The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Oct 22, 2018


Our Police Academy Eyes told us that there have been some tears shed at the Albuquerque Police Academy, and we find this disturbing. 

Most here will remember back in 2014, when an out of control domestic violence suspect kicked in the head of his wife, causing her to die from massive head injuries in front of her son. 

That suspect, Anthony Abeyta, tried to do the same thing to responding APD Sargent at the time, Ferris Simmons. 

After a very violent struggle with the suspect, where Simmons and her back up officer, Officer Judd were both punched, and Simmons sustained injuries, including a broken finger, that suspect was taken into custody. 

You can read the story below, and see the video for yourself...


Now for the disturbing part...

Over the last few years, some good officers have been subject to some really political scum bag bullshit, and it has spilled over into pretty much every aspect of what is going on.

Before the DOJ came, and after they arrived, there has been what we will call a race to impress on the backs of others, and the “others” here are the field officers out there every day, trying to do their jobs, while coward police brass attempt to build their resumes, and measure their successes using these officers. These officers are caught in the middle, with some people all too willing to step on them to make themselves look like the “solution” to the APD problem. This has caused back stabbing, and back biting of utmost proportions. This has also caused morale problems, along with a lack of trust in the command staff by the rank and file. WE CAN SEE WHY.

Recently, the IA Commander Garcia Internal Affairs government document falsification fiasco was not only a crime, but it obviously affected an officer or two. APD has a long history of framing or scapegoating officers, while using APD Internal Affairs to do it. The current commander, Mike Miller was one of them, but he was on the end of IA that attempted to stave off the entrance of the DOJ, through the use of many of Ray Schultz’s schemes. We’ll call it conspiracy to violate civil rights. You can read about most of it here on our pages. This guy will claim to know nothing about all of the treacherous acts perpetrated on employees knowing he was responsible for briefing him weekly at his little meetings called “coffee with the chief.” These clowns think we are all stupid and we do not have our sources that saw the dirt being done week after week, year after year to people by these cowards.

Many other issues arise when one tries too hard, and they all result in not much good when it comes to APD.

We will move on to the main event now.

A couple weeks ago, an outside trainer was brought in for an APD training event concerning force at the police academy. This trainer is apparently very renowned, and well known in police use of force
training circles nationally. During this training, the above event, concerning the above officers came
up, as do many previous cases, concerning police use of force nationwide. These types of things are
used as training aids and tools.

We were told by our Eyes that during this discussion a twist was put on the above incident, where it was hypothetically proposed that had the first officer been alone, and was beaten so bad, and brutally that she was going to possibly go unconscious... would use of deadly force be justified. Our Eyes told us that the recently appointed commander of the academy replied that it absolutely would not be.

The trainer, upon hearing this, offered up responses from officers in the class. Upon hearing this, one officer unloaded on the new commander. This officer promptly advised the academy commander that she was wrong, and it wound indeed be justifiable for an officer to use deadly force in that instance, if they feared that they were going to black out, because the violent criminal could then disarm them, take their firearm and kill them and anyone in the vicinity. After all, serious bodily injury or death is the risk here.

We were told that the officer furthermore reiterated that that type of training is going to get an officer killed.

Kudos to that officer for standing their ground, and we could not agree more. This is the reason why officers are not being proactive. It concurs with the crap that came out of this political appointee’s mouth when she said she wanted officers to focus less on chasing bad guys around while violent crime is out of control as seen in her news interview when she was appointed.

Sorry Mrs. Byrd, but officers need to be hunting the bad guys, and they need a department that stands behind them, rather than one that falsifies documents, and dumbs them down in order to use them for their own resume padding. Use of force needs to be taught when to be properly applied.

Well.... Our Eyes told us that Mrs. Byrd’s response was to start crying at the podium, then hastily make her way to the ladies room to finish that cry.

Below are documents showing this commanders certs. We would like to know how you get all of those certifications in one day. We would also like to know how someone can be a police officer decades ago, and just be made one again here in New Mexico at the stroke of a pen.

Peruse the below documents for yourself. There should be an investigation into all of this, along with all of the certifications that were given out by former NMLEAB Director Jack Jones.

We were told that many certs were just rubber stamped, and after the forgery fiasco concerning master use of force instructors and APD, we have been saying this is the case.

You can read about that below...



The federal monitor just blamed a small group of middle management for the lingering, anti-progress culture still plaguing APD in regards to the reform process, while we all know it is the handful at the top too. Mr. Ginger also gave kudos to the academy director, Mrs. Byrd for writing the first design piece that complies with the DOJ.

We have one question. Do these design pieces that comply put our officers in risk of being killed?

We have already lost officer office Daniel Webster in the middle of all of this. The type of training above would be the order of the day with people like Mrs. Byrd, if we didn’t have a few courageous officers out there, who will still stand up for what is right.

Below are some documents. Review them, and ask yourself how these appointments happen. Knowing the rules of a lateral hire, and the timelines we want to know how this happens, unless you know someone at high levels on the inside?

For the sake of our new officers, and the safety of the public, we want to know how this happens.

How do you have a cert for the class of “Combat Thinking For Law Enforcement” and be a master instructor, yet state an officer could not use deadly force to protect their life? OR.... is someone just saying something they think someone else wants to hear!?! Like the DOJ. Something is not right here and we are hearing many are not happy. WE SAID WE ARE FINISHED WITH THE PRETENTIOUSNESS ON THE BACKS OF GOOD PEOPLE! Someone must not have gotten that memo. We will discuss that very soon concerning the officer involved shootings and problems in Rio Rancho PD, that many are nervous about spilling over onto APD, because of lack of action on three problem children in that department, where no action was taken, and discipline issues continued. These involve officer involved force cases under the command of APD Chief Geier at the time.

We would like to know how someone separated from law enforcement comes in as a lateral, and gets all of these certifications in this time frame. How does one come in as an administrator, then get appointed to command level positions, ESSENTIALLY with only a few years experience on the street?

To the officers trying hard out there, keep the faith. We are working hard to make sure the last decade does not repeat itself, you are safe at work, thinks change and morale gets better.

Thank you for all you do.

Stay safe,

The Eye

P.S. As you can see above just how easy it is to get all of your certs at once when you are really close with the NMLEAB Director.

We here at the Eye know how hard some real officers have it out there getting hard street experience under their belt while trying hard to keep their noses clean as they fight crime the best they can and it angers us when someone is just put in place because of connections where they lack the years of street experience. This is even more enraging when these non-cops with bouffant hairdos are put in a place where they condemn tactics they have never had to employ.

We also have questions about why Mrs. Byrd left her position with the Sheriff’s Office with only four years on and was it because she was going to be let go?

As the election comes closer, remember all of the people steamrolled, or thrown under the bus in one way or another for political cronyism, and vote accordingly to eradicate this culture. We all know what took place at the NMLEAB over the last deacade, and it was reprehensible. Jones eluded an investigation into the accusations of master certifications being handed out like water because politics on both sides knew the calamity exposing this would cause. It was swept under the rug. Remember all of this when you vote, because our Eyes are telling us that if Pearce is elected governor Jack Jones may be appointed to head of the NM Department of Public Safety. Do not let this happen.

A federal audit of all of the training certifications given out over the last ten years needs to be conducted because we believe something stinks here.

The mad rush to hire officers is a mistake and will have years of implications. Mark our words. It’s not the quantity, but the quality, and how it is done. Big mistakes are being made that are going to cost in the long run.

Oct 18, 2018

Open response letter to CABQ... Our stance.

Below is a the final draft of a response we have written to reply to CABQ concerning the disappointment we are hearing from many. We do not believe this administration takes this into consideration, but we would like our readers to know that we are not accepting the dog and pony show going on. Until there is action taken, below will be out stance. We are tired of seeing the filth rise, causing a ripple effect in our community, that continues to endanger everyone and reward the wrong.

To whom it may concern,

Please remove us from your mailing list. The change we envisioned was ignored. The same people we advised candidate Keller were corrupt, were promoted and retained. You may confer with him to verify this. There is extensive bad history in the backgrounds of certain individuals retained, and promoted that we spoke out against. We advised against certain PIO individuals, along with their behavior involving the past administration, but our advice was ignored in favor of convenience. 

It has come to our attention that timesheet fraud is going on, and that too will be explained away, or ignored by this administration. We are disappointed that Keller decided to hold the hands of those who were biting his back, and sabotaging him during his election time, as we supported him. 

We are disgusted with this administration’s handling of the Jenifer Garcia case, and the way the city attempted to hide the investigation, and still tries to hide the interviews. 

Many individuals had their lives ruined over the years by the behavior that is still going on. We will no longer support an administration that does not promote complete and unrestrained transparency.

As we see it, this administration is continuing in the same direction as the last. 

Election campaign deals resulted in the promotion of an individual who was deemed to have caused the death of a mental patient, through the use of excessive force, after tasering that individual ten times within 2 minutes. The federal circuit court called it excessive, and a cause of the man’s death. This individual was promoted, despite bragging about it being a deal that was made. That is a fact.

Currently, there are several other cases of retaliation against 
whistleblowers going on. The culture has not changed, if you speak out about corruption within APD, IA will still be tasked with discrediting you, through trumped up investigations, that are obvious retaliation, engineered to ruin your life, in order to protect the guilty, who have a bigger connection.

Nothing has been done with the Taser Investigation into Ray Schultz, and Keller has been silent on it. This is also unacceptable. Sometimes you have to make the controversial high profile choices to do the right thing, and this administration is failing in that. Fear of doing the right thing is unacceptable. Picking the easy and popular route, while avoiding the unpopular and dirty issues that need to be addressed is poor leadership. Anyone can take credit for the good times. It is what caused the bad times that left unaddressed, will cause more bad times. This administration fails in their vision of that.

We have PIOs hanging out at the residences of reporters in city vehicles, at odd hours, and making $200,000 a year, while officers are running from call to call on the streets, risking their lives to plug the manpower deficiency holes, and violent crime is out of control. 

This is all going on while this administration jumps at any little drop in crime stat as a success. We feel that the leadership has no idea what community policing really is, and is endangering our officers with deficient leadership, training and intimidation, that suppresses police officer, discretion and ability to safely do their jobs. Essentially, politics is putting the lives of officers, and the public in danger.

Instead of appreciation for change or varying visions, we are seeing contemptuous behavior from appointed hypocrites, who want it their way. These political appointees were placed in positions, not out of qualification, but for image reasons, and their ability to be controlled. Their behavior is not much better than the previous administration either. 

Keller condemned previous Mayor Berry’s assignment of an alphabet acronym task force to every issue that pops up, but continues in that very same direction. 

Many, who could have steered this administration in a proper direction were ignored in favor of people who were recommended politically, by people who are politically established and connected, and would be beneficial politically for mayor Keller in the future. This is nothing but the same back door patron system of government responsible for the trash going on statewide. 

Netflix, more businesses, investors, and money will not fix the problem Albuquerque has. We have a corruption issue. That issue stems from poor leadership, and it involves the police department, court system, and politicians at all levels. The corruption is so embedded, that it takes aggressive investigation, and prosecution. This administration still covers for the corrupt, and they have no stomach for doing what needs to be done. Even the guilty have no shame to the point that after being caught, they think they are still fit for office. This is the epitome of being above the law. 

As more businesses pour their money and resources into the city, nothing will change, as no action is being taken on the root causes of the issues. All because the causes are connected to people politically behind the scenes, who are deemed more important than the city as a whole. Officers can not do their jobs, due to no confidence in a corrupted chain of command, who are nothing but pretentious liars. 

This reply was written as a quick response, and lacks many more, and intense reasons that may not have come to mind for our reasoning  behind this decision, but for all intents and purposes, we expect that the message has been relayed. 

Should we hear back, or continue to receive correspondence, I am sure we can come up with the 20 to 50 individuals, some of them ranking, who should be terminated for corruption, along with detailed descriptions of the actions that warrant it. We will start with a few who were promoted as political favors by Mayor Keller, and others who were protected for the 2nd and third times for having sex in city buildings while others were terminated for less. 

You may resume contact after Keller has a discussion with Hector Balderas about prosecuting Ray Schultz for his actions, which lead to the situation Albuquerque is in. A few others need to be asked to resign. After that is completed, and a few atrocities are made right, maybe things will change. He knows exactly who, and what we are talking about. We are still waiting for the “owning” and “admitting” part of Keller’s promise. He has forgotten all of this, because of some issues being unpopular, and a city attorney’s office who is vindictive, and supportive of past ways.

The cases that were made right were done quietly and off the grid. Although we are appreciative of this, it does not send a message that something was “owned,” especially when the same conduct is ongoing.

Nobody said this was going to be easy, but choosing the easy way, instead of the right way is malfeasant, lacking in courage, and a cop out. We get it. Nobody wants to be negative, or the bad guy, but sometimes you have to roll your sleeves up, and scrape your knuckles, in order to make people do the right thing, and make sure they do not do the wrong thing anymore. 

We are contacted daily about the poor behavior and leadership at APD. We have received emails containing some very disturbing concerns that are being ignored. We are seeing comments about the poor morale, and disparity in treatment within the ranks of APD, and we are still hearing about the out of control corruption. 

Frankly, we are tired of advising so many people to remain patient, while the same things are transpiring that were going on when RJ Berry was the mayor. We are being told daily that it is actually worse within APD.

Claiming success with the natural ebb and flow of crime rates, while merchants and citizens are victimized daily is embarrassing. What’s more embarrassing is telling victims that it is hard to protect them, or prosecute crimes against them without video proof as they worry daily about having their cars burglarized and windows smashed. 

As we sit here, and watch Chief Geier play hockey, APD hire officers who are just in it for the money, a mayor who needs an assistant, and a former federal overseer (whom we actually like) responsible for going after the corrupt, now working for that same agency, we can only say that this only happens in Albuquerque and it is not “Albuquerque One” as you have been marketing. It is individual political interests that come first, and the positivity only exists when certain individuals are getting their way. This is sad. 

Thank You, and good luck on all future endeavors,

The Eye