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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!

From the Eye On Albuquerque to you and your family; Happy Easter!

The Eye On Albuquerque

Mar 29, 2013

Remember When...

Given the events of this week, we at the Eye just don't really have much to say except where we are today is where Mayor Berry and APD Chief Ray Schultz have brought the City and the State's largest police force. (And an extra special hat tip to disgraced former city Public Safety Director, the nefarious Darren P White.)

Remember when APD personnel ranked among the most skilled in the state? Now this is where Schultz and Berry have led them:

Remember when APD was one of the most respected departments in the country? Now this is where Schultz and Berry have led it:

Remember when the APD Chief and Deptuy Chiefs weren't caught lying? Now this is where Schultz and Berry have led it:

Any Questions?

IF you, citizens and officers alike, are okay with where things have been going and are okay with where Berry has led this city, then by all means do nothing.

But If you are tired of these lies, cover ups, and disgusting acts of misconduct by the very leaders of the city and APD contact Pete Dinelli and Paul Heh's campaigns to find out what you can do to help.
The time has come to rid Albuquerque of evil elitist' Like Berry who think they are better than you because they has a "Silver Spoon" shoved in thier mouth and have a big bank account. Berry is planning on "BUYING" this elelct flat-out.

Mar 26, 2013

Berry Shows Contempt and Disrespect to the Deceased, Victims and Families

Albuquerque's Mayor Berry via his chummy buddy, Sheman McCorkle, are holding a $1,000.00 (one thousand dollar) a plate benefit for Berry's re-election campaign.  This is disgusting enough as it is when most citizen's of Albuquerque do not clear that much in a month.  7,000 people show up at Target for 200 jobs dressed in their Sunday best and Berry holds a $1,000.00 a plate benefit for himself?  As bad as this is here is the real problem; Berry is holding a selfish benefit at the scene of one of Albuquerque's worst and most terrifying crime scene locations in Albuquerque's recent history.  Also, what about other victims and victims' families in other shootings?

Emcore was the scene of a deranged mans rage on his estranged partner and all who got in his way of committing his violent acts.  Why would Albuquerque's Mayor Berry hold a selfish benefit at the scene of such a tragic and horrific scene?  This shows disrespect and contempt for the deceased, the victims and their families.  This also is a slap in the face to the employees who work at Emcore.

For those of you asking who is Sherman McCorkle, this is the man who wrote into the Albuquerque Journal claiming he did not know Berry but praised Berry as Mayor.  The Eye broke this story and the truth  (Read it HERE).

Everyone knows there are the "haves and the have nots," why does Berry feel it is necessary to rub it in everyone face?  What is with this elitist, arrogant and fascism attitude?  There is politics and then there is dirty politics...You all know which one this is...



March 25, 2013

TO:                         All Media Organizations

RE:                          Mayor RJ Berry’s $1,000/plate fundraiser at Emcore violent mass crime scene


On the morning of Monday July 12th, 2010, the depraved actions of Robert Reza made national news when he perpetrated a shooting spree here in Albuquerque at Emcore, Inc. Leaving two people dead, injuring four others, and firing over 25 rounds, Reza targeted people inside and outside the company’s building located near the city’s busy airport. Dozens of current and former Emcore employees continue to struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder issues because of the terror and horror they witnessed that morning. Because of the valiant efforts by city, county and state police officers and Emcore employees, many other people were kept from further harm.

Now, Albuquerque’s current Mayor R.J. Berry seeks to raise money for his campaign off of the Emcore tragedy. Even more disturbing, Berry finds it acceptable to hold his $1,000/plate fundraiser at the very location of one of Albuquerque’s worst and most horrific crime scene.

“I understand that all is fair in war and politics; but this really is disgusting. This is a new low,” comments Paul Heh, Berry’s fellow Republican challenger. “What’s next? Is he going to have another fundraiser at the offices of DOJ? Or how about having a fundraiser with all those citizens looking for work and line up by the hundreds for two jobs? Imagine if a candidate held a fundraiser for themselves at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut?”

Heh adds, “This is just another example of how out of touch Mayor Berry is with the community. Not only does fail to see how inappropriate it is for a sitting mayor to bootstrap his campaign off of the tragedy of all those victims, but he flaunts his insensitivity and arrogance with a fundraiser for $1,000 bucks a plate.”


Here is a final thought: A person who cannot respect themselves little alone the dead cannot respect you...

Mar 25, 2013

I MAY BE NAIVE; Ret. Captain, JD Spain

Ret. Captain, JD Spain, emailed the Eye On Albuquerque to offer his point of view. Ray Schultz has ruined APD under the watchful eye of RJ Berry. Spain offers some great advice. It is refreshing to see some of the "old salts" from APD were trained properly and really had leadership abilities and characteristics as Spain speaks about in his email. We hope when Schultz and Berry read this, a light might go on in their heads.

The men and women of APD CANNOT change the bad leadership of Schultz and Berry, however, they do have the ability to do what is "right" and take the leadership role themselves.

Below is an open email from Ret. Captain Jim Spain to the men and women of APD. For the citizens of Albuquerque, you can read through this and see the way a police department should be when there is real leadership.

Everything Spain writes about is the idealism that the leader teaches, trains, coaches and mentors the APD subordinates to strive towards being successful.

Schultz has lied; Berry has lied; what has this taught the officers of APD? What type of training has been approved by the lying leadership? What type of coaching and mentoring has Schultz and Berry given APD officers? True fault does not lie with the officers but with the lack of leadership.

Let’s call it like it is; the leadership under Schultz and Berry has led to the ruination and demise of APD.


Ret. Captain, JD Spain

I may be naive - but I would hazard a guess the "eye" wishes APD and Albuquerque to "once again shine" as one of the countries finest LE agencies, as well as cities in the US?

On one hand the discussions in the web site forum are very enlightening - while at the same time very saddening.

I say this in this regard...LE Officers should attempt 24/7 to "set the example" for the community they serve, as well as for their peers. If they cannot perform to this standard, then an LE calling may not be appropriate for them. A hard, but true fact.

On the flip side we are also members of the community that we serve also, and we are citizens with rights ....the true double edged sword.

Where I am going with this is in this direction (just my "opinion")...the issues being brought to the service in the "eye" forums are; one either rumor, two fact or three a portion of each to some degree.

What I propose is that instead of utilizing the "eye" as a "possible clearing house for fact, hoping some investigating agency would "pick-up" on a valid point and investigate - OR as a venting mechanism for unhappy employee's - that 34's remember this adage –

"walk the walk"

In that regard - steer the 34's with possible info to report to outside agencies or even internal affairs @ APD "if" their is a true issue(s). Each valid issue, one at a time, building a new foundation of Department integrity in the process!

"If" it is just venting - remember this is a public viewed forum - and "walk the walk" , i.e. set the example that an LE career requires in the wording of the posts!

If an internal issue(s) are at stake and warrant it - utilize the APD union to address the issue (once you have exhausted internal mechanisms) if the Union has an issue(s) work to correct that as well!

Use building blocks, common sense and the Integrity that our profession demands..use it 24/7, protect your community, serve your community, never compromise your personal integrity, support your peers - never covering up for them if they cross the line!

Anyway....enough said, I hope the "eye" has the best interests of APD and community at heart - steer the 34's in the right direction! old saying I began to hear as I was retiring - about APD, was "we eat our young" - it sickened me, but it appeared we were heading down that trail - I say "enough, stop, correct it! Work together!"

Thanks for providing an email contact

for the "eye" - don't let the community and APD down!


Additionally, I have faith the sworn and civilian will take heed, and the following will occur at this critical time for APD:

1) Work together, professionally as the LE Code of Conduct requires.

2) Stand your ground for the citizens you have sworm to protect-
 professionally document your actions on your calls - let the facts of your actions speak for the actions taken on a call. Couple that with your professional training the standards taught around the country that your LE training is based on - for the decisions you make daily. Stand proud!

3) If you have not, then take up and continue an open and honest dialogue with your community and the media - be proactive in this regard!

4) Remember these adages; "DO THE RIGHT THING","It is what it is....." and"gut feelings are usually right on the mark" - as they come from solid training, good leadership practices, common sense and experience in the field!

5) The words used to describe great "cops" range from Integrity, Courage, Perseverance, Humility.....Compassion, Empathy.......and your actions may range from simply being a scribe to document the facts of as call, a social worker, a EMT first responder, a referee, a counselor, all the way to a criminal investigator, a hostage negotiator and/or at a moments notice a honorable yet fully committed and trained warrior while protecting the life of another or possibly your own life!

Remember all of these roles and especially ..............

Last but not least - remember you joined the truly great and noble profession of Law Enforcement - -


Naive is something the Eye On Albuquerque is NOT. Take for example the next few questions and review the answers.

What happens when the internal mechanisms fails/doesn't respond to issues?

What happens when the labor unions’ fails/doesn’t respond to issues?

What happens when outside oversight fails/doesn't respond to issues?

What happens when local media fails/doesn't respond to issues?

Everything APD does from retaliatory terminations to unmerited promotions to indifferences when officer's abuse their authority to cover ups to outright criminal actions this is the true reality of APD now.

What happens is open expression; from the Eye speaking out to citizens sand bagging city council, to political action. All those other mechanisms failed. So that is one huge reason the Eye exists; to make things right…

One final thought:

For as long as we have watched Paul Heh, he has been calling for sunlight and transparency on all matters. If there are issues, let them be exposed, let responsibility fall where it may and move forward. When Ray Schultz's boss Darren White failed to take responsibility for his actions, Paul Heh did not call for cover-ups, he called for an open investigation. When it became clear the department was not going to investigate significant concerns about misspent union funds, Paul Heh did not try to finesse a deal; he called for an independent investigation. In all matters concerning Berry and Schultz, Paul Heh has called it like he sees it, open up the books. If there's nothing to hide then why fight so hard to keep things hidden?!?!?!

Mar 22, 2013


Earlier this week an APD officer was shot in the buttocks. As the department turned the city upside down in an effort to find and apprehend the shooter, events culminated in a dramatic SWAT activation on March 19th in the Foothills Area Command at an apartment at 13110 Constitution.
Just a few weeks ago, Albuquerque’s Mayor RJ Berry boasted that because of the efforts of him, Perry, and Schultz, APD had not had a shooting in six months. Yet, failing to grasp the reality that is policing, no sooner had Berry made his uninformed comment than APD officers were involved in three shootings with two of them fatal.

However, what concerns us, is the triumvirate’s effort to constantly spin everything away from reality. You see, policing and law enforcement is about the facts. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just simply objective analysis of an event to find out what the facts are.

On March 19th, APD’s beleaguered chief held a press conference detailing a minute by minute chronology of APD’s latest shooting at 13110 Constitution NE. Regarding the shooting in particular he stated:

“At 1230, the decision was made to deploy gas into the apartment.”
“At about the same time, officers came under fire from people inside the apartment.”
“At 1232 another volley of shots were fired from the apartment.”
“And about 15 minutes later, additional rounds were fired at officers.”
“At approximate 10 minutes past 2 additional shots were fired from the apartment.”
“About 10 after another single shot was fired in the direction of an APD officer.”
“One APD officer did fire rounds at that time back at the apartment.”
“At approximately 230 additional shots were fired from the apartment at officers.”
“At approximately 25 minutes after three the subject appeared in the doorway with a hand gun at which time a NMSP officer fired one round.”
Yet Schultz has stated that the 1st APD officer who fired rounds back at the apartment did so because other SWAT officers were deploying CS gas canisters into the apartment.
And our Eyes tell us that another APD officer accidentally discharged his weapon while at the scene.

1. If events are unfolding as it seems they were, why bother concealing that an APD K9 officer fired rounds in response to gunfire coming out from the apartment?
2. Why conceal the K9 officer’s gunfire under the ridiculous statement of it being used so other officers could launch CS into the apartment?
3. Since when is deadly force used so that less lethal force can be used?
4. What of the accidental discharge by the APD officer?
To all of our friends in APD, if Schultz will lie under circumstances such as these, what will he NOT lie about? Do you really think Berry, Perry, and Schultz have the citizens and your best interests at heart?

On behalf of the citizen's who are embarrassed by the actions of Berry's Chief of Police; Apologies to the NMSP for being presented as derogatory for the actions and inabillities of Albuquerque's Police Chief Ray Schultz.

Mar 21, 2013

El Departamento De La Policia De Albuquerque' by RAYMUNDO SCHULTZIE

We know a lot has happened in the last few days. And we are glad and thankful APD responding officers are safe in the events of the last few days. Please be cautious and safe because our Eyes tell us Berry, Perry, and Schultz will stop at nothing to stay in power.

Speaking of which, we got our hands on this letter. Apparently, it is a draft version of a certain chief's "retirement" (wink wink, nod nod) letter. We are told it is much more reflective of the truth! So have a laugh because a storm is coming....

PS--OH RAY RAY; Isn't there something you lied about in this recent shooting involving NMSP?  Remember; lying is by "act or ommission."  Tell the truth for once.  You really are
ruining Mr. Berry's shot at becoming Mayor again...Oh, and your going to ruin the reputation of NMSP which is good.  And yes, when you just said "oh schizle-stixs" they know; yes, Ray Ray, we know...

Mar 19, 2013


Below is an open letter from one of our Albuquerque citizens.  This person has asked that their identity remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation from Berry and Schultz. Think about it for a moment...Why should any citizen be afraid of retaliation from its' mayor and police chief? Folks; all the red flags keep going up with these two.
Heh; Let's get a real Mayor in Office! (PAUL HEH, that is)
Accountability...... In Mayor Berry's Administration you are missing
Albuquerque CAO Rob Perry is quoted in the above article reminding everyone, or more specifically Albuquerque voters, that the Ellis shooting took place 30 days into R G Berry's mayoral administration. Thereby trying to convince the public that R G Berry has no accountability for this $10,000,000 debacle.
This is distressing to say the least, but not unexpected. R G Berry's administration has never held any of his appointees accountable. But just what did the jury and the judge say? The two strongest points are:
The jury found that APD was negligent in the way it supervised Lampiris-Tremba. That negligence lead to this shooting.
The judge found in summary judgement that this shooting violated Ellis constitutional rights.
Furthermore it is distressing the way the city attorney handled this case. Had the city attorney settled, as the Ellis family wished, the city taxpayer would not be on the hook for $10,000,000 but for $1,000,000. Who EXACTLY made this decision taxpayers should demand to know. That person should be held accountable for screwing the Albuquerque taxpayer out of $9,000,000.
So now Rob Perry comes to the media, in full election year spin, to deflect any blame from R G Berry. Heck Berry was only in office 44 days when the shooting took place, he could not be held accountable for this. Well in Berry's world he is never held accountable. Whether a day or 1,000 days, Berry was mayor and he owns this judgement.
But let's give Berry the benefit of the doubt. From what the judge and jury say it was the people who ran APD during the years prior to this shooting who failed the citizens. They are the ones who failed to supervise and who's policies have led us down this path of million dollar judgements. That is the person Rob Perry is pointing his crooked finger at...... who is this person? Ray Schultz.
Ray Schultz was appointed chief of police in 2005, a full four and 1/2 years prior to the Ellis shooting. So if anyone should be held accountable for the lack of supervision and for policies that helped to create these situations, then from Rob Perry's comments, it should be Ray Schultz.
But wait again, R G Berry reappointed Ray Schultz as chief of police. Thereby approving of the way Schultz was running APD during the prior 4 1/2 years.
Therefore this comes full circle and R G Berry is the person who must ultimately accept blame for this $10,000,000 judgement that is going to cost all of us.
Based upon Rob Perry's comments don't expect any leadership from the Berry administration on this issue, or any other. They are in election year spin mode and they will point fingers at everyone else, but in this case the fingers point right back at them. And just wait....... more lawsuits are heading to court this summer, more taxpayer money will be gone.
Albuquerque deserves better. Vote Berry out of office in October.


                                          THESE ARE THE ACTIONS OF A "COMMIE"..,



Mar 18, 2013


Last Friday as much of the city waited for the verdict in the wrongful death trial of Ken Ellis III, RJ Berry and his cohorts, Perry, McCleskey and city attorney David Tourek moved Berry's re-election effort into full gear. You see, hours before the verdict which, on paper, awarded Mr. Ellis' son over $10,000,000 in damages (we say on paper because no sooner was the verdict read then Tourek and Perry moved to have the judgment set aside, a reversal of Judge Bacon's summary judgment ruling, and a new trial--all of which will delay justice due to the Ellis family) not so coincidentally APD's notorious chief announced his pending retirement. In the world of policing; this is referred to as a "distraction technique."

NOTE: Why was Schultz's Letter of Retirement dated March 13, 2013, but was not publicly announced till March 15, 2013? Why has Berry, Perry and Schultz refused to comment on it until Monday, March 18, 2013? This was all a distraction technique to shift the publics' attention away from the $10,000,000.00 verdict.

The premeditated announcement of Schultz's "retirement" dominated the newscasts. While the stations and paper covered the Ellis verdict, that story was overshadowed by Schultz's announcement. We heard about how long he's been chief. What's happened since he's been chief. What he's done since he's been chief all ad nauseum. But of course we didn't hear when the chief is retiring.

You see it's because he isn't. Or is not planning to. His letter is dated two days before it's release and it is sent not to Mayor Berry but to CAO Rob Perry. It also does not identify a date except that it may be after the election. But we all know what that means. IF Berry were to win re-election, we will no doubt hear about Schultz making the greatest personal sacrifice while stepping up to the call of duty and REMAINING as APD's chief of police.

The local paper saw fit to reflect on some cherry picked items noting the highlights and lowlights of Schultz's tenure in office. Let's flesh that out a bit shall we? In fact, let's just keep it to 2012...
•APOA survey identifies morale is at the worst it could be and that the mayor and chief have led the department to it's horrid state.

APOA president Sigala is arrested and booked and investigated for massive embezzlement and fraud yet the case mysteriously disappears while Schultz remains silent.

•Officer misconduct cases where Schultz was aware of the misconduct but failed to do anything prior to the news media breaking the story.

Chad Solis, Conner Rice, Ron Suran and the runaway taser and beating incidents.

Patrick Ficke; allegations of drunk driving in a police car and domestic abuse against a family member and other inappropriate behavior both on and off duty for over a year.

Several ranking members of APD whom were with Ficke drinking are now also under investigation.

Adam Casaus; allegations of speeding through a red light at 80+ MPH resulting in the death of a young lady and severely injuring her sister.

•IPRA violations and noncompliance resulting in ongoing lawsuits
•Lieutenant lawsuit by over four lieutenants who allege discrimination in the department promotional process
•Age discrimination lawsuit by dozens of APD officers after federal EEOC investigators found they had cause to sue.
•DCOP Banks lying under oath in sworn hearing.
•Violations of officer involved shooting SOPS (Peck, fleeing car, Parrish)

Releasing of evidence
Contaminating (spoilage of) evidence
Tainting witnesses
•Unlawful termination of employees and intimidation of employee favorable witnesses. All we need to say is John Doyle and Robert Woolever.

Unlawful use of public property
Friends of SWAT operating out of the Valley Area Command
Karen Salazar’s new private ARAPA organization operating out of the Main Police station

Personnel staffing Tiburon

TJ Wilham’s use of RTCC for private purposes
•Schultz seen socializing with disgraced nefarious PSD Darren White at MMA fights in ringside seats while technically the duty-chief and on call.
•Staffing problems

Limited recruits
Accelerated retirements
•Officer response times all time high
•High profile misconduct

Han (botched murder investigation) incident

Retired District Court Judge Murdoch

•SWAT losing federal certification
•Financial mismanagement
$160M for a department 15% smaller than it was 5 years ago

•Creation of a 4th deputy chief position

Police cadets related to sworn personnel who are not qualified to be hired because of fitness disqualifications or criminal issues.

•Termination of T. Zane Reeves who is recognized as one of the country's leading employment hearing officers
•National recognition of the worst kind in media stories across the country:

Police shootings

Mary Han’s crime scene intentional contamination and bias
•Promotion system built on cronyism

Christman, Rowe, Comacho
•Deputy Chief’s assigned to bureaus they have no experience
Banks as FSB DCOP
•West Mesa Murder investigation dropped
•Manipulation of UCR data (past and current)
•Leaderless leadership style—nobody is in command
City lawyer David Tourek never present

CAO Perry never aware
Mayor Berry never knowing
Chief Schultz not knowing
•Property crime is up
•Berry’s and Schultz’s Our city, Our property initiative is a total failure

•nITE detectives unit fiasco
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: a full blown comprehensive federal investigation of APD by the US Department of Justice which now our Eyes tell us, includes a criminal investigation as well.
After all of this in just one year, what else can one say but it is time to take out the trash and restore this department to the model police department it was. We hope the door does hit Schultz on his way out; oh wait, that whole thing about retiring was just a distraction technique unless Berry loses.

But if there was any doubt that our local paper is nothing short of a propaganda piece for the Berry administration, one only has to look at Sunday's editorial by Michael Coleman of the Journal's "Washington Bureau." In the editorial he describes as "explosive" and "serious" allegations in the Assistant AG Perez's Civil Rights Division that certain conservative DOJ lawyers have their feelings hurt. In a review of 10,000 documents and interviews with over 80 people, an inspector from the Inspector General's office found troubling evidence of "liberal bias" and employee intimidation (READ it  HERE).

We just want to make sure we understand the standards the Journal adheres to: If you are an assistant attorney general of the United States and some employees have their feelings hurt the paper will do a Sunday Edition with an editorial scrutinizing you. But if you are a "major city" police chief and you leave a trail of ruined lives, death, cover-ups, financial mismanagement, confirmed patterns of age and racial discrimination, perjury, lies, deception, omission, and acts of abuse of power the paper will refrain from any direct criticism or editorials condemning your activities.

Is this right?

Mar 15, 2013


Mayoral Candidate Paul Heh's interview about another one of Mayor Berry's disgraced public safety officials.  Ray Schultz, resigning as Albuquerque's Police Chief will be on channel 4 at 10PM tonight. Watch it and get your friends and family to watch it!
ABQ public safety problems started with Mayor Berry's decision to appoint Darren White and politicize the public safety director position.

During Mayor Berry tenure as mayor public safety has been swarming with controversy and lack of leadership.

The nefarious Darren White absence came after a vote of no confidence from rank and file members of the APD and AFD and questionable decisions concerning the details of his wife's sobriety after she was involved in a crash.

APD has been drowning in bad press for on and off duty conduct and a Federal investigation by the DOJ.

AFD has had its share of problems as well including a vote of no confidence against Chief Breen, off duty fire fighter conduct.

Public Safety PIO TJ Wilhelm was removed from his position after a well suppressed event unfolded on the 11 floor of city hall in the mayors office.

Both AFD and APD departments continue to deal with a real lack of leadership and moral at an all time low.

Berry; As mayor I will replace both chief's and restore confidence back into the men and women who serve our city. .


With the wrongful death trial involving APD officers Brett Lampiris-Tremba and Byron Economidy in the hands of the jury, let’s reflect upon the event in the greater scheme of things. This is not just a trial involving two officers and the shooting death of Kenneth Ellis, III, it is a trial of the Albuquerque Police Department under the leadership of its chief, Ray Shultz, and the management of the city’s mayor RJ Berry (we’re not sure where he is or if he’s available, but he is still the mayor we are told).

With the shooting death of Mr. Ellis in January of 2010, the year marked the greatest number of shootings by APD personnel in the department’s history. During a time when the department and FBI’s own statistics showed violence crimes and assaults against officers were falling to record lows.  Just a note to those who follow the UCR (Uniformed Crime Report) from APD; our Eyes inside tell us the report is ready but Schultz and Berry have ordered PD personnel NOT to release it yet.  Apparently it is bad new for Berry and they need time to spin it or alter the numbers...

During this trial, which marks the first of many wrongful death suits coming to trial, the chief of APD was nowhere to be found. With the exception for about the one hour where his officers Lampiris and Economidy testified and exposed themselves to federal civil rights crimes, Schultz was nowhere to be seen. Even his usually active Twitter propaganda account was silent.

Yet, this was the case where Schultz lobbied to overturn former IRO Judge Deaton’s finding that the shooting was unjustified.
Yet this is the trial that DOJ lawyers present in the courtroom.
Yet this was the case where the Albuquerque Journal’s Jeff Proctor Tweeted updates on testimony by the minute in unprecedented fashion.
Yet this is one of the very few wrongful death trials where the officer’s action was deemed unconstitutional in pre-trial motions.
And yet this is the trial where the damages are now left to the jury and may reach unprecedented amounts of millions of taxpayer dollars.  Which may lead to a string of such judgments that may force the City of Albuquerque into bankruptcy.

While all this is going on, Ray Schultz continues his track of leaderless occupation of chief of the state’s largest and most heavily funded, and now understaffed, police force. And as the nation once again finds out more details in APD’s gross negligence (and most likely intentional negligence) in the handling of Ms. Mary Han’s crime scene, Ray Schultz remains in hiding.

But now, APD is tarnished by this chief who endorses lies while the plaintiffs have told and proved truths. Where officers who lie and commit crimes taint the honorable efforts of all other officers. Where at least two city counselors, including the city council president, are calling for Ray Schultz’s much deserved removal. And where once again, with the actions of 12 jurors, citizens will police the police.

Our eyes tell us that Ray Schultz will not leave without a fight and has already retained a personal lawyer. Our eyes also tell us that despite this, and despite Mayor Berry’s total absence and “unavailable for comment” policy when confronted with any significant city event, Ray Schultz is on his way out. Which begs us to ask, who’s next?

Our Eyes tell us the answer is quite simple. Former APD captain Larry Sonntag. This does not surprise us at all and some information forwarded to us, tells us that Mr. Sonntag is the sort of business person hyper-conservative RJ Berry would like:

•Director of NM Business Coalition. Self-described as “a true grassroots operation that will educate individual voters about the candidates and issues in their district and motivate them to take that knowledge to the polls and vote. We should promote the growth of our private sector and stop demonizing the corporations and industries that are key drivers of a healthy U.S. Economy.”

•Vice President of SEI, Consulting & Management...unknown what this entity does.

•Vice president and chief of operations of Armed Response Team....former company owned by convicted fraudster and retired APD sergeant Fil Baca.
NOTE: Armed Response Team makes all their money off of responding to buglar alarms that APD does not.  Conflict of interest?  You tell us...

•Vice President of Sonntag Enterprises, Inc...unknown what the entity does.

•Director of Rebound New Mexico...a non profit tax shelter

It’s clear that Mr. Sonntag has many business interests that he will have to table if he were to become chief. We also were unable to confirm if his law enforcement certification is still valid. But his career as a police officer is less than diverse as his business interests…

•5 months out of the academy he went to APD Hit & Run and was inside ever since until his retirement. He was one of the first appointed captains under Martin Chavez.
•He wrote a memo to then Chief Gilbert Gallegos asserting failures in the evidence room scandal. Chavez promoted him to Captain in an effort to restore confidence in the mayor's handling of the mess. Schultz was his boss at the time.... Sonntag is viewed to have been the man to make the evidence mess go away and do damage control.
Mayoral Candidate Paul Heh stand firmly with the  two city counselors, including the city council president, whom are calling for Ray Schultz’s removal.  Heh stated to the Eye On Albuquerque, "the corruption in APD started with a chief who is out of control and has lied to all of us; chop off the head of the snake and this corruption will stop!"

Will this be a case of “the chief is dead, long live the chief?” We shall see….


Mar 13, 2013

Omission, Distortions, and Lies

As this week draws to a close with much of the city’s attention consumed with the wrongful death lawsuit brought on by APD detective Brett Lampiris-Tremba’s shooting of Ken Ellis III, let us reflect upon the reason we are where we are. Under the leadership of Raymond Schultz, not only did APD fail the citizens, Mr. Ellis, and Mr. Ellis son, but it also failed Detective Lampiris. The culpability of this death falls squarely on Raymond Schultz and his inept management of APD since he became chief in 2005 and especially since 2010 when there was a dramatic spike in officer involved shootings.

Yet Mayor Berry’s chief claims ignorance of this spike in force. 

Yet Mayor Berry’s chief claims he responded appropriately in 2011 when he was “alerted” to the spike in shootings. 

Yet by Ray Schultz’s own prior statements, if there is anybody who knows what is going on with incidents of force and their frequency, it is Ray Schultz.

As he stated under oath in a deposition in 2008:

3 Q Use of force form, what is that?

4 A It's a form that's filled out when officers go

5 hands-on with somebody and utilize force. It is filled

6 out.

7 Q By the officers?

8 A By the supervisor of the officers.

9 Q Okay. And does that require that the officers

10 involved in the use of force also give statements at

11 that time?

12 A They write their own police reports.

13 Q And does that go any farther once the use of

14 force form is filed?

15 A Yes, it goes to Operations Review; and then a

16 copy goes to Internal Affairs, to be included in their

17 early warning system; and then it's reviewed by the

18 officer's lieutenant to make sure the use of force was

19 appropriate.


24 Then, who gets it to review it to see if it is

25 a problem?


1 A Originally, it goes to the Internal Affairs

2 lieutenant. I meet with the lieutenant once a week. He

3 brings the reports once a month. They are distributed

4 to the appropriate deputy chief and through to the

5 captain, to the lieutenant, and then to the sergeant.

6 And then the captain will usually do a review of the

7 early warning system.

HERE IS PROOF Raymond Schultz knew exactly what was transpiring with the use of force including all of the officer involved shootings?  Allow us to walk you through it.

As we all know, Ray Schultz by his own admission meets with his Operations Review lieutenant at least once a week to discuss use of force incidents in the department. Plus Schultz also meets with the Internal Affairs lieutenant once a week and the Internal Affairs lieutenant follows up by brings Schultz the use of force reports once a month.

So let us provide a summary of this: First, Schultz meets face-to-face each week with the Operations Lieutenant to review use of force in the department; Second, Schultz meets the Internal Affairs lieutenant to discuss the use of force issues and other problems in APD and is told by the Internal Affairs lieutenant about each and every use of force reported;  Third, Schultz is hand delivered the reports directly from the Internal Affairs Lieutenant.

There is no ambiguity here; Raymond Schultz knew exactly what was transpiring in his police department concerning the use of force; Schultz choose to ignore it.  Was this self-ignorance because of bad advice from City Attorney David Tourek or Kathy Levy? Ultimately, Schultz is the Chief and is completely responsible and accountable for the police department.

Given the city’s population and the US Department of Justice observations from the outside looking in there was an issue, here is clear proof Ray Schultz knew what was going on…..and failed to do anything about it.

Mar 12, 2013


Working for the City has to be fairly simple. They train you, place you on OJT, give you directives, SOP’s, Policy and Procedural manual’s, training on legal and civil issues and the City gives you copies of the City Merit Ordinance.  Now armed with all that, why is it there are not one top level personnel who can simply do their job?

Let’s take for example the issue of the minimum wage and a local restaurant’s refusal to pay the higher wages that Channel 7 News reported on (Read it HERE).  The City council is demanding action. According to City Attorney, David Tourek, “…people who aren’t getting paid what they’re due hire private attorneys or call legal aid.” According to Berry who tried adamantly to avoid the issue and stated, “he believes the ordinance doesn’t have enough teeth and is difficult to enforce.”  Apparently someone (probably Berry) signed off on the law and which was sufficient then but now Berry states, “He is calling on councilors to craft new language.”  Wasn’t Berry a State Rep. before?  He should know how the language should read on an ordinance law.

What is going on? City Council is demanding one thing, the City Attorney, David Tourek, wants to dump it on private attorneys, Berry tried to avoid it all together, but when all else failed is blaming the Council. Now, “business owners are worried about the city sending mixed messages.”

Why doesn’t Berry tell the truth, he approved of the ordinance till now and since the public has placed pressure on him; now he is playing the “blame game.”  Why doesn’t Berry take responsibility for anything and own up to it? He wanted the job, why isn’t he responsible and accountable? Why hasn’t he earned his pay?

According to Tourek, “We cannot represent private people on a large scale.”  The sky is not falling, this is one case not a thousand.  Oddly enough, Tourek received a substantial amount of pay from the City of Albuquerque. Why does Tourek tell the truth; he is too lazy.

What we are saying is, Berry and Tourek are lazy and are refusing to do their jobs. Corruption starts at the top and trickles its way down.  This explains Tourek’s elitist attitude and the lousy management of other departments such as APD.  They see Mayor Berry slacking and clearly showing his staff that he does not care.  This is a learned behavior and they learned to be lazy and avoid responsibility and accountability from Berry. 

Speaking of lazy, lack of responsibility and accountability; Schultz sat in for a bit during the Ken Ellis III trial today and listened to how his incompetence is shining through.  We here at the Eye anticipate a huge award (unprecedented) in this case that will cause shock and deplete the City’s reserves.  The Ellis case is ONLY the second case in the U.S. history where a judge has granted a summary judgment of "excessive force" from the bench without a full trail.  By Berry retaining Schultz for all these years is a vote of approval from Berry on Schultz’s reckless behavior in how he has ruined and run APD into the trenches of hell and liability.  Berry will be forced to get rid of Schultz but this is clearly too little; way too late. Berry owns this mess and his Chief Schultz; vicarious liability has sunk its' fangs into the City. of Albuquerque.

Thanks Berry and Schultz. You two have ruined this City single handed.


Mar 11, 2013

Does the Guns Disposal Program equal NEW/BETTER GUNS for Participants?

People have a right to keep and bear arms; this is guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  We here at the Eye received many emails from citizens whom were critical about the Eye’s story about the City’s attempt to disarm the citizens of Albuquerque.  We still stand by our claim and statements in regards to the Gun Disposal Program but we found there is more to the story and there is a positive spin on it. We have a clear affection for guns and the gun “buyback” programs that help people become better armed. 

Our readership sent us several emails telling us to leave our criticism of the programs alone.  The leading reason for turning in a gun; people are turning in their junk (broken) firearm’s which are basically worthless and receiving monetary compensation.  What a DEAL; RIGHT!  Several of our readers told us they used this money to go out and purchase a new functional gun or ammunition to another firearm. Way to go Berry and Schultz.  The APD version went broke quickly but other agencies have kicked in some “bucks” (that’s for all of our hunters). 

In a recent Journal article titled, “Gun buybacks: Do they work?” By Leslie Linthicum (Read it HERE), the reporter stated the following:

[The National Research Council, in a massive review of firearms and violence in 2004, examined gun buybacks and their theoretical premise – “that the program will lead to fewer guns on the streets because fewer guns are available for either theft or trade, and that consequently violence will decline.”

It found that theory lacking and explained why. First, the guns that are turned in tend to be older and sometimes barely functioning and they are by definition unwanted – not the type of guns likely to be used in a crime. Second, replacing guns is easy. And third, the statistical likelihood that any one gun will be used in a crime is tiny.]

So, although we here at the Eye view the “Weapons Disposal Program” as the first step to a communist like Berry to try and disarm the Citizens of Albuquerque; there is a benefit for our citizens for now.