The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 23, 2017


We here at the Eye remember the 2004 Beslan School Massacre, where over 330 people were slaughtered. On 1 September of 2004, Beslan School No. 1, in the Russian republic of North Ossetia was taken over by dozens of terrorist militants, who were demanding freedom for nearby Chechnya. That is right... Chechnya. 750 people were hurt, and out of the 330 people that were killed, 180 were children. That’s cool right? No, it’s not fucking cool. 

In 2002 there was a similar terrorist attack on a Moscow theater, that resulted in the deaths of 120 people. In both of these attacks on innocent civilians, the same pieces of dog shit were responsible; Chechen terrorists. Although Russian tactical foul ups contributed to the death tolls of both events, it was ultimately Chechen Terrorists declaring jihad for the freedom of Chechnya that were were the root cause of this. 

During the first Chechen war in 1994, over 200,000 ethnic Russians became refugees, and after the failed Chechen attempt to organize, and establish order, many became victims of kidnappings, murder, torture, and public executions. Sharia law was enacted, and a person we will be discussing enacted it, and was responsible for other, cowardly bullying tactics, and atrocities later on, as he was handed power. 

A second Chechen war began in 1999, and ended in 2000. The Chechens continued their 
insurgency. There is no coincidence that their name is close to CHICKEN. 

During the second war, Chechen fighters infiltrated the Dagestan region of Russia, calling for jihad. After a winter siege, Grozny was leveled, and the death toll from this conflict was over 50,000. Russia then took control of the area. 

Akhmad Kadyrov was the Chief Mufti of the Chechen Republic before, during, and after the first Chechen war, until he switched sides, knowing the Russian ass kicking that was coming. He was Ramzan Kadyrov’s fucking daddy. He became president of the Chechen Republic on 5 October 2003. On 9 May 2004 he was assassinated by those he turned on. 

The successor to Akhmad was his son, Ramzan Kadyrov. Little Ramzan was the leader of his father’s Chechen Kadrovsky Militia. Knowing what is known about politics, and political plants this guy took over for his father as the next Russian place holder in the area. The Russians let him because of his turning and support of Russia, no doubt because it benefitted him, but his buddies that he turned on were not happy. Many of this guy’s militia were extorted into service, through pressure on their families. 

In October 2006 a German group, The Society for Threatened People’s, which branded Kadyrov a "war criminal", has alleged that up to 75 percent of recent incidents of murder, torture, rape and kidnapping in Chechnya have been committed by Ramzan's paramilitary forces and at his direction, but he has avoided prosecution. DOES THIS REMIND YOU OF ANOTHER SELF DESCRIBED SLICK PUNK AND LIAR? We think so. He is playing police chief on a shelf down in Memorial Villages Texas, after ruining the place. Same type of shit, just a different intensity level. 

The group investigator stated in its report: "Considering the evidence we have gathered, we have no doubt that most of the crimes which are being committed now in Chechnya are the work of Kadyrov’s men. There is also no doubt, in our minds that Kadyrov has personally taken part in beating and torturing people. What they are doing is pure lawlessness. To make matters worse, they also go after people who are innocent, whose names were given by someone being tortured to death. He and his henchmen spread fear and terror in Chechnya. They travel by night as death squads, kidnapping civilians, who are then locked in a torture chamber, raped and murdered."

In 2006 a Russian reporter named Anna Politkovskaya was murdered after claiming she had 
footage of a man identically resembling Ramzan, and on these videos were murders of federal service men by Ramzan’s Kadyrovite militia men, and kidnappings directed by Kadyrov. At the time she was said to have been working on an article revealing human rights violations, and routine incidences of torture in Chechnya. WE ALL KNOW WHY THIS SOUNDS FAMILIAR, NOW DON’T WE?!?

According to the Helsinki Federation for human rights, many illegal, unofficial detention facilities still exist in the Chechen Republic, and they are run by Ramzan’s boys. 

In 2009, Kadyrov stated his approval of honor killings, based on the belief that women are the property of their husbands. No inadequacy issues here, huh? 

After the Boston Marathon Bombing, Kadyrov expressed sadness for the victims, but denied the suspects had any ties to his region in a statement on his Instagram. He suggested that the suspects were products of American upbringing. Kadyrov accused the CIA of framing the coward bomber on 18 March 2015, after he was handed a death sentence for the Boston Marathon Bombing and said that they could not have conducted the bombing without CIA's knowledge.

A mixed martial arts tournament involving children was held as an "exhibition fight" on 4 October during the Grand Prix Akhmat 2016 in Grozny and broadcast on Match TV. Ramzan's three sons, all of whom are aged under 12, fought in the tournament, with Ramzan sitting in the audience, and none of the fighters wore any protective gear. 

Below is a video detailing Ramzan, and showing quotes of him running his mouth about his feelings about the United States. It is pretty disrespectful, coming from a punk who turned twice on his organizations for his own benefit. 

Here is another video detailing this clown’s antics. It is pretty good, and shows just how much of a scum bag this guy is.

You ask us why we are discussing a Chechen President, and war crimes here on the Eye on Albuquerque? Well... we ask what kind of people call this guy “Sir,” or act like giddy little school girls about to meet their crush? We ask who wants to hang out with this clown, or better yet, who wants to train his radical militia in MMA tactics! Well... These guys do....

Yes, that is correct. Our very own Jackson’s MMA, here in Albuquerque. This is absolutely shocking. Why would a famous American MMA facility like Jackson’s get all giddy and puppy dog eyed over an accused war criminal, and eccentric pompous jackass who is just a white Kim Jong? But why? Why call a peon sir, when he would not piss on you, if you were on fire, and would cut your throat if need be? Why the fuck would these guys look forward to hanging out with a guy who condones murdering homosexuals, or is accused of war crimes, and who’s original gang murdered children? Yes, this guy is even beneath those who murdered children because he then turned on them.

Why are we discussing this? It is because all of this defines the paradigm of the way things are here in New Mexico, when it comes to looking the other way, no matter the atrocity, as long as it works for those who profit from it, or get to have a great time, while making everyone else walk the line, and the really short memories that forget so easily. Well... FUCK THAT SHIT!

Probably money, as usual. It is funny that when money comes into play, honor just goes in the toilet, like it did under the Berry regime, or should we say republic, here in Albuquerque.

Below, is an article detailing what has been going on over at the Jackson’s facility, and it’s not really good. Please take the time to read it, because as all the media we post, it is part of the whole picture, and will help in understanding the whole picture. We suggest reading and watching all of the links here, then internet searching on your own, because what we posted is only a fraction of what we found out researching this article. We actually kept it brief to get the point out.


Upon reading the above article, and looking further into it we found out that Mr. Luttrell named in the Bloody Elbow article is an active APD officer. Our sources confirmed that he used to instruct APD officers in use of force classes, and is an expert in the field, and very well respected. Why would APD or the state not utilize this officer to teach proven, approved use of force tactics?

You see, this all started when we saw this story...

Then., as we do, we started looking and asking.

We want to see our officers have good training to protect themselves, but Jackson’s MMA is not a certified police use of force instruction facility, nor are they police officers, and they do not come from a policing background. They are not certified by the state, and should our officers really be training with militia members from countries where war crimes are taking place? If you want to talk about liability and exposure, this issue sure is a doozie. This is a civil litigation nightmare in the making.

In the above news story, Greg Jackson states that he has worked with law enforcement before, but he does not state what law enforcement he has worked with. We did a story on this a while back, and you can read it here...

Our Eyes are telling us that mayor Berry, before he left, may have given a contract to Jackson’s MMA to the tune of over $60,000 a year to train SWAT, and other tactical officers of the Albuquerque Police Department, and it looks to be true, from the evidence we were sent below. These CADs are from Wednesday 10/20 @ 15:45 hours. Below are the CAD photos of APD units logged out on a tac plan at Jackson’s MMA, but obviously training, as they typed into the comments box detailing the reason as to why they were out of service. Hmmm... Looks like Jackson’s is still working with law enforcement, and has been, since we first heard of this back in May of 2016. As a matter of fact, they are training rehired officer Dominique Perez as seen at the bottom of the below CAD photo. Perez is one of the officers who shot and killed homeless camper James Boyd in the foothills spawning a mess in our city, but was conveniently handed his job back without even so much as a board hearing after not being exonerated by a hung jury.

It is amusing how politicians, police, and even community leaders get like starry eyed little school girls at a Beegees concert around these types of people, so much so, that they just overlook the elephant in the room, like accusations of war crimes, torture, felony behavior, drug use, steroid use, leaving the scene of an auto accident, fleeing their own police coworkers ,and consorting with, or glamorizing with individuals connected to this behavior, because certain things are perceived as cool. Well... it is not cool.

We would like to know where the training curriculum came from.

Our eyes have told us that one of the tactics being taught in this new police training being offered by Mr. Jackson involves removing your sidearm from it’s holster, when coming under attack by a suspect trying to disarm you as an officer. Considering the fact that most officers are utilizing triple retention holsters these days, that is absolutely absurd, and may precipitate a shooting of either the bad guy, or an officer that may not have needed to happen. Maybe this is why they do not want anyone knowing what that training is all about? Triple retention holsters obligate the officer to utilize three actions in order to draw their weapon from it’s holster. A weapon snatch is the exact reason for these holsters, and keeping the weapon in the holster, until the officer is able to disengage the suspect, and create a distance, or overwhelm the suspect is the point of dealing with such an encounter.

We find it disturbing that the Attorney General is backing this with his statements of how it is beneficial knowing those behind this training have no background in police training, or certifications in it. Such quick backing of this seems very odd, and almost blind, but we are not surprised.

We wonder what the new administration’s thoughts are on this, and of course the DOJ, because we are tired of the pretentious horse shit from the past administration. The jumping of sides, and absence of a baseline to start from is beyond getting old. Blurring the line between those upholding the law, those responsible for overseeing that it is done right, and the bullies of the world is now enraging. The cost of lives, the back stabbing, and the arrogance is now at an intolerable level. It is no longer acceptable. Too many have lost too much while the smug have enjoyed being covered for, and protected.

There needs to be answers for why this is being allowed.

And where is our “soon” answer on the Ray Schultz Taser investigation? More crickets from the Hector Balderas low hanging fruit club, we are sure. They will probably claim the statute of limitations ran out like they did with the Brachle case, when it should just be handed over to the feds for federal prosecution, if he doesn’t have the sack to prosecute it, or just does not want to prove the Robles Law Firm was full of shit when they said they do not represent Schultz because they are buddies. Hell, it’s all in fun right? Why should we know who’s side anyone is on, including the side of justice, here in New Mexico, where all of the guys who were stabbing Keller in the back have been trying to climb up his ass since they knew he was going to win the election? Hell, Even that fucking weasel Nate Korn was at the swearing in for the new administration he did not support.

We are hearing that some pretty interesting cases are working their way through the system that will prove just who is up to doing the right thing when the time comes.

Stand the fuck by folks, as 2018 will come in like a sledgehammer.

Also, we are hearing that some good old fashioned APD “Nature at Play” whore housing may have bled over into the MMA world, destroying marriages and businesses, and it is always the same old usual suspects. Yes, we have names.

A word to the wise. Know where your shit has been, and wrap it.

It’s a dirty filthy world we live in sometimes, and we fucking promise to make it interesting.

We are not sorry for being serious, or blunt this Christmas, because people are inconvenienced, suffering, and unhappy, due to the actions of cowards, scum bags, liars and backstabbers, who have not been brought to justice, and enjoy the phenomenon of having their atrocious actions just fade away. We have not forgotten, and we will not stop.

Power corrupts. Absolute power perverts.

Fuck all Punks, including this chief on a shelf this Christmas.

To the rest out there, doing the right thing for you and your families, we wish you the world this Holiday season, and we are doing our best to keep to keep the scum from reaching you and yours.

The Eye

Dec 8, 2017

They can’t always get what they want.


This is an excellent and genuine comment, and we appreciate that. It is free of agenda, and lays it out pretty well. It brings up points that people want to discuss, considering the history of malfeasant politics in our city, and it shows the frustration at hand. This is what we like here. We appreciate the bluntness. It is way better than the slimy, agenda driven, passive aggressive shit attacks we get here, from those that disagree because their ego, political plans, or cushy assignment prospects were dashed to pieces on the shores of life’s many disappointments.

Nobody here is on anyone’s nuts. Rest assured of that. This was all about denial of access, and cover to those responsible for the state of affairs of our police department, and city. It was about taking away that access, and exposing corruption. As much as things may appear one way or another, considering the perception and vantage point. One thing is for sure... the dynamics will be changing, because promises were made to clean this up, and make things right. This is our objective too. The Eye is organic and operates as so. It is beholden to nobody.

The problem in our city is people who think they are more important and worth more than you, us, and everyone else around them. These absolute vermin have destroyed the city with this mentality and their criminal actions. Those who stood by, and watched are guilty, and those who “got theirs, and took off to avoid the heat, and accountability when the DOJ arrived are just as guilty too.


The secondary problem, are the pests who want to hear themselves talk with their bloviated calling of the shots, and predictions as they say. They have predicted nothing, and they too are cowards, as they run their mouths from well insulated positions, or already have locked down high dollar pensions. You are also going to see the false cheerleaders, and blow jobs coming out of the woodwork too. We will be doing our best to preempt all of this or call it out for what it is, and outline the motive.

Going back to Berry’s election, we know for a fact that during his campaign he told many that if elected, he would toss Ray Schultz in the shitter. That is a fact, but something happened. That “something” is always the gutless, parasitic cretins who think they are power brokers, sitting behind the scenes cutting deals, or calling in favors for political support, or other issues that may be needed down the line to get what they want, or support their agenda. These are the people we are observing now. In New Mexico, this picture is large, but when it involves criminal activity it is racketeering. It is the reason why Brachle was not indicted for shooting a fellow officer. It is the reason why the Albuquerque Journal supported Dan Lewis and Brian Colon at the same time. It is the reason why they then changed their tune, and supported Tim Keller, when the other two were called out on certain issues, and it was evident Keller was going to take it. It is the reason why Ray Schultz has not been indicted. It is the reason why Nate Korn of Kaufman’s West Army Navy gave campaign donations to a candidate Lewis, when his wife is a political appointee of Republican Governor Martinez, and he himself supported Martinez and Berry, while being Ray Schultz’s main cheerleader, and dirt doer at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board while he was there. It is the reason why Darren White, who is a shameless Susana Martinez water carrier gave a large sum of money to a Lewis in the mayoral election. It is the reason why there was a campaign of disparity in treatment of officers during the Scheme Schultz himself devised to keep the DOJ out of our city while painting people stains on the badge when these people are the biggest shit stains on humanity. It is the reason why criminal officers were covered for, and allowed to retire, while others had cases fabricated on them out of retaliation, animosity or to defraud the DOJ, for doing their jobs, or trying to raise a child. Albuquerque has been one big fucking racket for way too long, and sometimes fucking up co-conspirators best laid plans is the path to reconstruction. The police department suffered from all of it, and now you and your family are suffering from the fallout of officers who shut down, to avoid being victimized by a malfeasant, malevolent, self serving administration, out to cover up their corruption on the backs of any target of opportunity; hence our out of control crime rate, that correlated directly to illegal and unethical actions taken out on the police department out of desperation by former Police Employee Ray Schultz. (We will not call that bag of puss a Chief any longer.)

The people that you do not know about, who lurk about like cowards, torpedoing lives, and destroying the very thread of everyday life in our city, for their own advancement, do so out of greed, power, and sex. This is the problem. One of them knew all too well how serious this was when he got on an airplane, and left the city the day after his criminal administration was toppled, and he had no more cover. That fat red faced drunken bitch is now in Indiana. Indiana! How funny is that? How the fuck do you end up in Indiana from Albuquerque? You pack your bags and run like the bitch that you are in the middle of the night to follow your wife who is the only one left employable in the family. That is how.

You will hear the same people bring up the Eye and Berry from Berry’s first election win. They were the same people that contributed thousands to him, BUT they were the same hypocritical spineless cowards who remained silent for eight years as we tore this administration a new ass weekly, with every bit of intel we could muster, without giving up our sources. They were the same people who “got theirs” then got the fuck out, and left the mess for everyone beneath them. How many people would still be here if certain bits of information had not been released. Three evolutions of upper command staff turnover happened under Berry.

Everything is here in the archives. We were lied to, and we dealt with it with viciousness, and ferocity that you do not see in many other cities coming from a blog. This blog was started under the Marty regime. We all know what went down during those days. Berry knew it, and although you may think he got away with something, that pathetic clown will probably run away too. Just compare his photos from eight years ago to one taken today. He looks like a bag of ass, and all of his hair fell out. Bad things people do have a way of catching up with them. The stress, and lack of a reputation will take a toll on that boy forever. We do not envy him.

So, knowing that the stakes are very high here, there is not much room to be dishonorable, or revoke campaign promises. With that said, we do know how hard things are going to be, and it’s only been a week.

Things are going to be difficult, because one of the groups we discussed above will come into play. There is major assburn over Garcia being kept on as deputy chief, and the bringing back of retired APD commander Harold Medina. As a side note... Medina couldn’t even raised his right hand for his swearing in ceremony properly. What cop, let alone someone who was promoted to the level of commander does not know that you place your left hand on the Bible, while raising your right hand to be sworn in? Harold Medina does not... That’s who! How embarrassing is that?

The look on Keller’s face as Medina raises the wrong hand and ignores the Bible is priceless?

Things are also going to be hard, because there is not many. The pool of good leadership material is thin. You will see where the rubber meets the road, and who is in it to win it in time, because word is that a few are angry they weren’t promoted. We will see who sticks around to fix things, and who takes their ball and goes home. Honestly, we don’t want to see spoiled self centered brats kept on. A handful of dedicated loyal individuals can do the jobs of dozens if they know they are backed, and there is mutual trust between the officers, the citizens, and the command staff. As we see it, it is the command staff’s obligation and responsibility to regain the trust of both the officers and citizens. If you want to call yourself a police executive, you better understand what comes with that. Schultz, Eden, Huntsman, and the rest of the previous filth had no concept of that.
Although there are things we disagree with going on, we will deal with it, but we will not throw grenades at it, without a baseline to go on, because there are good officers depending on things to change drastically for them in a good way. If that does not happen... If officers get shit on we will address it. The same goes for all city employees and our citizens.

The fact of the matter is that Keller’s apologizing for complete assholes, who shot people with ashtrays, lotion bottles, cell phones, spoons, or who were just plain unarmed, for crimes ranging from nothing, to petty misdemeanors is called owning it. The fact that people were shot when they did not have to be, or as they were being talked down, and about to comply, like Boyd and Ellis and having to listen to jackasses on police audio recordings exclaim “ oh fuck fuck was that me?” when their gun goes off, then observe a whole entire city attorney’s office, and police department justify a negligent discharge of a firearm after a fathers kid is killed... THAT is the problem here. You can not deny that there were several unjustified shootings in our city that denies belief. How do you justify shooting someone standing on their own front porch from across the street, in the back, when they have a spoon in their hand, and the officer knows it is a spoon, then promoting them. How do you justify skipping over officers for promotion, just because you do not like them, when they have stellar records or better yet railroading them off the job to distract from upper command staff public corruption? How does a shoot get justified where an officer knows an object in the hand was a spoon, but the excuse was that the officer felt he may go inside, and get a gun? It does not work that way. That is not an imminent threat, but this was one of many unarmed shootings this officer had, and another one of the many ridiculous excuses that people are sick and tired of hearing. How does a mental patient get killed in his own back yard by the police when he is unarmed just because an officer bit off more that he could chew physically, and precipitated the situation? How does an officer shoot an unarmed suspect in the back, stand over him and shoot him again and lie about there being a gun in his hand and not get indicted for murder? There are use of force cases that need apologizing for, and actual prosecution of, and there are use of force cases that look like absolute shit, but are justified. People understand this, but the previous administration under Ray Schultz had blurred the line so badly that nobody, even the officers trust anyone, and that is no good. It is the reason why we are here. Some apologizing needs to be done on both sides, and the administration carries most of the weight on that. The competent officers know they didn’t fuck up. They know who the fuck ups are, and they don’t want to be around them either. If officers are cringing at some of these things, something is wrong.

You will never hear a good cop complain about the field, fighting criminals, dealing with drunks, ignorance, or anything related to police work out there in the trenches. The constant enemy of the good street cop is the self important, micro managing attention whore of a police executive who uses them for a stepping stool. That is going to stop. The failed leadership that betrays the rank and file out there every day, doing what they themselves can’t do, don’t want to do, or are too good to do will always be held accountable by us, because that is what destroyed our city.

The citizens have been duped by New Mexico politicians for decades. This has been done on the backs of employees, officers, other politicians, and the citizens themselves. As the song goes, you can’t always get what you want, and this is true here. Now THEY can’t always get what they want, because even though there are still unavoidable tentacles of influence throughout the place, there are also more Eyes. After all of this, and everything that happened, betraying the good for selfishness will never be lived down, if it is the result of intentional malfeasance. There will be stumbling and growing pains, but mark these words, there will be accountability. That is pretty much the climate we are in, and everyone knows this because of what happened, so mimicking a Berry regime is not likely.

Another reason we went this route was because the Mayor had a background in accountability based government. He conducted audits and knows what Berry and Schultz did and what they are. He was also none of the above when it came to the politically connected who are responsible for what happened here through their direct actions, or affiliations. We also decided this because he had a background in government an had the best plans for action.

You know what we do. We do not betray, nor do we stab backs. We react to deception. We only ask that the right thing is done. We ask that the wrongs be righted. Nobody is a peasant. Every wrong needs to be addressed. We ask that an honest attempt be made at all of this. This is all that can be expected. We are a week into this now. Let’s see what happens. All does not happen in a week. This will be a process. We will be watching, and so will our Eyes.

Feelings will get hurt. We can almost promise that, because we know who the posers are, plus you can’t appease everyone. We know who sat back, while the injustices were taking place. We know who reserved endorsement, until weeks before the runoff. We know those same frauds are standing in the crowd behind the Mayor, like they have been there all along, and we have their names, and facts to back it up. Those people are the ones who’s feet will be held to the fire when they decide to take the political, or low road approach to doing the right thing. We are also tired of union officials walking around like they are a boss, or bragging that they have the mayor’s ear. You know who you are. Get out your insulated booties mister “bro” because your shit is no longer going to be tolerated either. Joey boy learned it the hard way and you can too. If we smell any selfish agenda we will put it out there.

All in all, what we are saying is give it some time, but keep a close eye on everything. It is all we can do right now as things start to settle in, and get rolling. Taking care of Lou Golson, making the commanders give up the incentive pay, and filing an LEA90 against former Lt. Brachle’s certification were outstanding first moves. We will continue to keep eyes on the appointments, along with circumstances as they unfold. We want to see things made good, and safe for all of our citizens, officers and firemen.

We do not know how we will feel tomorrow, let alone 4 years but we will see, and so will those who choose the wrong choices.

No one person is Albuquerque’s savior. It is up to all of us.

Thank you for reading us, and we hope you and your families have a safe and happy holiday season!

The Eye

Dec 5, 2017

One Punt Over the Line Sweet Jesus...

Today our eyes tell us that Major Jessica Tyler has been punted by the administration. Well... ha ha ha... Just ha ha ha...
We can’t say that wasn’t a long time coming.


Through out the years of the most corrupted administration ever, the Schultz administration, there have been many tales of nature at play, putting incompetent people in places for the appearance of something politically fitting, promotions based on cronyism, open marriages, sex outside on lawn furniture, howling so loud that people called the police, because they thought it was an injured animal, favoritism in the promotion process, where less senior, and incompetent individuals were promoted over more qualified candidates, and all around poor behavior that would disqualify a candidate from being a police officer if they had these things in their background.

At this point in time, any prospect of this administration should be screened almost as if obtaining a Q clearance with the DOD. We feel this is not happening, and it may be either out of a lack of people wanting the positions, lack of education, or knowledge on the part of the new administration about the past of these candidates, or worst case scenario... political favors stemming from the input of those from the past administration or those close to them; the very same people responsible for destroying the place.

We feel that two positions here were filled with disastrous, candidates. Deputy Eric Garcia should be shown the door after he assists the transition team. We do understand that the transition team does need someone who has the proprietary knowledge needed to show the new people around, but that is it. This is because the Chief and Assistant Chief ran out the door before they came, leaving nobody. Like the Saddam Hussein theory, no head is worse than a bad one because a vacuum would collapse the place totally. We understand that. You can find many reasons for our above opinion within the confines of this blog.

Bringing Harold Medina back was another decision that needs to be looked at, along for the reasons it was done. The reasons we will leave for the near future, but this decision is not good either, because if Harold wanted to really fix the department, or contribute to keeping it from declining like it did, he would have stayed instead of running away in 2014, at the height of the heat the DOJ brought. And run away he did because he left without the usual place to land like most do when they retire, because he has only been the chief there for a few months. We wonder if he will bring his buddy Art over, and we wonder how many times he’s called his good buddy Ray to brief him.

Below is a great article describing why there needed to be a total house cleaning....


There has been a culture of unfair promotions, and back stabbing within the police department. This has lead to a culture of a fearful and hostile work environment for years. We know it, and the evidence shows it. We all know about the culture of everything else that has taken place within the police department too. And we really know that promoting incompetent malfeasant and dishonorable impndivuduals, and protecting them led to all of this.

Creating an administration from the bottom up is disastrous for the person who will be running it, and will be stuck with political appointees of somebody else’s choosing. It is an even worse predicament for a police chief to have to work with people below him, who were not picked by him, or picked with input from him, because this creates an air that subordinates are protected. When this happens, you have the usual undermining of command, and or mutiny that will occur.

We want to see this administration succeed, and we want to see all of the wrongs righted. Right now is the best opportunity for this. Because of what is at stake, we will zealously pursue what is right. Bringing back problems is not what is right, especially when these problems are all connected to Ray Schultz, and the past administration. We all know how things work, and these actions grant access to people like Schultz and the past administration. All it takes is a phone call, and the efforts of a new administration are sabotaged. That is what these people do, and this needs to be understood.

When you look back into our archives, you can see why the Eye on Albuquerque was started. It was started because of the antics of the Marty Chavez administration and an out of control city and police department staff, lead by Ray Schultz and his boys. This is why there is an issue with bringing back Lawrence Rael as the Chief Operating Officer. This is very concerning, but we will observe and see.

Now we know a fourth deputy chief of police position is open, and it is highly probable that it will be a female. What female that it could be may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

You see, many of the well known females who made rank, and who the pattern shows could have a shot, would further plunge the city, and police department into the toilet. There is no way someone who lied on an IA investigation involving fraternization, lied on national television, involving DOJ issues, and use of force cases, and who ran away when the feds came should be considered. There is no way someone who was so incompetent that a position was created for them that the failed so miserably at that a lieutenant was sent to do it should be looked at. This same person who has so many moral skeletons in their closet that it is disgusting, should not even be allowed to have a law enforcement certification. This very same person promoted by Berry himself, and covered by Schultz should remain not employed by this administration. And there truly is no place for a commander who smacks their officers on the ass inside substations, or has sex outside in their back yards for the neighbors to see and hear. There definitely isn’t a place for someone who gets promoted when they had sex in a hot tub with a deputy chief years ago. Right? But after all this is Albuquerque we are talking about.

The place defies logic at times, and we all know it’s slim pickins, but there are choices.

Like the old saying goes... What doesn’t come out in the selection process, will come out here on the Eye on Albuquerque.

Geez... Albuquerque; what a garden of earthly delights.

Till the next time....
The Eye

Dec 4, 2017

Meet your new prospective Lieutenant Governor candidate. New Mexico Political maneuvering at it’s finest.

We are getting word that former mayoral candidate Brian Colon may be running for Lieutenant Governor, now that candidate Padilla stepped down. Hmmm.... seems there is much political maneuvering going on to keep the connected in place. It seems a few can not get the message that many are tired of those who have destroyed the place, and the ones who are connected to those who are responsible for the destruction.

We here at the Eye have not forgotten what went down behind the scenes of the 2017 mayoral election, and who is connected to who.

Below is a photo of Brian Colon with Albuquerque Police Officer Dominique Perez who, was charged with murder in the foothills shooting of James Boyd, but never exonerated... As a matter of fact, it was a hung jury, and Perez was handed his job back without having to go through an arbitration that every single cop who was fired had to go through; some who weren’t even indicted, and only faced non dismissible accusations.

It seems the greatness around here just wants to stay to make it even greater. It seems that along with crying and complaining about being assigned administrative duties, our Eyes are telling us that Perez is now teaching at the Albuquerque Police academy. We wonder what he is teaching. Amazing isn’t it? Well.... that’s what we’d say if we haven’t been witness to one of the most corrupted public administrative situations in the United States of America.

Just what we need. More state and municipal contracts to Schultz’s boys over at the Robles Law Firm.

Nov 15, 2017


Folks, the hits just keep coming.

Just the day after a pivotal election we are getting information from our Eyes that there is yet another coverup going on.

We all know those at the top within the APD brass are not foreign to retaliation and extortion type tactics, but this is getting silly.

With the retaliatory behavior towards former District Attorney Kari Brandenberg, after she announced she was going to charge APD officers for murder in the foothills shooting, and the recent surreptitious taping of the Federal Monitor James Ginger, what we are about to tell you is totally feasible.

Within the last few weeks there have been ongoing negotiations with the Bernalillo County District Attorney over a possible complaint against an APD Special Investigations Detective. We were advised that weeks ago that this APD detective may have uttered verbal threats of harm to DA Raul Torres over detectives not getting what they wanted from the DA’s office.... something in the lines of an ass beating.

Our Eyes are telling us that this detective is being covered for, because he is connected to Sullivan who runs SID. The word is that Sullivan, Eric Garcia and a few others are trying to squash this after DA Torres had called for a meeting with APD command staff after he was made aware of it.

The kicker here is that after weeks, an Internal Investigation has not been started on this yet because they are trying to sweep this.

It is apparent here that those within APD who have helped promote the disparaging treatment of officers will continue with their antics up until the bitter end.

Thank God we are only two weeks away from the New Mayor taking over.

Nov 14, 2017

Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening, By Robert Frost; An Election Night Poem to Tuck Yourselves In to on This Good Night

Whose woods these are I think I know.   
His house is in the village though;   
He will not see me stopping here   
To watch his woods fill up with snow.   

My little horse must think it queer   
To stop without a farmhouse near   
Between the woods and frozen lake   
The darkest evening of the year.   

He gives his harness bells a shake   
To ask if there is some mistake.   
The only other sound’s the sweep   
Of easy wind and downy flake.   

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.
And dirty motherfuckers to bury really deep.


We would like to congratulate Tim Keller, his campaign, the volunteers, and all the voters that made a stand tonight. The right choice was overwhelmingly made. Great things are on the horizon. Stand by for our Post Mortem Election article coming up very soon. Tonight was a good night. Rock the Andaluz. You all deserve it!

Keller Campaign Responds to Last Gasp Effort From Lewis

Below is the response from Keller, in reference to the campaign complaint lodged against him, which by the way has been what Berry and the republicans have done in elections before. This issue is now resolved and defined, as it was not previously. Keller’s handling of this matter was up front, as expected. KRQE explained how it was not intentional, and how Keller was completely transparent. Most other media outlets slanted it as if it was intentional, leaving out the circled portion of the findings.

As usual, the political hacks and boneheads are trying to twist this, leaving out the part of the ruling that shows there was no ill intent here. That is a non issue to us here at the Eye.

Please get out and vote for Tim Keller, because this is the chance to smash two birds with one stone. Lewis will no longer be a city councilor, where he will continue to do nothing, and he will also be prevented from becoming mayor as the new Berry 2.0.

Nobody wants a cocky, arrogant, smug, self server as a mayor. Albuquerque is tired of the bully mentality in office. This pompous clown has smacked public safety workers in the face by saying the rank and file support him, and just a few union officials back Keller. That is a lie, and an insult.


“Dan Lewis’ completely inaccurate and over-the-top assertions are exactly what the city’s Board of Ethics saw through in today’s ruling that completely exonerated Tim Keller,” said Jessie Hunt. “To be clear, the board did not impose any fine or reprimand against Keller. In fact, in its ruling the board noted Keller’s ‘good faith efforts’ and affirmed that he in no way attempted to violate the code of ethics.”

This is in stark contrast to Dan Lewis, who was caught not once, but twice for lying to the pubic about Tim Keller’s record.

Hunt continued: “Lewis’ eleventh-hour outburst is the last gasp of a failed candidate whose campaign was built on false, negative attacks and outright lies. Nothing Dan Lewis has said tonight will make Albuquerque families safer or create the jobs we need.”

Adding to the absurdity of Lewis’ last-minute charade is the fact that he stepped out of a City Council meeting to hold a political press conference in City Hall, a clear violation of the very ethics code Lewis portends to uphold.

In addition, Lewis himself currently faces two ethics complaints for being personally connected to a business that has received $3.1 million in city contracts, and for taking thousands in illegal campaign cash from city contractors.


Eden announced he will be running away. We expect many two week resignation and retirement notices will be filed tomorrow. Word is that Princess Jessica Tyler is desperately calling everyone to get them to put in a good word to the next administration for her, because she knows she burned her bridges... AND WAIT FOR IT!!!! Yes.... Celina Espinosa quit yesterday. That is right! Celina ran away yesterday, after the Albuquerque Police Department recently footed the bill for her to travel to Philadelphia for the IACP CONFERENCE representing APD. Ha ha ha.... Just ha ha ha... Celina You get the Pre November Election Snowflake of the month award. Adios burro. Do not let the door hit your lying ass.

The Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal even sees the inevitable, and tried to get out of the way of the justice coming our way by dropping their boy Lewis, to Endorse Keller. (We do not forget how they tried to sabotage Keller by previously endorsing Lewis and Colon and we will not forget after the election. We also will not forget about those other self important blowhards with agenda) As if the Urinal even matters. What does matter is that all of these creeps are afraid, and this is good. It is good because those afraid are afraid because they are the cause of the mess this city is in. There is blood in the water, and they all know it. This is just another reason why we know Tim is the choice.

Many have made the mistake of poking something they should not have screwed with and it upset their little unnatural order of things. We are predicting that Keller will surround himself with many who will actually make sacrifices, take pay cuts, and do without, in order to fix things and do the right thing. We are also predicting that the usual self appointed, political bigmouth, ass lint, gadflies, will be crying to the highest heavens, but their cries will only be about their jealousy, impotence and irrelevance. Yes, the irrelevant seekers of attention who always start every statement with “I” will be claiming they predicted things, while all they did was sit on the sidelines, as spectators, running their mouths with negativity about the most qualified mayoral candidate we have, while failing to take a stance backing him until it became evident that he will win tonight. We commend everyone who supported the right candidate from the very beginning. This will be a true success because tonight the two faces, liars, bullies, criminals and punk self servers get handed their candy asses.

Let’s clean out the filth. Let’s keep them running. Let’s make Keller the next Mayor of Albuquerque tonight.

Good luck to our choice for mayor Tim Keller, and his Staff.

We will see you in City Hall.

Nov 8, 2017


We here at the Eye would like to commend mayoral candidate Tim Keller on his performance last night in the mayoral debate.

We stated a few days ago that we would be refraining from negativity, until the election was over, but we would be remiss in our duties if we did not address Mr. Patrick J. Rogers.

Mister Rogers has been the attorney behind the scene connected with political complaint filers, and PAC liars connected to Santolina. He is representing one who is charged with election fraud felonies, who is currently under restraining orders from public officials and who likes to sabotage good candidates from elections solely because they are against the Santolina Development Plan. See our article below, about Carlos Villanueva McMahon.


We suggest you read M.G Bralley’s blog called WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE. You can check it out at the link below. Search Pat Rogers name and read about how far back he has been sticking his nose into elections in reference to voter fraud, but is involved in representing an accused election tamperer who appears to be working for him as a private investigator. This private investigator is involved an what may appear to be a pattern and practice of harassing politicians for the Santolina political cause.


Our Eyes have told us that those behind the frivolous actions on Keller are being looked at for their connections, and for possibly falsifying documents to obtain licenses, and A WHOLE HELLLLLL OF ALOT MORE!

In order to obtain a PI license, one needs to fulfill experience and training requirements. We are wondering how much of the below is true on this form. Notice the claim of working for APD and former APD Commander Sisi Saenz Miranda’s company, Miranda Investigations. Notice how he wrote APD and Miranda Investigative Unit. We didn’t know there was a Miranda Investigative Unit in the Albuquerque Police Department. We smell shit here folks and that form states under penalty of perjury.

We are also aware that a further complaint was filed.

Back to Pat Rogers....
This attorney had to resign from the law firm of Modrall Sperling over comments in an email where he stated that the governor dishonored General Custer by attending a Native American summit with tribal leaders back in 2012. The story is below...


This attorney seems to take all of the cases that involve political complaints, lobbying and finger pointing that the other political attorneys associated with this administration do not want to be connected with, but want to benefit from, Santolina antics being one of them now.

Frankly, we are all tired of the self serving politics of this administration, under Martinez and Berry. This guy has used a private email account to arrange trips with his lobbying clients, and off limits meetings involving government officials and clients over a multi million dollar contract.
This is all reminiscent of the trips Ray Schultz and Kathryn Levy were given by Taser to the Stingaree club in California, while Ray was Greasing that contract.

This attorney actually sued Sandoval County to tie up ballots for his Republican clients, and tried to get the tax payers to foot the $180,000 bill. More of the exact type of antics we are all tired of.


Read Joe Monahan’s blog below about this guy’s mouth and comment about the poor Hispanic Dr. Pepper Girl. It’s about Rogers not being funny.


You can see this guy is of the same ilk of McCleskey and gang. Enough is enough with these clowns. They are all connected, and responsible for the state of affairs of our entire state, with their clowning around, and self serving antics at the cost of public safety.

It is evident that the other side is about filling their pockets, and will trash the only candidate for the job by promoting dishonest attacks, and intimidation of politicians and anyone else in their way to get what they want. It gets worse!

Send a clear and concise message to the bullies, cowards, and punks on November 14th.
Vote Keller, and show them that you see right through the concerted effort to undermine the repair of our city and state state, in order to enrich themselves at the risk of public safety, and stability.

Send life long political hacks, meddlers, self serving lobbyists, and bigmouth blowhard bullies home with the largest case of butthurt they have ever had.

Below is page two and five and a sampling of a complaint filed recently, and the headaches are just going to start for a few. Check it out folks. It only gets worse, as you read more. It was filed with the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing, in reference to violations of notary public statutes and PI administrative rules. Folks... shit has just hit the big time! Enjoy the show. It just got real.


It is times like this when the little guy gets nabbed that deals get cut, and the ones at the top eventually go too. We will enjoy watching this one work it’s way up.

If this does not piss you off enough to get you to go out there and vote, something is wrong!

Thank you for reading our blog,
The Eye

Nov 5, 2017

Keller Releases Closing Ad Highlighting Call to Unity

In agreement with the below statement, and out of respect for the Keller campaign, we here at the Eye will refrain from any further negative comments, regarding the state of affairs in the election and of our city, until after November 14th. This is conditional, and contingent upon the conduct, and actions of others, that may attack again, with their false claims, or egregious behavior, which may warrant a defense. Essentially, the Eye will be standing down, until after November 14th. The comments section will still be up, but we will be taking a breather to enjoy watching the city change for the better. Best of luck to our chosen candidate for Mayor... Mr. Tim Keller.


Today, New Mexico State Auditor and candidate for mayor of Albuquerque, Tim Keller, released a new television advertisement that will run on broadcast and digital channels.

Titled “Albuquerque Forward,” the spot rejects the politics of negativity and calls for unity throughout Albuquerque.

“After eight years of failure and division from Mayor Berry and Dan Lewis, our city is at a crossroads," said Keller. "Negative ads and false attacks will never turn things around. It's time to come together and move Albuquerque forward."

The spot can be viewed at and a full transcript is below.

While Keller has campaigned on a positive vision for Albuquerque, Dan Lewis has been caught twice recently by the local media for lying, including making up statements about Tim's public safety positions and even trying to pass off the words of well-connected Santolina developer Jeff Garrett as the opinion of the Albuquerque Journal.

Keller has released detailed plans for public safety and economic development, which have been endorsed by the Albuquerque Police Officers Association, Albuquerque Area Firefighters, the Albuquerque Fraternal Order of Police and the ABQWest Westside Chamber of Commerce.

“Albuquerque Forward”

Albuquerque is going the wrong direction.
I’m Tim Keller. And negative ads and false attacks will never help turn things around.
Politicians like Dan Lewis and Mayor Berry have divided and failed us for eight years.
It's time we come together.
As State Auditor, I've cracked down on public corruption.
And I'm running for Mayor on a real plan to keep our families safe, step up for our kids and help revitalize our economy.
Let's move Albuquerque forward.

Nov 4, 2017

Epitome of the worst of Hypocrisy. Illegal campaign contributions in the Lewis campaign, when he wants to cry about the ethics of others point to those behind him are Schultz cronies. 2 complaints with multiple violations filed on Dan Lewis that the media is failing to tell you all about.

Dan Lewis decided to board the Santolina band wagon, in reference to the lies being spread on Tim Keller, and now it is backfiring on him, and shining the light on others.

We have seen this administration destroy this city, with the help of an in place infrastructure.

When Berry was elected, he decided to keep Ray Schultz in place, when he should have fired him, because he obviously saw Ray’s manipulative connections within the media, his underhanded methodology, and his corrupt ways as a plus for his agenda. Those ways still thrive.

Others saw Ray as a boost to their bottom line too.

It seems that there was a second complaint filed on Dan Lewis for ethics violations involving his company Desert Fuels, and their company’s owner contributing to his campaign, when they are city vendors. They want to play games with the categorization, but his company has a contract with the city, and that is a fact.

Above is a supplemental to that complaint, with a growing list of contributors who also have conflicts, because they are city vendors. This is an issue, because Lewis is not only a mayoral candidate, but a current city councilor.

Dan wanted to point fingers. You know what they say about pointing fingers Dan? We do. When you point a finger... four more fingers point right back at you.

Here’s to pointing fingers Dan.

They have showed that those who support Dan are looking for the same of what the previous administration gave them; favoritism to the point that they would break the rules to get what they want... especially that little cretin, number 7, who is the BFF of Ray Schultz, owner of Kaufman’s West Army Navy, and who has been hooked up over the years with lucrative contracts by Ray, as both he and Ray ran amok on the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board, violating the civil rights of employees for political favors, or just plain because they could. Standby though, because that shit is about to catch up to these fellas, as there is a looming investigation pending into something that is going to open cases for every year these cowards have been pulling strings up there, with the help of individuals involved in government positions.

Pretty soon, calling in political favors, judicial misconduct, fraud on the courts, witness tampering, perjury, official corruption, permission of perjury, and getting away with it will be a thing of the past, because a bigger Eye than us will be on it.

Everyone had a chance to make decisions to do the right thing. Everyone is sick and tired of them choosing to do their thing. Now the decision will be made for them... first by the voters, then, by the judicial system.

Do not let Berry and Schultz cronies continue to have influence through their cultivated plants anymore. Rip their influence away from them. Lack of access means the loss of control of the variables these filth need in place to protect them.

It is evident that the Albuquerque Journal, along with many others who supported Berry and Schultz are now seeing cover, because they realize what is coming with the changing of the guard.

Vote Keller on November 14th.


We commend those who brought light to these issues.




We would like to say, enjoy your retirement you lying pendejo, because officers have been hurt and killed, citizens have been victimized, and the city has been ruined by your malfeasant conduct. You have strapped the next administration with starting out in the hole, under fire. No worries though, because they will prevail, because things will be done right, and the place will now be fixed without the resistance you put up, by competent leadership who will be in place because they are qualified not because they will carry the water they are told to. We all know Huntsman was calling the shots with a little consulting from Ray Schultz over in Texas. Yea, we know he still has his hands in things.

Oh yes, please take those horseshit arm hashes with you. You will need them on your next two to three year stint, because after all that’s all you political appointee carpet baggers last for before your found out to be the incompetent malfeasants you are.

Adios Burro!

P.S. The subpoenas will keep coming, because something says this is just the beginning of your nightmares. Get ready for the flipping, rolling, and deal cutting, when the hammer drops for all of the criminal shit you clowns have been pulling.



Yes... You guessed it! You get out November snowflake of the month award!

Oct 31, 2017

Another Santolina Turd Surfaces Under Yet Another Name. The Art of Aliases, and Defrauding the Public, While Abusing the System With Frivolity. A Call to the DOJ for Election Tampering, and Racketeering.

Yesterday, the Albuquerque Urinal put out a story on a complaint lodged by yet another Santolina Gang Agent. You can see it here... 

Read it, because we are going to step out why it is garbage, and how it appears that Santolina is hiring professional complaint filers to do their dirty work and how amusing their choice of characters are. 

For some reason, these Santolinaers just are not getting the fact that they are caught. 

When we initially did a story on 9/20/17, exposing those behind frivolous, unfounded Santolina’s attacks on Mayoral Candidate Tim Keller, we pointed out the ground zero for our reference point, Donna Taylor, Donna Madrid, Donna Madrid Taylor, who went through three combinations of her name aliases, securing Political Action Committees for the Santolina Plan, involving out of state profiteers, and cowards, along with out of country financier Barclay Bank. 

The same individuals were also behind the same attacks on District 1 city council candidate Javier Benevidez, during his bid for election. 

As the Albuquerque Mayoral election is getting ready to wind down to the main event, on the November 14 runoff date between Tim Keller and Dan Lewis, we are seeing exactly what we expected; cornered rats desperately grasping for straws, for a scheme that started years ago. 
This grasping at straws has tampered with elections, and is now possibly bordering on racketeering, because in some jurisdictions filing frivolous actions for the reasons these are being filed, along with other criteria, can be criminal, especially when there’s coconspirators involved in abusing the courts, in conjunction with candidates, or organizations,  to defraud an election. All of that aside, below we will take the wind, and credibility out of the latest (shady to say the least) character to snipe at Tim Keller. 

Back in 2012 a guy named Carlos Villanueva, ran for State Senate, covering District 26.
Below is a map of where that district covers, and you can see it’s right near the tiny, crucial little area, touching our city, that these cretins need to get approval for. Looking at this, our previous articles, and what we all know is going on, you can see that a few select individuals had the inside track a few years back, and were already operating or trying to position themselves as shills for this development plan, which frankly speaking is the victimization of an entire city by a parasitic organization, posing as a job bringer, which is nothing but a lie. It’s a lie, because the ecology and infrastructure can not support that type of opportunistic sprawl. 

See the map of District 26 that Villanueva tried to get his hooks into. What is more interesting about Villanueva is that he too ran as a Democrat. Again certain democrats are attacking a Democrat for personal interest agendas, but now they are joining with Republicans in a smear campaign of underhanded lies, that benefit their common cause; SANTOLINA. These punks would undermine the primary goal of cleaning up corruption, fixing the police department, and protecting our citizens, so they can financially benefit from their antics. We think it is time for a federal investigation into the moving of even darker monies that are possibly flowing to people illegally, under the table, in order to fund this type of motivation. 


On 5/2/17, Carlos Villanueva filed to change his name to Carlos McMahon. We ask why? Why are all of these ivory tower, stone throwers, changing their names every time they attack a new candidate that is against the Santolina project? Is it to throw people off of thinking it is coming from the same entity, or is it to feign credibility, because they have been arrested for several warrants, charged with election fraud, possessing illegal ballots, forgery, perjury and conspiracy with others to do these things, that nobody would take anything they have to say seriously? Is it because knowing the back story, you all will see right through the scam? We think so. Look it all up below at the NM COURT CASE LOOKUP LINK:


Below is just one document showing the types of things that those behind frivolous complaints against Tim Keller have been charged with, and are involved in.

Looking at these court dockets, you can see that the same Pat Rogers, the lawyer that had to resign from a law firm over racist comments about a Native Americans is connected and at times representing Mr. Carlos McMahon, Carlos Villanueva, or whatever his name is today.

Carlos was also the defendant in a restraining order filed against him. Earlier this year, State Rep. Caballero filed a protection order against Villanueva for stalking her, but it was dismissed. In the article his name remains Villanueva even though he filed to change it to McMahon on 5/2/17. Below is the link to the story.


Dan Lewis wants to stand with these same questionable individuals who are all working together... one of which one is charged with multiple felonies for defrauding, and lying, yet out of the other side of his mouth Dan wants to say he is going to make criminals not want to live in Albuquerque. It is evident that Dan Lewis will work with people with records and felony charges to get what he wants and that is disgusting. Which is it Dan? Do you want to work with the criminals or oust them? Dan? Are you there Dan?

Dan, you know what? That is just plain disgusting! It is offensive Dan! You know that? How could you Dan? How can you back the play of a group all connected to someone charged with multiple felonies? We urge everyone not to take our word for it. Please go to the above link, and look this guy up for yourselves.

This the exact reason that the rank and file back Tim Keller for mayor, and so do the firemen. Nobody endorses a candidate that regurgitates rhetoric of a group using people who use aliases, or are charged with fraud felonies to promote a racket, and continue to destroy our city. This conduct is worse than Berry. Dan... you are just plain disgusting Dan!

Let’s not forget the Journal endorsed Lewis, and the Journal owners are big land owners here.
Not even Lewis’s own west side Chamber of Commerce endorsed him.

Vote Keller, and do away with disgusting politicians who are the problem.