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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 23, 2018

Why this state is a Dickhouse?

In the last few months here we have gotten a glimpse of the insanity and lunacy that is plaguing our state. From excuse after excuse... to being lied right to our faces, these city and state so-called leaders would tell you the sky is polka dotted, and dare you not to believe it.

If you think justice is blind or balanced here in New Mexico, you must be on hallucinogenic mushrooms, or someone must have damaged your brain with a blunt instrument. That, or you are one of the low life cowards getting away with raping the place. There is rarely justice here. Because it is so far slanted in favor of the filthy, we can not attract anything to our state. This is because the proper avenues are not being taken to address the problems. 

This recent case where a pair of bloody children’s underwear were found, and not tagged into evidence is really disturbing, because if you look at it, it looks like it was a late call, and the officer wanted to fade it, and be done with it. We will reserve opinion until the final word comes out, but this trend is getting really old. The below situation caused Mayor Keller to admit that shitheads within the Albuquerque Police Department are still perpetuating the culture that got us here. We have a solution. Fire the residue clinging on, then hunt down those like the former Chief and assistant city attorney, along with the former Mayor CAO and all of their co-conspirators, and prosecute them for public corruption racketeering, and about a dozen other charges that could put them away for a decade, (MORE IF THEY LIE TO FEDERAL AGENTS, AND THEY WILL) and 
destroy every fabric of their lives like they did to this city. 


Do you ask yourself just why is this constantly happening? Why are the same things happening over and over?

Well here is your answer...

We live in a city where assholes can post a picture of a giant dick in their front window... a block away from a school, and God forbid the police be sent there to remove it, because someone’s feelings would be hurt. God forbid a professional shit stirring cretin is made to remove a dick picture from his home in a residential neighborhood, but a war veteran in a community, governed by a home owner’s association can be sanctioned, and his life made intolerable for flying an American flag on his front lawn.

Read the story below about the group of assholes disrespecting an Albuquerque neighborhood. Years ago, three or four fathers with daughters on that block would have had the clowns responsible for that remove it and apologize. Better yet, the beat cop would have developed the necessary information needed to take legal action to have it removed. Not today folks because nobody has any balls whatsoever.


This city will be cleaned up when someone reaches down, grabs a pair of balls, and starts fucking with the people who deserve to be fucked with, instead of the low hanging, non threatening, non-politically connected people. There has been a culture in this state of protecting the connected, back stabbing filth, who are derelict in their duties as a human beings, whilst lying or framing the innocent out of personal animus, the need for a distraction, or to just plain justify the existence of a board or two that does nothing but violate civil rights for the aforementioned reasons, and justify their existence.

This city and state will also be cleaned up when those who’s daddy is politically connected, or those who are elected fuck up and are held to the level of accountability they are supposed to be held to, and punished for their wrongdoing, while those who are innocent are proven innocent, instead of being crucified, to protect the guilty by those who are remiss, and malfeasant in their duties.

From the friend of the governor who was intentionally covered for by those in the Albuquerque District Attorney’s office, to the recent clown over at BCSO who can’t seem to keep his blood alcohol level below point one six, the same people are protected, covered for and given dozens of chances, after committing criminal acts, while good people make a clerical error, slight error in judgement, or no error at all, and they are fired, and soon find themselves facing an attack on all fronts. All of this has been going on to promote the disgraceful behavior behind the scenes that is the culture of our state, and it is what has destroyed the place.

You want to know why you can’t hire officers? This is why. They are sick of two faced, lying coward politicians. They are sick of the double standards, and they are sick of wasting their time. They are sick of the excuses that are made, and they are even more sick of the high road some real miscreants try to take after they game the fucking system, get caught and lose. They are sick of watching connected people get away with things that put the ordinary citizen in jail. They are tired of nothing being done about the corruption, and they are truly tired of the disparity in discipline and promotional process. The fucking inmates are running the asylum, and the proof is in the department when you promote little punks with a Napoleon complex who have more investigations done on them than some criminals. It is over and the war begins. The war begins on every creep that should be sweeping floors instead of banking a paycheck from the COA.

You have cases like the one below where a politician says she regrets not taking the breathalyzer, which is total horse shit, because she intentionally did not take the breathalyzer, and knows that if there was any alcohol in her system it is not in her system now. All of these politicians are told to refuse the breathalyzer. Of course she regrets it. It is all horse shit people. Nobody owns their fuckups. They just call in a favor. A while back an officer was fired for removing someone from the bat mobile, but these cretins have just devised better ways involving the process to manipulate the
system to get out from under what they did.... timelines, and not taking breathalyzers.

Let’s conduct a further analysis shall we. Watch the below video, and read the story.


Notice... after state representative Youngblood is taken out of her vehicle to perform Standard Field Sobriety Tests, she tries to play the coy cute chick card. Notice the reference to not being fully clothed, the prancing and posing, and wannabe cute flirtatious behavior. Notice the denial when she was told she was being arrested. Notice how quickly it then goes from denial, to pulling the sympathy card out, complete with the tears and attempts to influence the officer to let her go, by bring up what she does. When all charades finally fail, what we have is the typical New Mexico response to the reality that is now upon her. After the officer reads Mrs. Youngblood the implied consent act, she refuses to cooperate, and consent to a breath test. She then gets testy.

Looking at the video of Mrs Youngblood being processed, you can see officer Trajan looking on with a weird look on his face. We found that pretty ironic, considering Mister Trajan had a little alcohol induced domestic violence investigation of his own where he was covered for pretty good. You can read about that right here.... please read it. As a matter of fact, we advise any defense attorney defending a defendant arrested for an alcohol related or domestic related offense to read it.


How the fuck is that for Hypocrisy? This place truly is an incestuous, twisted, shit pit.

All horse shit aside, this legislator is cronies with Governor Susana Martinez. Let’s see how this shit plays out. We here at the Eye wonder if Mrs. Youngblood was one of the rooftop bottle chucking, pizzahhhh and coke party friends, the night of the Santa Fe debacle we all remember a couple years back. We will see! One thing we do know is that the Governor’s personal “cleaner” and mob attorney, Paul Kennedy is representing the representative. As if we didn’t know that was coming.

Watch the story video link below where prominent Albuquerque defense attorney Ahmed Assed obliterates Mrs. Youngblood’s defense.


Now just look at all of the clowns who’s cases mysteriously ran out of time, or case discovery was miraculously fouled up, and it didn’t get where it “coincidentally” needed to be in time. Pat Davis, and Ryan Flynn are just two of them...




Is it a coincidence that our District Attorney got his millions approved for his budget from Martinez after misleading the public about his office’s handling of one of Martinez’s cronie’s cases? We do not think so at all.

Pat Davis wants to continue to get what he wants by jumping the bandwagon on guns and bashing the NRA. He lied. Pat Davis lied about the cyclic rate of an AR15. A semi automatic AR-15 can not fire
150 rounds in 15 seconds. That is a lie, but these politicians are nothing but pandering liars anyway.

Watch below as Pat Davis gets owned on Fox. Pat Davis was a Capitol police officer, for a couple years but glosses over just how long because he wants everyone to think he was an actual street cop out there chasing wanted felons down the street. He wasn’t. Watch below as he claims his slurring is an East Coast accent. What the fuck is that? You know what that is. It is another pathetic desperate attempt to bullshit his way out of accountability just like the Senator tried to pull with all of her attempts to unprofessionally convincer the officer to let her go. Throwing around your title and saying the things she said is the epitome of not being morally fit for office.



And speaking of morally unfit....

As the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy becomes famous for using the blanket umbrella charge of being morally unfit to be a police officer to revoke politically targeted scapegoats, targets of personal animus, or vendettas against officers who didn’t lay down for bogus criminally contrived allegations, here we have another clown act of hypocrisy.

We wonder if getting separated from your wife, then moving into the dorms of the NEW MEXICO LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY is being morally unfit to be a police officer. Maybe being sued for the same #metoo shit that has taken down dozens of Hollywood stars, and politicians is being morally unfit? Probably not here in the State of New Mexico. No... in our state, only the active, upstanding officers, interested in doing their jobs, fighting crime, and not having to deal with immature, pathetic, incompetent, vindictive, liars with multiple complexes over their inadequacies have to worry about being targeted just because they stand up for what is right, do not take garbage from corrupt command staff or just happen to be the flavor of the day when some coward police command staffer needs a body to throw under the bus to deflect away from his own corruption, or get a shot in on someone who he doesn’t like or whom spoke out about him. This is what is plaguing the state in regards to law enforcement and “it” alone is the reason for the decline of the vocation in our
state. Why can’t we get officers? Because nobody wants to work for a complete scum bag who has mental issues, can’t control themselves, and treats people awfully. THE BIGGEST COWARD IS THE ONE WHO USES POWER FOR EVIL INSTEAD OF GOOD. At the heart of every municipality that is having problems with staffing and crime is a Ray Schultz... a Gorden Eden... a Bob Huntsman... a Harold Medina... and a pushed up the ladder clown like Art Sanchez with a Napoleon Complex and ax to grind with anyone who punks them up for their pathetic behavior. a Mayor Berry. This administration should learn this.

So...Why don’t people want to be cops here? It is because the cops get railroaded. The corruption runs to the top. The politicians are liars, and there is a double standard for justice here. There is no accountability for filth bags, guilty of crimes and corruption, while the innocent are targeted, because they are seen as expendable. You don’t have to do a thing to have them target you. That’s how dangerous it is here and it has nothing to do with the criminal out there on the streets.

The police union can have all the faith they want in recruitment, but the fact of the matter is that being a police officer was made unpopular by the very same types of individuals who betrayed and continue to betray the rank and file in our state, coupled by some very ugly, and high profile blunders to the point that it will take decades to normalize. The fact that it is out nationwide about the fratricidal and Patrone culture within New Mexico, you can double the recovery time.

One of our Eyes has told us that the very state police chief who presides over NMLEAB certification hearings, where officers are railroaded continuously, in what has been described in a kangaroo court, where the officer has no chance, if it has been politically decided that they will lose their cert, has been acting like a squatter. Maybe this is why there is nothing but shambles left of New Mexico law enforcement. NO. This is the reason!

Below is a story that KRQE uncovered weeks ago about a BCSO deputy who was caught illegally hunting. What is disturbing here is that this guy was fired from APD for a drunken downtown incident while he was in the police academy, but the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office hired him. While working there he got popped with a DUI arrest, got fired, but only got a suspension on his NMLEA cert. Someone at BCSO hired him back. Now he is under investigation for this game commission issue. There is also another investigation involving stolen guns.


We here at the Eye wonder what the outcome will be on this. It seems if there is a wrongdoing uncovered, there would be a pattern of conduct calling for a LEA90 to question if this deputy’s cert should be revoked for being morally unfit to be a police officer. After all, dozens of officers have been revoked for one incident, where their infraction was non terminable, or for nothing at all, while in the process of actually doing their job, while many of the actions of others were done in contravention to doing what a police officer is supposed to do.

These actions and non-actions of the NMLEA call into question their credibility when you look at the disparity in filings and action taken. One can make a good case for the NMLEA being used as a
political tool or worse yet, an arm of extortion for the upper command staff club within LE statewide. Many officers should start gathering their eggs for another sort of #metoo class action filing if this continues.

You want to know who is at fault for this? It is the person giving out all the second, third, fourth, and fifth chances to those who do not deserve one, while walking on the good ones. It is the criminal in city office who lies to you about tampering with a case, to intentionally cause it’s prosecutorial failure for a political favor. Does anyone think it was a coincidence that the district attorney got millions for his office as a Democrat from a Republican Governor after lying about his office’ involvement in the case involving her crony’s arrest?

Does anyone think it is just the way it works when people fuck up so bad, so many times, yet never see a day of accountability or punishment yet the person doing their job gets railroaded for nothing or better yet, bring light to those above?

This is not a fluke. It is intentional. It is called Patrón government, and it is the reason for why it is so twisted here.

WE have just begun OUR accountability war, and OUR scope is broadening. We should have an answer any day now on the direction we will be going with this, and is isn’t pretty. We enjoyed the summer break and wish you a fun and safe summer but there is much work to do.

Standby for another court ruling that we have that was recently mitigated, and made as if it didn’t exist, in order to promote another protected pay to play crony.

We here at the Eye would like to thank Officer Joshua Montaño for having the balls, and integrity to hold these motherfuckers accountable. Officer Montaño deserves an award for his fine work, and The Eye on Albuquerque has his back, if anyone decides to fuck with him for doing his job. Good job Officer. You handle yourself very professionally, and you are a credit to the Albuquerque Police Department.

Until the enablers and excuse makers who cover for their friends are held accountable, nothing will change. We will continue to shine the light on those behind the scenes making phone calls and protecting criminals disguised as public servants.

There are the actual doers, and there are the ones covering for them. Both are in our sights. To the rest of the posers who think nobody sees what you are doing when you cover for filth. We know it all and the war is coming.

A word to you little motherfuckers who spent years on APD payroll, and kept your mouth shut like a good company boy, but now want to act like you are the solution... keep it up, because you will be outted for the frauds you are. It is all coming. Stand the fuck by, because the more shit you stack on the sandwich will be the more shit you have to take a bite out of. You were the problem. You caused
this directly and indirectly. You will publicly be held accountable to the truth.

And to you fraudulent pretentious little punks who had years to do the right thing but only worried about your bottom line, your side piece’s bottom line and chose to do the wrong thing but want to act like you are the answer to the problem that is you, we know who all of you are and you are not going to get to fool anyone.

Read the blogs, and make your own mind up about the truth. Do not let political promises of money from self promoters cloud your perception. It’s a patrón state we live in. Not for long.

We have purposely given this administration a reprieve, to see how things pan out. Some very promising solutions have been reached to some very diabolical situations, that very good folks were put in. We will address this in the future, but it has not gone unnoticed. Contrary to what many may think, this administration is trying to make things right. It will take a few more issues to be addressed that may be unpopular to them, but this is the price of peace. We will not stop until wrongs are righted. We will not stop until the filth is denied what has been taken from the righteous.

Remember, we are here and there... and we may not be here or there, but we see right through you. If we don’t see it. Someone else does, and they tell us. We are looking when you are not looking at us, and we see you. We see the looks you give those you do not like, when you act like you do like them. We know what you are. We know more than you. Pretentiousness is not a cloak that we can not see through. We have been at this longer than you. DO THE RIGHT THING, NO MATTER HOW UNPOPULAR IT IS, OR WE WILL MAKE YOU DO IT! Trust us, the first way is easier.

One last thing... Give Mike Geier a chance, despite the search. Let’s see what he does.

Till our next one...

The Eye


One... because the situation here emboldened our own home grown scum bags to bring their horseshit to Las Vegas, where they got a good old fashioned stinging and bruising taste of “OH SHIT, WE AINT IN ALBUQUERQUE ANYMORE.”
Kudos to Las Vegas PD for taking our our fermented trash!


And by the way... two of these assholes have previous run ins with law enforcement, with one having charges for battery on a peace officer, and disarming a peace officer. Not bothering anyone huh? Nobody looked into this though. Good job officers!

Sorry you have to deal with our assholes.

And two... it’s way to early for any pretentious congratulatory horse shit.


We are back...

Adios Amigos!

May 8, 2018


Once upon a time, in the city of Albuquerque, the land of workplace crime, conspiracy, fraud, fratricide, sexual promiscuity, sex in the work place, threatened wife killings, no bid pay to play contracts, railroadings, civil rights violations, cronyism, public corruption, failed leadership, wanton and willful misconduct, intentional obstruction of justice, fraud on the courts, wrongful shootings, murders, malfeasance of office, selfish self promotion at the cost of a city and its people, perjury, out of control murders, rapes and sexual offenses against children, there was a lawsuit filed, and that lawsuit was kept very quiet, because of it’s impact on things.

The lawsuit we are going to talk about is very important, because it impacts two major issues in our city that create a ripple effect, as everyone is getting very fed up of the situation at hand.

In a time of prosperity there should be no place for fractions of the examples of poor conduct that has plagued our city for over ten years. Considering we are in a precarious time where small mistakes can cause harm, we know big ones can cause irreparable harm, or even reverse any progress that may have been made. Intentional actions of wrongdoing is far worse. Ignoring intentional and willful misconduct, or the punishment of it, out of political favor by ANYONE, amounts to enabling it. That includes the media.

We all know about the horrendous crime scene backlog at the Albuquerque Police Department. No doubt, the disgusting behavior we are about to tell you about did not help it. And of course, as with all of our stories there are a few filth bag miscreants who got to retire, and walk away like the rest of the cowards and COCKroaches.

Back in 2016 Judge Malot, of Albuquerque District, court was assigned civil case number D-202-CV-201605356. The case was filed by Furman G Sizemore PhD, a black man. Mr. Sizemore was the senior Forensic Scientist at the Albuquerque Police Crime Lab.

The above lawsuit was filed based on racial discrimination, when two of the three scientists who work at the APD CRIME LAB were given raises, increasing their pay to $42.00 per hour. Sizemore continued to make $10.00 per hour less, because he was not given one. During all of this, John Krebsbach was the Crime Lab Director. He is no longer there of course. He retired.

During the trial last week, it came out that John Krebsbach testified that he called Sizemore an idiot, and that he was the worst supervisor ever, although he had gotten good reviews for 12 years. Krebsbach would not accept any of Sizemore’s credentials backing his deserving of a raise, but did accept Mike Haag’s and Bill Watson’s. Haag and Watson were the other two Scientists who did get their raises.

Our Eyes told us that the case testimony revealed that Bill Watson is not qualified for the job he was hired for, but is a friend of Krebsbach. He is paid $87,000 annually. Our Eyes said that there was proof he did not pass proficiency exams in a timely manner, but the department lied and qualified him. Testimony further revealed that Krebsbach did not want to hire Sizemore when he was on Sizemore’s interview panel, and Sizemore was refused advancement three times. It sure looks like there was some bad feelings over Krebsbach having to hire Sizemore, and Sizemore being more qualified and educated than Krebsbach’s cronies!

Our Eyes told us that an email from former APD Crime Lab Analyst Donna Monogue was shown in the courtroom in which she called the Plaintiff in this matter a nigger. That right there should result in a lifetime career change to toilet cleaner forever. Of course Monogue retired.

Jay Stewart is the current Crime Lab Director. Our Eyes told us that during testimony in this case, he downplayed all of Dr. Sizemore’s credentials, training and education, stating that he doesn’t think he is qualified, or should be a supervisor, but when asked about what Sizemore does, Jay did not know.

Our Eyes told us that ironically the year before his raise, Mike Haag got a “does not meet expectations” on his eval. Our Eyes also told us that information about Haag running a private business in which he charges $250 per hour during work at the APD Crime Lab.

Who will APD blame the DNA and latent backlog on now that they can’t blame it on a black man? We wonder if Dr. Sizemore had lost because of the city attorney defrauding the courts, like they have done so many times before, if the city would have dumped the entire blame of backlogged rape cases on this man. We all know how they like to find a scapegoat to lie on to save themselves from scrutiny.

We here at the Eye wonder how many more educated and qualified people will come here bringing expertise and experience, only to have their lives ruined, or to be tortured by those who are less qualified than them, or threatened by their accomplishments, simply because they are not on the inside circle. Does this sound familiar? It should, because it has been going on for years and dozens of innocent employees have suffered because of it. No wonder why we can not attract anyone to come here, and most employees are leaving.

We would have been highly impressed by the city administration, along with the city attorney’s office had they stepped in, settled this, made it right, and punished the offenders properly. It is no surprise they didn’t because all of the suspects were in place during the shitty Schultz ride, and they were being defended by those in the city attorney’s office who were brought up by former city attorney and liar Levy. This did not happen, as the city attorney’s office seems hell bent on carrying the water for the past administration’s cases. This is why we believe in retroactively cutting out the cancers, and fixing the past. Until the past trespasses are addressed this place will continue down a dystopic path for employees and prospective employees. It truly is disgusting.

The verdict, as seen in the below documents was an overwhelming victory for Furman Sizemore, and for anyone who has been unfairly targeted by people like this. We here at the Eye are fed up of this, and would like to congratulate Doctor Sizemore in his win. We hope the punitive damages are seven digits.

Krebsbach retired, but is on a board that gets grants for the lab, our Eyes reported. We have all seen how things go down this path. We all know how money talks when it comes to this place and those who look the other way.

We here at the Eye find it interesting that such a severe case like this was ignored by the media here in Albuquerque. It would seem very weird if we were not educated, but we are educated in what is happening. Many on the other side of things wish we were not so educated but they can keep wishing.

A while back, we said that we appreciated fairness in reporting, and that we were not going to tolerate stacking the deck, or putting the thumb on the scale, in order to ignore relevant topics, or ignore doing the right thing, just because it may not be popular politically, or fit the agenda of a few.

Why has this not been reported on in the media? Maybe it is the department influence on media personnel.

It has been brought to our attention that a certain APD PIO likes to text Albuquerque reporters to give them shit for reporting on issues that do not shed a good light on the department. This PIO may have networked his way into not being dispensable by the new administration. That is all fine and dandy, but now we will post the below photos and ask you if this is the reason that certain things get reported on and certain things don’t?

We’ll let our readers be the judge. Maybe they’ll know who that car belongs to, where it’s parked, and who the two character are going in and out of a property with one of them going to it at all hours of the day and night is. Hint. One is male. One is female. One is a reporter. This is only a fraction of the intel and media we have concerning this issue right here and it is being posted to show why it may appear the media is bias or conflicted severely. We bet absolutely no APD CADS have one single log out here for all the dates and times we have.

We have one question. Where the fuck was the Chief Administrative Officer Serita Nair at when one of the only persons of color at the Crime Lab was being tormented, and why did this administration not step in, and fix it, instead of trying to defend it by letting it go to trial. We say walk the fucking walk. If you want to act like the shiny happy passive answer to the problems here you better roll your fucking sleeves up and get dirty. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You do not get to act like you have the answers when you do not have the fortitude to step the fuck up. And we surely are not going to let this pretentious dog shit persist.

To the targets of our articles addressing our writings with their excuses of time limitations and other nonsense for both past and present conduct concerning the disgusting behavior of employees and supervisors that went unaccounted for, unpunished, and covered up, you can shut the fuck up. How’s that? Is that clear enough for your cowardly arrogant incompetent asses?

Hmmmm. This ain’t Kansas anymore... is it?

Till the next time.
The Eye

Apr 25, 2018


Over the years we have received mounds of information detailing how Schultz kept scrutiny off of himself, and those he benefitted from, or wanted to protect, by using those he disliked, or could care less about. He made one critical mistake. We’ll let him try to figure that out, but right now, we are going to discuss another case that was going on as Schultz was destroying the city back in 2011-12. This case centers around IA case number IA case # I-136-12.

The above debacle stems from a Las Vegas trip a few Albuquerque Police Department records employees went on where IA discovered some sexual escapades went on. This trip happened back in July of 2011. Now you would say this is none of IA’s beeswax, but it did become their beeswax when this information came out, because of how it spilled over into the workplace causing mayhem.

We are all well aware of the antics that went on over at APD records where unrelated civilian employees and police supervisors deployed cunnilingus tactics on duty, in closets, and stairwells of the APD Main Building. We are also aware of a battery, where an employee claimed they were punted in the vagina and punched. This conduct is pretty bad for any workplace, but for a police department, it should be incomprehensible, and upon proof of occurrence by an objective investigation, it should result in termination. Most times it has not under past administrations. Disgustingly enough, acts of employees doing their jobs and risking their lives have proven fatal to their careers, and at times lives, because the administration used employees to cover for corruption.

We are no longer going to accept that the past is the past when the same shit is going on, and those in place are failing to address the past trespasses simply because they render them unimportant to them or their agenda, especially when high ranking city officials are still lying. More on that later.

By allowing those that “owe” to stay in place, or possibly be promoted to higher vacated positions, nothing will change, because the rotten culture responsible for this stays in place, and those that are owed still have critical inside access.

Anyone who has had to deal with Raymond D. Schultz under critical circumstances, knows he is nothing but a pathetic narcissistic, dishonorable liar who lies like it is second nature. They also know that this slob enjoys when people kiss his flabby pimply polyp filled ass. There were cases where this clown actually fired people because they didn’t beg for his forgiveness.

We all know of the culture of “nature at play” in APD, and how officers and certain employees could pull their pants down while at work, never fearing repercussions, unless you were not in the ‘in” crowd. These perverts faced no repercussions, while employees doing their jobs were railroaded for the most minor of things in the course of doing their job. These employees weren’t milking the system, lying, devising ways to spew DNA all over the workplace, while getting paid, covering things up, and or generally making the workplace an uninviting, hostile shithole of deviates to work around; pure torture for an honorable person who just wants to do their job, support their family, and go home.

The below documents are being displayed to show how a culture of disparity in discipline, and utter disregard for fairness at an utmost disgusting level has permeated our city, and how it always seems to stem from the police department, and or the usual suspects. We here at the Eye were almost in disbelief at the punishments given out by the City, and APD administration in this case, considering the other high profile cases that were going on at the time, and the fact that the DOJ was entering the city. What is more amazing was how Schultz actually fabricated cases on multiple employees during this time, but treated this incident like it was just a minor blip on the radar screen.

There were many cases during the last decade that were utterly egregious and embarrassing. Many were covered up. There were many other incidents that were nothing, but Schultz and the usual suspects made them something they were not through lies and manipulation.

The problems are spilling over into today, and many of the problem individuals are getting promoted. This is just one on the list that we are getting to, and we are addressing it now, because we are hearing that one of the targets in this investigation, who is a supervision, is being groomed to be next in line to be promoted to the position of Executive Director of Support Services for APD as former Director Bill Slauson’s replacement. Bill Slauson retired.

Below is posted a cross section of over 200 documents we have on the investigation into civilian APD personnel over what we can only describe as an out of control sex scandal by adults who know better, that turned APD main building offices upside down. This obviously spilled over into all other aspects of records concerning APD. We all know how much of a hard time everyone has been given over the years concerning the inspection of public records. We are wondering how much the below listed antics impacted APD’s ability to get things out in a timely manner.

We listed the below documents to show the impact of poor conduct in the workplace and how it affects the agency, public and families involved. It is also has an extreme effect on morale within the department. Officers have told us they know that they will be hung for uttering a curse, or having to use force that may “look” bad, while actions like these will be covered up. Morale right now in APD is horrendous, because officers, and actually everyone for that matter, are fed up of the lies and covering for the lazy, and wrong, while the workers and righteous have to worry about being used like what was done to those over the last decade. There is no trust, and it is evident that politicians do not for the good of all, but for the good of what will keep them in office, or make them more popular. There is no more room for pretentiousness and a ostrich “head in the sand” mentality, because it is getting worse.

Some crime may be down, but do we know if citizens are just so fed up that they are just not calling 911 to report anything, because of the non-existent response times. One thing is for sure, the homicides, and amounts of violent and bizarre crimes are out of control. Still, officers and candidates for police positions do not want to come here, and it is only going to get worse.

The answer is not hard. This can be fixed, because we have heard viable solutions, but none of it is being enacted, and it starts with fixing what was done to re-instill trust with the public, and officers, and get rid of the problems. While doing this, the past transgressions need to be revisited and where exposure lies for those responsible, severe punishment needs to be sought.

Lets get started. Shall we? Check out the below documents for yourself. We would like to hear from employees who were wrongfully attacked or suffered damages during the last decade under Schultz Eden and the rest of them. We welcome comments and more evidence calling for prosecution of the public officials responsible for this mess through their actions and inactions. The documents listed are loosely posted to give you a feel for what was being concealed during the DOJ rampup and to show you who is still around years later.

Below are is the APD STATUS STATUS SHEET of IA # 1-136-12. It contains a very brief synopsis of what went down back in 2012.


The above letters are cute, but actually enraging when you consider other employees who did far less or nothing at all had been given much less of a chance or more so none at all.






This was the largest posting of documents that we have posted to date, but we wanted you to get a glimpse at just a tiny fraction of the shit that has been going on and see just why some are so enraged about what has happened over the years. Please take the time to go over all of the documents posted to see for yourself the disparity in what has been going on in reference to the treatment of city employees. Some may know even further why this is being allowed. We here at the Eye will not relent until attempts are made to repair damages and start doing the right thing.

More is to come on even more people who were rewarded with promotions for poor behavior and you will be even more disgusted as we delve further into Dante’s Inferno.

Until the next time.
The Eye

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Apr 20, 2018

The big FATTT money grab, and sticking it to our military veterans

How many know of the police contract submissions to the Albuquerque Police Officer’s Association from the current administration that would give pay raises over few years, stepping up pay to $30 then $32 an hour? Was this presented to the officers by Shaun Willoughby and Justin Montgomery, after they received it for approval by those they are supposed to represent? Were any of you given a say? No, of course not. Our Eyes are tellin us that Keller actually had to hire a negotiator to deal with Willoughby’s attitude and antics, and he may have trashed what officers may have been able to get. Maybe he can negotiate Whataburger to cut Willoughby down to three hamburgers a day. It is evident that a few misguided, self serving people are screwing the masses to benefit themselves, and in doing so, are STILL collectively screwing Albuquerque. 

The current horse shit survey given on the approval rate by officers of the Albuquerque Police Department was just another attempt at a money grab by Shaun Willoughby, and his group of greedy little punks. Had the survey been intelligently thought out, and presented with a narrow focus on the real issues, without the greedy money agenda, it would be abundantly clear that the issues are people like Shaun, and those he pushes politically for. This is because Shaun does for Shaun and his pals. We have proof the union chooses who they want to represent, and for the 
most part, it is themselves. We have proof the union trashes it’s members, or anyone who speaks 
out, and calls them on their horse shit. Those who have run the APOA have conspired with the administration when it benefitted them, and they have sabotaged members to assist a corrupted police administration and city attorney’s office. The list is long on that, and we have proof of that too. You can see most of it here on this blog. As this continues you will see more. 

The survey we are speaking of is below, along with the media article reporting on it.

The problem with the Albuquerque Police Department is with piss poor leadership, and the promotion of clueless clowns. Little snakes woven in and interlaced throughout with personal agendas further complicates it. That is a fact. Another fact is that over the last few weeks, many seasoned veterans who were holding on as long as they could, hoping to help out, or waiting to see the changes through, are now retiring.  They are retiring, because they do not want to work for creeps. 

Over the years, we have seen the worst of the worst protected and promoted, as they were arrested for domestic violence, DUI, illegal wildlife poaching, shooting people in the back, who were unarmed, having sex in city buildings while on the clock, lying in investigations, tipping off domestic violence suspects about the location of complainants, by illegally accessing NCIC, and a trove of other infractions. Most recieved little discipline, and some were even promoted or assigned to special units like the cruiser task force. Nobody wants to work beside these clowns. Nobody wants to work FOR one of these assholes either. Frankly, nobody should have to. Desperation is no reason to keep shit around. The shit needs to be swept out, even if it means the work load may increase until it levels out,  because the ingrained mentality infecting APD needs to be flushed. 

During the election, we have observed many back stabbing slime bags position themselves for spots through their symbiotic relationships with others doing the same to get promoted. Many of these clowns are doing NOTHING for progress. It is all about them. That is a fact. 

Shaun, and a few of his pals can more than likely retire, or early out by the end of this administration’s first four years. Their actions show exactly what they are doing. There is no care about getting officers out there to be able to do their jobs to curb the out of control crime. No, it is all crying about money. If they are not crying about money, they are pushing to have their pals promoted. Both of these paint a clear picture of what is going on. It is all about getting their fucking money, and rolling. That is a fact. These frauds only care about themselves. It’s about attaining the highest rank, and highest last three years salary, so they can take the money and run. Does Shaun Willoughby even live in Albuquerque? 

As all of the above is going on,     word from our Eyes in the field is that morale is bad. It is badbecause the union does nothing to back its officers and the officers still have no trust in supervisors still in place who stem from the same Schultz clique, gang, group, cronies or whatever you want to call it. The rank and file know the same mentality of stepping on their backs to make themselves look good thrives in the upper ranks. They consider many of the command dishonorable back stabbers who lie or retaliate on good officers while protecting the useless ones. Many officers who should have been terminated, are continually held on a pedestal, after not one, but many infractions that are termination level, as many officers who were egregiously violated and wronged are still dealing with the aftermath that still has not been made right by this administration. Not one attempt to fix the wrong doings has been attempted as ruined lives are being treated as water under the bridge. Well, not on our watch. 

The culture that has grown over the last ten years has been one of we can do anything to you we want to, while using tax payer’s dollars to do it. We can steal and lie. We can rig contracts, and then we can fabricate elaborate cases against citizens and employees to distract from our actions, while we hide really illegal atrocities being committed by our cronies and protect them. 

The usual suspects have brought us to a level of containment only. All that can be done is to contain the epidemic, because the corruption is so embedded. Most of this stems from a city attorney’s office where many of the attorneys need to be fired because they still carry water from the previous administration and are still doing things in that administration’s interest. Keller and his administration will suffer horrible scrutiny because of the antics of city attorneys who really just need to be fired. 

If it is not corruption, it is incompetence. It is the incompetent moron supervisor who has no right being promoted, who is trying to make a name for themselves the wrong way, because they have not one clue of what it means to be, or how to be a leader. They have no life experience, and they are pathetic, narcissistic, shameless, self promoters. If any of them truly wanted to change the place for the better, they definitely wouldn’t be walking around mad dogging people in the work place, like they are tough, or telling past co-workers that they personally do not like them, like Harold Medina is doing. It is funny how a guy like Harold would most likely be seen holding a mop, but because of just how dysfunctional this place is he is, in the position of deputy chief, where he thinks he can do and say whatever he wants, to whomever he wants, especially if he had a beef with them years ago, but didn’t have the balls, or the rank to say something to them at that time. Pure cowardice, and the epitome of a punk. His lap dog Art Sanchez is no better. They know it, and we know more than they think anyone knows. We know all of it. For some, this is nothing but a chance to compensate for their inadequacies, and it will prove to be disastrous. Coming back to a police department to grind old axes like a punk, or bully when you are not put together to stand up something like a man, without a rank, title, or crowd to hide behind, is the quickest way to get us to notice and address you on a daily basis. 

The sad fact is that while the city is in a meltdown, the greedy are hard at work thinking only about themselves, because if that wasn’t the case these fat slobs wouldn’t be running side catering businesses, taking off for every party or sunny day, laying in lounge chairs in the union hall, or getting their asses beaten so bad at the Fox and Hound bar, that they are too embarrassed to go to work, because their face is purple. No... they would suck it up, suit up, and 
go work some doubles to help chip in out there. They would be working long hours to fix our crime problem. That’s too much like work and upholding an oath though. There isn’t enough “I” in the trenches for them. 

No, officers did not want to work for the past administration. Many do not want to work for many in this administration either, but they surely do not want to work under those conditions when their own union fucks them because they see them as irrelevant or politically expendable. They definitely don’t want to work in a place where the union consults with a criminal attorney, while denying officers competent representation, because they are immature, vindictive, cowards, who can’t take getting caught, and called out for their malfeasant actions.  

There is a huge reason why officers do not want to work here, and it boils down to creeps, and it is not the creeps out there committing crimes. Any cop worth their badge knows how to deal with them. No. It’s the ones next to them sticking the knives in their backs, smiling in their faces, fucking their wives and hiding behind whatever they can to avoid accountability for it. 

Pretty soon we will not have any officers who want to work here AND we will not have any military veterans, active duty military personnel or military reserve personnel who would even think about considering working for the Albuquerque Police Department because the last administration screwed our returning veterans and it is continuing today.

We were recently briefed by our Eyes in the field that our city leaders would like to make our city a sanctuary city, but do not give a rats ass about the military veterans who are returning from active duty in war zones who fought for their freedom to govern. 

You see, there is this little thing called USERRA. USERRA is the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. It is in place to protect the employment and position of an employee who has to leave their job to serve our country in the military. It is there  to protect our veterans and their families. You can read about it here:

When you work in a unit, or area of a police department, it becomes something you are accustomed to. Because of this familiarity, you become more proficient, and able to do your job better. When someone has to leave this position, in order to serve in the military, that position is to be protected, and held for that person. Our Eyes are telling us that this administration is ignoring this act, and throwing our returning vets back to wherever they feel they want to. This is not how it is done. Isn’t going to war stressful enough. Why should these vets have to deal with this assholism?

Our Eyes have brought to our attention the fact that many APD officers serving in the military, who have had police brass do this to them, had to actually seek out legal representation, in order to make certain individuals within city government, and police admin. do the right thing, but these so-called leaders continue to thumb their noses at these officers, violating their rights.

Our Eyes have also told us that APOA President Shaun Willoughby was contacted to help represent these APD officers, and he declined to help them. We were told he not only declined to do what he was elected to do (NO SURPRISE THERE) but in so many words, he dismissed the notion, by saying he had bigger things to deal with. (LIKE FILLING HIS POCKETS WITH MONEY OR HIS GUT WITH WHATABURGERS) This is unacceptable, and we will be keeping our EYE on this to see that it gets remedied most riky tik. The last thing this administration needs is to be tagged Anti-Veteran.

The contract is going to be interesting to watch, and we will keep you all advised. Stay tuned, because it is going to get very interesting.

Till the next time.
The Eye.