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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jul 31, 2011

White to File Bogus Complaint

Albuquerque’s local ex-TV camera hog, Darren White, stated in today’s Journal (read it here) he is planning on filing a “state and federal complaint over the release of a paramedic run report.” The Journal also stated, “White believes the information was leaked to reporters in violation of privacy laws.” White had said in the past that he believed that it was a HIPAA violation; which it is not. Apparently, White has failed again; if he would research the topic he would have learned he is dead-wrong.

Notwithstanding, White himself went on public television and stated that they (Darren White and Kathy White) were releasing Kathy White’s medical records. CAO Rob Perry was rushing the media in the room, throwing the reports at everyone like a dog with rabies foaming at the mouth. White by his own public statement released Kathy White’s medical records. At this point it does not matter if White’s claim is privacy or HIPAA or both. He sealed the fate of this entire quandary when he publically gave his waiver.

The Eye has included two sites for you to visit as proof that there was not any HIPAA violation.
Read it here and here.

This looks more like harassment and more intimidation by White. The paramedics stated “they were intimidated by White’s presence at the scene, but they were able to do their jobs effectively, according to the IRO report.” This statement means two things, one, White was intimidating the paramedics; two, it also means the paramedics remained professional while White was intimidating them.

White stated in another Journal article (read it here), “I’m further grateful that the IRO found there was not ‘one piece of evidence’ that I tried to ‘influence anyone or try to cover-up the circumstances surrounding the accident.’ ” This is from a man who claims that he is a 16 year law enforcement officer. When the IRO’s investigation showed the paramedics stated “they were intimidated by White’s presence at the scene…” That is clearly more than “one piece of evidence” that clearly shows that he abused his position of power over them. That is evidence! Did the IRO question APD’s chain of command including Schultz to see if White contacted them in an effort to cover up this incident? Did the IRO seize phone records, text messages, emails etc…? The Eye believes since the IRO is not law enforcement and has no criminal investigational experience, he missed many pieces of evidence. The “White lies” never seem to end. The public does pay attention and realizes when someone is lying.

We here at the Eye know that White and Deaton are friends. Based on that friendship, the IRO should have refused and recused himself from this investigation. Instead the IRO, an ex-Federal Judge who knows better; continues with the case. The IRO should know that he did not have jurisdiction over any City employees except sworn police officers. In the end, a criminal investigation will show clear improprieties in this one sided “I’m Darren’s friend” investigation.

The City needs an outside criminal investigation to save face at this point.

Jul 29, 2011

APD’s DC Allen Banks Gets Embarrassed While Laughing at APD Shooting

One of our Eyes sent us the two still photos that are at the bottom of this story. We are told that the photos were taken from KOB TV Channel 4’s original video from May 5, 2011 (view it here). An APD officer shot and killed an Albuquerque man who police thought was armed. The investigation later showed that the man shot was armed with a black spoon. Banks was at the scene talking to Chief Schultz.

APD’s Chief of Police Ray Schultz tells Deputy Chief Allen Banks something; Banks breaks out into laughter at whatever Jester Shultz said. Banks then put his hand over his face in what appears to be embarrassment. When a citizen dies at the hand of police, rather it is justified or not; it is not dignified to laugh. We are sure the Gomez family found absolutely no humor in this undignified act.

The Eye was told KOB Channel 4 edited the laughter out of the video. If you view the video; watch between 2:15 and 2:20, the video shows Schultz and Banks standing in the street next to a police car. The still photos show the comedy show that was edited out by KOB Channel 4.

To add insult to injury, one of our Eyes told us that while a family member of the victim was being held in a police car, “Chief Schultz had a donut party…Laughing…” This is disgraceful and hideous.

Ray Schultz wants to stay as Chief and Allen Banks wants to stay as Deputy Chief or even Chief some day, really? Try respecting the citizens of Albuquerque and show respect for the dead; you have both dishonored and disgraced the badge.

Do we have a real Mayor in Albuquerque? A Mayor who takes care of business and does not hide? We already had a lousy Mayor who was invisible; we do not need another Saavedra. The biggest shame of all falls on Berry for his lousy decisions; all those he selected for top City positions.

The Eye means no disrespect and apologizes to the family for having to bring this story to light; however, the citizens of Albuquerque need to be educated as to what their “leaders” are doing.

Jul 28, 2011

Breen Loses; Girlfriend Wins

Albuquerque’s Fire Chief, Breen, was slammed late today by the IAFF Local 244. The Union stomped on Breen and gave a hard hitting vote of “No Confidence.” Ironically, while Breen was being trampled on by the Union his girlfriend, Kimberly Swift, walked on her DRUNK DRIVING car crash case (see it here).

Swift told officers to call Darren White to the scene when she crashed, this was reported by the Eye in a prior posting (read it here). A Craigslist posting claimed that Swift told officers that Breen and White could get her out of it. Too bad at the time Darren White was busy; otherwise, Swift would have been the first alleged drunk driver to be driven away from a crash scene (next would be Kathy White).

Breen spent this past weekend “buttering up” his employees at the Albuquerque Convention Center in an attempt to avoid a vote of “No Confidence.” Apparently the Fire Union employees did not like the “butter job” they received.

Maybe White can get his old job back as a cabbie. He could then give out his card to everyone in the Berry Administration. This way when they crash and are intoxicated he can rescue them from the scene.

The Union carries a wallop! The last vote of “No Confidence” was given to Darren White, who left the City skidding on his keister. Maybe Breen needs to purchase some keister pads, right away? Our Eyes told us that Breen was called into the Mayor’s Office and was told he was a “liability.” Maybe Breen can hitch a ride with White? Maybe not…

Santa Fe County Commission Slams Christus St. Vincent (Open Post to the Eye)

Santa Fe County Commission Sides with St. Vincent Nurses in Contract Talks

by Fonda Osborn

Santa Fe County Commissioners Virginia Vigil, Kathy Holian, and Liz Stefanics admonished executives of Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center during a hearing Tuesday, where nurses and technical staff represented by District 1199 of the National Union of Hospital & Health Care Workers (NUHHCW) urged commissioners to hold the hospital accountable for its use of taxpayer dollars.

“Christus has to respect the tradition of unions in our community,” said Commissioner Holian. “Santa Fe is a union town.”

Commission Chairwoman Vigil agreed.

She said that St. Vincent’s is a community hospital, and, as such, it should benefit the community.

“I'm concerned that we no longer have a community hospital whose primary concern is the health of our patients,” Vigil said. “I'm concerned their priority has shifted from a local community hospital to corporate America. Corporate America in the way it has been shown to us through Christus St. Vincent does not work in Santa Fe.”

Meanwhile, Commissioner Stefanics lauded the efforts of St. Vincent nurses to keep Santa Feans healthy.

St. Vincent’s nurses and technical staff have been in contract talks with Christus executives since May.

Recent revelations have put the lie to the claim that St. Vincent’s lacks the resources to protect patient care and safety.

According to tax documents submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Christus St. Vincent executives have been taking money out of the hospital to increase their pay, instead of reinvesting those profits in the patients and staff who helped make those profits possible in the first place.

That is why the hospital’s proposal to eliminate the ability of nurses and hospital staff to continue providing compassionate, community-based care through safe staffing ratios makes no sense.

Similarly, Christus St. Vincent’s proposal to eliminate the federally guaranteed right of nurses and staff to collectively bargain over new working conditions would further jeopardize patient safety.

If the hospital fails to reach agreement with the nurses on a new contract by the end of July, there may be a strike.

District 1199 is affiliated with the American Federation of State County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME).

A Great Way to Show Your Support!

Jul 27, 2011

Public Notice

The Eye On Albuquerque received an email from M.G. Bralley, stating he was concerned that he has been “mistaken” as the “Eye,” referring to the “Eye On Albuquerque.”

The Eye On Albuquerque is not affiliated or associated in any way, shape or form to this individual. The Eye On Albuquerque has not and will not ever authorize this person to represent our blog or to be an authorized agent of or for the Eye On Albuquerque. This person is not a proprietor and does not have any proprietor rights. This person has no authority, control or interest in the Eye On Albuquerque whatsoever.

The Eye On Albuquerque is not responsible for any statements, acts or omissions of this individual. The Eye On Albuquerque has absolutely no ties to this person at all.

If this bogus rumor is brought to your attention, please stop it immediately. If you are the person making the untruthful accusation against this person; seize and desist immediately, this person has nothing to do with the Eye On Albuquerque. If any person claims to be a representative or associate of the Eye On Albuquerque, please contact the Eye On Albuquerque via email at immediately with that person’s information.

Jul 26, 2011

Perry Trips on His Own Jaw; Council in Quandary

In today’s Journal (read it here) “Albuquerque Chief Administrative Officer Rob Perry says he asked the city’s independent review officer to investigate a single-car crash involving the wife of then-Public Safety boss Darren White and its aftermath in his capacity as a citizen.” Perry claims that he made the request as a “citizen.” That is clearly a “White Lie,” in a letter from Perry to the IRO, Perry stated, “As we discussed on the telephone today, and at the request of Mayor Berry, I am asking you to conduct a thorough review of the facts surrounding (the crash.)...” Perry was referring to the crash involving Kathy White, the wife of former Public Safety Director, Darren.

Perry stated, “We believe this clearly provides the IRO statutory authority to investigate allegations of impropriety by all parties involved in this incident,” Perry wrote in the letter, dated Tuesday. “I dispatched a letter to Mr. Deaton asking him to do such. To this extent I am a citizen of Albuquerque, and the (letter to Deaton) can be construed as a complaint.”

Perry later stated to the City Councilors that the correspondence he sent to IRO William Deaton “can be construed as a complaint.” Perry opened his mouth and inserted his foot up to his knee. Construed; Perry was obviously double talking. Perry stated point blank that he was complaining and requesting an investigation on behalf of Mayor Berry. Perry sent (dispatched) an official letter on City of Albuquerque letter head and not on his own stationary. We can only be lead to believe that he drafted the letter on behalf of the Mayor during his normal scope and course of duties with the City of Albuquerque. Perry was acting on behalf of the City and not on his own behalf. Perry lied to the public and to the City Council.

The Eye already warned that the contract that Perry signed with the IRO may be illegal. The Councilors have recognized that there is a huge problem here and have asked for an independent investigation citing, violation of the city ordinance, “which states that the IRO is authorized to investigate citizen complaints against sworn police officers.”

Some profound words come from Councilor Ken Sanchez. “This clearly isn’t a citizen complaint,” Sanchez said. “I think the administration is digging itself deeper and deeper into a hole and not being transparent in what they’re doing.

Sanchez also stated, “The bottom line is the IRO doesn’t have the authority to do this investigation based on the contract and the ordinance. And this administration is finding a way to continue it, which is illegal and sets a very bad precedence that we are not following our own ordinances.” The Eye completely agrees with Sanchez which leads us to the next issue.

Perry's lying is terrible but what is worse is the conspiring that is going on behind closed doors. Schultz knows and should have told Perry, who is an attorney, that the City must conduct a criminal investigation first. This information is contained in the APD Standard Operating Manual. Under Garrity since it is a compelled statement, the statement(s) may not be used in a criminal investigation or proceedings. An administrative investigation will be maintained privately and no one will be able to see the facts. The big difference is, on a criminal investigation the results would eventually be made public.

The City Council is right on target and should stay the course. Schultz, Perry and the City are attempting to use legitimate means to keep the illegal doings private, hidden and concealed. The City Council must react strongly and demand a full and complete criminal investigation. Don’t be fooled by the simpleton games that Schultz and Perry are playing; they are trying to conceal crimes that were committed. This type of behavior is going to place us on the AP hotwire and ruin the rest of the City’s reputation. This is looking more and more like some of the things that transpired in New Orleans,Louisiana, that caused DOJ to come in and take over the PD.

The City Council has stated they will ask for an independent investigation from the City's Inspector General. The Mayor's spokesperson stated the administration will respect the Council's opinion. This is agreeable to the Mayor's Office because it will still be an administrative case which can be kept secret. The Council must demand a criminal investigation first; and then an administrative investigation may take place afterwards.

Instructions; do not lie and stop trying to hide the truth. Schultz and Perry should know that the truth always comes out in the end. Councilor Ken Sanchez stated, “I think the administration is digging itself deeper and deeper into a hole…” The Eye agrees complete with this statement and offers this advice; if you want to get out of the hole, quit DIGGING!

Jul 25, 2011

Breen Speaks the Truth While Berry’s Administration Continues to Lie

Our Eyes tell us AFD’s Chief Breen told fire personnel the truth concerning IAFF Local 244’s President Diego Arencon’s removal from handling union affairs on duty. Breen stated he thinks Berry's decision to remove Mr. Diego Arencón, the President of IAFF Local 244, from his 40 hour a week union business schedule is illegal. Breen stated he thinks the order itself is unlawful yet he carried out the order. The Eye can see within a week there will be a headline on the front page of the Journal saying "Fire Chief says Mayor's Order Illegal."

The Eye is not a doctor but we would recommend that Chief Breen take some Imodium to stop or at least slow down some of his issues.

Jul 24, 2011

Breen Grabs a Fire-Shovel and Buries Himself

Our Eyes are telling us that on Friday, July 22, 2011, AFD Chief Breen repeatedly told his employees that he was "with" them, but he said he would be fired if he stood up to the Mayor. Breen blamed everything on the Mayor. Breen stated, he doesn't agree with what the Berry Administration has been doing to the Union but he isn't ready to retire. Breen also stated he wants to repair “labor relations” in the Fire Department. Why didn't Breen want to repair labor relations during the past year and a half? Breen acted paranoid about any recordings of the meeting. The media was circling like sharks with blood in the water, begging fire personnel to give any hint as to what was said in the closed door meetings.

Our Eyes tell us two hours after Breen’s meeting with AFD personnel, he was called to the Mayor's office and was told that he was a “liability.” The local Union 244 has yet to conduct their planned vote of “No Confidence” on Breen. Our Eyes tell us that Berry is in a huff over Breen conducting the closed door meeting with only AFD personnel. It appears Berry and Perry are paranoid themselves over what Chief Breen is saying behind closed doors. Is Berry getting ready to cut Breen loose? Or is Breen going to be one of the sacrificial lambs?

Breen might just find himself in familiar company with Darren White and possibly APD’s Fifth Floor. All who may be back in the job market…

Jul 23, 2011

Murdoch to Walk on All Charges

Is it possible for a man who is paralyzed from the waist down to walk? Here in Albuquerque it is. The Eye On Albuquerque called this one from the beginning and now it is coming to light, all charges against Presiding Criminal Judge, Pat Murdoch, will be dismissed. This case is a classical illegal search and seizure case. When this is all over, Murdoch will be the only true man standing.

It has now come to the attention of the DA’s office that the evidence obtained in the Murdoch case was obtained illegally. The Great State of New Mexico passed a voyeurism law that prohibits the video taping others in their homes, restrooms, etc… What does this mean, for Murdoch’s dream team; it means that the video will be suppressed. As a result of suppression, everything else obtain as a result of the illegally recorded video will be suppressed by the courts as well. This means that the Albuquerque Police Department does not have a case and the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office looks like a bunch of buffoons for allowing this bogus trash in the first place.

This will clear the way for Murdoch to sue the Albuquerque Police Department and the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office. The dollar amount may be well over a million dollars. This case will never go to trial. Any jury that sees a respected presiding district court judge who is paralyzed from the waist down, whose career and life was ruined by the reckless acts of the Albuquerque Police Department and the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office will quickly grant an enormous award; around the four to ten million dollar range. Berry may be asking for a tax increase to cover the millions of dollars that Schultz keeps costing the City of Albuquerque. The City will be wise to pull out the “Sam Costales Check Book” and start writing out those zero’s behind that first digit.

One last thing for Kari Brandenburg; amend the charges against Murdoch; this will help Murdoch’s dream team show malicious prosecution. This will open up the DA’s checkbook wider. As you know juries are big on retaliation.

Here is another case for the IRO to look into. The Murdoch caper will need to be administratively reviewed and swift action must be taken in order to save what little credibility APD has left. At this point the final domino from the Fifth Floor will fall; DC Paul Feist. Obviously Feist being a deputy chief had knowledge of the shoddy investigation and approved it. When the Murdoch fiasco broke, Feist was on television acting conservatively smug and victorious, as did Commander Doug West. Another two careers flushed down the toilet.

Gov. Martinez; get off your tail feathers and do something. The “lame duck” routine is getting old and quite frankly, it has been old for a very long time. This goes for all of us including the Republicans who back your duff. All this is “public corruption,” do something, anything or you will be a one termer just like Berry.

Berry will need to be a man and give the orders to clear the Fifth Floor. Berry needs a lifeline from someone out there who is known for their credibility, boldness, a stand-up kind of guy, who has dignity and honesty to lead APD. The new leader will need flexibility to hire, fire, and promote as he deems appropriate. Repairs will take many years.

Jul 22, 2011

Is the IRO’s Investigation Pointing at the Entire Fifth Floor?

Our Eyes are claiming the IRO’s (Independent Review Officer) investigation is pointing at more than just White, Schultz and Paiz. Our Eyes claim that the APD Fifth Floor is standing on a banana peel. A slight push and the entire Fifth Floor will slip into the grave. Meanwhile Schultz is in hiding. Does anyone know why “The Chief of Police” would be in hiding?

Our Eyes are telling us that others from the Fifth Floor have been out “attorney shopping” in hopes of protecting their derrière. Even if they “Attorney-Up;” it’s not going to help any of their souls. They bartered a deal with Darren; the Devil. Our Eyes also claim that Schultz may be gone a few days or a few months. Our Eyes claim that he will have a boot print on his rear.

More proof; in today’s Journal (read it here)Chief Schultz, who is the leader, at least in theory, of the Albuquerque Police Department said Thursday, “he was not aware of any such orders given to Walck.” This was in response to Walck stating that Paiz had ordered him to alter his police report which is a public document. Walck refused the illegal order. Walck stated via his attorney that he was advised an hour later that he was now a target of an IA investigation. Doesn’t that add up to intimidation of a witness, or black mail, or extortion? The Eye seriously doubts that Paiz even goes to the powder room without telling Schultz. On a situation of this magnitude, Schultz knew nothing? Here is a suggestion for the IRO and the future criminal investigator that gets this case, pull the e-mail and the Blackberry records. They will prove what we have told you all along. Paiz has a fairly good reputation, it is doubtful she will ruin her career completely to help Schultz and White. Both are lost causes; Paiz should cut her losses and come completely clean with the truth.

Here is another question. Schultz claims he knew nothing. How does the Mayor’s Office know that Walck “refused his commander’s order?” According to the Journal, the Mayor’s Office stated, “Walck also refused his commander’s order to complete the report.” Schultz is the Chief of APD but yet he knows nothing and the Mayor’s Office does? What? Really? Schultz also stated, “…Internal Affairs had been looking into why Walck did not complete his report the day of the incident, contrary to department policy.” Now Schultz is stating that his IA Lieutenant doesn’t keep him apprised of complaints involving the Chief Public Safety Director’s wife? What? Really? This sound like more fibbing.

If Schultz is not running APD, who is? He allowed a bogus arrest of Judge Murdoch which will cost the City of Albuquerque a fortune! Murdoch will be a very rich man. A two day investigation based on the word of a whore and her pimp; this is a horrible atrocity. Detective One-O-One; do not trust prostitutes or their pimps. Is that really that hard to understand?

The big question now is; will White actually cooperate, if he does will he lie again? Now that White has left City services; will he even participate with an investigation, knowing the lies that he has already told publicly?

Here is a snag, William Deaton’s girlfriend, Geraldine Rivera, who is a retired state district judge, is best friends with Darren White. Does this claim create a conflict of interest for Deaton? We already know that Deaton does not have the authority to investigate non sworn APD officers. The Eye has not forgotten that Perry signed a contract with Deaton and that contract may be completely illegal. Perry being an attorney should know better.

All this may be the rumor mill; maybe not…Stay tuned!

Jul 21, 2011

Is AFD’s Fire Chief Breen, using AFD Funds for his own Benefit?

Our Eyes are telling us that Fire Chief Breen used AFD funding to rent space at the Albuquerque Convention Center starting Friday, July 22, 2011, till Monday, July 25, 2011. The reason for this huge expensive rental is to have open “forums” to defend himself against the up-coming vote of “No Confidence” the local AFD Union 244 is planning. Plus, late Thursday, Breen issued order# 149 which states that Breen will allow up to eight out of district units and all in district units to attend his Gala Event.

At odds, the Mayor’s Office recently created a policy that no city time can be used for union business. Breen is allowing twenty four on-duty units to attend his meeting. The memo speaks about, "recent labor dealings." The entire reason Breen is having these meetings is because of 244’s decision to have a vote of “No Confidence.” All of AFD is 100% in the local Union 244. Why is it okay for Breen to allow one-third of the entire on duty Fire Department to attend his meeting after the Mayor’s Office stated that this is prohibited?

If this is true; it is completely wrong and unacceptable. Fleecing public monies and public services for ones’ own personal benefit is corrupt.

Does anyone think it is an appropriate use tax payer dollars for the AFD Chief’s personal benefit? Here are a few ideas. First, AFD owns a brand new academy Breen could use for free. Breen could use the APD Roger Hoisington Academy or the City/County Chambers. There are many appropriate places the City owns throughout Albuquerque that could be used for free. Second, the Fire Chief could go to each station without cutting services to the public. Here’s a crazy idea, go out and ride, take a few calls with your personnel.

It appears Breen is picking up where White left off. This type of behavior will not sit well with the rank and file in AFD nor the citizens of Albuquerque who will be missing one-third of the on duty fire personnel.

Breen should be a model of good stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Wastes like this should not be tolerated by the Berry Administration. Oops, The Eye forgot, “One Term Berry” allows liars and bad behavior to thrive.

If Breen wants to get his name out of the headlines, he will need to burn down the barn or trump up some charges on someone else. Maybe poor Judge Murdoch was playing with matches while the prostitute was videotaping. This administration is a farce…

Jul 20, 2011

Is Judge Murdoch just a Distraction?

The media has been lavishing in the news concerning Judge Murdoch, but is Murdoch just a pawn in Ray Schultz’s game of chess? Cases like this take several weeks or months to put together. Yet, Murdoch’s case is completed from start to finish in two days. The Eye smells a rat. Did Schultz have this investigation rushed to distract from his own behavior? Where was Chief Schultz when one of the biggest arrests in APD history was made?

Murdoch may have been a participant in some type of perverted acts but is he actually guilty of raping a prostitute? A person who accepted money in exchange for sexual acts? Our Eyes tell us that the “tape” shows Murdoch (who is partially paralyzed) participating in “role playing.” Can this partially paralyzed man actually rape someone? Really? According to one new site (read it here), “The woman told police she met with the judge about eight times and he paid her about $200 each time. She said he forced himself on her during one visit, and she returned and secretly recorded a second forced encounter.” How is it that this prostitute, after being traumatized from being raped, managed to grab her camera, return to Murdoch’s, collect her $200 and video tape being raped again? The alleged rape victims’ boyfriend sold the DVD to police for $400.00? Does this add up to anyone? The Eye doesn’t buy this rubbish. The Eye is not belittling any legitimate victim of rape. Rape is an extremely serious offense.

The Eye wants to present a different logical look at this situation. Schultz is in hot water for lying and participating in Darren White’s crimes. Murdoch’s case comes up and Schultz decides to have his staff rush it and make the arrest to distract from his own misdeeds. He sends out the only deputy chief who has not been draped with Schultz and White’s fiascos. Schultz could not send out Paiz because she allegedly ordered Walck to falsify his report. Schultz could not send out Banks because Banks supposedly knew about the whole cover-up plot and did not report it. DC Feist was the only stool-pigeon left to sacrifice. Schultz is given an opportunity to run his department and “shine” but instead he hides. Why? Where was Schultz when the big arrest was made? Is he afraid of the media asking him why he lied to everyone? Is he afraid the media will ask why he participated in Darren White’s fiasco? What is Schultz afraid of?

This entire mess is called a smoke scene or a ruse. Yes, Murdoch may have done something wrong by hiring a prostitute but will the final facts support the media grand-standing that the police department has taunted? Based on the face-value of the facts given up to this point, the Eye is calling this one now; Murdoch will be found not guilty of the current felony charges. This appears to be mostly an illegal civil matter and a possible misdemeanor solicitation of a prostitute. The real facts will, in all probability, support the concept that Schultz wanted someone else shoved under the bus to save his own hide. In this process DC Feist was made to look like a fool.

Here we go again, another cover-up involving one of Darren White’s followers.

Corporate Greed; "It's all in the Name of Money!"

Here is an open letter from one of our patron. The Eye feels it is important to support a good cause for the right reasons. Please give your support to the men and women who care for you or your families’ in times of need.

Playing Doctor is No Joke

By Frank Froschle

A recent article in the Albuquerque Journal shows that executives of Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe have been bargaining in bad faith with the hospital’s nurses and staff.

According to the article, the hospital made more than $21 million in 2009.

A year earlier, the hospital cleared almost $19 million.

Over this same time period, Christus St. Vincent CEO Alex Valdez’s annual salary increased from $271,000 in 2004 to $615,000 in 2009, while Board Member Ernie Sadau received more than $1,019,675 in 2009 from the Christus home office in Texas.

The pattern is clear.

Hospital executives have been taking money out of the hospital to increase their pay, instead of sharing those profits with the patients and staff who helped make those profits possible in the first place.

In 2008, the average nurse at St. Vincent’s earned $52,000 and received no raises.

Now hospital executives are proposing to endanger patient safety by reducing staffing ratios.

St. Vincent’s is New Mexico’s oldest hospital.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the same since Texas-based Christus Health took over the hospital and hired some high-priced California lawyers to start rationing care.

While this approach may have raised profits, it has compromised patient safety and endangered the kind of ethical, compassionate, community-based care that St. Vincent’s nurses and staff have been delivering for more than 35 years.

Mr. Valdez and all those out-of-town Christus lawyers and executives need to settle the contract in favor of St. Vincent’s nurses and staff, so they can get back to doing their jobs.

Frank Froschle
2320 Brother Abdon
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Jul 19, 2011

Who is Responsible for Hiring Levi Chavez?

Former APD officer and accused murderer, Levi Chavez, is on the hot seat again. Officials recently received the Ford F-250 truck that Chavez claimed was stolen. According to the Journal (read it here), Chavez stated that he “still had the original, factory keys and its ignition was undamaged when it was recovered in Mexico earlier this year.” Murder, insurance fraud, womanizing; who hired this guy? And the answer is; Albuquerque’s Police Chief, Ray Schultz.

Chavez is alleged to have murdered his wife, Tera Chavez, in October of 2007, because Tera refused to go along with his fraudulent acts. Tera Chavez had told friends and family that if she ended up dead, it was her husband, Levi Chavez. In the documents filed in the civil lawsuit against the City of Albuquerque’s Police Department, Tera claimed that Levi Chavez did not want his truck anymore but a Cadillac. Tera also claimed that Levi and his cop buddies were going to stage the theft of the truck in order to defraud the insurance company. Strange how after Tera’s murder, Levi Chavez bought a Cadillac? Right? Strange?

The Journal stated, “According to state MVD records, the dashboard VIN plate identified in the Mexican police report was registered to a vehicle formerly owned by APD white-collar crimes Detective Pete Dwyer.”… “Dwyer’s truck had been totaled in a 2008 crash on I-25 and had been sold at auction by his insurance company.” Why don’t they disclose “who” purchased the vehicle? Most companies allow the original owner first “dibs” on a stolen recovery. The Journal also fails to mention that Dwyer also served in the APD Auto-theft Unit and was forced to resign as President of the APOA for alleged spending improprieties.

Chief Schultz had knowledge concerning the Union issues and allowed Dwyer to transfer into a cushy job. Why?

Don’t forget Schultz authorized the settlement to the Tera Chavez Estate for $230,000.00.

This is just another example of poor decision making on Schultz’s behalf. One would think that there were other red flags in the Levi Chavez file that Schultz should have seen. Schultz was desperate for numbers and error on the side of bad decision making and hired Chavez. This was just another fine mess that Schultz got the City involved in.

Chief Schultz has a proven past of poor and misguided leadership at best. When is there going to be a “changing of the guard?” Mayor Berry, the Eye told you about the big White elephant on your desk, now you have a pink elephant on your desk; when are you going to take the appropriate corrective action?

Jul 18, 2011

Culture of Corruption; it Exists in APD

The Eye back on March 1, 2011, asked the question, “Culture of Corruption; Does it Exist?” (read it here). By the actions of APD’s top brass from Schultz down; the answer is “Yes.” We researched our achieves and found story after story, warning Mayor Berry and giving him facts about the corruption both White and Schultz were conducting. When APD’s top brass, agreed to become a party to Darren White’s cover-up and crimes, they committed themselves to purgatory.

The Eye knows that the Transition Report for APD was “doctored” before it was submitted. The team that prepared the Transition Report did the research, interviews, documentation and prepared the report for submission. The team had a falsehood belief that the Mayor was actually going to receive an un-altered report. What actually transpired was much different. When the report was submitted to FORMER Public Safety Director, Darren White, the report was in its original forum, but when the Mayor received it, the report was altered (doctored). All of the critical information that it contained was removed. It was obvious that whoever doctored the report was wearing “Rose Colored Glasses.”

Some of the information was about the culture of corruption and how APD showed many of the signs. Other important information was intentionally withheld, such as, commanders of APD telling the transition team, in private; they were “scared of the 5th floor.” Anything that was spoken about or alluded to corruption or the culture of corruption of any kind, was taken out of the report. Did Berry ever ask to see the real report? Maybe he should ask for the real report now, since the LIAR, Chief Public Safety Director, Darren White, is gone.

The team used the periodical written by Dr. Neal Trautman, “How Police Departments Become Corrupt,” the team found many subtle likenesses to that of APD. These types of cultures start at the top and are cultivated. As this behavior continues, it radiates downward till the entire organization is corrupt. This is becoming more apparent each and every day.

Mayor Berry will now have to battle the new liar on the block, Chief Schultz and his lying cronies. It appears that White taught Schultz well. If you were convicted in a United States Federal District Court of violating another person’s civil rights like Schultz did; would you still have a job? By the way, does anyone remember how Sam Costales became the focus of Chief Schultz’s aggression? Darren White was Sheriff and went to Schultz to complain about Costales. Bernalillo County paid out $30,000.00 on White’s behalf to Costales. The City of Albuquerque paid close to a $1,000,000.00 with all the cost and judgment.

The Eye traced the deception, lies and cover ups to the origin of the Berry Administration. If DOJ or any other federal agency wants a copy of the original report and the doctored one, please contact the Eye.

Jul 17, 2011

Who Drank the Poisoned Kool-Aid Freely; Who was Forced?

Fresh from the “rumor mill” some interesting questions have developed. Darren White, while trying to cover up his wife’s alleged DUI crash, passed poisoned Kool-Aid laced with felonies and other crimes around. While some drank it freely, did he force others to drink it?

If some of you remember the catastrophe in Jamestown, Guyana, another fascist dictator, Jim Jones, offered poisoned Kool-Aid to his followers. Those who refused the poisoned drink were held down and forced to drink. Our “rumor mill” believes that Mayor Richard Berry, CAO Rob Perry, and Chief of Police Raymond Daniel Schultz all chose to drink freely. But did Deputy Chief of Police Elizabeth Paiz, Deputy Chief of Police Allen Banks, and Commander Clifford Saylor drink freely or were they forced?

The rumor mill tell us that White knew he was wrong for running full police code to the scene and interfering with the police investigation. Ultimately, White removed a potential DUI offender from a crash scene. According to the Journal (read it here), “city officials said White is not a certified or sworn law enforcement officer and does not carry a gun during working hours.” The journal article also stated, “The brown Chevy Tahoe he drove to the scene of his wife’s crash last week is one of two city vehicles equipped with lights and sirens that is driven by a civilian, officials said.” The article claims that the other fully equipped vehicle belongs to Mayor Berry and the vehicle is mostly driven by a sworn police officer. If White is not certified why has he been seen wearing a police badge with five stars? Why was he running full police code to the crash scene if he is a civilian? Isn’t this impersonating a police officer? Don’t you wish you could run around and play cop with lights flashing and sirens blaring? Instead of admitting his wrongs, White allegedly started passing around the poisoned Kool-Aid.

The first to guzzle the juice was Berry, Perry and Schultz. Berry knows White is wrong but is still backing him. Perry at the news conference became angered at the media and literally threw copies of Kathy White’s records at the media. Perry blamed the media for White’s fiasco. Our Eyes tell us that Perry offered to sue two local television stations on White’s behalf. Next up to shoot off his mouth was Chief Schultz. According to Schultz who was once a DUI Sergeant for APD, stated there was not “probable cause” to conduct a DUI investigation. Schultz also blamed the media. Let’s see, Kathy White admitted to consuming a mind altering drug, she admitted to driving, she admitted to have impairment (blurred vision) and she admitted to crashing into a fix object (a curb). Yup; this is probable cause. Schultz lied to protect White, his lies and crimes as did Perry and Berry.

Next, the rumor mill tells us that Darren White met with one of the officers and offered a “deal” to make this go away or keep the facts under wraps. This amounts to conspiracy, extortion and black mail. If this is true, it appears someone did not keep their part of the “deal.” This would make sense because White put the pressure down on APD’s top command staff which lead to the next debacle. Paiz sent orders down the chain of command ordering/instructing Senior Officer Walck to keep the facts out of the report, such as the admittance of the drugs and the box that was checked showing that Kathy White admitted consumption of prescription drugs which was an attributing factor. When Walck refused, Paiz sent down the orders again. The question is, did Piaz do this of her own accord or was she following orders from Schultz and/or White? In this mess, Banks had to know what was going on and did nothing. The APD SOP states, “Any act or omission is the same as lying.” Walck’s chain of command, including Commander Saylor knew about this and did nothing. Saylor received information about this situation through several different sources. This comes down to conspiracy. Walck was wise not to alter the report which is a public document and knew it is a felony to alter a public document. If Paiz did give these orders that were illegal, they are; to wit; conspiracy, extortion and black mail.

Thus, all who had knowledge of this are all guilty of conspiracy, extortion and black mail. This requires a criminal investigation; not an administrative review. This is the time that Gov. Martinez needs to send her elite Political Corruption Unit down to Albuquerque to handle this. Since the Governor is a Republican and all the Republicans are trying to save this liar, perhaps the State Attorney General, Gary King, needs to step up to the plate and handle this with integrity.

Did Albuquerque’s former public safety director commit insurance fraud? Kathy White admitted to taking a drug for seizures/bi-polarism. Darren White stated that she had been taking it for about a year. Was this disclosed to their insurer?

Another one of our Eyes claims that White does not have enough time paid into PERA (Public Employees Retirement Association). This could be a rumor but our Eyes claim that White withdrew all of his invested money when he left former Governor Gary Johnson’s administration. This means that White would need to pay back both his part and his employers’ portion. Each year that he may have withdrawn could cost up to 50,000.00 per year. It is possible that he withdrew over ten years worth. If this is true who is paying all that money back? Is it the tax payers of Albuquerque? Did White retire with any retirement compensation?

Some of our Eyes in County Government are telling us that Darren White is smack-dab in the middle of the free tickets scandal from the Journal Center. Our Eyes tell us that formal charges are forth coming in this case.

Darren White is a catastrophe looking for a place to happen; as we have seen here in Albuquerque. Thank goodness that the Honorable Martin Heinrich beat White in the congressional race for District One.

These questions warrant a full criminal investigation. Even if you buy into White and company’s rubbish, even if these questions are based on the appearance of impropriety, they must be investigated to the fullest extent. All who played part wittingly or un-wittingly must be brought to justice along with White. If the entire top command of APD is dirty; it is time to clean it out. The Mayor will need to re-evaluate his stance on White and on the rest of his top level personnel who participated in this fiasco. White’s stains have bled all over the 5th floor of APD. The Eye On Albuquerque has repeatedly warned you about the “Culture of Corruption” in APD, here is your proof. The Albuquerque Police Department needs new leadership. The slate needs to be wiped clean. The Mayor will need to appoint a chief who is known for dignity, honesty and integrity. No more “good ol’ boys!” While Berry is at it, he needs to dump the rest of Darren White entourage. Don’t you hate it when someone up and leaves; and leaves all their junk behind for someone else to clean it up?

Kudos to the fire guys and gals who called this one! The community knows we have the best paramedics and EMS equipment in the Southwest region; contradictory to what White stated. The local fire union’s vote of no confidence was right on the spot. Too bad Perry and Berry were and are too blind to see past their noses.

Jul 15, 2011

It's Official; Darren White is OUT!

The Eye would like to thank all of our Eyes for their input which helped remove this cancer from our City.

BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! Here's to the respectable people on the City Council who have done their jobs!!!


Rumor Mill has it; White has Submitted His Resignation

Our Eyes on the inside are telling us that Public Safety Director, Darren White, has submitted his resignation to Mayor Berry. Our Eyes on the inside tell us that Berry stated he would wait until the IRO’s report next week before he officially accepts it. White apparently knows and is fearful of the testimony of the personnel out at the crash scene. Once they tell the truth; it will be curtains for White, anyway.

Meanwhile, our Eyes in Santa-Fe are telling us Gov. Martinez and the R’s are planning for a new job for White. Our Eyes claim that White’s best friend who is a top-senior advisor to Gov. Martinez was overheard saying, “this job will help him (White) land softly.”

Keep in mind, this is just the rumor mill…

Gov. Susana Martinez Need to Honor her Campaign Promises

The Honorable Susana Martinez made a campaign promise to hold corrupt public official accountable. Chief Public Safety Officer (LIAR) Darren White is actively being corrupt by his lying and covering up his wife’s suspected DUI crash. This issue stands alone and the Eye is not talking about Brad Arensfield or Tru-touch or the other issues that are questionable.

The Eye realizes that White is a “friend” of the Governor and has “friends” in Governors office (with friends like White; who needs enemies), notwithstanding, the Governor must act decisively and cut her losses. The Governor has made a fool of herself by backing White after everyone told her what a “piece of work” he was. Even our own Mayor Berry has stated that White is a rogue employee that abides by no set of rules (SOP).
Now is the time for Governor Martinez to remove White from the Judicial Standards Commission to ensure honesty and integrity.

If this Governor has any integrity and/or honesty, it is time to prove it. The smell is only going to get worse as more facts are revealed.

It might be a good idea to call the Governors’ Office and let the Governor know your dismay. Click here for a web link to send an e-mail or you can call 505-476-2200 to speak with a Constituent Services representative.

Jul 14, 2011

Sufferin’ in Suffern; New York that Is

Some of our Eyes have told us that Chicken Public Safety Director, Darren White and his blushing wife have “flown from the coup.” Yes, our modern day “Bonnie and Clyde” are on the run from Albuquerque’s local media who are seeking the truth.

Our Eyes claim that White is from Suffern, New York, and White and his wife are suffering on the run. We all know that you can run but you can’t hide! Darren White has to know that the fire pit will still be red hot when even he decides to surrender to the media. We are sure he will have cooked up a few more lies to feed the public.

Our Eyes tell us that Kathy White is Darren’s “Achilles Heel.” If Kathy White tells the truth about Brad Arensfield, Tru-touch, etc… Darren is done for and he knows it! If the media got a hold of Kathy there is a strong chance that she will spill the beans. Some believe that this is why White has “removed her from the equation.”

On another front, our Eyes are telling us that the AFD folks have made a vote of no confidence on Darren White for lack of ethics. We have lost count how many times Darren White has publically received a vote of “No Confidence.”

On a side note…We all know how it ended for “Bonnie and Clyde.” Only it will not be bullets that take Darren White out, it will be the TRUTH. Maybe Darren White will man-up and tell the truth and avoid a tragic ending. This is really simple; “Tell the truth Darren White!”

Why doesn’t the Mayor get it? The Mayor needs to pull his head out of the sand and see what is going on.

BROVO to the Albuquerque City Council for taking the lead and appropriate action!

Put the trash out; the entire place stinks to high hell!

Cut Your Losses; Tell the truth

Come Clean; Tell the Truth!

Some damage has been done but all is not lost yet. Those involved need to come forward and tell the truth now.

Stop staining the badge.

APD needs to be "In Step With Our Community," and not in step with the LIARS in the Berry Administration.

Jul 13, 2011

Cover up Continues for Kathy (Crash) White and her dedicated (to himself) Husband, Darren White

Our Eyes behind the badge are telling us that Albuquerque’s Deputy Chief of Police, Beth Paiz, may have been giving some; let’s say illegal orders from behind the scenes. Our Eyes claim that DC Paiz ordered Senior Officer Al Walck to remove the drugs he listed in his report through his Chain of Command. Our Eye’s also claim that Paiz order Walck to change the accident from “no injuries” to an “accident with injuries.” Our Eyes tell us Senior Officer Walck told his superiors to have Paiz put it in writing and he would comply. Apparently Piaz did not write the order and Walck did not change the report. This apparently angered the brass. Remember this is just a rumor that our Eyes are telling us about.

Did Paiz order Walck to change the report by removing the drugs listed that Kathy (Crash) White admitted to popping before she decided to drive DUI and crash? Was Paiz trying to protect Chief Public Safety Director, Darren White’s wife (A.K.A. Kathy Crash)?

Did Paiz order Walck to change the report to an accident with injury to cover Chief Public Safety Director, Darren White, because White utilized full emergency equipment to respond to his wife’s crash? Full emergency equipment consists of flashing red lights, police siren and being allowed to go through red lights, etc…You see, APD’s policy allows officers to run full code to accidents with injuries. Darren White ran full code but did not have a legitimate reason other than to whisk his wife away and save her from jail for driving DUI.

Where are our City leaders? Stand up and do something for us citizens. The Eye has heard some grumbling that two City Councilors, who has the guts to do something, are planning on making a motion to place Darren White on administrative leave until the investigation is completed.

This City needs to rid itself of the cancerous liars; White has failed and should be removed.

There are Four Rules for Liars

Yes, Darren White is busy lying and he now has the help of fellow liars like Schultz and the newest liar, Chris Ramirez. In today’s Journal (read it here) White and the rest of the liars went on the offensive trying to distract from Darren White’s wife’s crash. It appears that there is a strong propensity that Kathy White, Darren White’s wife, was DUI when she crashed her black Porsche into a curb in Northeast Albuquerque last week. Some of our Eyes behind the badge are telling us that Public Safety Director Darren White whisked his wife away to prevent the law enforcement officers from conducting a DUI investigation.

This is how it works when liars are at work. Below are the rules that liars follow in order to avoid the truth:

Rule number one: Deny! CPSD Darren White, “poor me,” and people taking advantage of my wife’s medical condition… Kathy White admitted she was popping pills with blurred vision and crashed her black Porsche into a curb.

Rule number two: Deny! Chief Ray Schultz; There was no probable cause...Kathy White admitted she was popping pills with blurred vision and crashed her black Porsche into a curb.

Rule number three: Deny! Darren White, I did not interfere; I only stood guard and intimidated all of the subordinates that work for me. Once again, the fact of the matter is Kathy White admitted she was popping pills with blurred vision and crashed her black Porsche into a curb.

Rule number four: Make counter allegations! Ray Schultz, there were no signs of alcohol or drugs…There was no probable cause…It’s a 38 year veteran’s fault. Let’s blame him. Oh, and blame the media.
And the best answer from this week’s Prestigious Burro Award recipient, Chris(Huffman)Ramirez who stated, “Can you really be under the influence of birth control pills?” Once again, Ramirez was heavily engaged in making a Burro of himself and practicing rule number four; make counter allegations to distract from the truth. Mr. Huffman-Ramirez; you have ruined what little credibility and respect you had. Here is the truth so you understand it in the future Mr. Burro(Huffman)Ramirez, Kathy White admitted she was popping pills with blurred vision and crashed her black Porsche into a curb.

Remember the rules when you hear these liars talk. A recap of the rules; deny, deny, deny, and make counter allegations.

Mayor Berry, you need to do something or you are going to go down with the lonely ship of fools. It is time for new blood in City Hall. Everything there now is tainted with liars.

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To listen to the original 911 call, click here.

Jul 12, 2011

The Straw that Broke the Camels’ Back

The Eye has known about the alleged DUI involving Darren White’s wife for some time. We intentionally held back to prove a point. If the Eye broke the story, White and Schultz would have started the whole “Social Media Waa Waa” to distract from the truth of this alleged DUI crash. With all the blood in the water; we let the media piranhas’ feast first! This is clearly an abuse by a public official using his official position of authority over his subordinates. White showed up in official capacity in a city vehicle. Does anyone out there really think that any employee from APD or AFD was going to pursue a case against White’s wife when White was standing guard intimidating everyone for over 30 minutes making his official presence known and using that authoritative position to get his wife out of hot water?

The answer is no. Everyone wants to keep their job and no one wants to lose their pay check by pissing off the boss because his wife decided to crash her black Porsche, by her own admittance, popping pills. News flash, this is called DUI (Driving While Under the Influence).

Here is a short list of questions that need to be answered:

1. Why did White use “emergency equipment” to respond to his wife’s crash? This equipment is intended for first responders to save lives or for responders who are responding to a crisis or critical incident. White’s wife was being seen by medical professionals. There was no need for him to abuse his position or power.

2. Why did White feel it was okay to “butt in” while APD and AFD were in discharge of their official duties? Would you or Eye be allowed to approach the police or fire and interject our two cents? White openly abused his position and authority. He clearly intimidated subordinates under his care and control.

3. Why did White stay at the crash for thirty minutes intimidating personnel that are under his care and control? This one is easy; because he can! All fascism leaders are above the law. White committed several offenses and is now playing the “poor me” routine, I am just a good husband. Did anyone else notice that White was dressed down and not wearing a suit as he commonly does?

4. Why did White think that his vehicle that does not have any medical supplies, equipment or medical personnel was a better choice to transport his wife to an emergency facility? Maybe he wanted to get his wife away from the scene so law enforcement could not pursue a DUI case against her? White needs to publish his cell number so other celebrities can call him to get them out of hot water. Ron Bell; write this number down! Sorry Ron, you’re not Darren White’s wife; no free pass for you.

5. Why is it when others like Ron Bell take prescription drugs and drive, they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and people like Darren White’s wife get a free ride and a get-out-of-jail-free card? White being a good husband has his priorities clear and he acted on those priorities; he got his wife out of a DUI crash with no charges at all.

6. Why was the urinalysis sample collected/conducted the following day on 07/07/11? Could it be to allow the drugs that Kathy White admitted to taking to metabolize and allow her body to naturally rid itself of the drugs? Can anyone else out there say; cover up?

Why did Schultz stand there and lie? Schultz was a DWI sergeant and knows the truth about DUI and what probable cause is required. Schultz stated, “There were no signs of drugs or alcohol.” According to the Journal, “Kathleen White told APD officers she was on two types of prescription medications for ‘anxiety,’ according to the police report.” The Journal also stated, “Schultz said no DWI investigation was conducted because it appears there wouldn’t have been probable cause to do so.”

One of the symptomatology that should be looked for during a DUI crash investigation is the admittance of use of drugs. Kathleen White admitted to the consumption of prescription drugs. Another symptom of DUI is the admittance of impairment. Kathleen White stated that she had blurred vision. The AFD report stated she had trouble standing. Proof of impairment, she crashed her black Porsche into a curb. There you go Schultz; there is your probable cause. You lied Schultz; shame on you.

The law states that DUI is driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol which affects a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle to the slightest degree. Kathleen White crashed into a curb. This is impairment far beyond the “slightest degree.”

The Journal also quoted White as stating, “People are using my wife’s medical condition for cheap political attacks.” During a news conference what said, “I don’t know who’s making these allegations, but I have done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, because of these attacks, my wife and I have had to make a decision to provide media with her personal medical records, which is something we should never have to do.” White is making a fool of himself and should know better than to use words such as “never.” The word clearly implies never and there is no ambiguity. Yet White can play his “poor me” routine and use the word never and then do what he claimes he “never” would do. This is an oxymoronic statement.

According to the Albuquerque Journal (read it here), “she (Kathleen White) tested negative for numerous prescription and illegal drugs.” Hit the brakes, this is an inaccurate statement. What is the tolerance level that is set for these tests by Tri-core? All companies, including the City of Albuquerque have certain levels set. If there are drugs present but it does not exceed the “tolerance levels” the laboratory will not report it. It will show as testing “negative.” Did you hear Darren’s pet Schultzie discriminate this crucial information?

Gov. Martinez, the Eye warned you about White, his lying and his abuse of power. Is Darren White still the best choice for the Judicial Standards Commission? White is going to pull you down along with Berry.

One of our Eyes told us about the big meeting that Schultz and White called for with APD’s supervisory staff. White told the staff that integrity was everything to him. Where is White’s integrity?

Berry has called for an independant investigation into this matter. The problem is, we all know that when it comes to Mister White lies, any wrong doing on White's part will be "White washed!"

Darren White has drawn “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” It is time for White, Schultz and their lying ways to leave our city. The republicans need to clean house and put the trash out at the curb.

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Listen to the 911 call here.

Jul 7, 2011

Free For All or is it Free for Some But Not All?

One of today's top stories on Channel 4 involved the alleged battery on an abortion protester. It was not the story in particular that opened our Eye; it was, however, the statements given to Channel 4. The Eye could not help but question the hypocrisy of the statement of one of APD's Public Information Information Officers, Officer Robert Gibbs. This is what Channel 4 quoted:

"APD officer Robert Gibbs said ultimately, it comes down to Shaver's right to free speech.

"He was exercising his free speech that we are all allowed to with the First Amendment. That doesn't mean you
can get up and hit somebody or batter somebody," Gibbs said."

This comes as a surprise to The Eye. It was only recently that administrators told supervisors that Officers would face discipline if they made remarks that were deemed inappropriate or put APD in disrepute. So does this mean that City administrators can now dictate who is allowed free speech and who is allowed what we could call "monitored, censored, and stifled speech"? Does the Constitution afford free speech to everyone, except law enforcement officers?

The administrators seem so afraid of officers voicing their own, independent opinion, that there are reports that social media websites are being monitored constantly in order to document the postings made by the officers. In risk of sounding repetitive, The Eye has still been unable to find the footnote of the Constitution that does not allow law enforcement officers to voice their opinion, ON their OWN time, not ON DUTY, even when not representing APD in any way. The threat of discipline (possibly including termination) via the means of intimidation, seems like the current "normal route" of business for the top administrators.

So, please enlighten The Eye. Which will it be? Is "everyone" protected by the First Amendment, or is it just a benefit for those lucky enough to be hand chosen to be protected?

Want to see for yourself? Click here.