will the mainstream media step up?  Call them and demand it!  Demand an answer!  Demand accountability for the lies!  It is time Richard Berry resigns as mayor.  8 days of silence is unacceptable.  Albuquerque this is your town.  Make some noise and demand TRUTHFUL answers!!!

The links:

This is the City government group that went to Brazil.  

Wednesday March 26 2014 Monahan reports Berry staff lied about him being in Brazil.  

Berry and Lonnie Talbert announce that the next Albuquerque / Bernalillo County Trade mission will be to Brazil.  hMMMMMMMMM.  Look at the dates, March 15 to March 23.  This is the trip!  Look at this quote:

"In addition to supporting the New Mexico companies, Mayor Berry and Commissioner Talbert will take advantage of their time in Brazil to meet with government and industry leaders to promote New Mexico as a strategic location for Brazilian investment.

Sure sounds like he was planning to go to Brazil, or at least planning on telling all of us he was going to Brazil.  Where was BERRY???

Mar 26, 2014


WE at the Eye have been saying for years that there is no better expression than "nature abhors a vacuum" to describe the risk city mayor RJ Berry, city CAO Rob Perry, and then APD chief Ray Schultz have put Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Police Department in for their unbridled abuse of power and corruption. And thanks to the local media's generally weak scrutiny of the city and it's beleaguered police department, there is a huge vacuum between how things are, and how they should be.

You see, nature has a way fixing things. It has a way of fixing the gap between what is just and unjust.

You cannot falsely justify or fabricate reasons to kill people by your police force without consequences.

You cannot cover up murders of opponents and outspoken civil rights advocates without consequences.

You cannot violate even your own police officer's civil rights and fabricate charges without

While almost 18 months ago, the US Department of Justice announced their investigation into APD, it seems their investigation has evolved into one that includes disgraced chief Ray Schultz and the cronyism of RJ Berry and Rob Perry.

But now, an even more powerful force has entered into the fray thanks to the unbridled actions and failures of Albuquerque's leaders. Thanks to them, they have failed us. And now nature comes forward on March 30, 2014 to help make things right. The gap between what is just and unjust is about to brought to daylight.

Hello Anonymous....


Mar 24, 2014

Does Silence Equal Consent????

After reviewing the footage of the recent Foothills police involved shooting which lead to the death of Mr. Boyd, the Eye has consulted with a technical expert on the equipment used, specifically the rifle wielded by the helmet camera equipped shooter.

Did anyone notice the level of noise from the flash bang, then the Taser shotgun? How about the bean bag gun at the end? Did you notice the extremely suppressed level of muzzle signature emitted from the AR-15 rifle used by the shooter, compared to the rest of these weapons?

If so, continue reading. 
An AR-15 is extremely loud, and would have been obnoxious had it been fired close to the camera that was filming it, but this one wasn't. Being close to the recording equipment, the AR should have been louder than the shotgun, but less louder than the flash bang grenade. This one sounded like a .22. Why you ask?
Because, if you look closely at the stills in the provided photos, you will see that attached to the end of the muzzle of this officer's weapon is a long fat cylindrical item. That folks, is a sound suppressor aka silencer. Why do you ask would an officer need a suppressed rifle for a situation like this? That's what we would like to know too. 
Chief Eden and the rest of the tactical cool guys will say these pieces of equipment are used by swat teams for sound and flash suppression in volatile environments like in the clearing of meth labs and to preserve hearing in close quarter situations indoors. They can say that, but how many documented cases do we have nationwide of civilians being shot with suppressed weapons, the same weapons that SEAL and SF teams use in warfare. This was not a meth lab situation, and the incident occurred outdoors, so why the silencer? Is this an approved piece of equipment? Was it personally owned? If not, when did the city issue silencers? Is this equipment on the officers range weapon's card? Is this why there was a discrepancy and some confusion on how many shots were fired? Is this why Eden looked so scared?

For our doubters out there, we were advised that this was an Advanced Armament model M4-2000. It is a quick detach suppressor that mounts over the flash hider with a ratchet mechanism to lock it in place. This means that it is easily removed in a few seconds, so the excuse of it being permanent, or labor involving to remove is out the window. Also, something like this makes your rifle front heavy and increases it's length, which is not conducive to operating in rocky vertical terrain. See the provided photos for comparison. 
After comparing, if you still have any doubt, this rifle was also equipped with an Aimpoint Micro T1 red dot sight mounted on a riser to co-witness with the Troy back up flip sights, and Aimpoint 3x magnifier, and a Badger Tac Latch charging handle. Thems some good Eyes!

Some serious questions and soul searching needs to be done into the culture and militaristic mentality of APD. This has to be a first. An Albuquerque citizen shot by police armed with a suppressed automatic weapon.

Mar 23, 2014

Some Things Speak For Themselves; Some Things Never Change

Nevermind That Man Behind the Curtain!!!

When faced by one of Albuquerque's many homeless in the open space area of Albuquerque's foothills of the Sandia Mountains, this was the police response:

-- --- --

When faced with harsh and substantive criticism regarding the failed investigation and criminal case against former 2nd Judicial District Court Judge Pat Murdoch, this was the police response from APD Special Investigations Commander Les Brown:

“I think they handled it completely properly. I don’t think they did anything wrong,” he said. “They did a very thorough investigation. Obviously when you’re dealing with an official, especially one that has notoriety like a judge or a public official, we’re gonna be very extra careful in how we do the investigation. Obviously we’re not gonna play any favoritism. It’s disappointing obviously because the officers and the detectives worked very hard,” he said. “Their job is to protect the community, to enforce the laws. So it is obviously a little disheartening because we tried to do the best case we can.”

-- --- --

And when given his first opportunity to himself before the community, to show leadership, integrity, and honest, this was the response from APD chief of police Gordon Eden:

-- --- --

And when in response to genuine criticism by a reader and citizen about the Albuquerque Journal's inept coverage of RJ Berry's police department, Journal editor Rick Nathanson wrote back:

"You couldn't possibly be under the impression that just because some police officer or spokesperson declines to immediately answer a relevant question, that Albuquerque Journal reporters will not keep asking that question until they get an answer??? !!!  I can't speak for TV, but as far as the Journal goes I can tell you that doesn't happen. I would suggest you start reading the newspaper on a regular basis. If you did, you'd know the Journal has anything but a "cozy" relationship with any police department. There is no script, no collusion. It was partly the Journal's reporting of past police shootings and subsequent Journal editorials that forced a Department of Justice investigation into APD. Thanks for your email. -- Rick Nathanson

-- --- --

And when the president of the APD police union writes about a fired NMSP officer who is once again in the middle of a national fiasco says by playing the sympathy card:

"He does have children and his children, the first thing on their mind when he was arriving home that night, was that he was safe and he wasn't in danger and he came  home safely to them. It takes an emotional toll on his family. Sandy's father was also an Albuquerque police officer who was shot in the face, leg and chest in the line of duty. Keith having been a child and having been exposed to a police officer that is shot, is very emotional to him"

-- --- --

And since RJ Berry is in hiding like a little cricket, after growing outrage of the incident's "management" (that's what you call a press conference held on a Friday afternoon when the Lobos are playing), CAO Rob Perry, came unglued and stated the following unbelievable statement:

 “This case was an incredibly dynamic situation that involved a standoff for four hours with an individual that had a history of mental instability, threats of violence against police officers … and numerous attempts to end the situation peacefully. At the end of the day, a determination about the justification of use of force by law enforcement, officer safety considerations and legal determinations are made by those people who are responsible to make them.”

-- --- --

If it isn't clear by now, then we at the Eye don't know what will make it any clearer. The people running APD and the city not only have no clue what they are doing but are making things worse.

Remember this Albuquerque, when these leaders and officers act, they are acting on OUR BEHALF. THEY ARE REPRESENTING US. ARE THESE THE ACTIONS WHICH REPRESENT US?
What Say You Albuquerque???!!!!??

Mar 19, 2014

Cuts, Layoffs, and Lies

While we know there's an avalanche of stories coming down thanks to some of the recent events, we wanted to alert our friends and Eyes in the city of the following. This information quietly leaked out a few weeks ago, and as we prepare for the storm that is about to fall upon APD and the city, it's your loveable Eye's duty to provide a bit of warning.

You see, despite the fact humungous raises have been given to CAO Rob Perry, the chief of police position, the fire department chief position, and all department director positions, nothing but crumbs have been given to the main workforce of the city. And while like them, we know, we don't have a problem making sacrifices so long as department leaders do as well. In the city of Albuquerque that's the exact opposite. While they preach fiscal conservatism, what they're really saying is "we want you to be conservative while we milk the public."

Well, take a look at the chart below. This was taken by the recently released 5-Year Forecast. As you can see, there are deficit gaps in the city's budget as early as the next fiscal year which starts this July 1st. Just like before, Berry will balance these gaps on the backs of the rank and file workers and on the citizens by reducing services.

During the campaign, Berry said "we have turned the corner and see the light at the end of the tunnel." You lied RJ, just like you always have done.

And just remember, these city forecasts are always optimistic. Ladies and gentlemen....get ready.

Mar 15, 2014

Unqualified, Purely Political, and Dangerously Equipped

As our regular readers know, we are strong advocates of Constitutional rights and support the protection of personal liberties. For some time, our Eyes have been keeping us posted on the city's political office: the Real Time Crime Center. AKA the RTCC.

We cannot think of a greater local threat than the RTCC to our right to be free of unregulated government spying and intrusion. As our Eyes have told us, Perry/Berry routinely use the resources held by the RTCC for purposes other than it's stated mission: "Provide real-time information to field officers responding to high-risk calls."

You see the director of the RTCC is none other than former Albuquerque Journal police reporter Todd "TJ" Wilham:

Even though TJ has no experience running an intelligence unit (let's be real, that's what the RTCC is and among their activities is data mining), he does seem to qualify for one thing. He's a political hack. And don't take our word, or our sworn Eyes word for it. Here's confirmation from the city in their response to an recent IPRA request (or more accurately, an IPRA of IPRAs):

So TJ Wilham is a political appointee huh. He's has no law enforcement training, is not a sworn officer (that is took an oath of office and swore to uphold the law), was originally hired by Darren White as his public information officer, and then when shown walking papers was yet another person given preferential treatment by his Tasergate uncle, Ray Schultz. (If the pattern of Schultz giving underqualified people overpaid positions isn't clear enough, this takes the cake. Let's not forget former APDrs Karen Fisher and Karen Salazar either).

So Schultz places TJ in position where there is no oversight and from what our Eyes tell us, he routinely is doing research on citizens unrelated to field officers responding to calls. But rather, he is doing favors for Berry/Perry (and just how disconnected from Darren White is he?). And as the city confirms, TJ has no job description. And apparently is untouchable from being complained about by citizens. Really?

A political appointee using privileged and public department resources outside the scope of the unit's mission? We see that the RTCC has been nourishing for TJ:

But this stinks more like Josef Goebbels. Not in American do you do this TJ. Perhaps Mr. Heh and Mr. Dinelli should know, or demand to know, what public resources TJ used in support of the Berry campaign or continues to use.....

Mar 13, 2014

Entanglements continued....

Over the last week we showed how Jerry Walz, the brother of Albuquerque Journal editor in chief Kent Walz, is a highly paid contractor with the city of Albuquerque and buddy of Perry/Berry. That contract of course goes "bye bye" if Kent "Dubyah" were to print anything remotely close to holding Perry/Berry responsible for this mess.

Now before we continue with what we've found out that explains why good ole Kent "Dubya" gave and continues to give so much cover to disgraced former chief and now Taser hustler Raymond Schultz, we wanted to recognize KOB's anchor Chris Huffman Ramirez for the disgraceful reporter he is. One of our Eyes forwarded us these memes, and well, they just speak for themselves. You see, being disrespectful at official meetings and texting "hugs" to your APD buddy are one thing....

 But actively patronizing a malfeasant like Allen Banks.....

...and promoting lies for Perry/Berry.... really just repugnant. Shame on you Mr. Huffman Ramirez. You give all respectable and honorable journalists a black EYE!

Mar 11, 2014

Investigation Demanded

We would like to recognize retired Senior Sergeant Paul Heh for walking the talk when it comes to demanding action and accountability. Sergeant Heh recently hand delivered this letter to the New Mexico Attorney General's office and sent copies to the other agencies requesting that there be an investigation into the Tasergate matter involving former APD chief Raymond Schultz.

If you have nothing to hide, the Mr. Schultz should welcome this as an opportunity to show that all was on the up and up when he negotiated the Taser-cam contract. But like we know from the explosive testimony in the Torres trial, very little is on the up and up when Mr. Schultz has had his fingers in the mix. The following are important questions that need to be asked regarding this $1.9 Million contract:

1. When did Mr. Schultz first start talking with Taser about it?
2. What did CAO Rob Perry know about this contract and when did he know it?
3. What position does Mayor Berry hold on the matter?
4. Should all city employees be allowed to personally benefit from their interaction with city merchants, vendors, and contractors?

Thank you Sergeant Heh.

Mar 8, 2014

Entanglements cont.

Some very interesting posts came in over the last day and deserve to be highlighted.  First, the term "Tasergate" has been picked up in the media. Credit for that little doosey goes to our frequent, and sometimes hated, poster known as the "Tremendous Regulator." So before KOAT's Doug Hernandez tries to claim it as his idea....well it wasn't.

Also, we've been flooded with emails regarding other parties who seem to have their priorities entangled with Berry's objectives to keep the truth hidden and reality obscured.

One such party is Robert Caswell and his company Robert Caswell Investigations. You see this is a private investigation firm that the city has contracted with for years. Yet we were forwarded the following, Eye-raising information. It seems, 2013 was a very VERY good year for RCI:

Why would there be a 371% increase in fees paid? And during an election year? Hmmmm....

Then of course there is the matter of Kaufman's West owner, Nate Korn. You see aside from being a huge supplier of equipment to APD, Mr. Korn is also the vice-chairman of the NM Law Enforcement Academy Board. Mr. Korn is frequently the acting chair of the board. So while today's paper was quick to assign blame on AG Gary King and his involvement with the fiasco at the state's police academy, let's be real, Mr. Korn has been the one pushing for the reduction in curriculum and what can only be described as sheer fandom of state academy director Jack Jones.

Hey Kent, we have Eyes on your game; if it's good for the goose, its good for the gander.... We don't see Gary King having any financial relationship with APD unlike Korn. In fact we applaud AG King for his scrutiny of APD last summer which truly was one of the first, most objective, and honest of analysis of one of APD's most repugnant incidents. Read it here if you missed it:

Mar 6, 2014


Take a look at the pictures above, because like it or not, these persons are in control of what is happening in Albuquerque. They control what the city is doing and not doing, and they control what is being reported and not reported. And if you you think coverups and corruption by these people is limited to our little bubble of the state, think again.

And it's about money and control. Period.

"Oh Eye, we've heard this all before nothing is new" you might say. Well, this is new, and if this doesn't illicit outrage and investigation, than I guess the notion of "a bad government is better than no government" is really what's holding things in place.

Because it's not competence, as the city and the state are much much worse than they were years ago.

Starting from the left, we have Jerry Walz. He is the principal owner of the Walz & Associates law firm.

Then we have Kent Walz, Jerry's brother. He is the editor in chief of the Albuquerque Journal.

In the middle is Steve French, principal owner of the French & Associates law firm.

Then of course city mayor RJ Berry, his CAO Rob Perry, and city attorney David Tourek.

In the last 4 years, Jerry Walz and his law firm has received over $531,578 from the city of Albuquerque.

Over the same time period, Steve French and his firm has received over $1,174,891 from the city.

If the Albuquerque Journal were to truly be objective in any analysis of the city, we all know how Berry would fair. He'd be shown for the utter disgrace and failure he is. But given that Kent's brother brings in hundreds of thousands in cash, and the fact that Perry would pull the plug on that just like he tries to intimidate citizens at city council meetings, it's clear the Journal would never touch Berry or Perry.

And French? Well that's even easier. You see he's married to city attorney David Tourek's sister, Katherine E. Tourek. And David's other sister, Lisa Mack, is also a lawyer at French's firm.

Faithful readers, we're not going to bother posting the statutes, ordinances, and ethics rules, these relationships seem to violate. You decide for yourself if you are ok with the editor of the state's largest paper omitting or only softly covering Berry in his paper because his brother makes so much from the city and Berry. You decide for yourself if you are ok with direct and in-law family members making so much money from the city and Berry because they are related to the city attorney.

You decide for yourself if you are ok with the city's former police chief taking a high paying position with a company he had just finalized at multimillion dollar contract with before leaving the department while it's under a DOJ investigation and is hemorrhaging at the seems.

For once, quit shrugging and act like this is your home, because like it or not, these people are taking it from you.

Kudos to one of our Eyes who forwarded us the information below. It seems that despite Berry and Perry's statements of being fiscally conservative, it seems there was no amount of money spared in support of their favorite paper run by the Walz brothers. Is it just a coincidence that in an election year the Berry administration paid the paper almost 2x as much in fees than the years before?

 (source: city of albuquerque)

****UPDATE 2****
We just can't keep up. In case you missed it, today the PRC rightfully lost a lawsuit where none other than his royal legal contractness, Steve French,  represented them and a wrongful termination lawsuit. The jury found in favor of the former employee and awarded him $110,000. (See the story here: It seems lawyer French is trying to keep pace with city lawyer Levy. Not only did he lose this case, but he actually helped the plaintiff. You see back in November, the court awarded monetary and procedural sanctions against French for his conduct in this case when he, we know this is shocking, withheld information he was required to produce....Hmmm, another tactic learned by Levy: why produce when you can wait and be required to and just pass the buck to the taxpayers!

Mar 1, 2014

It's Not Just Unethical, It's Unlawful

Last night, KRQE reported what many of our Eyes have been saying for a bit, that disgraced former APD chief Raymond Schultz is now working for a former city vendor: Taser International.

In the interview (see it here: Schultz, confirms that he started working with Taser in October of last year "after he retired." Schultz also makes the curious statement, "I’m not in sales. I just talk about lessons learned and it’s up to individual agencies to decide what they want to do."

Please, quit with the word mincing Mr. Schultz. We all know your effective date where you no longer were on the city payroll was this past January, so this notion of you having retired in October is a lie. And really? If you're helping agencies make decision based off of your "lessons learned" then your helping Taser with their sales. We all know that the second your talks result in a lost sale by Taser you'll be kicked to the curb.

But none of this surprises us from a former employee that did nothing but cost the taxpayers millions in unnecessary judgements, ruin lives of good officers, destroy a once great department, be an active conspirator and perpetrator in civil rights violations of your own employees, and participate in endless criminal coverups.

What we want to know is will city council step up and demand enforcement of it's own ordinances REGARDLESS who the violator is. You see, the city has these as its ordinances:

   (A)   A former employee shall not within one year after the date of termination from employment represent any person or business in connection with a matter in which the former employee has performed an official act, unless the Chief Administrative Officer consents to such representation. No person or business with which a former employee is associated may knowingly undertake or continue a private representation in such a matter unless:
      (1)   The disqualified former employee is screened from participation in the matter and is apportioned no part of the compensation therefrom; and
      (2)   Written notice is promptly given to the Chief Administrative Officer.
   (B)   Nothing in this section shall prohibit a former employee from entering into a contract to represent the city in any matter.
   No employee or former employee shall disclose or use confidential information acquired by virtue of his or her municipal employment or office without prior written approval of the Chief Administrative Officer.  Nothing in this subsection shall prohibit a former employee from entering into a contract to represent the city in a confidential capacity.
   Any person who violates any provision of this code for which another penalty is not specifically provided shall, upon conviction, be subject to a fine not exceeding $500 or by imprisonment not exceeding 90 days or both unless a different specific penalty is provided.  Each separate violation shall constitute a separate offense and, upon conviction, each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense.  
The way we see this, Mr. Schultz has violated the ordinance at least 120 times....
Are you going to represent us counselors? Or are you going to show all of us how there are two standards...... 

UPDATE: A quick thanks to one of our Eyes for providing us with a copy of Schultz's exit paperwork confirming his retirement was in January 2014.