The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Mar 27, 2011

DWI Arrest of Fiancée leaves AFD Chief Breen Speechless

Our Eyes tell us that Chief's Breen’s fiancée was charged with AGGRAVATED DWI last month. She apparently was involved in a crash and attempted to leave the scene of the crash. This entire case has been "hush hush." Our Eyes also tell us that this defendant was name dropping and stating that she could get away with the DWI.

Chief Breen has been heavy handed with his staff when it comes to DWI. Since the crash, Breen has been silent following the Berry Administrations’ policy on being a hypocrite. If anything defines the Berry Administration it's hypocrisy. “Saying one thing and doing another.” The City claims fiscal responsibility while creating and re-creating “cushy” jobs. The most recent farce was for a “misery case” of TJ Wilham, who favors the movie star, Kathy Bates from the movie “Misery.” A little bit of Eye humor.

Our eyes told us about this situation involving Breen hypocrisy which started with a March 2, 2011, posting on the local news site of Craigslist that stated the following:

"Kimberly Swift , Fire Chief Jim Breen's fiancée arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and aggravated DWI on 2-19-11. Case no. 110015191. Repeatedly said Jim Breen and Darren White will get her off.

Let's see if Darren gets away with another one."

Some of our Eyes confirmed that Chief Breen is engaged to a Kimberly Swift.
The only case that our staff could locate was a Kimberly Swift with a pending Metro DWI crash court case. The case number for Metro Court is DW 67911 (see here). The Kimberly Swift in question was arrested Sunday morning, February 19, 2011, at 12:07 AM at 3000 Central N.E. and charged with “Aggravated DWI and Leaving the Scene of an Accident Involving Death or Personal Injury.” Swift ask the policemen to call Jim Breen, the Fire Chief, or to call Darren White. What is even more worrisome than a cover up is the victim of this crash; they will want justice, just like you or the Eye would.

After publicly firing and humiliating city employees for lesser charges, Breen's fiancée being treated "hush hush" and much less publicly is another one of the Berry Administration hypocrisy’s. The Eye anticipates some type of courtroom shenanigans’. If this case involved a regular city employee or their significant other, it would be a headline on the paper or the breaking news story on TV. Why does this case get the “VIP treatment?” No more secrets, no more lies Berry; we mean White (Darren White runs the City, Berry is just a bobbing head).

The Eye will continue to provide information that comes our way and the Eye always welcomes your input.

Below is an excerpt from a letter that the Eye received. The Eye thanks all for their patronage.


“…This situation has been frustrating to many AFD and APD personnel familiar to the situation because it appears there is a concentrated effort to sweep this under the carpet and get Ms. Swift off the hook from some very serious criminal charges…The only person in a position to stop that and ensure justice is you. Please let people know what's going on. If you ask for more information and ask people to contact you like I am, they will step forward.”

Thank you and God bless.

Mar 25, 2011

Did Journal Reporter Jeff Proctor Print only half Truths?

The letter below was sent to the Eye by Brad Arensfield. Arensfield is a former APD officer who went on trial for tipping off an FBI target, on an investigation. Arensfield claims he is innocent and the leak came from Chief Public Safety Officer, Darren White, via White's wife.

This letter is being published in its' entirety and has not been edited. The Eye has asked the same questions repeatedly. How come the local media does not report a lot of the local stories on the Berry Administration or City government? And when they do report it is full of half factual information. Arensfield sent this letter to Journal Reporter Jeff Proctor in reference to a story he ran on March 24, 2011 (See here). Proctor has failed to respond to the letter. At that point Arensfield sent the letter to Proctor's Bosses (Charlie Moore and Karen Moses) and to the Eye. Did Journal Reporter Jeff Proctor only print half truths? Does the Journal violate ethical standards? You decide.

Subject: Email to Jeff Proctor

Are you that much of a hack that you only ever report half of the story and never once ask any important questions? You apparently only write what is spoon fed to you by the Berry administration or the U.S. Government.
How about the evidence WAS withheld! That is not disputed and only discovered accidently during the trial in Dec. Why didnt they turn over the only taped interview of the whole case to us or even let us or Shawn Bryans attorney even know they had it??? Why didnt they investigate the text messages when they found out about it in April 2010 when Bryan tried to turn it over to them?? Why did they wait until days after Erika Bryan wrote a letter about it on the Eye on Albuquerque(10 months after they were made aware of it)? You didnt even mention the missing Lab report, which by the way, is even a more serious violation of the law (Giglio), the reason is, they never had a Federal case and lied on the stand (look at the transcripts Jeff) about how much Crack/Cocaine that was tested (2.89 grams cocaine),,the federal standard for Cocaine is 500 grams,,the Federal standard for Crack is 5.0 grams,,,,they had neither,,,did you look at that the lab report? It says Cocaine!!! That means they are 497.11 grams short of it being a Federal case! Doesn't that make you wonder at all??? Look at the date of the Lab Report they had it 6 weeks before the first trial April 2010,,we got it 1 month ago and had to demand it!,,,why wasnt it turned over a year ago? You also consistently overlook the fact that AUSA Tera Neda has a history of doing this- 5 documented times and a Federal Judge has made an opinion on her (Judge Hansen) and sent a person to prison for 2 years before it was discovered (USA v Torres) he was released immediately! There is a story here and I cannot figure for the life of me why you or anyone else in the media has not grasped it yet! You owe the citizens of Albuquerque the whole story. Isn't that what a responsible reporter is required to do, report all the FACTS and the TRUTH?

Facts do not lie. The Eye is dedicated to bringing you the truth.

Mar 23, 2011

Governor to Change "Ethical" Judicial Standards Commission, to "Unethical" Judicial Standards Commission

Newly elected Governor Martinez ran a strong race only to politically shoot herself in the foot. Martinez appointed Albuquerque’s Public Safety Director, Darren White, to the Judicial Standards Commission. This commission must be comprised of a person’s high ethics. Governor Martinez, this appointment gives you an "F." It is also rumored that White is set to be appointed to another commission for athletics. White has a string of questionable ethics violations dating back to his first political appointment.

White in 2003 partnered with current Senate Candidate Heather Wilson and TruTouch to develop an alcohol detection machine. White used $1,100,000.00 to develop and purchase three machines. White never used the machines claiming that TruTouch never showed them how to use them, however, in a signed Bernalillo County document; White claimed that his department was part of the field trial use of the machines. NMDOT later purchased a similar type of machine for $13,000.00 each from TruTouch compared to White who paid $126,500.00 per machine. When including the development of the machines, White spent approximately $366,000.00 for each machine he authorized his department to purchase. Our current ethical Sheriff, Dan Houston, has called for an investigation into the matter by the New Mexico Attorney General.

White was investigated by the New Mexico Attorney General in 2008. White allowed APS high ranking officials to use the NCIC data base to conduct background checks on their girlfriends and whistle blowers in APS in order to harass them. In one article located by the Eye it claims, “The Attorney General's Office found that Darren White, personally, had broken the law, the NMIPRA, in his effort to suppress the truth.” You get that part about "suppressing the truth" Governor Martinez? In 2008 White also received money from TruTouch for his campaign for Congress. White was trampled by Congressmen Martin Heinrich. The money TruTouch gave to White was not immediately disclosed causing other troubles for White and the County.

More recently Darren White was at the center of another debacle where Sheriff White and the County of Bernalillo will have to pay out $3,000,000.00 for the Sheriff's Department illegally seizing money from different people. The City of Albuquerque Police Department under the watchful eye of Chief Ray Schultz already paid out an additional $882,900.00, as reported in the Albuquerque Journal. $3,000,000.00 Governor; let's spell this out in plain clear language, Three million dollars!

The newest questionable ethical caper by White is the Brad Arensfield federal trail. It is alleged that White may have leaked information to a target via his girlfriend, now wife. In a story only seen here on the Eye, we talked about Arendsfields’ recent appeal. The story states in part, "In the appeal, Mr. Bryan admits that the information received by his wife was via White's wife. Mr. Bryan states that he was provided intimate details from White’s wife, which was provided by her husband, Albuquerque’s Public Safety Director, Darren White. Mr. Bryan considered Darren White to be a friend, another allegation White denied on the stand."

And last but not least, White has received two "NO CONFIDENCE" votes. The first one was from the New Mexico State Police and the second blow was a vote of "NO CONFIDENCE" by the men and women of the Albuquerque Police Department. White should have three; one was scheduled to be conducted by the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department but White left before it was done. Governor, if the cops think he is unacceptable, you should be following the facts presented.

Governor Martinez appears to be a very bright, sharp, educated and a seasoned professional with a potential to rise to a much higher level. Now that she has a self inflicted political gunshot wound to her foot by her own choosing; her chances of running again or gaining support for anything is dismal at best. Did Governor Martinez do her homework? Is the Governor going to now change the name of the commission to the "Unethical Judicial Standards Commission?" Does the Governor really want her name tied to Darren White? White out of respect for himself and every citizen of this State needs to resign and step down. Governor Martinez, wake up, based even on the appearance of impropriety you should rid yourself of this cancer. If you leave this appointment; the "bar" will be lower than dirt. Bear in Mind Governor Martinez; you are only as strong as you weakest link. This newest link is as flimsy as a cheap single piece of toilet tissue.

Mar 17, 2011

County Ripped Off under former Sheriff Darren White

Something doesn’t pass the smell test here in Bernalillo County. When it comes right down to it; it stinks! Under the watchful eye of then Sheriff Darren White it appears that the County was ripped off by TruTouch. In a recent Journal article, the NMDOT paid $13,000.00 for each TruTouch machine it purchased. Then Sheriff White paid an astronomical $126,000.00 per machine that stayed on the shelf and were never used. This means that BCSO paid ten times more than what the machines were worth. If you include the development of the machines the County paid twenty-eight times more than DOT.

TruTouch had partnered with the Bernalillo Sheriff’s Department with the cooperation of then Sheriff White in the development of the devices. The total cost of the development and the County purchase of three machines was $1,100,000.00. If you look at the total cost from start to finish, the County via State and Federal funding paid $366,666.00 for each machine by proxy. What a deal, the New Mexico Department of Transportation only paid $13,000.00 for a similar model. It should be noted that the Sheriff’s Department bought model 1800BC and DOT purchased the 1100 model. The President and CEO of TruTouch, Mr. Richard Gill, “did not respond to questions about the difference between those machines.” One of our Eyes suggested that the difference is that DOT’s machines are black and white (model #1100) and BCSO’s machines are blue and white (model 1800BC). This case is so obvious that we had to throw some Eye humor in.

Here is another oddity, the machines purchased by NMDOT all worked fine. DOT reported that one machine was not working properly but the other five purchased are working fine and are in full service. Meanwhile, Current Sheriff Houston has three, $366,666.00 paperweights that are useless thanks to the failure of then Sheriff Darren White who failed to follow through and ensure the tax payer was getting their money’s worth. Sheriff Houston has formally requested that the New Mexico Attorney General Office investigate. TruTouch denies any wrong doing and claims that the problem lied with the Sheriff’s Department.

The Eye On Albuquerque would like to thank the Albuquerque Journal and staff reporter Jeff Proctor for actually reported on a true news story. Be careful Jeff, stories about the truth like this will make the Berry Administration, “Berry upset.”

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Mar 16, 2011

Schultz Squealed about Fans of APD but is Silent about TJ Wilham

Chief Schultz ran squealing to Facebook complaining via the City attorney that the Fans of APD were infringing on the trade mark of the APD patch (see below). Fans of APD changed their design on Facebook to appease Schultz, who has been grieving all the bad publicity that he has brought upon himself. Here is clearly a case of hypocrisy; TJ Wilham, newly created Special Projects Coordinator, is using the honored City of Albuquerque Logo (see below) on his Facebook page. This logo was brought back to life by former Mayor Jim Baca as his “trademark.” The Facebook page states, “Basic Information About T.j. ‘I am the Public Communications Director for the City.’” Listed below is the link, you must to be a member of Facebook to log in.

Well, Schultz; you like squealing, now’s your chance. Call out the Homicide Unit so they can take a picture of TJ’s Facebook page or better yet, log in and start hitting your print button as usual. Protect the honor of our guarded City Logo. Maybe you can put TJ Wilham on “double secret probation,” since he was removed from PIO to a newly created cushy job. Or maybe Public Safety Director, Darren White, can grab a shovel and clean up this mess. Ask Berry to grab a shovel too, it’s getting deep with this Administration.

Well, asking Mayor Berry is useless since Public Safety Director, Darren White, makes all the decisions. What are your thoughts on this Public Safety Director, White?


Mar 15, 2011

City Council Set to Receive 100% Raise while City Employees Receive Pay Cuts

The City Council is set to receive up to a 100% pay increase. Ironically, this is while the rest of the City employees received a pay cut. Does anyone see a problem with this? Here is the difference; Councilors asked to be public servants and ran for election. Councilors’ completely knew what the compensation package included. City employees are hired to provide a service in exchange for compensation to support themselves and their families.

The thought that any City Councilor would even consider taking a big fat grease pay increase (equal to doubling their salaries) need to resign and allow a true community leader to step up and take over. All of City Council should in good conscience refuse any increase until all City employees are made whole with full consideration.

In the Journal article, Commissioner “Joe Conte said that, even with an increase, the salaries of elected officials would amount to less than half a percent of the city's budget and that leaving the salaries low could discourage people from running for the job.” Another Commissioner, “Ellen Driber-Hassall said the council may not draw a wide selection of candidates if the pay is too low. She said she prefers an increase to between $20,000 and $25,000.” Really? How many of you heard about the crisis the City was having because there was no one who wanted to run for office? What is Ms. Driber-Hassall calling our current Councilors?

This appears to be hogwash, all elected officials asked to be on the Council. No one is holding them hostage; they are free to go whenever they want.

If the increase is given, it will take effect starting next election. Albuquerque voters had repeatedly turned down a pay increase before for the City Council. The Citizens' Independent Salary Commission is appointed by the mayor and city councilors by a roundabout proxy system.

Since Berry has taken office the Albuquerque City Council has done very little to earn their keep. The Berry Administration has run amuck, unchecked and unbalanced. Councilors; if you want this big pay raise step up and do something!!!


Mar 12, 2011

Darren White, County and City to pay Big

Here we go again, Darren White at the center of huge money being lost again. Now between the City and the County, there is close to $4,000,000.00 in losses. The newest debacle has Darren White and the County of Bernalillo for 3,000,000.00 and the City of Albuquerque Police Department under the watchful of Chief Ray Schultz for an additional $882,900.00, as reported in the Albuquerque Journal.

Where does this end? Thanks to Schultz, the City paid $862,000.00 total to Sam Costales and his attorney, Darren White $1,100,000.00 potential liability with TruTouch, Bernalillo County $30,000.00 for Sam Costales during White’s watch, and now between the City and County under the watch of Chief Schultz and then Sheriff Darren White an additional $4,000,000.00. Don’t forget the Tera Chavez suit which the City just settled for $230,000.00. These are just a few cases that have been more publicized. When is the public, the Mayor, the City Council and the Bernalillo County Commission going to say, “Enough is enough?”

Both Schultz and White have vicarious liability following them around; why? Who is going to be the next big million dollar winner; Brad Arensfield? The cop who had an alcohol issue that Schultz made public, possibly violating several different rules and HIPAA?

Ironically, the card to the right may be the picture of the "Dragon Slayer hugging the Dragon."
The Honorable Governor Martinez’s new public corruption unit will have plenty of work to do. Clear your wall Governor; it will be covered with trophies in no time.

That is over $6,100,000.00. No wonder the City in a financial catastrophe. The Eye does realize that the County of Bernalillo will be picking up their tab. The problem is the City of Albuquerque now has Schultz and White continuing to cost the public liability. At what point is the Mayor or the City Council going to say enough? How many more millions is it going to cost us tax payers before our elected official do something; anything?

Look at the amount of money being lost and then evaluate the causes. Is there incompetence involved here? You be the judge.

The public is fed up. Our elected official need to act now or come election time; the public is going to act.

Mayor Berry, between White and Schultz, you have been given a pile of nails. Are you saving them for your own political coffin?

Mar 10, 2011

And the Answer is; Get rid of Em’!

The Eye On Albuquerque ran a poll. The Eye Poll asked, “Darren White has claimed the City is $66 million in the red. Berry made a promise to eliminate the un-needed Public Safety Director’s position. Do you think Berry should eliminate the Public Safety Director position and all Public Information Officers?” Recently White has recanted and now claims that the red ink is $40 million dollars. Maybe it was just a little “White’ lie” or maybe White misspoke again.

Although, our Eye Poll is unscientific, the results clearly show by a 90% margin that Mayor Berry should eliminate the position of public safety director and all public information officers positions throughout the City. Below are the results:

333 (90%) Yes, I agree

27 (7%) No, I disagree

7 (1%) I have no opinion

A total of 369 people participated in our poll.

Do the citizens of Albuquerque even have a City Council? By the way this city is being run by the fascism style; it does look like we do. Our elected City Council has forgotten that they were elected to represent the citizen and the citizens’ best interest, not just sit back and collect a check.

Unscientific or not, this is the voting public speaking. It may behoove Mayor Berry to heed to this public opinion. What the Eye means by “heed” is eliminate the positions. Do not try and fool the public and transfer them to positions such as “Special Projects Coordinators.”

Mar 9, 2011

Cushy gets another Cushy Job

As only reported on the Eye, TJ Wilham, Darren Whites protégé, was bounced out of the Mayor’s Office. According to a media release the Eye received it was a “requested reassignment.” The media release claims that, “Public Safety Director Darren White honored that request and assigned him to serve as a special projects coordinator in the Office of Emergency Management.” (The message that the Eye received is at the bottom of this post.)

Here we go again, hasn’t Berry and Darren White been banging their hands on pulpit telling us tax payers how the City is in financial despair? Didn’t the Berry Administration cut pay to the cops and firefighters claiming that they didn’t have the money to pay them?

How is it that Public Safety Director, Darren White, found a none-existent position (Special Projects Coordinator) under his former Undersheriff pal, Sal Baragiola, and the money to fund it? The shenanigans’ in this Administration continue. Can anyone tell the public what a Special Project Coordinator does? What are the qualifications for this job? Why wasn’t this job posted or circulated on the City’s website?

It appears that Darren White introduced the Berry Administration to Cronyism and apparently this administration favors this process. This does not pass the smell test. What the Eye is saying is; something stinks.

Mayor Berry, could you please enlighten the taxpaying voters who placed you in office?
To think that Berry actually pulled his head out was obviously giving him way too much credit. The Marty Chavez Administration is proving to be ten times the leadership that we have seen so far from the Berry Administration.


Please note the following changes in City of Albuquerque communications staff.

The Administration has spent several weeks realigning communications staff to ensure we have employees in positions that will provide the greatest benefit to the City, the taxpayers, and the media.

This week TJ Wilham requested to be reassigned to a different position for personal reasons. Public Safety Director Darren White honored that request and assigned him to serve as a special projects coordinator in the Office of Emergency Management.

Erin Thompson will assist me with the daily handling of media inquiries for all city departments. Until further notice, Erin and I will handle all the duties that TJ previously performed.

Erin Thompson’s Contact Information:
(505) (Edited) mobile
(505) 768-3000 office
In the event I am unreachable, you can always call Erin.
Please continue to utilize Sgt. Trish Hoffman and the designated APD PIOs to answer your questions for police matters.
Melissa Romero continues to remain available to take media calls for AFD.
Any questions about these changes should be directed to me only.
Thank you and please make these updates in your contacts immediately.

Chris Ramirez
Director of Communications
Office of Mayor Richard J. Berry
City of Albuquerque
(505) (Edited) c
(505) 768-3000 o

Mar 8, 2011

Boss Hog outta Town; Piglet gets Slaughtered

While Albuquerque’s Public Safety Director Darren White is out of town, our Eyes on the inside of City Hall said late Tuesday, TJ Wilham was released from employment and escorted out. This was after Wilham was placed on Administrative leave since Friday.

If this is true, the Eye will miss the man we knew as “yo quero Taco Bell.” Oh yeah, and the big bird who tried to push a little bird out of the nest. The Eye On Albuquerque reported earlier this week on a situation where TJ Wilham and Chris Ramirez were in a feud. The Eye does not know if Wilhams’ termination is a result of this feud or not.

A special thanks to Mayor Berry for acting accordingly.

Mar 6, 2011

Why does One Bird try to push another Bird out of the Nest?

In a Journal report by Jeff Proctor, who appears to be the main source that APD uses, wrote this story, “Officer Got Personal Texts After Shooting,” big deal, right? The Eye dug further into this story because our staff was perplexed why this story ran when there was nothing to it. The bottom line appears to be tied to TJ Wilham, Darren White’s personal selection for a PIO.

The story centers around an APD Detective, Trey Economidy, who fatally shot a guy who pulled a gun on him. Proctor became concerned when he learned that Chris Ramirez the PIO for the Mayor’s Office shared text messages with Detective Economidy, after the police involved shooting. As it turns out, Ramirez and Economidy have been friends for some time and the text messages were simply of concern for a friend.

The Eye asked these questions. Who was the rat who went running Proctor? Why did this rat go running to Proctor?

This is what our Eyes are telling us. At some point in time Ramirez confronted TJ Wilham based on information that Ramirez received that it was Wilham who approached Proctor. The Journal reporter, Proctor called Chief Schultz, who in turn sent out the full crew to Detective Economidy’s home. It was determined that the text messages were harmless and only a communication between friends. This was a waste of time, energy, ink and paper. I wonder what it cost to get all of APD out to chase down this “red herring.” Here are a few more questions. Did APD get a warrant? What judge would sign the warrant for this heinous deed of receiving a personal text message?

This incident has now prompted Santa Schultz to lay down the threat that he is going to look at changing the policy concerning officers’ private cell phones. Schultz admitted that the officer did nothing wrong and violated nothing. If this is all true, conversations with the buddy officer or his attorney is protected; it’s none of your business Chief Schultz. The Eye wonders if the City enjoys paying out on ridicules policies that cost the City millions?

The Mayor’s Office is becoming “a dog eats dog” environment; survival of the fittest. It appears that TJ Wilham played Proctor who in turned played Schultz. The Mayor better be careful where he sits. Here is a hint Mayor Berry; don’t sit next to TJ Wilham.

Mar 3, 2011

Ties Questionable between TruTouch and Darren White


Bernalillo County Sheriff, Dan Houston, recently discovered $1,000,000.00 in DWI machines that were never used from TruTouch. Sound bad; it is! Back in 2008, (then) Sheriff, Darren White, administered a grant to purchase the machines and stated that he fully supported TruTouch. It would not be for some time that all the problems associated with these acts would come to light.

TruTouch President, James McNally and board member David Durgin, were contributors to White’s campaign for his failed attempt to run for the First Congressional District. White was beaten down by current Congressmen (D) Martin Heinrich. TruTouch violated state law by their failure to disclose pre-contract contributions. This also appears to be a violation of the contract itself. After receiving a huge no-bid contract with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department, White’s campaign received an additional $2,500.00.

White claims he had no fault, having accepted the contribution which was legal and reported to Federal Election Commission.

Between McNally and Durgin, they contributed a $3,500.00, in spite; Sheriff White was responsible for reporting how well the TruTouch machines performed.

The Eye does give White full credit to owning up to this. In his statement below, White clearly acknowledges and accepts responsibility.

“The Sheriff’s [sic] fully supports the Sole Source contract award to TruTouch Technologies…. The Sheriff’s Department will oversee the project and expenditure of grant funds and submit all necessary reports to the proper agencies. [Signed] Darren P. White, Sheriff — 2/19/2008″


It appears Darren White failed to follow through. The $1,000,000.00 machines were no more useful than a ten cent paperweight, the big difference is; the ten cent paperweight was used.

“White, who is now Albuquerque's Public Safety Director, said the machines were never used because nobody at the Sheriff's Office could get TruTouch to teach them how to use the devices.

However, a company news release says those machines, and a newer version under development, do not require user training, according to a Journal story published in January on venture capital investments for the company.”


Who is Lying; Albuquerque’s Public Safety Director, (former Sheriff) Darren White or TruTouch?

The information below may help answer this question.

While still holding the “bag,” White is still backing TruTouch even after a $1,100,000.00 price tag and a complete lost to us tax payers. The big question then becomes why?

One of the Eye On Albuquerque researchers located these two reference documents;

Agenda Item Number: 2007-2-7A
Risk Management Contractor shall defend, indemnify and forever hold and save the County, its officers and employees harmless against any and all suits, causes of action, claims, liabilities, damages, losses and reasonable attorneys’ fees and all other expenses of any kind from any source which may arise out of this Agreement or any amendment hereto, if caused by the negligent act, error, or omission, or intentional act, error, or omission of the Contractor, its officers, employees, servants or agents. David Baca, Risk Management Director


Agenda Item Number: 2008-4-6A
Sheriffs Department:
The Sheriff’s fully supports the Sole Source contract award to TruTouch Technologies of
Albuquerque. TruTouch has demonstrated that they are the only bio-medical research firm
that has the current technology to test, develop, and manufacture the non-invasive biosensor
units. The department has actually done preliminary field work with a prior generation device in conjunction with TruTouch and were very encouraged by the efficacy of the capabilities and results provided by this equipment. The Sheriff’s Department will over-see the project and expenditure of grant funds and submit all necessary reports to the proper agencies.
Darren P. White, Sheriff - 2/19/2008
Now, that this phase of the development of the project is complete Senator Kent Cravens has
sponsored two Senate bills to provide funding to Bernalillo County to purchase prototype noninvasive biometric devices for testing in the field. The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to participate in this field testing phase by managing and awarding the state grant money contracts, as well as being the first law enforcement agency in the United States to test this technology in “real life” law enforcement situations. If this sole source is approved, the procurement will allow for the non-invasive biometric sensor project to move forward through the gathering of data and determining the workability of the instrument for further development. The data and information from this testing will also be forwarded on to Representative Wilson, Senator Cravens, as well as Governor Richardson’s office for review. The equipment purchased will remain the property of Bernalillo County. The Sheriff’s Department has been awarded two Special Appropriations from the New Mexico State Legislature to purchase non-invasive alcohol and screening prototype equipment for the purpose of detecting and measuring alcohol levels in motorists while driving under the influence. The total amount of the two appropriations is$380,000. Both appropriations were sponsored by State Senator Kent Cravens of Albuquerque. The non-invasive alcohol screening equipment is part of Bernalillo County’s on-going initiative to develop “State of the Art” testing equipment for the interdiction and prevention of drunk driving.


In the Agenda Item Number: 2007-2-7A, it clearly states that the Risk Manager, David Baca, placed the legal verbage to allow legal recourse. Perhaps this may be something that the County of Bernalillo Government should explore.

In the Agenda Item Number: 2008-4-6A, it states, “The department has actually done preliminary field work with a prior generation device in conjunction with TruTouch and were very encouraged by the efficacy of the capabilities and results provided by this equipment.” … Darren P. White, Sheriff - 2/19/2008 (Italic added for emphasis)

“The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to participate in this field testing phase by managing and awarding the state grant money contracts, as well as being the first law enforcement agency in the United States to test this technology in “real life” law enforcement situations.” (Italic added for emphasis)

If this is true, Darren White had knowledge that the Sheriff’s Department already knew how to use the machines because he claims his Department actually used them in the field testing. This contradicts his statement that the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department did not know how to use these machines.

White was also tasked with managing the State Grant Money and ensuring it was done correctly. What is really going on here?

What was this? Was this a play to pay scheme? You will have to decide.

Sheriff Houston, if there is a bono-fied problem here, as a public elected official you are being summons to duty; you have the legitimate authority and duty to call for an official investigation. Perhaps the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office since this involved State Grant Funding. Don’t bother with Bernalillo County District Attorney, Kari Brandenburg; in all probability she will do nothing as she did in another felony case that involved White. The Feds should be included since it involved Federal Grant Funding. If the Feds blow you off, go to the Department of Justice. It is your decision Sheriff Houston…

Here are a few final thoughts. Does the APOA President, Joey Sigala, Know something we don’t? Sigala stated in his Journal editorial on Monday, February 28, 2011, titled, “No-Confidence Vote About More Than Cars.” Sigala stated, “As the city faces a $40 million budget deficit, now might be the time to eliminate the position altogether. If not eliminate the position, then the Albuquerque Police Officer's Association is asking the mayor to consider a change of leadership at the position of chief Public Safety officer.” You will have to decide.

Here is what our Honorable Congressmen, Martin Heinrich, stated back in 2008, “ Heinrich contended that White received "illegal contributions" from officials of TruTouch Technologies, which received a sole-source contract earlier this year for the sheriff's department to test high-tech, noninvasive DWI enforcement technology. Heinrich said the contributions violated a state ethics law.”


Mayor Berry; the Eye has made humor concerning your non-responsible and non-responsive behavior. With all due respect; we ask you to step up and be the leader that we elected. Please deal with your “White Elephant.”

Company won't answer fraud questions

Items purchased in 2008 called into question

Updated: Friday, 04 Mar 2011, 9:18 AM MST
Published : Friday, 04 Mar 2011, 9:00 AM MST
• Reporter: Nancy Laflin
• Web Producer: Blair Shiff

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - The New Mexico Attorney General is investigating whether fraud was committed regarding TruTouch machines purchased in 2008. Then-Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White said the machines never worked...

...the taxpayers in Bernalillo County and the state of New Mexico and basically even nationwide, invested over $1 million into three boxes that are down in our basement that are worthless," said now-Sheriff Dan Houston.
Houston wants to know if any fraud was committed, so he has contacted the Attorney General.
Darren White was sheriff at the time the machines were purchased and said they never worked.

END UPDATE (Update posted at 10:20 PM 4 Mar 11)

Mar 2, 2011

Is Chief Ray Schultz adopting Libyan Leader, Muammar Gaddafi’s Tactics?

They love me! I will not give up power! Does this sound familiar? These are a few things that Libya’s, Muammar Gaddafi had stated. Gaddafi has also called for his armed military forces to open fire on civilians. If you listened to Chief Schultz, his personal feelings are hurt; he has threatened to unleash the Attorney General on a Facebook page. Why can’t APD put this much work into solving the Westside murders? All of the victims were belittled by being referred to as the “buried bodies on the Westside.” They were all human beings and victims of murder. Respect; you have to give it to earn it. This brings to mind the question of disillusion. Does the action of any of these people seem disillusioned or do they mirror each other?

Below is a letter to the Eye On Albuquerque that gives some strong points and is worthy of reading.

Way to go Channel 13. The MAM monster finally raises one of its tiny heads and unleashes an underwhelming and unimpressive report concerning what people are posting on the Eye and Fans of AP. First off let’s not tee off and hate-on this poor, young, underpaid and overworked reporter. Let’s save that for her news director, producers, managing editor and Anchors who approved and likely dictated her script. These are the people who for whatever sinister reason, insist on avoiding the REAL story here about police corruption at the highest level, and instead trivialize the facts into a story about police flirting with insubordination. The cherry on the cake was the out-take on the sound-byte with Chief Schultz being asked whether he felt he had lost control of his police officers. Wow, someone needed to tap our young reporter-friend on the shoulder and ask her if she had lost control of the interview. That question for one second made me wonder if she thought she was interviewing Kim Jong-II or Fidel Castro. Last I checked we live in AMERICA. Lately, at APD and with those in charge of decision making at local media outlets it FEELS like we are all living in Communist China…. Not to mention what the top brass has allowed to be done to Brad Ahrensfeld and The Bryans. But do you see the sadly ironic element of this story that aired on KRQE? Channel 13 IGNORED the real story about corruption that the very blogs at issue and facts clearly spell/scream out, and instead shot as low as possible for a story on the issue of control and censorship…. only to have the reporter controlled and censored.

While there is a culture of corruption cultivating at APD coming from the top down, there is also a sad culture of kindergarten crime coverage in Albuquerque. SO, if you are a hog-tied reporter in town, let me offer some insight. First of all, stop sniveling. Your bosses are going to fire you anyway it’s just a matter of time. You’ll quickly get too good, too expensive, too hard to push around, or some combination or all of the above. When that happens, you’ll move on to the next market and make more money and work in a more ethical environment. If that doesn’t happen you’ll move on to a bigger market and… see previous sentence. Either way, you have nothing to lose and all your self-respect, dignity and credibility to gain. Go get the story. Use your resources wisely and get interviews on the side when you’re out getting the stupid crap they make you cover day to day. Put it together and MAKE COPIES. Then present it to your news director. REFUSE to have it altered, and if it’s rejected SELL IT… TO THE ASSOCIATED PRESS or DATELINE under another name. If you have even a shred of journalistic integrity I don’t see how you can walk away.

The author of this letter asked that their name be withheld due to fear and intimidation created by the Berry Administration.

Channel 13 missed the entire true story. They bought into the poor me routine and were lead straight to the “slaughter house.”

During Schultz’s interview on channel 13, Schultz threw out a few cheap buzz words like cyber stalking and harassment. Chief Schultz ruined what credibility he might have mustered when he said, “this also is very ‘close’ to the line of harassment and cyber stalking.” This is not a game of horseshoes Chief Schultz; there is no almost here. Either it is or it is not. From your statement, it is not.

If you don’t like what is on a blog or Facebook page, don’t go there. It is kind of like a child, “Mom, it hurts when I do this…” Simple, then do not do that anymore.

The key phrase is public officials are held to a higher standard than private citizens when proving libel because the Constitution says people can speak out against government, research case law.

Gaddafi has his military and Schultz has his internal affairs unit. The use of either because of personally hurt feeling is wrong and illegal. Wake up! Ruling by fear and intimidation has not worked and will not work. This only invites the pushing back to regain freedom. The days of dictatorships are no longer acceptable.

What’s your thought on this Mayor Berry??

That’s what we thought…

Mar 1, 2011

Culture of Corruption; Does it Exist?

One of our Eye’s has found a serious deception in Berry’s Magical Spin Kingdom. Seems that back when our illustrious Mayor, Thee Honorable King Berry, had de-throned Martin Chavez, there was a mad dash to organize transition teams for twenty some departments throughout the City of Albuquerque. It appears the Transition Report for APD was “doctored” before it was submitted. The Eye wonders if other department reports were also “doctored.”

As the teams were being formed and selections were made for these prestigious positions, King Berry made two vex and faltered appointments; that being David Campbell, CAO and Darren White, to Public Safety Director. Now keeping in mind that it was determined two positions would or should be eliminated; one held by Joe Bowdich, Executive Director, Albuquerque Police Department and Pete Dinelli, Public Safety Director, City of Albuquerque. The Public Safety Director position was never eliminated and the appointment of White seemingly appeared strictly a “Political appointment” in return for White’s Monday morning endorsement of Berry. We recently heard that Campbell was “muscled” out by White, but the Eye does not know this for a fact. Rob Perry appears to be competent and an acceptable appointment.

Because of the Teams’ finding and before the final report was submitted to the Mayor and Public Safety Director White, a special meeting was requested of the two aforementioned to discuss some peculiar irregularities the team had revealed. The meeting was denied and the team was instructed to rush the report and turn it in. It didn’t seem to matter what was in the report and all wondered why? The team worked diligently on the report just the same and submitted it. The team later learned why they didn’t care what was in the report; the original report was re-written, “Doctored.” It appears that anything talked about or alluded to corrupt or the culture of corruption of any kind was taken out of the report.

Based on a periodical written by Dr. Neal Trautman, “How Police Departments Become Corrupt,” the team found many subtle likenesses to that of APD. These types of cultures start at the top and are cultivated. As this behavior continues, it radiates downward till the entire organization is corrupt. The Eye asks this question, when Schultz released a story concerning a female officer failing an alcohol test, is that not a culture of corruption on some level? “The Eye is not saying…the Eye is just saying.”

The transition team’s report was altered, revised and re-written, “Doctored.” Question is; who “Doctored” it and who gave it final approval? The original report contained findings that mirrored the “Culture of Corruption” that was intended and printed for the newly elected Mayor Berry to review. Did Berry know that there are two different reports? Did Berry see both reports? Who is the Spin Doctor?

Hence, another version, the so called ‘Official’ (Doctored) version was filed.
Both versions can be viewed via the links provided below along with Dr. Trautman’s periodical.

Once again, deception, lies and cover ups go back to the origin of the Berry Administration. Was the report that was submitted a result of a loyal subordinate or of an insubordinate deceitful employee? Maybe Berry has a spin doctor on his staff that does a magical spin that does all these foolish evil deeds. You will have to decide.

The public demands better, ethical and accurate reporting. Does this Mayor really know what’s going on around him? Perhaps assembling a new team selected by the City Council to re-evaluate the Police Department is appropriate. This would erase the appearance of impropriety or make it look good and have the magical “Spin Doctor” do the same thing as before all over again.

To view the two different reports, please visit The Eye On Albuquerque on Facebook @

Anybody want a bowl of “Fools Berry” for breakfast? Apparently this is the only item on the Berry Administration menu. The public are not fools and should not be treated as such.

What say you; Mayor Berry?

That’s what we thought…