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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Nov 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Eye would like to wish everyone and their families a Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22, 2011

New Training or New Trainer?

It is no surprise that the Albuquerque Police Department has been in the spotlight. In fact, there is hardly a day that goes by that APD isn't on the front page of the newspaper or the top story in the news. City Council Meetings have been so heated lately and almost every meeting many individuals are there to express their "anti-APD" feelings. We can't remember a time when APD has had such a bad reputation as they do now.

So what is the Chief's answer to this low morale, high aggression, bad decision making department? More training, better training, higher discipline. Chief Schultz even went to the media boasting about his new plans for better officers. One problem, he forgot to tell the media about his plan on training these new officers.

Recently there was an opening listed for current officers that were interested in becoming Field Training Officers. These are SUPPOSED to be veteran officers that train the newly sworn officers that just graduate from the academy, or new officers that transfer to the department. We were told that the majority of those that are being selected as new Training Officers each have a grand total of TWO years on the department. TWO WHOLE YEARS and the Chief will be granting them "training privileges". You have got to be kidding. Where in the world does the Chief get off thinking it is acceptable for a two year officer to train a new cadet or a new transfer? This has to be one of the most ludicrous thought processes of Chief Schultz.

What is your thinking when you let a rookie officer train another rookie officer? We ask you Chief Schultz, where does this practice of hiring new officers to train new officers fall in your theory of "better training"? Chief Schultz, you are continuing to ruin the integrity of the Albuquerque Police Department. Chief Schultz, you are continuing to ruin the integrity of the Field Training Program. You Mayor Berry, are no better for allowing him to continue to bring this Department down. Will there ever be a time when Mayor Berry realizes he is continuing to put the safety of the citizens at risk, because of his continuous RISKY behavior?

Nov 19, 2011

Transition- What Transition?

The Eye received an email that showed us a story that the Alibi just posted. Here is the posted story, straight from

Lost in Translation
Commissioner contends a key APD report never made it to the mayor
By Carolyn Carlson

When the latest rash of officer-involved shootings had just begun in 2009, a transition team created a report for the incoming mayor about the Albuquerque Police Department. It pointed to corruption, fear of retaliation on the force, criticisms from the public and problems with APD's leadership.

Read the full text of the original report by clicking here.But Mayor Richard Berry may have never seen that version of the report.

Two years later, retired APD Sgt. Paul Heh tried to address the City Council about the two versions of the report. Heh’s presentation was cut off, and he was not allowed to discuss the differences between drafts. Heh says he wonders if Berry would have chosen to reappoint Police Chief Ray Schultz if the original had reached the mayor's desk as written.

Heh was not on that transition team but has obtained copies of two conflicting documents.

Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne Johnson was a member of the transition team along with eight others. He says the group was approaching a consensus for a final version but didn’t get a chance to finish. The process was cut short when members were told to wrap it up and submit what they had. Johnson says the team was working on a draft that pointed out systemic problems within the department and asked whether Police Chief Schultz needed to be replaced.

“The draft submitted to the mayor was not voted on and was not the direct work product of the committee,” Johnson says. “We were asked to do an honest assessment of the police department, good and bad. And we were doing that. Then we were not given enough time to finish the report.”

Read what was submitted to the mayor by clicking here.The team made 41 recommendations. The modified report that went to Berry had 38. Still, critical observations in the original never crossed the mayor's desk. Johnson says he doesn't know who softened the report.

The team reviewed the work of nationally known police expert Neal Trautman, including a paper titled “How & Why a Department or Jail Becomes Corrupt.” Members of the group found that aspects of APD could indicate shady leadership, according to Trautman’s “Continuum of Corruption” guidelines.

Fear among the rank-and-file is one of the major clues that a department is rotting, according to Trautman's paper. Others include: bitterness and harsh criticism by large groups of citizens; bursts of open defiance of administrators; workers rationalizing unethical actions during conversations with each other; and a departmental attitude of keeping corruption out of the media. Avoiding bad press, Trautman writes, becomes more important than addressing and disciplining corrupt acts.

“We were asked to take an honest, hard look at the department, then not allowed to finish the task."
-Bernalillo County Commissioner Wayne JohnsonThe team, in its first draft, observed that members of APD’s command were defensive and ignored requests for meetings. Some commanders met with team members but feared retaliation from their superiors, according to the original report. Field officers told the team they were afraid to identify problems and that higher-ups seemed distant from the cops on the front lines. Supervisors reported that they felt out of the loop.

Bob Martinez served as chair of the police transition team. He is president of the local chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police. The modified report bears his name on the cover sheet.

“The report with my name on it is the official report of the transition team,” Martinez says. It was his job as chairman to wrap things up, he says, and reflect the views of the majority of the group. He says the transition team rubber stamped what was sent to Berry. “It was done and approved by the committee.” There may have been a minority opposition to what was given to Berry, he adds, but the official report is what the transition team agreed to turn in.

Johnson and other members contend this is not the case. Instead, he says, the transition team never finally approved anything, and critical observations of APD brass were deleted from the final draft.

The Alibi spoke with another member of the transition team who wishes to remain anonymous, “Steve.” He says at least half of the nine-member transition team felt there were significant problems in the police department, and a change in leadership was recommended. He also says the report was reviewed by newly appointed Public Safety Director Darren White before it was sent to Berry.

The softer version was given to the mayor before he reappointed Chief Schultz. Steve also wonders if Berry would have made a different decision if he had seen all the information the team collected.

Dayna Gardner, Berry’s spokesperson, did not directly address the question of whether White or anyone else reviewed and changed the report. Gardner also didn't say whether Berry knew about an earlier version identifying systemic problems.

More than 200 volunteers analyzed each of the city’s departments after the 2009 mayoral election, she says. Berry’s transition effort was led by Sherman McCorkle, a longtime supporter of White. “Each chairman, or their respective designate, submitted a final consensus report reflecting their committee’s work, findings and recommendations,” Gardner says.

All of this matters, Sgt. Heh says, because the police transition team did a thorough review of the department in 2009, highlighting problems that have continued to plague the department. Both he and Commissioner Johnson say the first version, though rushed, reflected work by members of the community and pinpointed solvable problems. “We were asked to take an honest, hard look at the department," Johnson says, "then not allowed to finish the task."

Heh says it appears to him that the Berry administration hired police leaders who would rather hide or deny APD's problems than address them. “It doesn’t help to put a Band-Aid on a major wound.”

Well, now it is evident why City Council was so afraid to let Paul Heh speak at the council meeting.

The ORIGINAL report submitted by the transition can be found by clicking here.

The ALTERED report given to Mayor Berry can be found by clicking here.

Yet again, Mayor Berry we really hope you have the City checkbook wide open and the checks signed. (You may want to invest in Overdraft Protection, something tells us you will need it).

A special thank you goes to The Alibi for letting the truth speak!

Nov 16, 2011

Downtown Bars= Full Immunity, Isn't That Right Mayor Berry and Chief Schultz?

Chief's Overtime is a program that seems to benefit many. Theoretically, private businesses contract the Albuquerque Police Department to provide a security of sorts for their business or event. The business pays the City of Albuquerque $52.00 an hour for officers and even more for Sergeants and Lieutenants. The City obviously profits from this service, as it is well known that the Officers do not make near that amount. Some businesses, like Graham Central Station, rely on Chief's Overtime Officers to maintain a safe environment. In fact, the opening and continued operation of Graham Central Station was contingent on the employment of officers at their business.

Recently, the Chief of Police,Ray Schultz, ordered that ALL contracts with liquor establishments be immediately null and void and no longer honored. Scratch that, not ALL businesses, just those businesses that Chief Schultz ordered. For example, contracts with Tumbleweeds and Graham Central Station are no longer honored, however Chief's Overtime is still applied at all Lobo functions and Isotope games. For those unaware, all Lobo events and all Isotopes games sell alcohol.

Now for the really big twist; the Downtown district (a district famous for the large amount of bars in a relatively small area) is provided with FREE police service. By free, we mean the bars do not pay the city a SINGLE penny for the exclusive use of an entire police squad; sometimes more. For example, EVERY single Friday and Saturday at least one ENTIRE squad makes themselves unavailable for calls for service and is ordered to stay solely in the downtown district.

Is the crime downtown SO BAD that it needs ENTIRE squads to be there non stop during operational hours? The answer is simple, YES! One on Saturday (October 8, 2011), while the bars were open, ONE squad handled nine dispatched calls, ten on site calls, one misdemeanor arrest, ten separate disturbances, and four separate fights. One of the fights was so violent that the victim had to be transported to the hospital with a skull fracture. On August 26, 2011, there was one stabbing, one Fire Marshall call (overcrowding at the One-Up bar), a tasing call, four traffic stops, ten separate disturbances, three misdemeanor arrests, two investigations, one theft, one traffic problem, and eighteen on site actions. In fact, our Eyes tell us the Fire Marshall is dispatched EVERY week due to overcrowding.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, these are just two examples and the Eye has many more statistics involving downtown. With all of these problems, why is the City allowing the businesses to remain open? Why is the Criminal Nuisance Abatement Unit allowing these businesses to remain open when in fact, they violate the Nuisance Abatement Ordinance EVERY SINGLE WEEK?

According the the Ordinance, "A public nuisance shall include and is further defined as any parcel of real property, commercial or residential, that is the subject of or that has been involved with calls for service to any law enforcement agency(ies) for violations of the criminal statutes cited in § 11-1-1-3(A) defining public nuisance and shall include a repeated pattern of calls for service and complaints of vagrants, suspicious persons, suspicious cars, general calls for welfare checks, disorderly conduct, domestic violence, domestic altercations, domestic disputes, loud parties, loud music, neighborhood complaints, noise ordinance violations, and public drunkenness and shall be subjected to the imposition of penalties for public nuisance as provided by § 11-1-1-11 ROA 1994."

Chief Schultz and Mayor Berry have thrown a wool blanket over everyone's eyes. They are turning less violent businesses away, and are allowing VIOLATING businesses to thrive, and even provide FREE security. The city has once again discriminated against. By allowing this to continue, the city has shown a complete disregard for the safety of its officers and the safety of the public. Next time you make a call to 911 and the officers take a long time to respond, just have a peace of mind to know that they are probably taking a long time responding as they are too busy dealing the havoc, chaos, and violence of downtown. A havoc, chaos and violence that is not only condoned by the Chief of Police, but financially supported as well.

For the complete Nuisance Abatement Ordinance, click here.

Nov 8, 2011

Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say! (We Mean You, Chief Schultz)

Chief Ray Schultz recently gave interviews to the news outlet in reference to his "new" recruiting techniques and ambitions. Before we go any further, yes this is the same chief that two or so years ago gave an order to get to 1100 officers regardless. This is the same Chief Schultz that was reversing the decisions of detectives from The Recruiting and Background Unit and ALLOWING subjects into the academy that had been previously flagged. This is the same Chief Schultz that allowed cadets UNDER 21 years of age to enter the academy, just to make that magic number. Well Chief Schultz, how did that work out for you? According to his interview with KRQE Channel 13, Chief Schultz said "What we will be doing is hiring better, more qualified folks”. Let us get this straight, so you admit you have knowingly hired less than qualified folks? The Eye thinks this is a straight confession and admission of guilt and could be used in the many pending lawsuits against the City. Chief Schultz also stated (according to KRQE), "The changes include trying to recruit less aggressive and less confrontational officers, as well as looking for people who are more compassionate, better problem solvers and those who can more easily de-escalate a situation." Again Chief Schultz, are you saying your current police officers are aggressive and confrontational? Are you saying your current police forcce is less compassionate and by your own admission, your police department are not good problem solvers and have a harder time de-escalating a situation. WOW! Chief Schultz not only did you throw every officer under the bus, you have yet again managed to undermine the entire Police Department. The Eye can not understand why Chief Schultz didn't stand up for the officers or the Police Department. He might as well just write a blank check to every Plantiff in EVERY lawsuit against the City and against APD. It is not the officers that need correction, it is the administration. APD administration needs to be completely demolished. This department needs LEADERS, real leaders. Your fate has been sealed Mayor Berry, the moment you went back on your word and decided to keep that liability of a Chief around, your fate was sealed. The Eye has a suggestion for you Chief Schultz. Instead of admitting everything YOU THINK is wrong, why don't you stand up for the officers YOU HAVE TRAINED. Why can't you look the camera in the eye and state "If you point a gun at an officer YOU WILL DIE". Why don't you look into the camera and tell the citizens that had it not been for the actions of the suspects, they would never have been shot. Each and every person shot by APD chose their destiny, each and every one of them chose to play Russian Roulette with the police. Sometimes they won, sometimes they lost. It seems Chief Schultz is now LETTING THEM ALL WIN!

Nov 3, 2011

Is There No Line He Won't Cross?

The Eye has been keeping tabs on the APD Social Media Policy that has recently come out. We have yet to figure out how Chief Schultz is able to overpower the Constitution of the United States. It seems that officers are not allowed to voice their opinions, about anything. This includes ALL officers at ALL times regardless if others know their profession or not. Officer Pete Dwyer was recently terminated for his personal rants on a social media outlet. Although his opinions were to many tasteless and racist, they were after all his opinions. The same opinion and freedom that has been guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Recently an officer was contacted by his Lieutenant. It had come to the Lieutenant's attention that there was at least one inappropriate picture on this officer's Facebook page. This officer is a well known, tenured officer and makes no apologies for being an Atheist. The photograph was a depiction of Jesus on a cross followed by some Atheist "inside" joke. The officer was told to immediately remove the photo or face certain discipline (which according to the social media policy can mean termination). The eye, although not in agreement of the atheist ways and point of view, completely believes that Chief Schultz has crossed the line. There is a certain line of church and state, it is there for a reason. You may not agree with a certain religion, or lack there of, but you should agree that the individuals have the right to express their opinions and feelings. This is one of the many aspects that make this country what it is today. Nothing on this officer's Facebook page makes any indication that he is an Albuquerque Police Officer. In fact, all of the information on the page is only accessible if you are a "friend" of this officer. What is the difference between this page and a private conversation the officer is involved in? To make it worse, after the officer was forced to remove the photograph, he was told he still MAY receive some sort of discipline. This is indeed a clear cut violation of every right this Officer should have. The Eye finds it ironic that while one officer is getting threatened with discipline, city employees are getting emails from the Chaplain unit. It seems that the Chief of Police not only picks and chooses WHAT officers can say, but he also picks and chooses WHO is allowed to speak. Chief Schultz you are supposed to be a leader, not a dictator. We predict many lawsuits to be coming out of this, and many checks to be written.

Nov 1, 2011

Vote, What Vote?

Albuquerque Citizens put the Redflex cameras to the test on October 4, 2011. The citizens overwhelmingly voted against all of the cameras. Although city council members as well as the Mayor, stated they would "listen" to the voters, the cameras are yet to come down. In fact, there are at least half a dozen employees that are dedicated solely to the red light cameras, none of which have received notice that their employment is no longer needed. The Eye was recently contacted in reference to the red light cameras. This anonymous man went to his mailbox only to find a notice from a Texas collection agency. The agency accused him of owing 300 dollars for a ticket he never recieved. The man contacted the agency and was told he had to pay the full amount immediately or else suffer the consequences of having his creadit tarnished for at least ten years. This was the first time he had even heard of receiving the ticket. Needless to say, that ticket will go unpaid, because he refuses to submit a payment of $300 for something he has no proof of doing. If this is happening to him, it is happening to many more people. Come on Mayor Berry, come on City Council. The citizens of Albuquerque have spoken------ NO MORE RED LIGHT CAMERAS.
Admit you are wrong, and look elsewhere for the revenue. Why hold a vote if the voice of the citizens does not count for anything. Mayor Berry, it is ok to admit you were wrong. It is ok to admit that the cameras have nothing to do with public safety, but has everything to do with money. It is ok to admit that public safety employees do not support you. It is ok to realize the citizens are smart individuals and this bluff involving credit agencies will not work. Our advice.... BRING IT ON, we are ready and the CITIZENS HAVE SPOKEN!