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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 24, 2016

Me myself and I: Cronyism under the nose of the FBI

You would think the morons running this city into the ground under the watchful EYE of the DoJ would be a little more discreet when they grease palms, and benefit from kickback schemes as they continue to scratch each other's filthy backs at the expense of the Albuquerque tax payer yet once again! Mayor Berry to the left, and The Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal to the right... But who's stuck in the middle? You! That's who.

As the coward of Albuquerque, who is sometimes called Woodhead, Smallfruit, Dingelberry, and other appropriately fitting names by our readers known as Richard J. Berry, continues attempts to pull every scheme he can to benefit his friends financially, we here at THE EYE are watching. Berry just can not do what needs to be done, without angling for his dirt doers in the process, as he deceives everyone into thinking his idea is a good one for the community. Berry, Brad Winter and Pat Davis's idea could not be more asinine if the THREE STOOGES came up with it.

These three propose to allow Berry to circumvent the retirement system to hire retirees to work as report takers, and handlers of low level investigatory 911 calls. We have PSA's doing this right now. You say hire more PSAs! Well, how can Berry and Brad winter's friends make 1.3 million dollars if the city does that?!? They can't, so they came up with a scheme to do it called Aralant Incorporated. This corporation is owned by Councilman Brad Winter's old Campaign Secretary Arthur Sonny Leeper. Its funny how the names of the same old buttholes keep popping up. Hmmmmm. Ol Brad didn't want to relinquish his city council seat on August 22, 2015 after he was appointed APS interim superintendent coincidentally right before August 24th, 2015 when Aralant was incorporated. Maybe Brad was pre-rewarded with this appointment beforehand. Makes you think, doesn't it? This is probably why. You see people, this is how it works. They plant their seeds, and think they are the only ones watching their weed garden grow.

Coincidentally, Jack Jones, the former no bird colonel who was the director of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy as it melted down under scrutiny over the last few years, is the Managing Director for Aralant. No wonder why the NMLEAB was running rampant over employee rights from the time just before the DoJ arrived, until now. Jones resigns, an assistant NMAG resigns, after getting caught tampering with police officer hearing cases going back years, and we have seen recent rulings that defy logic. We here at the Eye will address much of this in the future, with leaked evidence of voicemails, emails, and letters, but we would much rather see justice prevail before we launch what we have, as we know many wheels are in motion. How many favors were granted to Berry for this reward?

Anyone who has been taken for a ride, this is why! If it's not about money. It is about sex, and political power. These people are vermin and scum. And as vermin and scum prosper here, we have a vermin scum political rag colluding with them. The Albuquerque Urinal decided to pen a piece in their true Journal Staff fashion. We never post a link to that toilet, but today we will, just to show you the difference in truthful investigative journalism. This is why the Journal gets lucrative contracts with the city of Albuquerque, and the Albuquerque Free Press gets attacked and threatened by the Corrupt COA administration. The Albuquerque (Journal) Urinal is Mayor Berry's PR Firm, paid for by YOU, with YOUR TAX MONIES. We have listed the links to the two stories written below. Read them, and you make your mind up as to who is telling you what is going on and who is feeding you horse shit.

All of the above corruption issues aside, the above plan is dangerous. At a time when officers are getting attacked, and shot as they sit in their patrol cars, this idiot mayor, and his band of morons want to put unarmed responders on the streets when they can't get citizens to take the job as a police officer because of this corrupt administration. This proves the only thing the mayor and his miscreants care about is their political careers. They just want this nightmare they created to go away by any means necessary, and they do not care if someone gets killed for the sake of their stats.

This scheme is part of Mayor Berry's second 14 point plan, HIS SECOND PLAN! The first 14 point plan didn't work. This one won't either. Seven years of shitty dinners at the restaurant; the cook needs to go folks. Berry is for Berry. The Albuquerque Rapid Transit project is proof of that. Just look at how you were lied to, and this is just the latest and least of the lies. 10 minute traffic delays? More like 45 minutes to an hour. Berry will go down as the worst mayor Albuquerque has ever had. Berry lies to everyone. When he gets caught he hides like the gutless coward he is.

Let city council know where you stand on this. If they betray you like Berry and his administration did, let them know when you vote them out. FMB!

Oct 18, 2016

Edward Harness: A hypocrite. The CPOA: DUPED AND COMPROMISED

Listen to the audio of this Police Oversight Commission meeting. Now, if you have been following the information trail we here at the Eye have been providing, you can see and hear exactly what Mr. Harness, and his sidekick (MRS. Fine) in this audio file have been doing. This is not about doing the right thing anymore. It was initially about Mr. Harness backfilling for his friend Jessica Tyler, whom he has promoted, and benefitted from by being let in on the inner circle, in exchange for his support and attacks on what is a dead issue.

We ask you to listen to this audio file, to see their concern over transparency. Listen to Harness, and his sidekick, who has yet to ever disagree with him as they discuss what they think is a conflict of interest concerning APD's investigation of this matter. They say APD consulted with the New Mexico Department of Public safety on whether or not to conduct a criminal investigation, BUT MAKE NO MENTION OF MR. EDWARD HARNESS'S DIRECT INVOLVEMENT IN THIS CASE AS A MATERIAL WITNESS IN WHAT IS RETALIATION FOR WHISTLEBLOWING. The board does not discuss the exposure Mr. Harness faces for not only not recusing himself, but actually pushing for action against someone on false grounds, while withholding pertinent information concerning his involvement from those whom he is trying to get to do his bidding. It is evident that Mr. Harness is not pushing for a fair investigation, because Mr. Harness himself is not telling anyone the full story.

You would think Mr. Harness was hired because he attended law school, and had police experience. Mr. Harness was hired because his prior involvement in the police profession should be beneficial in helping the board understand how things work, so that they have an insight into how to recommend investigations, investigate matters, and make decisions, while treating fairly and objectively without personal opinion, all parties involved, be it police officers, citizens, and or administrative staff. Mr. Harness is using his inside knowledge, not to do these things, but to manipulate the board, avoid fairness and promote an agenda, because Mr. Harness knows that preliminarily consulting with investigators is exactly how investigations are initiated. Investigators routinely consult with an agency to see if an investigation is needed, just like a prima facia preliminary hearing is held to see if a trial is needed. It is the first step, and this is exactly what was done here. As we know, there is another case where an officer accessed NCIC, and endangered a domestic violence victim, when that exact information wound up in the wrong hands. Mr. Harness does not seem nearly as concerned with that case. You know why? Because like everything in the land of corruption, this issue is fueled by political favors, personal agenda, and now that he is being called out on it, ego and personal animus.

Mr. Harness also knows that it is not Youtube exposing this, but he will not mention that either. He knows it is that nasty three letter word those doing wrong all hate; the EYE and it's dedicated group of contributors. Notice how they will not say "THE EYE." No, they think that will lend credibility to our purpose. Well, we don't need ratification of those being exposed here. The EYE speaks for itself.

Listen to Mr. Harness play dumb as he states the "forces are aligning" @ the 6:10 mark, when he speaks to the board members. Listen as he says he is not sure, and does not know why these forces are aligning against them; all of it an act as he plays the innocent victim and Mrs. Fine plays along. He knows it's the outrage over a stacked investigation against an employee who reported a crime, then gets retaliated against. His own actions are inflaming the situation. We here at the Eye think that Mr. Harness should grow a set of balls, and own it. If you want to pull underhanded shit, you better be able to stand it up like a man. Instead, Mr. Harness plays little innocent Bo Peep, who just doesn't understand what all the hoopla is about. Well... Mr. Harness, you know exactly what is going on here. You just got caught. Something tells us Mr. Harness will be a future Eye on Albuquerque Snowflake of the Month award recipient.

For the board member who thinks making everyone angry at them is evidence of them doing their job, no, that is not the case. It is evidence that you have hypocritically adopted an us against them mentality, as you have accused the police of doing. You are no better than those you accuse. Your laughter at this matter is evidence of your stupidity, unprofessionalism, arrogance, and inability to process criticism constructively. Instead, you dig in like a child, and turn to personal animus as your new found drive to fuel your personal agenda. Yes, you have been duped, and you ARE a fool. THE HARD EVIDENCE IS HERE, BUT WHAT DO YOU CARE? You make up your own facts just like the corrupt city administration. You are a fool of an administration that is using you like a piece of toilet paper. Laughing about attacking someone's life, you feel that you are qualified to trivialize, just gained you a front and center seat under our microscope, you condescending unqualified mouthpiece. So, please continue to act as if you are the ethical champion of right, who is facing persecution for doing your job, when you are nothing more than a disgruntled old lady with personal agenda, an ax to grind, a need to feel important, be accepted, and needed, while craving to be listened to and obeyed by having some form of authority in this world. Well, we hope you continue to read our blog. You were spared scrutiny, and given the benefit of the doubt, because of our focus on Harness, but your mouth just bought you a membership here. Do not mistake our kindness for a weakness. Now you can go grab your Bon Bons, Cheetos, corn chips, donuts, ice cream sundaes, soda, candy, onion rings, cake, pastries, and other staples of your main diet, and have a seat. Enjoy the show. We will be looking forward to your next snide comment blowing THIS off, when we know it stings because it is the truth. People like you are the flip side of a shitty police officer, and the reason for contempt for civilians having a say in anything police related, when you couldn't handle the simplest of police radio calls, simply because you couldn't get your ass out of a car seat. This is exhibited in the condescending, horse shit attitude you have displayed every time you open your pie hole. Stick to knitting scarves and mittens.


Notice at the 24:45 mark, the clueless board member asks Mr. Harness what they should do about the letter written by attorney Grover calling for HIS REMOVAL! You can compare this to APD asking the cop how to proceed with discipline his ( the cop's) discipline. This is how clueless they are folks. These people want to call for accountability, when they can not see past their own noses to realize what a conflict as when it concerns THEM. YET..... these individuals see themselves fit to accuse others of being conflicted, and inappropriately handling matters. It sure sounds like they are covering for Mr. Harness. Maybe they should recommend investigations on themselves.... IF MR. HARNESS APPROVES OF COURSE. This proves the board is not autonomous, BUT hangs on every word and recommendation of Harness with Mrs. Fine playing the coy actress she is as she supports his play.

After all we have exposed, the Civilian Police Oversight Board voted to retain Mr. Harness with a 5% raise. Amazing! When the dirt finally comes out in the second rinsing, everyone is going to point the finger, but we know the truth. The CPOA gets funding by the city. They decide what to do with that funding, and they decided to reward this type of behavior with it. They recommend, and the city council votes on it. Let city council know that this pattern of conduct stops now.

This is the letter from Thomas Grover that started this conversation. The previous Eye contains video of the meeting where Attorney Thomas Grover ripped Harness a new ass. Do not take our word for it. Read, watch and listen, then decide.

Oct 15, 2016

Once a Failure, Always a Failure: New plan, same as the old plan, as Mayor DingelBerry is the problem, Not the Solution.

Does anyone remember this video, and Mayor Berry announcing his failed property crime initiative? Remember the promises of removing scum like Ray Schultz from the police chief position? Remember him saying how he wanted to give police the tools they needed? Remember him taking away the take-home cars, and illegally breaking the contract? Remember the pay cuts he imposed? Remember him burning down officers before investigations were even commenced at his Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Luncheons? Remember him saying he was going to make Albuquerque a bad place to be a criminal! Well... he made it a bad place to be anyone, unless you are him or a member of his criminal enterprise or indeed the proliferating criminal element that is running rampant.

Notice what Berry has in his feeble filthy little paw. It is a page from the Albuquerque Urinal (Journal) that he contracted to list the photos of criminal property crime offenders that were wanted; more hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled to his biased propaganda machine, and yellow rag of journalism that he is in collusion with. The billboard companies too were paid thousands. Listen to Liar Fraud Berry as he said he would send Crime Scene Officers to every single call involving property crimes. We here at the Eye laugh our asses off at that one, because you can not even get an officer to respond to a burglary report within an hour, if you can even get one there, because there are no officers. There are no officers, because they left. They left APD, because they hate this lying bag of scum coward, and his merry band of malfeasant criminal APD command staff.

Oh, and look. Darren White is in this video too. Another coward that resigned under scrutiny, as the DoJ arrived, and now smokes pot like a worthless stoner.

Liar Berry says he was going to put night detectives on the streets. That would be well and fine, but we don't even have day detectives, and when we do, they aren't allowed to do anything anymore, so the ones there just hide out, hoping to not get railroaded by the administration for doing police work. Berry's initiative #11 is the best of them all. "WE ARE GOING TO PUT MORE COPS ON THE STREETS." We all know how that's going. The SWAT Team, Bomb Squad, and K9 DO NOT ANSWER CALLS. Initiative #13 "WORK WITH THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY" was a hoot too! Can anyone say Albuquerque Rapid Transit (A.R.T)? Yea, that's right, Mayor Berry's project that is shitting all over the business community.

Yesterday, Mayor Berry's PR firm, the Albuquerque Journal newsrag's band of editorial scum bags decided to pen another work of fiction, spinning the fairy tale that the crime rate is a "perception." Maybe these assholes should have been lead into the crime scene of the little girl who was raped, disemboweled, dismembered, and lit on fire so they can perceive a little reality outside their ivory toilet? Perception huh? This editorial board has proven themselves to be the most biased group of water carrying, ball washers for this administration that it is disgusting. Being the mental pervert, and liar that Berry is, he tries to say crime is not as bad, because there are more people. That is horse shit. We are talking about the amount of crimes committed within the city now, as compared to 20 or 30 years ago, and we are not going to grade it on a curve like a high school algebra test. The fact is that the numbers of crimes committed are record high, but Berry wants to bend perception to fit his agenda, and escape blame. He is a gutless coward and liar.

Even as they were writing an article for their failed mayor Berry, the impotent egomaniacs couldn't resist promoting themselves, and complementing their own trash by calling a 2015 article award winning. Now that is funny. They give themselves an "A" just like their buddy Ray Schultz gave himself. Oh yea, he fled like a coward too.

This new boy scout unit that Berry is trying to put together as his pilot program against repeat offenders is a joke, and amounts to putting a bandaid on a beheading. First, this is violent crime folks. How does a force of neutered retired cops hired essentially as unarmed security to deal with lower level property crime diminish the violent crime. Calls are through the roof, so it is not going to free up the officers to be proactive. You can throw proactive policing out the window. That is over, because the officers know Berry, and this administration will scapegoat them the minute they need a scapegoat, or diversion. (Gil Vijil, John Corvino, Robert Woolever, John Doyle, Adam Anaya,) Good luck getting a retired officer to come back to a corrupt organization they fled in the first place, where they will be a target with less protection, knowing what they know. It's not going to happen, and it is going to fail just like his first initiative.

In Mayor Berry's opinion, it's everyone else's fault, and everyone else's responsibility to do something about a problem he and his administration created. Berry is a coward, liar, and fake. Berry is for Berry.

Oct 14, 2016


We here at the Eye would like to announce our October 2016 Snowflake of the month, Mr. James Geha. Yes, that is correct. Former APD Sargeant James Geha is our Snowflake this month, because he decided to "coincidentally" resign last week, after being named in a timesheet fraud investigation. This is the same investigation involving the Civilian Police Oversight Agency that we have been discussing here that has caused problems for APD Sgt. Anaya.

It appears that this former Sargeant is following APD brass tradition of fleeing when caught, and as such has earned our Snowflake Award. CONGRATULATIONS MISTER GEHA!

You can read our original post on this RIGHT HERE !

A Stain on the Police Oversight Agency

In September we did two stories on the compromised Civilian Police Oversight Agency. You can read about it HERE and  HERE

You may now observe the latest from this ongoing saga, and see for yourself, once again, the shucking and jiving that goes on as we play the zig zag shell game of lets avoid taking responsibility for our actions. Watch the below video of yesterdays oversight meeting concerning the malicious investigation conducted against APD Police Sgt. Anaya. Sgt. Anaya is one of the only officers to address the CPOA.

In this video you can watch the head of the CPOA, Edward Harness act as if he is innocent in what is happening to Sgt. Anaya, stating that he did not conduct an investigation, and only went with what APD investigated. If you watch the other two videos posted along with our previous stories concerning this situation, you can clearly see that Mr. Harness did indeed try to influence the board to reopen an investigation into Mr. Anaya, and withheld information in order to play into the board's notions that there may be something sinister or systemic here when indeed what Mr. Harness was doing was participating in something he should not have been because he was a material witness and conflicted. Mr. Harness appears to have an obvious agenda, and plays the same word games APD is notorious for, as he says he thought there "may" have been a crime, to avoid exposure.

We know the video is a long one, but please take the time to watch it, and observe the body language of Mr. Harness, as he is seated to the left of IA Lieutenant Jennifer Garcia, wearing the glasses. Notice the unprofessional slouching,and hand on the face, showing contempt, and something to hide as he is being accused by his victim Mr. Anaya, of exactly what we here at the Eye have accused him of.

Sgt. Anaya also brings up the board's concern over having their actions videotaped. Notice how that was redirected by the board as a non-concern, but as you can see below it was a concern.

It is obvious that facts change concerning Mr. Harness relative to whether or not the public is watching. Well.... We are watching, and something is afoot here. Something is very dirty, and it is about time this arrogant blatant retaliatory behavior ends. We here at the Eye believe something criminal "MAY" have happened but it does not concern Sgt. Anaya's actions. It concerns the actions of Mr. Harness, Jessica Tyler, Her husband and those being investigated for timesheet fraud in the investigation that Mr. Anaya initiated.

A note for everyone: City Council just voted to retain Mr. Harness,and give him a 5% raise. This is truly the land of make believe.

Oct 12, 2016

The Ol' Bait and Switch

Above is an example of the nonsense idiots like Mayor Berry, Gorden Eden, and CAO Robert Perry are saying to victims they intend to bring to the Albuquerque Police Department as recruits and Lateral hires.

We have found multiple examples of deceptive advertising in job listings across the nation where the city of Albuquerque has taken out job listing, and recruitment ads. Recruitment is listing the salary of an Albuquerque police officer at $87,000 a year, when the base salary of $58,000 is what should be listed there. What they are not saying right away is that you "could" make that much. That figure is the average of their top payed officers; guys on the inside, like their information and DUI officers. Most of them are assigned to special units. Every other employer puts the starting salary in their job listings, but again, the grand illusionists just can not resist embellishing and lying to bait candidates into this cess pool and treacherous trap. The mayor and police chief could give a shit about APD officers. They have proven this with their attacks on officers. Now they want to lure people hundreds of miles from their homes to a place where the administration will set them up, lie on them, to use them to cover for the public corruption that is running rampant here, send them into a riot without protective gear to look politically correct, and not hurt feelings, scare them to death, so much so that they get bashed over the heads with handbags filled with boulders because they are nervous to react, get harassed by an administration that does not tolerate those who speak out about the corruption, and constantly be in the presence of self serving perverts and sociopaths in command levels, who would destroy their families in seconds, if it meant they could gain something from it.

The quality of APD has completely taken a shit. We have a police chief who has no command presence, and is a pathetic liar on all levels, and we have officers who are terrified to stand up for themselves. The word is that our impact detective units are told they are not allowed on the streets if a supervisor is not in, and even when one is in they don't want to do anything, because doing something at APD now gets you into trouble. And lets clear this up before Gorden and Berry start blaming the Department of Justice. No, it is not the DoJ that has done this. It is an arbitrary, criminal, dishonorable, and dishonest command staff, lead by a coward mayor, and administration that has declared war on cops, and used them to protect themselves from scrutiny. They just do what they want to whomever they want, and not a damn thing is done about it.

We advise all potential candidates filling out Albuquerque Police Department Employment Interest Cards with the Recruitment Unit to fully do their research, and not jump into the fire without knowing what you are getting into. Waiting another year may be in your best interest of your survival. As the federal monitor for the DoJ, James Ginger says, the leadership is inept.
The top level of APD needs to go. Do not bring your families into an environment where police brass promote retaliation, harassment, corruption, lies, infidelities, perversion, theft, cowardice, and malfeasance. It is ruining this city, and it will ruin your family. They will tell you everything you want to hear to get you here, then... when you are the flavor of the day.... you will be their next statistic.

The next mayoral election will be interesting, and with the entrance of a new mayor and the picking up and throwing out of this coward regime things can change overnight.

Mayor Berry's lies; Rising Crime, and the Blame Game. More Horse Shit from a lying worm imposter mayor.

Yesterday we all witnessed the results of a system in meltdown. The mentality of doing whatever you want whenever you want, while making up your own facts to back your corrupted actions is more prevalent than ever. We have seen it in the investigation into the Boyd shooting regarding the ballistic tests and weapons involved in that fiasco. We have seen it in the way the brass of the Albuquerque Police Department have handled investigations with their cavalier attitudes, and arrogant behavior in the Boyd case, the recent faux suicide call involving a current Sargent, the Brachle debacle, and several others when they want to cover for their connected buddies, and get them to their retirement date, when they are guilty. On the other hand, we have seen this administration attack, and go in the opposite direction to retaliate against those who speak out against them, or whom they want to target politically, in order to take the heat off of their corruption. Their is no logic when you act like this, and it is evident in the frustration of the citizens caught in the middle of a police department that has had internal parasites for police chiefs for the last eight years, a mayor who unjustly targets officers for termination, hides, and lies on a routine basis, and a drunken jerkoff of a red faced bloated tick CAO who violates everyone's rights, bullies anyone he sees fit, and is one of the architects of what is going on here. And do not forget the past city attorney Kathryn Levy, now in hiding, who is the mother of this abortion, and the current city Attorney Jessica Hernandez (Miss Ambition) who lies like she breathes, and will do anything to politically further her career.

One thing has stayed consistent in all of this madness. The mayor and his administration of gutless, lying cowards, have never wavered from blaming the courts, judges, the District Attorney, and anyone else for rising crime, and every other problem he and his appointees created. Not once has this liar of a mayor, or his impotent, bleached blonde police chief cabin boy accepted responsibility like a man, or leader does for a city, and police department they are directly responsible for ruining. Their actions directly caused the rise in the crime rate we have now. No. Instead, Mayor Richard J. Berry runs to his fan club, the rich white Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, for a pep rally and propaganda party. That's right folks, after one of the most controversial police shooting trials in ABQ history, he does not reach out to the diverse community. No. He goes to his target audience, rich, white, business owning support base; the ones he always runs too. Surely, the same old audience plants will be present, asking pre formatted, non confrontational, benign questions in support of this pussy. One good thing that came out of that trial is the fact that he can't go back and say Eden's premature "justified" gaff is now ratified. No, his boy Eden is still on the hook for that comment, and it will be evident, if it isn't already, that they were hoping for an exoneration just for this fact, because as we all know, it is all about them.

Prior to running to the Chamber of Commerce for a little lunch, and a lot of horse shit, Berry gave an exclusive interview to his other biased support base, the Albuquerque (URINAL) Journal. As usual, the Urinal printed more lies, based on thin sliced analysis of only one aspect of one crime; car theft, and repeat offender car thieves. Their article takes up Berry's cause, pointing the finger at the jails and court system, but ignoring the elephant in the room..... ARREST STATS. You see, when officers are not proactive out there on the streets arresting criminals, the criminals do not get into the court system, which means they do not go to jail. When you have officers that are terrified of a regime that will scapegoat them, fraudulently use them for a disciplinary stat to show the DoJ they are hard on misconduct for menial infractions, to feign compliance with a federal court ordered settlement agreement, whilst they cover for official corruption, and felonies committed by ranking, and politically connected officers and police officials, officers shut down, and do nothing. It is happening in Chicago, and this is the exact reason why crime is through the roof here. The reasons for the crime here is multifaceted, and has nothing to do with the excuses Berry is claiming. Nobody trusts the command staff. There is extreme perversion in the leadership of APD. It is disgusting. Our Eyes in the field tell us that nobody wants to be the next one fired for bullshit, and nobody wants to have to deal with the overwhelming problems caused by this administrations "shit rolls down hill" effect of faking compliance with the Feds. The officers know that if things were done above board with this process with transparency, there is nothing to fear. Those doing the right thing know that more facts only help. These officers have witnessed what has gone on for the last six years. They have seen the duplicity and disparity in treatment put upon employees, and citizens of this city by criminal police department and city administrative leadership, in order to escape detection, and accountability for their malfeasant, and criminal actions, and they know that till this point NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE BY ANYONE ABOUT IT. Officers themselves have gone to the DoJ. They have spoken to criminal investigators on federal, and local levels, and nothing is done. The officers know the mayor is a fraudulent scum bag, that will use the good to promote himself, and use anything else to screw THEM, and to also promote himself. Albuquerque is by the mayor, for the mayor, and there is no doubt about that. If there is one thing just as disgusting as a selfish coward who hides from the public, and sends out his water carriers to run interference, it is a liar who plays a tiny violin to a bought and paid for audience, with lies about what directly affects the safety of the citizens of this city. How can anyone respect a person who lies to those who blindly support him? How can anyone respect those who blindly support a liar, just because they gain monetarily and politically from his shell games, smoke and mirror antics, and Buck dances?

With the COA's reputation of funneling everything to those who make decisions in their favor, slant information to fit their agenda, and then kickback financially somewhere down the line, we wonder why Peter Winograd was assigned the task to conduct the recent crime wave increase study, and why it does not include police performance stats, such as arrest stats by field officers and impact detectives, and their conviction rates. Analysis of this information is only logical since this is where the seed sprouts from. It all starts with arrests, and officers are not making arrests because there are no officers on the street. The officers on the street are spread too thin, due to the lack of manpower, and officers are shutting down because of what they have seen this administration do to those who do the job. Berry is responsible for this too, because the attrition of officers under his administration has been record breaking. Officers are buying time to get away from this disgrace. They are fleeing in droves because of the lack of confidence in the leadership. This is the real truth, and reason for the sad state of affairs concerning the rise in crime in Albuquerque. Berry's administration has also cultivated a cult of no respect for law enforcement in the city, and the criminals know they can run rampant. Berry is nothing but a liar. We have addressed the facts that have lead to this crime rate, and we will not stop until Berry stops lying to the public. The media will not report hardcore evidence of this, because they know the city will cut them off. The city has threatened the media numerous times with retaliation for negative reporting. We know it. You know it, and they know it.

When there are no cops left! maybe Berry and his Greater Chamber of Commerce can get their privileged asses into patrol cars and police the city.


Nothing will change until the usual suspects are investigated, prosecuted, and thrown out. If the Mayor, and his police chief are so liked by the rank and file, why is it that their same group of sidekicks are always around them? They consistently have the same officers with them at press conferences, social and community events, and details. You rarely see other officers around them, and if you do, it is someone new, who is not hip to their game yet, or is willing to sell themselves out to get on the inside. These worms survive via symbiotic back scratching relationships, and intel on each other. A real model place of employment we say! Not! They deserve each-other....... and a prison cell.