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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jul 18, 2018

APD; Another Poor Decision...

Poor decisions, and a culture of cloned mentalities have cemented the Albuquerque Police Department into its downward slide down the slippery slope it is going down.

The current I.A. on I.A. scandal that broke last week has apparently caused a ripple effect through the city administration, and the talk around the water cooler is how this is going to cause some very very serious problems, not only for the City’s compliance with the DOJ consent decree, but for the mayor in the fact that it could make him a one term mayor.

Our Eyes are telling us that there are some very nervous APD 5th floor inhabitants. What are they nervous about? We will tell you.

The brass is very nervous that there have been a host of I.A. cases, where certain people were protected, while others were framed, and that there may be dozens of cases tampered with in the same way that were alleged in the recent case that now has everyone’s ass up in the air. Talk is that they fear an audit. Fear may not be the right word. Terrified may be a better word.

We all know that Bernalillo County District Attorney Raul Torrez can’t prosecute a ham sandwich. We also believe in our opinion, he is full of shit, and compromised, after having to listen to his lie about how the DUI case of the Governor’s buddy wasn’t compromised by a guy in his office who had a conflict of interest having a say in things when it was. It wasn’t a coincidence that he got his millions of state funding from the Governor after taking care of her boy. We all know Torrez won’t prosecute anything even close to being a political hot potato. That being said, there probably will be no criminal procedures. Hell... the James Geha APD timesheet fraud case that the state police put together is still sitting on the DA’s desk. In New Mexico, it’s not unbelievable that a case would be thrown so a politician can get six million dollars in funding so he can look good. This whole city paid the price so a bunch of corrupt criminals could look good for the last 8 years. For sure, Torres will be a one term District Attorney if the more experienced, competent and ballsey Ahmad Assed runs for DA.

Since politicians have no problem throwing people under the bus when they need to, the only conclusion is that they are sitting on this fiasco, because all of them are going to get a portion of shit on their faces when it all comes out. You see, nobody wants to look bad, but nobody wants to be connected to actions in direct contravention to what they have said they have been doing for almost a year. Hypocrisy is acceptable.

If it comes out that APD Internal Affairs has been tampering with cases for the last decade, like we here at the Eye know they have, the problems for this administration will be insurmountable, and you just might as well tack on another few more years of Federal monitoring. That is going to cost millions. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when you look at some of the treacherous things that were done to people by Internal Affairs, and what a massive class action would do to the city’s bank account.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Mike Miller was promoted to commander, and sent to Internal Affairs to replace the Commander now under investigation. Miller was the Lieutenant of I.A. the whole time Ray Schultz framed every cop he could to deflect the DOJ, and no doubt knows where the bodies are buried. Miller reported right to Schultz, and was aware of the tampering with of cases by the City Attorney’s office, but he is right back in Internal Affairs. After this administration has been brow beaten about retaining people who were connected to the last administration, and knew about the wrongdoings, but didn’t speak out, they put this dirt doer right back into the driver’s seat. They might as well get him and Ray on the cell phone family plan.

Poor Decisions to keep crud in place has positioned this city for more decline. We told you so.

If the mayor does not remove the 5th floor and a bunch of others, when the other shoe drops, it will be one term for him. The city will lose millions more in tax payers money and the City Attorney’s office will need to be tripled. No, the last two will happen anyway.

Hiding the truth, and allowing crimes to occur, then be swept under the rug in this environment in order to avoid a publicity hit is reprehensible. It is not what we here at the Eye endorse.

Looking back at this article, it is more of the same that we have been saying since just before the DOJ came here. That is sad because nothing has changed and nobody has been punished.
That means nobody is listening and nobody is doing their job. Sad vile and enraging.

The Eye

Jul 16, 2018


It has been kind of quiet for a few months, until we found out about the recent investigatory fiascos involving misconduct, incompetence, stupidity, and malfeasance in some very high profile cases involving our children here in this city. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to APD and investigations. These circumstances are unacceptable. They are more unacceptable when they are intentional, or they are intentionally covered up.
It is worse when police department public information officers and civilian employees lie about it to the media and public. 

You do not get to make the kind of mistakes, and get protected, while you sacrifice those actually doing their jobs, and trying to make a difference. 

During our break, we have been developing intel, and verifying information provided to us. 
It is disturbing to say the least. 

There have been investigations into very high profile cases involving child abuse, and murder, MAINLY because those connected within this administration got shit on their faces, There have also been ongoing Internal investigations into misconduct concerning Albuquerque Police personnel, and Command staff. Some of these “sensitive” ones are being handled like a top secret investigation with “eyes only” people getting to know what is going on. This is because certain people are trying to protect the possibly guilty and CONNECTED. What’s more sad is that  more attention is given to events that shed a poor light on certain people, than for the right reason that those actions were just bad, and need to be righted, regardless of the fallout. This place is suffering from extreme ethics accountability issues. We are about to discuss them. 

We have brought to the attention of the past and previous administrations the jibberish told to the media by APD PIOs who try to downplay and spin shit in order to avoid scrutiny, yet it continues. A prime example is when Simon Drobik tells people that detectives don’t think they can get warrants approved for residences, when crimes happen outdoors. That is total horse shit. The more good suggestions come in the way of change, the more they are ignored. We know this, because we are CC’d on many of these. Why?!?

This is why we do what we do, and this why the guilty leave town instead of facing the music like a recent respected news correspondent. Isn’t that right you little coward PIO? The selfish bastards who think for themselves and ruin lives get to constantly avoid getting egg on their faces because everyone is afraid to hurt some feelings. Well... some feelings are really going to get hurt.

Recently Mayor Tim Keller and Chief Geier came out, and admitted that the old culture of the Albuquerque Police Department is still very much alive. We will second that, because we have evidence that it is. Nothing much has changed other than the administration wants to “appear” more transparent and honest, where as the last administration just didn’t give a fuck what you thought. This administration seems to want to act the part, and not do the part. We can tell you now that nothing much has changed and. Politics is continuing to run things and certain people can do what they want while the innocent are used to protect the guilty. 

Below is the article...


The time for politics and diplomacy is coming to an end. Some time, somewhere, someone is going to have to be forced to either eat some shit, or stand up like a man, and start doing the right thing, regardless of the effects on their little personal political parade. It is sad when the political agenda or reputation of a politician or elected official supersedes what is right. It is negligent when attempts are
made to delay the truth in order to come out of your mess smelling like a rose, or looking like the hero. A real human being owns their mistakes, addresses it, and moves forward.

Those within APD who have acted criminally like Ray Schultz, Bob Huntsman, Gorden Eden, many within the city attorney’s office, and those in political high ground offices, in places where they could aid these actors have all maintained that they never tampered with evidence, destroyed documents, tampered with witnesses, or manipulated investigations, but that is all we have seen for the last decade. All lies. Plotting a preconceived outcome then directing an investigation to their desired result is all that has been done in most high profile cases or cases where the targets are politically connected.

Every high profile case... The Martens case... the Omaree case... the serious, and deadly auto accidents involving children, APD vehicles blatantly disregarding traffic laws, and emergency vehicle regulations... the cases paid off to make them disappear, when criminal actions of those who are protected rise to attention... the high profile framing of employees to protect the brass, and throw off the DOJ like the Blume case, the Hindi case, the Grant case, and the Vigil cases... ALL OF THEM SUFFERED EGREGIOUS EXAMPLES OF DISHONESTY ON THE PARTS OF THE ASSIGNED INVESTIGATORS, DESTROYED EVIDENCE, “MISSING” EVIDENCE, LIES, MISSED DEADLINES, INTIMIDATED WITNESSES, AND PERJURY. Many of these cases have proof of conspiracy within the administration to obstruct justice. What every one of these cases suffered was the willful act to come to a preconceived conclusion, without letting the facts get in the way. In a nutshell, if those behind things want you, they will get you. If those behind things want to protect you, they will protect you. They control what facts are admitted and they continue to try to control all variables. Just one of the cases that exemplified this was the James Boyd case. Why? Because the administration didn’t want that case to go bad for those officers, and it fit exactly in line with why the DOJ claimed. Certain people can do what they want whenever they want. Perez was handed back his job with back pay without even a hearing because his attorney Luis Robles had to get his money. We all know Robles’s connection to the city of Albuquerque and state of NM... Schultz too.

The proof is in the patterns and details. APD has been consistent with disparity and logic defying reason with which they handle things. We know this. Certain individuals get away with anything, while the innocent are framed, and used to deflect from the real actions of the guilty for far less allegations or trumped up ones. Think about that every time you see someone getting in trouble. For every one getting crucified... as you try to figure out why, there are ten getting away with criminal acts on a such a disparaging level, that you can see exactly why nobody would risk their life and reputation coming here.

APD recently promoted an individual that the 10th circuit court ruled contributed to the murder of an individual, wanted for nothing other than being a mental patient on a bicycle. This mental patient was kicked off of his bike, and shocked with a Taser ten times in two minutes, at the height of when Schultz was on his crusade to cover his corruption with the bodies of cops doing their jobs. Schultz covered for his cronies or cronie’s sons, or sons in laws, whom the courts confirmed murdered individuals, he covered for people who could do for him, whom he was tight with, or who could protect him. Nothing much was mentioned about this case, because it was politically swept under the rug by Schultz, because of politics. The deceased posed no threat as per court order, but the story was spun to look like the guy attacked officers with a giant crucifix. All of it was a lie. Years later, this officer is promoted to Sargent as a political favor to the guy running for NM Inspector General. This
candidate worked for the firm who represented Schultz; the same firm partnered by Luis Robles, who gets millions in state contracts. Ironically, the state will divulge what they paid Robles, but NOT what he did for the state. They fight IPRA requests to find out. How’s that for transparency? We suggest you vote for someone else. We have been over this time and time again, but people seem to need to be reminded.


Why are we talking about all of this? It is because all of it is interconnected. None of this started last week. It has deep roots in politics and who knows who.

There are the people doing the crimes, there are the ones covering it up, and there are the politicians acting like they do not know about all of it, because they are benefitting from it. Then... there are the politicians trying to cover it up.

Now on to the gist of what we were trying to get to.

With all of the malfeasance going on, what you are seeing can be compared to the skimming of a rock across the pond. There is a lot of scum down there, and we have been in our
dogshit-proof submarine surveilling it.

Commander Garcia was transferred out of IA weeks and weeks ago for what she allegedly did. And what she did... we know. The command staff does not want it to get out. They do not want anyone knowing that it may be investigated for a fourth degree felony. They do not want anyone knowing that it goes all the way to the top. They do not want anyone knowing that it was known by top brass. They do not want anyone knowing, because it will embarrass them. This is because others they have promoted are involved. They do not want anyone to know, because it proves the DOJ verdict, that some within APD tactical can do whatever they want whenever they want and be given a free fucking pass.

So you see, APD is not a team, and the only people on their own team that are happy are those insulated from the corruption in one sort of way or another. Growing up back in the day, the filth was cut from the team. What makes APD different is that the filth are in control of things on the team. This is not pitting the good against the good. It is outing the filth in an effort to protect the good.

When you are one of the chosen ones, who can do no wrong, or you can do what you want, and know nothing will happen to you, it is easy to have an outlook like the one in the below letter, posted years ago on the Eye. It is the every day field officer, or cop who has an uphill battle every day getting shit on because their uncle is not a city counselor or their Daddy in Law is not an APD police academy classmate of the Chief that is terrified of being wrecked for doing their job, while some get protected for doing shit not even close to job related.

We were going to give Mayor Keller and Chief Geier the opportunity to produce the records in question, and the reasons for the investigation, the 5 week suspension, and possible demotion of former APD Internal Affairs Commander Jennifer Garcia, along with the reason for Commander Sullivan’s demotion, along with McDonald’s, and the possible others on the chopping block, because they said they were going to change the culture of APD.

We were, but we are tired of the same old shit, with nothing being done about the wrongful retroactive shit, so here goes.

The detective on the Marten’s case is no longer in homicide, and we are hearing others are going too. There is no more time for evasiveness. We suggest that everything be owned, and the recent tactic or culture of trying to fix things before getting caught, by delaying, omitting, lying, or being pretentious, be ended in favor of just being a man, standing up and owning it.

If they do not do it, we will continue to do it for them, and it will be embarrassing. This was a valuable opportunity to get ahead of the eight ball. We suggest it is taken advantage of. We understand that there is nobody left, and it is slim pickings as far as competent command staff, but we would rather see a skeleton crew, rather than a gang of criminals.

The public needs to be able to trust it’s public servants, and that includes elected officials. Right now, the cops don’t even trust their command staff, and most of it is because of stuff like this. They feel that the mentality is that it’s brass over troops at any cost, and it will be cops and their families lives that are destroyed, rather than an APD administrator suffering scrutiny for a mistake. God forbid someone’s ego take a hit, when we can kill a cop’s life to prevent it. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If some expendable, low level employee, or citizen who is innocent can exploited, and smeared in the media for the benefit of politics, surely the truth can be told transparently about what is going on, concerning someone who was the commander of APD Internal Affairs. This is important, because total transparency was promised, and this will affect DOJ compliance. There is no doubt about that.

This affects DOJ compliance because our Eyes have told us that there was an alleged incident months back where a former SWAT officer was alleged to have pulled his firearm on someone in the metro court officer gun locker room. There was video of this and it was pulled by now Commander Art Sanchez who is now coincidentally in SWAT.

Our Eyes have told us that Jennifer Garcia was involved in the investigation, while at APD Internal Affairs and that there were actions taken to intentionally derail the investigatory timeline by delaying the investigation, essentially making any action against the officer unable to take place. There were allegations of back dating documents, among other changes in evidence, to make everything copacetic. We are trying to confirm even more devious details. This is very important, because it will prove along with all of the other cases that the willful directing of investigations crosses all boundaries, from criminal investigations to administrative ones. What else is there, but nothing. It will be pretty safe to say soon that most high profile, or politically motivated investigations conducted by APD have been directed to a preconceived outcome and many of those who are responsible are still around.

One example of someone who was running APD IA who was put back there after Garcia was removed is now Commander Mike Miller. Miller was Schultz’s pick as I.A. lieutenant while he was Chief and now he is back there. This tells us the administration has no viable options.

What is very troubling about the above investigation is that the officer the allegations were made against is allegedly officer Steve Arias. Our Eyes tell us Arias is a relative of city councilor Ken Sanchez. The above events are troubling on two fronts, because an investigation could prove that evidence or case material was destroyed as a political favor, or to protect someone. There is a third issue that is troubling. Garcia was recently promoted, and she is married to Eric Garcia, who is a deputy chief. He was also recently retained by this administration. Is this the reason for the tight lipped horse shit surrounding this? How far will the administration go to keep from getting egg on their faces over this, because the same one shit is getting old? It is utterly unthinkable that this administration would try to pull the same old antics to save face, because they promoted those they were warned about by all. What’s more... how far are Commander Art Sanchez’s hands into this, because we were told he and Jennifer Garcia are very very close friends.

There is one more variable that is extremely troubling and it is the possibility of a politician influencing or tampering with an investigation. There is chatter from our Eyes about this, and maybe another time. The investigation either proves or disproves and exonerates. Time will tell. If someone else is investigating this all they have to do is say that and everyone would understand. This administration either needs to learn how to handle incidents like this or they are guilty of willfully hiding it.

The amount of cases that have been affected on both sides of the fence, concerning APD in regards to falsifications and defrauding the courts is beyond belief. The last decade of actions taken criminally and administratively need to be audited now. Like we have been saying, nothing is going to improve, until you can build on solid ground. As much as you want to call it a desert, it is a swamp. A swamp of selfish filth, who see fit to comprise every thread of everyone else’s life for their own gains. Thankfully, our Eyes are good spear fishermen.

We strongly suggest the administration address this before entering the next week. All we asked for was to make things right and it’s being made worse.

There will be fairness and the wrongs will be righted. This is all we have demanded.

Gloves off.

That’s all we have to say about that.





Jul 10, 2018


Once again, in true New Mexico Patrone government fashion, we here at the Eye have been told about a scheme in the works, to land a former Albuquerque Police Department employee another employment position, by way of handing it to him.

Over a year ago, we read about how mayor Berry attempted to lock in the civilian in charge of the real time crime center with a permanent, untouchable position before he left. Well... that didn’t work.

The former employee we are talking about was Ray Schultz’s head of the APD Real Time Crime Center.
That employee, Todd Wilham, was let go by the Keller administration.

Anyone who knows this guy’s history with APD, knows his hands have been in every controversy, where employees have been railroaded over the last 15 years, among many other things. He was Schultz’s “in“ in the media, and he was in the inner circle of scum who lied, and spinned facts, like it was their hobby. He was tight with the likes of former assistant city attorney Kathryn Levy, DCOP Paul Feist, DCOP Allen Banks, and the rest of the filth who were responsible for ruining this place, and he did their dirt for them.

He caused problems in high profile cases, like the Mary Han crime scene, where he trampled the scene, among other things... to the Dear case, where he was heard talking about how officers have to be scapegoated. You can read all about him here, by just searching.

What is really disturbing, is that TJ Wilham is in the running for a position as the Director of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government. Folks, that is like putting OJ Simpson in charge of a women’s domestic violence support group.

The problem here is that TJ Wilham used to work for the Albuquerque Journal, and the managing editor of the Journal, Karen Moses is the president of the board of the NM Foundation of Open Government.

We all know the Journal, or as we call it... the Urinal has been the propaganda arm of the corrupt within this city for years, and has carried their water religiously and devotedly.

We all know how these vile vultures of a feather flock together, and take care of each other. We know how more qualified candidates, who actually represent justice, fairness, and transparency get passed over, walked on, or sabotaged here, in order to reward the malfeasant who are politically connected, so let’s keep an eye on this, and see how it goes. We know the Journal’s twisted connection to the command staff of the previous administration, and the lies they told for them.

We here at the Eye believe we already know where this is going, but we advise all candidates for this position to keep their eyes peeled for any and all chicanery.

Some parasites just keep on parasiting.

Not on our watch!