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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 30, 2013

In the Rearview Mirror: 2013

Much thanks to the many emails and posts people sent in.

2013 offered an abundance of things for us shake our head at, empty our stomachs on, stare in disbelief, and frankly make us want to conceal that Albuquerque is our home. But it is our home, and despite the following list, it is up to us to make this place better. But as you look at the following, it will take effort and unity....we added a little "Eye" humor to make what frankly is truly quite disgraceful a little easier to handle. Kinda like what those Deming cops like to do, hold on here it comes:

-Lieutenant Tim Lopez goes 10-40 and gets in fight with his own officers when they refuse to clean his own gun. Lopez didn't seem to find it funny that the nerf gun provided to him in the rubber room didn't need cleaning.

-Senior IRO investigator Trey Flynt and his pirated sports shirts and “booty” website gets fired and redefines what it means to be a loser. He know enjoys Burr-eat-ohs with his buddy TJ.

-City lawyer Kathryn Levy is caught taking pictures of speakers at the POC and Schultz's smirking gets caught on camera. Little did they know they'd be modeling for the monsters in the next Mercer Mayer book.

-Ray Schultz slips up and reveal APD's unwritten but rampant “nature at play” SOP and leads by example for once. Except let's call it what it is: GROSS!

-Perry fires Schultz hours after a huge verdict against Schultz and APD. Nevermind the cops you've fired, been sued by, department you've ruined, economy you've depressed, joke you've become, the truth is Schultz is trying "nature at play" with Rob and Rob aint playin!

-Berry’s policies encourage crime rate to turn around and start climbing in virtually every category except theft of frozen burr-eat-ohs.

-Ellis family: $10,300,000, APD under Ray Schultz: $0 and all Berry got was a red thong.

-12 SE units are off/sick out of 19 units listed to work on a quiet day in December leaving 6 for all of day of shift. But no worries because Berry and  Banks say there's no calls for service anyway.

-An entire class of officers file suit against the city for age discrimination. But that's ok because like every other outside entity that says Banks/Schultz are unlawful in conduct, EEOC is wrong too.

-APD Brass handling of Mary Han’s suspicious death gets even more repugnant: faced with allegations of taking pictures and stolen property, APD “loses” city issued cell phones to key personnel including: Allen Banks, Paul Feist, Rob Perry, TJ Wilham, Marc Adams, Beth Paiz, and  Darren White. In response to harsh judicial criticism, APD's response is, "oh we didn't know you meant those phones."

-APD SWAT loses federal certification. But that's ok because Berry says crime is down.

-Judge Murdoch rape case is dismissed for gross errors by APD detective Sandy. No Keith, you can't do snitches that way.

-Exploding city budget; APD’s budget unjustifiable given the workforce reduction of almost 30%. But that's ok because crime is down.

-DOJ. Like the little girl from Poltergeist, "They're here..."

-RTCC drone gets dumped in a spontaneous case of the Harlem Shuffle but West Mesa style.

-Lessons lost in the Christopher Chase incident: Kill Zone is the area you don't drive into.

-Levi Chavez, and the suicides continue. But that's ok, because APD is so desperate for cops he'll be back in blue in no time.

-Chickens coming home to roost: Russell Perea, Zane Reeves, APOA 2008 contract….

-So bad it's worth a second mention: Red Thong! No RJ, we didn't say "Red Dawn"

-Vincent Yermal and Rob Perry: acts of labor intimidation and examples of how the beatings will continue until morale improves.

-AFD rank and file take to the streets and protest Berry/Perry’s failures. However when confronted by a old WMA that's 39, 18, and very 10-40....they run and call APD!

-Paul Heh steps up and makes noble mayoral effort; calls “bullshit” on Berry’s lies.

-APOA/City Tentative Agreement: Officers to get 1 penny raise for each month the parties have been in “negotiations.”

-Personnel floodgate remains open, pool dwindling, fewer officers on APD's streets than in the late 1980s. But that's ok because crime is down.

- From the producers of "Nailin Palin" comes "APD Academy: The Adventures of Joe Wolf"

-CAO Perry gives self $33,000 raise but then blows it on scotch and 23rs.

-Interim, Temporary, Professional Lifetime Victim Chief Allen Banks caught lying again. But that's ok because crime is down.

-Off duty sergeant Adam Casaus runs a red light and broadsides a private citizen resulting in traumatic injuries to the driver and the tragic death of the passenger. Once again we are left with, what did Schultz know and when did he know it.

-Former Violent Crimes detective, and forever insider, Sgt. Darcy McDermitt violates Firearm Safety Rule #2: Keep you finger off the trigger. The result? She shoots one of her own officers in the leg.

and last but not least...

-NM state Attorney General Gary King unloads on APD and city brass by confirming they contaminated and interfered with the Mary Han crime scene, perpetrated outrageous conduct, falsified information, and were generally inexplicable in their actions. But that's ok because city attorney David Tourek says the AG report is frivolous while sitting in for Will Farrell on the set of "Elf 2: I'm a Jingle for Your Bell."

Thanks for playing this year folks. It's been painful and frustrating so we're gonna kick back a few days and drink some Ripple, play with table top saws, and see how many firecrackers we have to set off before the SWAT team shows up. Oh, wait, we forgot, there isn't one anymore because there's no more cops. Nevermind, we'll have some more Ripple.  Have a safe New Years, and hold on 2014 is gonna be wild.

P.S. 2013 Poster of the Year Award goes to...........none other than the Tremendous Regulator. Meet us up at the Barelas Coffee House TR, we'll buy you a real cup of joe!

---The Eye

P.S. Thanks to the poster below for catching two major oversights.

Dec 29, 2013

2013 Nominations...

2014 is just around the corner. And while we'd like to wrap the local paper in its own cow chip award, we think that'd be uncool even for manure. But with a day left, give us you nominations for the year's most unreported but most newsworthy items. Or even the most repugnant which is usually the case here Albuquerque....

Dec 26, 2013

APD Contract: Backpedaling Berry/Perry Style

On December 15, just 11 days ago, Albuquerque police union president Stephanie Lopez sent an email to members presenting the proposed Tentative Agreement. In her email she stated:

"Voting will be held on December 30, 2013. We will have 1 box located at the APOA office from 8am-4pm and 1 box located at the Moose Lodge from 12pm-7pm."

In the days since this posting of the Tentative Agreement at substations and here, officers from across all spectrums in APD have voiced opposition to it. From supervisors, specialized units, senior officers, to rookies, all have pointed out the obvious: it restores little from what has taken away and makes things worse.

In numerous postings APD personnel have pointed out the seemingly endless deficiencies of the agreement and the obvious rush by the APOA to get the agreement approved.

Yet today, our Eyes tell us Ms. Lopez has confirmed what everybody has been saying. In an email to members she writes:

"[T]he city is still in the process of writing the final draft of the APOA contract to be viewed by the APOA membership. There were a lot of mistakes that still needed to be corrected and addressed within the tentative contract. There is not a final copy of this contract completed yet, however as soon as it is finalized it will be posted for 10 days before a vote will be held."

Ms. Lopez backs away from the 12/30 vote as states that there will now be an informational meeting regarding the tentative contract at 8:30am and 5:30pm at the APOA office on 2nd Street NW. Ms. Lopez then adds in closing to her email:

"The city has been very deceptive in the wording of the language in the contract so I am grateful for those of you who to take the time to read this contract and bring issues to my attention."

Excuse us? On December 15, the summary sheet attached to the tentative agreement that was disseminated and posted at each substation had a recommendation by the APOA Negotiating Team. Their recommendation was: ratification of the tentative agreement. And this is the team supposedly led by the city's former negotiator Paul Broome...

Folks, these are things that make one go hmmmmmm.

Not even two weeks ago APOA "leadership" was promoting the passage of this contract. After years of "negotiating" they presented this agreement as the best that could be done. Now, after the massive dissent expressed here and amongst the rank and file, Ms. Lopez has offered a glimpse of truth: that the city is engaging in deceptive negotiation tactics. That they are saying one thing but writing something else in the contract.

We and our Eyes have been saying this all along: Given that the city unilaterally broke the previous contract, what makes you think they'll honor even this absurd one?

In the Christmas day paper, the local edition of the Albuquerque Journal ran an article about staffing shortages in New Mexico law enforcement. The author sidesteps the fact that while APD is in a staffing crisis because of deceptive practices and the DOJ investigation such practices have invited, APD's sister agency BCSO is not in such a crisis. He also somehow misses the fact that the state's DPS and NMSP academies are full and maxed to capacity. Here in Bernalillo county, how is it that two agencies who share the same geographic footprint have such stark differences of problems? It is because of deception and incompetence by APD and APOA leadership. It's that simple.

Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

A single snow flake; simple, pure, unique and honest...Just like the Eye On Albuquerque...

May God Bless!

Merry Christmas to all as we celebrate the birth of our dear Savior; Jesus Christ!

The Eye On Albuquerque

Dec 22, 2013

Berry & Perry: APD's Most Wanted Property Offenders

The above picture was forwarded to one of our Eyes who is an APD officer. They said this advertisement was on the bottom of the page of APD's weekly full page all color (and very expensive) ad in the Albuquerque Journal this past week. Like everybody else, we thought the irony was too rich and your loveable Eye just had to weigh in.

Why on earth would the 5th & 11th Floor braintrusts be promoting their need for officers amongst an ad promoting wanted property offenders? Is there some sort of connection between people wanted for stealing property and the people at city hall?

Despite how ridiculous we think the targeting of the ad is, we found some very odd things about the ad itself. Look closely and follow along...

Our 5th Floor friends don't promise officers will receive anything, all they say folks will receive is the "opportunity" to make $87,000.

The "opportunity" to retire at 90% of your top FIVE years of pay.

The "ability" to retire after 25 years of service, and the "ability" to work in 30 specialized units.

That's a lot of maybes. Kinda like maybe officers will make $28/hr. Kinda like maybe one could make $87,000 in gross pay, if they work a regular 40 hour work week AND 18 hours of overtime each week.

Maybe you can retire at 90% IF you don't get fired for simply voicing your dissent or IF Berry doesn't get his way with PERA. Or if you don't get injured and the department simply abandons you like we've heard has happened to so many officers who have been injured in the line of duty.

Maybe you can work in all 30 units IF you don't spend more than ten months in a given unit IF you don't mind not having any real ability to do anything well at any given time. As many officers have told us, they often go, "Hmm should I be in K9 this month and get no sleep or work in the RTCC and play video games all day? RTCC it is!!!"

The funny thing about this ad is there is one truth to it. They say, "Up to 150 hours of compensation." Well we don't really know what that means because in any given year there are 2,080 hours of full time hours of compensation. But if Berry/Perry are accidentally telling you you're gonna get ripped off, then they are accurate. Incidentally, 150 hours of extra compensation is almost the amount each officer would be due if Berry/Perry had honored the original contract and were paying the difference of what they CHOSE to pay officers now.

Folks, this is but another example of this city's administration lies and the extent they will go to distort facts and manipulate data. If they cannot be truthful with a simple ad in the paper, what makes you think they will be truthful with a contract proposal?

Especially when by their own actions they don't honor existing ones....

Dec 19, 2013

Reasons for NO on the Proposed Police Contract

We received the following article from a member and former executive board member of the Albuquerque Police Officer's Association. In it, Mr. Maurer offers his reasons why members should vote against the proposed contract.

While we know this blog is widely read by APD officers and citizens alike we also know it is read by APD brass and top city administrators. For those department and city leaders that even for a minute think of harming Mr. Maurer in any way for his statements herein, you are on notice that not only is he expressing his opinion as a private citizen, but also as a member of a recognized labor organization. Despite that, we know this administration has history of unlawful retaliation against its employees who are outspoken and critical of the city and the department. For that we have this warning and notice:

If Mr. Maurer incurs any harm, disadvantage, encumbrance, or is otherwise hindered by actions of APD brass or city personnel we will assist Mr. Maurer in every way possible to ensure he realizes relief from those actions and that those parties who harmed him are personally held liable. Freedom of expression and freedom of association are liberties we hold dear as Americans and if certain city personnel choose inflict any such anti-American actions on Mr. Maurer we will do everything we can to hold those persons accountable in a court of law.

Vote NO on the APOA Contract
There are many reasons not to vote for the new contract however one of the most obvious ones is the 4.5 hours of your vacation time. This demand by the city is indicative of the way the city administration views its employees (not just 34’s but all employees). The administration has no desire to foster good employee management relations. The city’s top priority is not to work with us to protect and serve or provide city services but to use us to accomplish their goals.

I have no problem with authority or a structure of authority. That is the only way to accomplish a task or multitude of tasks when dealing with such a large number of employees.  In order to be successful, efficient, and effective authority needs to work with its employees not against them. Three years of ignoring the APOA’s contract and the city’s obligation to honor that contract is not indicative of a willingness to work with employees. The city has a responsibility to deal with our initial contract before any other contractual changes should be considered.

Some items of note:
1.      Over 56 changes, deletions, or modifications to existing contract provisions
2.      There is no pay scale in the contract except for PTU Officers
3.      The family insurance benefit is not included in the wording of the new agreement
4.   The Take Home Car plan excludes anyone hired after 07/01/2011 and anyone living  outside of Bernalillo County
5.      4.5 hours of donated leave time (no provision for monitoring this fund or what happens if this amount of funding is to little or not enough, what happens if you only work 6 months for APD when payment is due, what if you retire in midyear do you get half of this time back, etc. It will cost more to monitor this fund that to pay the APOA president 40 hours and the vice president 20 hours a week )
6.      Why the rush to have a contact now, why can’t the membership have more than a few days to review and digest this proposal
7.      While voting to ratify this proposal does not negate our current breach of contract law suit it most certainly will effect it
8.      The city failed to honor the last contract what makes this one binding

The list goes on and on. The point is that much more than a very small increase of pay is at stake here, APD’s future is on the line. How we react will determine how future contracts will be negotiated and adhered to. I am not against the administration or the city. I am for what is right, fair and best for the Albuquerque Police Department and the citizens of Albuquerque.

Brian Maurer

We thank Mr. Maurer for stepping up and presenting reasonable arguments against this proposed contract. If there are persons interested in countering Mr. Maurer's assessment, by all means email us your article and we will give you equal access.

Dec 17, 2013

Nature At Play: Mayor Berry's Mess

The following letter by retired APD sergeant Dan Klein was published in yesterday's Albuquerque Journal. We at the Eye applaud Sgt. Klein for refusing to remain silent like so many others do and speaking out against the failed policies of RJ Berry and Rob Perry. Policies that have brought the state's largest police department to it's knees.  Here's his letter as printed:

Mayor Richard Berry believes the reason the Albuquerque Police Department is having trouble recruiting/retaining officers is because of changes to the PERA retirement plan. He stated he will lobby the Legislature to enact a deferred retirement option plan (DROP). This will only harm the entire state, as the work done in 2013 to make PERA solvent would be compromised by such a plan.
Changes to PERA did not create the staffing crisis at APD; Berry’s policies have. 

There are four reasons why APD cannot recruit/retain officers. 

First, Berry ended the veteran officer retention program. This in-house Albuquerque program provided a bonus for officers who delayed their retirement. A total of 129 officers delayed their retirement when this program was in effect, swelling the ranks of senior officers at APD to almost 1,200. There may be a plan in the works to bring back a retention program, but it will be too late to stop retirements slated for the end of 2013. Why didn’t Berry act months ago to stop these dozens of officers from retiring on Dec. 31? 

Second is the change in hiring requirements that Berry imposed. APD applicants must have either 60 college hours or three years active military. This is not a “raising of standards” as Berry has stated. This only reduced our hiring pool to a puddle. This is why APD graduates fewer than 20 officers from the academy each year. This standard allows a 21-year-old with no work history, who lived at home, who has $30,000 in student loan debt, a 2.0 GPA, a majority of classes in “food arts” and only 60 hours to show for four years of college to apply with APD. This policy excludes the 30-year-old, who worked since 18 years old, owns a home, has no debt and has maturity through life experience.
APD must allow for an applicant who has maturity, but does not have college or military experience, to apply. These citizens make good police officers. 

Third, the contract impasse of the last four years has ruined morale. Finally there is a contract offer, but any city offer that does not recognize police officers as being just as important as Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry will probably go down to defeat. Handing Perry a 22 percent pay raise and offering the police 1 percent will not get a contract ratified by the Albuquerque Police Officers Association, and will lead to a further erosion of morale and officers leaving. 

Fourth, the Department of Justice investigation has embarrassed Albuquerque on a national level.
Who wants to work for a department that has had so much scandal with no accountability? From the adultery “nature at play” comments made by the past chief to the millions in court judgments, something is wrong at the top of APD. This can be fixed by Berry refocusing accountability at all levels, but most importantly in the command staff. A good place to start will be for Berry to order a full investigation into why ex-APD officer Nelson Begay (arrested on child pornography charges) was able to pass all levels of the APD recruiting process – including polygraph, background and psychological testing – to become an APD officer. 

Is there a flaw in APD’s recruiting standards? Who is accountable for Begay being hired? We will not know unless a full review is ordered by Berry. I urge Berry to drop the DROP plan. Berry owns APD’s current mess; it is time for him to take responsibility and start fixing it in Albuquerque, not in Santa Fe. APD’s problems and solutions start and stop at Berry’s desk. Passing the buck to the Legislature is not the type of leadership Albuquerque needs.

As we've seen with the proposed police contract, it seems the Berry Administration has no interest in fixing this mess.

Dec 15, 2013

Nature at Play: Apoa/City Contract

The last contract between the city's police officers and the city was set to expire on June 30, 2011. But of course this contract was breached by mayor RJ Berry in January 2010 and ever since then officers have been stuck at $25.18/hour when as of today they should at least be at $28/hour. That's 11.2% higher than they are now. So today, the proposed replacement for that breached contract was posted at all the substations. And along with it was a highlight sheet and a bizarre recommendation by the APOA to ratify a contract that puts its members in worse position than where folks are today.

So, as you gaze and look at the above "highlights" consider the following that is not included and factor into this agreement if the membership decides to accept it:

* The Part-Time Program is deleted
* CSA have increased duties including law enforcement activities
* Specialized unit positions do not have to be circularized if the position is for "effective operation of the department"
* The agreement is silent on any of the many changes coming down involving the Police Oversight Commission
*The Home Ownership Payment Program is deleted
* The Lateral Officer Program incentive is deleted
* The Student Loan Forgiveness Program is deleted
* The College Training Program is deleted
* Hires after 7/1/11 that do not live in the city limits of Albuquerque do not get a take home car
* The Officer Retention Program is significantly scaled back from what it was.

Our take on this is it is NOT an investment in the officers who make sacrifices for the city every day. The city asks a lot from it officers, and if this is the product of three years of negotiations, and nearly $100,000 in fees, then it is all too obvious who is in a position of control. 4-10s will never come back. Anything written under a "MOU" is rarely worth the paper it's printed on. And let's be real, any increase in pay came only recently and at the promotion of city council, not the Berry Administration. And why the rush? Weren't we all waiting for yet another UNM pay study?

While the leadership of the APOA, who have helped lead this once great department into the mess that it's in, have endorsed this agreement, we suggest you read the details for yourself and make your own decision. We can say for certain, you will not be in a better place than you are now if you ratify this proposed agreement.

But who knows, Rob Perry got a $33,000 raise, the PTC officers get a $3 raise, so maybe $.39 cents is all the value that our city's police officers hold for themselves.

Dec 11, 2013

Nature at Play: APD Academy Style

Yeah, our Eyes tell us while your eyes are closed other things are open...

Joe Wolf was selected as APD's first civilian director of the APD Academy back July 2012. Schultz and Berry's idea was to bring a civilian with federal law enforcement training experience to help "soften" APD's basic and advanced police training. He said, “tactically it makes sense to soften (their) approach.”  That meant no yelling at cadets, no D &C, no stress days, no hazing, no hell night, but lots of academics. In other words, it was an experience so unrelated to policing it must be designed to give the graduates an experience in shock and awe when they left the wading pool and went to the streets of Albuquerque. Because we all know the streets of Albuquerque are far from being stress free and safe. This has to be the idea right?

Actually, it's been a complete failure. Because for over a year, our Eyes tell us barely thirty cadets have graduated and joined the ranks of APD. Now, with a current class just a few months into their six month training, they have all but lost half the class to attrition. Many of our Eyes have speculated that perhaps there is something else going on and it has more to do with the caliber of cadets and less to do with the type of training. Or perhaps something else is going on. Maybe some sort of hook up?

Well, it seems if Director Wolf is not exactly minding his house. Well, we mean, while he is supposed to minding his training program and the cadets, he's actually more interested in APD's version of "internal affairs." Or as the disgraced former chief of APD, Ray Schultz called it, APD's secret "Nature at Play" division.

Our Eyes tell us, and we have confirmed that Director Wolf's domestic matters are in chaos as he is being sued for divorce by his spouse as stated in the 2nd District Court's docket. And that the "Nature at Play" tac-plans involved none other than an APD officer. Not that this could get any worse, but the suspected employee is one of the department's polygraphers.

So is this really the state of APD's training academy? It's director is having an affair with one of his department's lie detectors?

When Wolf came here, he stated he wanted to change APD's academy. He said, "We like to think of it now as more of a university campus than a boot camp.” Well it seems he sure did that, and immerse himself in with the co-ed activities....

Dec 8, 2013

APOA & IAFF 244: Why the Difference?

In a recent post, a blogger asked the following question:

"...why is it the IAFF is strong whereas the APOA is weak?" 

As we've reported on numerous occasions, the APOA has a history that speaks for itself. Over the last fifteen or so years our Eyes tell us its been led by:

Francisco Nogales
Billy Pounders
Marie "Sisi" Saens Miranda
Paul Pacheco
Alex Marentes
Jeff Remington
Lawrence Torres
Pete Dwyer
Ron Olivas
Joey Sigala
Greg Weber
Stephanie Lopez

Over about that same period of time the IAFF 244 has been led by:

John Garcia
Diego Arencon

And of the APOA's list, many of those presidents have resigned, retired, or were voted out in disgrace whereas it seems the IAFF either keeps things hush or they simply haven't had the endless issues their public safety cohort has had.

Let us remind you folks that a stable and unified organization is a much greater force to deal with than one that is fragmented. Given that APD has about 200 more sworn employees than AFD, why is it there simply no engagement by officers unlike AFD? A the public safety debate this past September, about 5 members of the APOA showed up we are told whereas over 80 from the IAFF were in attendance. With so many more members, one would naturally think APOA would dwarf the IAFF. But they don't. And they haven't for years.

And while the IAFF was out marching around on election day, the only APOA personnel out an about were those officers on duty assigned to watch the IAFF. Think about the irony in that!

Some of our posters have said that in order for the police union to be strong, people need to show up. We here at the Eye think that analysis is flawed. If a union is strong, members will show up. A union's strength comes from its members, but the members are led and inspired by their leader. The membership does not make the leader. So while it's noble to encourage people to attend, and don't get us wrong as they should, we would encourage to accept that lack of participation is a symptom of a greater issue affecting the APOA. The APOA as an entity seems to need true leadership and not people that simply follow the leadership model shown by the 5th Floor.  Schultz would have us believe that his failure as APD's chief is because of all those problematic employees when in fact they are a symptom of his failures.

Perhaps the APOA leadership should get together with the leadership of the IAFF and figure out what to do.

That is unless they find it acceptable to take a 2.5% boost in pay as a gesture against a nearly 8% pay cut while the city's CAO takes a 33% raise. That is unless they are ok seeing the department's size dwindle to what it was in 1992.

That is unless they are ok with their membership being, as our Eyes tell us, utterly terrified to do anything contrary to the wishes of Banks or Berry because they know nothing will stop the retaliation....

Both unions have not only a duty to their membership, but a duty to providing the best possible public safety services to the citizens they serve. While it is clear that ever since Torrez was the APOA president, their priority has been to serve the mayor and the chief, maybe now is the time to put the citizens and your officers first and leave Banks and Berry to their own demise.

Dec 2, 2013

....Now Breen Goes Too...

And with that, AFD's chief, James Breen gave notice to his department's employees. While there seemed to be a bit of reluctance in his letter, for better or worse, Breen provided a laundry list of things he's helped AFD accomplish during his tenure as chief. One of our Eyes offered this comment for Chief Breen:

"I am glad to see Chief Breen retire. It will soon be obvious to the rank and file that the next Chief will be just as bad. Proving that Mayor Berry and CAO Perry don't care about a good leaders reputation. They will continue to destroy Firefighter and Paramedic morale. Hopefully the next Chief will have the courage and integrity to support ABQ's Bravest Men and Women of the fire department!"

Despite whatever criticisms folks have regarding Breen, one thing that caught our Eye was a comment from somebody within APD:
"I couldn't help but notice Breen at least had the integrity and honesty to give notice to his employees unlike our former chief. With Schultz, he just sent a letter with homemade letterhead to his boss Rob Perry. He didn't talk much about what's gone on with APD under his "Leadership." And he obviously didn't talk about all the failures--especially with the DOJ here in the department's living room. I hear talk that Breen was pushed out. Well I think when you compare these two letters it's totally obvious Schultz was kicked out. Eye can you post a copy for us to see side by side?"

Of course we can....

Dec 1, 2013

Who's Watching the Watchers Watch?

In recent weeks our Eyes tell us that APD's Real Time Crime Center has been under major scrutiny because of the disaster involving the Christopher Chase shooting.

You see, as we all know, the RTCC was recently ousted APD chief Ray Schultz's brainchild on his unfinished list of things to do with APD. And while the merits of such a centralized information gathering and monitoring unit are debatable, we do know that a former beat journalist from a failing local newspaper is low on the list of qualified candidates. Yet give the current director's lack of experience, APD continues to present TJ Wilham as the maestro of how the RTCC gets things done.  Or not get things done. Here below is a pic from an APD presentation boasting about the RTCC and Wilham's public leadership role before a meeting of police chiefs and managers earlier this year:

I think we'll let the bullet points concerning TJ Wilham speak for themselves. "High energy" "Creative" "Savvy" In this presentation, APD's personnel crisis was of course put on full parade. After all, if there were plenty of officers in the field there really wouldn't be a justification for the RTCC:

So what does this all have to do with the Chris Chase incident? You see in many ways it was the tragic result of APD's near total mismanagement. Here you personnel and funding being poured into a unit that is supposed to be for the immediate benefit of patrol officers. Much has been pitched about the RTCC increasing patrol officer's "situational awareness." But none of this matters when you have somebody who has more experience in violating officers and citizens rights than law enforcement as is the case with Wilham. But hey, when you "know how to work the system" and are politically connected, what does one need qualifications for?

One last thing, an image was sent to us that is very revealing about the RTCC's failures. You see the blue dot in the picture below? That is an APD sergeant. You see, our Eyes tell us that for sometime now the actual locations of patrol sergeants and field personnel have been monitored by the RTCC. So while our officers are out watching the streets, Wilham-Banks-Willoughby have been watching you. Maybe it's time APD and Berry step up and show us how many officers were deployed in the field on the day Chase went on his tragic rampage, and where they were...

Nov 21, 2013

Misleading and Mischaracterized Statements: Yermal Style

Recently the above memo was distributed out to Albuquerque city employees. In it Berry/Perry & Company's very own Human Resources director, Vinnie Yermal,  reacted to a public comment by a labor union president representing the local AFSCME chapter. Yermal you see was upset about some comments made by the president that revealed publicly what has been the city's method of working with labor unions: Don't Work With Them. And here, Yermal went on the attack.

Since Berry took office, he and Perry have not backed down from their efforts to remove all city paid compensation to city employees who get paid to work for their unions. This is an ideological argument that neo-conservatives can't seem to get over. Nevermind the fact that at most we're talking about a handful of employees and that in reality they bring a positive savings that out weighs their earnings. But by the city's actions of not negotiation on this issue, they have brought an impasse to union contracts with the police, fire, and AFSCME covered city employees. And from those impasse's there are lawsuits and decreased productivity. Not bright executive management style at all if you ask us. Out of protest of a few employees, Berry/Perry have harmed thousands of other employees.

While Berry/Perry's lead contract negotiator has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in his efforts to make sure all the main unions do not get new contracts, the affected employees have also seen their pay go down while their expenses go up. Now with the AFSCME president bringing attention to this matter, Yermal goes on the offensive in actually blames her for the impasse.

Oddly Yermal makes the statement that had the unions folded on this issue all employees would have seen a 1% raise each year for each of the last three years. Funny, affected city employees have seen a reduction in income and had this increase occurred it would have been a pay restoration and not a raise. Silly Yermal.

Yermal then closes the memo by saying, after his lies, that he hopes the "memo clears up and confusion and misunderstanding regarding the City's position." Right, because only in the land of Berry/Perry is it called leadership where you punish the vast majority of your employees while you give your impulse control impaired CAO a $33,000/year raise.

We at the Eye have to state the obvious, Yermal sounds way too upset for a guy that according to the city's transgression, oops we me transparency, site makes $45.94/hour.

But then again, since Yermal only gave $500 to Berry's campaign (reported on August 20th), unlike the $2500 Perry gave Berry, I guess we shouldn't be surprised he's been tasked to push back against the city's workers.

Given how APOA Vice President Willoughby can't support APD interim chief Allen Banks enough praise (even though Banks is even more anti-union than Schultz) we don't expect much from the city's finest to fight for their wages. AFD shows promise but the cards are still out.

Who knows, maybe it will be the clerical workers, the solid waster drivers, or perhaps those fiesty librarians that finally pull the plug on Berry/Perry & Company's war on their employees. We do know that they just got a huge ally with the election of Diane Gibson to city council.....we see.....

Nov 20, 2013

Balance of Power Tips...

As expected, more than 20% additional voters flocked to the polls to vote in the special election deciding whether or not Albuquerque would have a more restrictive pregnancy termination law and who would be the city councilor for District 7.

Like everybody else, we all knew there was no way the "abortion" ordinance was going to make it on the October ballot because that would bring Democrats to the polls. And Democrats to the polls meant candidate Pete Dinelli would win the mayor's race.

The 11th Floor braintrust decided their jobs were more important than the city's interests, or the voter's wishes, so they kicked that ordinance vote down the road. But as usual Berry & Perry, Inc. only think of the immediate issue and not long term. That would require responsible decision making.

By kicking the ordinance question to yesterday's vote, they sunk the majority they held on city council because had it not been on the ballot, Janice Arnold-Jones would've been a shoe-in. Our Eyes tell us of an endless onslaught of McCleskey marketing in support of JAJ that all but smothered any of Diane Gibson's efforts. Yet still, Gibson won simply because folks came out to vote against the ordinance. Over four-thousand more people than who voted in October's general election.

Our Eyes also tell us there is more than a crack in the fringe cabal of Republicans that are in power in the city and state thanks to this simple election. Perhaps their grasp in power is truly not as strong as they would like us to all think it is....

So now, city council is weighted heavily with Democrats and they hold the majority. And ideologue appointees by Berry that were there, are now gone. And waiting in the wings is Councilor Ken Sanchez's inquiry into whether or not city council has authority to approve Mr. Perry's self-defined raise.....

Hold on folks, things are about to get interesting....

Nov 18, 2013

Conflict of Interest Confirmed

As many people know, Nate Korn is the "citizen at large" member of the state's Law Enforcement Academy Board. It is this board that decides to institute a wide range of things including whether to take a police officer/deputy's certification to the recent reduction in required training in order to get that certification.

This past September the board held its monthly meeting at APD's police academy just behind the Valley Substation at 2nd/Montano NW. Our Eyes recently forwarded us the following remarks that were made at what was Ray Schultz's last meeting as he was the board member representing city police departments in the state:

MR. KORN: "I would like to add my comments. It's true, as Mr. Barncastle has said, that Chief Schultz has been a mentor and a friend to all of us on the Board. I'd like to share with the people that are assembled a quick story about the way our Board would operate when we get in closed session. We talk about cases. We are almost always unanimous in our cases. Some cases are a little simpler than others for us to come to a quick conclusion. Other cases we have to sit over and battle through the facts and really think it through. And on those times when we're trying to battle and figure out how the case resolution should be fairest, frequently what would happen is all of us would give our comments. And Chief Schultz would be the last to talk. And then, when he would finally speak, it would be like EF Hutton. Everybody was quiet and we listened to what he said on these difficult cases fell into two grounds. One was he would find something that was so obvious that we missed that made all the difference in the world. And then it was like a light bulb coming on and we're all going on how come we didn't think of that. It was just very brilliant and it was there all along. And the other one would be where his years of institutional knowledge, either on this Board or at APD, came to bear. And he would take complex cases and help us understand how to best simplify them for the law and the facts. So that was something that I think all of us benefited from. And I know I certainly learned so much from the chief. And his presence will be missed. We wish him the best of luck in the future."

Aside from what is obviously and clearly patronizing praise, did Mr. Korn bother to reveal his vested business interests with Mr. Schultz's department? As we all know, Kaufman's West holds many city contracts with the police department. Including most recently the replacement of all of the soft armor vests issued to APD personnel....  And in the context of DOJ coming to town and pouring through APD's records, is this statement by Mr. Korn not simply, well, bizarre?