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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 30, 2014

Proposed Tentative Contract Sneaks on Through?

"Here you sell it cause I'm not taking the hit on this!"

Hmmm, the Eye takes a little much needed vacay and what happens, our dear friends at the APOA decide to sneak the latest version of the APOA contract in for a vote on next Monday, July 7.

APOA President Lopez, describes the new contract as being reasonable and that it is:

"2% away from making us whole from the Contract Violations and budget cuts that were imposed on our membership in 2010. This is a substantial increase that puts the APOA membership on the road to recovery."

Here's a link to APOA president Stephanie Lopez and Paul Broom's presentation regarding the one-year contract.

Now, some existing folks in the APOA relayed to us there concerns and these explain why this contract is being rushed to be accepted. In short, CAO Rob Perry gets his way. But in detail here are some major concerns:

-Perry gets his way and the union pays for their own time. Brooms sells this as being a something that benefits officers given whats coming from the DOJ.
-Officers are going to pay more into their PERA. Any raise just goes to fund the PERA.
-I am totally baffled about longevity.  Scale 1, Scale 2?  Are these amounts that the officer gets every 
  2 weeks, monthly, yearly?
-Polygraph gets extra pay?  There is no Polygraph unit.  Frank and Johnson should not be getting 
  extra pay for not doing Polygraph.
-What exactly is the pay raise are the officers getting?  Lopez and company say 5% but it doesn’t say 
  that.  It should.  Everything should be spelled out.  So they get a 5% pay raise, but the officers are 
  going to have to pick up at minimum 1.12% more into PERA and lose vacation time to fund the 
  union.  So lets just say they are getting a 3% pay raise, maybe.
-Retention pay for senior officers is gone.  Who does this?  We are down almost 300 officers and we 
  need to keep the experience but no, Berry and Perry strike that from the contract.  Well maybe they 
  want the senior guys to flee, err I mean retire at 20.
-While APOA officers are paying a huge portion into their PERA account, Prisoner Transport personnel (they're NOT officers) are paying next to nothing. In fine print the contract says:
The city shall pay 8.76% of each employee’s PERA Contribution in addition to the City’s employer premium contribution.

-PTU officer however will be going into their own bargaining unit after this contract. So why should APD officers leverage the cost of PTU personnel now?! Or is it as Lopez says, the APOA will negotiate for them as their own bargaining unit.

"A lot of sacrifices were made. This is a huge increase," says Stephanie Lopez. Broom states that this is the best we can do and the biggest raise of city employees. As best scripted by Perry and Berry.

Several months ago, an all but totally similar contract was presented to the officers and defeated with virtual unanimous support of the rank and file. What say you officers?

Jun 25, 2014


Thanks to one of our legal-EYEs it seems, Mr. Perry has some more explaining to do. You see as a licensed attorney he is bound to certain rules of professional conduct. Two of those rules involve avoiding any appearance of impropriety. Another is operating when there is a conflict of interest. As we all know, an officer involved shooting scene is an ACTIVE investigation, and as an attorney, Mr. Perry has no business being at such an active scene no matter how "fantastical" he things he is. And for Mr. Perry, who also sits on the city's lawsuit claims review board, as a participant and witness to the shooting scene, he now has conflicted himself out from weighing in on the matter.

Is there really any difference between Perry showing up at shooting scenes and White showing up at an accident scene? In fact, we think there's probably more of a reason for White to be present than for Perry under any circumstances!

In short, Mr. Perry's actions have create MORE liability for the city not less. Now we know, Mr. Perry has little interest in following rules, nevermind any ethics, but perhaps it's time he be called before the state bar's disciplinary board for review of his, rather "fantastical" conduct. Here's a link to the Bar's complaint page:

"Dissemination of information" is what the city of Albuquerque's highest paid employee stated recently when asked why he was showing up at APD officer involved shooting scenes.

CAO Rob Perry has established quite a pattern of being in places he shouldn't be and knowing he shouldn't be. In November 2010, he walked through the unprocessed death scene of prominent civil rights attorney Mary Y.C. Han.

Then the following summer, he aided then chief's chief, Darren White in his handling of the media circus following White's actions at his wife's car crash.

Then reports started flowing in about Perry showing up at officer involved shootings and interfering with the investigation as he ordered people around and yelled at them.

Then our Eyes tell us he showed up at the recent shooting at 2nd NW/Arvada, after being brought there by a driver (our Eyes say it was his son) and was clearly intoxicated. Mr. Perry, we are told, screamed at Eden, yelled at officers across the street, and was guarded by perpetual shield of deputy chiefs.

Then while citizens went to meet with Mayor Berry in mass, Perry taunted and provoked them. Officers tell us he belittled people by calling them "son" and "chief."

We're curious as to why these antics have been allowed to continue. Had any of these incidents involved a P 1/C they'd have already been reassigned to the Prisoner Transport Unit or fired. Yet with Perry, it's pass after pass.  We at the Eye are calling for an immediate mental health evaluation before Perry does something to truly harm himself or god forbid others.  You see, this type of behavior only grows and becomes more aggressive when unchecked. Which as can be seen in the image below, Mr. Perry has found time to go to a local gym on the westside to workout during the day AND sign up for Zumba classes.  Geez Rob, really?

On second thought, forget about the transport to 2600 Marble NE, let's see what else this summer brings, it should be interesting....

Thanks to one of our Eyes, here's a video of Mr. Perry's testimony before city council last week:

Jun 18, 2014

Police Academy XXX: Nature at Play

It seems the brain trusts running the city just can't get enough public exposure of their idiocy. While up to 1,500 protesters gather in outrage against Berry and Perry's failures of leading the city and APD, local and national news are probing their actions like a newly licensed proctologist.... (where PIO hack Blair, Eden, Levy, Perry and others conspire and actively work to spin another department failure. If they don't take responsibility why should anybody else!) (where Eden and APD's failure gain national attention as the lead story on CNN. Again. How's that for bringing the department into disrepute?) (Where Eden once again gets caught saying what he really thinks but then lies and backtracks.) (Where many of these problems all began. Geez, Albuquerque and you actually reelected Berry and company!?)

(The below narrative is a covert extrapolation of events that most likely have happened. You see it's not possible that anything this sordid could've really occurred in a professional law enforcement organization.)

WOLFIE:  Well we did it, we pulled it off didn't we?

POLLY THE POLYGRAPHER:  We sure did snookims!

WOLFIE:  I mean who woulda guessed that when I was hired almost two years ago, not only would I be saying the same thing with another academy class two years later, but I'd be shagging the department's lie detector!

POLLY THE POLYGRAPHER: I'm sure we listened to Uncle Ray Ray, he's the...sigh....master!
WOLFIE: You can say that again! I mean, who else can tell a lie, then tell another lie and make it seem like the new lie is news?!?!

POLLY THE POLYGRAPHER: Wolfie, I'm not following, you know, that logic stuff gets me lost!

WOLFIE: I'm sorry babe. Let me get some crayons and sketch it out for you. In July 2012 I said we were going to do away with all that GI Joe crap at the police academy. All that yelling and PT and discipline scares me. So we made the academy just like a montessori school. We share and learn from each other. But the funny thing is, these cadets get all crazy on the streets and shoot and Taze everything that moves. So guess what, we just started another cadet class. And we made it even MORE montessori like!!!  And my buddy Kent at the Albuquerque Journal ran a front page story saying that it's a "new" training program!  

POLLY THE POLYGRAPHER: I'm so proud of you Wolfie! You mean, you didn't change anything in 2 years and Kent did a front page article making it sound like you did something new!?!  You sure did learn a lot from Uncle Ray!

WOLFIE: See, here's a pic of my little cadets, kitten:

POLLY THE POLYGRAPHER: Oh my they're not very, ummmm....what's that word?

WOLFIE: "Fit"?

POLLY THE POLYGRAPHER:  Right that's what I mean!

WOLFIE: Ummm, no they're not but that's ok. We don't really want police officers in shape anyway. And besides, I'm untouchable. Remember when I told Perry I was gonna do whatever I want to do when that idiot cadet from the last class dimed me out!?

POLLY THE POLYGRAPHER: I sure do Wolfie. The never of that little girl. Trying to expose all to what we have going with our little club. I also like what else you learned from Uncle Ray.

WOLFIE: What's that sugar?

POLLY THE POLYGRAPHER:  You know, it's how you used your position to get into, um positions with, me. I just adore you. I mean here you are, the director of the Albuquerque Police Academy. And you fall right into APD's culture of keeping our own. Nevermind that I was a polygrapher for the department and super important step in recruitment. You just pushed all that ethical nonsense aside, kicked your wife to the curb, and well....isn't it time for some of Uncle Ray's nature at play scenarios?

WOLFIE: I think it is shnookims!

Jun 16, 2014

Just Say No!!

Back in the Eighties, US President Reagan's wife, Nancy, had a easy to remember expression when it came to turning down illegal drugs. Just Say No.

And now, the question is whether or nor the city council, led by council president Ken Sanchez, has the fortitude to Just Say No to Taser International. As we and other have reported since April, Berry's new negotiation experts are nothing more than disgraced chief Ray Schultz's cronies and emissaries from Taser.

So now our Cincinnati d' Taser boys, Greenwood and Streicher are asking, through RJ Berry, city council to allow them to charge us $220,000 for just three months of work!
Funny how the the Albuquerque Journal fails to mention that Greenwood / Streicher also work for Taser.  Isn’t that important?  (Gee, not that Walz and Walz would ever omit information...) The DoJ pointed out many incidents of Taser abuse, but the Journal fails to point out that Greenwood refuses to acknowledge that he and Streicher are both on the Taser payroll.
We at the Eye pray the city council sends Greenwood and Streicher packing and demands that Tourek do his job as city attorney.  Not only do we not need these two, the process to hire them was closed to the public.  No other company was allowed to bid.  This stinks of insider deals and it needs to stop. In fact everything Schultz has his hands in smells!
If Berry wants an outside firm to handle the DOJ then open that process up to competitive bidding.  Let’s allow other law firms around the nation to bid on this job.  Fully investigate the background of the law firms.  If Greenwood and Streicher refuse to disclose that they are on the Taser payroll then they should be dismissed from the process.  But again I ask, why can’t Tourek office handle this?  What is so special that we have to cough up what will be millions in the coming months and years for an outside law firm that none of us know anything about and that refuses to disclose their work connections?
While we know Albuquerque City Council has been quick to respond to the protestors by limiting their signs & props, limiting what they can say, limiting what they can't say, and limiting how long they can say it...but isn't it time City Council is equally quick to STEP UP for what's right????
JUST SAY NO!!!!!!!!!

Councilor Ken Sanchez:
Telephone: (505) 768-3183
Councilor Klarissa J. Peña:
Telephone: (505) 768-3127
Councilor Brad Winter:
Telephone: (505) 768-3101

Councilor Isaac Benton:
Telephone: (505) 768-3186
Councilor Rey Garduño:
Telephone: (505) 768-3152
Councilor Dan Lewis:
Telephone: (505) 768-3189
Councilor Diane G. Gibson:
Telephone: (505) 768-3136
Councilor Trudy Jones:
Telephone: (505) 768-3106
Councilor Don Harris:
Telephone: (505) 768-3123
Mayor Richard J.
Telephone: (505) 768-3000
Fax: (505) 768-3019 

Jun 13, 2014

EDEN: Intentional Deception or Idiocy?

One of the biggest issues that citizens and officers have with Mayor Berry and Chief Eden is the inability for them to provide clear precise answers to simple questions.  TO JUST TELL THE TRUTH.  
This was clearly demonstrated by the response Chief Eden (June 11 2014 at Hotel Albuquerque Economic Forum) gave to a local businessman who asked about use of force.  Chief Eden responded that it would take hours to explain because there are pages upon pages on policy.
Why can’t Eden answer the question?  Since he arrived four months ago Eden has had one debacle after another.  First it was the “justified” comment regarding the Boyd shooting.  Then it was the “I don’t know” press conference.  Then it was the “gag” order prohibiting APD officers from speaking to the DoJ.  Then the “I don’t know who makes APD lapel cameras”.  Now it is just silence,,,,, if Eden doesn’t like the question he just doesn’t respond.   
So your friends at the Eye are going to help the local businessman out.  Credit to Joe Monahan for pointing out that all Eden needed to do was hand the businessman the Use of Force Chart.  So here is the Use of Force chart that APD, and the New Mexico State Academy, teach to cadets.  It is very clear and easy to understand
There are two other items your Eye would like to point out.  First, Eden was the Cabinet Secretary for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety.  That means he was in charge of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy as well as the NM State Police.  That means Eden should know and have approved the Use of Force Chart we are providing.  Hit the "EASY" button, this is all the businessman was asking for.  Troubling that Eden either didn’t know or couldn’t explain Use of Force.  Second, Mayor Berry gave Eden a $20,000 pay raise above what Ray Schultz was making, on the day Eden was hired!  Eden makes around $160,000 per year.  For this type of money we all expect Eden to know what he is doing on the first day.  His continues to embarrass himself and the city with missteps every week.  Clearly he is in over his head.  And no Gordon, I am not going to notify you or your Assistant Chief, Deputy Chiefs, Majors, Area Commanders of my meetings with the DOJ
Berry caused this mess by keeping Ray Schultz back in 2009.  Berry continues marching APD and Albuquerque down the road to hell by keeping Eden, a chief who is clearly out of his league and ability.
                                                                                                                                              --Desert Hawk

Jun 10, 2014

CRIMES at the Crime Lab

****UPDATED: CRIMES & LIES at the Crime Lab

In response to being exposed for the witness intimidating actions perpetrated by APD chief Gordon Eden, he spoke out in defense to explain his actions. Eden and his spokespeon said:

"Regrettably, the method of communication that I chose was not the best." (Meaning: I shouldn't have put it in writing.)

"Officers do not need to get “permission” if they wish to meet with the DOJ. [I] just want to know if they are meeting." (Meaning: I need to make a list of whistleblowers.)

"This is not a gag order but a requirement to let the chief know so the chief office could have a representative in the meeting." (Meaning: I want to know what people are saying so I can make sure videos, like those made by Keith Sandy, are destroyed or know what lies to create.)

Well Mr. Eden, it sure sounds like you're either a liar or a very poor communicator. Either way, explain how we are to read and understand this in any way that is consistent with your statements above:
Can anybody say clear and direct?

The Albuquerque Police Department boasts what should be one of the most credible and effective crime labs in the region. It supports a large staff of civilian and sworn personnel who are recognized experts in court and have resources only rivaled by the state's lab across town. It processes thousands of pieces of evidence each year and functions as a custodian of that evidence for not just our local criminal justice system but for federal cases as well.

But all is not well at the crime lab.

Since the early 2000's the lab has had its issues of guns, drugs, and money being stolen. And then in the late 2000's it had more issues involving guns and other property. Then of course there were those bizarre sex encounters caught on video in the evidence warehouse that went unaddressed by then crime lab director, Marc Adams. And when certain evidence was flagged as "Not To Be Released" by APD Chief Ray Schultz, even Adams saw the writing on the wall and retired along with his co-conspirator Schultz.

So off went Adams and in came John F. Krebsbach. Krebsbach's history with the department is he came over and handled fingerprinting and CODIS work overseeing the data entry. He's been with the city around 10 years and when his pal Adams left he was the only person to put in for the new position.

Yet despite this history of being in control of very sensitive information and overseeing what is absolutely a vital division in the state's largest police department, we are stunned to see the following email Mr. Krebsbach issued to people in his department yesterday, June 9th 2014, at 11:02am:

The director of the city's crime lab is ordering people in his department NOT to speak with federal officials investigating his division of the department under investigation? This is not exactly consistent with Berry/Perry's statements of "transparency" or "full disclosure" is it? In fact, is Mr. Krebsbach issuing an illegal order and threatening people with malicious prosecution courtesy of his little email footnote?

In looking at APD's organizational chart, Krebsbach's supervisor is APD Deputy Chief of Police Eric Garcia. And his supervisor is Assistant Chief Robert Huntsman, who of course reports to Chief Gordon Eden. We all know that Eden can't tie his shoes without instruction from his boss, CAO Robert Perry.

We don't need to comment on what ramifications this little nugget of evidence poses but this email poses some very alarming questions. Questions that make us wonder how upside down is the "Crime" lab? Perhaps our friend from DOJ would like to be asked their thoughts on the Mr. Krebsbach's actions. And did he do this on his OWN or was he directed to by Garcia/Huntsman/Eden?

Questions that need to be answered in a fully public forum....

Jun 8, 2014

Degradation of APD Continues

Below is an open letter that was sent to the Albuquerque Journal by one of our eyes.  The Journal refused to post this letter.  This retired copper offers a different prospective than the actions of the current administration.

Degradation of APD Continues
I have watched in silence as the Albuquerque Police Department slips into ruin.  I talk to people who still love and respect the fine men and women of the police force.  These citizens have voiced to me their anger and dismay of how some have chosen to bash the officers but have failed to place blame where it belongs; the main fault lies squarely and firmly with the administration of the city.
I retired from APD as a police administrator, at the rank of lieutenant, at the end of 2007 after serving the City of Albuquerque for twenty-five years.  I feel it is very relevant to set the record straight as to who is at fault, why and what should be done to correct and rectify the problems plaguing the Albuquerque Police Department.
Here is a list of what the police administration should implement to stop the hemorrhaging at APD:
  • APD should immediately flathead the department and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and its consequence: ambiguity.  This would require the elimination of all deputy chiefs and majors with the exception of one under-chief to act in place of the chief when he or she is not available. All area commanders, directors and other lead personnel would answer directly to the Chief of Police.  The Chief would know what was going on in the City and who was involved and these endless layers of bureaucratic protection would be removed.  The citizens would know the Chief of Police was in charge, responsible and accountable for the department.
  • APD should immediately de-centralize the department and force all non-essential personnel into uniform and take calls for service.  APD is severely understaffed in the streets.  The Chief should have officers as generalists and shift the department from the specialization.  Yes, there is a need for certain units, such as, the Crimes Against Children Unit and Homicide Unit, etc…Implement mandatory rotation of personnel and enforce those rotations of personnel in specialized units.  This would give an immediate relief to calls for service from citizens.
  • Eliminate the college requirements without lowering the standards which are designed to weed out unfit candidates. Eliminate the “College Academy” atmosphere and reinstitute managed stress at the academy. Albuquerque streets are not kind, and we need officers who are not afraid to work in that environment.  The mentality of a college atmosphere is great for UNM students but not for cadets who the department is attempting to transform into responsible officers who have very broad authority.  I attended a high stress academy and the idea was to ensure the officers could handle the stress of being a police officer.  A consequence of a low/non stress academy is officers “immediately going for the gun” instead of using the other skills and techniques taught in the academy.
  • Immediately implement training on how to deal with the mentally ill, shoot/don’t shoot scenarios, additional weapons training on the appropriate use of those weapons, verbal judo and other proven methods of dealing with people that do not necessitate the use of force.  This training would include a full block on ethical treatment of citizens and leadership.  Revamp the Field Training Program where new officers are mentored to seek out less than lethal methods to resolve problems they are confronted with.
  • Strictly enforce the use of lapel cameras and audio to include harsh punishment if this policy is violated.  While I was a lieutenant I mandated all officers under my command to use the tape recorder on every citizen contact (this was prior to the issuance of the lapel cameras).  Some officers told me they hated me for my policy but my team had very few complaints and the few complaints I did receive were cleared almost immediately by listening to the tape recording.  I made my officers responsible and accountable.
  • Mandate supervisors go out to all critical calls. Accountability starts with the administration and holding supervisors accountable for their personnel is critical.
  • Take appropriate action when the situation and/or circumstance dictate. If there is a clean and blatant violation by an officer; the Chief of Police must act responsibly. If an officer commits a crime while on-duty and it is documented by a recording, the Chief must act accordingly. 
    *The APD shooting that made National news is a prime example. The Chief should have had the offending parties’ arrest and booked.  The case should have immediately been sent to the District Attorney for any possible prosecution.  Some officers would view this as negative when in-fact it is positive and would have saved the rest of the department from the mayhem that ensued. Facts do not lie.
  • Implement an educational program to allow citizens an inside view of the police department.  Acknowledging that several officer involved shootings are problematic, notwithstanding, the Albuquerque Police Department takes hundreds and hundreds of thousands of calls per year without anyone being hurt.  There are relevant facts the public is not educated about.
These are the first steps to gain control of the department and prove the Chief of Police is in charge, responsible and accountable to the citizens of Albuquerque.  The citizens must hold the City administration accountable; this includes the Mayor, the CAO and the Chief of Police.  I respect the administration but I also believe many mistakes have been made by the administration and more mistakes continue to be made.  This culture started many years ago and it will take several years to fully correct the problems in APD if the administration makes the correct movements.
Please take all the facts into consideration before you make a judgment call about the men and women of APD who sacrifice their lives every day in the preservation of peace and of life.  While you’re asleep they are out there protecting all of us; when you’re in your pajamas opening Christmas gifts with family, they are out there away from their families protecting us.  One last note and it doesn’t matter what side you’re rallying for; always have respect for one another.  We have and need police officers because we are a civilized civilization.
--Joe Byers

Jun 2, 2014


Well it seems a poster is correct, looky here, Rob "thug life" Perry is letting his eyes do a little wandering...

 Whether or not you agree with the protestors at today's "sit-in" at Richard Berry's office is irrelevant. The fact is when faced with honest dissent, Berry runs and lets his overpriced dog, Rob Perry confront the protestors. As Perry contributed to the chaos by insulting and openly challenging the AMERICANS present in a public area we are left wondering why he wasn't arrested for attempting to incite a riot?

But since Mr. Perry seemed to be so overly concerned about the presence of these citizens in a place they were lawfully allowed to be in, let us ask Mr. Perry a question and hopefully the MEDIA will follow up and ask this question as well of Mr. Perry...

Why were you inside the home of deceased civil rights lawyer Mary Han on November 18, 2010? 

That was a taped off crime scene, in a private home, involving one of the most high profile lawyers who sued you and APD on a regular basis, yet you were there and went inside. Explain why Mr. Perry, and don't even try to hind the "that's in litigation" excuse for avoiding the question.


We at the Eye love checking our Monday morning mail as it's always like a box of Cracker Jacks...there's always an interesting treat in it. Today's mail had the following email and image sent to us from a new contributor to your loveable blog...

Eye, I'm a longtime reader and am now stepping into the fray. Today's Albuquerque Journal featured an editorial praising Richard Berry's new "initiative" in dealing with the city's homeless problem. In the editorial they wrote:

"Mayor Richard Berry last week announced an initiative to help people in crisis. Berry didn’t directly tie the new effort to any particular events, but he did say there have been “many situations in recent months, where we’ve … had tragic incidents with individuals who are both homeless and suffering mental health issues.”  Albuquerque Journal, Op/Ed, 6/2/2014

Who are these people kidding? First we had the "Bringing Albuquerque Home" program that attempted to find housing for the city's GIANT homeless population. Now the paper is trying to make Berry into some kind of here. Except we've been down this road before. I saved the above email from OCTOBER 2011 (don't ask me why) and here we are again except this time we saved from having APD's Ray Schultz in the mess. Isn't the irony truly tragic. This "summit" from back in 2011 was promoted as an effort to avoid the exact type of tragedy which occurred with the shooting death of James Boyd. 

I hope you will post this because what's abundantly clear is that there are NO ideas within the Berry Administration and what they do have are intended to AVOID problems rather than resolve them.


[Name Withheld]

Hmmmmm, seems like we've been down this road before. Perhaps Berry will be looking at hiring PERF to assess APD's issues? Or contract for another Matrix report???