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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Aug 29, 2016

Thank you Judge Chris Schultz.

The Eye owes another thank you to yet another judge that sees it!
Thank you judge Chris Schultz for dropping the hammer on the third (turd) scum bag involved in the murder of little Victoria Martens. This place needs more judges like you sir! The people of Albuquerque are weary of being walked on, and getting no justice. The la maƱana attitude, and lack of caring about anything is ruining the place. A little girl who lost her voice thanks you too!
You have been vouched for by our credible sources. They say you are a good man. Keep it up. We need good men and women who will make a stand against the evil plaguing this place?

Judge Chris Schultz is former law enforcement, and an ex Bernalillo County DA. Remember this gentleman come retention time. We are glad he gave this scum bag no chance at seeing the outside while we wait for justice to come. This is the way it should be.

Sometimes it seems as though evil is winning, but we here at the Eye will not let it.

Aug 26, 2016

Government collusion with the media and your IPRA rights shit on..

We here at the Eye have known for a long time that the local yellow stained rag newspaper called the Albuquerque Journal has had unfettered access to sensitive information within the Albuquerque Police department, and City of Albuquerque administration. They have written stories backing the actions of culpable individuals responsible for the mess here, that have boggled the minds of the informed, and insult your intelligence. Our feelings for them are no mystery. In fact, we have affectionately renamed them the Albuquerque Urinal for good reason.

Over the years, things have come to the surface like the police department's secret files, Johnny Reb or Red files that have been collected on violators, which is the database that APD had illegally collected over the years on targets, and illegally maintains, despite agreeing to destroy them after a year, or the IPRA information that they illegally choke off to obstruct cases, fool the media, or reward their bought media contacts, who slant stories in their favor, while promoting their symbiotic agenda. City attorneys have defrauded the courts by withholding this information, saying it did not exist, losing evidence, saying things were stolen, putting on the ridiculous juvenile antics of a child, by attacking their accusers, crying foul, playing the victim, deflecting, and even having the balls to attack federal whistle blowers for exposing this behavior, as in the Reynaldo Chavez IPRA whistleblower case that is in the courts now; a case that Judge Alan Malott just ruled that the city has acted in bad faith in regards to openness and transparency. You should know how big this is:

bad faith
intent to deceive.
"the owners have bargained in bad faith"
(in existentialist philosophy) refusal to confront facts or choices.

The above definition is everything! That is it. This defines the cult of this administration of the City of Albuquerque. BAD FAITH! We have had a drunk, bloated, red faced coward bully, parasitic tick Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry Bully the media, that they will be cut off if they write unfavorable (THE TRUTH) articles about this administration. We have had the city attorney lie that damning information (evidence) in lawsuits does not exist, when it indeed does, or they destroyed it. Reporters have been intimidated, or cut off by this administration. Citizens have been given the runaround by city records at the direction of the city attorney's office regarding IPRA requests, with bullshit excuses that the requests are over-burdensome. This is complete bullshit, and there is no excuse for it in today's world. Maybe in some third world country, but that shit does not fly here. We have a Constitution. While all of this hiding and concealing is going on, the police chief sends out cops to do his job and talk to the media. When he does open his mouth, he lies, or runs away without answering followup questions. And where is the mayor? Hiding like a coward! You see the pattern here? When the unhindered flow of information benefits the crooks within city government, and their propaganda newspaper, the information flood gates are open to everyone. When there is a high profile case that will have to be finessed in order to keep the department in a favorable light or protect high ranking officials from criminal, civil, or ethical exposure involving public corruption, malfeasance, incompetency and a plethora of other issues, the gates close to all but one entity who will print what the city tells them to. That entity is the Albuquerque Journal run by Kent Walz, and it is inhabited by an editorial board of twisted lying political whores, perverts, and scum bags.

Now comes the obvious deviation. While other media outlets like KRQE faced city imposed, retaliatory based sanctions for having truth in their reporting, as they were lied to, or stalled in the reception of their requested information, while requests are being filed, and the city stalls with bullshit excuses, and outright lies, while discovery requests are converted to IPRA requests, to skirt their admission in cases to protect the corrupt, after those responsible for these practices (Kathryn Levy) have taught their trade to the next batch of scum bags coming up in city legal, then ran away..... One media outlet has has unexplainably been able to break stories with information released so fast that there could not have possibly been an IPRA request filed. The only explanation is the one we know. They were immediately provided this information out the back door by those within APD as a reward for their collusion. As everyone else faced the never ending bureaucratic bullshit affiliated with obtaining requested police reports, videos, and evidentiary viewings, this entity had the preferential inside access and clearance beyond comprehension, and were and are handed information others have been denied, or put through the obstacle course for. That entity is the Albuquerque Journal.

Now for the hypocrisy. As the city has provided this shitstain of a quasi newspaper sensitive information that HAS WITHOUT A DOUBT intentionally swayed public opinion, affected legal proceedings, and covered for the corruption, they now are on a witch hunt for the officers who told a reporter about the recent grisly murder of the child we lost two days ago. You see, the rules change for selfish reasons when a police chief and mayor get embarrassed because something happened, and got out that they weren't on top of, and shouldn't have happened in a properly working system. This happened before they could put their spin on it, use it to make themselves look good, or take credit in some twisted way for dealing with. There is evil out there beyond comprehension as we are seeing every day, but there is perverse evil in places where it should not exist. While non cop, clown, lightbulb head, side mouth talker, admin water carriers like Tanner Tixier, who READ about the worst things he ever read yesterday, Simon goodfellas, greaseball, $100,000 Drobik, and Celina Christmas present, LIAR Gomez, who wake up to attend the perp walk for the cameras, and fake police chief Gordon (Sh)Eden, with his bullshit solemness, that is barely tolerable gives 2 minutes to the media, then runs away, field officers were out there seeing, and dealing with this sad carnage; officers, investigators, and first responders who will forever be scarred by what they saw that day.

As the Hypocrites in city government act as if they care for the welfare of the officers who dealt with this tragedy, and the trauma they may face as the result of it, this administration has ordered the the witch hunt for the heads of the officers who may or may not have provided a quip of information before they (this administration) could have faked as if they were on top of it. That is right! They want to fire officers who dealt with this tragedy! Again, this administration of cowards, vindictive bastards, liars, incompetents, and malfeasants want to blame everyone else for their wanton intentional incompetence. That's right folks. As these fake assed frauds feign tears on television, as though they care they are actively still the usual suspects in their usual games of controlling the information flow, lying to you, and retaliation. In true fashion, as this administration continues to intentionally shit and piss on the floor, they hypocritically spend millions of your tax dollars to crucify those who crack a fart in the room.

Will anyone ever learn? Instead of the pathetic baby games, invest man hours into finding out WTF the reason was for that murdering pervert asshole, Fabian Gonzales to be unsupervised so it does not happen again. Unregulated, repeat offenders are killing our children and cops. How about that? You blind assholes! Who dropped the fucking ball? Everyone wants to point the finger! And if the truth comes out about who screwed up, and they are a boss or political relative, or are involved in their priority "Nature at Play," an excuse will be made up, you will never be told the truth, and the Journal will be told to print that lie. This is one of the many reasons things will never change until the corrupt are pulverized, and punished into oblivion.

People, you are being lied to. Certain journalists are being given information and they are not reporting fairly or balanced out of fear of city government retaliation. There is personal agenda here and they are profiting exponentially in a multitude of dimensions from it. The city is breaking federal IPRA laws. Lawyers suing the city are being lied to. Question Authority here!


Thank you, and stay vigilant!

Thank You Judge Rogers!

The Eye would like to express our sadness and outrage at the loss of little Victoria Martens.
Things seem to be getting worse by the day in Albuquerque. Every day you see a murder or dead body being found in the news. This is unacceptable. There is nothing that can explain the loss of a child's life under any circumstance, let alone in this type of gruesome twisted manner. There has to be accountability, and it seems that our judges are realizing that. One of these judges is our very own Metro Court Judge Linda S. Rogers. She has always realized this. Judge Rogers is, and has been one of the best judges we have had here in Albuquerque. She is tough on the criminals, but fair. Judge Rogers always seems to get the very tough, high profile cases, and she makes the tough decisions, and tells it like it is. Yesterday she did just that. She threw the book at the complete shitbags who are responsible for this. The system failed this child, but this judge just made the course to getting justice as right as it can be for now, and that is what doing the right thing is all about. This judge sees it. It is refreshing to see a strong woman stand up, and take names. We appreciate you Judge Rogers. You obviously took the job for the RIGHT REASONS! Kudos to you! You are a model Judge. The court system better know the asset they have in you. You have had the backs of the good citizens of this state, and we here at the Eye have your back. Anyone who would like to show their appreciation, we urge you to. Send letters of appreciation. Call the courthouse. Let them know we need more judges like Rogers. She is a tough one.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 133
Albuquerque, NM 87103


Thank you Judge Rogers!
The Eye

Aug 23, 2016


Racketeering, often associated with organized crime, is the act of offering of a dishonest service (a "racket") to solve a problem that wouldn't otherwise exist without the enterprise offering the service. Racketeering as defined by the RICO act includes a list of 35 crimes.

Here is a spread sheet detailing the suspicious, and obvious expenditures that grew exponentially as the DOJ was ramping up on the Albuquerque Police Department. Notice it is the usual suspects that have backed Ray Schultz's play since day one, and profited from it. Blood money we say. The DoJ stated that there were many unjustifiable shootings, but we know there were bigger things these criminals were worried about the DoJ finding out about.

We here at the Eye hate to beat a dead donkey, but there is one person responsible for everything that has gone wrong here, and that person (for lack of a better word) is Raymond D. Schultz now of the Memorial Villages Texas Police Department. This needs to be addressed until there is action taken into holding this coward accountable for using the place as his bank, whorehouse, criminal enterprise, and personal tax paid shield, complete with paid legal representation, that crossed the line in ways that defy explanation, but prove the New Mexico courts can be easily defrauded. There are no coincidences here folks, because creeps have no honor, and they expect to be paid for their services, even from their friends. The funny thing is that these creeps do not know what a friend is, because they are so low, that friendship does not exist below the dog shit these scum bags live under. It is strictly symbiotic, as you can see here:

After looking at this spread sheet, and correlating the timelines with occurrences that occurred at the same times, and you still believe there was not a concerted effort to derail any scrutiny into the public corruption that was going on by any means and resource necessary, you have lost your mind. We all know Nate Korn profited from Ray, and Ray benefitted from Korn's bullying of the NMLEA board to decide in Ray's cases against those he decided to target for personal reasons, and to fool the DoJ into thinking they did not need to be here. As they started getting caught in these actions, their machine lost steam, and many of these punks fled or got the hand of karma slapped on them. The NMLEA is now under fire from many directions, and a few cases in particular will be opening the organization up for liability in malicious and intentional civil rights violations, and conspiracy to do so through evidence of misconduct that we here at the Eye are in possession of.

Schultz feathered his nest, and insulated himself through a network of other like minded cowards who were willing to do things to people for him, like a dog does for a biscuit. Like we said, no honor. As Schultz was working his no bid Taser deal, Walz at the Albuquerque (URINAL) Journal was hard at work baselessly attacking Schultz's designated targets, libeling them, backing his agenda, and initiatives, and praising him as being the man for the job to clean up APD. You all remember this load of bullshit? All of it was done to keep the feds from finding out about the great little gig they had going on here. While you all were working hard at your jobs, Schultz was sitting back enjoying the perks of attaining the rank of Police Chief, the weight that the title alone would shield him from of the scrutiny he deserved, and the free shit he filled his pockets with at your expense. When the heat came, he devised an deflection plan, then an exit plan, and then fled like a bitch. All of it involved these co-conspirators. He ran with a $120,000 a year PERA pension in his Dodge Charger he coincidentally obtained after APD went to Chargers as their new patrol car, and now makes over $100,000 in his new gig with his buddy JD, who Korn protected, unlike he ever did at any other NMLEA board hearing. Remember this idiot was named in lawsuits that cost Albuquerque 30 to 40 million dollars, and now he sits there with his pink face, and turkey neck smirking next to his fat buddy.

Kent Walz's brother Jerry was a contract attorney with the city that defended many cases under Schultz. There are no coincidences here, only evidence. We will not stop until someone goes to prison.

These losers thrive on the phenomenon that egregious acts fade away with time, and nobody does anything. They just bide their time, till it fades away, and we concern ourselves with more corruption like Mayor Berry's multi million dollar reverse kickback scheme, the Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project, where Berry's buddies will pay him back later for the bloviated cost of construction payouts funneled their way, by hooking the cowardly liar up with political contributions for his bid to be elected governor. Remember that this idiot has done nothing, and failed as a mayor, so he expects us all to pay for this tax paid legacy of his to claim as his gem. Kind of slick isn't it? Another selfish investment at the cost of the citizens and businesses for his own political gain.

We here at the Eye urge everyone to fight these bloated parasitic ticks at every turn, because nothing they do is for you. It is all about them, but you are paying the price in every way possible for it.

City legal is having bad day after bad day as the truth bleeds out. We here at the Eye say it is about time.

Aug 19, 2016

Real Housewives of Albuquerque: Do they get special treatment?

Our eyes tell us that Jill Sivage may have had had her vehicle burglarized, and as she heard bumps in the night, and was frightened, may have directly called Police Chief Gordon Eden on his phone for help. Hmmmmmmmm...... How do the citizens of Albuquerque feel about that we wonder, considering response times, and how bad Mayor Woodhead Berry has screwed up this city by ruining the police department? You see, Mrs. Sivage is the Sivage of Sivage homes.

Read about here here:

You see, the nobodies have to wait to be killed for a police response, but not the chosen few. We wonder what kind of kickbacks may flow for this kind of protection? Granite counter tops for the chief? New homes? Discounts? Hmmmmm....

This incident happened in the early hours of August 11th, in the ivory tower section of town called Tanoan, and Mrs. Sivage receved service from no less than 4 patrol units and 3 K9 units with record breaking speed. We believe everyone is entitled to this type of protection, not just the friends of lying police chiefs. Write or call the mayor to ask why you can not have this kind of protection. See if he gives a shit:

Office of the Mayor
PO Box 1293
Albuquerque, NM 87103

Or call the moron.....

(505) 768-3000

He may not know what it is but you can email the psychopath too....

Eden's Angels: The Whorehouse We Call APD

Our Eyes have been telling us that there is a federal investigation into yet another NATURE AT PLAYER! Yes folks, you heard it right. Can you believe it? We sure do. Our intel tells us that the below antics are being looked at by the feds now.

It seems the only time the Albuquerque Police Department deviates from their standard pattern of protecting the filth, and vile oath violators is when they want to retaliate against someone, or to conduct damage control so as to make sure the damn of shit filled waters does not come crashing down, revealing what lurks beneath the murky waters, like during the drought season at Elephant Butte.

Our last article touched on APD's ability to keep the NATURE AT PLAY GAME going. We are going to continue with this for a bit, because APD is a whore house. Certain strains of virus are protected so much so, that they can bring disrepute to the APD, and city as a whole, so many times, over and over again, that it is like watching one of those disgusting viral videos out there where someone is always getting something shot all over their willing face. This is one of those circumstances.

APD's own resident home wrecker Regina Sanchez was looked at last year for accessing the National Criminal Information Center database for personal reasons, and admitted to doing so. She was accused of giving that information to her "play" brother in law; the brother of her boyfriend, and the CPOA said she did, and lied about it. That man's name was Joshua Martinez. That information coincidentally wound up in the hands of this "play" brother in law, who had a restraining order against him. The information, and address accessed was that of a Tammy Martinez. Tammy had an active restraining order against Joshua. Coincidentally Joshua was the brother of Regina's "long time" boyfriend. Hmmmm.... Gordo Sheden the police integrity thief says that there was no evidence that Regina gave this info to anyone. He also said when he gave her a 40 hour vacation Sanchez had a “favorable work history.” Lets look at those two comments shall we.

Officers get fired for untruthfulness, bringing disrepute to the department, and committing crimes. Domestic violence is one of the top killers in this country. This could have lead to a tragedy, but what was done? Nothing? Oops! No, a lot was done. A lot of looking the other way and protecting. It is obvious. What is more obvious is how Chief FeminEden thinks everyone is as clueless as he is.

The CPOA said they were surprised at the punishment. The NM Dept. of Public Safety said this officer was wrong and violated all kinds of policy, but APD treats this like a minor infraction. How many minor infractions does this queen get to have before her work history is deemed unfavorable? It seems endangering lives is a minor infraction to these clowns, jokers and hair bleachers.

Is being inside of a patrol car, as a recruit with an officer, and crashing, then trying to cover it favorable? Maybe being the side piece of an officer who was married, and charged with murder then having to testify on the stand to the sordid affair is favorable? Or maybe this NCIC debacle is favorable?


The only time you become a target of APD is when you speak out against the corruption, have morals, talk about things they want to keep quiet or buried, do the job you were sworn to do, go against their perverted grain, have a set of balls, call them out, deservingly humiliate these perverts and cowards, protest against this corrupt regime, or fight for retribution and closure for those whose lives were disrupted, destroyed, or lost at the hands of these complete assholes.


It sure seems those at the top of APD treat the agency as their very own breeding stable, and they sure do exhaust all means to keep their stalls filled with willing mares, or spunk dumpsters as we with morals call them. No wonder why Albuquerque is quickly approaching the the title of being the most dangerous city in the country. Who would have known there is a group of imaginary unknown probation officers out here, seeking out people to give restricted NCIC information to. And nobody cares who they are!

Maybe this is favorable?!?
Who the hell trains to hold a long arm like this?
This must make everyone feel safe, especially the officer with the muzzle pointed at the back of his head! CAN ANYONE SAY RULE OF FIREARM SAFETY NUMBER 1?!?
Do officers who hold a weapon like this all get to conveniently spread their 40 hour suspension over 2 months, and have their LEA 90 tossed into the shitter?

In the scheme of things, the feds should be able to dismantle this poisoned and decaying agency like a five year old kicking a sandcastle over, but someone is being held back. Somewhere, there is a block, because this is an easy one. Most corruption is based on political power and enrichment. These assholes couple that, with the stupid antics of hormone driven high school morons. Any investigator worth his pen could par lay the findings from one of these penthouse forum "split-tales" into a lying during a federal investigation, obstruction charge, that would have these parasites rolling over on each other, all the way to the top. Throw some bleach into this cess pool.

Aug 4, 2016

Has nature at play taken another life? We do not know, and "they" are not talking! This is sad.

Over the years within the Albuquerque Police Department, besides some bad shootings, and massive high level corruption, there have been major issues concerning "NATURE AT PLAY" incidents, such as extramarital affairs in the workplace, and suicide rates among officers. Rumors of wife swapping, involving those at high ranking positions have run rampant over the years. There have been stories of high ranking police personnel involved with news correspondents, where sexually explicit videos of these correspondents were transmitted to their Sanchos within the police department. Then there are those "Burque Pops" hard drives we hear have the names and email addresses of several political, and high ranking police department officials names and emails on as clients of the "Southwest Companions" prostitution ring. We have been privy to much of this intel, and we are sick of it. It tears at the very moral fabric of society, and destroys the workplace. In law enforcement, it can be fatal, and nothing is being done about it. So- called chiefs, such as Ray Schultz, have ignored it and actually promoted little weasels guilty of it to higher ranks, as their affairs were discovered, and at times resulted in suicides. This is a disgrace. Schultz turned a blind eye to the problem, and the studies and the memorandums prepared that warned of these dangers. The brass was warned of the ramifications of such behavior and it was ignored. It was not only ignored. It was concealed and promoted. This was done because some within APD were protected. Some could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. Such as the case of a former APD deputy chief, and her Sancho, who were involved years ago while both were married, and one was working with the other. They denied their affair, when one of the cheated on parties filed an internal affairs complaint, and there was an investigation. Later, when they came out of the closet, and their relationship was public, nothing at all was done about their untruthfulness during questioning in an internal affairs investigation; a terminable offense. These hypocrites often go on to destroy a department, and the torch has been passed. Gordon Eden and Mayor Berry continue to conceal an issue that is life threatening within the Albuquerque Police Department.

We here at the Eye just got notified of some very disturbing news from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. It seems an APD sergeant, and former SWAT OFFICER was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife, who is also an APD officer. It appears that this officer left home after being confronted by his wife over infidelities possibly involving several other officers. After leaving, he was in telephone contact with his wife, and she could hear him shooting off a gun. Fearing a suicide, his wife notified police.

This call out involved a police response from numerous agencies; BCSO, SCSO, RRPD, AND NMSP. These agencies searched for him in the west mesa area, until APD called it off for unknown reasons. This is where things are getting seriously weird, because nobody is talking. Gordon Eden and Deputy Huntsman have totally blacked everything out, so that the details do not hit the media. Many are wondering if this officer is still alive, or in the hospital. Gordon Eden is refusing to discuss this incident. We here at the Eye hope everyone involved in this tragedy turns out ok, and gets the help they need, even if that help is leaving the cess pool called the Albuquerque Police Department.

This has been an ongoing problem with APD. There has been ongoing problems with nature at play, mental health and suicide issues within the department for decades, and they still conceal, and hide incidents like this. We here at the Eye have all details on this matter, but will withhold names out of respect for those involved. Gordon Eden, and this administration are doing everything they can to keep this information from getting out.

Huntsman you own this, because it is known that under your command, SWAT was an on demand, exclusive, out of control liquor soaked frat party, where you either participated, or were no longer an "operator, one of the guys" or wanted by the team. (We will be exposing this in a later article) If we here at the Eye know who every officer involved is, along with the circumstances surrounding this incident, (the truth) you know damn right well they know, and are not telling you, so that they can spin it, lie, cover it up and move on so that it can happen all over again.

Gordon, Berry, Perry, and the rest of you corrupt liars, you do the right thing, or we will. You have until mid-day tomorrow to tell the truth, and quit hiding. You have concealed these problems for too long. We will run a full addition to this story, if you do not, and we will tell the truth. The truth about why and how you shut everyone out of this investigation. This is a prime example of how well the APD can cover up such a critical incident. Those days are over.

After this article we will be doing a series of articles on gypsy employees like Eden, and few others who can't spend too much time at one job, but surely can wreck the place in record time.

Maybe it is time for Gordon Eden, Mayor Berry, and Rob Perry to pack their carpet bags and get the hell out of here.