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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Feb 13, 2020


Below is a news story where Deputy Police Chief Harold “Zippy” Medina of the Albuquerque Police Department cries about how the Federal Department of Justice is strong arming the city of Albuquerque, because they won’t give them money. How about that? He cries about free money. Ha ha ha... how unbelievable these jokers are!

The city who doesn’t play by the rules cries about others they say aren’t playing fair....

Can it be any more obvious that this guy wants the Police Chief job so bad, that he would say anything to get it. This is what is disgusting in our city... fools who will sell their asses for politicians, to get power and a higher pension. This guy was hired past his pay grade for a reason. Those who think they are running things know dopes will chase the shiny objects for their entertainment, like good muppets. Watch the news story above, and if you can get past Medina’s pathetically annoying voice, listen to how he talks tough about the federal government, who is expected to pay for the fuck ups, he and his asshole cronies were responsible for before he retired, and fled. That’s right, he ran away when the DOJ came just like the rest of the malfeasant cruds, who came up through the ranks with him.

Listen how further on in the article the Chief Administrative Officer Sarita Nair who was sued as an attorney for malpractice, has the audacity to say the U.S. Attorney should have called the city (like he needed their tainted approval anyway) before giving his statement about the city’s position in this mess. Then the political politicians call foul and ironically say the Federal government’s stance is politically motivated! Can you say pot calling the kettle black?

People, do you know what a muppet is? It is a brainless character, who puts on a display of entertainment for it’s master. It does what it’s master wants it to do. And muppets can make money. Just ask Jim Henson’s estate.

Maybe the feds need to look into the pasts of all of these political, self serving, finger pointers. They need to look into Medina’s past, and everyone he screwed with over the years, because he didn’t like them, or they called him on his shit. They should interview everyone who’s work product this goofball took and represented as his own. Medina is nothing but a big fat Baby Huey bully who would piss his pants if he was called to Washington for running his mouth. They should look back on all the shit he and his wife pulled, and the drama they brought to the department years ago. They should look into how he swept the Johnny fucking Solis, bowling alley, beer drinking incident, while armed, and on call in SWAT under the rug, and how an employee who actually handled that incident with integrity got harassed, and retaliated against for it. Yes, the feds should open a case on Harold Medina since he wants to be such an indignant self righteous phony.

All of these muppets need to go next November just like the last batch.

Feb 12, 2020


First, we would like to start out this blog article with a thank you to our readers, and eyes out there who have remained more vigilant than we have over the last few months. 

We were just contacted by one of our outraged eyes over what the entire city should perceive as a slap in the face by Mayor Tim Keller and his administration of pocket filling political correctees. 

In his attempt to be mister popular, mister media honey, and the jolly good fellow, our Mayor who was elected to promote change, fairness, dignity, respect, and justice did what most self serving attention whores did, and that was to ignorantly take action on something he deemed would make him look good, without fully considering the whole picture, or ramifications of his actions, nor did he take into account the significance of the time frame of his actions. 

On January 13, 2020 the mayor showed that his vision of what is right is far less than 2020. In fact this mayor is blind on what needed and needs to be done to make things right again. On the above date, Mayor Tim Keller announced that he wanted out of parts of the DOJ consent agreement. You can see the story in the below link.


Do you want to know why the above date is so significant, and such a slap in the face? If you need reminding, you are part of the problem with your short memory. Short memories are the reason why the corrupt keep surfacing. The reason why the date Keller chose to run his mouth is so disturbing, is because it is the exact 10 year anniversary of the date Ken Ellis Jr. was murdered by an APD detective. Ken’s son was murdered January 13, 2010 outside the 7/11 at Eubank and Constitution. This is not just a little oversight Mayor Keller and since you seem to only care about events that promote your agenda and hero boy image, let us refresh your memory. 

The fathers, mothers and family members of Ken Ellis Jr., Alan Gomez, and Christopher Torres, and dozens of others fed up with the corruption, unjustifiable shootings and use of force, the stonewalling of the truth, lack of justice and fairness, being treated without dignity, the lack of respect, the bullying, cowardice, and criminal behavior, spearheaded the ousting of the last administration, and the bringing in of the DOJ. They fought for what was right, and spent years of their lives seeking the truth, and justice in this cess pit of corruption and favoritism. It seems politicians take what they themselves didn’t live as a nightmare, as a mere forgotten memory. It is obvious now that the blood, sweat, and tears that have been the last few years for many, are just a political obstacle for politicians. 

Since the last election, Mayor Keller was elected, and has chosen to not only do nothing to bring things back on line properly, but he brought back old problems, and even went back further in time to collude with the grandfathers of the problem here; people like former mayor Marty Chavez and the Chief Operating Officer Lawrence Rael who was part of the regime many years ago who instituted the culture we thought we ousted... the founders of the ideology that guys like former Coward Chief Schultz and now ghost former Mayor Berry emulated! CRONYISM, RETALIATION, INTIMIDATION, FAVORITISM, DISHONESTY, AND OBSTRUCTION. 

Mayor Keller saw fit to ignorantly and disgracefully disregard the feelings of a family, and community, on a date that significantly started the ball moving against corruption, an out of control city government, and an out of control police administration, that let some out of control officers get away with anything they wanted, any time they wanted it.  The sad thing is that although the detective who murdered Ken’s son is gone, and retired, there are still quite a few scum bags left at the watering trough here in the Albuquerque Police Department, and they are still looking for that parasitic high three paying years before they decide to unhinge their parasitic suckers, and let go of the blood meal for retirement. Instead of firing these unfit parasites, Mayor Keller kept them, and has been promoting them, just like Berry did with that coward Schultz. They have been poisoning the place ever since. 

Below are a few articles to refresh everyone’s memories...

Let’s get things strait right now. We back our officers. The just, courageous righteous ones out there, who do police work with dignity, compassion, and courage, without being political hacks, who carry water for a coward administration, those who are not looking for an easy pension, but who signed up to go to war against the evil out there victimizing our society, despite being possibly used by cowardly politicians every day as scape goats and propaganda for progress that is fraudulent and a hollow dog and pony circus show. It is not the system, nor the DOJ that ties hands, but a lying, corrupt, politically correct administration worried only about always looking good, and controlling the optics of everything, along with filling their pockets instead of the objective of getting the job done! Let’s not forget the enabling behavior and culture that started from the top that put APD in the position it’s in. We back the officers who speak out and refuse to be a part of the illusion. 

This mayor wants the DOJ gone, because they are a hindrance to him and his image manipulation.  The DOJ being here shines light on the facts that he still does what the former mayor did by hiding when controversy arises, and allowing his administration to put out disinformation when they get caught making mistakes,  like the one where they recently hired a felon. They recently  tried to cover up a domestic incident involving police cadets and our eyes have told us they refuse to release the police report on that one under an IPRA request, because it will show that they kept them ( BOTH ) employed long after they should have been terminated in order to fill manpower goals in APD.  They still stall and delay the release of public information that is not beneficial to them, and they still have city attorneys employed that are dishonest liars, unethical, and poor human beings, that were taught their wretched ways by the previous administration. All in all, nothing has changed much. They do not want you to know that, so they want the DOJ to go away. Ten years later and the pig just changed its lipstick. 


Albuquerque is becoming famous for politicians who do nothing for all, but all for one.... THEMSELVES AND THEIR FRIENDS. Their motivation is not for just reasons but only to gain influence. There are no political parties here. It’s all about what the next politician can do for themselves or their cronies, and if that politician is in another party the greedy favor seekers just flip flop on over to that side, until they get what they want. We here at the Eye only seek justice regardless of what side of the line things are on, this is not so with these self servers here. We are done with it. Tim Keller pulled a Richard Berry. The next election is going to be as fun as the last one but not for the sitting mayor because one too many slaps in the face is enough. 
Stay tuned for our next article on why you do not want to work here as a police officer or for any city position for that matter and why doing so could result in your life being ruined beyond repair. 

Thanks to everyone for reading our blog,

The Eye