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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 31, 2018

Nob Hill to be renamed Nob Kill, and the International District to be the Kill Zone.

After seeing the below article, we thought it should get attention here, because it is the epitome of how this city is going to be brought to its knees. The vermin victimizing our citizens and businesses are out of control, and we are told the Police Department is in meltdown, and clueless on how to deal with it. This is all because of how the last administration left this place, and who they left it with. Let’s get it strait now. Berry left the city in deficit after he raped it all the while as Schultz framed officers destroyed morale and set in motion ripples through the scum pond that Eden without hesitation kept in motion.

Please check out the below KRQE article.


The crime needs to be addressed with aggressive proactive measures by cops; real cops with spines and guts who are skilled in dealing with violent crime.

Twenty plus years ago officers knew their beats. They knew the shop owners. They knew the old lady in the middle of the block, and they knew their kids. Some officers knew the public so well that they were accepted into homes for holiday meals when they had to work the holidays or any day for that matter. Some citizens were so close with neighborhood beat officers that people who knew them entrusted them to put a foot in their kids asses, and send them home if they were caught doing something they were not supposed to do. These officers knew when and how to use force, what kind of force to use and when to stop... and the people who trusted them knew that. Somewhere along the way this was all lost, and it wasn’t technology that did it. Not everything was perfect, because as always there were the self serving criminals and dirtbags that just decided to abuse their authority, and do bad things. People like Ray Schultz, and those that came up with him knew all about it. They permitted it, because they benefitted from it. They were THIS downfall. They are the ruination of the profession. The bad shootings, the sex in public offices while on duty, the time sheet fraud, stealing of evidence, dozens of bad shootings, and countless abuses of power cases... All of it permitted, covered for, or made to appear inconsequential by the likes of people like Schultz, and those responsible for this. If you were to have a perfect study model for the decline, pollution and eventual total destruction of policing, and trust of police, this place would be that perfect petri dish. It has always been a symphony of symbiotic parasite relationships between the administration and police department.

The cause for this was complacency, and the lack of a spine to take on the dirty task of just saying no, you do not belong in this profession, because you are a dishonorable spineless turd, who is only worried about money, power, and ass. In a nutshell, that is it. And because so many of these cowards were let in, they climbed the ranks, and took over. As they say birds of a feather...

For the last thirty years law enforcement has been on this slippery slope, until we finally reached this point. For years people have been screaming about the rank and file, when if you would rip out the lowlives at the top, and put people in those positions, who call it like it is, are fair right down the line, and are free from political pressure, things would not have gotten this way. Hell, if you just promoted with integrity 75% of this could have been avoided. For all of these years we have had police chief’s who are not free to run the department without political interference, with the exception of Schultz. Schultz was the political interference. For all of these years the police have been crying about how they need a “pro police” politician to save them, and give them more money, shorten their careers by hooking them up with slick pension plans, and protect them from exposure when they fuck up. While Schultz was out of control, with Kathryn Levy as his advisor very few stepped up to step on them like the bugs they are. Even the police union conspired with Schultz to make the feds look elsewhere. Had there been a unified, collaborative effort to overthrow those assholes by standing up, and walking into the US Attorney’s office with belt tapes of the dozens of times they discussed defrauding the city, and courts, or copies of illegal orders and emails from private accounts, this would have been over before it began, but no, the mentality here was always about keeping your mouth shut, and the “better them, than me” mentality... and that is just plain poor upbringing.

Under Schultz and Eden you could not even just do your job, and not find them making up cases on you, let alone honestly make a mistake, then admit, and own it, and be okay because you were honest. The moral compass has been intentionally thrown away in Albuquerque, and nationwide. The difference here is that per capita, high level corruption has gone unanswered, because of the level of it, how many are involved, how profitable it is, and the fear of retaliation, or of being the next target of a fictitious investigation cobbled up or fed to the media by liars who are constantly throwing everything they can out there to deflect attention from what they did and are doing.

There has been no word from the New Mexico Attorney General on the Taser investigation, but the previous Albuquerque Mayoral candidate Brian Colon, who works for the law firm who represented Schultz in that scheme wants to be the NM State Auditor. The same guy who supports the Santolina project clowns who have been turning elections upside down. Here lies the fucking problem people. It is laughable and people act like they don’t see it because they think it doesn’t affect them.

Recently a book was written by a UNM professor David Correia about dealing with police issues by activists. You can read the story below:


Oddly enough, that little punk Luis Robles took a poke at the above book by saying how he finds it “interesting,” because officers make less than $60,000 a year. No Luisa, you opportunistic bitch, you are the bottom feeding vermin, who makes your money being a bought witness, who has justified dozens of shootings that were considered unjustified by the federal department of justice, while taking millions of dollars in contracts from the city, and state for your dirt merchant activities as the state redacts what your real duties are for those contracts from IPRA materials requested into those contracts. And oddly enough, BCSO this clown gets hired by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office as you can see in the below story:


What do they say about insanity? Oh yea, that’s right. Urban Dictionary says...
The definition of insanity, is, doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again, expecting shit to change.

If nothing changes, it will be because the ones who really can change things decided to be pussies because their little world is ok, or because they are just plain stupid.

Mar 26, 2018

Where is Willoughby? The Chavez order, and why are criminal city attorneys still employed, after being caught lying? No Balls Judges, Sour Grapes, The Rael / Medina connection, why we are about to start in, and The Blind Leading the Blind.

Where are you boy?
It seems the bloviated mouthpiece for the Albuquerque Police Officers Association has been MIA since last week. Nobody has seen Mr. Willoughby. This is an issue, because how can you miss him?

Those down at the APOA are keeping their mouths shut. Word is, there are conflicting stories about his whereabouts. What our Eyes are wondering is about timesheet accountability, and the true reason for not being at work. Something stinks when everybody claims they do not know anything. Is Mr. Willoughby being paid for work when he is not there. Are his time sheets truthful? We will see, when Mister Willoughby surfaces for air.

It is going to be interesting to see how contract negotiations go.

Criminals in the Attorney’s Office still lying and obstructing

It seems those who were working under the previous filth bag assistant city attorney Kathryn Levy aka Virginia, who fled, along with the rest of the vermin, are carrying on with her tradition of vindictiveness, deception, conspiracy to defraud the courts, and are still blocking justice from taking it’s course. In short, they are still carrying the water of their predecessors, in order to protect them from accountability for their criminal actions. There are still people in place in the City Attorney’s office who were taught by criminals how to be mob attorney’s and they are continuing in their malfeasant and willfully criminal behavior. Below is an example of it. Below you can read where a judge calls out these dishonest creeps and cowards. Here is one of only a few judges who have the balls to call these worms out on their antics.

After reading the above documents, it is hard to believe that those responsible have not been terminated, but in a world where our own public defender’s office hires a convicted felon as a paralegal, there really is no surprise is there? Are there no attorney’s or public officials bound by ethics to take action on this?

The Albuquerque Urinal Newspaper recently did another article on officers who were allegedly harassing an individual who has spoken out about the Albuquerque Police Department, and it’s corruption problem. Below is former APD Sergeant Dan Klein’s take on the judges opinion, and frankly we concur.

The pussies elected and retained to make the hard decisions have been more than remiss in their duties. They are nutless cowards. They know exactly what they are doing. For a decade we have had police chiefs lying in press conferences, under oath, and on paper. Their underlings swore to it. Everyone else turned a blind eye, and their attorney’s covered it all up, or paid it away with your tax monies. What do you do when the last line of checks and balances turns a bling eye, or is too much of a political pussy to drop the hammer? You make sure everyone knows they are an unethical pussy who is afraid to do their job. That is what you do.

For years the biggest cowards in city government, the media, and the courts have blamed in directions that were soft targets for that blame; those who do not pose a threat to their political careers or pocket books. That, friends is cowardly... the one characteristic all of these people share. Well, they made a mistake. (Those they thought would pose no threat to their political careers or pocket books) You see, you just can not fuck with people, and think all of them are going to take it.

Self Absorbed Sour Grapes
Some of our Eyes are disappointed in the things transpiring. We are too. Some commenters who voice their displeasure are disappointed also, but they want to blame this blog. That is funny as hell. They think a blog should own something for supporting a mayoral candidate who has been a mayor for only a few months, whom they are disappointed in. Well, if that is not the typical Albuquerque behavior that got us here, and the epitome of the word PUNK. To these comments, we will consider the source, and get a good laugh or two. Our mission to deny the Berry Perry Schultz machine was accomplished. We will deal with the new problems as they come, but for the clowns who want to claim this blog needs to regain any sort of validity, you can piss off. We have exposed all of this. If you think you can do better, by all means start a blog. If we have gotten one deserved filth bag fired or helped out one case where someone was illegally steamrolled it is probably safe to say it is more than any of these crying loudmouths have done for anyone, besides themselves in a lifetime. Maybe these know it all clowns could have exposed the Santolina Clan behind getting their people elected. Maybe they would be happier if we let Colon get elected. You know, the one who works for the law firm representing disgraced and exiled former police chief Ray Schultz and who is now running for New Mexico State Auditor where he and his boy Hector Balderas can continue to help out their Boy Luis Robles who is Ray Schultz’s Attorney. So much for any of the past corruption being punished if
that happens.

Why Medina?
Everyone has been asking why Harold Medina was brought back. The answer is Rael. Chief Operating Officer for the CAO Lawrence Rael and Medina are boys. That is why he was brought back. Everyone who threw support to Mayor Keller brought self serving baggage, requests, and ultimatums for their support to the table. Every one of them said I will support you if you give me this. WE DID NOT, AND WE CAN PROVE IT.

The APOA got their little man Art Sanchez promoted, and we will be watching what Willoughby and his buddy, who is a proven liar in court... Justin “the biggest gun I ever saw” Montgomery will get out of this deal. Brian Colon got his favors, and people taken care of, even after all of the shit was thrown on Keller by his supporters, and many others are being put in places due to disgraceful political favors.

Many jackasses made fools out of themselves by attempting to predict things about this blog and why the motivation to have a say in the election. The grasp of Altruism eludes them, and that is why our city is a pit of violence, and out of control crime. It is because everyone is absorbed in what they can get for themselves, regardless of who, or what is getting trashed in that pursuit. There is no sacrifice.

The police brass, the city council, the mayors, those who keep their fucking mouths closed, knowing the wrong they are witnessing is destroying lives, those who run away, and those who enable this behavior willfully are all to blame. The word is out nationwide, and it is an embarrassment that what has transpired over the last decade has done so without one ounce of accountability or prosecution. Last month, the case where a mother’s child was killed by a police officer going 80 miles per hour to a call made the news again. Not because of the tragedy but, because the officer is suing the woman.
This made world news. There is almost one homicide a day, and we have little miss play NCIS clowns in that unit. There are barricaded suspects, shootings, robberies, and auto thefts happening by the dozens. The international district is not the war zone. The entire city is. Years of all of this, and the Attorney General is crickets on the Schultz Tasergate kickback investigation. Who is to blame? Everyone knows exactly who is to blame.

While we are at it, Lieutenant Jennifer Garcia was promoted to Commander of Internal Affairs, then promptly removed after only a record three months, and transferred to Traffic because she fucked up shit so badly. That is called fucking up!

No Means to Repair
So, as we look to the future, we are realizing that there is no means to repair the damage done and the insightful quote from former District Attorney Kari Brandenburg about the fix for this mess taking decades has never been clearer or more true.

The current command staff does not have the ability, experience, or competence to fix the city. Compliance with reform, and fixing the city are two very different things. Compliance may come to fruition, but it takes real cops to be able to operate within parameters set forth to eradicate the crime problem with aggressive skilled policing. This is not going to happen, because there are not many in it for the right reasons. Sad to say, but it is true. It is not about the money, as we here at the Eye have always maintained. Below is a video of that issue being discussed. It seems that the city attorney’s office is still carrying water for Perry and Berry’s horse shit excuse that their corruption was not, and is not the current reason for the mass hemorrhage of officers leaving for other places, or retiring, and those who are stuck with APD shutting down out of fear. Yes they all shut down out of fear of what was unjustly done to a dozen officers by Schultz and Eden, to keep the federal heat off of their own asses for corruption, racketeering, and other RICO related offenses. The fact is that there is no proactive policing by officers going on at all. Officers answer their radio calls, then find a place to park until the next call comes in. Over the last two weeks emails were sent out to officers citywide looking for volunteers to work, or stay over in area commands that did not have enough officers to work the shift. Folks, this is deadly, and our administration picked a few of the wrong people to listen to. They will have to deal with that mistake, but citizens will have to suffer for it. We are not going to have it!

We suggest you read the below ABQ Report article about the mystery of why officers do not want to work here.


Hint... may we remind you of the fiascos of officers being scapegoated, having their wives banged by coworkers, lied on by the last two police chiefs, and having to work for a cadre of absolute scum bag supervisors, who betray them at every turn, while enriching, and taking care of themselves handsomely.

And after all of this Eric Garcia has the tiny nuts to open his mouth about about how it is easier to do the right thing now, under this administration. You have to be kidding us! This clown essentially admitted that his whole career he followed along with the horse shit going on here, knew all about the taping of the federal monitor, and every other dirty little secret, but now gets to play the good guy. Sorry. Fuck that pal. Unless you walk into the US Attorney’s office to provide evidence on everything that was done by Schultz Banks Levy and all of their servants along with their predecessors you are still under our microscope pal.

Since this administration has no clue about why the place is in meltdown, maybe another candid survey is in order or a confidence vote. They seemed to have a clue before the election. What happened to that clue?

Maybe a few of the stale old political washed up talking heads that ran their mouths before the election, but are now silent can chime in. Probably not, but one thing is for sure, the same old clowns will be given chance after chance as they shit all over the place while those doing their jobs are trashed. There is a clue! Maybe that is why nobody gives a shit. This place is lead by a bunch of blind, self serving, nest feathering, malfeasants, with no moral compass, who would never risk any exposure whatsoever to do the right thing.

And we still give out gift certificates from a Police Supply Store who is owned by a coward creep who conspired with Ray Schultz to violate the civil rights, and due process of dozens of officers that Schultz wanted retaliated against through trumped up charges, and falsified government documents, in order to feel good about himself, and distract the federal Department of Justice, as co-chair of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy Board.... Another reason it is still treacherous to be a police officer in the state of New Mexico. In the spirit of all of that, please give your business to Galls or TLC for all of your law enforcement equipment needs.

Let’s show the parasites the door.

Thanks for reading the Eye, where bygones are not bygones until we say they are, memories are long and accurate, and there is no water under the bridge. Where we believe the corrupt and criminal should be punished, not the good deed.

If you can’t get justice, take it!

Till the next time...