The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

May 31, 2013


Recently one of the uber expensive gadgets from APD's RTCC was, well, disabled while deployed on a super secret mission.
Recently there had been reports of a streaker running around Mariposa park. While we won't be the ones to identify the irony in that, but we thought much was strange about this story. But our eyes are reporting that things get even stranger yet.

Instead of parking the mobile bat-cam drone during a time when the alleged streaker would be out and about, the braintrust leaders at APD parked the $60,000 super spy machine out at night to watch the park during hours where nobody would lawfully be allowed in the park. Now, our guess is RTCC Commander TJ Wilham really wanted to see if there were couples going to the park stars. Because we know TJ is into watching people watch stars we're left scratching our heads as to what exactly the law enforcement related purpose was.
Of course while APD abandoned the machine in the park, much like they did a few years ago with a laptop stuffed in a backpack and a miserably failed tac-plan operation a few years ago, along came some fellows who wanted to take the funny looking drone.
But not surprisingly, they couldn't take the machine and in their efforts to return it to the city, they tipped it over. But this is where things take on a curve scarier than the Blair Witch Project. While the drone was on it's side still recording it caught an image of the nefarious that character in Stephen King's story The Lawmower Man, it caught an image of a robust yet disgustingly pink human being completely naked and buried in fresh clippings of grass. But who was this person? Look at the weird image provided by one of our looks like none other than..TJ!!!

We can't even make this up folks. A failed police chief allows a failed newspaper reporter to deploy a device worth as much as the average home in Albuquerque to video a suspect committing a petty misdemeanor crime during the time they are not reported to be committing the offense and who does the device capture....but the very reporter!!! We wonder what the other camera's showed? Perhaps the failed Mayor, Mr. Dick Berry and his hockey playing wannabe tough-guy Mr. Perry in a tryst only appropriate for the park they were watching?

May 30, 2013


News broke yesterday about an FBI investigation into how the Downs at Albuquerque Racetrack and Casino was awarded a twenty-five year lucrative contract to run the Downs Racino over another competitor whose offer was superior to the Downs at Albuquerque Racetrack and Casino. This company who “won” gave Suzanna Martinez $75,000.00 in contributions and paid Governor Martinez’s pet snake, Jay McCleskey, to be a “consultant.” (Anyone see a problem yet?) The big question now is why did this deal go to the Downs at Albuquerque Racetrack and Casino when Laguna’s offer was superior?

Remember when the nefarious Darren White got booted out of the City in disgrace? Remember White immediately got a job at the Downs? Remember White had zero qualifications to manage a racetrack and casino? The good news for White is; he is a Republican just like Dick J. Berry and Jay McCleskey. Folks, here is where it really pays to be an SOB (Support of Berry). Since White left with two black eyes the Republicans had to take care of their boy. Remember, Gov. Martinez also appointed White to the Judicial Standards Commission? (Martinez’s unethical behavior we will save for another day.)

McCleskey who we are told are BFF’s (best friends forever) with the nefarious Darren White tried to plug his BFF (White) into the Martinez Cabinet but White was too hot in the media and of course being unethical caused Susanna to put her foot down like Sasquatch and defied McCleskey. This caused other problems we are told in the Martinez administration. Eventually McCleskey found White a job at the Downs. White was given a six month contract worth $75,000.00. Folks, that’s 150k a year; much better money than he was bringing in with the city job. So it appears the “greasing of the palm” started way back then.
Now McCleskey has been interview by the FBI about the entire possibility of corruption as it relates to why and how the Albuquerque Downs Racetrack and Casino landed the twenty-five year deal worth billions of dollars. Let’s see; McCleskey is known as the Governor by proxy, and he controls Susanna and the rest of the Republicans including Dick Berry. McCleskey consulted for the Albuquerque Downs’ deal where the State of New Mexico gets cheated, and it appears it was all orchestrated by none other than MR. McCleskey! Well, was Mr. McCleskey paid with blood money? Hey McCleskey; have you heard of the RICO STATUTE? How about conspiracy? We are not accusing you of anything; this is just a “test” of your knowledge base. The bigger question is will McCleskey sing like a Yellow Canary or has he already?

To the G Boys: make sure you are wearing cleats under your boots when you start stompin’ on all those rattle snakes. Paul Heh our future mayor has stated he will have a true inspector general who will work under the direction of the city council. The City’s Inspector General will handle complaints of corruption and will prosecute to the full extent of the law. The “funny business” will stop when Heh is in office. This is applicable to past corruption as well as future corruption. You cannot out run the long arm of the law! One last thought…how come none of the TV stations pick up on this story or the Albuquerque Journal? Could it be Berry, Schultz and McCleskey are really the Puppet Masters in control of what is released???

Remember when the nefarious Darren White got booted out of the City in disgrace?  Remember White immediately got a job at the Downs?  Remember White had zero qualifications to manage a racetrack and casino?  The good news for White is; he is a Republican just like Dick J. Berry and Jay McCleskey.  Folks, here is where it really pays to be an SOB (Support of Berry).  Since White left with two black eyes the Republicans had to take care of their boy.  Remember Gov. Martinez also appointed White to the Judicial Standards Commission? (Martinez’s unethical behavior we will save for another day.)
McCleskey who we are told are BFF’s (best friends forever) with the nefarious Darren White tried to plug his BFF (White) into the Martinez Cabinet but White was too hot in the media and of course being unethical caused Susanna to put her foot down like Sasquatch and defied McCleskey.  This caused other problems we are told in the Martinez administration.  Eventually McCleskey found White a job at the Downs.  White was given a six month contract worth $75,000.00.  Folks, that’s 150k a year; much better money than he was bringing in with the city job.  So it appears the “greasing of the palm” started way back then.
Now McCleskey has been interview by the FBI about the entire possibility of corruption as it relates to why and how the Albuquerque Downs Racetrack and Casino landed the twenty-five year deal worth billions of dollars.  Let’s see; McCleskey is known as the Governor by proxy, and he controls Susanna and the rest of the Republicans including Dick Berry.  McCleskey consulted for the Albuquerque Downs’ deal where the State of New Mexico gets cheated and it appears it was all orchestrated by none other than MR. McCleskey! Well, was Mr. McCleskey paid with blood money?  Hey McCleskey; have you heard of the RICO STATUTE? How about conspiracy?  We are not accusing you of anything; this is just a “test” of your knowledge base.  The bigger question is will McCleskey sing like a Yellow Canary or has he already?

May 29, 2013

Educators Sound Off

Our educators are being mistreated by APS and the APS’s superintendent, Winston Brooks.  We all entrust our educators to mentor, care and educate our children and grandchildren.  Hiring Brooks was a bad move in the first place and retaining him is an even bigger mistake on the behalf of APS.  Brooks and APS have established a pattern of abuse against our educators.  Let’s see; when you treat someone bad they; A) try to please the burro Brooks? And B) become discontent and start to push back?  What kind of ignoramuses runs APS?  It appears Brooks and APS believe in the imperialistic mentality.  

It is common knowledge Books came from Wichita, Kansas.  Although, Albuquerque has plenty of local talent; APS gave the job to a guy from Wichita, how does this truly benefit Albuquerque?  When Dorothy’s (Brooks) contract ends, he will pack up and take his money and pension and head back to Kansas.  And Albuquerque, well, let’s just say we get left holding the dirty end of the stick. Dorothy’s salary including his benefits package totals $273,000.   Hiring Brooks is a form of out-sourcing and the Elitist Berry is guilty of the same offense against Albuquerque.  The question is why?  Why does APS give a job worth $273,000 to a guy from Wichita and not a citizen of Albuquerque?  Why not invest in our own people? By proxy this is an investment in Albuquerque’s future.  Hire local and they will stay here, live here, SPEND here and invest here.
Here is how one of our Eyes describes Brooks and his actions: 

You can add Winston Brooks to your list of imperialist's running Albuquerque. He is ruling like an abusive spouse. We have only received a 2% raise in 8 years. He has his administrators tearing down the egos of the employees. At personnel reviews they are telling 90% of employees that they are substandard. An abuser always keeps 10% as the "model" employee so that they may feel much more superior and do whatever they are asked to keep the abuser happy. They are not focusing on anything that the employee has done right- just what they do wrong. They are telling everyone if you don't like it get another job. They are running higher paid employees out with flimsy reasoning.

Now to top the cake they have moved our pay from 26 pay checks in one year next year to 27 paychecks in one year and 2 weeks- this will mean about $60-$100 a paycheck for people who are already living very close to the edge. Prior to making this declaration they asked the teachers for feedback on different new pay options- the teachers chose 24 paychecks as it would be the least painful. Brooks turned around and choose the most painful of all the choices. Their reasoning was that to do 24 was too confusing for payroll- apparently APS payroll is done by a guy with an abacus- in a dark corner of the ivory towers. On top of all this- they really haven't shared this with a majority of educators. Did they just think it would be ok for them to find out when their first check came in next August? There is just a general disregard for the educators.

It's time for the workers to make some noise.

We agree completely with this Eye. It is time for the educators to make their voices known and heard.  Brooks and APS must STOP abusing the hard working employees.  The educator is the backbone of the school.  Our future Mayor, Paul Heh, has made it clear: education is one of his top priorities.  Heh knows our educational system in Albuquerque is dismal, at best, and is in need of repair.  And the problem is not our educators.  We need to stop the abuse of our educators and allow them to do the job they were hired to do.  Stopping the abuse will be an enormous step towards repairing our educational system.  The mayor can make several corrections peripherally and place stringent pressure on APS to rectify the abuse and start repairing APS. 

There are thousands of educators in APS. This is equivalent to a HUGE VOTING BLOCK!  If the educators unite and they all vote; they could easily determine who our next mayor will be.


May 28, 2013

Unprincipled Elitist Mayor Berry to blow $35,000 of Tax Payer dollars

The title says it all.  Albuquerque’s unprincipled elitist mayor Berry is set to blow $35,000 of tax payer money on an executive search firm to locate a new police chief for APD. Why you ask; it’s called incompetence.  The “big plan” coming from Berry and his ring-master, Jay McCluskey is orders to mop up the mess Berry’s inept leadership has caused in hopes of opening the narrowing doorway to get Berry re-elected.  

Albuquerque has been run-a-ground by Berry.  We wonder if Berry is related to the captain of the Titanic.  Berry keeps making incompetent decisions and this has gone on for the last four years which has led to Albuquerque’s demise.  On second thought, Berry cannot be related to the captain of the Titanic; the captain of the Titanic had enough dignity to go down with his ship.  We know Berry will jump ship when it gets rough and blame everyone else except himself for all the problems.
This is similar to owning a house and renting it out.  You entrust the occupants to reasonably care for the home.  Instead they have drunken parties, knock holes in the walls, burn cigarette holes in the carpet, plug all the sinks and plug all the toilets, leave trash in the publics’ view and all the neighbors have called and complained and the authorities are after you (unless you’re an SOB- Support of Berry).  You contact the renter about all the problems and the complaints.  In response, not to lose their deposit and get evicted, the renter put some specking on the walls to make it look good and takes the trash around to the back yard.
We just introduced you to Berry; In Berry’s case he is doing a few photo-ops and bouncing Schultz and a few others.  In other words, after four years of failed leadership, 3,900 lost jobs in one year and over 54 million dollars in liability in one year, Berry is ushering Schultz and some of the other boys out the door to make it look pretty.  Berry will blow 35k on a national search and then proudly proclaim, “I have fixed all the problems and hired a new chief.”  By forcing Schultz and some of the others out, Berry is hopeful it will appease the Albuquerque voter.   This is too little; too late.  The voters of Albuquerque are not fools; they know and have seen exactly what “game” Berry is playing.  We here at the Eye thought McCluskey was more intelligent than that but maybe not.

Berry is an elitist vain individual.  We have people HERE; in ALBUQUERQUE, who would do a great job for APD and the citizen.  Do we have a “national search” when we have a lousy mayor to replace?  NO; we have local people who live here and know what Albuquerque needs who can do the job.

Perhaps Berry should take out an ad in the Albuquerque Journal for $35.00 for a new police chief and use the $35,000.00 to stop his privatizing of Albuquerque.
 Every vote counts; we hope we can count on you to vote Berry OUT!

May 27, 2013

True Valor

As a nation we celebrate Memorial Day; a time to reflect and remember those who have served our country and continue to serve their country and to remember our loved ones who have passed. When one thinks of Memorial Day this saying comes to mind; “All gave some; some gave all.” This short simplistic saying is true VALOR!
Anyone who has served or serves in the military gave or is giving of themselves unselfishly. 


A little known fact about the person we have chosen to be our next mayor (Paul Heh): Heh served in the US ARMY for seven years.  Heh is the ONLY candidate who is a United States military veteran.

Here is a question: Did Schultz ever serve in the military? Did Albuquerque’s Emperor, the Elitist Mayor Berry serve in the military? ANSWER: NO!
Berry won’t even release his tax records.  We call that un-American and Berry's actions are clear fascism! Valor? Berry's idea of Valor is taking advantage of others pain and grief in order to have a "photo-op."
Our Nation and more importantly our community here in Albuquerque should take time to recognize a very special person, Lee Rigby. Here is a short history on LEE RIGBY:  he was a 25-year-old Afghan war veteran in the British military.  Mr. Rigby was not in uniform when he was attacked by two terrorists, Rigby was intentional hit by a car on the sidewalk, hacked to death and beheaded on a London Street as he walked home.  Lee Rigby was guilty of serving his country and paid the ultimate price.  When it is all said and done; we will learn that the British Government knew the two terrorists had ties to a terrorist organization.
Our Country as have others have cowered to the liberal belief of the left wings.  Yes, people should have right but if you are a known terrorist; if you have known ties to terrorist organizations, you are no longer a true American and therefore have no rights in this Country.  In the London case their government should have known terrorists or any other person with ties to terrorist organizations either in custody or deported.
This is the same situation with the United States. The FBI had knowledge about the two terrorist cells that bombed the Boston Marathon.  The FBI knew about these two and has extensive knowledge of others who are known terrorist or have ties to terrorist organizations.  The FBI and our government claim they are keeping an eye on them and monitoring them. That did not work out to well for the people at the marathon; did it?  Notwithstanding, so the FBI monitors them till they strike and kill or maimed our citizens?  This is ridicules. And yes, we know the FBI and the Government do conduct certain operations when they have stopped many terrorist sbefore they strike but if you know who they are and what they are going to do; why allow them to continue?  Stop them! Remove them!
Please take a moment today to stop and thank God for all the blessings we have and thank God for all the men and women who have served or are serving in our military. And one last request; please say a prayer for those who are MIA (Missing In Action), the families must struggle daily with not knowing the fate of their loved ones.  The fact that a person chose to serve their country is True Valor.

Just a thought, a photo-op is not an act of valor; it is a true sign of being a coward.  No disrespect intended to Secretary of Correction Marcantel.  Mr, Marcantel is the exception to this clan.


May 23, 2013


Change is an inevitable component of life. And while sometimes it's for the good, frequently it's for the bad. For as long as our current and retired APD Eyes can remember, if there was one thing that was certain, to be admitted into APD's police academy you had to at least meet the 40% threshold on the physical fitness assessment test. 
Now it seems as the department is starved for new applicants to fill the hundreds of vacancies in a once proud but now decimated department, there is an unofficial relaxing of even these modes standards. Under the "administration" of former FLETC assistant director Joe Wolf, the requirements to become a police officer are getting, well, weird. No longer is heart and brawn valued, but softness and academics.
While the standard of 60-credit hours and/or honorable military time still stands, the physical fitness requirements have been relaxed even further than the 40% mark.

Despite the $5,000 hiring bonus (at the expense of keeping officers with over 18 years of training and do the math and see if this makes sense) and a total turnaround to flood the streets with light blue PSAs who under Schultz's new policy will be able to "apprentice" there way in as cops (note the typical Schultz lie: no credit hours and no military experience necessary for those that are 18yrs old and track to become as officers via the PSA route...and no life experience), APD still remains in a personnel tail spin.
Congratulations Officer Stephanie Lopez!

But on other fronts, change is coming to the APOA. By a two-to-one margin, Officer Stephanie Lopez defeated current APOA president Sergeant Greg Weber and will be the new police union president.
If you recall, Weber stepped in to take over the APOA upon former President Joey Sigala abrupt and disgraced departure and arrest. And one of the first things he did was apologize from Mayor Berry's living room. Since then he's broadcast bizarre youtube videos, foolish public statements at city council meetings, and a haricut that rivals Phil Specter in its....weirdness.

We're sure Weber has yet another "soft" landing spot as all he did for his term was carry water for Schultz and Berry. Our Eyes are concerned about what will be done with that confirmed leak and snitch: Ron Olivas? Will he continue to milk money out of the APOA? Will he be allowed to stay even though he remained silent while Sigala reportedly stole tens of thousands of police officer funds?
The Eye supports President Lopez and hope that she has the courage to do what is necessary: Fire Olivas and open up all the books and start new. All of our Eyes would love to see a strong rebirth of a unified police union. Enough is enough, you are starting from the ground up and things cannot get any worse. Do what you have to do President Lopez. (Doesn't that sound good! PRESIDENT LOPEZ!)

May 22, 2013


Later today local attorney Paul Kennedy will be hosting a $500 dollar “suggested personal contribution” to attend a reception for Mayor Berry to give him money. Five hundred dollars is around what many people clear with their pay checks to pay rent, buy food, put gas in the car etc…To blow $500 to attend a reception is crazy and seems weird but it gets even weirder. Kennedy has made millions of dollars from suing the City and APD and he still is suing them NOW! We are sure Berry is pleased that Kennedy wants to keep incompetence in office. The question is why?

Paul Kennedy who is known for being a true liberal, but also oh yeah, and as a “Republican” he is hosting a fundraiser for Berry’s campaign. The question is why would any responsible citizen want to have an incompetent mayor in office? ANSWER: an incompetent mayor keeps a huge cash flow coming for certain people! If Albuquerque elects an honest mayor, a mayor with morals and values the City will start being run by a competent leadership. This would cut-off all the local talents who are bleeding off of the City. He's a fox guarding the berry hen-house. And while it was the very leadership of APD that swarmed and contaminated Mary Han's crime scene, it was Kennedy that stood there and remained silent. Really? And Kennedy wants to keep these very same people in office. Really?
So for the fools who decide to attend this function, know this: you are truly encouraging and enabling incompetence. Does anybody remember the recent Ken Ellis case? The City just lost over $10,000,000.00 to the estate of Mr. Ellis. This case could have been settled out of court for a fraction of that amount. But remember, the City and the Police Department was represented by Kathy Levy; need we say more… Plus remember COA/Attorney Rob Perry did not “know” the City lost $44,000,000.00 last year in liability? We wonder how much of that money went to Mr. Kennedy. And given that CAO Mr. Perry used to office with Mr. Kennedy, how much was really "lost" to Mr. Kennedy and not let go and given....
Kennedy is a litigator who has made several large fortunes off the City. If Berry is voted out and an ethical mayor is elected; Kennedy and others will have to start eating at the Golden Corral and Furr’s Cafeteria and buying American cars like the rest of us...

Kennedy is currently working for Gov. Martinez and his old buddies/business partners with COA Rob Perry. Remember when Rob Perry ran for state attorney-general? Kennedy was his funding manager. Kennedy is wise to help keep Berry in office and this allows Kennedy to keep receiving those million dollar settlements from the City. 
The flyer (below) contains a statement at the bottom which clearly states, “Paid for by the committee to Re-elect Berry Mayor.” This strongly suggests that Kennedy is a “support of Berry” and he is part of the Berry campaign. Is all of this a “PAY-TO-PLAY”deal? You decide…

We ask you respectfully; PLEASE, DO NOT BE AN S.O.B. (Supporter of Berry) and keep blood off your hands!

May 21, 2013


The leadership of the APOA is conducting voting for their Union President tomorrow (May 22, 2013).  Sounds great right? A democracy in process... If you made this assumption, you are gravely wrong.  The current leadership who are loyal to Berry have FAILED to PROPERLY notify the MEMBERSHIP!  This is a cheap attempt to stop the core membership from voting.  This will allow Berry's flunkies to stay in power.

Officers need to become involved and vote their conscience.  You already know Berry carefully hand-picked Weber. Should Stephanie win the APOA Presidency, the fire union will finally have a counter part that will stand up to RJ! This will allow the two unions to effectively and efficiently represent the best interests of sworn personnel and their families. Together the two unions can educate the public on "ABQ the Scam" (which has taken public safety funding) and kick this admin out of city hall.

Could you imagine two strong unions coming together to stop Berry and the boys!!!

We here at the Eye ask officers to unite behind Stephanie and serve Berry, Schultz and Weber another loss!


May 20, 2013

Hold Berry and Schultz Accountable

The City of Albuquerque leaders are responsible to protect, serve and defend the citizens of Albuquerque against all perils under the City’s control.  This includes notifying the public of predators and pedophiles when information is available.  Sound correct? Not so, when you are elitists like Berry and Schultz.  This story centers on negligence and nonfeasance of duty by Mayor Berry and APD’s Chief Schultz regarding a horrific child abduction and molestation case.

On Friday the public learned about the attempted abduction of a six year old little girl.  Fortunately, the mother of the child learned of the abduction almost immediately and began a search. Her diligent efforts paid off! Her child was returned safely and the offender turned himself into police.
Here is where the public received shocking news; approximately a week prior, a four year old girl was abducted (kidnapped) and molested about thirty feet away from where the six year old girl was abducted.  Here is the big question; why didn’t the police immediately notify the community about the abduction and molestation? It is the duty (responsibility) of Mayor Berry and Chief Schultz to protect, serve and defend the citizens of Albuquerque.  This includes notifying the public about a pedophile who has kidnapped and violated the innocents of a four old little girl.  Is this a racial bias or prejudice with Berry and Shultz?  Or is it a social economic bias?  The St. Anthony Apartments is a primarily low-income housing of Hispanic minorities.
According to KRQE News, “Police took a report on Monica Aragon's daughter's abduction and molestation on May 9th but didn’t officially notify the neighborhood or the public.” (READ IT HERE) Can you hear the double talk in this statement?  What do they mean they “didn’t officially notify the neighbors or the public?”  They did NOT notify ANYONE!  This is called nonfeasance of duty.  This was a reckless act of negligence and Berry and Schultz must be held accountable; no excuses, no double talk.
The child’s mother of the four year old stated, she got the impression the Albuquerque Police Department wasn’t taking her seriously.  APD Sergeant Peterson stated they didn't release information on the first abduction because they had very limited information.  Let’s see if this is true: A four year old child was kidnapped and molested.  This wasn’t enough information to notify the complex and/or the community that a pedophile had struck? Here is another lie from APD. 
According to Peterson, “So the two can't really be held to the same standard…” Let’s see if this is true by comparison: First case, a pedophile abducts and molests a four year old little girl and APD says nothing about it.  Second case, a pedophile kidnaps a six year old little girl and releases her before he has a chance to abuse her because her mother got involved.  Here is another lie from APD.
According to APD, if you see a police car in the immediate area you are to assume that a six year old child has been abducted and molested. Does this sound ridiculous?  Here is the statement from APD “Police say they also didn't send out an official alert after the first abduction because neighbors in the immediate area saw the police scene and knew what happened.” Lies, lies, lies and more lies… 
According to a story on KOAT Channel 7 (READ IT HERE), Albuquerque police told Target 7 they hadn't alerted the media or the public of the prior week's incident because they didn't have enough concrete evidence yet and no eyewitnesses besides the victim herself.  Since when does APD operate on “concrete evidence” only?  Providing needed information to the public has to be concrete now?  Here is another lie.
The Eye on Albuquerque ran a story about a mother who beat her child to death (READ IT HERE) and we placed Berry and Schultz on notice:
[For every child that is injured or killed and nothing is done about it by the mayor and/or the chief; we find they are just as guilty of hurting that child as are the offender. We desperately need a new mayor and chief who will serve the people and not be self-serving.]
Here we are now; another two children traumatized and now damaged for life.  The first child’s situation may not have been preventable but the second child’s situation was completely preventable!  By failing to protect the community and withholding information from the public is by proxy showing support for this pedophile.  Mayor Berry and Chief Schultz; you are both at fault and need to be held accountable for your lack of leadership and accountability.  This is another disgrace and black eye for the City as a whole, because Berry’s and Schultz’s failed leadership.
It is time for a positive change; a new responsible and capable leadership. Facts DO NOT LIE.  Vote your conscience on October 8th, 2013.

May 17, 2013


Our Eyes have been telling us about the methods of choice the Berry administration has selected to create fear and intimidation. In an effort to suppress the City employees from talking about our future Mayor, Paul Heh, the City has resorted to even dirtier tactics.  We say, just say "NO!"

One of our Eyes at the City was ordered not to even talk about Heh while they were at work.  Another one of our Eyes was “informed” that APD’s Chief, Ray Schultz, told his command staff that if any employee was suspected of “talking trash” about Schultzie or Berry; their cell phone will be subpoenaed.  This reminds us of the nefarious Darren White's childish behavior when he was the PSD; "teacher, teacher, he's looking at me funny."  These are suppose to be adults acting like adults.  Under what trumped up charges is Schultzie or Berry going to get a respected judge to sign off on a bogus subpoena?  Voters need to vote these corrupt politicians out.
City employees across the city of Albuquerque use their personal cell phones to benefit the City itself.  Many return calls from the field to citizens or vendors.  What is going to happen when the employees do not use their personal cell phones at work for work?  Complaints will go up, overtime will go up, and time-out-of-service will go up. 
Because of a paranoid chief and a paranoid mayor, the rest of us are going to suffer.  Another great job Berry and Schultz have done.  Everyone knows respect is not just given; it is earned.  Well, boys, neither one of you have earned anything.  Most communist societies are ruled in the same manner; with an iron fist.  Why? Because they abused their power and people will no longer follow that type of leader.  And just like most communist dictators; you two will soon fall.
 As one reader put it, “Adios donkeys!”

May 16, 2013

So, Whats in a Month?

There has been much discussion lately about the city's latest assignment of court cases to outside lawyers. And while in some cases it may make sense, especially when the house-counsel has no experience in certain legal matters. But to do so in circumstances that are not winnable makes absolutely zero sense.

As we've seen, when city lawyer Kathryn Levy was tossed into a situation of having to defend a murderer, it probably isn't surprising that she did so poorly that not only did she lose, but her client got hit with punitive damages. Of course she should've have known that would be the case given the situation with APD officer (and soon to be sergeant) Brett Lampiris-Trembla and she should've pushed for the city to avoid its loss but alas arrogance makes people do odd things.

Odd things are running amok, and we at the Eye are wondering what is the dynamic duo of Berry and Perry is thinking. You see they are contracting out other similar dismal cases to high price lawyers. And while lawyers such as Luis Robles of RRA, PC may be rates approaching $300/hour, how persuasive will they be when it means less work remains to be seen.
Last year, assistant city lawyer Kathryn Levy pulled in over $105,900 in annual income (just about $100 short of APD Lieutenant Scott Lopez's take home of about $106,000). Now we know out friends on the 5th and 11th floor are borderline illiterate when it comes to math, so we'll do the arithmetic for you: that's about $8,833/mo in gross income for Ms. Levy. Not bad for somebody who has been described as "lying for a living." But in the world of Berry/Perry logic, why keep things in house where you can work somebody to death when you can contract the work out for almost seven times the price!

This is another method of out-sourcing and calling it like it is; privatizing. Here is the caveat of it all, the city is not eliminating the position but keeping them and paying top dollar to private firms!
You see, one of our Eyes sent us a little sampler to see what Mr. Robles charges the state for his contract services. As you can see here, he and his firm make a little bit more than $8,833/mo. They make, it seems, well over $50,000/month!
So as Berry/Perry think they've solved the city's legal problems by dumping Ms. Levy in favor of Mr. Robles, it certainly isn't free. And we certainly know regardless of the lawyer, if it's a bad case, it's a bad case. And while we are no fan of Ms. Levy and her record of being defeated, costing us taxpayers thousands of dollars in sanctions for her misconduct, and being caught lying, it makes even less sense to send more good money after bad money...

May 15, 2013


Berry's Top Headlines for his Personal Park in Four Hills

1)     Mayor Berry’s home cost more than most 'Burquenos make in a life time. 
And Berry will spend three to four times this amount on this election for a job that only pays about 100k a year. That’s okay for Berry; he got his money the old fashion way, from his wife.  The rest of us have to work ten hour shifts or more to make ends meet.
2)     Mayor Berry lives in an oasis while residing in the desert. 
Does this make Berry an oxymoron or just a moron?
3)     When you’re a filthy rich elitist, cost doesn’t matter. 
Berry’s philosophy is the same for this election; he is just going to BUY IT!
4)     Berry’s home water bill is more than most people’s mortgage. 
This proves Berry doesn’t care about the regular person and wasting other people’s money is his business.
5)     Berry’s home is a sponge for Albuquerque’s precious water.
 This may explain why all of our precious fish keep dying at the Bio Park. But then again, the Bio Park is in the Valley and the Valley is beneath Four Hills and Berry could care less about Valley folks.
6)   The City of Albuquerque encourages everyone to xerisscape except the almighty Berry.
When you live in “Berry World” everyone is simply your door mat to wipe his feet on.
7)     Mayor Berry lives in a resort like setting that wastes plenty of water.
This may explain his disillusion about being re-elected. It’s not gonna happen.
8)     Mayor Berry is a water hog.
Berry’s face kinda favors one too.
9)     Being a thug pays when it comes to wasting water--he just takes it.
Berry would fit in well in New York City.
10) Berry’s irresponsibility with water at home mirrors his irresponsibility in managing the city. Speaking of mirrors, that face could cause several years of bad luck. 
Apparently Berry broke a mirror or two in the past and now Albuquerque is paying for it.
11) Future site of the Berry Farm: An Albuquerque Small Fruit Orchard.
“Where a fruit can be just that.”
12)Stopping Berry’s wasteful practices of water usage will allow the Aquifer beneath Albuquerque to replenish itself.
Just think how much better the City of Albuquerque will operate when we vote Berry out!

No, this is not a Scottsdale resort or a movie set; this is Albuquerque Mayor Berry Private Park.  Berry is an elitist and only cares about himself.
All joking aside; how pathetic can Berry the politician get?

May 14, 2013


As reported on Channel 7 News (READ IT HERE), Ray Schultz’s PIO, Robert Gibbs, apparently cannot follow the rules.  Gibbs was caught bickering with a military veteran over a Facebook posting.  According to the story Gibbs stated to the military veteran, “Go get a psych eval soon, before you eat a gun. Not that that would be a bad thing -- actually, it would be an instant community improvement.” On Saturday, May 11, 2013, Gibbs was directing heavy traffic on Avenida Cesar Chavez and Bradbury Dr. S.E. Once again shooting off his big mouth and breaking rules.

Gibbs acting childishly over a comment by a military veteran, Gibbs lashed out making an ugly and repulsive statement.  Do you want this copper to show up at your home when you have a problem?  What is he going to say to you to “help” solve your problem; “…eat a gun.”  This guy is scary at a minimum; perhaps Gibbs is the one who needs a psychological evaluation?   Posting this nasty comment on Facebook for the entire world to read is clearly unprofessional and conduct unbecoming an officer. Of course since Gibbs is one of Ray Ray’s boys, he will not face any disciplinary action where Schultz has fired other officers for violating his Facebook policy.
Most recently Gibbs was directing traffic for the UNM Graduation Ceremonies at the UNM Pit.  Gibbs was standing in heavy traffic without a police reflective vest or a protective police helmet as was the other policemen who was with him (at least the other policemen was friendly). One may guess that Gibbs wanted to look “cool” while he was out there in traffic. At one point a pedestrian stated, “Boy, you guys are really busy!”  To this statement Gibbs replied sarcastically and facetiously, “That’s UNM for you! Always prepared… ‘NOT!’” This was trashy and clearly uncalled for.  What is the purpose of bashing UNM?  As the spokesmen of APD let alone a field copper, Gibbs should act appropriately and professionally at all times. This guy needs training in customer service, in leadership and in ethical behavior.  And perhaps a review of the PD’s rules and regulations that govern behavior and doing traffic control for the citizens. 
Maybe Skotchdapo​l from the IRO’s office can go knock on Gibbs door and tell him he is a copper and intimidate him like Skotchdapol did with one of future Mayor, Paul Heh’s campaign workers.  Mr. Skotchdapol, did you get a traffic citation “fixed” by someone from the City Attorney’s Office?  It is illegal to tamper with a legal document, right?
We all know this type of behavior is reflective of the leadership of APD and this explains why the community is displeased with the Chief and the PD as a whole.  A few bad apples ruin it for the rest of the department which are honest, decent and hardworking folks.

May 13, 2013

“Get a Rope”; Mayor Berry Creates Jobs in NEW YORK CITY

Yes, you read the title correctly, Albuquerque’s Mayor Berry has been busy creating jobs in New York City.  Congradulations Berry, the problem is; we need jobs here at home, in Albuquerque. 

Berry must spend all of his time dreaming of how to help other economies, in other cities and states.  Berry’s administration has farmed out the liabrary to a Texas firm and then spends time wondering why the City’s liabraries are such a disaster.  Now Berry wants to spend our tax dollars in New York City.  What kind of a buffoon back-stabs his own community like that?
According to a story on Channel 4 (READ IT HERE) Berry wants to blow $50,000.00 of tax payer money on a “public relations firm” from New York City.  Is this another one of Big Bill’s games?  Remember Big Bill spent millions buying a jet plane for his run for President of the United States?  Is Albuquerque’s friendly big dork vying for help on his re-election bid by hiring this firm from New York City?
Channel 4 tried to water down the story with its opening line which stated,  Albuquerque’s latest attempt to attract businesses and create jobs…” This was not Albuquerque’s idea this was Berry’s idea.  Albuquerque’s idea is investing in local businesses to create jobs in Albuquerque.
One of Albuquerque’s mayoral candidates, Paul Heh stated, “Why would we [Albuquerque] spend money in New York City when we have plenty of local talent here in the metro area.” Heh also stated, “This is as bad of an idea as spending money on a nationwide search for a chief of police, we have plenty of local talent here.”  We here at the Eye agree with Heh, we need to invest in our community.
 Heh went on to say he would spend the bulk of the $5 million dollars (Berry wants to spend on New York City) in educating and training our workforce here in Albuquerque. Heh also explained the rest of the money would be spent on bringing good paying careers and industry into the Duke City.  Heh stated, “A well-educated and a well-trained workforce will greatly assist the City in bringing good paying careers into Albuquerque.” 
Berry tried to down play the big dollar New York firm he has hired by stating, “In fact the firm that we have retained to help us write the RFP and set the structural aspects of the program from an advertising standpoint will ultimately be a small subcontractor to the local vendor that gets the work.” In other words New York City will stay in control of the funding and run Albuquerque from New York City.  If Berry is so fond of New York City, perhaps he should consider packing up the little misses and moving there. 
Here is the best line out of the entire story, “Berry said he has worked hard to bring more jobs to the city.” With our City in such direr need this is laughable!  Remember, under Berry Albuquerque lost 3,900 jobs last year alone.  This loss is more than any other city in the United States of America. The statement would be unthinkable to an honest man but not to Berry who praises himself as working hard to bring jobs to Albuquerque.  Here is another way of looking at this; “With a mayor like Berry who needs any enemies?”
Mayor Berry, stop buying your salsa from New York City!!!
Please Note:
Paul Heh buys all his Salsa Locally!