The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Dec 22, 2015

Want to know why New Mexico is last in everything ?  The answer to that question is right in front of your face Mr./Mrs. Nobody.  Politicians, our Secretary Of State is in jail and our Governor Martinez should be facing criminal charges.  Really Mr./Mrs.nobody , you can't make this stuff up.  As reported on all local media and national media as well our Governor Susanna Martinez embarrassed the entire State Of New Mexico at a out of control Christmas Party at a hotel in Santa Fe.

According to news reports  the party was loud and beer bottles were being thrown from a hotel balcony (in APD lingo it was a 39-2).  Police were called but that is when our Governor takes over and calls Police Dispatch and demands to know who called the Police and demanding the Police be called off. When Police Dispatch stated they could not do that our Governor argues with the Dispatcher and tells her yes you can it's public record.

Well guess what Governor it is not public record and you as a former District Attorney know that very well. The Governor keeps on arguing with Dispatch saying there were no beer bottles thrown it was snowballs.  We at the EYE didn't see any snow in the media video of the hotel. Did they really go downstairs, scrape it up off of the few snowbanks, and then bring it upstairs?

Why would adults throw anything off a hotel balcony ?  Our Governor then confronts the hotel front desk. Our Governor states she was not intoxicated and was having pizza in the hotel room with her elderly mother. Well that's a true politician for you.  True politicians will always say they  are going to take care of the children and the elderly. REALLY GOVERNOR ?  

We at the EYE by the sound of The Governors voice to dispatch really sounded intoxicated.  All Police we have spoken to agree that The Governor sounds inebriated.  Further proof would be that when you become intoxicated your judgement is the first thing to be effected, is it not Governor ?  So what if one of us nobody's had done what the Governor has done ? What criminal charges could you be facing ? 


We all know that nothing will happen to the Governor. There will be no investigation, there will be no criminal charges, everyone involved is to busy C.Y.A.. If it was one of us nobody's you would be booked, jailed, and waiting to be seen by a judge.

P.S.  Where are all of her defenders? You  know, people like Darren White and Adam Feldman who post and tweet endless accolades whenever Susana reads a book on goats to kids?  Funny that they disappear when the going gets tough.....But we know that's what Darren does... don't we Darren?

Dec 15, 2015

6% Raise and 100% Failure

A.P.D. officers are going to receive a 6% raise plus $5000.00 . Sounds good or does it ?  If you listen to Mayor Berry he will tell you that Police Officers have gotten 12%  in raises during, his time in office.  That is a lie but we expect lies from the Mayor.  In fact as reported by The Albuquerque Free Press during Berry's first term he froze Police pay and then made them take a 2.4%  pay cut in violation of the Police Contract. 

Do the math, Officers you are not getting 6%  AND YOU ARE OWED MUCH MORE THAN $5000.00! 

We at the EYE ask what about Officers that have left The Department are they going to be made whole?  We at the EYE believe they should.  We also ask about the remainder of The City, you know the faceless people that make this City run.  Where is their raise ?  They too were forced to take a pay cut.  We at the EYE believe that number was 3%.  So if you put your life in danger every day and your love ones fear you may not come home this is what liar Berry thinks your worth.  However if you sit behind a desk like the top brass and  they steal the rank and file money.

If you are part of The Berry Administration responsible for running This City into the ground you have it real good. As reported in The Albuquerque Free Press raises as follows: chief administrative officer 23.9%  raise, police chief 16.5 % ,CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER 14.9%, planning director14.1%, parks and recreation director 14.1%, animal welfare director 14.1% , human resources director 13.2% , municipal development director 13.1 % , city attorney12.3%, economic development director 10.4%, ALL MAKING WELL OVER 100,000.00 a year and people like Perry making $188,198.00 a year. 

We at the Eye know what you are saying, we have to take it, it's all we will ever get. SAD.

Dec 4, 2015


To hear Mayor Berry or Chief Eden spew their politics out of their mouth, they will tell you how much they care for their Officers and how they are HEROES.

Really Mayor, really Chief?

You steal the Officers money and give it to your top administration.  You make your Officers work without a contract. You have your Officers working under the most dangerous conditions without enough Officers to supply back up to their fellow Officers. Now  have a very strong rumor that one of your majors was involved in an unauthorized vehicle chase and it is being covered up. 

Do you really wonder why the Officers have no respect for each of you ?  You cover up any situation that may not let you look good in the media.  You always use the same old excuse. We can not comment because it is still under investigation.

We recently saw how in Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired the Police Chief Garry McCarthy for not releasing a video of a Police Officer shooting a young man sixteen times a year ago. Was the Chief a scapegoat?   We at the EYE think that is in some ways the case. Emanuel was up for reelection when the incident happened.  The Chief however should of done the right thing. Now lets look at home. Officer Jacob Grant was shot by his lieutenant Greg Brachle eight times during an undercover drug bust nearly a year ago.  The Department wont release any information saying the case is under investigation. Does this look similar to Chicago ?  The only thing that came out of the brain trusts at The City is The City Attorney saying it is partly Officer Grant's fault.  WHAT !!!?

Officer Grant has to sue the City to make them do right by him and his family. This is always the City's game plan.....make them sue. Drive the Officer into more debt and know a lawsuit will take years.  Well it will take years for an Officer, but if you are a criminal The City will settle as soon as they start to cry.  Officer Grant perhaps if you were shot eight more times the City may do the right thing.  We take care of our returning Military and we should. Why do we not take care of our first responders? 

Mayor Berry, Chief Eden keep your lying mouth shut.  Officer Webster lost his life protecting us. Everyone is asking where was his backup?  Our EYES inside the department tell us that when an Officer calls in a license plate that a Dispatcher sees is stolen that Dispatcher sends that Officer backup. So where was Officer Webster backup?  The City plays the same old excuse. Officers please remember your training. Your most important job is to go home at the end of your watch.  We at the Eye know you will continue to run in the direction of the gun shots, because that is who you are. Sadly, this administration and its "leaders" will use your bodies to shield themselves from the bullets of politics.

Nov 30, 2015

911 AND 911 AND MORE 911....

As reported on KOAT CH7, the national standard for answering 911 calls is ten seconds or less.

Well three years ago A.P.D. answered those 911 calls 97% of the time within ten seconds or less.  The number then dropped to 91% and now to 86%  to answer 911 calls in ten seconds or less.  When seconds count the most serious calls are not being answered within the ten second window. 

Think ten seconds is not long? Think how it would be for you Mr. Nobody if you were in a life or death situation to be on the phone just listening to it ring.  After that 911 call is finally answered a Police Officer has to be found to respond to that call. With about six hundred Officers, good luck with that.

But now for the big story.  When a talking head for the administration was questioned about this horrible situation by KOAT, he responded by saying that 911 calls have increased to six thousand more a month. WHAT?  This is an increase of seventy two thousand  911 calls a year more.  The talking head said A.P.D. will hire two additional 911 operators. 

Here is an idea for APD's about getting crime under control!  This is all the proof you need for us "nobodies" that crime in Albuquerque is out of control and that The Police can not protect you.  All of us nobodies have to find a way to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Trying to get the TRUTH from the City is next to impossible.  Sometimes, just sometimes, when the City is caught in a cover up a talking head will try to defend the City and the TRUTH will accidentally spill out....

Nov 19, 2015


How many Officers does The Albuquerque Police Department really have ? Ask the administration and the talking heads will tell you around eight hundred to nine hundred on a department that needs eleven hundred . The numbers change like the weather in Alaska and you will never get the truth , because the administration don't want you to know the truth.

Our EYES inside A.P.D. tell us the real number is just over six hundred and falling fast with Officers leaving anyway they can.  The last firearms qualification for A.P.D. had just over six hundred qualify.  This means that everyone that carries a gun, you know a Police Officer had to qualify  and that total number is just over six hundred. Now subtract supervisors that don't work the streets or take calls that and that drops the number to about five hundred. Subject detectives that don't take calls and that drops the number again in the neighborhood to about four hundred. Local Media are you interested ? Here is clue for you media, demand the A.P.D. Range records for the last qualification. We all know you will never be allowed to review the records.  A.P.D. and The Berry Administration keep everything secret from us nobody' s.

You may remember Renaldo Chavez who was fired by Mayor Berry for not releasing information requested by media.  Mr. Chavez contends he was ordered not to release information. Well we at The EYE believe Mr. Chavez.  Seems that just after Mr. Chavez was fired a memo was issued to all employees that no one was to release any Police Reports. All reports have to be cleared by a commander and picked up at the Main Police Department downtown.

So nobody you can drive downtown find and pay for a place to park and if the commander wants you to have the report you can pay for that too.  Employees can not even look a reports on their computers, because if they do the computer logs their identification number and the administration will go after them.

Keep everything a secret is how the administration operates so us nobody's will never know what they are up to. We at The EYE want questions answered, Did Officer Dan Webster have back up ?!!!!! Release the call log for that call, you know the cad report. When There are no Cops bad things happen, to Cops and us Nobody's

Nov 17, 2015


Run Dianna Run!!!
As all of us nobodies know by now, former Secretary Of State Dianna Duran under a plea deal was allowed to run and plead guilty to six of sixty five criminal charges. 

Duran resigned, has to pay back $14,000 to political donors, and spend five years on supervised probation. Duran will escape a fine against her and will keep her State Retirement as part of the plea deal. 

What if you were accused of 65 criminal counts? Do you really think all but six be tossed out? Do you think you would get probation? Does anyone believe that Duran will sit in a waiting room for hours waiting her turn to meet with her probation officer. Does anyone believe that Duran will really pay back $14,000 donors?  

Have any of your family or friends been convicted of a crime? What happened to them?  Do you really think that if you had a State Retirement it would be protected? Ask any Police Officer that has been terminated on trumped up charges just to make the administration and lets not forget Schultz look good. Their lives have been turned upside down. They have lost everything including their retirement. Police Officers are just like the rest of us nobody's, no one to protect them or you. We at the EYE are sure Duran will receive a huge retirement, at least six figures.  

If anyone knows that number please let us know.  What about Ray Schultz?  We at the EYE know that a complaint was filed by a former Sergeant on A.P.D. regarding Taser well over a year ago with State Attorney General Office. Then another sergeant filed a LEA-90 against Schultz we are told. But nothing is coming from that we hear.

Bottom line, if your somebody, you will skate on anything. If you’re a nobody, you will get book thrown at you. Even Duran said she did a great job as Secretary Of State. What does this tell our children that when you are an office holder of one of the most important positions in the state's government and you use your office to violate the law, you get your hand slapped? Mayor Berry and his deputy Mayor Kent Walz want to blame Santa Fe for the turnstile justice of repeat offenders. Well this begins with law breakers like DuRAN, not the bottom feeders our officers deal with every day.

P.S. The Eye congratulates APD Officer Jeremy Dear for winning his appeal against the City and the Berry/Perry administration.

Nov 9, 2015


So why is New Mexico and Albuquerque in the mess it and first on every bad list and last on every good list? 

If you read The Santa Fe New Mexican you can see for yourself.  Two stories on November 7 and 8 reported in the paper are well worth reading.  Of course our local media either didn't report the stories or lightly skipped over them. It seems The F.B.I. is investigating Jay McClesky and his fund raising activities for Governor Martinez back to her run for her first term.

Part of the investigation is money going to McClesky from the 2011 inauguration committee going to political consultant Jay McClesky. McClesky  also raised money for our loved Mayor Richard Berry. McClesky is very well paid. Martinez paid McClesky $21,418.00 a month from April to October or $128,512.00.  Martinez also paid McClesky wife Nicole, owner of Public Opinion Strategies , $20.000.00 for the same time period. Former Secretary Of State paid McClesky $365,530.00 from 2010 TO 2014. McClesky was paid tens of thousands of dollars by the Republican Governors Association in 2014 and Public Opinion Strategies $ 63,000.00.  F.B.I. are questioning the lease agreement issued by Martinez Administration  to The Downs Racetrack And Casino since early 2013. 

Wait a minute wasn't Darren White in charge of the casino?  Federal Grand Jury indicted James Estrada, Martinez former Campaign Manager for illegally intercepting Martinez emails. Estrada said that the emails contained McClesky involvement in State Business and possible corruption.  A March 2012 text message sent by McClesky to Andrea Goff, a fundraiser for Martinez , requesting they run donations to Martinez by William Windham, through another political committee because the competing bidder for the Down Lease complained about Windham winning the lease. Think that is enough ?

Oh no there is more. Federal Investigators have subpoenaed records from New Mexico Taxation And Revenue to see if retaliatory audits were conducted on former members of  Martinez political team when they ran afoul of Martinez.  Brent Eastwood was audited for his gross receipts taxes, after he filed a whistleblower lawsuit that named top officials of wrongdoing and was fired.  Nathanial Thompkins , attorney for Eastwood  also received an audit.  Tom Tinnin received an audit after he resigned after a dispute with Martinez over The Downs Racetrack And Casino Lease.  Andrea Goff former fundraiser for Martinez has had several audits by the State. Of course no one will answer questions to state officials and McClesky saying it's under investigation. Where have we heard that before?  A.P.D. of course! Does this tax thing sound anything like how Schultz used Internal Affairs?

This shows why we are in the state of affairs we are in. Keep your mouth shut on corruption and you're ok. Open your mouth and you become a target for political revenge. We at the EYE ask one simple question. Is there an honest politician in New Mexico ?

Nov 5, 2015

Robert "THUG LIFE" Perry Gets ANOTHER RAISE: It Pays to Be a Thug!

We all have heard about the great deal former Secretary Of State Duran got on her criminal charges, after all she is a somebody. 

Enter Rob Perry the City C.A.O. You nobody's may remember in 2013 Mayor Berry gave Perry a $33,000.00 raise.  Here is some news for all of you nobody's struggling to make ends meet. Our EYES  tell us that Perry just got another $ 8000.00 DOLLAR raise bringing his yearly salary to $188,198.4 dollars a year or $90.48 dollars an hour. 

We at THE EYE are disgusted by this.  Police, who the Mayor cries how much he cares about are still working without contract and have been for years.  Police bonuses have been stolen by their administration.  City employees are making around ten to fifteen dollars an hour!  

We don't have the stats for Fire or the private sector but we would love to hear from you. Have you had almost a 25% raise over the last five years?  Don't forget  Perry's huge salary is in addition to all the perks that go with the job. Does Perry have a take home car? Does Perry have a City Credit Card?  This is the proof that Berry and his team could care less about the employees that make the city run or the economy of the city and its people that struggle to make ends meet.   

Now let’s turn our attention to Councilwoman  Diane Gibson. As reported by KRQE ch13 Gibson wants The State Legislature  to pass legislation to allow local communities to make their own gun laws.  Gibson wants a ban on certain guns that she feels we nobody's should not have.  As we have reported on THE EYE the Police cannot protect us nobody's, all  they can do is pick up the pieces. The Police want to protect you but the sad fact of living in Albuquerque, is they cannot. So Diane after you take our guns, our means of protection for our family, what  are you going to do after the next tragedy ?  

Diane are you going to stand in front of the media and use that age old line, my thoughts and prays go to the family of nobody.  We at THE EYE are sick and tired of this political line. Diane why don't stand up and say this should of never happened in  the first place, and we politicians are at fault!

Nov 2, 2015

Backs to Berry

One of our regular Eyes, told us of the following Facebook post by retired APD sergeant Dan Klein. As you know, Sgt. Klein is one of the few cop's cops out there and calls it exactly as he sees it. And we couldn't agree more. Thank you Sgt. Klein!

"For six years Richard Berry has turned his backs on APD officers. He refused to honor the agreed upon APOA contract, he left chiefs in place who were ethically challenged, he hired a chief who has no experience, he allowed APD command staff to take money that was clearly meant for the beat cops, he created hiring requirements that have failed in the past, he removed the senior officer retention bonus plan and he refuses to settle the 6 year contract dispute. 432 officers have fled APD since this guy became mayor. Crime is way up. Yet the only excuses Berry comes up with are "it's the legislature's fault" or "it's PERA's fault". Never holding himself accountable for his destructive mismanagement of APD. 

The police department probably has less than 800 sworn officers and beat cops will tell you, the streets are dangerous because there is no back up. 

Berry turned his back on APD six years ago, it's time to return the message."

Oct 28, 2015

When Does It End?

The recent murder of innocent four year old girl Lilly Garcia and the shooting of Officer Daniel Webster  has left our community in a state of shock, and once again put Albuquerque in the national lime light.  

We at the EYE were disgusted  by the quick reaction of the politicians. Chief Eden asking on local news, what is going on in New Mexico?  Mayor Berry asking state lawmakers to make changes to grow the Police Department and keep violent felons in jail (reported in Journal ).  Let’s looks at these two politicians. As reported in ABQ Free Press, Mayor Berry was asked why  The Albuquerque Police Department is having problems retaining Officers.  Berry responded that Officer retention is a problem across the state.  The Free Press investigated and found that most Police Departments in New Mexico are staffed at 95% or better (a Berry lie). When the ABQ Free Press asked for an explanation from Berry he and his staff refused to answer.  

We at The Eye want everyone to understand that before Berry became Mayor he was one of those State Lawmakers making the laws we have now. No change in the laws is going to bring cops back to  The Albuquerque Police Department for the simple reason they don't  trust Berry or Eden and want no part of  your failure and non leadership.  You Mayor,  you Chief , and  past Chief have  been responsible for the termination of good officers just in an attempt to make you politicians look good in the media.  The Officers can’t know if they are going to be the next victim of your politics, not to mention they have cameras that do not work, can’t count on their pay check being the same from week to week , or if their money is going to be stolen by the top brass for bonuses for their already fat salary ( ALIBI). 

Chief Eden it is not a problem with New Mexico, it is a problem with Albuquerque. 

We at the EYE would like you to know where was Officer Webster’s back up?  Oh that's right you have no cops, and no way of getting anymore. Chief you are a politician and all you want to do is shift the blame to someone else. The Officers both past and present look at an empty suit and empty uniform with Disgust! 

We at The EYE are proud of The Citizens Of Albuquerque how they have come together to help the families of these tragedies. We have good people in a good city run by incompetent politicians that all they can offer is lies and alibi and unfortunately these tragedies will continue. God bless and keep Lilly Garcia and Officer Daniel Webster in your prayers.

Oct 24, 2015


UPDATE. Here is a link for APD Officer Dan Webster's fund raising page:

If people know of one for APD Detective Jacob Grant Please let us know for his injuries injuries caused by the careless conduct of APD Lt. Greg Brachle.

Do you watch the local news?  We at the EYE  ask this question because if you do you will surely realize that CRIME in Albuquerque is out of control and that the Police can't protect you.  In fact you might be expected to act as the police.

A few examples as reported by local media, KRQE reports a police dispatcher tells the victim of a car  theft in which her stove top was contained in her car that was stolen.  After seeing the stove top for sale on the internet, the dispatcher to her to play detective and act as if she is interested in purchasing the stove top. Wait she should put herself in danger ?  Do we have a Police Department ?  

Sonic Restaurant , Montgomery at Eubank street racers getting in fights and raising hell to the point where surrounding businesses are in fear for the safety of their customers and employees.  These businesses had to go to the extreme of building fences to keep the hell raisers out.  

Adams at Zuni , three people run down by a hit and run driver and sent to the hospital in critical condition. 

Central at Tramway, one person run down by a hit and run driver and sent to the hospital in critical condition.  KOAT reports that violent crime is up 15%  in Albuquerque. KOB reports  that women are the victims of robberies while sitting in their cars at shopping centers.  Bodies are being found across the city, in driveways, along the roadside, in vacant lots, and in allies, almost on a daily bases. 

Even the bike paths are not safe. The city has even had signs put up on the bike paths from 12th Street to Rio Grande along I-40:  RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  

Barbara Taylor, city spoke person tried to spin it saying similar signs have been put up in other cities and showed examples. No other sign said ride at your own risk. Well Barbara this is not other cities, this is our city.  By the way, our brand new sign was covered in graffiti.  What is next ? Are we going to give up parts of the City to the criminals? Looks like we already have.  

Here is the TRUTH, The Police can not protect you , all they can do is respond and pick up the pieces.  You must protect yourself.  Mayor Berry lies about staffing problems but we will look at that in another story. If you didn't vote you are partly to blame.  Things will never change until we nobody's force a change by using the power of the vote. It has gotten to the point that signs need to be erected along I40 and I 25 stating: