The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Aug 13, 2019



Today we are reaching out to all of our readers to make you aware of the fact that those in charge of your pension fund are destroying it in order to pay themselves more and take it out of your pockets via the cost of living increase you get. You can read the below article to see what they plan to do.

Article about the suggested action on the PERA pension

Those responsible for this want to hit everyone on both ends. The retirees will lose their annual 2% cost of living raises and current employees will be paying more into their pensions. Why? Because of mismanagement and greedy administrators who have given themselves exorbitant raises on your backs with the only excuse being... well, we are allowed to. 

If you look at the pension recommendations, they have exempted a few groups in a slick way to shore up their side for approval. This is typical New Mexico shell game antics and political game playing. 

Below are some articles of interest you will want to check out. It outlines what has been going on.... They are from the ABQ Report.

We are being told that the task force put together for this is mainly constructed of emergency services personnel. All current and retired employees from all walks need to be represented. 

There are 90,000 people affected by this and everyone needs to get involved. 


Please contact Frank Ortega at (505) 331-5117  Frank is a former city employee and former AFSCME. He is trying to get organized against this, and has been fighting it for a while. 

Do not let personal agendas, political favors, and back scratching destroy YOUR future. 

We wonder what the AG will do. We wonder what the Auditor will say. It seems that all these two do lately is go after low hanging fruit, and old ladies in outlying areas of the state, who pose no retaliatory threat to their political well being. They also stay far away from the root problems plaguing the place. After all, we have still heard nothing about the grand jury on Ray Schultz. NOTHING! These posers are also claiming that they will still be investigating the mansion sex trafficking allegations against deceased multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Yea, just like the Schultz investigation. 

It seems that Hector Balderas’s pet has his panties in a bunch over his home being burglarized. 
Well. From the top down huh? We’ve been saying that for how many years now. Maybe this social media darling can get his boss to do his job, and charge Schultz who started all of this by destroying the police department, causing attrition, and mass exodus stemming from mistrust of a corrupt administration that led to out of control crime. Enjoy it pal. You politicians are the problem. 

They have destroyed the state and they will continue to push people out and keep new ones away by gutting retirement. The state is being destroyed from all angles. 

The answer to why this place is a mess is right in the mirror for a few people.

Get involved. Call the above number!

May 12, 2019


The below comment was just received from one of our Eyes. We concur.

“In 2018 Geier earned $159,513. ($76.69 per hour)

In 2019 Keller just gave Geier a pay raise to $187.012 ($89.91 per hour)
Crime is out of control, Keller is having to bring in the NMSP for help and he just gave Geier a $27,500 pay raise (17% pay raise)”

We suggest a hard reset come election time. We really hope selling your ass and integrity as a man was worth it Mike. We really do. You’ll enjoy a place right between Schultz and Eden in the exclusive club of self servers who think they have everyone fooled.

When this reaches critical velocity, we’ll see how funny it still is.

To the public,

Well, y’all didn’t think it was about some guy sacrificing everything to come back, fight for righteousness and burn the midnight oil fixing the problems at hand, did you? Ha ha ha yea right, No. it is about what it is always about... MONEY, free shit, access, and power.

Geier can’t, won’t, and doesn’t do shit without the incompetents at the city attorney’s office, who were trained by former city mob attorney Kathryn Levy (Virginia Kathryn Kathy Cravens Levy or whatever name she is going by today hiding in the criminal protection program) advising him. He is the cuckold of the control freaks still looking out fir the interests of their mother hen and her turkey necked accomplice Ray Schultz.

Until we have truly selfless representatives of our community and leaders in place nothing will change and it will only get worse. They just don’t get it.

Just one correction though. Keller wasn’t smart enough. He didn’t call fir this initiative to bring in the state police. The governor did after citizens went over Keller’s head and put her on the spot calling for action.

These people are rewarding themselves for failing.

Thanks for reading,

The Eye

May 9, 2019

Suspect at large... Suspect at large... Suspect at large... The “honor system” has failed. The fleecing of our city and state is over. The chance was given, and now we need a different kind of mayor. NMSP doing what APD can’t.

How many murder suspects are at large? Most of them. That is how many.
While the city is burning, City Council held a meeting to approve $250,000 to be given to the immigrant issue, complete with a mariachi band in chambers serenading them. Are you kidding?!? We wish we were kidding, but the detached clowns in charge of running our city (into the ground) were serenaded, as they approved, what we knew was going to be approved, to cover the tax monies they already spent, because we let that cat out of the bag. They collectively shit their pants when we let it out that they were already spending money to deal with the immigrant issue, and were lying about the magnitude of it as they ordered Albuquerque Police Officers to maintain a no disclosure policy, and not talk about what was going on inside the fair grounds and at Expo New Mexico in our last article. They are always trying to get out ahead of their lies, but we will not let them fleece and pacify the public anymore while they make poor decisions that only benefit them. We are all about helping the unfortunate when intentions are pure and you do not lie about it.

We need an unconventional mayor, who is beholden to nobody, and has an unconventional background... one that may have come from a law enforcement field, and is about doing what is right. We need a candidate unlike any other... someone with a different outlook... someone who has been there, and is in touch with crime, their front line rank and file officers, and the community... a person who will not pull punches... who will rip out the cancers, fire a shit ton of liars, criminals, and malfeasants who are responsible for what is going on. Again, we need another turnover of an administration. We need a leader, who is not afraid to make a stand. We do not need anymore businessmen, politicians, previous government contractors, snake oil salesmen, liars, or wolves in sheep’s clothing. We need a candidate who knows that fixing the problem starts with dismantling the problem from the top down, and admitting the problem comes from the top, instead of taking the “if you can’t beat them... join them” mentality, the minute they get in office and feel the need to have their hand held by someone, instead of being a man, standing on their own, and calling the shots. The fact that Keller was the last best choice is sad. There is a real leader out there, and we should be looking to find them, instead of waiting for the next one to stumble into the fray for the same old wrong reasons. We need someone who has it in their heart that they want to fix what has happened. That person is out there, and it is not going to be some novice, egocentric person consumed with being mister cool guy, and his buddies who sit around saying “we’re going to run this state.”

Non leaders fail to recognize the fact that the people who matter respect integrity, fortitude, and the ability to admit a mistake, over a pretentious fake, who thinks they can appear to please everyone, while they act like they are always right. People will move on, and get over a mistake, faster than they will being lied to.


While the homicide unit is overworked, and bodies are strewn about our city like styrofoam cups at one of Mayor Keller’s frat keggers, the Mayor engages in soccer shit talking on twitter, while wearing his promotional T-shirts, for yet another playboy photo op, or a T-shirt grab at a beer house. One thing that is constant is the hipster mentality about everything the mayor’s office does. From supporting only the most popular hangouts, to self promotional behavior that is all about a “good time,” while avoiding the elephant in the room. It is enraging, considering the amount of people suffering.

Mayor Keller wants to use today’s popular catch word “inclusive” when describing his favorite hangouts, where he likes to invite the populace to imbibe, and get one of his “onealbuquerque” shirts, when in fact he is being “exclusive,” by only sending business to his regulars. The devil and the hypocrisy is in the details, and the actions to not follow the words.


If you think all of this is like a bad dream, it is because it is. Many dreamed of up front, objective, fair and equal leadership with this new administration, and we have gotten nothing but more fake, hollow talk, avoidance of accountability, and covering up of corruption, while nothing that was done wrong has been addressed, and good old buddies are being taken care of.

It only gets worse. Here is another preempt for the citizens being fed shit. Below is a tweet from Mayor Keller. In it he is trying to get out in front of what has happened this week. It is all a bunch of political posturing, and fake horse shit politics, because here is the truth.

The above screen shot of the Tweet put out by Keller is him trying to portray the fact that the citizens of Nob Hill got so desperate about their safety, that they went over his head to the state for help. That is correct. They know that everything coming from APD is all talk. APD can do nothing to help Nob Hill, and deal with the out of control crime, so they all got together, and went to the state for help.

State police will be sent into Albuquerque now to Address what APD can not. NMSP will be sent into Nob Hill, and other communities within Albuquerque as their own Task force to address the out of control crime that the leadership of our city can not. That is the big plan that Keller plans to tell you about tomorrow. What he will not tell you is that it is not a collaborative effort with “partners” but an initiative put together by the New Mexico State police. The irony is that as crime is out of control, officers of the Albuquerque Police Department are detailed to sitting on the housing of immigrants on property that the State Police usually deals with. City leadership is failing!

And just who is assigned to be APD’s person who will deal with NMSP on this so-called joint effort? The guy who called off a foot pursuit, that allowed a murder suspect to get away, who is still at large... Commander Arturo Sanchez.

A mail carrier was murdered in Albuquerque, and the postal police had to apprehend the murderer. A kid shot up a college apartment complex, and UNM police apprehend him in minutes, with a minute response time. Child homicide investigations are botched by the same notorious homicide detective. BCSO has been putting criminals away daily with outstanding drug busts, and the Feds recently conducted a joint operation, and early morning drag net, where no use of force was used, but numerous traffickers were put away in APD’s own backyard, while APD was given containment responsibility, and now the NMSP has to deal with our out of control crime rate while police tactics and money is mismanaged by the mayor, this administration and the usual suspects in city council. And speaking of city council... Pat Davis needs to be voted out this time around. The rhetoric from this clown along with his support of the failed ART bus project have been enough, and that is the beginning. He needs to go.

We would like to thank our readers for their input. We are trying to keep up with the information flow, and will heed some very insightful ideas in the upcoming future.

This is not a slight on the hard working officers at APD. It is proof that they are under siege by an out of control malevolent, self serving leadership, and have no trust in their administration.

We can almost see the comments on this one.

This should be a good one.

Thanks for reading!

The Eye

May 3, 2019


What a shit show this place really is. 

The people responsible for running the City of Albuquerque, and the State of New Mexico must be losing their minds. If they are not, this is all intentional. IT IS INTENTIONAL!

Over the last few years we have all seen it! The demise of our city and state, and it’s nose dive into the pit of hell, when it comes to the safety of our citizens, our school system, and the well being of our true sworn oath takers, who are fighting against the self servers to protect society, doing their jobs every day, maintaining fairness and integrity, and trying to keep from being assassinated in various ways by fratricidal, dishonest, opportunistic, and cowardly city and police administrations, because we all know it is the Simon Drobiks who can do no wrong, while collecting a check, as officers out there in the streets are being scrutinized with microscopes up their asses, while he is being called the hardest working officer... more like running mouth.

We have been very vocal about the very factual problems that needed to be removed from our city... the few city attorneys who carry on former assistant city attorney Kathryn Levy’s work as water carriers, court defrauders, perjurers, and poor excuses for human beings, as they only push cases forward to cover for their predecessors, and get them over the goal line, as a check in their win column, rather than doing what is right, admitting wrongdoing, and fixing the situation. We have made it known, along with various others, that the entire upper command of APD should have been outed, and remedies should have been sought for the wrongs that were done to employees, and citizens alike under their administrative fiefdom. What was done by Keller? The opposite. 

This administration knew our stance, and knew what needed to be done, but chose PERSONAL optics over better options. They cared only about feathering their political future nests, and jumped the political bandwagon of political crusades, to paint themselves the solution to problems that were enabled by those they are now in bed with. It is more important to play hockey and football, be “that” jolly good fellow, look cool, fool the public, and hire your buddies and those who will do your will, than stand up, and make the unpopular and just decisions yourself as a leader and man as you said you would. 

People are not stupid, and as one astute reader put it, they need to work on their memories, and information gathering. We agree. This is one reason we link out stories to related past articles with hashtags, and links at the bottom of each article. 

What is now happening has reached a very disturbing level. Former Torrance County Sheriff Heath White was indicted on embezzlement charges almost immediately by the NMAG with pomp and circumstance. The story is below.  We will watch this investigation play out, rather than comment but it is evident that some targets face way more rapid and vicious attack upon allegations than others at a very disproportionate rate here. Meanwhile, former asshole police chief, and now resident coward in Memorial Villages Police Department, Raymond D. Schultz, is still at it. He is promoting tech gear,  after what he did with Taser here by “greasing” no bid contracts for them with the city, then taking employment with them. This piece of trash was able to flee to Texas after the DOJ came, to continue with his scams and gimmicks. We wonder what “rewards” this pig will get for pushing these new products. And look below.... He is still doing whatever he wants, regardless of laws and regulations. Still no answer from Hector Boulderass on that investigation. 


Below is the article about old turkey neck ray, and his dirt merchant, carpet bagging promotion of drone technology, as he pawns off everyone else’s ideas as his own... yet again. And look... it’s written by his former fat boy, real time crime center APD employee, scum bag, back stabber spin doctor, parasite, and murder crime scene destroyer TJ.


Here are some comments from Houston Residents about turkey neck ray still doing whatever he wants


Mayor Keller and Chief Geier lie again, and double talk the living shit out of the community with their cowardly, from behind cover press release. Their response to Drobik’s theft is malfeasant, and their failure to explain it face to face to the public is the epitome of having a flat patch between their legs, where a set of balls should be. We aren’t surprised. Their statement of how they will work with the courts, to limit and manage court appearances is their way of feeding you all shit. There were numerous studies on this, and due to various uncontrollable circumstances like timelines, vacations, sickness, accidents, reassignments, vacations, prisoner transportation logistics, and dozens of other issues, it is impossible to implement a scheduling of officers to do this, when it comes to court. They know this, yet they say it anyway. The rest of the other options put the blame on everyone else, but the one person who submits a fraudulent time sheet... the officer stealing the money. This is a slap in the face. For one clown who violated SOP 51 times that we know of, they blame the entire system, in order to protect him, with excuses and an accountability of a child’s mindset. This would be almost unbelievable if it wasn’t for the location of occurrence.... Albuquerque New Mexico! And do you know where shit like this comes from? The putrified, twisted and corrupted city attorney’s office. They advise these dopes on what to tell the public.

In a police department where APD makes their use of force expert in the murder trial of a cop killer, a Lieutenant, who performed cunnilingus on employees, inside city offices, on city time, acts like a arrogant punk, and can’t keep his pants up... where officers beat their wives almost unconscious, poach wildlife, lie, shoot unarmed people in the back, then get promoted... where female officers can access NCIC, and give victim addresses to the defendant and suspect, so that he can kill the victim... where police brass can threaten federal witnesses not to cooperate in DOJ probes... where the command staff of a police department can surreptitiously videotape a federal monitor, and release only a portion of the tape they think makes the monitor look bad in order to extort a good report of APD from him... where Two former police chief’s are documented liars, numerous times in statements and testimony, with one of them under investigation for a pay to play scandal, yet nothing is done... where 60 plus officers can use steroids, but the investigation that involved burglaries, beatings of officers, and citizens for payment of money owed for steroids between officers was wiped under the rug, because one of the main players was a politically connected family’s son... where officers can shoot other officers 8-9 times, and be covered for, until he reaches retirement.. where IA commanders can tamper with investigations, and not be fired... where officers can get blow jobs inside the loss prevention room of Walmart by Walmart loss prevention employees... where officers can have sex on duty in their patrol cars... where fat disgraces to the badge, who retired as a failed commander, covered up an officer drinking, while armed, and on call, then gets rehired as a Deputy Chief... where officers who were fired for drunkenly firing their gun into the air barefoot, in half uniform, until the slide locks back are rehired... where former deputy police chiefs can direct their husbands to unlawfully, third person record police personnel conversations, so she can direct a retaliatory campaign against said officers, and nothing is done... where upper command police staff can conspire to frame their own officers, to keep from getting caught being involved in multiple corruption schemes... where police Majors can burn off people’s ears with Tasers, then cover up the thefts of their own guns from their negligently unlocked police vehicle, yet override punishments on officers who have had their equipment stolen from their locked units, giving them double the punishment they got, (none) (Gonterman) when he himself lied about locking his unit, (he did not) and the officers told the truth... Where Deputy chiefs, and police chiefs can conduct privately sanctioned investigations on officers they want to politically railroad, in order to illegally gain information, abusing their positions and federal privileges... Where the entire upper command staff of APD can trample the crime scene at the death of a prominent attorney, who was suing them as they threaten officers to leave the scene, while they make evidence disappear, and former Deputy Chief Allen Banks can threaten and intimidate officer witnesses who he did this to in an ongoing court case that their testimony better match his or else... Where homicide detectives can frame innocent people with murders, put them in jail for 10 months, and make the real murderer a witness against the innocent person, release that murderer until the trial enabling him to shoot more people while he is out free... Where police chiefs are assisted, and tipped off by federal investigators, in order to assist them in avoiding federal scrutiny... where the internal affairs unit is run like the Stasi Police where they whisper about everything... where officers are told not to discuss controversial issues... where officers can point guns in the faces of other officers, and it is covered up... where court employees hired by their judge husbands can attempt to run over other women court employees they are jealous of in the car parking garage, and it is whitewashed... WHERE ALL OF THE ABOVE IS JUST THE FUCKING “TIP OF THE ICEBERG,” CHIEF GEIER’S RESPONSE WAS THAT THIS WAS PARTIALLY BECAUSE THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THE “HONOR SYSTEM.” REALLY!?!? The fucking honor system? That has to be one of the most idiotic explanations there is. It is an insult and a slap in the face. The only people who operate on the honor system at APD are the ones getting retaliated on for stepping up, the ones doing the right thing, or the ones railroaded for doing their jobs. What a joke.

Keller’s “honor system” is probably why his senior advisor for public safety James B. Lewis pulled up stakes, and walked away from this administration. It’s probably the same reason why Keller’s assistant mayor Gary Lee split after only 5 weeks without an explanation. They don’t say much about this do they?


While we are dealing with an out of control crime wave, and the fact that New Mexico is top in the nation for children suffering from hunger! for the second year in a row, the city is now secretly housing over 5000 immigrants, who illegally crossed over the border. Perfect timing when our violent crime wave is out of control, resources are stretched thin, officers are stretched thin, and money is tight.


Our Eyes have told us that 5000 immigrants are being housed at EXPO NEW MEXICO, and the FAIRGROUNDS. The city is providing police protection, food, and facilities, while claiming that no city tax dollars are paying for this. Officers are being ordered not to tell anyone about this, or speak about what is going on. This situation is way bigger than Keller and gang are letting on. More lies and deceit for political purposes, so politicians can look good on the backs of our citizens, while talking out the sides of their mouths about how concerned they are about public safety. They are full of shit.

As all of this is going on, we can still see below just how resistant to transparency Ed Harness is towards the public in the below video. What a disgrace. You would think he would be a little bothered that the city administration clipped his balls off, and neutered his investigator with the recent press release covering for Simon Drobik’s conduct, which by the way, the State Auditor has now asked for the files of. This leads us to the below....

Why has the Auditor just now asked for the files on this investigation?


All of the sudden, the Attorney General, and State Auditor hold a joint press conference involving former Torrance County Sheriff Heath White, and the Auditor calls for the Drobik files.

Hmmmmm.... will State Auditor Brian Colon really decide controversially against Mayor Keller? Knowing what we know, and who we know are friends behind the scenes, coupled with the lack of action against two people, like former Police (turd) Chief Raymond D. Schultz, and Mayor (punk) Richard J. Berry, who are both, not only responsible for the destruction of the Albuquerque police department, and city of Albuquerque, the lost trust of the public, and city employees, the lost integrity of the city administration, the ruination of good lives, and a ripple affect that has spilled over, affecting the entire state, involving their cronies at state level, within government agencies, the judiciary, corrupted city and state attorneys, and depleted staffing levels of many police departments state wide. This is all a direct result of their wanton and willful, intentional, and malevolent actions. They put the city in this position, and left us all with driven up crime by emboldening criminals. They forced good citizens, and businesses to leave the state through their criminal selfish and cowardly actions. They ran away. This has been how many years now and nothing has been done. But for far less, they can now conduct political dig and pony shows, and act like they are cleaning up corruption. They should start with the biggest criminal enterprise in the state. The administration and former administration of the City of Albuquerque, the City Attorney’s office, and the top levels of the police department for the last 10 years. With Schultz and gang still operating, any actions taken are only political dog and pony shows. The result is that bodies can be found in the streets every day, and the answer is playing on the computer to predict where criminals will go. The old proactive approach of proactive patrol worked better, but officers are terrified to do their jobs, and have no faith in their back stabbing command staff. All a result of the lack of action by the same clowns claiming to have the answer to fixing the problems.

Colon will either clear Drobik for political points with the current crew, or condemn him, to use it for a future run against Keller. There is no other motivation, knowing the mindset that permeates these politicians. That is a fact.

Nothing gets done around here, unless there is something in it for the politician doing it. NOTHING! And mostly it’s nothing getting done.

Good bad or otherwise, we will continue to call out these pretentious posers on their fraud on the public.

Thanks for reading.

The Eye

Apr 30, 2019

Nothing is a coincidence here. Nothing. They are as slimy as it comes. One Hellbuquerque.

We have all been hearing about the Drobik money grab, and we are about to discuss their strategy AGAIN. By “their” we mean the slimy, political, dishonest truth twisters, who lie in your face, and enable everything that is destroying our city and state to keep on keeping on. We mean the politicians and paid liars, who are in places where they can hold the dishonest accountable, but choose to take care of them instead, because the dishonest, incompetent, and malfeasant, are more important to their political and financial advancement, and agendas.
They don’t have the stomach to get their hands dirty by taking on the problem head on. Corruption. 

In our previous postings, you can see that the long investigation into Simon Drobik, and his self enrichment scheme took some time. THAT is a very good point, because this administration is taking lessons from the play books of the previous bunch of punks and criminals, by staging, timing, and delaying investigations into matters, to benefit their pre-conceived outcomes and optics. They think they are clever by staging the release of information, or coinciding the release of information to affect the optics of something they want to push in a certain direction. They think everyone is stupid. They are lying to the public daily. Their day to day practices are a fraud on the public. 

Here in New Mexico, one asshole is connected to every other asshole by less that two degrees... most of the time. Oaths, ethics, and duty means nothing too these bottom feeding, cowardly scum bags. None of them would be anything outside of this perverted, polluted, microcosm. This is because they would have to attain things based on merit or competency. In a state with a population of 2.1 million, which is about half the population of a medium sized city in this country, and where this shit does not happen, every investigation can be directed, and it is. That is a fact. And if it can’t be totally controlled, the people who want it to go a certain way, can just pick up the phone, and call in favors. And by favors, we mean having district attorneys willfully and intentionally run out timelines on cases, so they do not get prosecuted, or have judges who kick the can down the road by deciding in favor of their cronies, or denying to hear appeals, because they know their cronies will lose. This is one of the filthiest States in the country, and it is getting worse, because the people who are ruining it are partying away, without a care in the world, while Rome Burns, because not one nutless sack does anything about it. They actually all are the IT in what is wrong.

When these gutless liars get caught red handed sabotaging innocent people, while protecting the worst of the worst offenders, who they’re friends with, their most famous excuse is “well those were different circumstances.” Yea, they sure are! One guy can drunkenly beat his wife so bad, 
she is put in the hospital, and he is not prosecuted, or fired from the police department, and no action is taken on his certification. Another officer can use force arresting a felon in the commission of his official duties, he can be lied about, all allegations can be fabricated, the investigators can be caught lying, and everyone involved can be blatantly tampering with the investigation, and that target can lose everything. The different fucking circumstances was that their pal that they wanted to shield from termination or prosecution is their good old buddy, they are their political contributor. Their kids went to school with the Chief’s kids or their dad went through the police academy with the chief. They are their friend’s son or daughter, their own son or daughter, they are lodge members, friends or family, previous buddies together in the Attorney General or District Attorney’s office, friends with arbitrators, and the best of all, and most disgusting... buddies with the judge. All in all, nothing can be counted on to be just, because it all comes down to who knows who when the hammer drops. 

And The “Who knows who” rule here will dictate that Chief Geier will do nothing to Simon Drobik, because he will blame it on a systemic problem. Again... and befitting this generation of blame it on everything else but the criminal, it will be an inanimate object’s fault that someone knowingly took money for work not performed. It will be sloppy management. Well, in our time that was called time card fraud and theft. There is also something called dishonesty through omission. Their answer to this in their investigations is “we think” no crimes were committed. They think!?! What a bunch of clowns. In what fact based truth seeking world do investigators get to say they “think” no crime was committed?  Everything they are saying are lies. They are lying to the public to cover up massive fraud theft and waste. They are playing dumb. You either know it or you don’t. If you “think” you continue to investigate until you come to a conclusion. These liars and cowards don’t want to come to a conclusion, because they know what the conclusion is when it begins with violating Standard Operating Procedures over 50 times. 
Check out the KRQE article below. The language is similar to the Drobik investigation. They say thousands of dollars were paid out, but there is no fraud. Sorry, but you know when you have that kind of extra money in your paycheck, just like Drobik knew exactly what he was doing. These conniving clowns timed the release of this audit with the 16 day deciding period for Simon Drobik’s fate by Geier, so that Geier can blame all of this on shoddy supervision and accountability. Think about that. They want to blame the supervision, and system for what these cheats, liars, frauds, thieves, punks, criminals, and frauds who can’t keep their hamster sized dicks in their tight ass pants are doing, because they are all connected, or valuable to their 
political agendas. If you, the public keep taking this, you are the problem too. Stop being made a fool of. Call for a full on federal probe of the public corruption going on.


Below is the link to the audit.


This is a joke, and the public is being pacified with bullshit. 114 shootings in 112 days, bodies being found everywhere like it’s a fuckin Easter egg hunt.. Keller giving hundreds of thousands of dollars away outside of our burning city, hundreds of immigrants brought to Expo New Mexico, and crime out of control, while these clowns who can’t lead water down hill party it up at meetings, breakfast, get together, black tie balls, and any other “free shit” engagement they can freeload off of while not doing their jobs as “One Hellbuquerque” continues to fall. Welcome to the hug a thug venue as our citizens are being killed and victimized daily.

All they had to do was make shit right, Fire all of the people responsible, punish and prosecute them, restore faith in justice, and hire competent dedicated individuals who were not connected to the peripheral assholes that always seem to slither their way back into having access and influencing things. The same cowards who helped the last administration are the same ones now behind the scenes pulling the same shit.

The mayor, the heads of the police department, the city council, and all in oversight are full of shit. They only care about access, control and what they get out of it for themselves.

Stick a fork in it. It is a shame that these selfish pukes believe in nothing greater than their own pathetic selves.

The next mayor needs to be a radical change. He needs to be a solid individual who stands up, calls out the scum bags, and who has the balls to root out the cancers, punish the guilty, and say what needs to be said, while doing what needs to be done, instead of worrying about optics, cosmetics, politics, and their next free dinner / photo op.

The next mayor needs to bring it to these clowns in a way these owned and cuckolded sissies can’t and won’t. Then there will be change and progress.

When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you, you know it is over.

Apr 18, 2019


Below is a link to YouTube. In that link is our resident clown Simeon Drobik. Does anyone sign up on APD just to be a fucking cop, serve the public, and go home to their families?

If Drobik was working 24/7 how would he have time to do any of this?
It is shit like this that makes APD the laughing stock of law enforcement.

Read the latest ABQ REPORT article below. It’s a blast!


We do not think they will do the right thing either. They will Brachlefer him, and get him to his retirement, like they do for all of their pals. It’s all about getting over that goal line, and stealing that pension. True betrayers of the oath of office.

Apr 15, 2019


Below is very concerning correspondence from one of our Eyes. It relates to some very crucial points, and shows how very damning issues are skimmed over. Read for yourself. If after reading, you do not think a criminal investigation is warranted, there is something wrong, or you are involved in trying to cover up corruption. Over the last 10 years, and especially since the DOJ started looking into APD we have been calling for a in depth criminal probe into the Department and city administration, but it has been like pissing into the wind, and was met with weak assed responses like “yea, it’s bad and we know.” Well motherfuckers, the time is going to come when those comments are going to bite everyone who said them right in their lazy do nothing asses. Certain people in place that could end this, won’t because they don’t have the guts to take on the task, or what it takes to weather the war it will take to take on every single person involved because it means taking down dozens and dozens of well connected people. For the most part we believe they just don’t give a fuck because it doesn’t affect them. This isn’t just about one asshole stealing overtime. It is about the ones who were, and are at the top who may have enabled him, because he was skilled at putting out their propaganda to deflect attention away from them. He had the media contacts that they wanted, and he would say what they wanted him to say. Just look at how Drobik lied to the media about a child abuse case, and how the administration covered for him, saying he misspoke. Look at how they shoved it up Fred Duran’s ass when he did it. What’s worse is that the media accepted the Drobik excuse, because they benefitted from him. Drobik had the connections, and Duran didn’t. Neither were innocent, but that is how justice goes here. Read the below information for yourself. And oh yea, the M stands for McElroy.

The investigation wants Drobik and Lt M terminated, but it also says this:

Page 10

... even now as PIO, he (Drobik) takes vacation or comp time, usually approved by the Chief of Staff or the Deputy Chief of Staff, and while he should be tending to PIO duities, he is off at a Chief’s overtime assignment being paid $78.75/ hour.

So why didn’t the CPOA recommend terminating the Chief of Staff and the Deputy Chief of Staff?  This makes a point that I have been saying, Geier has hired people into high paying positions within APD, who have no experience nor background for running a large metro police department. 

Here is another huge issue:

Page 8

... if one were to rely on one of the reports generated from Telestaff, it would show that Officer D. was actually working in two places at one time.  Had further investigation into the entries not been done, one could assume fraudulent activity was occurring. The Chief’s Overtime person who makes the entries insisted that the Telestaff system was responsible for the incorrect entries but since it did not occur on every occasion worked, it is our belief that the incorrect entries are data entry error and not error built into the system.

This is huge.  If Telestaff is correct it clearly shows fraud, yet the CPOA investigator says the entry was incorrect.  What proof did the investigator provide to support their conclusion? NONE.  What did the CPOA investigator find that proved this was in error? We don’t know, he doesn’t provide it.  We just have to take his word for it that it was a mistake and didn’t happen.  Sorry, we need proof.  This is a big deal that should be clearly and concisely explained.  Simply stating it was a “data entry” error doesn’t explain anything.  This is why a much more thorough investigation into cell phone records, CAD dispatch, gps monitoring, time sheet entries etc should be done by a veteran police detective who is well schooled in white collar crime.  This statement of overlapping time is gravely concerning and it demands a complete audit of Drobik for all of 2018.  This is for Drobik also, it will either clear him of criminal misconduct or give cause to charge him.  As it now stands this investigation does a disservice to both Drobik and the community in regards to criminal issues.  The DA or NMAG need to remedy this, it’s their job.

Another example of what might be happening is how he fills out his time sheet.  Did he move times around to make sure they didn’t overlap?  Example, He gets called at 5 am for an interview (2 hours).  But at 6 am he is jogging with cadets (I can’t believe they gave him 2 hours for jogging but they did).  then he starts his normal day at 8 am.  But he can’t claim 2 hours at 5 am because that would overlap with his 6 am jog.  So would he move his time for the interview to 4 am (on the time sheet)?  This is what needs to be investigated.  If the CPOA can find 51 violations, and God knows they aren’t the best investigators, a true law enforcement officer looking into the last 18 months of Drobik’s daily activities will either exonerate him or expose him.  It needs to be done, too many questions and every day Geier and Keller do nothing the citizens lose more faith in APD.

Thanks for the insightful input.
The Eye

Apr 13, 2019

Hard working APD cops slapped in the mouth by APOA... DOUBLE STANDARDS... A former state auditor as mayor, playing mum to protect political interests. Stealing money PIO style in Albuquerque. CPOA HEAD is a liar... A criminal investigation into Drobik for fraud is warranted. The media is providing cover for the mayor. Where is the state auditor on this? Where is the AG on this? Watch as they all do political gymnastics to cover up theft.

There was once a day where being called a good cop was judged by your performance on the street, how many felony arrests you made, and the time you spent in court standing up those arrests, backed up by the opinions of your peers and community you work for. Not here in Albuquerque. 

This week we were all notified of the results of the CPOA oversight board’s decision on the Albuquerque Spokesman’s overtime fraud investigation. They recommended termination, but they were only half truthful about what they said. Folks.... just watch the fucking gymnastics, word games, and bullshit fly as this administration tries to protect their media mouthpiece, and camera lens cosmetic cop Drobik from losing his job. You can see how bias the television media is towards the Keller administration with the small snippet below...


But the Albuquerque Urinal delved a little deeper...


We all remember the James Geha case, Right! This is worse. Director Ed Harness tried to say that he can nor recommend a criminal investigation. Read about what he said, because he obviously forgets what he has said before. You see, about two years ago, during an Albuquerque Police Department investigation into a police Sergeant who used NCIC to find out who a person was who was surreptitiously recording his conversation as a third party criminal. The person that did that ran away with his wife after getting caught, but before doing so, the CPOA was almost used as an arm of retaliation when the director called for a criminal investigation into something where the only crime committed was committed by the crud tape recording another party of two’s private conversation. Of course no criminal investigation was conducted to look into that matter. Refresh your memory below...


Read our Geha Article...

If you do not think the same people are all connected to protecting themselves, and their friends, while railroading the living fuck out of everyone else to protect their interests, just read everything as we connect the dots for you. 

If you reread the above article link, you will see that a police Sargent blew the whistle on the James Geha case. Because of this, Geha was charged, and others left the job, to avoid being terminated. They were all tight with former DCOP Tyler. Tyler was the one who unlawfully had NCIC access their database to find out who ran her husband’s plate so they could retaliate on the Sargent. No doubt, for bringing light to the timesheet fraud going on. Charges were pressed only after the NEW Mexico State police stepped in to investigate. Nothing was done to Tyler as usual, and no action was taken on her state certification either... again, as usual. Now she is a Deputy chef of Farmington PD. 

 Now we have Simon Drobik. Officer Drobik was lauded as the hardest working cop by APOA President Shaun Willoughby.  Willoughby knows. Ha ha ha... Just ha ha FUCKING haaaa is what we have to say about that, folks. Here is the exact quote...

I don’t know a harder-working police officer than Simon Drobik,” Willoughby said. “Every single time we are given information about some atrocity inside of Albuquerque, Simon is the face that you see. He’s doing a job nobody else in the department wants to do.”

We really think Willoughby should put the fucking Burrito down before answering media questions, because all that twenty four hour chewing must be fucking up his head. What he said was a slap in the mouth to every single officer on APD, who is actually doing police work. AND BY DOING POLICE WORK, WE MEAN RUNNING FROM CALL TO CALL EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, AND ARRESTING THE DANGEROUS CAREER FELONS AND WANTED PERSONS OUT THERE ENDANGERING THE HEALTH AND WELFARE OF OUR CITIZENS.  NOT ONLY THAT, BUT DOING IT EVERY DAY AND NIGHT, AFTER GOING TO COURT EVERY DAY AND STANDING UP THEIR ACTIONS. WILLOUGHBY IS NOT A COP.  HE IS AN OFFICE WORKER. There aren’t many left, because the APOA and city threw them under the bus. The smart ones left, or retired as a result of it. Sitting in a supermarket and talking on the phone is not hard to do. Being a proactive officer out there, busting your ass every day with an administration that does not have your back is what is hard. But then again we are talking about the perspective of people who never did this or took the job to do this. 

We think there are plenty of cops who do not want to see dead people, handle 30 calls a night, miss all the holidays, constantly roll around with filthy smelly criminals, and get up every day to 
go to court after working all night doing the above. They don’t get to eat fancy dinners, rub 
elbows with the upper admin staff and get political perks. They surely don’t get to choose when they want to work or enjoy being protected. No, they are used, and the PIO’s office is usually where the media lies and garbage on them originates from. 

If you want to call this guy the hardest working cop, then back it up by posting his arrest stats, along with his court overtime, because we believe he is a poser, who is protected, because he knows things on people, is politically protected, and has connections that will protect him because of his worth to them. Just look how after we called him out on his car being parked in front of a KRQE journalist’s apartment, he was given a new unmarked car to sneak around in. 
See that article here. Correlate our date to the date he was given a new car to hide in. We bet it was the week after the below article hit. We do know that the journalist fled the town after it hit. 



Why is a mayor who was the previous state auditor saying it is up to the chief? Why is Geier being made the hammer? Why is the mayor saying he can not comment on it? That is not correct. He surely can comment on it. He is being a political coward, and they already “think” they know what they are going to do, until the rest gets out. This is why there should be a criminal investigation. The Geha case involved 10 to 20 thousand dollars. This involves almost $100,000, if not more. 

This administration has in place an orchestrated infrastructure to control investigations, in order to get to their desired outcomes. If that doesn’t work, they just do what they want, because 
nobody does anything to them for doing so. That is a fact. Certain people are protected, and if they can’t totally protect them, because shit got out, the system is compromised through favors being called in to go soft on them, or technically sabotage further proceedings procedurally “throwing” it for them. Meanwhile, they disparately steamroll everyone else from all angles with impunity. We are seeing this as the Drobik case unfolds. The dancing is starting already.

The CPOA concluded their investigation, but stopped short of calling for a criminal investigation, and a criminal investigation is what is needed, because we believe this is deeper. 

How many times was this guy on the clock, while he was driving that unit to an apartment complex near KRQE in his shorts and ball cap to see his “friend?”

How many calls to his city cell phone that were claimed as OT were from his “friend,” and how many were from others whom he knows in the media? Were media members investigated to see if parties conspired to call Drobik multiple times, so he could claim it in exchange for access to scoops and information? How many of those phone calls were the same numbers?We believe there is a facet to this that needs to be peeled back like an onion and looked into with a microscope. 

The CPOA stated 50 times Drobik violated SOP to enrich himself, but let’s see if doing something like that constitutes being morally unfit to be a police officer. Let’s see if Geier fires Drobik. Better yet, let’s see what he gets, because officers were fired for much less, and had their certs pulled. Let’s see if Geier flies an LEA90 on Drobik, and if he does let’s see if that withers too. Let’s just see what portion of this administration is a hoax, because illusion and hoax is all we have seen so far. 

If no criminal investigation is done on this, and it is whitewashed like the Garcia investigation. We know exactly where we stand, and it will get worse, just like we said it would. 

Please read the below Abq Report articles. They did some good work starting this ball rolling.



However the chips fall on this, it will be the tea leaves test for where things are going and it will prove if a few people are full of shit because the mayor is already distancing himself from this to let others make the decision that is already made. 

The fact is that here in Albuquerque when the Administration wants to get you or protect you they will do what they want whether you are an employee or a citizen, and they will attempt to control all variables to get to the conclusion that benefits THEM. 

They think everyone is stupid. 

They are wrong. 


Suck on that.

Apr 5, 2019

Hey Albuquerque Police Department... Meet your new Deputy Chief.

Last month, the City Of Albuquerque hired a brand spanking new Deputy Police Chief. And we do mean spanking. 

Again, the media has been quiet on this one, as has been the administration. Maybe they are seeing if he will be a good fit, or maybe they just don’t want anyone looking into who it is. We did. 

For years, we have been calling for objectiveness and fairness in investigations, but all we have seen are police “administrators” who liken themselves to “police executives,” and betray the rank and file officers with their self serving actions and deeds, that are more politically driven to either make them look good, look like the solution to the city’s problems or what we have had mostly here... TO COVER UP THEIR CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, SO THAT THEY DO NOT GET CAUGHT, AND THE LIGHT ISN’T SHINED ON THEM. THEY DO ALL OF THIS BY PACIFYING THE CITIZENS WITH LIES, DELAYS AND PRETENTIOUS HORSE SHIT. 

Over the last two decades, police command staff leadership skills have become a disgrace. Police brass have gone from leading from the front, like Former Police Chief Stover did, to being  cuckolds of a mayor strong influence, where the chief of police is controlled by the mayor and the city attorney. As this change has occurred, the men in leadership rolls have suffered atrophy of their testicles when it comes to making hard, or unpopular decisions. They have not just become cowards. They have chosen at times to actually use harrowing experiences officers have been involved in, where they had to make split second decisions for their own political advantages and advancement by Monday morning quarterbacking them, lying, and scapegoating them. This is the ultimate in cowardice and scumbaggery. What’s worse is the ramifications and ripple effect that follows in the wake of a self promoter who makes public service about themselves, their ego, and about their pockets, like what has been going on here in New Mexico for decades. This is why Albuquerque is the mess that it is. 

We here at the Eye keep a watchful lookout for patterns, and noticeable deviations from patterns. The city of Albuquerque has always announced, or had press releases concerning new high level hirings within the city, but not this time. 

Michael Smathers was recently hired by the Albuquerque Police Department to be a new Deputy Chief. Below, is a little about him, which shows him to be mostly administrative. Smathers is a former Major from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department in North Carolina.

Smathers applied to the Durham police department, before Albuquerque, but was not hired for the position. He also was not chosen for a position in Iowa. Why all over the country? 

We think this hiring needs to be transparent, in that Smathers was in charge of investigating police shootings, and back in 2014 he had one of his officers charged for manslaughter, within ONE DAY after the shooting. We are not passing judgement on whether or not the use of force was justified in that shooting, but rather whether or not the poor investigation, and judgement in rushing to prosecute, lead to the shit mess that followed in this new hire’s former city, and police department. Our Eyes are telling us the investigation into this case was handled much like a few cases here, where Schultz and Eden, both failed and disgraced ex police chiefs responsible for the ongoing mess, and lack of morale, railroaded employees by lying under oath, fabricating claims, and calling in favors from other criminals, who had influence in the investigations and proceedings involving these officers. Much like what went on here, videos were speculated on by Smathers when he wasn’t there, and when he could not see things in the video. The investigation was a mess, and a secondary investigative unit who had criticizing and contradictory 
recommendations for prosecution was cut out of the proceedings. 

These actions all resemble how this administration has conducted business for the last decade. You can read his deposition below. Look closely and you can smell the Schultz like Narcissism and avoidance of blame...


Below, you can read about the shooting and the discontent over how the investigation was handled, along with the fallout. The similarity with what is going on here is very close... mass exodus of officers... morale in the toilet... and a huge divide in staff over how investigations were handled. 


What bothers us the most is how in both here, and in North Carolina, the old adage of laying out all of the facts, regardless of wether they are good or bad for prosecution or defense, and objectively making a just and fair decision were ignored. As a matter of fact, facts were actually intentionally suppressed. This was done just like the Albuquerque city attorney’s office has done in every case, where they have wrongfully and politically railroaded good officers, while they protect criminal officers, who are connected politically, related to someone of rank, or in city government, or who are valuable to them. Not only were officers railroaded because of hand directed and dictated investigations, with preconceived and plotted outcomes, but several investigations were compromised, along with several other citizens, who were outright framed as in the case where Detective Gonterman framed a kid for a murder he did not do while allowing the real murderer to be a witness, and while out free... to commit more crimes.

Political hires for political reasons of political people who will make all decisions based on self service and political reasons are unacceptable, especially when the life of a person, and their family depend on a shoddy, one day investigation, where facts of a case are omitted, in order to appease the public with false justice. If someone is going to be charged, there is no issue with taking time to investigate properly. One day is not the proper time, nor is it a proper decision to move that fast. It is an injustice to the suspect, an injustice to the public, and an injustice to the system.  The only one who perceives justice when this crap goes on is the one thinking they are the superstar solution to the problem they created.

You see, here is the thing with how certain types of people show up as frauds to the trained eye that knows what to look for. Mister Smathers wants to laud himself as being actively involved in the Innocence Project. We would like to hear from the Innocence Project on their stance about how they feel about a man or woman being fairly charged in a homicide, after a one day investigation. We would bet it would not be favorable. Just because it is popular to pile on cops today, and persecute them because it is popular, it doesn’t make changing one in one day right, nor does it make a one day investigation a proper, competent, and fair one. Our officers deserve leadership that does what is right, not what makes that supervisor look good politically, but in the long run fails everyone, and destroys a city. We will be watching. 

The below caption is from an agenda based anti cop paper. Much like the Albuquerque Urinal. Their prerequisite is not a prerequisite. There should be no loyalty but to fairness and the truth. Anything else is a prerequisite for a floor mopper. 

We suggest everyone read the links we have provided, because we are seeing more of the same here. There should be no loyalty to any side other than justice, but these clowns just don’t get it. They don’t want to get it, because when you can’t control investigations, odds are your filthy and corrupt friends get caught up in them. 

If you think we are wrong, just try to ask Attorney General Balderas what the fuck is going on with the Schultz / Taser investigation. We thought so. 

On another note. Our Eyes at the APD main building told us there is movement in the Jeremy Dear case. We were told the usual suspects and liars up in the COA City Attorney’s office had an emergency shit the pants meeting with the upper command of APD over court proceedings filed by Dear proving that Eden and investigators lied about Dear running video every time he was supposed to. New records were found showing the city lied about Dear not recording his public contacts. They stated he only recorded 633 times, when he actually recorded 2,200 times. This information was concealed and of course Major “ear torcher” Gonterman was involved in this. If you remember, Dear was awarded his job back, until the district court judge did legal gymnastics to avoid addressing the truth, and doing the right thing by being a coward, and overturning it for his political handlers like a true punk. This is another issue that needs to be addressed here... malfeasance of office and dereliction of duty in serving those of the public who rely on them as judges to be the thin line between tyranny and justice. 

If you think judges hearing officers, city attorneys, and investigators are not complicit in unethical dealings, whether directly, indirectly, in conspiring to do things like the above cases, all you have to do is look at the last decade of Internal Affairs cases, wrongful terminations, and failed criminal prosecutions of innocent citizens to see how filthy our entire state is. 

See the below documents...

The puke using people in this city and state to get ahead on their innocent backs needs to end, and those responsible within elected office of city and state, along with administrative personnel, need to be held accountable, and punished for defrauding the citizens and the courts.

We see it. We are not going to stop.