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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jul 9, 2016


For the last year you wouldn't have even known Ray Schultz was the assistant chief of anywhere with the low profile he has been keeping. It seems he is getting a little bold, and decided to poke his head out into the light, despite being under investigation, and this is what we here at the Eye discovered in social media. We think you too will be amazed at this guys hypocrisy and audacity. This is our response to his rhetoric. Although some of his examples may be true about the way officers are being treated, it is beyond our restraint to tolerate it coming from his mouth considering his track record and past.

We all know how conniving Ray is, and what he is trying to do here. Ray is hoping that if action is taken criminally against him for what he did here, those he is fleecing in Texas will support him, feel sorry for him, and not turn on him because of the way he is acting now. Too late for that. He is already working the angle just like Ray does.

Please read his recent Facebook post here.

Please do not post on social media when you are full of it, because this is the consequence.

To both of you police chiefs,

How dare either of you open your mouths about the degradation of law enforcement in our country, or lie about the real reason why good officers are leaving police departments; especially you Ray Schultz. You actually have the guts to talk about officers feeling like they will be abandoned, terminated ridiculed and prosecuted? You wrote the book on treating your officers that way. Now you want to express your grief over tragedy? You actually have the guts to cry about police chiefs having to retire early because they do not have the fortitude to stand up like a man, and do the jobs they are paid well above their officers to do? Are you really going to take the stance that the media pressure is too much for you police executives? No leader ever cries that pressure is too much to bear when sticking up for his men. And you are right about police chiefs running away. Both of you left your departments while under scrutiny, because both of you are cowards. You do not resign, retire or run when you are right.

And Ray Schultz, you hypocrite and liar. There was a tragedy in your own former police department not long ago where an officer who worked under you as you were the chief was murdered. You and your boss JD, both ignored that, because neither of you wanted your past to follow you. You did not want anyone there to know anything more than the superficial facts of you being from New Mexico, and you did not want them finding out anything about your work history. You knew if you posted a Facebook condolence, it would bring attention to you there. You are a disgrace. After all of the things that you have done, or have ordered done to your officers in the Albuquerque police department over the years to violate their civil rights, I find your words here to be the utmost in hypocrisy, and blatant attempt to be the opposite of what you are; a dishonorable liar. Argue this, and I will provide mountains of evidence of you lying under oath. You say "Law enforcement is an interesting profession, as it is the only job where sometimes you can do everything right, or to the best of your ability, and someone will still not be happy." Then you have the audacity to talk about how the media portrays officers? You must have forgotten everything you have done in your career! The evidence room scandal, the no bid contracts, the Taser scandal that YOU ARE CURRENTLY UNDER GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION FOR. Tell the people of Memorial Villages Texas what you did to your officers in order to keep the Department of Justice from investigating your former agency, and finding out about all of the illegal things you have done. Tell them how you used the television media, and the Albuquerque Journal Newspaper to spread your lies, in order to judge officers you wanted to frame for political reasons, when they did their jobs. Tell your citizens there Ray, about how you directed investigations to frame officers in order to retaliate against them for speaking out against corruption or to distract a federal investigation away from you, then how cases were settled to make it all go away. Tell everyone how you covered for rampant sexual misconduct within the Albuquerque police department, and how you stifled studies and memorandums written to address the problems of this misconduct and officer suicides. You are nothing but a fraud. You could care less about your officers. What you have written here is the exact opposite of what you have exemplified for over thirty years in Albuquerque. You are an embarrassment, and betrayer to the oath that police officers take. You could have cared less about the community, as you sat in countless city council meetings, taunting and threatening older citizens of Albuquerque for justifiably criticizing you over your misconduct. Your dishonesty in countless depositions, and civil cases cost the city of Albuquerque over $30,000,000 in payouts. That is being modest. Everyone under your command, including you, fled a police department in meltdown, as soon as the Federal Department of Justice announced they were coming. The flow of police brass fleeing has not stopped since. No, police chiefs do not run away because their feelings are hurt. They run like you did to avoid scrutiny. What you wrote here is nothing but complete fluff to make the people of that community think you actually care about something more than filling your pockets with their money. The fallout from your malfeasance, has brought the APD attrition rate to an all time high, and they can not get officers to replace the ones leaving the department that you destroyed. They will be going to dangerous 12 hour shifts now, and it will continue to worsen. It is disgusting that you would take advantage of such a tragedy to paint yourself the pillar of justice, and protector of your troops while crying about pressures being put on you, that the likes of you alone created, when all these years you spread lies through the media about your employees, and department. Archive searches show just how much you got away with and deposition records show your compulsive dishonesty. Officers fled the Albuquerque police department as you tried to burn them like firewood to protect yourself. The truth about what is happening, is that officers are trying to do their job. They are caught between the media who spins information and perception against them, the criminals on the street who try and kill them, and coward police chiefs like you, and your politician handlers, who promote yourselves on their backs, by scapegoating, and using them at every turn, to deflect blame away from yourself for promoting poor behavior, and enriching yourselves, by abusing your position and influence, while betraying the trust of the public. Only a coward makes excuses or cries for pity during the tragedy suffered by another agency. A true leader makes change. They surely don't run when confronted, unless they have something to hide like you did. You did not even have the courage to stand up what you did when questioned. You gutlessly took the 5th. So go ahead and try to get ahead of this one by claiming you can't please everyone, calling sour grapes, and your favorite, the one you always fall back on, the disgruntled employee accusation, because there are boatloads of evidence where you were caught lying, and depositions were redone to correct your lies, you lied under oath at hearings, and your former city attorney Kathryn Levy permitted your perjury. It is no coincidence that she resigned early too. You have no defense, and anything you claim to refute this is just more lies.

The truth is that the officers who worked under your regime would rather face criminals with guns, rather then be set up by you, and retaliated against, when they stood up for themselves against you, and your criminal network.

You say that you are fortunate to work for your community? You are fortunate to still have your law enforcement certification, and not be indicted for your actions in Albuquerque, yet. You have never served with distinction, and you do not know the first thing about honor. Your final words are even more ironic as you have made not only mistakes, but deliberately committed dishonorable, disgusting and illegal acts, targeted people, retaliated against employees, and even destroyed innocent lives for your own gain and self preservation. You have owned nothing, and never did. Instead, you ran away twice from Albuquerque when the heat came down on you. You ran to Scottsdale the first time you retired, when the evidence room scandal hit under your watch, then you ran again to Texas as your efforts to stave off a federal investigation into APD failed, as you were piecing together your no bid Taser contract. This was because you were terrified of getting caught. Now, as you enjoy your second retirement like a coward, an entire city is in meltdown because of your actions, and officers are leaving a department you destroyed by doing exactly the opposite of the absolute crap you are feeding the citizens you serve now because you are desperate for a place to work, and know the only place that will take you is the place where you can call in a favor, or where you know somebody, especially after Taser let you go.

Everyone in Memorial Villages will see your true colors, no matter how hard you work to hide it. You are a fraud, and you made choices for yourself that ruined a city. Own that.

Maybe your attorney Louis Robles can speak for you, the same attorney you retained to defend you in the Taser matter, which happens to be the same one who you had on contract teaching at the academy for you for years among other things.

UPDATE 7/11/17

We would like everyone to know that we responded directly to Schultz's writings via our Facebook page, and it was removed within hours by his department Facebook moderator. We here at the Eye have no beef with the MVPD, in fact, we support every good officer they have, along with their citizens. We just want them to be aware of who they are now working with. God bless, and be safe out there. Thank you!

Jul 5, 2016


We here at the Eye have no tolerance for individuals who abuse political connections, bully others, and provide cover for the corrupt through their backroom dealings, and cowardly, off the record, telephone "call a friend" favor call ins. You have read many accounts of the usual suspects who have stuck it to the citizens, and employees of Albuquerque, and this state, and they can all be linked to one another by one degree. The sniping from the shadows is going to end.
Raymond D. Schultz is having a good time fooling the folks in the community of Memorial Villages Texas into thinking he is a great guy, after he destroyed this place with the help of his coward friends. As we have seen with many ranking members here, the rules change when you are under criminal or grand jury investigation, because they do not get put on leave or terminated. As a matter of fact, people like Ray Schultz's friend JD Sanders can actually get hired as a police chief in another state, while there is action pending regarding his certification after resigning over an internal affairs investigation into misconduct, concerning him with the Hobbs NM PD. This is no coincidence, because Ray's BFF Nate Korn was the vice chair of the board at the time, and Director Jack Jones was present, and advocating for JD Sanders who was not present. We would like to ask our LE readers just how would your absence at your own LE board hearing be handled? Would the director have advocated for you as be did for Sanders? Would they just get to say that there were lots of allegations, but nothing happened? No, not even close, unless you are connected to these cowards. Many media outlets have ignored the little details above, but we here will not. A chief resigns from his position, an LEA90 is filed, and nobody asks questions when he rendezvous with another chief, who fled his last place of employment TOO. Does the saying "you scratch mine, I'll scratch yours" sound familiar? IPRA NMLEAB CASE #12-089. Who should you ask? Oopsie! That's right, Jones is gone, and so is Korn. Seems all of these people are skedaddling, now that things are coming to light. But they aren't worried about the Corvino case, are they?


You can read it all here, starting on page 109. This should enrage anyone who has had to deal with the disparity in case handling up there in Santa Fe, especially those who have had action taken against their certifications, after signing agreements with municipalities agreeing to no action in lieu of resignation.

We here at the Eye ask why is Ray Schultz not on administrative leave? Look at him!

Where is the investigation into the Taser no bid, kickback contract at?

If those that fled get to smile and profit, then those still here should not get the same benefit.

There has been a lot of talk about departments directing their staff to Kaufman's West LLC for their equipment. Why? Why direct people to a place where their prices are high? Why direct anyone to a business owned by an individual who condones corruption, by openly praising former employee Raymond D. Schultz as some kind of "E.F. Hutton," when all he is is a coward who used people, destroyed the place, then moved on when the heat came down on him; a snowflake. Enough of acting like something did not happen. Ray Schultz is a liar, who has perjured himself in numerous cases, while under oath, and he was allowed to do this by people in oversight positions, who dare to take the high ground, and act as if they were cleaning the place up, when THEY were, and are the problem. They did this. As the rats jump ship, the rat feeders should be sent packing with them. WE HERE AT THE EYE ARE CALLING FOR AN EMBARGO OF ALL BUSINESS WITH KAUFMAN'S WEST LLC. There are better places to do business with better prices. Try the below listed vendors. They are nice people that get shut out by a corrupt administration. Do not give money to a business that has profited from the likes of Ray Schultz, and is owned by a person who has obviously pushed cases in the favor of violating employee rights, politically bullied decisions in the desired direction of his buddy's choosing, and disallowed the simple right to free speech at public hearings. You do not get to destroy places and lives and walk away. Hillary Schultz should not get a free pass. Indict him.


We suggest anyone looking for quality emergency services equipment give the below people a try. It is about time the favoritism ends.

Our favorite vendors:

925 Second St. NW

2520 San Mateo Blvd. NE

Jul 1, 2016


A few years ago, former officer Robert Woolever's New Mexico law enforcement certification was revoked without a hearing, by a corrupted, biased, and bought hearing officer. This same hearing officer's name has come up quite a few times in regards to improper decisions, favoritism, unfairness, agenda, and fixing hearings. The most recent involved his former coworker, Jessica Tyler. He tried to whitewash her accountability, concerning actions initiated by the Bernalillo county Sheriff's office, where she resigned as a current internal affairs investigation was ongoing. The NMLEA board saw otherwise recently. The light is being shined on the board now, and things are changing. In the spirit of the chickens coming home to roost, we will be giving out the first SNOWFLAKE OF THE MONTH AWARD to a very fitting, behind the scenes character, and snake who thought he operated without detection.

Former APD officer Woolever protested the NMLEA hearings, by demanding another hearing officer, and stating the hearings were notoriously biased, corrupted and influenced by Ray Schultz, and his sidekick Nate Korn who sat on the board. Evidence of these allegations were provided to several outlets. Nate Korn benefitted from several sole source contracts funneled his way by Ray Schultz. AIMPOINT SIGHTS, BALLISTIC VESTS, SPIWAK PATROL JACKETS.... All APD cadets are directed to Kaufman's West LLC, to get their equipment, despite there being other suppliers in town, such as Nieves, and TLC. Korn coincidentally had a LLC called friends of SWAT, that APD Sgt. Jason Peck was an officer in. That LLC WAS REGISTERED TO THE VALLEY AREA COMMAND ADDRESS. The hearing officer in Woolever's case was none other than David Linthicum. The very same David Linthicum who is Darren White's BFF and business partner. Darren White was the public safety officer when Ray Schultz threw Woolever and his partner under the bus, to distract the federal investigation away from APD, in order to protect himself from the exposure of being caught for all of the illegal things he, and his cohorts have been doing for years. A lot of these fixed hearings got in under the wire, before the light has been shined on these cucarachas. Now, as is usual when the heat is on, and everyone is watching, people are being forced to do the right thing. Many cases are being looked at, and many people are being focused on for their responsibility in carrying out cowardly, and treacherous acts against people, for no other reason than to protect those that are out there abusing their positions, in order to profit. Many of these people are resigning, leaving, or in some instances, actually being booted out. These same people, (Hypocrites) who are in positions where they level targeted scrutiny on others, lie, fabricate, and falsify evidence, omit exonerating evidence, disallow positive testimony, conspire to violate civil rights, and stack the deck to take care of their criminal friends, who call in favors out of retaliation, or obstructing federal investigations can never, and do never weather scrutiny at any level, minus the treachery and crimes they expose their victims to. They can't even withstand a question into the matter, without running, let alone a fair investigation into their conduct. As a matter of fact, as soon as the sunlight is shined remotely in their direction, they flee. These gypsy consultants, and snake oil carpetbaggers go running to the hills as soon as they get a hint that their gig is up. They are SNOWFLAKES. If you want to act like a hitman for a corrupt administration, have a spine when it is time to pay the DJ. The toleration is over.

We here at the Eye would like to announce that FORMER NMLEA BOARD HEARING OFFICER DAVID LINTHICUM IS OUR SNOWFLAKE AWARD RECIPIENT FOR JULY OF 2016. THAT'S RIGHT, WE SAID FORMER HEARING OFFICER..... BECAUSE DAVID LINTHICUM IS NO LONGER A HEARING OFFICER FOR THE NMLEA BOARD. Well isn't that a coincidence? We told you that you were on our radar. Good luck in all your future endeavors, you sneak. Kick rocks. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Coward. Enjoy the award SNOWFLAKE LINTHICUM. Maybe you can move to Texas or Arizona? We hear they are taking our fleeing refugees there.