The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 25, 2019

The smoking gun that reform is nothing but a sham. The DOJ being defrauded... More of this administration being caught with their thumb on the scale, and the CPOA circles the wagon as we catch them rigging a survey to protect their Director... AGAIN!

Folks, every once in a while, people just get caught. Sometimes they get caught doing no bid contracts. Sometimes they get caught breaking laws, and most of the time they get caught lying. Most of the time here in this lying shit hole of corruption nothing is done about it, because everyone is complicit on both sides, unless you are someone they deem expendable and usually low level. 

What we have here are certain individuals trying to cover their tracks, and regroup after getting caught rigging what was supposed to be an anonymous survey. Well, it really wasn’t so anonymous. As a matter of fact, a list went out to only chosen proponents of the CPOA Director Edward Harness. 

Someone fucked up, and someone got caught! 

The really unbelievable and filthy thing here is the blatant arrogance in knowing they got caught, then admitting they should trash the results, start over, defraud the public and do another controlled, not so anonymous survey, because the first survey was filled out by so many “unapproved people.”

Two things here! Just what is their definition of unapproved people? There was a spot marked on that survey for stakeholders. Just who do they think stakeholders are? We as citizens are all stakeholders, as far as the DOJ definition was concerned. 

We have been saying for a very long time that this administration has been controlling investigations, framing people and playing God for way too long. Now here is one smoking gun of proof. 


Look at the list of “approved people” that the list was sent to! A city councilor is on that list as are two reporters.

The city councilor is in a little hot water of his own over two of his family members being in hot water. One of them is an APD employee. Ask yourself this question. How is the Director supposed to be objective in investigations and rulings, when the guy approving him is the family member of someone being investigated, and may have a say on wether or not he is retained?

You want to know why things happen here that defy logic, makes the good people who tell the truth, live life honorably, and try hard to do what is right every day so sick and tired? You are looking at it. The below email is evidence that the public was going to be lied to through a totally bogus, and controlled survey. Not only that, but these board members want to speculate on who told everyone about this. More proof of latent retaliation. They are disturbed we found out. Funny thing is, we do not even know who sent it to us, but we commend them for their bravery and integrity.

We have been telling the Department of Justice for years that the Administration of the City of Albuquerque is a criminal enterprise. It is continuing.

Notice how the media was silent on this too. This was so blatant, but the media looks the other way, because if they confront it, they will be cut off from the access to the information and scoops they enjoy. Again proving much of what we have been saying.

In Albuquerque, it can never be about what is right can it? These motherfuckers will never learn that there will ALWAYS be people with integrity, who will shine the light on this cowardice.

ANYONE who thinks that it is s joke to play games with the truth... play games with peoples lives... play games with efforts to fix this mess, or make money, take care of their asshole friends, or conduct lucrative personal networking by rigging the reform process, and defrauding everyone, needs their life turned upside down, and inside out. They need to feel like they live in a juice blender tied to the front end of a roller coaster. Let’s see if that political favor down the road is worth it.

We thought the letter Gordon Eden wrote to all commanders warning the APD employees to stop talking to the DOJ was obstructing a federal investigation. We thought the emails stating the deal between the city and Taser was “greased,” along with taking a job with Taser after greasing that deal was enough to indict Schultz for pay to play, and we thought surreptitiously video taping the federal monitor BY APD command staff, in order to extort a positive evaluation of APD was enough for extortion charges. Obviously someone is missing it, needs to borrow a set of balls, or just flat out needs someone to do their job for them.

If this isn’t enough to put the brakes on shit, and start another investigation, what is? When is enough going to be enough? It is obvious that this new administration isn’t getting it either. What is it going to take to get some punishment around here?

For what all of this is worth, many people on both sides of the fence knew this was going on, and they chose to keep their fucking mouths shut.

We won’t. Fuck You liars!

Keller, you own this. Do not think you are going to play RJ Berry any longer. Get the fuck up. Take off the cute football jersey, and grow a set of balls. We all know this administration does not have the skin thick enough to deal with what we bring to the table. We have been quiet long enough.

Right the wrongs. Get rid of the crooked. Fix the past. Pave for the future, and forget about the “I” in your personal agendas.

We want to know what the “approved” and “unapproved” people said in that survey that makes the CPOA want to do a redo. If the mayor wants to prove he is transparent, he needs to call for the unedited publishing of the entire survey.

We would like to apologize for our long vacation. We have been working on some very important stories, like the new police use of force bill being proposed in state legislature, and the possible story of a mayor who rolled over his car while drunk many years ago as a teenager, and was arrested for it, and an officer who lied under oath about being part of a political favor to get promoted, after the force he used was deemed excessive, causing the death of a man, among many other leads. It is not going to be a very good year for some malfeasants this time around.

We were serious when we said make the wrongs right, not to continue to reward wrongdoing.

Happy Spring everyone!
Strap the fuck in.

They might not know The “who and why of the limitations,” but we do.

Mar 21, 2019





Click on the link, and take the survey. Be descriptive, and include facts. 

We are tired of the disparity, in which investigations are handled within APD. YOU SHOULD BE TOO! 

This was brought to our attention by one of our Eyes. We were told that this was only released to a certain audience, who would provide favorable feedback. In other words, AGAIN, they want to control the facts, in order to come to their desired outcome. Another illusion! Speak out, and tell them how you feel. 

The unfairness and kangaroo court behavior is still going on with a rampant rate within APD. PROTECTED INDIVIDUALS ARE STILL BEING PROTECTED! An independent investigator, free of ANY control by the city is needed. 

Good people are railroaded, while the creeps are protected. Put an end to this. Call for a fair and objective Director to be appointed... one who has no stake in the game, nothing to prove, no big raise to expect for his decisions, and no renewed contract as reward for protecting corrupt individuals. WE DO NOT WANT A GROUPIE LOOKING TO ENAMOR HIMSELF POLITICALLY IN ORDER TO FEATHER HIS NEST FOR ENRICHMENT AND A GREAT RESUME AT THE COST OF CONFRONTING THE TRUTH HERE! 

Nothing has been done to anyone responsible for the mess our city is in. Nothing will continue to be done as long as people in positions to hold people accountable handle the corruption with kid gloves, and are afraid to stand up, and go at the bullies who are tearing apart our city from within. 

Take the below survey.

You only have until tonight. They really tried to manipulate this one folks. Just look at the bogus timeline! This is why the place is falling apart. Let the placating end. You can click on either link posted at the top and bottom of this page. 

Thank You.

Mar 12, 2019


After the last administration, many in our city have been calling for drastic change. It is not happening, and there are consistent reasons for why this change is not happening. 

The public is being placated by silence when there is nothing positive going on, or things are really bad. 

Recently, a very well known and skilled attorney was charged with crimes related to pointing a firearm at one of her clients. You can read about the story here....

The events in the above story were not reported on until the next day. Considering the severity of the allegations, it is unusual that information about this case is at a minimum out there, and the charges were nolled so fast with no word of follow up. 

Nowara was Mayor Keller’s campaign lawyer and former partners with two individuals named Zach Ives and Matt Garcia. Their law firm was called “GIN” LAW. ( Garcia Ives Nowara).

What’s interesting in the events of this case is the dissolving of the law partnership, the other two partners, and what was going on with that firm at that time. This is important, because here in Albuquerque there is a double standard. That double standard has been exposed time and time again, as those within the state and city, in very influential positions, have used their influence to protect people that have committed illegal acts. At the same time these connected individuals framed  innocent people for contrived allegations that were wholly fabricated to either cover their own actions or to protect their friends from being discovered. Many times individuals were railroaded due to retaliation or as a political favor. 

It has been said that in the state of New Mexico one can rarely get a fair shake, when you are politically targeted. This is true, because of a few reasons. One, being that this state is a small community, where many know each other. Another reason is that when you look at the political and legal community, you further narrow that community down to a group of people who ALL know each other, or went to school with each-other. This is alarming, because things going on in criminal and civil courts are not coincidences. When you look into the backgrounds of the elected officials, judges and police officials here, you will see many overlaps. Where actions taken and decisions are made, that defy legality or logical reason. It is known that someone picked up the phone and called in a favor. Yes, we are going to go there, because this is part of the problem, but back to the subject at hand, and before we go any further anyone involved in this are presumed innocent until proven guilty. 

The political attitude here is to be a chameleon. There is never positive change because of this self serving mentality. Let’s step it out, and then you will understand where we are going with this. 

Over the period of the last administration, we saw a concerted effort by the usual political self servers, to cover for the filthy and illegal actions of the former administration. There were no bid contracts, orchestrated sole source contracts, and outright just preferentially giving business to crooked friends of people in power. We saw this in the ART contract, Taser fiasco, Spiwak Jacket, ballistic vest, and Aimpoint sight contracts just to name a very few. 

Many of the above actions were undertaken by people who would support anything or anyone, as long as it aligned with their monetary interests. The Albuquerque Journal proved this with their Kent Walz style flip flopping of mayoral candidate support, when their initial candidate started to fall. Their contradictory rhetoric was legendary and humiliating. They showed the true climate here.  It doesn’t matter to them, because these people have no shame. A second sighting saw Kaufman’s West owner and Ray Schultz worshiper at Keller celebrations, and  another individual who lauded Brian Colon as the only answer as mayor, saying the same about Tim Keller after he wrote a letter to the police union saying the opposite. Of course that was after his candidate lost to Keller before the runoff. You can see where we are going here. The majority of motive in New Mexico is personal agenda, and maximizing personal revenue and influence. The positive things happen as a secondary effect, as long as it is convenient along the way to what these people want. 

Detailing the double standards we are talking about is the unnerving silence in the media concerning this administration, where things still need to be addressed, and there are still major problems. Case in point, Drobik told the media bad information recently concerning a child abuse case, and he was covered for like he was the Mayor’s son, with the excuse that he was given the wrong information. We all remember former PIO Duran being torched by the administration for lying to the media in the same manner. There is a protective force in play for those beneficial to those who are doing the political flip flopping too. There is no standard. It is all what they want, when they want it, and that is why this place is so treacherous to those who are not having it. 

The fact of the matter is that doing the right thing here will be non-beneficial to some group who is connected to those who are charged with accountability. That is a fact. 

This is now why we are bringing up the GIN law firm, and these individuals. Although they may  have known or done something, or they may not have, we need to know if any of the money being discussed as being taken actually went on, and if they all knew about it, because of where they are now. The news never reported that Nowara was Keller’s campaign attorney.

This law firm was dissolved, and all parties went their own ways for other career purposes, some of which demand the utmost in fairness and integrity, at a time when we can absolutely provide proof of malfeasance, dereliction, and collaboration from the bench, and those in city and state government who are charged with being the actual watchdogs against such behavior. Hence, no positive change due to personal agendas. Selfishness and criminal behavior, along with public corruption are destroying our city and state. The lack of a spine of those able to seek out, prosecute, and punish this behavior is enabling it to go on, because they don’t have the guts to do what is right. This is ultimately because their friends, and political contributors, co-workers, and former co-workers would become their targets. That is a fact. 

What would happen if Hector Balderas prosecuted Ray Schultz? Here is your answer. Hector’s buddy would have to represent fat Ray. That’s right. What a quandary for all! They would all get shit on their faces, especially Colon, who said he had nothing to do with Ray. All three of these politicians and dirt merchants would have their names sullied. 

Being open and transparent isn’t relative or to be used with discretion. It should be all the time, and without the games that the city and state play to hide information. 

The media keeps most negative stories concerning this administration to a minimum, if not completely putting a kabash on it. When they do report something bad, they end the story with a little something nice. Many stories make it out, but are stopped at the executive level in local news stations, or delayed until the wagons can be circled by their friends. Many get mad that we tell this, thinking that we may take a side.... possibly their side. We take the sight of right. It is not about getting money or promotions. It is about making right. 

Because of the above transparency, and seeking what is right we are concerned about what took place involving money within the GIN Law Firm and their client, because of who may know or not know about what was going on and where they are working now. 

You see, Matt Garcia is now council for the governor and Zach Ives was appointed to the New Mexico court of appeals. 

This is very concerning to us, considering what we are seeing and hearing about conflicts of interest and outright case tampering, with cases currently in our system. When political favors get called in concerning high profile issues involving friends of friends, there is no coincidence, when laws are broken within the courts, or cases of judicial tampering are ignored, especially when there is a one degree connection between politicians, judges and lawyers within offices of government and accountability. There s no coincidence, when people resign, when caught from very hard to get political appointments, and jobs. There is no coincidence when we are contacted, and told that law enforcement officials, city and state  attorneys and judges are breaking laws by doing favors, calling in favors, and framing people like we are living in a 3rd world dictatorship, where these actions boggle the mind of those who do not know what is really going on. 

Because of the last ten years of absolute ludicrous behavior, by a known few in the courts who sit as judges who are directly connected to filthy politicians and administrators, the fairness in our system has become a joke. We will be running with information we have obtained outlining some really dirty behavior concerning individuals who are perpetuating the kind of criminal filth that took place with the last administration. They are carrying it forward into this one, because of the chameleons who have continued to change their colors to embed themselves into this administration,  and as we have stated have been accepted, instead of rejected by this administration because the relationship has been seen as beneficial to individuals instead of the whole of our city. In a nutshell, this is our problem. The filth behind the scenes are still behind the scenes. They never left. They just changed sides. Nothing changes. It just moves around. You just have to watch. 

What is good and worse for everyone else, is not for a select few who are connected. The time of the special ones being covered for and the favors being called in via judicial tampering favors in the police department and defrauding the system, courts, and public may work, but will be exposed here. 

If the jokers clowns and creeps here can not be professional, objective, fair, just, and impartial we will do it for them at their expense so bad that the squeak of a reply from their filthy mouths will elicit their own indictment. 

Take the 5th. We strongly advise it if you are on the wrong side of right. 

The attorney general really needs to take a look at himself and what he is is doing. Arresting old ladies for DUI after the fact and prosecuting high profile financial crimes involving UNM....
All of this, while the reasons for the destruction of our city are still at large, because taking them down will take down everyone behind the scenes who are connected to those who supported him and his other friends and political allies. 

Imagine how you would feel if you lost your business because of the ART project. Imagine how you would feel if your family member was killed by an emboldened career criminal, because officers are afraid of doing their jobs, the most experienced officers retired or quit, and morale is in the pits, because the officers have no confidence in a command staff that started years ago making up allegations against everyone to cover up their own corruption. Imagine if the second wave of malfeasant underlings of the past bunch of cruds were promoted or hired back. Now stop imagining it, because it’s happened.