The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Apr 30, 2013


That would be the headlines if the Mayoral Race was held today based on the signatures submitted; Heh would be the city’s newest Mayor.  Mayoral candidate Paul Heh turned in over 2,000 additional signatures on Monday bringing Heh’s total amount of signatures to a whopping 7,604.  At the bottom of this story is a letter we received from our next Mayor, Paul J. Heh.

In contrast and comparison, Dinelli is estimated to have submitted between 5,000 and 5,500 signatures.   Berry submitted an estimated 6,000 signatures.  Heh lead the three candidates with an overwhelming 7,600 signatures.
One of the oddities we found was both big dollar politicians (Dinelli and Berry) were cleared and given the 3,000 signatures to reach the bench mark several days ago.  The City Clerk has stalled this process for Heh.  The disparity in treatment is obvious.  Heh is the ONLY non-politician in the Mayoral Race.

Now why it is when a candidate submits over 7,600 signatures does the City Clerk drag her feet to complete the process?  Is it because she is incompetent? Is it because she is one of Berry’s hand-picked minions? What is it with Ms. Bail-Berry-Out?
Rather it is incompetence or cronyism, the fact remains that Heh is proving to be a top contender no matter what Berry does to try and suppress or stop Heh.  You won’t see this story on television or in the Journal.  You asked why; it is simple, Berry COMPLETELY controls the local media.

Open letter from Paul J. Heh

With today’s submissions to the Albuquerque city clerk , over 7,500 of this city’s voters have endorsed my candidacy for Mayor with their signature. From business people to college students, city employees to bankers, retired to active duty, and from public safety to public maintenance, citizens from all walks of life have told me the same theme over and over: they are tired of our city leaders lying and saying things are fine when they are not, and that Albuquerque is doing great when it can do so much better.

My special thanks goes out to all the volunteers that spent their afternoons and weekends away from their families. With your help you have given citizens of this city the voice they so desperately want on the ballot in this mayoral election. They want a non-politician to be their mayor. They want somebody who understands their situation, whether it’s great or tragic, and restore honesty, integrity, and hard work back to the office of the Mayor of Albuquerque. They want me, Paul Heh.

Much has been said about “finances” in this mayoral race. That whomever has the biggest bank account, the most heavily funded special interest super-pac, and the fattest donor base is the front runner. Well, as we’ve seen, money has already tainted the race. Both of my opponents are having to address what seem to be unlawful donations. To his credit, I’m told Mr. Dinelli has done the honorable thing and given the few hundred dollars given to him by city contractors to charity. Mayor Berry however continues to hide behind lawyers and, true to his form, refuses to honor rules that control this election process. With over $19,000 of unlawful funds donated to his campaign by city contractors, Mayor Berry’s campaign lawyers argue the rules don’t apply to him. Once again, it’s not Mayor Berry taking a position, but people for Mayor Berry. And once again Mayor Berry refuses to follow the rules.

While I’m keenly aware that it takes money to run a campaign, I will refuse to make it the priority. This campaign is about fixing this city, and to do that we need heart and sweat, not a continuation of the policies that have led us to where we are today.

As I said when I declared my candidacy months ago, I will not hide behind lawyers like Mayor Berry. I will lead this city from the front. With myself and the other two candidates now on the ballot, this campaign begins in earnest and to them I say let the fun begin!

Apr 29, 2013

Schultz Changes Policy; Lying is now Acceptable

Much ado has been made about a supposed change in the APD's discipline policy when it comes to issues of untruthfulness. Which is another term for deception. Or also known as omission. And known as misrepresentation. But let's call it for what it is: LYING.

And Banks knows a lot about lying. Under oath in an administrative hearing, he was caught lying by attorney, and now state Democratic Party Chariman, Sam Bregman.  During the testimony you will also hear former Deputy Chief Feist's lies...Listen to their lies for yourself here on YouTube: [CLICK HERE]

But now, Banks, who we guess is interim chief now because there's no comment from Schultz, says that one has to look at the totality of the circumstances. Huh? All investigations are done from the perspective of a totality of the circumstances. That is why from Day 1 in the APD Academy cadets are told to ALWAYS tell the truth because lying will get you fired. Under the new policy, if an officer LIES then it seems their lie will be looked at in the totality of the investigation. If you lie during an investigation, that action itself is looked at as an aggravating or mitigating factor. That is why personal MUST tell the truth, the act of covering up misconduct is often much worse than the misconduct itself. Former and departed President Richard Nixon is the ultimate example.

Circumstances which should not only get people fired, but indicted. Like when former APD officer Levi Chavez ran his car into a kid riding his bike as a P2/C and lied about the accident. Like when an officer rear-ends a citizen in his marked unit and gives her a false report number. Like when an off-duty sergeant lies and says he was chasing a drunk driver. Like when APOA President Weber says he was "vaguely aware" of the policy. Like when Commander Tim Lopez stated two other APD officers were insubordinate and started a fight with him. Like when Deputy Chief Banks lies and says he was not in the crime scene of prominent civil right's attorney's house. Like when Ray Schultz says response times for calls for service are not important (we could go on and on about Schultz but you get our point). Like when CAO Perry says his administration is a leader in transparency and then tells citizens to sue him to get informatin about city expenditures. Like when RJ Berry says crime is at an all-time low thanks to his policies. And it goes on and on and on....

If the leaders of this place lead by lying, what do they expect their troops to do?!?!

A government institution, nevermind a police department, has to have ZERO TOLERANCE for lying. Retired Lieutenant Steve Tate commented that truthfulness has only one level: truth or not. We agree. And while Banks seems to think that APD operates under it's own best practices, we are not persuaded by any argument offered by a confirmed liar about SOP policies addressing lying. We can hear it now in the echoes of the court room, "Officer X, isn't it true, that you're department allows officers to lie?"
Of interest, Berry is silent on this topic.  One can only believe Berry's beliefs follow that of his chief and he too condones lying.

In a time when APD is under scrutiny for institutional level efforts of deception and mismanagement, we find this discussion by the leadership of Albuquerque almost at the height of arrogance. Only in APD would there be a softening of discipline for personnel caught lying when the US Department of Justice is looking over their shoulder!

Apr 26, 2013

Election Rigging by City Clerk Proves Her Loyalty to Berry

In support of the democratic process, people have to be able to actually vote. We’re not talking about motivating people to vote, but the actual act of voting. In last Fall’s elections, Sandoval County for instance, provided very few polling locations. As a result of the county’s failures, citizens who wanted to vote either had to endure waiting in line for hours or were simply not allowed to vote.

As Albuquerque prepares for its mayoral election, the Eye is watching very carefully where the city allows and certifies official polling/voting stations. This is significant because in a true democracy everybody should get an equal opportunity to vote. In other words Ms. Bailey (the clerk of the city of Albuquerque) included some locations while omitting others.  This would be okay as long as it is fair to all three candidates: Berry, Dinelli, and Heh. But back filling locations that are favorable to the incumbent mayor is unacceptable and, frankly, Un-American.

Sadly, it has come to the Eye’s attention Ms. Bailey is in fact doing this (READ IT HERE). You see typically schools are used as voting centers. Now Ms. Bailey is wanting to include churches. While as long as the spread of voting sites is even and fair, we don’t see a problem. But when you "sandbag" the NE heights with approved location and omit a location like Legacy Church on the westside, we have a huge problem. Of most importance is access for voters, and we find it more than curious that Ms. Bailey would omit a facility that has held numerous public events, even for police officer's and sheriff deputy's graduations, she would deny inclusion of such an obviously acceptable facility.  A random act or an intentional action to game the vote?

Is it Ms. Bailey or Ms. Bail-Berry-Out? This is not a cheap shot; this is the truth. Look at the map of the locations chosen by Ms. Bail-Berry-Out above. Notice the obvious West/Southwest is completely bald with no representation? The cheap shot is from Berry and his minion, Ms. Bail-Berry-Out. Ms. Bailey is not fair; and this clearly proves it!

We wonder how the voters in this area will feel now they know how Berry really feels about them...

FYI- Not that Berry cares but "Election Rigging" is a "bad thing."

Apr 25, 2013

"All Is Well!" Or Is It?

While office holders in the state continue with their ridiculous rhetoric that “all is well” and “we’re moving forward,” the reality is things in New Mexico in general, and in Albuquerque in particular are not well. And like little toads in a pot of gradually boiling water, it seems the general public has no problem with the stage that is being set in anticipation of a boil-over.

Earlier this week, the murder trial of former APD officer Levi Chavez took a bizarre turn. In pre-trial arguments, Chavez’s defense lawyer David Serna successfully argued that the court should seal the hearings from public view (READ IT HERE).

Strangely enough, Chavez’s lawyer argued the state has sensationalized the case thus warranting the sealing. Last time the Eye checked, when an active duty police officer is indicted for murdering his wife and is suspected of being involved in a massive international crime ring, the state doesn’t need to sensationalize the case. The case speaks for itself!!!

However, Judge Eichenwald of the 13th Judicial District court agreed (some say the deal was already “sealed”) and order the hearing to be sealed at least until the trial is set to begin. We at the Eye are concerned about this because many of the nastier details of a trial are hammered out in pre-trial practice and now are at risk of being concealed. And this case is rife with nasty details which affect Albuquerque, RJ Berry, and APD’s chief, Ray Schultz:

1. Which exact APD officers arrived at the scene of the murder?
2. Why were they there and for how long were they there?
3. Why did so many go down there?
4. What did they do which interfered with Valencia County Sheriff’s Deputies investigation?
5. What brass (other than former APD lieutenant Shawn O’Connell) were in contact with officers there?
6. Why was APOA president Ron Olivas there and what did he do?
7. What is former APD officer Pete Dwyer’s connection with Levi Chavez and his stolen truck?
8. What is in Levi Chavez’s personnel file that precluded him from being terminated as a P 2/C when so many supervisors recommended he be terminated?
9. Who was Levi Chavez working with in APD?
10. What supervisors acted on Levi Chavez’s misconduct and what supervisors remained silent?
11. Why was Allen Banks in contact with personnel involved with the scene?

Lurking in the background in this case are the sinister elements of Mexican drug cartels known as La Linea and the Sinaloa drug cartels. Sinaloa is the largest Mexican criminal enterprise and La Linea is the tactical/enforcer arm of the Juarez Cartel. To be sure, elements of these criminal organizations are present here in New Mexico AND Albuquerque.

Think about every time there’s a brutal slaying of a Mexican national and how little news it gets (since when does the throat slashing of a 2-yr old bot and his mother NOT make headlines...). 

The real cops and good guys in APD, BCSO, and even federal law enforcement tell us cars, guns, and money flow south to Mexico while drugs flow north. They come up I-25 and then split three ways across the country East and West on I-40 and North on I-25 with Albuquerque as the distribution hub for this network.

Don’t kid yourselves folks, what happened earlier this week affects us all. The sealing and HIDING of the court record now protects not only criminals outside of the Chavez trial, but protects those that are compromised by their INACTION to be real police officers and combat pawns of Sinaloa and La Linea. After all, when a police chief looks the other way while there is gross/criminal misconduct and refuses to investigate massive complex crime, isn’t that truly an action of endorsement? Doesn't that reinforce the type of criminal conduct that leads to dozens of bodies showing up on the west side?

And isn’t it odd that Mr. Serna’s motion to seal the court’s record doesn’t even really protect his client from what he claims as “unfairly prejudicial” material. But it does protect the people that attempted to cover up a murder scene and are possibly involved in other massive crimes….

Please join us in our effort to petition to vacate Judge Eichenwald’s order and maintain our system of public trials.

Apr 23, 2013

APD in Limbo Because of the Bimbo's

With the dust still swirling around in the aftermath of Boston last week, once again we are reminded how far away from basic policing Albuquerque’s mayor and discredited police chief have led their department.

Instead of focusing and supporting the rank and file sworn Patrolmen First Class and Detectives in the department, endless gobs of money are spent in support of civilian new hires and so that even more civilians can watch CNN and web based surveillance systems.

In case people haven’t noticed, there is no APD academy running and only five officers graduated to move on into the three phases of OJT. Our eyes tell us of those five, only three are for sure to track on into APD’s patrol division. Of course, DPS and NMSP are not under investigation by the DOJ so they don’t have recruiting problems like APD. DPS is reported to have almost 60 cadets in their academy and NMSP has over 30. APD has NONE.

But that’s ok, because while there are fewer officers in APD in almost twenty years, Ray Schultz and RJ Berry’s response has been to make things not better but worse. Not only are more resources being spent on endless tech “solutions” but now we are told the city is on a recruiting campaign to hire over 60 PSA’s.

Again the double speak is stunning. Under Berry and Schultz’s direction, hiring standards were modified where candidates needed to have at least 60 college credit hours (a qualification Ray Schultz wouldn’t even pass with his diploma mill degree). And never mind that they are not sworn yet expected to process even felony crime scenes (won’t that make the citizenry happy!), we can only imagine how they will fair in court (won’t that make the attorneys happy!).

Yet according to Schultz, one can now become a PSA with a pulse and then can track into APD as a sworn officer sidestepping a state mandated academy requirement. Huh? Citizens with lots of life experience…no thanks. Teenager….please apply.

We wonder what the state’s Law Enforcement Academy Board will think of this since an abbreviated academy is in violation of state law. By statute, peace officer candidates MUST require a 600 basic academy training program. Last time the Eye checked, there is no Schultz waiver to state law as much as he tries to intimidate the LEA Board into thinking he knows all there is about policing.

So while TJ and company watch TV’s and flocks of teenagers become PSA’s, perhaps the Boston area police department’s will come to our aid when the Mexican cartels decide to wage a war here in Albuquerque. And to our friends in APD, remember that lawsuit that was filed years ago regarding unpaid wages? Don’t worry about it, it hasn’t gone anywhere. While departments across the country have WON their lawsuits for unpaid wages, you can be sure, nothing has been done to move this case forward since February 2012 by your lawyer.

Low pay

Low staffing

Low representation

Low support…

Mayor Berry and Ray Schultz and company, this is not the limbo, this is the state’s largest police department in the state’s largest city. You two bimbo's own this mess.

Apr 22, 2013

Marguerite Chavez De Aragon Quits Race She Never Publicly Entered

According to the local media, Marguerite Chavez De Aragon has quit the Albuquerque’s Mayoral race.  The odd thing is; SHE NEVER ENTERED THE RACE PUBLICLY! 
Marguerite picked up a packet for the Mayoral race at 4:00 PM on the deadline before the City Clerk’s Office closed. Marguerite never publicly entered the race. According to Marguerite’s last statement made, she was planning on publicly entering the race at the end of this month. How does a person quit a race they were never publicly entered into?  Why not quit being an astronaut or a nuclear physicist too?

Here are some thoughts and questions:
  1.  Why did Marguerite send out these false pretenses that she was going to enter the race?
  2.  Was this false pretense for the purpose of political gain?
  3.  Was it to ensure she would have a job if she gave her “support” to another person?
  4. Was this fair to the people who signed her petitions or who worked diligently to help her?
  5. Was this a pre-planned and/or collaborated effort; a conspiracy on her behalf and others?
  6.  Did Marguerite know from the beginning know she was out-of-her-league and just wanted to have some fun at the taxpayers’ expense?
  7. OR did Marguerite simply realize she was in over her head and knew she did not have a snowball in hell’s chance to win?

When all is said and done, these questions will be answered.  The truth always comes out in the end.  We hope Marguerite’s plight was an honorable situation with honorable intentions.

Congratulations to Marguerite for dropping out of a race she never publicly entered…

Apr 18, 2013


 While the soon to be departed Mayor of Albuquerque, RJ Berry, is going around collecting money for his campaign from out of city voters, a recent article caught our Eye.
We know the list is almost endless as to what's gone wrong since Berry became mayor, but it's worth repeating: we've lost more jobs (3,900) proportionally than any other city in the country, we have fewer people employed now than when Berry took office in December 2009, APD is under DOJ investigation, the person responsible for APD's demise is being allowed to walk away with a fat 90% of gross income pension, real estate prices have yet to recover to their pre-2009 prices, crime rate is higher than ever before, more people are leaving Albuquerque than moving in, cover up after cover up plagues the city in gross disparity compared to other cities, APD's issues continue to bewilder even the most honest fan--low staffing, increased expenses, bottomless morale, and expensive hi-price toys being run by people with little or no law enforcement experience, and the list goes on.
With the city in such a disastrous state, why would anybody want to invest money here? Obviously they wouldn't. And in fact that little bit of information was buried in yesterday's Albuquerque Journal. You see venture capital is at an all-time low and has continued it's slide into non-existence since, you guessed it, Berry's election. (READ IT HERE)  Folks, you can't make this stuff up.  These are facts and all have verifiable sources to prove these facts.

What is venture capital? In basic terms it's simply money private people or investment groups invest in private companies to get them off the ground. It's a reflection of the optimism in a given economy. People invest their money with the expectation of a return and here in Albuquerque, it seems there is NO HOPE for a return thanks to the policies of RJ Berry. No seed money, no growth. It's that simple.
And while we have Berry to thank for implementing his failed policies, we have the cast of official and unofficial advisers surrounding him. It is much as their advise as Berry's implementation that have brought this city to it's knees. So a vote for Berry is a vote for the despicable. 
RJ Berry, Rob Perry, Kathy Levy, Paul Kennedy, Tito Madrid, David Tourek, Jay McCleskey, Sherman McCorkle, Susana Martinez, Allen Weh, Darren White, TJ Wilham, Allen Banks, Heather Wilson, and of course Ray Schultz.

Here is the big question: is this a recipe for cooks or crooks?  We all know the real answer...

Apr 16, 2013

Time to Reflect

There will be plenty of time for finger pointing and placing blame…We as a community must stand united and together and be diligent to protect one another.

Please take a moment out of your day and give thanks to God for what you have including your problems or any other issues you may have in your life and say a prayer for those in Boston who now wish they had your problems and not theirs…
 Our thanks to all first responders and investigators who run to harm's way.
Take time to reflect, give your spouse or significant other a hug and a kiss, love your children,  and may God Bless!


The Eye On Albuquerque

Apr 15, 2013

Berry is an Egg-straodinary Liar

Today is April 15th, traditionally and most commonly known as the official tax day.  Being tax day should remind everyone about Berry’s failure from his last campaign regarding tax returns.  Former Mayor Chavez tore into Berry about providing a full disclosure regarding Berry’s tax returns.  Berry never did release his tax returns and knowing a “good ol’ lying politician,” we do not expect him to comply now either.  Does anybody else smell something rotting?

Former Mayor Chavez ripped Berry for not agreeing to release his tax returns.  Chavez stated, "I know it's not comfortable, but the public has a right to know. That's open and transparent government."  Berry talked-the-talk but did not walk-the-walk.  The big question is why?  What is Berry hiding?  Will the tax information expose Berry via his wife having received some of the contracts or moneys from the Paseo Del Norte project or other City government contracts?

Berry's failure to disclose his tax returns is the same as lying.  Clearly no one disputes lying is by any act or omission.  Berry is refusing to release all the pertinent information; that makes it a lie and him a liar.

Berry lauds himself on openness and transparency in government but why can’t he do the same?   Here is Berry’s chance to redeem himself and correct the wrong he committed during the last election and show he REALLY believes in transparency and  openness.

So yes, Berry is egg-straodinary.  Berry has an egg-straodinary way of putting egg on every voters face when he fails to do the right thing. Notwithstanding, if there is nothing wrong, if there is nothing to hide and Berry has done nothing wrong, why not release all of his tax returns from the last election and the current one as well?

Apr 12, 2013

Reason No. 34 Not to Vote for Berry

While researching other lies Mayor Berry has been portraying we found Berry’s Wiki-link page (READ IT HERE). The page contains more propaganda and lies than a 1940 news release from the Nazi’s. Of course the link does not discuss the hundreds and hundreds of jobs lost this past year (more jobs lost than ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES) or that Forbes Magazine states Albuquerque under Berry is not a place to move to or start a business. We could go on for days exposing all of Berry’s fallacies and lies but that story is for another day…

Berry would do well with Kim Jong Un; they could baloney each other to death with all their lies of false accomplishments. Berry is more like a geek than he is a Greek... Albuquerque can’t afford another four years of this failure…

Apr 11, 2013

APD Conducts Counter Intelligence Against Citizens

The public expression of dissent is one of the greatest attributes we hold as Americans. To speak openly and FREELY about issues that concern us is a privilege that people the world over do not get to enjoy. In fact, in many countries, speaking openly about the government can get you killed. Or suicided.

But here in the United States of America, publicly expressing and stating we are fed up with something is a right we hold dear to our hearts. It's what makes us Americans.
Thus when the picture here was forwarded to us from a recent public demonstration against Bernalillo County District Attorney Kari Brandenburg we felt an immediate need to address this issue.
When our Eyes first saw the picture it was thought to be a heavy duty wheelchair with a center stabilizer for Wilham (Just a little Eye humor)...We have come to learn it is one of the APD's spy stations operated by hired, fired and re-hired Tj Wilham. 
On a serious note, pictured herein is one of APD's new mobile video surveillance drone's. You see this device was parked in close proximity to the protestors and recorded both audio and video footage of their, and every other passerby's, every doing. Everything they said, everything they looked at, every movement they made was recorded and watched by our friends in APD's "Smart" Police Unit. And to be clear, the video was operated on a live basis while officers zoomed in on citizens and recorded the entire event in high-definition digital video.

We at the Eye have a major problem with this and it's hard for us even to know where to begin.

Is APD targeting this particular group in particular? If so why?
Is APD going to target all public protests? If so why?
If APD is not going to target every protest, than who are they targeting and why?
Are they going to target officers at their homes if they happen to be home sick or on sick leave?
Are they going to target political rivals of Mayor Berry?
Are they going to provide video surveillance of where ever Chief Schultz is staying for "protection?"
How much of this have they already done?
How many covert mobile units do they have?
What are they doing with the recordings?
What review process exists to prevent abuse?
Who has access to the videos?

The questions go on and on, and for a department notoriously known for its secrecy and refusal to comply with public record requests, AND it's arbitrary and prejudicial investigations it's hard to even fathom anybody could think this is appropriate.

Then there are the people who are watching the watched. Directing the "Smart" Police Unit is none other than former Albuquerque Journal reporter TJ Wilham. Our Eyes tell us, Wilham spends countless hours eating and watching videos of questionable investigatory relevance. Of course, not to be outdone by Wilham is the unit's sergeant, Felipe "flip" Garcia. If you recall, Sgt. Garcia was vice-president of the APOA under former officer Joey Sigala and was named as a person of interest in a massive financial embezzlement investigation of APOA funds. Also in the unit is detective Nick Sanders....our friends in the DEA will remember him for the official misconduct that almost got him fired.

So in a nutshell we have an unjustified and arbitrary use of police surveillance AND recording of citizens asserting their constitutional rights being operated by a unit whose very management would not withstand ANY public scrutiny. Seriously, could you imagine the number of burr-eat-oh wrappers left lying around by Wilham? Is the "Smart" unit itself under video surveillance?

We know from experience that when people work in APD's main police station they develop symptoms of indifference, we wouldn't want to speculate but for some reason we don't have any confidence that IF they happened to see misconduct by fellow LE personnel they'd actually do anything about it.

To the folks at APD, you do understand that the DOJ is watching YOU under a microscope right? You do understand that the department is being scrutinized for a pattern and practice of civil rights violations right?

Look, we understand that there may indeed be a reasonable basis to have an officer assigned or dispatched to a location when there is a public protest going on. If for any reason it's to protect the protestors from the public. However, this type of authoritarian prejudicial "Big Brother" style surveillance is unacceptable.

In Eye terms it is simply UN-AMERICAN!! The Eye encourages all citizens to exercise their rights and become the true watchers of the and take pictures of any and all of these installations. The suppression and chilling of free speech is the first step to totalitarianism...

Apr 10, 2013


The picture below is from the Albuquerque Magazine.  The picture gives reason number 56 of why NOT to vote for Berry.

The statement claims Berry "works hard to drop our city's crime rates..."  Strangely enough, the crime rate in some areas of Albuquerque is up over 80%.  For the "UNM grad" this equals an "F."  The statement also states, "...and not raise taxes across the board." But yet Berry manages to siphon over $4,000,000.00 to his pet projects while managing to lose 3900 jobs Albuquerque desperately needs.  Is this not a HUGE tax "across the board" by proxy?

And yes, we must discuss the last statement about Berry's mustache and legends...


Do you still have any doubts why you should not vote for Berry...

Apr 9, 2013

Why is it okay to defy the "will" of the People?

We researched the topic about Berry's "ABQ: The Plan" and the shenanigans being orchestrated behind the scenes by Berry and his foot soldiers. The best and most simplistic explanation we found was on Joe Monahan's Blog.  The Almighty Alcarde RJ Berry has managed to embezzle fundings for his "ABQ: The Plan" after the CITIZEN'S OF ALBUQUERQUE SPOKE (VOTED) THEIR "WILL" AND TOLD BERRY THEY DO NOT SUPPORT HIS WASTEFUL SPENDING.

As you can see by reading below Berry used his political friends in the City Council to do the old "Shell Game" and switch money around thinking the citizens of Albuquerque are idiots and would not learn the truth.  Since the voters already said no, doesn't this become an act that violates moral turpitude at a minimum, if not criminally?

The Eye On Albuquerque is fed up with the political games and the dirty politicians.  Why can't we get a real person into office who will do the "right thing" and follow the "will" of the people?  What ever happened to "We the people; by the people and for the people."   



We blogged this week of how Mayor Berry's "ABQ: The Plan" is getting increasingly wary treatment from the city council. There will be no bonds for the plan on the October ballot but as reader Elaine Hebard explains "The Plan" will still get money:

At the City Council meeting March 4, the Council voted to delete these items from the GO Bond Program: River Amenities, Enhancements and Bosque Restoration, $2,250,000; Bosque Trail Development, $1,000,000 (General Obligation Bonds categorized by purpose must be approved by the voters in the municipal election Oct. 8).

…And then the Council transferred $2,892,000 from the City’s General Fund to the Parks & Recreation Capital Acquisition Fund: River Amenities, Enhancements and Bosque Restoration, and Bosque Trail Development, $2,892,000. These funds do not have to be voted on and will be available as soon as the Mayor signs the G.O. Bond Programming Resolution. While we should be wary of adding new commitments, what really happened is that the public okay was removed.

Yes, the public okay was removed from "ABQ: The Plan" and the Mayor still got cash for his pet projects, but going forward it is going to be more difficult for him--especially if the Dems become the majority party on the nine member panel.
Former President George H. W. Bush Sr. stated it best when he lost to Bill Clinton back in 1992. The Republicans wanted to raise hell about Bush's loss.  In response Bush went on National television and asked everyone to respect the people's voices. The latter part of Bush's statement was something to the affect; "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!" Now why is it Republican Berry cannot be a decent honorable man and follow the will of the citizens of Albuquerque; they too have spoken?

Our apologies we are in no way, shape or forum are attempting to compare Berry to Former President Bush.  Obviously there is no comparison; one man has integrity and follows the will of the people and the other has no integrity and DOES NOT follow the will of the people.

Remember; this is the same guy who is asking for your support and vote in October.

Apr 6, 2013

A Worthy Cause

Below is a flyer for the law enforcement Baker2Vegas Challenge Cup Relay. This is truly a worthwhile cause. Please give or pledge what you able to afford.  Please contact Cornel Heitzman at or any team member for more information.
“It Takes Teamwork”
Greetings everyone! 
In just a few more days two coed squads of Law Enforcement professionals will be traveling out to Las Vegas Nevada on their own dime to pay a visit to the Mojave Desert. This marks the 11th year APD has sent athletes to compete in the world’s largest foot race known as the Baker2Vegas Challenge Cup Relay.
Cops from LAPD started this race 29 years ago to promote teamwork, fitness and camaraderie. This year APD recruited enough athletes to fill two twenty-person teams, plus another 20 teammates working in support positions. The purpose of this challenging road trip is complete a 120 mile foot race along side hundreds of district attorney’s, feds, deputies & police from around the globe. 264 team’s totaling over 5,200 runners and back-up runners.
The mission is to pass a baton from one teammate to the next without delay or injury. The senior team known as #57 RED hopes to finish the course in 16 hours, while the junior team #166 GREEN is shooting for the 18-hour mark.
Teammates will have to deal with the daytime heat, the nighttime cold and adapt to any situations that may fall upon them. The night timers especially have to be on the lookout for scorpions and snakes as they warm up for their Leg along side the desert landscape.
If a runner goes down with heat exhaustion or a rolled ankle, then a teammate in the Follow Van must be able & willing to collect the baton and finish the Leg as best he or she can muster. If the baton is not passed successfully thru twenty teammates then that team is disqualified. A disqualification has a negative affect on the team’s ability to enjoy the post race celebration.
Our teammates are selling Red or Green beverage koozies $3 each or team running hats $10. Contact any teammate if you wish to help out.
Cornel Heitzman..

Apr 5, 2013

Something is 'Cook'ing or Should We Say; Someone?

It's amazing how the mouthpieces of the Berry Administration continue to promote this bizarre idea that everything is "all good" and that Albuquerque is moving forward. Even when broken, a clock is right twice a day fellas. You might ponder the real meaning of this. Considering the events of this week, we'd say the clock is so broke you can't even tell what time it is!!!
Former Counselor Cook is Cooked

What can you say regarding former city counselor Michael Cook? Arrested for DWI late Wednesday night, the Eye would like to recognize him for taking responsibility for his actions as he promptly resigned from his position as a city counselor. Mr. Berry, Mr. Perry, and soon to be Mr. Schultz, you might take note of Mr. Cook's actions. Notice how by resigning he puts all the issues that would otherwise affect the city to rest? Notice how his ownership of his error immediately makes it a non-issue? We are by no means endorsing Mr. Cook's alleged DWI offense. But we do respect a person who is willing to take ownership of such issues when it clearly affects his ability to work in public's interest. This is something Berry, Perry, and Schultz have no concept of given the hole they have buried the city in with all of their misconduct. Make no mistake about it, the mess they have let happen will cost us tens of millions in extra taxes. Just look at what is happening in New Orleans as they try to satisfy elements of their DOJ consent decree tab. We only had Hurricane BPS, at least New Orleans had a true natural disaster happen there!

Sontag Rising

Our Eyes tell us retired APD Lieutenant Sontag is on his way to be the interim chief. Given his standing with the state's fringe Republican neo-conservative Tea Party, we suspect he will simply be the front-man for CAO Rob Perry. It'll be Perry's way or the highway. Whatever representations Sontag makes with respect to his "clean up" of APD's evidence room issues, trust us the bodies are still buried there in evidence. Our Eyes tell us Sontag could be taking the chief's chair as early as June 1. We'll see.

Cartels Among Us

For those of us who are concerned with the macabre crimes of bodies being buried and burned in the cars lately, here's a jump at the obvious, the Mexican drug cartel La Linea is very much in operation here in Albuquerque. This is not anything new as homicide has been actively investigating, and playing down, what are clearly Mexican cartel order murders. Sorry, whenever Mexican nationals and their family members are slaughtered, the crime speaks for itself: It's a message. The message is for others to fall in line "or else." Women burned in cars, children with their throats cut open, people mutilated, kidnappings. We hate to be the bearer of bad news but the cartels are here. Our only concern is what happens if the Sinaloa Cartel decides to take on La Linea over the territory known as Albuquerque? So many experienced officers have left the department and the officers are so cowed into a bunker mentality we can expect a summer like last year but worse.

Officers & Deputy Chiefs
The Field Services Bid happened once again, and given the numbers of officers who bid, our Eyes tell us expect more end of shift hold-overs, fewer officers on duties, more forced overtime, fewer vacation days, more responsibility, more explaining to citizens why their call held for so long, more explaining why DOJ is here and how they are not going away anytime soon. But we do know who is going away. About a year ago two-time civil rights violator Steve Warfield was promoted to Deputy Chief of APD. With his stars barely even on, our Eyes tell us he announced his retirement. Why bother promoting to the position if you're going to leave? At lease retired Deputy Chief Beth Paiz had the common sense to decline to take Ray Schultz's job.

Lastly, our Eyes are telling us the local Republicans are in fuss over something. There are a lot of sweaty palms and lots of bunkers being seems something big is coming. But then again, that's the Republican way, to just always be afraid that something big is coming. In this case, perhaps it's knowing that Pete Dinelli and Paul Heh have gotten so many signatures that they are already in the cushion zone and still have through the end of the month. Whatever you do Darren White, please do not endorse Mr. Heh or Mr. Dinelli, that will surely torpedo anything effort to kick Berry to the curb!

Oh yeah, shame on those of you who thought this story was going to be about Schultz... Just-a-little-bit of Eye humor.

Apr 2, 2013


Below is a graph of states who receive food-stamps along with the percentages of recipients. Take a long look at it and think about how many hungry people there are in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Now think about the greed and self-righteousness of Albuquerque’s Mayor RJ Berry. At this time Berry and his greedy friends plan on holding a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR A PLATE benefit for Berry.  How does a man of good conscience do such a despicable act?

Let’s talk about where this BERRY BENEFIT is going to be held…It is going to be held at a prior gruesome crime scene located at Emcore Inc.  What does this say about the murdered victims, the injured victims, their families, and their children?  At a THOUSAND DOLLAR A PLATE Berry should be holding a benefit for those families of the decease and for the victims.

Does Berry know what it is like to be hungry or to struggle to provide a meal for a family? Does Berry know what it is like to be unemployed? Does Berry know what it is like to have a murdered family member or what it is like to be shot and wounded?  The answer is no; Berry is a fascist elites who couldn’t give a damn about you.  It is all about him and the ALMIGHT DOLLAR.

Here is more of the truth; Berry is a true politician, and it’s ALL ABOUT BERRY.  He can care less for those who are hungry or for the murdered victims or the injured victims.

How one person like Berry can go about "politics as usual" when people of the community are hurting, rather it is financially or physically, is shocking to the conscience of most people.
We here at the Eye would simply say to Berry, “Be human to the community you swore to protect and defend and act in their best interest.” 

Apr 1, 2013

The Sadim Touch

In leadership theory it's called the "law of the lid." It's the concept where people in general have a ceiling to which their abilities cannot exceed. It's their lid and once you hit it, you're pretty much stuck unless you increase your knowledge, skills or abilities.

With Mayor Berry's disgraced former public safety director, the nefarious Darren White, who resigned in scandal as former Bernalillo Country sheriff, who resigned in disgrace as the New Mexico Department of Public Safety secretary, and a disgraced former APD sergeant, Darren White continues to hit his "lid."  Oddly enough, any time someone leave Berry's cabinet; it is always in disgrace, right Ray?
You see, nobody can get on a bandwagon fast enough, or flee from it, faster than Mr. White. In the days of the UNM Lobos men's basketball team, their coach was the object of Mr. White's unrestrained....affection. Please, don't take our word for it. Look at the above image taken from Mr. White's Twitter account. Of course he has since then joined the legion of ex-fans who sadly placed their faith in the business known as college division I basketball. And what does Darren know about being "pimp"? For all we know, if Mr. White hadn't heaped his praise on the Lobo's former coach, they'd still be in the tournament!

Business is another thing that Mr. White knows little about. How many quarter's behind, over built, and over extended is the Racino at AbqDowns now? We shouldn't be surprised by that given Mr. White can't even manage his own personal affairs outside of the police department Mayor Berry had him "manage" never mind a sheriff's department, or state public agency.

Please Darren, we'd "love you" too if you just went away because everything you touch falls apart and is tarnished.  Yes Darren, you have  the "Sadim Touch." Oh by the way, there are several vacant homes in and near UCLA is you want to join Alford.

P.S. Given what we are hearing from the sub-contractors over at the Racino, Mr. Hector Balderas, the state auditor might as well open a satellite office on the state fairgrounds RIGHT NOW as there's so much "accounting" going on it's just a matter of time before somebody gets burned. Thanks for the tip Dan!