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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Aug 30, 2011

Retired APD Commander Challenges Journals' Approval of Schultz

The Eye receives many types of information and letters. Below is an open editorial letter from a retired APD commander who we understand is very credible and honest. Commander Tate (Ret.) is part of a dying breed of officer that is becoming none existent within APD’s rank and file. The Eye would like to thank Tate in advance for his candidness and honesty. It should be noted that this letter was originally sent to the Journal; everyone knows the Journal would never print a hard hitting letter like this one.

Being retired from the Albuquerque Police Department, I was immediately drawn to the headline “In the Hot Seat” in Sunday’s paper. I read the article by Jeff Proctor outlining APD Chief Ray Schultz and his claim that he is the man to fix problems at APD. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I became upset with how Chief Schultz diagnosed the problems at APD and how he demonstrated a lack of leadership and accountability. I am also embarrassed for how APD’s reputation has diminished over the last several years and I believe the officers of APD and the Albuquerque community deserves better.

I retired in 2006 at the rank of lieutenant and served as the Director of Training for the Albuquerque Police Academy from 2003 to 2006. Prior to that I was in charge of the Internal Affairs Unit from 2001 to 2003 and worked closely with Chief Schultz in both assignments. I spent time with him and got to know him fairly well. I always liked his sense of humor….he is a very funny person when you get to know him. I was excited when he came back to be Chief and thought he would do well in the position. However, in the months following his return, I realized that he wasn’t the same person I knew before he left to Scottsdale, AZ.

Chief Schultz states in the article that he cares about APD and is the man to fix problems. The only problems he identifies are related to training and psychological screening? Give me a break! He must be living under a rock or has his head buried deep in the sand. I remain in contact with many current APD officers and recent retirees of all ranks. When discussing the state of APD, the common theme I hear from all of them is that the Chief does not care about the officers, APD leadership does not practice what it preaches, discipline and overall treatment of officers is not consistent, and morale is at an all-time low. This has become Chief Schultz’ “brand” and he now owns that.

For the past two years I have been working in the private sector focusing solely in the area of leadership; facilitating leadership courses to corporate leaders throughout the country. I can’t understand how Chief Schultz can say that there is no crisis in APD. There is a huge crisis in APD in the area of leadership…..or should I say lack of leadership. The article spends a great deal of time describing the training Chief Schultz has been to and groups and organizations he belongs to; even describing his uniform and its appearance. However, none of these things make a leader. They are all positional and superficial window dressing. A real leader is someone that can share an inspiring vision, communicates effectively, influences, motivates and develops people. I can see no evidence that Chief Schultz has demonstrated any of these traits.

The fact is he has lost all credibility from the officers. The police union president, Joey Sigala, claims that Chief Schultz is smart. The irony here is that Chief Schultz is not smart enough to know how he when he has lost all effectiveness and has no chance to correct anything without the “buy in” of the men and women wearing the badge. What can he possibly fix without the support of the department? He has lost all credibility and needs to step down for the best interest of the department. His staying around shows how disconnected he is and how it is all about him and his position of police chief. If he had the best interest of APD in mind and cared about the department as he claims, he would resign. That act alone might be the best example of leadership he has ever shown.

Some may say that Chief Schultz hasn’t been allowed to be chief. That is nothing but a cop out. It is ridiculous to blame anyone (Darren White, Mayor Berry or Mayor Chavez) for Chief Schultz not being able to do his job. He makes his own decision to follow what is right or wrong. For example, Chief Schultz had the chance to stand up to Mayor Chavez when he returned in 2005. He had his pension secured and did not need to be a “yes” man. He had the security to stand up for what was right and fight for what was wrong. However, for whatever reason, he decided to succumb to the politics of the position and make decisions that were in the best political interest of the time and not necessarily in the best interest for APD and the community. Everyone knows that the position of chief is political as it’s an appointment by the mayor. However, everyone is accountable for decision they make…..and he is no different.

In 2005, The Mayor Chavez push to hit 1100 sworn police officers directly and indirectly influenced the quality of candidates hired. The talk of that time was all about numbers, numbers, and more numbers. It was never about quality. Ask anyone who succeeded me at the Police Academy, worked in training, recruiting, polygraph, or psychological testing during the last six years. I sat through numerous meetings over police applicant selections where it was evident that getting numbers into Police Academy seats was the main focus. One of the main reasons I chose to retire in 2006 was as a result of seeing what was happening to the selection process… became very frustrating to me.

The process to become an APD officer is challenging, time consuming, and set up to identify only the best candidates. If left alone, the process will work 98% of the time. The real problems begin when the chief or deputy chiefs meddle in the process and don’t follow the consistent guidelines for each candidate. Driven by a desire to look good to the mayor or a desire to follow different rules based on who an applicant may know all serve to taint the process. This also increases the likelihood that more than the expected 2% to 3% will “sneak through.”

I agree with Chief Schultz that there will always be 2 to3 % that manage to get through no matter how good the process is. However, I don’t agree with the words “sneak through” that he used. Many of these hires were a result of ignoring the warning signs that were present in the applicant’s background and interviews….and that’s not sneaking to me.

Several people were interviewed to determine if they felt Schultz should step down or not, but how many have knowledge of life within the department and what goes on day to day on the inside. Since those people would be afraid to speak due to a fear of punishment or retaliation, how about conducting an internal survey by an outside group? This might yield different results than this article depicts. It is unbelievable to me that Mayor Berry kept Schultz to begin with, and continues to support him to this day. Schultz claims he still has a few things left to do on his list of 50 things. I think that mayor Berry has at least one thing left on his list…..and that’s getting a new chief……APD deserves it.

Steve Tate
Retired APD Lieutenant

The Eye concurs with this letter and must say BRAVO! to Commander Tate (Ret.)!

Aug 29, 2011

Governor Races to Lose it all for NM Unemployed

Our Eyes have brought an interesting story to us. On August 26, 2011, the day started out like most days do; the Governor sold the State jet at a loss of $3,000,000.00 and then jumped into a State Police vehicle and raced to meet some very important clients who were considering moving their business to New Mexico. Being a former District Attorney, one would think the Governor would know that speeding is illegal here in New Mexico. Well, let’s just say the Governor’s State Police vehicle was “lit up” by one of Albuquerque’s local “Po Po’s.” Apparently the Governor’s vehicle was speeding along the 4900 block of Pan American here in Albuquerque at about 12:30 P.M. Apparently this officer doesn’t have a big dollar state job (yet) and he did not know the Governor could do whatever the she wanted. Does any of this remind you of Giant Bill?

Our Eyes tell us that no citations were issued. From that point, the day seemed to continue to go downhill for the Governor and for the unemployed residents of New Mexico. Here’s a hint; we’re not talking about the $3,000,000.00 loss on the jet either.

The Governor was so busy selling the State jet (at a loss) and being stopped by the coppers; she was 30 minutes late to meet this client. When the Governor did show up; she basically told the client “they could have lunch sometime...” The Governor did not try to sell the company on coming to New Mexico. There were several options that the Governor could have provided such as, incentives that were possible (and already part of legislation). The opportunity to compete for their business against other states like Colorado, Arizona and Texas was apparent but the Governor did not bite. Maybe the Governor was suffering PTSD from being stopped earlier? Remember, the Governor has a top notch guy on her staff (maybe the only guy); Jon Barela, who oversees the State’s Economic Development.

Our Eyes tell us that Barela was clearly out of his league and boasted to this potential client; “We have a $300 million dollar surplus.” This did not sit well with this client and may have been taken offensively. Barela failed to mention the State of New Mexico has plenty of Economic Development Opportunities. Barela also failed to offer any valid reasons why they should consider bringing their company to New Mexico. Perhaps the Governor can stop cutting programs and benefits to the citizens of New Mexico since Barela claims New Mexico now has so much money in surplus that we don’t need any more jobs here in the State?

For those of us who work and watch friends and neighbors struggle because of the lack of jobs; this is a slap on the face.

New Mexico looses opportunities to create new jobs nearly every week due to the inability of Governor Martinez and her minion Barela’s ineffectiveness. This particular client was not a small deal; this was a Fortune 100 back office operation; financial services (not just a call center) that would employee 600 employees. Barela might want to be more cautious; the majority of the Governor’s Cabinet is all women. Barela may find that he has only been a seat warmer for one of the ladies. We hear Diana Denish is available…

Aug 28, 2011

Schultz is a Schmuck; as We Say Back Home

Below is an "open letter" that was sent to us from an APD officer that we have not heard from before at the Eye. Keep in mind; this is from a person who is behind the badge. The letter contains some thoughts that we feel should be shared.

I am writing you this letter because the front page of the Sunday's Journal (08/28/11) is sitting like a brick at the pit of my stomach. I would love to write this in the editorial section, but I live under a boss who rules through fear and intimidation, and I am not allowed to voice my opinions. Morale at the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) has never been as low as it is now. Reading the article in the paper today, literally made my stomach turn. Chief Schultz is not the "problem fixer," he IS the problem. I am not a disgruntled employee nor am I biased because of any discipline I have received at the hands of Chief Schultz. In fact, I have never been disciplined and have been a police officer for over a decade with APD. Mayor Berry was given the police endorsement, mostly because of the empty promises he made to the officers of this department. He PROMISED he was going to "clean house" and hire a new Chief; a flat out blatant lie. Chief Gallegos was not solely responsible for the Evidence Lab fiasco. In fact, at the time of Gallegos' reign, Chief Schultz was the Deputy Chief in CHARGE of the Crime Lab! The public wonders why there are officers that are committing unethical, sometimes illegal acts. Look at our Chief, we are only doing what we are taught.

A couple of years ago, there was a Sgt. that was found to be intimately involved with one of his subordinates. The subordinate, a detective under his immediate command, killed herself, leaving a husband (another APD officer) and two small children. This Sgt. was transferred to another area command and shortly, thereafter, was promoted to Lieutenant. There was NO discipline whatsoever. In fact, immediately after his departure from the NE Impact Team, a letter was placed in the blotter written by then Captain Henz. It stated that this was not a disciplinary action, but a transfer that the Sgt. had wanted for quite some time. The Chief did nothing to protect the officers, or the family of the deceased officer.

There is a Lt. that while in charge of records, received at least three separate EEOC complaints against him. the complaints were filed by women that had no connection to each other, nor had they concocted their stories, as the complaints were filed at different times. The complaints were similar and all accused the Lt. of discrimination based on sex. One of those cases has since been settled, FOR the officer and AGAINST the Lt. This same Lt. caught two officers (one of whom was married and was ordered not to be at the academy) having sex in the parking lot of the Police Academy. He chose not to discipline, nor did he document the conduct unbecoming that he observed. The Chief did not punish this Lt., instead he was recently promoted to Commander.

Chief Schultz allowed former Public Safety Director, Darren White, to lie to city council AND to the citizens of Albuquerque. Several months ago, TJ Wilham was terminated from city employment and escorted out of City Hall. Then, 24 hours later, TJ was "relocated" to the communications center and given a job that was created solely for him. Darren White denied there was a termination, however, there was. CAO Campbell was the one that signed the termination letter and made sure Mr. Wilham was escorted from the building. Covering up for someone is just as bad as the deception itself.

Chief Schultz constantly prides himself in making sure the city knows that its officers are held to a higher standard. However, he praises and commends those that act in behavior that is anything but professional. He chose to promote and assign a PIO that has made it a habit of involving herself with married men, sometimes ON DUTY. He has allowed this Sgt. to remain a Sgt. despite the fact, that she is not supervising ANYONE! This was behavior that was discovered by Attorney Brad Hall (attorney for Terra Chavez- slain wife of an APD Officer). Mr. Hall filed a request and was granted the investigation details of ongoing infidelities that was occurring within the department. The Chief quickly settled the lawsuit, and thus never having to provide any details of this unprofessionalism.

Chief Schultz chose to place a PROBATIONARY employee in Animal Control, while the death of the officer's wife was investigated. There were issues with this officer NOT related to the death of his wife, and he chose not to terminate this employee. This probationary employee was employed for over 3 years and even got off of probation while on administrative leave.

Chief Schultz indicated in the Journal article today that he was released from the infamous Costales lawsuit. Chief Schultz was found GUILTY of intimidating Officer Costales and disciplining Officer Costales based on retaliation. That part of the suit was settled and thus his name was removed.

Several years ago, during a Union Meeting, an Officer made a Motion to conduct a vote of no confidence in Chief Schultz. Immediately after that Motion, the Chief began to intimidate and harass the officer. For example, the Chief began showing up on ALL of this officer's calls, making him feel extremely intimidated. This officer eventually withdrew his Motion because of the fear of retaliation.

During a City Council meeting a year ago, a well known and long serving APD Sergeant voiced his concerns about the department as well as Chief Schultz. This Sergeant walked to his car after the meeting and received a phone call that an Internal Affairs investigation had been opened on the Sergeant. This was a clear showing of fear and intimidation. To this date, the Sergeant was never given the outcome of that investigation.

A former Deputy Chief was investigated by the FBI in reference to a case. During that interview, the Deputy Chief stated that the Officer being investigated was a victim of Chief Schultz's intimidation and retaliation way of supervising. The officer had testified in Federal Court that ultimately led to charges against another officer being acquitted of all charges that the State had brought up against him. Chief Schultz was so angry and humiliated that he "punished" that officer by holding the transfer that he so passionately wanted and earned.

Chief Schultz loves to sugar coat every wrongdoing that is discovered under his regime. He does not take responsibility for his actions, yet disciplines those officers who fail to do so or go against him. Morale is at an ALL time low because of Chief Schultz. He has given officers lie after lie and has used his position to intimidate officers who challenge him. Chief Schultz refuses to allow officers to work a 4-10 shift because he states there is no "officer coverage" available for calls for service. There are LESS officers working in the field than there have been in years. There are some squads that have only 5 officers for the entire shift for the entire area command.

More training was an issue of concern that was brought up to the Chief in an effort to better the department. Chief Schultz agrees on paper, yet does the opposite. Chief Schultz has on more than one occasion transfered BRAND new Sergeants to investigative positions that require significant training. There are BRAND new sergeants transferring to specialty units (DWI, K9, I.A.) before experiencing any field time after promotion whatsoever.

The citizens of Albuquerque deserve to be told the truth and educated about this administration. Chief Schultz is experiencing more problems with the department than ever. The time has come for him to resign or be terminated. Do not let him fool you, he IS the reason the department is in complete shambles.

Aug 23, 2011

What is the Price of Silence?

Apparently for the Berry Administration it is an $80,000.00 a year job paid for by your tax dollars. It appears that TJ Wilham knows too much (we know that’s a stretch at any rate) and Schultz is afraid to let him go. Wilham has been reassigned to Chief Schultz’s staff on the Fifth Floor as a PIO. Wilham was originally hired by Mayor White, we mean Berry as a PIO. The history of this slug is interesting.

Berry hired Wilham as his PIO. Wilham was forced out of the nest by PIO Chris Huffman-Ramirez. Our Eyes told us that Wilham was fired while Boss Hog Darren White (read it here) was out of town. When White rushed back into town, he gave Wilham back his job and reassigned him to a position that was nonexistent and that was not funded. White assigned Wilham to “Special Projects Coordinator.” This position was under the watchful eye of White and former Undersheriff, Sal Baragiola. The job was never listed on the City web-site. There was never a job description or duties assigned to this position.

Our eyes told us that White was making APD pay for Wilham’s salary. Schultz demanded the body that he was paying for and Wilham was transferred from doing nothing under Baragiola to APD. Wilham’s new job was overseeing a program that would not exist in APD for another five years. Now, Wilham is on the Chief’s Staff as a PIO. The question is why?

The Albuquerque Police Department already has a supervisor in charge of being Ray Schultz’s PIO. That person is Sergeant Trish Hoffman. Of course Sgt. Hoffman does not supervise anybody but still receives supervisory pay. Now, Sgt. Hoffman has TJ “Yo quero Taco Bell” Wilham working with her. In addition to Sgt. Hoffman, APD has PIO’s assigned to every shift; day, swing, and graveyard. What does this “gypsy” do to make $80,000.00 per year? He was not and is not needed. Perhaps, the only reason for the huge salary is “hush money?” Perhaps the IG (Inspector General) should investigate why the City is giving this money away.

We would advise the IG to be cautious about what Wilham tells them. Our eyes tell us Wilham told a classroom full of police officers (in from of current PIO, Sgt. Hoffman), “the only way to make money in media is to lie.” Sgt. Hoffman challenged Wilham and asked, “Did you lie to me?” Wilham replied, “I lie every day.” What a model City of Albuquerque employee. Of course, Chief Schultz made lying acceptable when he was convicted in Federal Court.

The only job that Wilham has been documented and photographed performing is getting Taco Bell. Some refer to Wilham affectionately as “Taco Bell TJ” or “Yo quero Taco Bell.” In any event, delivery boys usually work off of tips and do not receive a huge City salary of $80,000.00 per year. If this is the case Berry is going to have every Domino’s and Pizza Hut driver applying for the same job.

The big question is; what is it that Wilham knows that would force Berry and the boys to keep this slug on the payroll in order to keep him silent?

Here’s the Real Kicker

Recently in the Journal (read it here) article, it was reported that two APD officers allegedly kicked a bad guy on the head. Our Eyes tell us this wanted felon has a history of abuse and being a racist bigot with alleged ties to the Aryan Nations Brotherhood (white supremacist and neo-Nazi). We wanted to review this story and ask a few questions like, if this occurred on February 13, 2011, why is it barely released now? Now, meaning that Schultz is in the water wearing a custom pair of concrete boots with crocodiles up to his derriere. The Eye may have an answer.

To answer the question we must look at the circumstances and the situation, at the time that this occurred. Schultz was caught up taking care of White and his fiascos. Also, the Tera Chavez family lawsuit was settled for $230,000.00 dollars. Tera Chavez was allegedly murdered by former APD Officer, Levi Chavez. Tera had warned family and friend if she was found dead; it would be her husband Levi Chavez who killed her. The reason, because she refused to participate in Levi Chavez’s alleged scheme to stage the theft of his ford truck. Tera claimed that Levi Chavez was assisted by his “APD buddies” in the alleged theft. Levi Chavez was a lateral entry into APD.

Schultz was referred to as “Santa Schultz” because of all of the money he kept giving away from the City’s funds. Anybody remember the television show, "The Six Million Dollar Man?" Well, let put it this way; Schultz could tears in the Six Million Dollar Man's eyes with all the money he has spent of your tax dollars.

If this case is as bad as it is made out to be; shouldn’t it have been released back in February? Our Eyes behind the badge tell us that the officers; entire chain of command reviewed the video and found that the strikes were within APD’s policy and training, given the situation and the circumstances. The Eye understands that the video was also reviewed by the academy/training staff who all concurred with the officers’ chain of command.

Is waiting five months a convenient time to release an incident appropriate? The officers’ do not deny anything and documented it in the police report. It does not appear like there is anything here, the officers could have shot this offender and moved APD’s total to twenty shootings.

This brings us to what is really happening here. Schultz is constantly looking for distractions; this case only serves to shield Schultz from being a target of the public. Once again, and the readers may be tired of hearing this, but it is a fact; Schultz is ready to push these two officers under the bus to save his own hide. Schultz was convicted in federal court of retaliation/civil rights violations. These are real federal offenses; yet Schultz received nothing for his malice acts. The disparity in treatment in APD with Schultz is horrible!

It is obnoxious knowing the truth and listening to Berry constantly praising Schultz. Of course Berry praised the last looser he had on his team too. Berry must enjoy the tantalizing taste of “crow,” he keeps serving himself a mountain of the ugly black bird.

Aug 19, 2011

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

Recent APD Officer Kindle was accused in a police sting operation of inappropriate contact with a female escort; Kindle promised the female escort to help her with some pending charges in exchange for sexual favors. According to KOAT7 (read it here), “Police say some of their contact happened on work time, and they caught Kindle in the act.” The statement made by the Chief of Police, Ray Schultz, was nothing short of shocking to the conscience.

Albuquerque’s Police Chief, Ray Schultz, released this statement by saying, “I am disappointed and want to make it clear that it is a privilege to wear an Albuquerque Police Department uniform, and anyone who tarnishes it will be fired.” We here at the Eye found this statement to be shocking and clearly hypocritical. Schultz was convicted of violating the civil rights of former APD Officer Costales in November of 2009, in the United States Federal District Court. The jury found that Schultz personally violated Costales’ rights, as did APD itself. If this officer “tarnished the Albuquerque Police Department’s uniform” what exactly did Schultz’s civil rights violation do the uniform? Should Schultz face the same fate as Kindle?

Former Officer Costales witnessed several Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies abusing one of Albuquerque’s local prominent family members belonging to the Racing Team of the Unser’s. Former Sheriff Darren White complained to Schultz about Costales breaking the “Blue Wall of Silence.” Schultz initiated several retaliatory actions that were ruled by the jury as a violation of Costales’ civil rights. Thanks to “Santa Schultz” (as we kindly refer to him as), for his civil rights violations; Costales walked out of the court room with a mountain of cash. The jury awarded Costales $662,000.00 in damages and an addition $200.000.00 in attorneys fees. That’s a total of $862,000.00. This does not include the thousands of dollars it cost the city to prepare for trail. Oh, former Sheriff Darren White settled with Costales early on for a mere $30,000.00.

Was Schultz disciplined? No. Was Schultz decertified by the State Law Enforcement Board? No. Did anything happen to Schultz? No. Schultz violated another human beings civil rights and cost the City Of Albuquerque $862,000.00. His reward you ask? No discipline, no accountability, and his buddy, Darren White made sure he stayed as chief with a $140,000.00 a year salary, plus benefits. What a deal! Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

If “What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander,” when comparing these two; one has been convicted of retaliation in a federal civil rights violation case in the United States Federal District Court and the other stands accused of inappropriate contact. One was given the keys to the city and the other is going to be given the ax. Where is the equality in treatment?

You get to be the judge at this point…

Even "Santa Schultz" wonders why...

Aug 18, 2011

Berry Veto's DOJ Investigation

Our Eye's on the inside are telling us that Mayor Berry Just Vetoed the proposed DOJ investigation that the City Council approved. Berry actually does not have the authority and now has insulted the DOJ.

We figure that Berry did not read our last post carefully enough, "Get across the river before you insult the crocodiles." This signals to the DOJ that there is a real problem that APD is trying to hide from...

Stay tuned folks...

Aug 17, 2011

Eye Poll Slams Schultz for Bad Performance

The Eye recently ran an Eye Poll to see you how the citizens felt about APD’s Chief of Police, Ray Schultz. Although, our poll is unscientific the results show that Schultz received an overwhelming bad rating in his performance. Our Eye Poll asked the following:

How do you rate Chief Ray Schultz given the turmoil in APD?
Rating Voters Percentage
Great 28 12%
Okay 11 4%
No opinion 9 3%
Poor 38 16%
Extremely poor 140 61%
Error margin +/- 4%
226 participants voted

Our poll shows 16% of the participants who voted, rated Schultz’s performance at “okay” to “great.” A total of 3% did not have an opinion. Here is the no shocker to us here at the Eye; a whopping 77% rate Schultz’s performance at “poor” to “extremely poor.” Let us repeat this information; 77% of the participants, who voted, rated Schultz’s performance at “poor” to “extremely poor.”

Is Schultz’s lousy rating due to all the police involved shootings? Is it due to the Schultz’s alleged involvement in the Darren White debacle? Is it that Schultz lied and stated there was “no probable cause” in the Kathy White alleged DUI case? Is it that Schultz was convicted in a United States Federal District Court of civil rights violations? Is it the record millions of dollars paid out under Schultz’s leadership or lack thereof? We could go on and on and on…

This poll probably comes as no shock to Schultz as he scrambled this week looking for a distraction. We found what we believe is that distraction, check back with us tomorrow and read what Schultz “brewed up” to take the heat off of himself again. The Eye has seen his tactics before when he sat back and let his department rip Judge Murdoch into pieces. Yes folks, the same big disaster case the special prosecutor from Santa-Fe County dismissed this week.

Stay tuned folks, tomorrows story will raise eyebrows on both ends of the isle…

Aug 15, 2011

Santa-Fe County DA Makes Smart Decision; Bernalillo County DA Still Lost

The Eye told you this bogus case was going, you guessed it; nowhere. According to the Journal (read it here), “Rape charges against former top criminal judge Albert S. “Pat” Murdoch are being dropped for now, but police say they expect to refile them along with new charges, unrelated to the original case.” Realistically, the only “thing” police can expect is a huge lawsuit for filing a ridiculous case against a prominent district judge after a shoddy “two day” investigation.

The Santa-Fe District Attorney’s Office apparently doesn’t want to embarrass our local cops for a bungled investigation. The Santa-Fe DA is wise to dump this case and wash their hand of anything having to do with it. A rookie DA would see this case is garbage, little alone a seasoned DA.

If the police are relying on any evidence gathered after the initial bungled investigation, they can forget it. Murdoch’s dream team of attorneys will have that evidence suppressed easily.

According to the Journal, “Attorney Nancy Hollander said she welcomed the dismissal because Murdoch ‘should never have been charged in the first place.’” Hollander continued to state, “I still believe my client is a victim and he will be fully vindicated.”

Everyone should like this comment by the police, “Albuquerque police would not confirm the nature of possible new charges, citing the ongoing investigation.” What happen to the “two-day” investigation? The police can do a shoddy “two-day” investigation, arrest a prominent judge, and paste his face all over the media; but, they can’t comment now on possible new charges. This is laughable if it was not for the fact that a judge’s career has been ruined.

Interesting how APD’s Doug West, stated, “However, APD Commander Doug West, who oversees the Vice unit, said they were not related to the rape case and surfaced when detectives scoured through hundreds of phone and computer records.” It is looking more and more like West and crew are trying to drum up some new charges in an attempt to save their behinds. This type of activity will only cost the City more money in liability.

The story continues and with West’s statement, “Detectives are still examining records, which is the reason the charges are being temporarily dropped.” With so much material still left to review, police and prosecutors would likely not meet the 60-day deadline to prosecute after arrest,” West said. Oh really, once again, what happened to the “two-day” investigation to arrest a prominent judge right off the bench?

The bottom line will come when the police finally discuss the root of the problem and the real criminal; the whore who repeatedly and voluntarily went to Murdoch’s house to be paid $200.00 per visit. The article states, “Police were also investigating that woman for possible extortion, because she had apparently been trying to sell the video on the street…”

Aug 14, 2011

White to Bring Down the Downs

The Eye has been told repeatedly that they do not understand the ties between White, McCleskey, Gov. Martinez, Dan Mourning and the State of New Mexico. The Eye is going to break it down for you. Understand that these connections are all a series of political “pay backs” for “favors” granted. This is how White (who has no experience in private consulting) can obtain a consulting license in one single day and sign a huge contract with the Downs of Albuquerque on the following day.

Remember, if they watched the news or “googled” their new consultant; it would show he resigned in disgrace from the City, has ties to a possible multi-million dollar fraud case (Tru-touch), possible perjury in a federal case (Arensfield), large payouts by Bernalillo County (on White’s behalf), the possible role White played in the firing of US Attorney, David Iglesias, etc…

Let’s start at the beginning. McCleskey and White are friends and partners in who knows what. McCleskey advised on Mayor Berry’s and Gov. Martinez’s campaigns. In what appears to be “owing favors,” McCleskey orders Berry to place White as Public Safety Director; a position that Berry promised to eliminate. White is a long time friend with Dan Mourning and pushes McCleskey to appoint Mourning to the post as the State Fair Manager. White also pushes McCleskey to place him on the Judicial Standards Commission (which White resigned from in disgrace). Martinez was just elected and is allowing McCleskey to do whatever he wants. None of us with jobs, little alone those without jobs, are “spoon fed” high dollar contracts just because of a friendship.

Dan Mourning signed an extension to the Downs and Racino owner, Paul Blanchard. Remember Blanchard and partners only own the business; he does not own the Fair grounds, the racetrack, any building or any of the surrounding property (a total of 93 acres). This is ALL owned by the State of New Mexico. This was an extension to an already twenty-five year lease. Anyone else see a problem here?

White’s tied up in controversy, resigns in disgrace from the City of Albuquerque as the Public Safety Director making $135,000.00 per year and resigns from the Judicial Standards Commission (also, in disgrace) and claims he “retired.” Oops, only one problem, White does not have enough time paid into PERA (the States Public Employees Retirement Association) to actually retire with full benefits. White gets the plug in with the Downs to get a high dollar contract because of his vast lack of knowledge in the areas of a horse racing and a Racino. Our Eyes claim the contract is for $75,000.00 for six months. It is rumored that McCleskey and Mourning set up the entire deal to help White out. Both McCleskey and Mourning are “acting agents” on behalf of the State of New Mexico and Gov. Martinez.

The Journal printed the truth in a recent story (read it here). According to the story, “Former City Public Safety Director Darren White has been hired by the Downs at Albuquerque to assist the racino in putting together a proposal to continue operating the racetrack and casino at Expo New Mexico for the next 25 years.” (Emphasis/Bold italics added)

Folks there you have it; the truth! White has been hired to “assist” the racino in gaining licensing and leasing for Expo New Mexico for the next twenty-five years. The article continues to reaffirm the statement. “Attorney Traci Wolf, Vice President of the Downs at Albuquerque, confirmed Thursday that White was recently hired by the racino to consult on security issues.” Wolf also stated, “He has been hired as a consultant to assist us with preparing our request for proposal.” (Emphasis/Bold italics added)

Since White knows nothing about racing or a racino, how could he possibly “assist” in this multi-million dollar proposal to cover the next twenty-five years? If it makes all the knights men or anyone else who have been racing to defend Martinez on this issue want to view this as a conspiracy theory; have at it. This is a public opinion blog.

This will be the first time in twenty-five years that a competitive lease will be offered for the property. The new lease will be for another twenty-five years. Now that White’s pockets are stuffed full with cash in exchange for his “assistance” (in preparing a new proposal), who do you think will get the new lease for the next twenty-five years? Are you thinking a new bidder possibly? You are a fool if you’re thinking that way. The Vice President who is an attorney for the Downs could easily prepare an adequate proposal. This is all politics; we all know who already has this lease in their pocket.

The picture White has painted appears to show that Blanchard and his partners have made “one hell of a deal” for pennies on the dollar. We all thought we had voted all the “pay-to-play” players out; wrong! We hope this picture is wrong and that there is honesty, integrity and dignity out there. So far, the facts are proving White’s picture to be correct.

The Eye has been told that Blanchard was former Governor Richardson’s BFF (best friends forever). This may be true, but now as it was then; it is all about the money. That means any expenditures’ that must be made is an acceptable overhead cost. For some, “the end does justify the means.”

White was given a free-bee by his friend Deaton. Although, all the facts show White was involved in wrong doing; Deaton let him off the hook completely. This spawned the City Council to request an investigation by the Inspector General. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice may initiate an investigation into other issues where White may be involved. White was a great choice for this contract, right?

Here is a closing thought. Confucius say, “Cross the river, then insult the crocodiles.” It appears that the Martinez Administration just entered the river to save White. All the crocodiles have their salt shakers in hand ready to feast. This is not going to end well in all probability for Martinez or her cronies.

Aug 11, 2011

Pro-tem Governor Jay McCleskey Gives his Friend (White) a Huge Contract

You heard it here first on the Eye. Our new Pro-tem Governor, Jay McCleskey, has been running the State by proxy and gave a huge contract to his friend, Darren White. Apparently, McCleskey will only allow the person we elected, Susana Martinez, to “call” herself Governor when in-fact McCleskey is running the show.

Our Eyes at the State told us about the contract that White was granted. White fled the City of Albuquerque in disgrace and now is under investigation by the City’s Inspector General and facing an inquiry and possible full blown investigation by the United States Department of Justice.

Our Eyes Claim that White’s contract is for $75,000.00 for six months. Do the math folks, that’s $150,000.00 per year to do; NOTHING! White’s other close friend, Dan Mourning, is in charge of Expo New Mexico where White will be stationed. Mr. Mourning appears to be a political appointee, only. Mourning has absolutely no experience in dealing with an enterprise of this magnitude. Mourning ran a hole in the wall restaurant in Albuquerque. What a deal, a multi-thousand dollar contract for another created position. White’s new position is just like the one White created for TJ Wilham, who also does nothing. Now Pro-tem Gov. McCleskey needs to send out contracts to the thousands of unemployed citizens in New Mexico and not the ones like Darren White. Every single New Mexican should be appalled by this entire scenario.

Governor Martinez needs to use her famed “Public Corruption Team” against McCleskey. We know that will never happen. Now that we have the God Father McCleskey in Santa-Fe running the State; the Eye is thinking that Big Bill’s team was a better choice. Governor Martinez, be sure you behave or McCleskey will have you cleaning toilets too.

The Republicans have become the cretins of New Mexico. The public is not going to forget this “Sham.” There is dirty politics and then there is filthy politics. This is a filthy set-up. How does the Governor sleep at night knowing that she is the floor mat for McCleskey to step on with his cleats and muddy shoes?

The Eye warned the Governor before:

Apparently the Governor doesn't learn...

Aug 10, 2011

Was Governor Martinez Betrayed by Senior Advisor McCleskey?

Our Eyes at the State are telling the Eye an interesting rumor. According to some of our Eyes, Darren White has been given a huge contract as head of security, consulting for the Casino-Racino at the Expo New Mexico. Strangely enough, Expo NM has been bleeding red; yet they find the big bucks for White? The Eye is being told Senior Advisor to Governor Martinez, Jay McCleskey, arranged the whole set up behind the Governor’s back.

It is nice to know when you are forced to resign in disgrace; you can always use a friend to get you a big contract with the State of New Mexico. Perhaps McCleskey could help out the thousands of New Mexicans who are unemployed with a big fat State contract.

The Republican Party of New Mexico should be ashamed of this behavior if this rumor is true. The Republican Party wants all of us to vote in another Republican candidate in the future? Really? This will not happen this does not taint the party; these types of actions decapitate the party.

This rumor may bear some truth because some of our Eyes observed White at the City obtaining a consulting license. The Eye will continue to follow this story.

Aug 9, 2011

Mayor Berry’s Improvement Plan will take 25 Years

Yes, you read that correctly. Our local embarrassment, Mayor Berry told KRQE News (read it here) that “he plans to improve city services by rolling out his 25-year plan for the city.” The citizens of Albuquerque need improved city services now, not in twenty-five years. If this mayor cannot run the City now, what makes him think he can run it any better in twenty-five years?

Berry was commenting on a survey the City funded. The City survey slammed the police. According to the survey, “only half of people polled felt APD treated citizens with respect.” According to the story, Mayor Berry said “regaining public confidence in APD’s a top priority for his administration.” The survey also stated, “Less than half of all people felt ‘very safe’ outside at night in the city.” The survey also revealed that “13 percent felt ‘very safe’ downtown at night.” The Mayor’s answer to this; “Berry wants to address that by attracting more businesses and families to the downtown area.” For what, so those businesses can be robbed or burglarized or for families to be victimized by the high crime rate downtown? The downtown area would have to be scrubbed clean before anyone in their right mind would consider moving into the downtown area.

The survey also stated, “Less than half of all people felt "very safe" outside at night in the city.” Berry responded by saying, “Whether it's eating, entertainment, whatever it happens to be, to bring more people down there with their families, I think it will get better over time.” Once again, who would knowingly take their families where there is an extremely high propensity to have someone injured or victimized? Here is the truth of this statement; yes, over time it will get better, only because this administration will be gone.

Berry claims “regaining public confidence in APD is a top priority for his administration.” Then Berry rambles on and states, "We want to make sure we're going out there every day and getting the trust of the community." Where is the “we’re?” Does Berry carry around an imaginary friend in his pocket? Berry has done nothing to try and gain the community’s trust. Keeping White till the ship ran aground and continuing to back White knowing full well, that he made a horrendous mistake, is completely unacceptable. To add insult to injury, Berry keeps an insurance policy to ensure the ship will never sail again by retaining the “has-beens” of the Marty Era. Schultz and Breen are not respected and have lost all ability to lead the men and women of public safety.

It seems that Captain BlueBerry and his ship of fools will always be wrecked, because this ship wreck will never be repaired. Public trust will never be regained with these fools sitting in Berry’s ship’s “bow-el.”

Aug 8, 2011

Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board Post Makes Sense

Known for writing nonsense and gibberish; the AJED (Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board) regurgitated public information and posted it in the Albuquerque Journal’s (read it here) Editorial Section. The AJED usually writes a barrage of “tree hugging and extreme liberal opinions.” The AJED summarized the actions of our City Government. For the most part, the statements all agree that the City will cooperate with the DOJ (Department of Justice) probe. AJED is clearly non-committal of the article; the AJED simply put information together for the public.

The DOJ had already initiated a probe into the deadly force actions of the Albuquerque Police Department. Darrell (Mayor Berry) and his other brother Darrell (Robbie Perry) and his other brother Darrell (Ray Schultz) tried desperately to cover up the entire issue by having some friends of Schultz do a review with recommendations. The article states that Perry sent a letter to DOJ along with the PERF report. We wonder if Perry made the same statement to DOJ that he made to the City Council. When the DOJ stops laughing, there may be a list of ideas as to what they will do with the PERF report; kindling for a fire, paper to use under the bird cage, etc…The report (PERF) was returned with the recommendations and a huge bill. The Eye is sure that the City of Albuquerque is paying for someone’s beach-front property.

The City Council made the correct decision calling for the investigation. Public trust is paramount and must be gained and retained at all costs. The biggest question remains; why has the “Darrell Brothers” (Blue-Berry, Straw-Perry and Shortcake-Schultz) tried avidly to prevent this investigation? Here is a reminder from the Eye; the Darrell Brothers do not have a choice in the matter. The DOJ is a federal agency and does not need your approval to conduct any type of investigation. DOJ is the real thing, if they need to come in and rescue APD from corruption; they have legitimate legal authority to do so.

On the brighter side of things, DOJ may not find anything with the current probe and may not conduct a full blown investigation. Chances are strong that some type of an investigation will ensue because of the “culture of corruption” that exists in APD and the failure of the City’s current mayor to respond to the problems. White was pressured out; Schultz should never have been retained and should leave like White. The Democrats are throwing parties behind the scenes in jubilation of Berry’s failures. The new mayor will be tasked with cleaning up all the Berry stains left behind.

This whole mess is going to turn “Berry ugly” in a hurry due to a few “Berry bad mistakes,” such as White, Schultz, Baragiola, etc…The Democrats will be saying, Thank you “Berry much” mister Mayor.

Aug 7, 2011

Do You Know Where YOUR Money Is Going?

The last couple of APOA presidents have brought on much disgrace to the Association. For example, one Past President is accused of embezzling money not only directly from the Association, but from fundraisers as well. Another Past President (and current APOA Manager), has been accused of using the APOA money to help his "buddies". For example, there are allegations that he used APOA money to fly fellow officers to Arkansas to help with their criminal charges. Also, he is accused of using APOA money to pay for Calibers Memberships for his friends (civilian and not police officers).

The latest allegation against current APOA President, Joey (Filberto) Sigala, is mind boggling. As many of you know, the APOA was kicked out of the APD Main Police Station. BCSO offered FREE space to Joey in order to give the APOA a meeting area. Joey and his best friend, aka Vice-President, began looking at property to buy. They were unable to locate a building to purchase, so they jumped into a rental building. These two signed a year long lease at $2000 a month WITHOUT the approval of board members, let alone the general membership. What is even more alarming is that Joey and Flip signed a lease and never showed it to the union attorney prior to signing the lease. Even though a Judge ruled that they could conduct Union business on city time, the APOA is paying Joey an additional $36,000 a year and Flip (Felipe) an extra $24,000 a year. That is IN ADDITION to their APD City pay. Ron Olivas (Past President) has been hired at a rate of approximately $40,000 a year (again without full permission from board OR membership). Joey and Flip CHOSE to be in their positions. At a recent executive meeting, Joey made all of the representatives attend a full day meeting on a Saturday. No one was compensated to attend (except Joey and Flip).

Joey recently purchased a high dollar desktop MAC computer for the secretary. There was no need to purchase such a high dollar item, in fact the old computer is set up at the APOA office. Joey also purchased BRAND NEW iPHONES for himself and Flip. There was nothing wrong with their cellular phones, Joey just felt the need to spend YOUR money yet again. Another computer was purchased to allow for the construction of the APOA newsletter. A newsletter that is no longer around, however the newsletter creator has been able to keep the computer for his own personal use.
Joey and Flip have gone on numerous trips throughout the year. We want to know why they seem it is so necessary to go on trips together. Why does a Union President and Vice President have to be gone at the same time and why do they need to go on so many costly training trips? Lastly, and perhaps the most questionable is the purchase of a pool table. Joey purchased the pool table and yet again asked no permission. The pool table is conveniently housed at his residence. The pool table was purchased with YOUR money. We believe that a full audit needs to be conducted and Joey and Flip need to be removed. Bottom line, are you getting your moneys worth?

Aug 4, 2011

Time to Say Goodbye to One of APD’s True Hero’s

The time has come to say goodbye to Master Sergeant, Paul Heh. Sergeant Heh has been with APD for approximately twenty-five years, of that time; Sergeant Heh has been a sergeant for approximately nineteen years. Sgt. Heh has posted several times here on the Eye and has always put his name on what he’s posted. Sergeant Heh is retiring at the end of this month.

The officers who spoke to the Eye, with the understanding we would keep their identity anonymous, (due to head hunting of their current Chief of Police, Raymond Daniel Schultz). The Eye understands the officers’ plight, Schultz is known for his pattern of harassment, intimidation and retaliation if an officer ever opposed him. The officers we spoke with gave a very strong praise for Sergeant Heh. Everyone told us he was an honest, stand up type of man. This is a rare quality to find in APD’s management staff.

This type of employee is rare and has become a dying breed. We salute you Sergeant Heh for having dignity, respect and honestly. The officers told us that you have always stood up for what is right, even when it placed you in peril. Your statements at the Albuquerque City Council were profound and respected.

This is just a thought, if you ever want a job; the Eye On Albuquerque would be proud to have you on our staff. Thank you for your service to our community and the citizens’ of Albuquerque!!!

Aug 3, 2011

Schultz should be Amongst the Primary Targets in IG Probe

DOJ (Department of Justice) has already started an investigation reviewing claims against APD to determine if they will conduct a full blown investigation. Channel 7 News told Chief Schultz DOJ may come into investigate. Chief Schultz stated, “If they come in, we’ll respect ‘that’ and anything that they ask us to do.” Schultz talked as if he has a big choice in the matter. This is the Federal Department of Justice; Chief, you have no choice. The Eye knows you like to ignore Federal stuff like civil rights violations. Channel 7 News asked Schultz, do you welcome an investigation? Schultz replied, “well, obviously we already have the PERF investigation that’s already been done…” Schultz “hymn hawed around,” it was like watching an episode of “Hee Haw!” Schultz rambled about implementing sixty different things, Blah, Blah, Blah… The bottom line is; if Schultz has nothing to hide, he and APD should welcome and embrace any legitimate investigation.

The Honorable City Councilmen, Ken Sanchez, hit it perfect when he stated to Channel 7 News, “there is a crisis in leadership; in the City of Albuquerque.” Mayor Berry was asked, do you have any concerns with all the controversy going on in Albuquerque? Berry replied, “Uh…Blah, Blah, Blah…” Berry should have just said up front, I don’t want to answer that question and I am going to avoid it. Berry followed the rules for lying or covering-up; deny, deny, deny and make counter allegations. Berry talked about the great job that the men and women of the City do risking their lives for the citizens. He also talked about his fifty million dollar package he wants from Albuquerque. Berry played the game and basically avoided the question.

Schultz should have been a target in the IRO investigation since he lied and stated that there was no probable cause for a DWI investigation. But since “Ray” is a friend of IRO Deaton, he got a free “get out of jail pass.” This was a sloppy investigation at best. Schultz in all probability ordered Beth Piaz to have Walck change the report. Our eyes tell us, Paiz was on the phone and Schultz could be heard asking Paiz, “Did Walck change that report?!?” Paiz reportedly replied, “No Chief, he has not.” Chief Ray Schultz stated, “Have him change that F-(BLIP)ing report!” Paiz allegedly told the Chief, “yes” and ordered Sgt. Wolley to instruct Walck to change the report. Schultz and Paiz should be primary targets of the IG’s investigation, not only for administrative violations but for criminal violations.

If this is true, why would Schultz ask such a question and give such an order? Who ordered him to cover up? Was Chief Schultz ordered to cover up or did he act on his own? All these questions must be answered.

Schultz shared a personal vendetta with Deaton against Walck. Deaton and Chief Schultz attended a meeting at the New Mexico LEA Board in an attempt to have Walck decertified. Their efforts were fruitless; the Board unanimously ruled in favor of Walck. Deaton slammed Walck for not conducting a DWI investigation claiming there was plenty of cause. The problem is Chief Schultz publically stated that there was not any probable cause to conduct a DWI investigation. Deaton still gave his friend “Ray” another “get out of jail free card.” Let’s hang Walck and let Schultz “skate” on this one. This is wrong, very wrong.

Schultz was found guilty of Civil Rights violations against another police officer but was never decertified or disciplined or terminated although a United States Federal District Court found him guilty. Does anyone else besides the Eye wonder why Schultz’ “skated” on this one too but he hounds a 38 year senior veteran?

Deaton should have refused and recused himself from conducting this investigation, however, just like Walck; Deaton was intimidated by his boss. Otherwise, a retired federal judge knows better than to take part in a “political shenanigan.” Maybe that is why it is such a lousy investigation.

Here is one last item of interest. According to the Journal (read it here) RJ Perry, not RJ Berry made a statement to the City Council on Monday, “urged councilors to consider the scope of what they would be asking for. It’s not necessarily a ‘friendly’ investigation to help out local police.” It appears that Schultz may need to give his “friend card” to DOJ. Let us know how this works out for you Chief. The Eye does not believe that the DOJ will honor your card like Deaton did for you.

A DOJ probe should not be “friendly,” it should be legitimate with lawful authority and factual. It is time for Berry to “chop the head off the snake.” The City’s top leadership including APD and AFD need a clean sweep and new executives from outside the current ranks that are tainted.

Aug 2, 2011

IRO William Deaton Gets a Vote of No Trust from City Council

The Albuquerque City Council voted unanimously on Monday night to have the IG (Inspector General) Office investigate the incident and circumstances involving former Public Safety Director, Darren White. White stands accused of several administrative violations and a long list of crimes ranging from impersonating a police officer to conspiracy to cover up his wife’s alleged DUI crash. The City Council voiced concerns that Deaton did not have the authority to conduct an investigation on non-sworn officer. Deaton’s findings were released on Friday, July 29, 2011.

The City Council’s vote to have the IG’s Office investigate is clearly a vote of “no trust” for Deaton. Immediately after releasing the report Deaton fled the country. Deaton knew before hand several facts; first, he did not have any subpoena powers, two, he knew that he had a personal and on-going friendship with White, and third, he knew the IG’s Office does have the investigative abilities with legitimate subpoena powers. The Eye sees Darren White bouncing and heading to Suffern, New York to “visit” family “again” now that he is in hot water again. The jester’s court of Berry’s fools has all the makings of a movie. Why would Deaton take off, to avoid being questioned about his poor shoddy investigation?

Deaton knew he did not have authority and should have refused to handle the case. Perhaps former Judge Deaton could have directed the City in the correct direction? According to the redacted report by Deaton, White was never interviewed, why? If White was interviewed, why was he not asked about the criminal allegations? If Deaton did interview White and failed to ask the important and relevant questions, doesn’t that make Deaton and his office guilty of conspiracy and a minimum of misfeasance, but more than likely malfeasance of duty? White was the cause of the investigation, he was at the center of the investigation and he was the primary target of the investigation. Now, how is it possible to clear everyone including White of wrong doing without interviewing the target? And if he was interviewed, how come none of the relevant questions asked, show any facts? On the other hand, how is it that Deaton dumped everything on Senior Officer Walck and then fled the country?

Deaton had a personal vendetta against Walck as did Chief Schultz. Both Deaton and Schultz appeared in Santa-Fe at the Law Enforcement Board several weeks ago in an attempt to have Walck decertified as a police officer on an un-related situation. The Law Enforcement Board in Santa-Fe refused to decertify Walck and unanimously voted in favor of Walck. This left both Deaton and Schultz angry and looking for anything to go after Walck in retaliation. They found their opportunity with Darren White’s blunders. Here again, when Deaton knew this case involved an officer that he held a personal vendetta against, Deaton should have refused to handle the case and recuse himself. Schultz knowing the situation should have voiced an objection if he had any integrity.

The Eye sees another huge settlement coming out of this case. The Eye is sure that Senior Officer Walck will welcome the big money but for the rest of us citizens paying out on incompetence, it is disheartening.

Deaton’s case is riddled with problems. For example; Schultz claimed there was no probable cause for a DUI investigation yet the IRO slams Walck for not conducting a DUI investigation. Does that mean that Deaton is calling Ray Schultz a liar? Deaton’s credibility has been ruined by his own actions and by the vote of no trust. The City should release Deaton from the City’s service. The person, who is chosen to replace Deaton, should be a credible person of good moral fabric.

Bravo to the City Council, especially the Honorable Ken Sanchez for stepping up to the plate and handling business!

Per Our Eyes Request; Regarding the Brad Arensfield Text Messages

Please read below through the links provided. The two links will take you to two of the stories that we ran here on the Eye.

Read it here and here.

Aug 1, 2011

Brad Arensfield Speaks out at City Council Meeting

Former APD Officer Brad Arensfield addressed the Albuquerque City Council and spelled out what he has been through with APD and the retaliation he has suffered. Arensfield told the Council that he could not understand how Chief Ray Schultz, who was convicted in a United States Federal District Court of civil rights violations, is still allowed to serve on the New Mexico Law Enforcement Board. Arensfield stated that Schultz is a liar and runs APD with the use of retaliation. Arensfield offered proof from the records provided to him by the FBI.

Arensfield read the record out loud. It stated then, Deputy Chief, Mike Castro, was ordered to do an investigation on Arensfield as retaliation for testifying at a homicide trial involving another APD officer. As a result of the testimony given by Arensfield, the officer who was off duty when the death occurred was cleared. Schultz wanted the other officer fired as a result of the (justified) murder. After being cleared, this opened the way for the other officer to be reinstated with APD. This infuriated Schultz.

Arensfield is set to be sentenced shortly for obstruction of justice in an FBI investigation. Arensfield was convicted of notifying a friend about what he believed was an APD investigation. Arensfield’s son worked at the business that was being targeted. Arensfield removed his son and told the owner about the investigation. The owner stated that he already knew about the investigation because Darren White’s wife had been texting the owner’s wife about the investigation with all the details. White told the owner and his wife that he would take care of all of it and clear Arensfield. According to the owner, White claimed that it was all a political set up. The owner claims White lied at the FBI trial and failed to follow through on his promise to correct the record.

Schultz has lied several times and proof does exist. The question then becomes, why does Berry keep him? "The writing is on the wall." It is time for Berry to clean house.

Arensfield acknowledges his poor judgment but this case does not warrant prison. Knowing how corrupt White and Schultz are, this is a good time to show your support for Arensfield.

Please send either a letter of support for Arensfield or an email. The information is as follows:

Jason Bowles Attorney at Law
201 3rd St. N.W.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87102