The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 12, 2016


This administration is just not going to learn are they? Months ago, there was a story about the backlog of rape kits the city was behind on. There are over 800 of them. 5 days ago state auditor Tim Keller released his report, stating that New Mexico leads the nation in the sheer number of rape kits that have gone untested. READ ABOUT IT HERE.

The reasons found by Keller were all management related. The agency chose not to test the kits, or the handling, tracking, and chain of custody of these kits were fouled up. 70% of these kits are from Albuquerque. This is unacceptable. The ramifications, of this alone will be enormous, but what we are going to tell you is worse. You see, sometimes it is not the crime, but the cover up that gets you, and this has always been the case with the Albuquerque police department, and Mayor Berry's administration. It's in their DNA, when either caught, or when they see a possibility of being caught for their negligence, willful misconduct, or stupidity, they lie. They lie, then devise a way to blame everyone around them. This has been the case since this worthless mayor took office. This administration has made an art of making a mountain out of something that would have remained a mole hill had they honorably addressed, it head on in good faith, owning it, instead of working so damn hard to hide it.

Berry has pointed the finger at the judicial system, the District Attorney's office, the Metro Detention Center, and the courts, but he is not going to point the finger at anyone this time! No, he is not. Do you want to know why? We are going to tell you why.

It is no secret Albuquerque has had issues with Evidence. We all remember Schultz's first case of flight after the evidence room scandal unfolded in 2003. Raymond Daniel Schultz was the deputy police chief at the time, and fled to Scottsdale Arizona afterwards. Officers who brought that corruption to light were retaliated against, and Chief Gallegos refused to investigate. No surprise there. (IS IT A COINCIDENCE TASER AND REDFLEX TRAFFIC SYSTEMS ARE HEADQUARTERED IN ARIZONA? WE THINK NOT.)

Fast forward to today, where we now have an ongoing federal investigation into missing police videos, tampered with evidence, and proof the city has skirted IPRA regulations on all levels.
Nothing has changed, because the city continues to lash out at those who expose them as the plaintiff did in this case. Not only do we have this, but we have the city stating they have things protected safely in an evidence locker, then when these things are requested to be presented,  they say they were stolen. Hmmmm.

Over the week that has just past, this administration has been scrambling to hide the gross mismanagement of of DNA testing, in the same old fashion they have been doing over their blunders for decades. They clam up, bunker up and contrive an alibi, fabricate a story, and prepare to point the finger at someone else for their foul up, and the usual suspect is involved; Mrs. Jessica Manuel Noriega Pineapple Face Hernandez.

You see, we are seven days into a 30 day continuance on the trial of a very seriously demented, deranged, and violently dangerous homicidal, psychopath who was charged with kidnapping and raping many women, coincidentally, in West Mesa Murder fashion. This person is also a suspect in a murder in a close by county. You want to know why there is a delay? It is because this blundering, malfeasant administration is desperately trying to fabricate a reason, and assign blame, other than themselves, for criminal mismanagement of DNA evidence at the crime lab. And why is the city attorney involved in criminal cases? One reason is because they will have to blame the administration.

Our Eyes have told us that City attorney Hernandez has sent out notification that a hold has been put on their Expert Analysts testifying, until they (this administration) changes testing protocol. They are telling people the old protocols will effect future reports, but this case is a past report. The city attorney says she does not know how long the protocol change will take, but we here at the Eye know that labs around the country only take a few days to do this. But.....
Those labs are not 800 cases backlogged, and lead by a bunch of imbeciles. They are not admitting the screw up, but only saying that their Analysts are not available to testify, now will any for the forseeable future. Typical with these liars, they give no reason as to why their analyst will not be "available." If you are going to lie, at least try to have your lie make some sort of sense.

Berry, Perry, Eden and Hernandez will not be scapegoating anyone for their gross mismanagement of case evidence DNA. It's about time they step up, tell the truth, and accept blame for their foul ups. There are criminals out there on the streets, acting the way they do, running around as repeat violent offenders, because of what you all have done to this place. You are to blame for this. How many more violent repeat sex offenders will be set free to murder more citizens, children and police officers because of this failed incompetent administration?

A third world dictator would be proud of you scum bags.

You see why we say this is not over until those who started this are punished? ALL OF THEM!


Dec 9, 2016



This morning lawyer Thomas Grover's law office building was shot full of bullet holes, coincidentally, right after a federal investigation he sparked against the corruption within the Albuquerque Police Department was announced by the Department of Justice.

This is exactly in line with the tactics used by those in power.

The game has just changed folks, because someone just made a very bad mistake.

And they say Mary Han wasn't murdered?

The crime scene is being processed, but it will be interesting to see how the suspects process their own crime scene.

To the gutless cowards that did this, good luck when you are found out.

Dec 8, 2016


We just came across this recent article by reporter Jeff Proctor of New Mexico In Depth.
Well done Mr. Proctor!


Federal officials on Thursday said they are conducting a criminal investigation of allegations that Albuquerque Police Department employees altered and deleted body camera video.

The Department of Justice has received “several requests” seeking a criminal probe, Elizabeth Martinez, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Albuquerque, said in an emailed response to questions from New Mexico In Depth.

“The Justice Department will decline to comment further due to its ongoing investigation into this matter,” Martinez wrote in a rare public confirmation of a federal criminal investigation.

APD referred a reporter to Mayor Richard Berry’s spokeswoman for comment. She did not immediately respond.

District Attorney Kari Brandenburg and the city’s citizen police watchdog group asked for a federal investigation after Reynaldo Chavez, APD’s former records supervisor, accused APD employees and higher-ups in a sworn affidavit of a scheme to alter, delete and leave out of police reports mentions of videos that would be damaging to the department’s reputation.

Chavez’s allegations — which included statements that video showing the events surrounding the 2014 fatal shootings of 19-year-old Mary Hawkes and law enforcement informant Jeremy Robertson had been altered or deleted — roiled the city after NMID reported on his affidavit Nov. 18.

Chavez said he reviewed copies of the videos from officers’ body cameras and business surveillance cameras provided to Hawkes’ and Robertson’s families and determined they had been altered.

Police and city officials have had little to say about the claims from Chavez, who was fired last year. City Attorney Jessica Hernandez told the City Council on Nov. 21 that an initial review of department records showed no wrongdoing. And the department’s spokesman, officer Fred Duran, told KOAT-TV and the Albuquerque Journal that officers do not even have the capability to alter or delete videos.

But records obtained and reviewed by NMID suggest that officers have broad powers to change and delete video — and have done so. In a sworn, videotaped deposition, APD Detective Frank Pezzano testified in October that he altered video from officers’ body cameras and other sources such as surveillance cameras, including in the Hawkes shooting case.

Pezzano also revealed that he and others have used several software programs apart from the department’s cloud-based video storage system to manipulate video.

Also, documents obtained by NMID from a source show that dozens of APD employees, including Pezzano, handled videos inside the cloud from the April 2014 morning when then-officer Jeremy Dear shot Hawkes. The employees watched the videos, made copies of them and, in some cases, edited portions of the footage.

It is not clear whether anything described in the deposition or in the video “audit trails” reviewed by NMID constitutes criminal wrongdoing.

Neither the deposition nor audit trails definitively answers a host of outstanding questions, including whether original, unedited videos from critical incidents still exist in APD’s system, or whether videos the department has shared with prosecutors examining fatal shootings and other, more mundane cases have been changed.

Those and other questions have loomed over APD since last month, when Chavez’s claims spilled into public view.

Bending to pressure from a city councilor, Mayor Richard Berry’s administration has agreed to hire an outside investigator for an administrative review of Chavez’s claims. That inquiry is separate from the Justice Department’s criminal investigation.

Hernandez told the City Council on Nov. 21 that APD’s system maintained original videos from officers’ body cameras and that a preliminary review she conducted with the department showed no evidence to support Chavez’s claims.

NMID’s review of records appears to support Hernandez’s contention that original videos still exist, although the documents do not provide details about whether videos uploaded to the cloud had been altered beforehand.

In a brief interview last week, Hernandez would not repeat the claim about original video. And she declined to concede that APD employees have the capability to alter videos.

“I don’t have any position right now on the results of this investigation,” she told NMID. “I think we need to wait for this independent person to do that review. And then they’ll be able to answer all the detailed technical questions.”

Pezzano, a crime scene investigator who was once assigned as a “forensic video technician,” was named in Chavez’s Oct. 28 affidavit as one of several agency officials who had altered police camera videos. Chavez’s affidavit is part of a public records lawsuit filed against the city of Albuquerque by Hawkes’ family.

In his affidavit, Chavez said much of the department’s video altering took place in, a cloud-based video storage system APD purchased along with hundreds of body cameras from Taser International, Inc., in 2013. A user manual details how anyone with system administrator privileges can blur entire videos or portions of them, delete videos wholesale or in part, and remove audio.

Three days before Chavez signed his affidavit, the family’s attorneys sat down with Pezzano in Albuquerque for a five-hour deposition as part of a separate civil rights lawsuit the Hawkes’ family has filed.

Pezzano did not respond to Chavez’s specific claims during the deposition, which runs to more than 170 pages.

Instead, Pezzano described his alteration of the videos as attempts to “clarify” them, according to the deposition. Using a software program called VideoFOCUS Pro, Pezzano sought to enhance surveillance video of Mary Hawkes running through a Southeast Albuquerque carwash minutes before she was fatally shot by Dear.

In addition to trying to “clarify” video of Hawkes to show that she was armed, he created several still frames from that video, which were later distributed to the news media, he said in his deposition. Neither the carwash video nor Pezzano’s still frames answers whether Hawkes was carrying a gun.

Officers in jobs like Pezzano’s and other APD employees used software outside the system to alter video, according to Pezzano’s deposition. In some cases, that video came directly from officers’ body cameras and other sources, such as surveillance video. Officers also downloaded video from, then used other programs on laptop computers to change those videos.

Pezzano said in his deposition that he and others were often ordered by their superiors to review videos from critical incidents such as police shootings for anything “relevant,” then burn portions of the videos onto discs. It is not clear from the deposition what was done with the discs.

According to his deposition, Pezzano could not recall whether he was asked to “clarify” any body cameras from the officers who witnessed the shooting or the events surrounding it.

APD has not responded to multiple requests by NMID to interview Pezzano. The department has ignored detailed questions about its handling of body camera video.

Chavez claimed in his affidavit that video from three witness officers — Daniel Brokaw, Tanner Tixier and Isaac Romero — had been either altered or partially deleted. He also said the system automatically creates an “audit trail” showing who has accessed videos.

Audit trails from the Hawkes shooting case obtained by New Mexico In Depth show that Pezzano was one of numerous APD employees who watched the three officers’ videos. The records also show multiple APD employees downloaded copies of those videos. Twelve individuals accessed video from Romero’s camera; 33 performed various functions with Tixier’s; and 42 employees accessed Brokaw’s.

The documents show homicide detectives, Internal Affairs investigators and records staffers shared the videos among each other, watched them and made copies. That’s to be expected, given the multiple investigations launched and intense media scrutiny after every police shooting. Officers and civilian employees from numerous other divisions within the department also accessed the videos. For example, the police union vice president accessed video from Tixier’s and Brokaw’s cameras on Oct. 15, 2015 — a year and a half after the Hawkes shooting.

The audit trails do not indicate what employees did with copies of the videos they downloaded from

In his deposition, Pezzano said video from Tixier’s and Brokaw’s cameras suffered from poor resolution and other issues, making it difficult to see what was happening

Along with the audit trails, NMID also obtained a log sheet of videos from the Hawkes shooting. Missing from the log sheet were any videos from Dear, the officer who shot Hawkes, and two other officers who either witnessed the shooting or arrived at the scene in its immediate aftermath. Both of those officers have said they believed their cameras were turned on at the time of the shooting, but there is no record of any video from them.

A city-commissioned analysis from Taser showed that Dear’s camera was functioning, but APD has said it did not capture video of the shooting.

The city fired Chavez last year after temporary employees alleged he and others in the records division harassed them. Chavez says he was fired for raising concerns about how the department handled public records requests, and he has since filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the city.

NMID will update this story if the city responds to a request for comment.



Per capita, heinous crimes are out of control in our city, and we have a mayor to blame for it.
Monday, another cretin perpetrated yet another crime that not only shocks the senses, but is just unimaginable. Three young children were murdered in cold blood at their home. A home is somewhere where a child should be safest, but here in Albuquerque, for the second time this year children were killed in savage fashion. This time, a mother fought almost to her death to try to save her children from being killed. Her children were killed, and she was critically injured. There is a biological father grieving. There is no one to stand trial, because the killer shot himself, and he is dead. There is no one to stand trial. Think about that. There is a father, and a broken mother, there are friends and family, and an entire city who are devastated, and lost, yet there is no one to stand trial.

We have witnessed an amount of public corruption so out of control in this city that it has driven the number of officers to an all-time low. The Albuquerque Police Department has hired only 3 more officers, if you look at the real numbers. Comparing the retirement rate, the terminations, and the officers quitting, (YEA THEY'RE NOT TELLING YOU ABOUT THAT) and compare it with the amount applying to, and being hired on with APD, and you have a whole 3 officers above their last manpower evaluation. Mayor Berry, and his liar Police chief Gorden Eden will tell you great things are happening, as the city burns, because people can not rely on the police department or its miserably failed leadership. Citizens call the police for help, but instead get a security service as a first responder, yet, there is nobody to stand trial.


We have a mayor who hides like a coward from everything going on here. He cowers like a gutless punk from scrutiny, unless he controls the variables, as he recently did when he charged $45 dollars a head, to attend his horse shit state of the village address, purposefully disenfranchising the poor in this city, and restricting attendance in order to keep out the outspoken. This same mayor has blatantly gambled with two things that you never should gamble with; your tax monies and politics, as he started construction on a transportation project, assuming guaranteed federal funding, that he may not get, which will cause a huge financial shortfall, leaving construction stopped, and businesses screwed, but his cronies's pockets are full, as he is guaranteed kickbacks down the line, when favors are returned after he leaves office, yet there is no one to stand trial.

We all know what former Police chief Raymond Daniel Schultz did to this department, it's employees, and the public, what he did with the Taser scam, and what his co-conspirator, former Deputy City Attorney Kathryn Levy has done. Now we are seeing more proof of her crimes in the current whistleblower lawsuit, concerning former records custodian Mr. Chavez, yet there is nobody to stand trial.

We have seen the current city attorney, Jessica Hernandez come out running her mouth, only to be humiliated with the facts, as she started her new job as the new replacement head mob attorney for this filthy, corrupt, malfeasant, administration. Her office has been sanctioned, and fined for bad faith acts. They continue to hide, and conceal facts from the public, defraud courts like Levy did, and treat people with disrespect, and hatred, just because they are being called out on their shit, as they continue to snub, and make a mockery out of the federal consent agreement settlement, yet there is no one to stand trial.

We have seen hearing officers at the New Mexico Law Enforcement academy board be blatantly influenced by former assistant chair Nate Korn to make decisions in favor of Raymond Schultz's agenda of retaliation, manipulation, and attention deflection, to fool, and derail the Federal Department of Justice Investigation, so that Schultz could get away with his numerous, and various kickback schemes that he had completed,(some with Korn) and still had going on. We have seen the council to the NMLEA board resign, when a letter surfaced, exposing him tampering with hearing officer findings going back years. This caused the new board counsel to have to state recently that they believe the hearing officers really didn't know what they were looking at all of those years, as they destroyed lives, while covering for criminals in rigged administrative hearings. We know better. None of this is oversight. It was all intentional. It was all planned, and it was well orchestrated by everyone who mutually benefitted by their criminal behavior and collusion. So, now there is a choice, because there is no more tolerance for this shit, and the time for covering for the intentional, and malicious actions of these individuals by them being let off the accountability hook with excuses of ignorance and stupidity is over. Instead of politically positioning themselves to avoid a political, civil, criminal, and media shitstorm, they should be admitting to it, owning it, and making it right, because if they do not, we will, and it will be worse when we release what we have. Yet, still, there is nobody to stand trial.

Fat Fuck Scott Greenwood comes here to bilk the city out of Hundreds of thousands of dollars with his knee scooter, and poodle, while watching pornos, and drinking cocktails in the Hotel Andaluz, on the city dime. Imagine that sight. After all, he did absolutely nothing but provide evidence in the Jeremy Dear case that indeed the city does politically witch hunt people. Where is that fat fuck now? Again! There is nobody to stand trial.

Billy Badass Bob Huntsman shows up at the crime scene of this latest tragedy, acting like a complete asshole, as the heat is coming down on himself and Eden for the corruption here, from every conceivable angle, proving it is still business as usual..... Yet there is nobody to stand trial.

And where is Mister red faced, scotch sponge, bloated tick, Rob Perry? He is a self perceived badass. Where has this little coward been with his little powder blue polyester suit? He shows up at crime scenes with political cronies, and tramples evidence. He incites demonstrators, like an immature, unprofessional thug, and he is currently facing a civil lawsuit where he is now held personally responsible for his reckless actions civilly, after permitting, and assisting in the public corruption that has plagued this city for years. Petting puppies, are we? Having his family members drive him around, because he's been tasting? Maddogging employees, while hiding behind everything he can, like the gutless pussy he is? His Eva Braun to Berry's Hitler is entertaining as both cowards hide in the bunker, while the light is shined on them. After all, it was only about enriching themselves on the backs of the entire city, and the innocent people they fucked to get it. But still, there is nobody to stand trial.

As we move into a new year, the mayor actually had half the sack to say “Last night in the city of Albuquerque, we suffered an unimaginable loss." No shit. This mayor is not fooling anyone with his fake tears. The city is having this happen on a daily basis because of him, and his corrupt, self serving band of scum bags. Omaree Varela, Iliana Garcia, Victoria Martens, multiple shootings a week, homicides every week, out of control motorists, three days of arsonist activity, and millions of dollars in damages, shot up ATM machines, Rapes, Robberies, and a plaguing drug epidemic. What is their answer? Blame everyone else! Everyone, but those in this administration suffer unimaginable losses daily, but this mayor, and his hypocrites are the ones who have the audacity to cry a tear of sympathy for what they want the public, and media to perceive; their oh so aching hearts for those over what they are directly responsible for. Behind closed doors, Berry and his Elitist dick heads trivialize the lives of everyone the perceive below them. They are responsible for this, because they have promoted intentional, unethical criminal behavior within APD, that resulted in no more respect for it's officers, and an attrition rate that is outstanding. Time and time again they blame the rank and file. The officers are leaving, because of Berry and his administration, and because of this, children are being killed. This is happening because, as proven, the criminals know cops can not get there in time, they do not respect the officers, and they fear nothing because of it. You have embolden the criminal element here, because the criminals know the administration values themselves, their bank accounts, and what is between their legs over backing their officers. Albuquerque is a sanctuary for the career criminal, a hunting ground for them. The officers are terrified because you have used them to protect your syndicate. They know better than to trust this administration. They know better where they stand with criminals than they do with this self serving criminal enterprise. The truth is, there is no proactive policing. The new officers hired under Eden are clueless, and look like does in headlights when you do see them, just like muppet mouth Gorden himself. As the citizens watch you pine for sympathy over what emergency services has to see, they should be educated on the hypocrisy. Berry could give a rat's ass about a cop or fireman. A real cop or firefighter takes the job to deal with these things, because they want to, in order to keep the innocent from having to. Berry has proven his disdain with his actions and lies. FMB. The only time this creep mayor pops his balding, Grecian Formula 44 mustached head out for is to take advantage of a tragedy. Go fuck yourself RJ, and take Susana with you. And Perry, you fuck, it's really an unimaginable loss, that raise you get every year, huh?

Oh, and we are making a list, and checking it twice. We have seen some really unexplainable decisions being handed down, that suggests collusion with some judges and this administration. There will no longer be an attitude of untouchability, because nobody is beyond reproach when it comes to corruption. We may have to address some judicial misconduct in the very near future, or in the least, make sure some betrayers of the robe get dethroned come retention time.

As millions have been paid out in lawsuits, criminal officers, command staff and political figures, behind the scenes manipulators, and others have all been covered for, and actually rewarded. Many of those responsible have left, but we are dealing with what they have intentionally created, and we will be dealing with the fallout for decades. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO STAND TRIAL.


1st Circle of Hell (Limbo)
Occupied by those who stood by, and let this happen but not necessarily uninvolved.
Kathryn Levy
Ray Schultz
Richard Berry
Susana Martinez
Gorden Eden
Certain members of city council
Will Roseman
Jack Jones

2nd Circle of Hell (Lust)
Occupied by those who are the Nature at Players and the Facilitators of Nature at Play
Ray Schultz
Kent Walz
Will Roseman
Darren White
Allen Banks
Bob Huntsman
Fernando Aragon
Eric Garcia
Celina Espinosa

3rd Circle of Hell(Gluttony)Speaks for itself
TJ Wilhelm
Kathryn Levy
Ray Schultz
Robert Perry
Tim Gonterman

4th Circle of Hell (Greed)
Occupied by those who profited through their deeds
Kathryn Levy
Ray Schultz
Richard Berry
Kent Walz
Robert Perry
Will Roseman
Jessica Tyler
Darren White
Paul Feist
Tim Gonterman
Sherman McCorkle
Nate Korn
Jay McCleskey
Taser Corporation
Jessica Hernandez
Tanner Tixier

5th Circle of Hell (Anger) Occupied by those angered by being exposed
Kathryn Levy
Ray Schultz
Richard Berry
Gorden Eden
Kent Walz
Robert Perry
Jessica Tyler
Darren White
Allen Banks
Paul Feist
Tim Gonterman
Bob Huntsman
Nate Korn
Jessica Hernandez
Tanner Tixier

6th Circle of Hell (Heresy)
Occupied by those who twist the truth for their benefit and sanctimoniously and hypocritically bible thump by day, but partake in corruption by night, or support those who do.

Legacy Church with their political money
Kathryn Levy
Ray Schultz
Richard Berry
Gorden Eden
Will Roseman
Darren White
Allen Banks
Paul Feist
Nate Korn
Susana Martinez

7th Circle of Hell (Violence)
Occupied by those who have covered for the Violence to protect their interests

Kathryn Levy
Ray Schultz
Richard Berry
Gorden Eden
Robert Perry
Allen Banks
Tim Gonterman
Nate Korn

8th Circle of Hell (Fraud)
Kathryn Levy
Ray Schultz
Richard Berry
Gorden Eden
Robert Perry
Jessica Tyler
Allen Banks
Paul Feist
Tim Gonterman
Nate Korn
Taser Corporation
Jessica Hernandez
Celina Espinosa

9th Circle of Hell (Treachery)
Kathryn Levy
TJ Wilhelm
Ray Schultz
Richard Berry
Kent Walz
Robert Perry
Jessica Tyler
Darren White
Allen Banks
Paul Feist
Tim Gonterman
Fernando Aragon
Bob Huntsman
Nate Korn
Susana Martinez
Jay McCleskey
Jessica Hernandez
Tanner Tixier

Reading the above, noting the patterns, and observing the reoccurring usual suspects, you can see why the city of Albuquerque is in the 4th ring of hell, because this filthy administration is constantly the 4th and 9th rings. These creeps think they know more than they do, and they don't even know what they don't know.

We make excuses for no one. What we do here is put things into perspective. After looking at this, there is only one person responsible for what happened Monday; George Daniel Wechsler. He murdered those children, and shot there mother, but the response to what happened is the cake that APD baked for the DoJ. We all know how the saying goes with having your cake and we all know how APD wants to have theirs and eat it too. That is not going to happen, because the proof is in the poor policies of APD. No more blaming others. No more deflection. All of this was facilitated by those listed above, and more. Our city suffers and people feel unprotected because of the cowardly self serving parasites who have sucked our city dry.

You, Bob Billy Badass Huntsman, Red Face Rob Perry, and your master RJ Small Fruit Woodhead Berry better think about stepping down , and assisting the DoJ as witness instead of Defendants.

Dec 2, 2016


There is a saying about stepping on snakes. If you are going to step on the snake's tail, beware of it's head. Here we have a situation where the head of the snake should have been stepped on, and crushed like a ketchup packet a very long time ago, rather than have it's tail firmly stepped on. Neither has been done. As a matter of fact, many ignored the snakes. The latest issue of former city attorney Kathryn Levy tampering with evidence coming to the forefront, yet again, is case in point. Former Albuquerque police chief Raymond Daniel Schultz ran the Albuquerque Police Department as a criminal enterprise, as he benefitted exponentially from his no bid contract schemes, and kickbacks. Levy, who acted more as his personal attorney, rather than the city attorney, devised ways of covering his tracks to keep the attention off of him, and everything surrounding him. Because these selfish, malfeasant, cowards, everyone here is still dealing with the fallout. Many have provided mountains of incriminating evidence involving these two, and what they have done to people, and this city in their efforts to fill their pockets, and avoid getting caught. We all knew this has been going on. Albuquerque is the worst nest of public corruption there is.

Mr. Grover nailed what we have been saying for a long time. When exposed, the corrupt within this administration go on a smear campaign, and nothing is off the table when they start. They attack you, your job, and your family, and friends, and they will make up lies to do so. They will even go so far as to leak your confidential personnel files or protected information illegally, to suit their needs. There is nothing these criminals won't do to protect their criminal enterprise and interests. They are the lowest forms of life, and best examples of dishonorable cowards.

We have had our eyes on all of this, and we have noticed that this administration has not denied any of the allegations leveled against them by Reynaldo Chavez. No, they have only attacked this man personally. This is their classic Modus Operandi. Time and time again. Employees who stand up to them, the DA, the federal monitor, and anyone else who does not do their bidding including the media, get retaliated against. We urge you all to watch very closely what these liars and manipulators say, and how they word their responses and reactions. The details are in what they don't say sometimes.

Speaking of the media, this is exactly where we are at right now. We all know about the Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal. We know the journal has provided cover, and protection through the spread of lies, and disinformation. The televised media is being extorted. Every news channel in this city knows if they run hard with the truth against this administration, they will be blacked out. Only those who cooperate will be rewarded. Reporters like Ramirez are fed horse shit stories to occasionally go at them with, but rarely going far enough to expose the filthy underbelly. As his reward, he has access. Notice how he takes shots at the person who is making these allegations, but ignores the elephant in the room when it comes to asking the culprits the hard questions just as the known badge bunny Nancy Laflin did recently. Well, we'll all be Laflin last when we start connecting the dots for the public on why certain reporters are bias in their reporting as they carry water for this administration, along with their connections past and present that motivate their agendas.

Now we have Reporter Chris Huffman Ramirez, who is so ambitious that he changed his name for the sake of making it here, stating the "rank and file" are being accused of tampering with video evidence. That is a lie. No, the rank and file have not been accused of this. The complaint here is about Levy, and others who are running things, being behind the destruction, and tampering with of evidence It is about the past and current city attorney and this administration. What the media does not want you to know is how powerful the power of suggestion is. They just plant that one tiny seed, and watch it grow. The administration keeps the hate train rolling on cops to keep the heat off of themselves. This is what this cowardly administration does. They use everyone, and everything around them. We are getting tired of those in the media covering for those who have destroyed this city, then fled when the light was shined on them. We are tired of the media stopping short, because they have no fucking balls, or because they want to stay in the good graces of these assholes, for the rewards they get. Because the heads of these snakes were not crushed, we are dealing with their treachery over and over again, like a reoccurring virus. This now demands that there be accountability, and those in the media need to quit being whiney little bitches. Just do your jobs.

You can watch the news story here. It has been edited, and added to numerous times. Shots were taken at the complainant, Mr. Chavez, because Ramirez had a hissey fit over not being spoken to. Well, we think that is tough. See it HERE:



When we commence stepping on snake heads, everyone will stop getting bit. This problem is here because Ray Schultz greased this Taser deal. This Taser deal has been a problem from the beginning. Part of the reason they fired Dear was to cover for the fact that Schultz greased a no bid contract for substandard equipment, with a known defect of the power wire being pulled out of the camera during use, causing malfunction. Eden knew this, and continued the coverup by lying. The city is continuing to hide one of the IA's conducted on the Dear case because of this. Levy was instrumental in all of this. She formulated plans on scapegoating officers to keep the DoJ away while using the same tactics of concealment of evidence, and defrauding of the courts. She counseled Schultz every step of the way, and was even at Taser events like the Stingaree night club, and many other seminars and presentations as perks and rewards. The former cowards who fled the fallout, along with the current group, all under this coward mayor in hiding are all complicit in every bit of this. Levy stayed as long as she could to get all of these high profile cases pushed through, now their contacts in the judicial system are taking up the slack. Levy held the back door open as all of her accomplices fled, while she chucked grenades into the room, before she pulled the ripcord, and fled herself. This was the transition plan as Schultz, Feist, Paiz, Banks, White, and the rest of them fled when their fool the DoJ plans failed.

Teams of federal investigators from the criminal division of the Federal Department of Justice need to descend on this place like an invasion force.

If the above information is not enough to piss you off, below is a memorandum to the Albuquerque Public Defender's office from DA Brandenburg, advising them of the severity of what is going on. The DA's office actually had to warn the public defender to obtain information to validate evidentiary videos that this administration knew they could provide, along with those videos but never did, because they did not want anyone to find out about this. This is transparency folks. We say it's only a matter of time before someone is looking at being in federal custody.
Finally.... Below is the video footage of the most recent Civilian Police Oversight emergency meeting in reference to the above debacle, where Beth Mohr states they may just have to call for Police Chief Gorden Eden, and his sidekick Bob Billy Sixshooter Gunslinger Badass Huntsman to step down because they shit the bed so bad. It's only getting more interesting. Standby as we turn up the fucking heat!

Nov 25, 2016

Preempting the preempt

"Hernandez and Eden, meanwhile, said they planned to get in touch with the U.S. Attorney’s Office this week." Now that is a good one!

Earlier this week we told you about individuals within APD doing some really bad things. The amusement keeps on coming. In usual childish, and cowardly fashion those criminals running the city, and being exposed as the scum bags they are are very butt hurt, and they decided to lash out. Everyone who has EVER blown the whistle on the corruption in Albuquerque, or put those responsible for acts of cowardice against them in their place have faced assaults on their character, lies about them, and fabricated allegations in attempts to discredit them from cowards who take their shots from the shadows, or behind well insulated cover. Those days are coming to an end, because many are extremely fed up with this horse shit, and enough has been enough. There is a limit to everyone's patience, and tolerance. Some just fail to realize what can happen when you poke the bear, wake the sleeping dog, or push the envelope just that last little bit when everyone has had enough.

The above quote was taken from the local Mayor Berry PR firm, also known as the Albuquerque Urinal. The Urinal recently wrote that City Attorney Hernandez stated that the city is going to hire a special investigator, as if she is getting out ahead of this issue after the whistle was blown, and ignored a long time ago. This is nothing but horse shit. She, Eden, Perry, Berry, and the previous bunch caused this problem. When initially confronted with these allegations, she and her administration stated they were not investigating it. That was until damning evidence was leaked. Now, all of the sudden the Urinal wants to put together an article painting this problem out to be the solution to the problem. If you remember, the Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal were the ones who penned Ray Schultz was the man to clean up the department. They said he was the right man for the job, just before he ran away with his tail between his legs. This is the type of lunacy we are talking about. The same newspaper who said a bid rigging, malfeasant, who caused this mess was the solution, wants to tell you the same thing all over again. The Urinal thinks the citizens of this city are stupid. The Urinal so wants to carry water for this failed administration that they will say anything. Do not be fooled by these colluders. They use every trick in the book, including the above glory shot of Miss Ambitious. Everything is a strategy to them, and their timing is key to providing insight into their motives and intentions. It is all a game to pacify the critics of this administration. They print trash, and lies told to them by proven liars, and they use shit eating grin photos to put these liars in the best light possible. If it were any other administration, they would be using unflattering pictures of them in an effort to make them look like shit, not Real Estate Agent photos like Hernandez's, which, by the way still looks like shit.

In essence, the Urinal's philosophy towards the problem here can be likened to putting the pedophile who is being investigated in charge of the family advocacy center, and allowing them to conduct the child abuse investigation against them by themselves, or hire one of their friends to do so. Maybe Berry will hire Caswell Investigations? No matter what, anyone the city or Hernandez hires will be in the administration's pocket. Neither the city attorney, or anyone else in this administration should have access to them, other than to answer their questions, and provide information. Any control or ability to manipulate needs to be taken from them. The investigators must have subpoena powers, and access to any and all forensics tools they may need to thoroughly complete this. As far as we are concerned, the DoJ needs to fly in investigators from DC directly.

Standby friends, because over the next few weeks we will be turning these shit eating grins into frowns, as these liars and frauds dig their holes deeper, and we educate you more about the truth of what is going on behind the scenes. These extortionists are going to realize the door you open can get kicked right back the other way into your well deserving face.

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Like the song says....... WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUNNNNNN....

Nov 22, 2016


On our facebook page, we shared the story of activists who devised a way to get potholes replaced by painting giant penises around them. This brought attention to them causing action to be taken. We here at the Eye would like to express out gratitude to these inventive thinkers by following suit. We think a few potholes need to be replaced. Enjoy your penises fellas, and think about kicking rocks really soon.    SEE IT HERE: POTHOLE REMOVAL PLAN

Mayor in hiding video

Two days ago we promised to post proof of a discussion of those involved in oversight within APD discussing destroying lapel video. They not only discuss it, but one of them actually wishes it be destroyed. Not only do we have this but as a bonus we have deputy chief Bob Cowboy Billy Badass Huntsman lying in a deposition where he states the opposite and that these videos can not be deleted.

Below are the transcripts of excerpts of the above statements and interviews. Who is lying now?



Nov 20, 2016

We told you so a long time ago

Those within APD have been tampering with evidence, intimidating witnesses, retaliating on whistle blowers, and suppressing detection of it all by destroying the evidence of it, and lying. Lying is the biggest tool of this administration, and they are all professionals in the art of it. Another thing they are professionals at is in putting people in places to direct things along the path they want them to go. This was the case with Schultz's good buddy Nate Korn, who had massive increases of funding, and business directed his way in return for manipulating the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy board into making decisions in favor of what Schultz wanted, or punishing those who stood up to Schultz's malicious administrative prosecutions used to snow job the DoJ. This was done with the Albuquerque Journal (Urinal) as the monies they received for libeling Schultz's targets, looking the other way as Schultz and this administration committed crimes, and as they reported purposefully misleading information, or outright lies favorably supporting this administration, while ignoring blatant acts of malfeasance and criminal activity within it.

At the forefront of all of it, was always the mother of all liars, Kathryn Levy. This bonafide liar, and parasite started all of this, and it is only befitting that it should end with federal charges against her for all she has done. Every strategic decision made by the City of Albuquerque, from the minute the DoJ eye was leveled on APD, and this administration arrived on their radar has had the hand of this evil little hag in it, along with that of that fat red faced bitch CAO Perry. She has been the linchpin of navigation through the minefield of detection, when it came to hiding what the corrupt have done. This one person was responsible for holding it all together through manipulation, delay tactics, lies, witness tampering, tipping off witnesses by violating rules of sequestration, purposefully responding late, in bad faith to court proceedings, in order to deny plaintiffs a proper response, or just not responding at all. We knew she was doing this all along. People have heard her say that she would rather pay penalties or settle with tax payer's money to protect her friends, than release information or evidence that would show their guilt. That is not the job of a government attorney. That is the job of a lowlife mob attorney. It was no surprise that this lowlife fled the minute she pushed the last high profile case she was involved in through. She knew attorneys were finally on to her, and she knew she was getting caught. She bailed just like the rest of the rats. From the Gil Vijil case, the Rice case, the wrongful shootings, the Blume case, the Dear case, the Taser incident, and anything else critical to misleading the Department of Justice, or covering for the mountains of public corruption. This one person was involved, and every one of those cases are full of bonafide evidence, and proof of the crimes she committed while doing so. Let her deny that. There is one thing about these liars. They forget the lie they told yesterday, and yesterday it was funny because they were not on the hot seat. These assholes walked around cocky and arrogant, from years of getting away with it, and they got sloppy. People that they fucked have long memories, and some recorded their interactions and documented what they did. Most leak it here. While Schultz was making bank on the rigged Taser deal, Levy, Wiggum and the rest of them were partying it up or at the California Stingaree club as payment. From our sources , Wiggum was nothing more than a uniform hanger in the field that worked hard at not being at work more than he did working. No wonder why he is a water carrier for those who gave him a spot to hide out at from the field. Worthless colluding fuck and oath betrayer.

Removing a cancer means getting to the point of origin, and cutting it out, cutting deep, and getting all of the tumor out. You then make sure you have clean margins. That means, you leave no bad cells behind, so that they do not spread to the lymph nodes or organs. Then you send poison in to kill any sneaky little cells that might have broken off, and gotten away before the surgeon started cutting. You then radiate the tumor site to be sure you killed it all. Some cancers start years before detection. Those are the advanced stage IV cancers. APD is a stage IV cancer with spread to all the major lymph nodes and every organ. The spread here is so bad that it has gotten to other states like Arizona, Texas, and Colorado, because it was not only ignored, it was fed and protected. The entire administration is in need of the most aggressive form of treatment there is, and until these individuals are ripped from their homes, placed in handcuffs, and interrogated like the criminals they are, it is going to keep on going on.

Within the next three days we will be posting proof that individuals within the civilian oversight committee and IA have discussed destroying lapel video evidence, and how it is done in a manner that borders conspiracy to destroy evidence. We are waiting on our sources within, and you will see this shortly.

While we were working on the above information, we were advised that Gordon Eden recently saw fit to put Major Jessica Tyler in position of being in charge of Internal Affairs also. Nothing like putting the Coyote in charge of the hen house. At least they are not deviating from their standard operating procedure of putting those with questionable integrity in charge of tasks that demand integrity, like putting that little adulterous punk Aragon in charge of the Valley Area Command's community relations. Beware Ladies and husbands of the neighborhood, mister stud muffin is gracing you with his sexiness. It is evident they are circling the wagons, and since Eden vouched for her, she is now in a place where she can cover for Eden. They are continuing the tradition of trying to control all factors by using loyalists to do so. Next, APD will put a convicted pedophile in charge of the family advocacy center.

KOB finally did a solid, and you can see it here. Good job Chris....... Finally.
Notice the involvement of all of the usual suspects, and those who were ordered by them.

As a side note, it was amusing how the Mayor's office didn't pimp the news of the last court CASA hearing. No. They never do want you to see the hammer drop when they know it is coming.

Stay tuned for what we will be posting shortly. Every dirty self serving SOB is in our sights.KOB STORY

Nov 18, 2016


We were sent an affidavit, completed by former Albuquerque City records custodian Reynaldo Chavez, who has blown the whistle on corrupt former Deputy City Attorney Kathryn Levy, Schultz, Eden, and many others in this administration, who were tampering with IPRA requests. We have listed the pages of this affidavit here for you to read.

What most do not know about the Taser Axon video system, and those behind it is where the real dirt lies. Most who have requested video from the Albuquerque Police Department involving controversial cases, or any case for that matter, where actions the administration did not want seen would come to light, only received copies of these videos, and nothing else, because those within the city administration think they are slick. What the requestors never knew was that there were, and are audit logs for every video that shows every action taken with that video, from the time it was recorded. Users are recorded, dates and times of downloads, editings, and deletions, along with those who did them are all kept track of, and none of it is ever sent with these videos,  because they do not want you to know this.

If you remember... Schultz, Levy, and a few training officers within APD all went on all expense paid trips to Taser events leading up to Schultz rigging the contract in favor of Taser. Remember The Stingaree Night Club trip in California? Current APD officer Chris Wiggum attended, and Wiggum taught the class on editing of the Taser Axon videos to ranking members of APD. Detective Frank Pezzano of criminalistics is also involved in the handling of these videos. This is  the same detective that former Chief Schultz, and Deputy Chief Paul Feist pressured to lie about the position of fleeing murder suspect Nicholas Blume's right hand in the video connected to the Doyle and Woolever case, as the DoJ was gearing up to investigate APD. Anyone that knows Ray Schultz, knows he has to control everything. Ray knew manipulation of these materials would benefit him. He surrounded himself with those who would do his bidding, and used all resources to enrich himself, sustain that enrichment, suppress detection of his actions, then exit when the heat came down due to the breakdown of this infrastructure, as his staff started to flee. Make no mistake about any of this. All of it was a calculated plan to profit, while avoiding detection by manipulating and controlling information. They are still doing it.

Our eyes within APD tell us that there is a known standard practice when avoidance of IPRA exposure is necessary, APD commanders, investigators, and officers are told to avoid email in favor of texting. They are told to text, then erase all texts.

The Albuquerque Journal (Urinal) continues to collude with the city by stating that the prosecution in the Boyd shooting is relying on unsubstantiated hearsay testimony. Funny. If you think that information has been leaked to the Urinal for favorable backing of the Mayor, and this corrupt administration, here is your proof, because this affidavit is what they are referencing concerning (attacking) the new evidence. Whats more amusing is how the Albuquerque Urinal has made more unsubstantiated, libelous allegations against many individuals, in their effort to support Schultz, and this filthy mayor, than anyone else in this state. As a matter of fact, the perverts, and liars at the journal have made up their own facts in many cases. Their reporting is so contrary to the truth, and reality, that most are turning to other outlets for the truth about what is going on here. They see right through the agenda.

All of this is such a sore subject for current police chief, and resident liar Gordon Eden, that he lashed out in rage, when asked about it today, after the federal hearing concerning the consent decree. Earlier today Jeff Proctor, reporter for New Mexico In Depth asked Eden about this, and was faced with Eden putting his hand ignorantly in Proctor's face, and yelling that he wasn't talking to him, before running off like he always does. When you are guilty you clam up, and run away. This is just more guilty behavior from a coward who lies and hides.

This administration has always attempted to control, and manipulate the flow of information, and when they can't, they retaliate. The Albuquerque Urinal, and Chris Huffman Ramirez have all access, because they are always favorable towards this filthy administration, and they ignore the blatant corruption. Anyone who prints or reports negatively or exposes misconduct, or corruption faces information flow cutoff, stonewalling, extortion, and threats.

There you have it folks. The real journalists report it and we connect the dots, outlining the indictable issues. Schultz's mission was to keep the DoJ out by all means necessary in order to conceal the public corruption. Eden's mission is to pacify the federal monitor, and get the DoJ the hell out of here. We'll have none of it.

Here is a link to one story discussing this matter:



Nov 10, 2016

Taking it on the face...Susana Martinez style; Our after election night message

Does anyone remember the hashtag #NEVERTRUMP started here in New Mexico by the Governor's camp, especially that little pantywaste Darren White, as he constantly attacked Trump during his campaign? We here at the Eye do, because we did a story on it. (SEE IT HERE)We are going to make sure everyone else out there remembers what these self serving parasites did, as the presidential campaign was taking place! You see, Martinez and all of her political rats wanted to have their cake, and eat it too. They enjoy the short memory of the public, and they think playing the "it's all good now" game makes it all go away. Now, when their worst fears materialized, Martinez and the rest of the two faced, fence riding, back stabbing cowards like herself, and her favorite mayor Berry are ready to take it on the face. And take it all over the face they will.

This speaks volumes of the character of politicians like we have here today. They sell out YOU, and they sell out themselves. They stand for nothing. They are lower than those they point the finger at. As a matter of fact, they are disgusting, and not worthy of the respect of a field mouse. They are so lacking in their own self respect that they pathetically grovel.

After backing Berry in destroying the city of Albuquerque to keep her position, while doing a piss poor job herself, as she shat all over this state, Martinez had the audacity, and hypocrisy to say "Last night‘s victory is a testament to the American people’s frustration with Washington, and a federal government that has left them behind and weakened America’s standing on the world stage." Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Oh boy, how funny these idiots are! Look at how quickly they separate themselves from other levels of government, while acting as if they are not even in the same ocean rather the same boat! Oh no, Mrs Martinez, the people are more fed up with YOUR state and local government, than they are anything else. They are sick and tired of a city that walks on everyone, a state that covers for them, and both who obstruct the federal government from doing anything about it. How's that, you self righteous fraud? The people are tired of assholes who have drunken pizzahhh parties, while throwing beer bottles from roof tops, like drunken frat members. They are tired of bullies, who throw their weight around to make the police go away, as they slur their words. They are tired of a Mayor like Berry. We don't need to get into why, on this post because this blog is full of a thousand reasons. You politicians are the problem.

We here at the Eye enjoy watching these dishonorable cowards walk back their comments, after they hedged their bets by publicly not supporting, or remaining silent about supporting Trump to avoid the rage of Hillary Clinton had she won. We here at the Eye say ENJOY YOUR FACIALS, SCUM BAGS. We knew you all would be on your knees mid election day, as Hillary Clinton cancelled her fireworks celebration in New York city. Maybe your water boy Jay McCleskey can hand you the towel afterwards.

Nov 8, 2016

Election night message to Mayor Berry and his malfeasants

Mayor Berry,

As the election comes to an end tonight realize this. You, and your handler Martinez have betrayed the  city of Albuquerque. You have destroyed the police department, by using officers to burn as firewood to cover for Schultz's antics and corruption. You have covered up harrassment in the work place, as you protected slime like Mark Shepherd who likes to torment women. You covered for Ray Schultz, who broke the law, and ran away like scared little girl. You have given your bloated, red faced tick CAO Perry a multiple raises for being a coward, bully, and your henchman. You have lied your ass off to the entire city. You have snubbed the citizens. You have bullied the small business man, while kissing the ass of big business for your own benefit. You have rammed your bullshit bus transportation scheme down the throats of a city that opposes it, and used their tax monies to fight their opposition to it, so that you can hook up your asshole cronies. This is only the tip.

Let us introduce your worthless ass to our tip.  No matter which way this goes, the sights of change and justice are ligning up, and accountability will be addressed. You thought riding the fence, and trying to act as if you were not supporting anyone in the presidential race was a smart decision? It was the perfect example of your makeup; a coward. That decision to make no decision was a bad decision, because both will unleash their own repercussions for your actions. We have forwarded the attacks your close minions have posted on social media to the appropriate campaign directors, and know this, you and Schultz should have thought twice before you drew blood on some of those you chose to, because you just never know who is friends with who. That's what you cowards say, isn't it? Well, lets just say this. As suprising as this election has been, it's just getting started. The people are fed up, and they are now having a say. People will no longer tolerate being steamrolled, lied to, and fed shit.

One election almost down, one to go. Get some anxiety medication, and keep in touch with Ray, because you will need to get your stories strait. The chickens are coming home. There will be no sanctuary for the corrupt.

Cheers Scum Bag,
The Eye

Nov 5, 2016

Two faces of a filthy city administration and a Police Oversight board filled with self important witch hunters with a need to feel important.

Weeks ago we shined the light on the Civilian Police Oversight Board as they wrongfully conspired to target an Albuquerque Police Department Sergeant. That's right. Mrs. Fine, who is a board member of the Albuquerque CPOA, and the manipulative director, Mr. Edward Harness conspired to force the Albuquerque Police Department to reopen an investigation that was completed, because they wanted harm done to the career of Sgt. Adam Anaya after he was already cleared. As a matter of fact, nobody but this fraud of a board, and their compromised, puppet of a director Edward Harness (who failed to disclose he is a material witness in this) took issue with the investigation the good Sergeant did, or with his actions. This includes a police department looking to frame, and bury officers, and the NMSP. Something is rotten.

Again, we stumbled on another conversation involving these know it alls. We have posted this audio for you to listen to the disappointment, as they realize a police officer is not on the menu for them. Listen for yourself:

There is no excuse for this. The voice inflection, and manner of discussion is nothing short of total disappointment in the fact that these clowns can not take out a cop. It is evident that these people have no other agenda than to destroy an officer's career and they gat a severe case of the ass hurt when they are denied their agenda.

We here at the Eye believe in rooting out corruption wherever it may be, including rank and file when need be, but we will not let those in this administration use good, innocent ones to further their agenda, or retaliate for their friends who want revenge.

We believe since Mrs. Fine, Mr. Harness, and a few board members take pleasure in attempting to deny individuals their right to support themselves, they should be targeted for firing. Yes, Mrs. Fine and Mr. Harness need to be fired, and sent with their carpet bags to the unemployment line, and or home to their sweater knitting. Their behavior is reprehensible, and the federal monitor needs to know that sending complaints their way is no longer a suitable solution or remedy for progress in the reform. This board, with their cocky, condescending attitude, are hypocrites, and malfeasants, as they are guilty of what they accuse others of. There will be no reform in Albuquerque, until this administration is forced out with the next election. When the new administration comes in, they need to flush this board of fools down the toilet, conduct a stringent vetting process for individuals with no dog in the fight, no bias, who are fair, and objective, and lack the attitude of having a personal ax to grind or need to feel important or need for personal political gain. Simultaneously, they will need to fire the residual Berry rings around the toilet bowel within city hall, and burn down the criminal, parasitic APD command, starting at the very top, working their way down to every single one who is there to steal a pension, and look out for only themselves.

After all the cancers are removed, the city will become a nice place again.

Here is a message for the entire board:

Every time you open your mouths, you prove you are idiots, and you lose credibility on both sides, and continue to be Harness's fool and jackass. Yes you were duped.

Nov 4, 2016

Political news media blackout on NEW MEXICO satellite television concerning Fox TV News

Our Eyes have brought to our attention that there has been a blackout of Fox news on satellite Direct TV networks over the last two days, coincidentally just as chaos has erupted over the Clinton email and foundation scandal. When customer service is called by clients, they are redirected, and eventually hung up on. Remind you of any local city administrations???

New Mexico relies heavily on satellite television, due to the rural nature of the state. Some are so remote they have no television. All people have a right to know.

There is no doubt in our minds that something is afoot here. The new political warfare tactic of this generation is now information tampering and extortion of the media.

If you are having problems, or would like to voice your concern you should call the below providers.



We are hearing the problem mainly lies with the DIRECT TV network. Letting these corporations know that schemes to deprive the populous of information during election time is unethical and will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, the recent trend with the unscrupulous, cowardly and criminal element inhabiting the political element is exactly this M.O.

Let these companies know that they will be boycotted if there is even a whiff of denying the public information in order to influence an election. Let them know that you know that they are affiliated with cell phone companies like AT&T and you will boycott not only them but their business partners for insulting you and treating you like sheep.

The Eye will be doing our part by contacting Fox news and notifying the above providers to get their shit in order.

We have provided the above numbers to both providers, although the problem lies with Direct Tv at this point.

Nov 3, 2016


As a slight reminder to our mayor woodhead, his accomplice Schultz, and his former city attorney Levy, we are not the only ones with a very long memory. The below is an excerpt from an internet news article concerning the Clinton foundation which has been operating for years. It directly correlates to the scum bags here in our city government and the ones that fled like Schultz. Our eyes tell us there are a few corruption investigations ongoing and that the suspects are not even close to being out of the woods.

The feds take years to put a case together, and if prior examples are demonstrative of the way these things go a few here already know they are in the crosshairs of justice.

Both Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are reporting new information surrounding the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation, with sources saying the case will likely lead to an indictment.

While Comey has not released a public statement since he alerted Congress via email of new information surrounding the Clinton Foundation case, Fox is reporting inside information on where the FBI investigation currently stands.

According to Fox News' sources, the white collar crime division of the FBI is looking into accusations of pay-for-play interaction between then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Foundation, which had allegedly occurred for over a year. This operation allegedly favored specific donors to the Foundation's charities -- a claim the Clintons have previously denied.


Oct 24, 2016

Me myself and I: Cronyism under the nose of the FBI

You would think the morons running this city into the ground under the watchful EYE of the DoJ would be a little more discreet when they grease palms, and benefit from kickback schemes as they continue to scratch each other's filthy backs at the expense of the Albuquerque tax payer yet once again! Mayor Berry to the left, and The Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal to the right... But who's stuck in the middle? You! That's who.

As the coward of Albuquerque, who is sometimes called Woodhead, Smallfruit, Dingelberry, and other appropriately fitting names by our readers known as Richard J. Berry, continues attempts to pull every scheme he can to benefit his friends financially, we here at THE EYE are watching. Berry just can not do what needs to be done, without angling for his dirt doers in the process, as he deceives everyone into thinking his idea is a good one for the community. Berry, Brad Winter and Pat Davis's idea could not be more asinine if the THREE STOOGES came up with it.

These three propose to allow Berry to circumvent the retirement system to hire retirees to work as report takers, and handlers of low level investigatory 911 calls. We have PSA's doing this right now. You say hire more PSAs! Well, how can Berry and Brad winter's friends make 1.3 million dollars if the city does that?!? They can't, so they came up with a scheme to do it called Aralant Incorporated. This corporation is owned by Councilman Brad Winter's old Campaign Secretary Arthur Sonny Leeper. Its funny how the names of the same old buttholes keep popping up. Hmmmmm. Ol Brad didn't want to relinquish his city council seat on August 22, 2015 after he was appointed APS interim superintendent coincidentally right before August 24th, 2015 when Aralant was incorporated. Maybe Brad was pre-rewarded with this appointment beforehand. Makes you think, doesn't it? This is probably why. You see people, this is how it works. They plant their seeds, and think they are the only ones watching their weed garden grow.

Coincidentally, Jack Jones, the former no bird colonel who was the director of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy as it melted down under scrutiny over the last few years, is the Managing Director for Aralant. No wonder why the NMLEAB was running rampant over employee rights from the time just before the DoJ arrived, until now. Jones resigns, an assistant NMAG resigns, after getting caught tampering with police officer hearing cases going back years, and we have seen recent rulings that defy logic. We here at the Eye will address much of this in the future, with leaked evidence of voicemails, emails, and letters, but we would much rather see justice prevail before we launch what we have, as we know many wheels are in motion. How many favors were granted to Berry for this reward?

Anyone who has been taken for a ride, this is why! If it's not about money. It is about sex, and political power. These people are vermin and scum. And as vermin and scum prosper here, we have a vermin scum political rag colluding with them. The Albuquerque Urinal decided to pen a piece in their true Journal Staff fashion. We never post a link to that toilet, but today we will, just to show you the difference in truthful investigative journalism. This is why the Journal gets lucrative contracts with the city of Albuquerque, and the Albuquerque Free Press gets attacked and threatened by the Corrupt COA administration. The Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal is Mayor Berry's PR Firm, paid for by YOU, with YOUR TAX MONIES. We have listed the links to the two stories written below. Read them, and you make your mind up as to who is telling you what is going on and who is feeding you horse shit.

All of the above corruption issues aside, the above plan is dangerous. At a time when officers are getting attacked, and shot as they sit in their patrol cars, this idiot mayor, and his band of morons want to put unarmed responders on the streets when they can't get citizens to take the job as a police officer because of this corrupt administration. This proves the only thing the mayor and his miscreants care about is their political careers. They just want this nightmare they created to go away by any means necessary, and they do not care if someone gets killed for the sake of their stats.

This scheme is part of Mayor Berry's second 14 point plan, HIS SECOND PLAN! The first 14 point plan didn't work. This one won't either. Seven years of shitty dinners at the restaurant; the cook needs to go folks. Berry is for Berry. The Albuquerque Rapid Transit project is proof of that. Just look at how you were lied to, and this is just the latest and least of the lies. 10 minute traffic delays? More like 45 minutes to an hour. Berry will go down as the worst mayor Albuquerque has ever had. Berry lies to everyone. When he gets caught he hides like the gutless coward he is.

Let city council know where you stand on this. If they betray you like Berry and his administration did, let them know when you vote them out. FMB!

Oct 18, 2016

Edward Harness: A hypocrite. The CPOA: DUPED AND COMPROMISED

Listen to the audio of this Police Oversight Commission meeting. Now, if you have been following the information trail we here at the Eye have been providing, you can see and hear exactly what Mr. Harness, and his sidekick (MRS. Fine) in this audio file have been doing. This is not about doing the right thing anymore. It was initially about Mr. Harness backfilling for his friend Jessica Tyler, whom he has promoted, and benefitted from by being let in on the inner circle, in exchange for his support and attacks on what is a dead issue.

We ask you to listen to this audio file, to see their concern over transparency. Listen to Harness, and his sidekick, who has yet to ever disagree with him as they discuss what they think is a conflict of interest concerning APD's investigation of this matter. They say APD consulted with the New Mexico Department of Public safety on whether or not to conduct a criminal investigation, BUT MAKE NO MENTION OF MR. EDWARD HARNESS'S DIRECT INVOLVEMENT IN THIS CASE AS A MATERIAL WITNESS IN WHAT IS RETALIATION FOR WHISTLEBLOWING. The board does not discuss the exposure Mr. Harness faces for not only not recusing himself, but actually pushing for action against someone on false grounds, while withholding pertinent information concerning his involvement from those whom he is trying to get to do his bidding. It is evident that Mr. Harness is not pushing for a fair investigation, because Mr. Harness himself is not telling anyone the full story.

You would think Mr. Harness was hired because he attended law school, and had police experience. Mr. Harness was hired because his prior involvement in the police profession should be beneficial in helping the board understand how things work, so that they have an insight into how to recommend investigations, investigate matters, and make decisions, while treating fairly and objectively without personal opinion, all parties involved, be it police officers, citizens, and or administrative staff. Mr. Harness is using his inside knowledge, not to do these things, but to manipulate the board, avoid fairness and promote an agenda, because Mr. Harness knows that preliminarily consulting with investigators is exactly how investigations are initiated. Investigators routinely consult with an agency to see if an investigation is needed, just like a prima facia preliminary hearing is held to see if a trial is needed. It is the first step, and this is exactly what was done here. As we know, there is another case where an officer accessed NCIC, and endangered a domestic violence victim, when that exact information wound up in the wrong hands. Mr. Harness does not seem nearly as concerned with that case. You know why? Because like everything in the land of corruption, this issue is fueled by political favors, personal agenda, and now that he is being called out on it, ego and personal animus.

Mr. Harness also knows that it is not Youtube exposing this, but he will not mention that either. He knows it is that nasty three letter word those doing wrong all hate; the EYE and it's dedicated group of contributors. Notice how they will not say "THE EYE." No, they think that will lend credibility to our purpose. Well, we don't need ratification of those being exposed here. The EYE speaks for itself.

Listen to Mr. Harness play dumb as he states the "forces are aligning" @ the 6:10 mark, when he speaks to the board members. Listen as he says he is not sure, and does not know why these forces are aligning against them; all of it an act as he plays the innocent victim and Mrs. Fine plays along. He knows it's the outrage over a stacked investigation against an employee who reported a crime, then gets retaliated against. His own actions are inflaming the situation. We here at the Eye think that Mr. Harness should grow a set of balls, and own it. If you want to pull underhanded shit, you better be able to stand it up like a man. Instead, Mr. Harness plays little innocent Bo Peep, who just doesn't understand what all the hoopla is about. Well... Mr. Harness, you know exactly what is going on here. You just got caught. Something tells us Mr. Harness will be a future Eye on Albuquerque Snowflake of the Month award recipient.

For the board member who thinks making everyone angry at them is evidence of them doing their job, no, that is not the case. It is evidence that you have hypocritically adopted an us against them mentality, as you have accused the police of doing. You are no better than those you accuse. Your laughter at this matter is evidence of your stupidity, unprofessionalism, arrogance, and inability to process criticism constructively. Instead, you dig in like a child, and turn to personal animus as your new found drive to fuel your personal agenda. Yes, you have been duped, and you ARE a fool. THE HARD EVIDENCE IS HERE, BUT WHAT DO YOU CARE? You make up your own facts just like the corrupt city administration. You are a fool of an administration that is using you like a piece of toilet paper. Laughing about attacking someone's life, you feel that you are qualified to trivialize, just gained you a front and center seat under our microscope, you condescending unqualified mouthpiece. So, please continue to act as if you are the ethical champion of right, who is facing persecution for doing your job, when you are nothing more than a disgruntled old lady with personal agenda, an ax to grind, a need to feel important, be accepted, and needed, while craving to be listened to and obeyed by having some form of authority in this world. Well, we hope you continue to read our blog. You were spared scrutiny, and given the benefit of the doubt, because of our focus on Harness, but your mouth just bought you a membership here. Do not mistake our kindness for a weakness. Now you can go grab your Bon Bons, Cheetos, corn chips, donuts, ice cream sundaes, soda, candy, onion rings, cake, pastries, and other staples of your main diet, and have a seat. Enjoy the show. We will be looking forward to your next snide comment blowing THIS off, when we know it stings because it is the truth. People like you are the flip side of a shitty police officer, and the reason for contempt for civilians having a say in anything police related, when you couldn't handle the simplest of police radio calls, simply because you couldn't get your ass out of a car seat. This is exhibited in the condescending, horse shit attitude you have displayed every time you open your pie hole. Stick to knitting scarves and mittens.


Notice at the 24:45 mark, the clueless board member asks Mr. Harness what they should do about the letter written by attorney Grover calling for HIS REMOVAL! You can compare this to APD asking the cop how to proceed with discipline his ( the cop's) discipline. This is how clueless they are folks. These people want to call for accountability, when they can not see past their own noses to realize what a conflict as when it concerns THEM. YET..... these individuals see themselves fit to accuse others of being conflicted, and inappropriately handling matters. It sure sounds like they are covering for Mr. Harness. Maybe they should recommend investigations on themselves.... IF MR. HARNESS APPROVES OF COURSE. This proves the board is not autonomous, BUT hangs on every word and recommendation of Harness with Mrs. Fine playing the coy actress she is as she supports his play.

After all we have exposed, the Civilian Police Oversight Board voted to retain Mr. Harness with a 5% raise. Amazing! When the dirt finally comes out in the second rinsing, everyone is going to point the finger, but we know the truth. The CPOA gets funding by the city. They decide what to do with that funding, and they decided to reward this type of behavior with it. They recommend, and the city council votes on it. Let city council know that this pattern of conduct stops now.

This is the letter from Thomas Grover that started this conversation. The previous Eye contains video of the meeting where Attorney Thomas Grover ripped Harness a new ass. Do not take our word for it. Read, watch and listen, then decide.