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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 26, 2017



Hello all! We have added a new discussion board for your posting pleasure. Please sign up, and add your $.02. It is all anonymous. We value public opinion, unlike the liars in our city administration. You see, what is good for one is good for all. Nothing like a little social media to even the playing field on the crybabies, like Simon Drobik, Celina the liar, crybaby Espinosa, and Gorden the bonafide liar Eden.

Our Eyes tell us that Celina may have been the creep that posted that pathetic crybaby Facebook post the other day. Quite the little liar that one is. We were told that Rob the drunken bloated tick Perry made his way to Celina's office and loudly admonished her. We wonder if he wore his spaghetti stained Haines tank top for the act. Word is that Celina could be heard wimpering in her office after fatboy left. The screaming could be heard through the walls.

The hypocrisy never ends. Shortly after getting the video footage of the tragic accident, and right after attacking the media for not giving it to them, this administration quickly made copies, and distributed those copies to everyone, and their mothers within the media, out of spite to KOB. SO MUCH FOR DROBIK'S CLAIM OF PRESERVING THE SANCTITY OF AN INVESTIGATION. We wonder where the "EPICENTER" of the motivation for such bitter, vindictive, juvenile behavior comes from.

Today, the Journal prints a story, and APD rotates in two more willing waterboys, Tanner lightbulb head, talk out the side of his mouth Tixier, and Officer Tightpants Hairdoo Menudo Duran, to add to the bullshit.

Stay tuned because we hear a shitstorm is coming over recent events and wreckless scumbags have again put the public at danger by doing things they would fire officers for doing. For this administration, the do as WE say philosophy is the philosophy of the day.

Join our new forums and express your concern. There is nothing like the wide open sunlight.

The Eye

Apr 22, 2017

You can't help if you can't get there.

One of the first things taught to a recruit officer by an instructor, if in fact that instructor was a cop who actually did police work on the street for a substantial amount of time was "you can not help anyone, if you do not make it to your call." This was a saying used to demonstrate the common sense behind driving defensively, not offensively while responding to emergency police radio calls for service, and getting to that call in one piece to effectively do what you were called there to do.

The administration running the Albuquerque Police Department just does not seem to get it. For them, it is all about appearance, "what it looks like," and making sure they come out of it shining, while they continue to bamboozle the Federal Department of Justice, evade transparency, while acting as if they are the champions of it, and manipulate people's emotions by distorting what the main issue is, in lieu of playing on your feelings, like they did with this case. When all else fails, the administration, has a hissy fit, a tantrum, and then lashes out like in their Facebook screen shot below.


This week a mother and her two children were struck broad side in their car by an APD police unit at the intersection of Eubank and Indian School, while they were making a left turn, and the APD officer was responding to a priority 1 person with a weapon call. All those in this city administration could do was cry about not being given exclusive footage of this tragic event, because it could affect the investigation, while prematurely, and callously claiming the officer had the green light. This is quite ironic, and the hypocrisy is clear in the Albuquerque Police brass, and city administration stance on this, considering their criminal behavior regarding the way they hide video, or obstruct Inspection of Public Records Requests (IPRA) concerning high profile cases, when they want to manipulate the information flow to affect public opinion, and guide investigations to their desired preconceived outcome. Maybe those behind the scene were just worried about how it would affect "their version" of how this event went down, but unlike them we will present the facts, and wait for the objective outcome.

We have a little advice for you Simon (SAY AS THE BOSS SAYS) Drobik, you can have 1000 green lights, but if you travel through them all at 40MPH over the speed limit you are WRONG when you hit a car. You can thin slice it any way you want, but the law, and operating procedures clearly lay it out. We want to state that we do not have the speed stats for either vehicle that day, but neither did Drobik, nor did he have a completed crash investigation.


Below are the state vehicles statute for emergency vehicle operation in the state of New Mexico along with the Albuquerque Police Department Standard Operating Procedure 2-56.

As usual, APD's consummate spin doctor, and resident shoveler of horse shit makes his appearance on the local news, claiming the officer had a green light before there was an accident investigation completed. you can see above, it is only irresponsible of everyone else in the world to have something to say in reference to releasing information during an investigation that could slant or affect the statements of officers or witnesses involved in such critical incidents. This is not the first time bigmouth, water carrying, cabin boy Drobik has done this. And since grease ball PIO Drobik is such a media darling, he is never called on it. The way we see it is that the media may have wanted to keep the administration honest in this matter.

Well, we are going to call them on it.

There is a such a thing called overdriving your visibility distance. That means you are driving so fast that your stopping distance is further than you can see. There is also a phenomenon called overdriving your emergency equipment. This usually happens around 60-65 miles per hour, as you are driving faster than conditions needed to factor in as safety issues permit. They fade, and your emergency equipment becomes ineffective. Reaction times to hearing sirens for oncoming traffic, visibility, stopping distances, decibel levels are all drastically affected with the application of speed.

Emergency vehicles need a certain decibel level to be audible through rolled up windows. The maximum warning distance you can get with a 100 decibel siren @ a ten foot distance in front of it is 160'. At only 30 miles per hour (44 ft/sec) that only gives you 4 seconds of reaction time. Factor in that everyone reacts differently, their reaction time, fear, lack of a reaction, and some may not even know where the siren is originating from, and you may see someone left with no reaction time to an oncoming emergency vehicle. 1MPH=1.467 feet per second.

If the woman driving the vehicle struck by the police unit was 250 feet from the police unit when she saw it, and that police unit was only traveling 50MPH, she only had 3.4 seconds to react. The Monday morning quarterbacks need to know that if her field of view forward was that which would have allowed her to maneuver a left hand turn legally, without constituting a hazard to oncoming traffic, there is a big problem. You can not blame someone for getting hit by something they did not hear, or see coming due to excessive speed, when or if all legal avenues were adhered to by the other driver, they would have had a fair chance to stop, or get out of the way. Let's see how Simon Drobik likes how that balances out his green light theory.

This is where this administration proved once again that they just do not get it. They are so insensitive to what happens to people around here, that all they care about is manipulating the flow of information to play on the public's feelings, in order to protect their private interests.

Just a month prior to this tragedy, the city settled the civil case stemming from the 2013 crash where Adam Casaus crashed into Ashley Browder and her sister, killing Ashley, after he sped through a red light. His cell phone information mysteriously disappeared, but Drobik does not call anyone irresponsible for that, does he? This was settled for $8.5 million. You would think they would learn some compassion? No. No guilt is ever admitted. Nobody owns their fuck ups, and nobody ever apologizes, and makes things right. They clam up and the city settles with a non admission of guilt clause.

The comments from this administration still promote an "us against them" tit for tat mentality. Drobik's statement about the officer having the green light was not only inappropriate, but disgusting, insensitive, and malfeasant, considering two small children, and their mother were in the hospital, with one dying. That is right. This administration knew this child was not going to make it, and withheld that information for days.

Preliminarily looking at the footage of the accident below, you can see from where the police cruiser enters at the right, to where it impacts the turning vehicle. It can be estimated at about 5 car lengths. The average car length is around 15 feet. That is about 75 feet. The cruiser appeared to have closed the distance from the right of the screen to contact in approximately 0.75 seconds. A modest calculation of speed would be 68MPH prior to contact, had the officer not accelerated or applied his brakes prior to being captured by video. That is one second of reaction time.

The public, and media should demand the name of the scum bag employee who posted the admonishing remark on the APD Facebook page that was abruptly pulled down. This conduct is getting old, and frankly the assholes sitting in the wings responsible for it need to be dealt with publicly.

How many more times do we have to lose children because of the fallout caused by this administration, and their cronies who cut and fled? From road rage incidents, to multiple homicides, rapes, mutilations and abuse..... there are no officers on the streets, because nobody wants to work for a criminal enterprise, so what officers we do have are flying around, trying to keep a lid on things. The response times are nonexistent. Children are now paying the price for all of this, and this administration makes it worse with their arrogant conduct, and the blood on their cowardly hands, because all they care about is getting over the goal line. They are short timers, and do not care about anything but getting to retirement.

We are sorry for this tragedy that occurred. Nobody wants to see something like this happen. Pointing fingers like this administration likes to do, does nothing but make it worse. We try to even the odds on issues like this, so we point the finger right back at them for those who can not. A 6 year old boy named Joel died. It is not about the traffic lights, or the asshole in the store with a knife. It is about a child who only got to live for six years, and a mother who lost her baby. There are no excuses when things like this happen. When the so-called leaders of this city realize that it is how you handle these things that paves the future, they will realize they have been deficient all this time, because they were raised wrong as human beings. In essence, they got to live past 6 years, but they squandered their lives. The filth in this administration will never understand a loss like this, because their parents failed in raising them. The loss of Joel should teach all of us a little bit about selfishness. Joel, who never got a chance is worth more than all of you selfish bastards.

Because of "liability" nobody wants to say they are sorry. Not once has anyone in this administration just once said "I AM SORRY." Regardless of guilt, the decent human, standup thing to do is offer your sorrow for a loss. Mortal enemies on a battle field respect each other enough to at least offer such to the other side, as in the warrior code so many pseudo wannabe warriors here proclaim to be, but we never see it do we. A police agency, and city administration postures up, digs in makes counter claims, gets defensive, and tells the public "sue us," and they wonder why we have what we have here in Albuquerque.

After reading this, please keep the Family of this child, his sister, father and mother, the officer and his family all in your prayers, as they all have many different pains and obstacles to overcome in the future as they try to recover and deal with this tragedy in their own ways.
We hate to be so direct sometimes, but this needs to be done, because those in charge pick and choose who they want to trash and burn according to the in-crowd rules of the day, and the political, agenda at the time of the critical incident, and of course to protect the administration from getting egg on their face at all times, regardless of the amount of lives they adversely affect.

God bless and help all of those involved in this tragedy,

The Eye

Apr 16, 2017


Our city has some of the best people. The problem is that they have to overcome obstacles that they shouldn't out of the greed and perversions unleashed upon them by the vermin in charge of this city; namely Mayor Richard J Berry, his coward administrative officer in hiding Robert Perry, the lying city attorney Jessica Hernandez, and this fool of a police chief Gorden Eden. They do this day in and day out, while an administration abandons them, and lies to them. 

Ramond D. Schultz, along with a cadre of cronies over the years have pushed this city into a downward slope, over their own greed, selfishness, and criminal activity, to the point that it may never fully recover. Mountains of evidence of this has been uncovered, and forwarded to the pertinent investigators, and prosecutors, both state and federal. We are waiting. 

While we wait, and continue to push for action, uncover intel, and leak wrongdoings within the city and state, we would like to take a moment to wish everyone dealing with this, and the fallout from these malfeasants a happy Easter. We hope your day is without stress or drama, and you can forget about these idiots for a while. For those who have lost loved ones, we are sorry for your loss. 

We hope as the spring arrives, the shit will depart. We are due for a well needed spring cleaning. Those with the cleaning equipment know just the kind of cleaning we are talking about. 

The "STAINS ON THE CITY" need to be removed, and replaced with ethical, truthful, functioning, heads of a city and police department. Nothing less will suffice.

We would like to remind you to not give Brian Colon any consideration whatsoever in this election, due to his connections with those self servers vying for a spot when their time is long over. Remember, Colon is working with attorney Luis Robles, who is representing the person who brought this city to the point it is... Raymond D. Schultz. Schultz is under a grand jury investigation, and thinks it is smugly okay to act like nothing is wrong at all in his little paradise, the paradise he treats exponentially different than he did here. 

Good luck to the liars within this administration, who have never learned that when you lay with dogs, you get fleas, and when you tango with a scorpion, you get stung, as the only loyalties this administration has are to themselves, as they turn on those who expose them to the truth, scrutiny and getting caught..... no matter who you are.  You are only as good as the day you put in, and a few water carriers are finding this out as their handlers turn on them, as they screw up,and can not keep track of their lies. 

We hear the unemployment line is a bitch. 
Here is to colorful Easter MOABs, and may the feds drop a few on these criminals very soon.