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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 25, 2018

MORE BREAKING NEWS. Monica Youngblood found guilty of DUI TODAY.

Seems to not be too much of a good day today for a few people. Today, Monica Youngblood was found guilty of her Driving While Intoxicated charges. It must suck to pay Paul Kennedy all of that money for nothing. I think we are seeing the worm turning folks.

Eye on Albuquerque Youngblood article


We here at the Eye have witnessed doublespeak, lies, and fraud like no other over the years, and we know a few things about the facts, before the facts usually get out. As a matter of fact, we usually know the lie the liars are going to tell, before they make the lie up to tell it. And let us tell you... all this city administration has done was lie about so many things over the last decade.

Below is the video of the city attorney himself, stating that the city’s refusal to release the Garcia investigation that was conducted by Caswell investigations was all just a big misunderstanding. You can clearly hear him state that he will be releasing this case information, and this came after weeks of ducking, dodging and bullshitting.

Fast forward to this week, and we now have the city responding to the IPRA request for the same info by the guys over at the Abq. Report. The city flat out says no, they will not release the info. If you read the city’s argument in the documents listed at the king below courtesy of the Abq. Report, they are claiming attorney client work privilege. Hmmmmmm....

Wait a minute. Didn’t the city attorney himself say it wasn’t?!? Here we go again with the double speak.

Below is the Abq. Report article describing the run a round they are being given by the city in regards to public information they requested.


Below is the city’s legal response to the Abq. Report IPRA lawsuit against them for violating IPRA law and playing their usual games. 

We here at the Eye are hearing the trouble is going to run long and deep on this, when it comes to light, because APD Internal Affairs has been doing this, and worse, for years. Our Eyes are telling us that individuals within IA have been fixing dates, and playing the fraud game to get the ball over the goal line for years, and now one of the classic sham artists from the end days of Schultz is back in the saddle over there. You will remember him from the Blume investigation, where IA conducted two investigations on officers they wanted to railroad, in order to distract the DoJ from Schultz’s crimes on Schultz’s orders, while lying to the media that there was only one investigation, because the officer’s commander exonerated them in the first one. That was just one filthy investigation he oversaw. Then there was the Rice case, the Hindi case, Vigil case, and dozens of others. That lieutenant was Mike Miller. Miller is now commander of APD Internal Affairs. Don’t ask him though. He knows nothing, and will only put it on former disgraced employee Raymond D. Schultz and corrupt former city mob attorney Kathryn (Virginia) Levy, because he too is a dishonorable coward and liar.

As these atrocities keep repeating themselves, the corrupt within the city, both past and present, continue with the culture of retaliating against those who speak out about it, and expose it. They continue to cover for lowlifes who commit crimes, not in the commission of their duties, yet they lie and fabricate claims on the honest, who are doing their jobs with integrity. It defies belief. Yes, these vermin will take a good individual out at the knees. They will trump up, or exaggerate allegations, and ruin a people’s lives to use them as a scapegoat, but will look the other way on their buddies who break the Guinness Book Of World records on being poor human beings and felonious criminals... Perverts too.

This is why the place is so fucked up and twisted. 

Just this past week, we observed a story about a former APD Sargent, who resigned in lieu of termination for timesheet fraud accusations, but quickly landed a job working for the New Mexico tax and revenue department as an investigator, investigating FRAUD!!!!! Yes fraud! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... just ha ha ha! He has now been indicted on multiple counts and there is word that a few of his pals may have some serious woes coming their way too. This is what happens when you promote a culture of retaliation and sabotage for speaking out.

You can read the story at the below link.

You may ask yourself, just how does this happen?

Well folks, this happens as a result of the exact behavior we are talking about. The behavior of duplicity. Way back, we did stories on all of this. You can access those stories by clicking on the links in blue at the bottom of the post.

We have been telling you all that those running the place tell you one thing, while they do another. Schultz and company were the founders of this two faced philosophy, and it is still alive and kicking within APD. It is still going on because a proper law enforcement and prosecutorial element has not made entry and neutralized these vermin.

You see, there is this one little part of that KRQE story that is very puzzling, and disturbing. It is the question of just who are the three clowns who have such “kudos” and high recommendations as high ranking references and bosses from APD? Who were the three dopes who were references on the application of former Sgt. Geha, who is under criminal investigation, and why did they recommend the state hire him? Actually, why did they lie? Could you imaging if one of them, or all of them knew that he was going to be fired? Just how twisted is this place? Hmmmmmm. Let’s play a little game shall we?

Below, is our little poll. It’s not scientific, but you get the point. We’ll call it guess the liars. Now remember. There were three, but you can only pick one. The highest three will be the public’s choices, and we will compare it to who the real liars are when it comes out.

Have fun everyone. This should be a good time for all. Hopefully we will see who the two face is in the very near future. Could you even imaging someone recommending someone for an integrity driven job position, when they are facing termination for theft allegations? We can, because we know how these liars operate.

Remember, we know.


The Eye


We are being told that former APD Sargent Geha was indicted. You will remember us discussing this incident a long time ago. You can read it below...

Good things happen for those who wait....

We will have more on this later as it unfolds but we are hearing there are multiple charges and counts.

Update: spelling correction. Thank you.

Sep 22, 2018



There are no misconceptions here at the Eye about who we like and dislike, and the reasons why. For years we have been kicking in doors on corrupt political shithouses. We enjoy it. 

As many people are exposed, or are connected to others who are pulling shenanigans to fill their pockets with your tax dollars on the backs of society, they like to play the fucking word game. We will have none of this play on words shit anymore. 

We here at the Eye think the word game is for the gutless with something to hide. It is for those who do not have the balls to stand up, and own their actions or relationships with their associates. These people duck and dodge their affiliation with people who would bring negative attention, or stigmatize them, hence taking votes away from them when they want to run for office. They do all of this while they work with people who are part of the problem here in order to get what they want in their little alliances. Essentially, they want to have their cake and eat it too. 

How would you like it if your next Auditor for the state of New Mexico previously cut deals with 
the mayoral candidate for Albuquerque, in order to support that mayor in an election, in exchange
for the mayor promoting one of his major campaigners and buddies to sargeant on the Albuquerque Police Department; a guy always seen right next to him, all of the time? What would you say if that person that was promoted, was found to have been excessive in their use of force concerning a Taser that was used approximately 10 times on a mental patient in a federal circuit court by a judge, and his actions contributed to the death of that person? What would you say if all of this was swept away while others were persecuted in order to keep the Feds from coming 
into the picture? What would you say if this person was a sargeant right now? We will tell you right now. We do not like it, and it happened. 

Here is the meaning of the term “of counsel.”

Of counsel is, in the legal profession of the United States, often the title of an attorney who has a 
relationship with a law firm, or an organization, but is not an associate or a partner. Some firms use titles such as "counsel", "special counsel", and "senior counsel" for the same concept.

The current Democratic candidate for state auditor is an attorney “of counsel” for the Robles Rael & Anaya law firm. His name is Brian Colon. We will tell you why this is important below. Divesting himself of this firm means jack shit as far as we are concerned, when you still work for them and do things for them. We all know how things go around here. 

Remember, Robles gets millions of dollars in state contacts, and the state is refusing IPRA requests showing what for. You can read about this mess below.

Remember how Hector Balderas talked so much about transparency during his election campaign for New Mexico Attorney General? Now Balderas contracts with the law firm who Represented Ray Schultz in order to hide what he is paying them for! And guess who is an “of counsel” attorney for this firm? You got it. The current candidate for NM State Auditor, Brian Colon.  

Colon ran for Mayor the llast time around. it was against the current mayor, and he failed. You can read a lot about it here, by clicking on the links at the bottom of this story. He supported the Santolina project, and if he is “of counsel” for the above law firm. that means they pay him for services. But it is not about that money at all. It is about the INFLUENCE. The type of INFLUENCE that has been destroying our city and state from the inside out. You see, the word game is their way of calling you a fucking idiot to your face, while they pull their slimy bullshit behind your back, all the while having you thinking you have no clue what is going on, while thinking they are all such jolly good fellas. Another facet of this is called the Patron system of government. 

In a patron system of government, you are taken care of, because of who you know, regardless of your qualifications. This leads to all sorts of issues that have been the culture here. All of it this responsible for the problems plaguing the state. Examples are: being covered for, getting contracts or having a blind eye turned to your activities, politically influenced investigations and fraud. None of this is acceptable in the State Auditor’s office, and if you think it won’t happen, just ask Hector Balderas why he hasn’t prosecuted Ray Schultz,  and he won’t answer you. There is your proof right there. 

You see, Colon worked for the above law firm. That law firm represented Raymond D. Schultz in 
the Taser pay to play contract deal where Schultz “greased” the deal in his own words. Yes Schultz, in his emails greased the deal for Taser equipment for millions, between the city and Taser executives.  Colon will use words like divest and “of counsel.” It is all complete horse shit, 
because we all know that Colon is not only friends with Luis Robles of the Robles Rael &  Anaya law firm, but he is friends with the Attorney General Hector Balderas,  who is sitting on his hands purposefully, so as not to cause ripples in this election for anyone! There is no doubt that if an indictment came down for Schultz, Robles would step in... Well... maybe not now. 

Sure, the end game is all of these individuals making tons of money as easily as they can, but the way they do it is through influence and influence in the way of the Auditor General’s office is unacceptable. The slightest whiff of anything like this in that office is unacceptable. 

Because of relationships we know of, along with deals that were cut, and behavior we disagree with, we recommend voting for Wayne Johnson for New Mexico State Auditor. 

Below is an article that we noticed today that triggered this.


We like the Grant County Beat response below and we agree!

Grant county beat opinion link

As our citizens are suffering for what the responsible and unpunished have set in motion, those paid by these miscreants are living it up and laughing in your faces. Enough is enough. 

Wayne Johnson has been wacking some hornet’s nests,  and does not seem to have a problem looking into something regardless of what entitled little snot is connected to it. That is something we can appreciate. 

Of course those under scrutiny will cry foul,  because they believe they are immune from scrutiny because this man is running for office. We say, why cry if you have nothing to hide? 

Today,  there is a trifecta of groupies calling the shots on what will be looked into and what they will turn a blind eye to. So far,  all they have done was attack the low hanging fruit, while ignoring 
the root causes,  and looking the other way on prosecuting public corruption. The Attorney General has offered to take over prosecution on three high profile cases in recent months,  but is silent on Albuquerque public corruption investigations sitting on his desk. 

Watch for the distractions coming soon folks. They are on their way. They just can’t help themselves. 

We would advise that everyone who can vote, get out there and Vote for Wayne Johnson for New Mexico State Auditor. He is the guy who will continue to go after corruption. We think Wayne is a good guy and the man for the job. 

On a side note, we would like to thank Mr. Johnson for taking care of our Fallen Officer’s Memorial in Tijeras. You can see and read about what Johnson did below.


Sep 11, 2018

Let us remember Tuesday September 11th, 2001

As you are going about your life today, remember those who lost theirs. Today, we remember the victims and heroes who lost their lives in the terrorist attack on our own soil. We remember those still suffering, the survivors, and the families of everyone involved, and our nation as a whole. 

We will never forget.

Sep 8, 2018


As everyone knows, we do not suggest blind support of electoral candidates based on party lines. We believe in voting for who would be the best option for our citizens.

We would like to remind everyone to get out there to support and vote for Janice Arnold-Jones for Congress.

Janice has strong military and family value roots. She has always been supportive of our military, and first responders.

Mrs. Arnold-Jones served as a member of Albuquerque City Council, and in the New Mexico House of Representatives.

The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government awarded her the William S. Dixon First Amendment Freedom Award, and Rio Grande Foundation awarded her the Liberty Award.

As you all know OPEN GOVERNMENT is a big issue in our state right now.

We believe Mrs. Arnold-Jones has the integrity, and work ethic needed for the position she is running for, and she cares about her community.

Below is a link to her campaign page. Check it out for yourself.


Thank You,
The Eye

Sep 6, 2018

A little help for this little girl and her dog please.

We saw this on the news today, and think it needs some attention.

The crime rate is out of control in our city, to the point that cowards and scum of the earth think they can operate with impunity in our streets. We do not see an end to this anytime soon. We are tired of children suffering.

Below is a KOB story of a little girl who’s dog was shot in the eye by a local scum bag punk. Please check out the story below.


You may ask why we are posting this. 

Because we want to.

We are not going to politicize it, but it is because this is a ripple effect of what is going on. That is all we will say, and because of it, we feel obligated. Because of this, creeps who need to be neutralized, are tearing up the place without fear of reprisal. 

We would like to suggest our readers, please help in any way. This is what we do. A go fund me account link is below. This dog will lose that eye, and any help to offset these costs for the family would be the right thing to do. To donate, just click on the link below, and please pass this along to anyone else who would like to help.

We should help each other.

Thank You,

The Eye.

P.S. Please refrain from posting anything other than positive thoughts, or info leading to the arrest and prosecution of the scum who did this in the comments section of this one post. 

UPDATE 9/8/18

It looks like the child’s dog is back home with it’s family, and doing well. This is good to see.