The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 28, 2015

When Does It End?

The recent murder of innocent four year old girl Lilly Garcia and the shooting of Officer Daniel Webster  has left our community in a state of shock, and once again put Albuquerque in the national lime light.  

We at the EYE were disgusted  by the quick reaction of the politicians. Chief Eden asking on local news, what is going on in New Mexico?  Mayor Berry asking state lawmakers to make changes to grow the Police Department and keep violent felons in jail (reported in Journal ).  Let’s looks at these two politicians. As reported in ABQ Free Press, Mayor Berry was asked why  The Albuquerque Police Department is having problems retaining Officers.  Berry responded that Officer retention is a problem across the state.  The Free Press investigated and found that most Police Departments in New Mexico are staffed at 95% or better (a Berry lie). When the ABQ Free Press asked for an explanation from Berry he and his staff refused to answer.  

We at The Eye want everyone to understand that before Berry became Mayor he was one of those State Lawmakers making the laws we have now. No change in the laws is going to bring cops back to  The Albuquerque Police Department for the simple reason they don't  trust Berry or Eden and want no part of  your failure and non leadership.  You Mayor,  you Chief , and  past Chief have  been responsible for the termination of good officers just in an attempt to make you politicians look good in the media.  The Officers can’t know if they are going to be the next victim of your politics, not to mention they have cameras that do not work, can’t count on their pay check being the same from week to week , or if their money is going to be stolen by the top brass for bonuses for their already fat salary ( ALIBI). 

Chief Eden it is not a problem with New Mexico, it is a problem with Albuquerque. 

We at the EYE would like you to know where was Officer Webster’s back up?  Oh that's right you have no cops, and no way of getting anymore. Chief you are a politician and all you want to do is shift the blame to someone else. The Officers both past and present look at an empty suit and empty uniform with Disgust! 

We at The EYE are proud of The Citizens Of Albuquerque how they have come together to help the families of these tragedies. We have good people in a good city run by incompetent politicians that all they can offer is lies and alibi and unfortunately these tragedies will continue. God bless and keep Lilly Garcia and Officer Daniel Webster in your prayers.

Oct 24, 2015


UPDATE. Here is a link for APD Officer Dan Webster's fund raising page:

If people know of one for APD Detective Jacob Grant Please let us know for his injuries injuries caused by the careless conduct of APD Lt. Greg Brachle.

Do you watch the local news?  We at the EYE  ask this question because if you do you will surely realize that CRIME in Albuquerque is out of control and that the Police can't protect you.  In fact you might be expected to act as the police.

A few examples as reported by local media, KRQE reports a police dispatcher tells the victim of a car  theft in which her stove top was contained in her car that was stolen.  After seeing the stove top for sale on the internet, the dispatcher to her to play detective and act as if she is interested in purchasing the stove top. Wait she should put herself in danger ?  Do we have a Police Department ?  

Sonic Restaurant , Montgomery at Eubank street racers getting in fights and raising hell to the point where surrounding businesses are in fear for the safety of their customers and employees.  These businesses had to go to the extreme of building fences to keep the hell raisers out.  

Adams at Zuni , three people run down by a hit and run driver and sent to the hospital in critical condition. 

Central at Tramway, one person run down by a hit and run driver and sent to the hospital in critical condition.  KOAT reports that violent crime is up 15%  in Albuquerque. KOB reports  that women are the victims of robberies while sitting in their cars at shopping centers.  Bodies are being found across the city, in driveways, along the roadside, in vacant lots, and in allies, almost on a daily bases. 

Even the bike paths are not safe. The city has even had signs put up on the bike paths from 12th Street to Rio Grande along I-40:  RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  

Barbara Taylor, city spoke person tried to spin it saying similar signs have been put up in other cities and showed examples. No other sign said ride at your own risk. Well Barbara this is not other cities, this is our city.  By the way, our brand new sign was covered in graffiti.  What is next ? Are we going to give up parts of the City to the criminals? Looks like we already have.  

Here is the TRUTH, The Police can not protect you , all they can do is respond and pick up the pieces.  You must protect yourself.  Mayor Berry lies about staffing problems but we will look at that in another story. If you didn't vote you are partly to blame.  Things will never change until we nobody's force a change by using the power of the vote. It has gotten to the point that signs need to be erected along I40 and I 25 stating:


Oct 18, 2015


Did you know there was a recent local election? We at the EYE told all of you. We guess you didn't hear us.  
Are you happy that now for every one hundred dollars you spend you will now be taxed forever thirteen cents to fund the zoo?  If the money even ever finds its way to the zoo that is. 
Are you happy about the fact that The City Council has a say in the hiring of a Police Chief ?   
Are you happy with The City Council Election? 
Do you even know who ran or was elected?   
We at the EYE do hope you are all happy, you must be, you must like things as they are, because 92%  of you didn't vote ( as reported on KOAT CH7 ).  We saw the interviews and heard the excuses...I had to work, I forgot, what's next, I  to wash my car , or vacuum my rug?  
As you know we at the EYE seldom agree with The City ,but in this case they have it right.  There is early voting, absentee voting, and voting on election day 7am to 7 pm. Come on folks really.  If the  92% of you that didn't vote would of voted, who knows what the outcome would of been.  The same held true to form in the last Mayor Election,  13%  of you voted, that left  87% that did not vote.
Albuquerque is allowing the special interest groups to  run this City just by voting they control you. You allow them to control you by not voting. There are far more of us nobody's than there are of the special interest. The difference is the special interest votes and the nobody's don't. Do you want to change Albuquerque?  You want politicians to be held accountable?  Do you want to end corruption?  All of us nobody's have the power to change things.  All it will take is a half hour of your time. All you have to do is vote.
Nothing scares a politician more than a huge turnout at the polls. For the 8% that did vote, thank you.

Oct 9, 2015

Change is Needed

As reported in the Albuquerque Journal, Councilman Ken Sanchez proposed for one million dollars to be set aside.  This would provide a raise for the Albuquerque Police Department (APD); an increase of 2.7 million dollars. The question is, where is the money going to come from? 

We all know if the APD didn't have to pay out tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits, there would be plenty of money.  If the City didn't waste money redoing projects that were never done right in the first place, there would be plenty of money. If the City didn't waste money on this joke of a recycle program, there would be plenty of money.  Here is one suggestion that may help, exclude the top brass from any pay raise(s). 

You see Councilman Sanchez, any study ever done shows money is not the main reason people stay at a job.  People want to enjoy their work, feel respected by their supervisors, and feel secure in their position(s). You have none of this with the APD!   Top brass give themselves bonuses and take away from the rank and file officer the money was meant for in the first place.  What kind of leader does this?   These people are not leaders they only take care of themselves.

Our Eyes tell us they have heard top brass bragging that the only reason they are there is to add to their already huge retirement.  Our Eyes in the police department tell us they are afraid of their job, it’s like walking on egg shells, waiting for the next shoe to drop.  They are not afraid of the bad guys, they are afraid of the top brass, the good ol’ boys.  

Councilman Sanchez, thank you for trying to help. It is a step in the right direction, but until the culture changes at the APD and appointed politicians stop running the department, things will not change, and officers will continue to leave.

Oct 6, 2015

Cottage Industry

We at THE EYE have been hearing complaints for a long that District Court/Family Court is a cottage industry.  At first we didn't know what to think about this, all the complaints Our Eyes gave us were from anonymous sources.  Now since a brave young mother has come forward we can see why all our sources were anonymous.  The mother’s name is Holly Salzman but more about her case in Family Court later. 

Our Eyes tell us if you are unfortunate enough to be heading for a divorce, you want to avoid litigation at all costs and more so if children are involved (Family Court in Albuquerque).  Our Eyes tell us if children are involved you will be appointed a guardian by the court for the children.  This is supposed to protect the children, however, costs a great deal of money.  Both spouses are required to be tested by a sociologist and another separately for the child/children, again costing a large sum of money.  After that, a wise person is appointed to work out disputes, costing additional money and last but not least, a communications expert is appointed so you can attend parenting classes.

Our EYES tell us that it is always the same so called experts that are appointed and for the most part the same attorneys.  You are free to hire an attorney of your choice, however, attorneys we have spoken to want nothing to do with Family Court.  Our Eyes tell us that the costs involved cause people to raid their child’s/children’s’ college fund(s), take a second mortgage on their homes, top out credit cards and finally go bankrupt.   Of course we all can see how this really helps the family’s who are stuck in this cottage industry. 

We clearly see how this fills the pockets of all the so called experts.  Our thanks to KRQE CH13 for their fearless reporting on this subject; KRQE, Kim Holland reported on the brave mother who decided enough was enough, Holly Salzman.   Salzman was assigned by the court a communications expert for parenting classes.  Enter Mary Pepper, the expert, who would hold her classes in the Public Library to keep cost down, as stated by Pepper.  Only one problem with this, it’s against the law to conduct business in a public library.  Then Pepper would start each class with a prayer, against the Constitutional Rights of Salzman.  After each class when payment was due Salzman had to pass cash under the table to Pepper, so no one could see.  Pepper stated she could not accept cash in a public library, Pepper knew it was against the law.  Pepper stated she receives about TEN Court Appointed cases a week.  Folks this is 520 cases a year on a cash business. I.R.S. ARE YOU LISTENING?  Pepper would then assign homework, Christian based, for Salzman to complete before the next meeting.  This again is a violation of Salzman’s Constitutional Rights.  When Salzman had enough of this under the table dealing and refused to attend any further classes with Pepper the Family Court Judge found Salzman in Contempt of Court and took Salzman's Children away from her.  Judge Whitefield has ordered all Family Court Judges to recuse themselves from any case involving Salzman since this story broke on KRQE CH 13.  

We at THE EYE wonder how this story will end. We can see Salzman suing everyone involved, except you can't sue a Judge.  The Family Court has cut all ties with Pepper since the story broke.  We at THE EYE wonder how many more Peppers involved or will be involved in this cottage industry.  The Attorney General and The I.R.S. should investigate this, but we all know that will never happen, all these people are somebody and we are nobody.  We at THE EYE suggest that before you get involved in this cottage industry, no matter how much you dislike the other person, husband or wife, work out an agreement between the two of you and take it to a Judge to sign. Or you can go bankrupt and your children will suffer along with you.  We at THE EYE would like to hear your story.  Again thanks to KRQE CH 13 for their fearless reporting and to the young mother Holly Salzman.

Oct 1, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

We humans are on top of the evolutionary chain but sometimes you have to ask yourself, “why?” Animals kill to eat, humans on the other hand, well you know the story. We humans are part of the animal kingdom whether we like to admit it or not.  In the animal kingdom there are predators and then there’s prey.  Predators, such as, lions look for the weak or the prey that’s not paying attention, so they can attack.  In the human race there are predators/criminals that prey on us.  The predators/criminals look for the weak or the person that is not paying attention.  How many times have you seen a women leave her purse in a shopping cart while she is looking at something on a shelf?  How many people leave their cars unlocked or lock them with computers or other valuables in sight?  How many people warm their cars up on a cold morning and go back inside leaving the car running, only to return to find it gone?  Humans can defend against these predators/criminals just by thinking and being aware that these things can happen.  

Albuquerque is a jungle for predators/criminals that feed on us.  All you have to do is watch the local news and day after day crime after crime, these predators/criminals are winning.  KRQE CH13 reported I-25 and Menaul, two vehicles block in a third vehicle and steal a women's purse.  KOB CH 4 reported women being attacked while sitting in their vehicles at shopping centers: one in the far northeast heights and the second on the west side (robbed at gun point for their purses).  Animals flee or fight when they sense danger.  Humans also have a sixth sense its called freeze, flee or fight.  WHEN YOU FEEL SOMETHING IS WRONG, IT IS!!!  TRUST YOURSELF AND FLEE IF YOU CAN.   

The predators/criminals in Albuquerque all seem to be carrying guns; KOAT CH7 reported that according to F.B.I. Statistics violent crime is up 15% in Albuquerque while it has dropped nationwide.  May we offer our thanks to Mayor Berry and Chief Eden for doing a fine job (N0T EVEN CLOSE )?  We at THE EYE believe the prey must protect themselves, law enforcement can't, by  the time the police arrive all they can do is pick up the pieces.  Trust your senses, don’t freeze, and flee if you can but if you have to, fight; the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.  New Mexico has a gun carry conceal law, it requires you to get trained by a licensed firearms instructor and pass a background check.  Most gun dealers offer this training or can advise you where to go for training.  If you do not want a carry conceal license there is another option, any citizen can carry a loaded firearm in their vehicle as long as they follow certain laws, some examples are as follows: never in the presence of alcohol, never around schools, and not with a criminal record that would prevent you from owning a firearm.  Only criminals can do that! 

Your vehicle is considered an extension of your home.  You can also strap it on your side as long as it is not concealed, without a conceal carry license.  This method will make a lot of people nervous as well as interaction with law enforcement so just be aware of those issues.  Certain laws apply and you have to know them.  We at THE EYE strongly recommend that no one carry a firearm unless you are trained to do so and that firearm is known to you, just as if it were an extension of your body.  Firearms are dangerous and not for everyone, especially people who are not responsible enough to own one.  Predators/criminals are also extremely dangerous, be cautious, be aware of your surroundings and listen to your sixth sense.  Are you going to be the prey?  Only you can answer that question.  Welcome to the jungle Albuquerque, a gift from yours truly Mayor Berry and Chief Eden.