The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Jun 29, 2012

Schultz Swears Allegiance to the Veil of Silence; AKA: the SWAT-stika

Deviation: The action of departing from an established course or accepted standard.

Consistency in practice, application, and procedure is a necessary element of any police department. Appearing and actually being impartial is crucial for the regular operations of law enforcement. The stakes are high in this matter because of the very nature of what is at issue: Civil Liberty. If there’s even a scent of prejudice or bias, an entire investigation is in jeopardy and the officers, and thus the department, are burdened with civil liability. This all seems like legalese that really has little to do with anything, but consider what this all really means. The time officers spend responding to a call, the safety of any victims, the costs of litigation, time officers have to spend in court and related proceedings, time taken away from regular assigned duties, and interference with home/family schedules. In short, deviations from standards and practices result in huge wastes of manpower and resources. Policing doesn’t happen magically, it requires first and foremost the labor of officers and detectives. If the results of their efforts are routinely cast aside because of failures to follow SOPs and protocols, have they not by definition failed (committed misfeasance) in their duties?

Recently a call came into 911 where a citizen reported a person was kicking over trashcans and throwing rocks at passing cars. When confronted by the caller, the subject flashed a gun at them. Maybe the subject pointed a gun at the caller, maybe he didn’t, but as officers responded to the location where the incident occurred, any reasonable person could suspect that some type of crime(s) had occurred and the offender was armed with a handgun. As it turns out, when officers arrived the subject fled into a house. As officers secured their presence around the house, the subject fired bullets at an officer who understandably, and reasonably, returned fire at the subject. The officer missed hitting the subject but struck the house. Unless the suspect was firing from within a school bus full of children, most would accept the officer’s actions as reasonable and consistent with standards and training. Considering the chain of events, the call immediately became a SWAT call-out. With an armed barricaded offender who had just committed an aggravated battery (possible an attempted murder), upon a peace officer; the offender defiantly hiding in a house, APD’s SOP clearly dictates a response by the SWAT unit. From what officers have told the Eye, Chief Schultz immediately made calls to the incident commander whereby orders were given disallowing (revoking) the use of deadly force under any circumstances and stated, the call-out will last as long as is needed. Operations then commenced over the next fifteen-plus hours where a seemingly endless amount of CS gas was fired into the house. Officers told us even as the suspect fired more rounds at officers and at the bomb squad’s robot (resulting in its destruction) officers, including department snipers, remained unresponsive because of Chief Schultz’s orders. One has to wonder where the subject’s bullets went and at what risk did he expose the community to when he continued to fire bullets into the neighborhood? Was a trained APD sniper in a position to stop the threat but denied the ability to do so because of Chief Schultz’s media grand standing orders? What if an officer or citizen had been hit and injured or killed by the subjects’ actions?

Almost a day after the event started, APD reported the subject took his own life by shooting himself. APD officers then went into the house to confirm the subject was dead after pumping more gas into the building and not detecting any more movement. It’s interesting to note that CS gas displaces the regular atmosphere in a contained structure like a house. It is likely that while Chief Schultz stated no deadly force be used to resolve the situation, displacing the oxygen from the house would surely have resulted in the subject’s death had he not taken his own life. Will the family of the deceased now file a civil lawsuit for wrongful death with mitigating circumstances of cruel and unusual punishment? After the incident SWAT cleared the house by virtually destroying it and the scene was then processed by APD’s FI personnel.

In one of the more extreme and sensational SWAT call outs in many months, APD officers were required to deviate from standard practices and training at the direction of Chief Schultz. Because the department is still under the rainfall of constant public and federal scrutiny, officers are now being placed in positions where their lives and the public’s lives are in jeopardy because of a miserable failed police chief’s willingness to do anything to remain in power. Ironically, it is these very actions that have enraged the community and brought the department’s credibility into question. Instead of relying on standards and accepted practices, Chief Schultz, Mayor Berry, and the rest of the self-anointed leaders (few have gained the rank of commander and above by virtue of merit) routinely deviate from normal operations. One has to wonder if Chief Schultz will require officers to deviate from the “norms” and expected responding personnel to be shot at. What isn’t he willing to deviate from to obscure the truth??? The local media raised alarming questions when the press released details of the event and knowingly and willingly omitted the fact there was an officer involved shooting as part of the call out. An officer’s (and the public’s) life is threatened by an armed offender firing bullets at him (and the public in general) and Chief Schultz deems it not newsworthy that this element be disclosed? Yet on the same day, APD’s public information officer released a feel good story entitled (misspelling by her): “APD takes in US Poilce and Fire Rowing Championships.”

If APD’s Chief Schultz is willing to omit information about life threatening violent actions against his own officers, will issue orders denying officers the ability to defend themselves (and the public) when shot at, and will hamstring operations of a critical SWAT incident all in the name of keeping another shooting from appearing in the news…..what is he willing to hide and conceal when matters are less visible??? What has he already destroyed and hidden from you (Mr. and Miss Tax Payer)?

Jun 25, 2012

Treachery; You also know Him as...

This was an anonymous post to the Eye On Albuquerque story "Adiós DONKEY."
(Click HERE to view.)

Let's play a little game. Read through this posting and think about who you think this perfectly describes. There is only one rule to this game:

1) Mayor Berry's cheif Schultz is not allow to play.

**Allowing treachery to play would be considered cheating.

Please allow me to introduce myself...........

It's a great job!!!!!!
You can exact revenge on all your enemies by abusing your authority. You can retaliate against those that speak out about it by making up rules that silence justice by threatening termination for the slightest word spoken against you. You can send your henchmen to investigate your targets, frame investigations on them, manufacture evidence, statements, and intimidate those that would not back your play. You can have your deputies delegate your directed activities to those that will carry them out against your targets like fools, thinking they will be rewarded for their unethical immoral treachery, only to be left holding the bag when you leave. You can deny EVERYTHING because it was THEM that did it and you KNEW NOTHING! I tell you one time, you're to blame.....You can lie like there is no tomorrow without any consequences whatsoever!!!!!What's puzzling you is the nature of my game...... You can lie to the DA. You can Lie in federal and district court. You can lie at depositions. And when you get caught, you can have a do over deposition where you can "amend" your statement. You can lie to the newspapers. Hell... You can just lie every time you open your mouth and nobody will do a damn thing about it because this is NEW MEXICO. It is what it is. Been that way for a hundred years. It's never gonna change!
It's like being king of your little world. And when your little world comes crashing down around you, there are plenty of cops to burn like fire wood to keep you cozy and warm till spring comes and it's off to greener pastures. It just doesn't matter. The city pays your way out of every lawsuit with the taxpayers money. Cause I'm in need of some restraint....You get free get out of jail money! Who could ask for more than that? After all it's only YOU that matters. You can walk all over an entire city and it's officers and own none of it at the end of the day because it's everyone elses fault. Honesty, morals, a reputation, dignity, honor and courage are all overrated. None of it is needed to be the chief or financially successful. I got mine. That's all that matters! LIFE IS GOOD. But before you leave, make sure you put those you know will continue your legacy of treachery in place to carry on. Can't have justice take foothold in our absence now can we.

Pleased to meet you...
Hope you guessed my name....

Guess who cheated and played anyways...

Jun 21, 2012


Today is Thursday, June 21st, 2012. It’s frequently interesting to note what occurred on the same date but many decades ago. Reflecting on today’s date but in 1960, we at the Eye wanted to see what significant historical events occurred. Perhaps there was some stunning action in Vietnam? Or maybe an event between the United States and the Soviet Union? In all of our searching of the internet, we found….nothing. Nothing of significance happened on today’s date in 1960.

This really shouldn’t surprise us, because it’s symptomatic of what Mayor Berry’s police chief, Ray Schultz, has done for the citizens of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Police Department. He has contributed nothing of positive significance. But Chief Schultz can claim to have made a horrendously negative impact. In fact he can claim (and we’re sure our endless readers can add more to this list):

-Schultz was found guilty of violating an officer's civil rights resulting in
damages in excess of $500,000. The jury found Schultz lied under

-Schultz oversaw and white-washed the entire David Young reserve officer
debacle which is still being litigated upon.

-Several of the twenty-five plus police shootings are dubious at best and will continue to haunt
the department until they too are played out in civil proceedings. How
many "bad shoots" can a chief endure?

-The Evidence Room scandal never really was addressed. In fact,
current CAO Rob Perry was a lawyer for, and successfully defended, one of the
parties Schultz tried to smear as being at fault for the problem.

-Arbitrary and desperate promotion practices run rampant as merit is the last
thing Schultz considers when promoting people to Commander level positions. The latest round of promotions sets a new low for required knowledge, skills, and abilities.

-While two officers have been killed on duty, more than twice as many have, or
made efforts to, commit suicide.

-Calls for dispatch remain at an all time-high and response times remain the
same despite there being the manipulation "en route" and "arrived"
statuses by dispatchers.

-There exists a culture that by the chief's own words is defined by him.
"Sue me, because in three years I won't be here." Honest
criticism is met simply by vindictive actions and overt retaliation.

-Officer's due process rights are routinely violated in efforts by Schultz
to regain lost credibility. How much will the department pay because of
his harm upon Tim Chavez, Orlando Comacho, John Doyle, Rob Wollever, Sam
Costales and others?

-Despite being forewarned about the history of conduct by Levi Chavez, efforts
to discipline were blocked at every level until it became too late.

-Then there's the Darren White debacle as Schultz openly professed his
ignorance about the basis for DWI investigations.

-And let's not forget about the two fellows that were wrongfully accused of murder and coerced into self-incriminating statements only to be fully exonerated.

-Anybody remember Pat Murdoch? Do we really think this poor investigation was not reviewed and approved by Schultz himself?

-Consistently claiming to be unaware of significant issues (where do we really start with this?)

-APD’s SWAT unit losing its Federal certification/status.

-Endorsement of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination at APD’s Police Academy.

-Fiscal mismanagement as the department’s $160 million budget spins out of control while manpower remains at early 2000 levels.

So on today’s date, we note that what is memorable, is that given all the failures of Chief Schultz, it is abundantly clear, he holds something against Mayor Berry or others for in no other setting would somebody with such an endless string of failures remain as the department’s leader.

Rumor has it; Schultz is finally on his way out. We hear Schultz is purchasing a home in Colorado and possibly has a job lined-up. We here in Albuquerque are pleased with this information but are saddened that a community in Colorado will fall victim to this fascist dictator and all the liability that goes with him. Be sure to thank Berry for the big fat pension you will take with you Sergeant Schultz.


Jun 17, 2012

Houston Lost; Helicopter to Aide in Search

Bernalillo County Sheriff, Dan Houston, has apparently “lost” his way. Houston had told Albuquerque Journal in May of 2011 that the Sheriff’s Department Helicopter was going up for sale. The reason for this proposed sale was the enormous cost of running the 3.2 million dollar aircraft. Houston claimed that he wanted to use the proceeds from the sale to purchase 40 new squad cars and possibly purchase a fixed-winged aircraft.

As you recall the aircraft was purchased by former nefarious Sheriff, Darren White, to fulfill his legacy of narcissism. The purchase of the aircraft was not needed and was strictly to satisfy White’s need for the “look at me” routine he is notorious for doing.

Then in June of 2011, Houston posts a job opening for; wait for it, a helicopter pilot. This makes absolutely no sense if they are selling one of the aircrafts. There is a slim to no possibility that all the pilots BCSO have quit suddenly. BCSO has two helicopters in their fleet.

Then in August of 2011, Houston reports to KRQE the aircraft that was for sale is now back up in the air. The Sheriff through his spokesperson gave a bunch of gibberish justification for not selling the helicopter and placing it back in service. BCSO has a Huey helicopter that works fine and costs much less to use.

Next and most recently, Houston asked the County Commission for a whopping 1.3 million dollars to operate this costly helicopter. The current budget for the BCSO Aircraft Unit is around $460,000.00. This brings the cost of the unit into the neighborhood of 1.8 million. BCSO has yet to deal with several different litigations that will cost million. For example, BCSO’s shooting on the Interstate with the stolen bus offender who was stopped and was unarmed and surrounded by over twenty coppers...If BCSO is able to squeeze out of that one, perhaps the money should be spent on proper training.

This is ridicules; the Bernalillo County Commission approved $800,000.00 in additional spending for the BCSO Air Unit. 800k for a helicopter that was supposed to be sold a year ago. The County Commission should be held accountable if they allow frivolous spending. First of all, BCSO has a good useable helicopter; second, there is not a legitimate justification for an increase of $800,000.00 other than pure vanity on behalf of Sheriff Houston.

APD has an air unit as does the New Mexico State Police. Perhaps Houston needs to learn to play better with others and ask for help if the need ever occurs. Commissioner De La Cruz suggested buying a fixed-wing aircraft, this idea only builds on Houston’s first suggestion. There are other resources and options available to Houston but he will never stoop that low to ask for help but then again vain people are that way.

At the end of the County Commission meeting, Sheriff Houston took a cheap shot at the public, "...I am not effectively able to protect them (citizens of Bernalillo County) the way that I should be able too." Commissioner De La Cruz, stated, "if you tell citizenry that you can't keep em' safe and other sheriffs have been clearly able to do so; you know, it's a question that I'm disappointed in..." The Eye completely agrees with Mr. De La Cruz, if Houston cannot keep the citizens safe, he needs to get out of the way and the citizens need to place a competent sheriff in office who can protect us! This is the vanity we spoke about earlier in this article.

Houston was voted in by the public and trying to scare the public, frivolous spending and liability is going to lead him being voted out.

Sheriff Houston; you need to reconsider your options and you clearly owe the public an apology.

Jun 15, 2012

Schultz Abuses “Penguin”

Our eyes behind the scenes are telling us about an abusive Schultz. Apparently, Mayor Berry’s chief, Ray-Monster Schultz, received word that one of his APD Senior Sergeants, Patricio Apodaca (AKA; Penguin or Penguino) had posted a comment on his Facebook page. This comment was not distasteful, vulgar, or inappropriate; it was a rumor he heard playing golf with some of the brass nut boys from APD. Now, you ask yourself, what kind of rumor would force Mayor Berry’s chief to abuse an innocent penguin?

Penguino (SSGT. Apodaca) stated in his post, “Some interesting conversations today while playing some golf. 5th floor apparently knows who runs Eye On Albuquerque and isnt really concerned by it. Apparently, not as anonymous as you think. People have a right to voice their opinions, sad that they hide in the shadows to do it. Being lazy here with attack yorkies that are ready to pounce and kill. This has been a Penguino Inc update.” When the Eye was able to look up the comment we put we “liked” it. We here at the Eye found it very humorous that the joke was on them. Apparently this angered Berry’s chief and the chief’s three Stooges.

Our Eyes tell us that poor little Penguino was placed in-front of the boys and was severely admonished and told in so many words if he wanted to keep his job, he better keep his beak closed! Adhering to the threats of termination, SSgt. Apodaca posted on Facebook, “Well I will no longer be posting anything on here about work. Apparently it is the wrong thing to do. Because here at ...... we care. This has been a Penguino Inc update.” Our Eyes also tell us SSgt. Apodaca was accused of “knowing” who we were. Your wrong again Schultz. Then again, we are sure that you are used to hearing that you’re wrong all the time… Remember brass nuts, you’re really not concerned who run the Eye On Albuquerque?

We here at the Eye are sorry about Mr. Penguino’s abused but we find humor and concern in the actions of APD’s top brass nuts. Berry’s chief, Ray Schultz, is worried about a one line clean sentence on a Facebook page and brings down hell on a helpless little Penguino but could give a lesser dam about 26 police involved shootings, the West Mesa murders, or out of control gangs and drug wars. Could you imagine how many murders, rapes, and other crimes could be solved if these idiots would put forth the same effort into solving crimes and stop worrying about a Facebook post? Schultz needs to stop the “teacher teacher he’s looking at me routine” and try to get back to being a chief of one of America’s largest police forces. Is there something seriously wrong with this insecure man? Or is it just us?

Schultz can go home now and do what all evil people do; sharpen his claws, sulk, and plan his next demonic deed. How pathetic…

Jun 11, 2012

Matrix Report to Remove Rose Colored Glasses from Schultz and Berry

The Albuquerque Police Department is a vast public institution composed of nearly 1000 sworn officers and an annual operating budget of over $160 Million. Since Ray Schultz took the department over in 2005 as its police chief, the department has changed dramatically in its appearance, personnel, mission, policing style, and effectiveness. Chief Schultz came in after Chief Gil Gallegos resigned as elements of the “Evidence Room” scandal reached his office. (See Albuquerque Journal, March 19, 2005, "Evidence Room Supervisor Claims Cover-up" by TJ Wilhelm.) The evidence scandal involved the theft of money, drugs, and guns by evidence room personnel and the subsequent cover-up of those thefts by high ranking department supervisors. This cover-up occurred despite the efforts of, then, APD Capt. Marie Miranda and Capt. Ron Paiz as they tried to bring honest investigations into what had occurred and the misconduct of other higher ranking APD personnel. As the allegations of official misconduct continued to climb higher and higher, Chief Gil Gallegos resigned and current APD Chief, Ray Schultz, was ushered in from Arizona to lead APD. “We were this close,” pinching his index finger to his thumb “to being ordered to operate under a federal consent decree,” Chief Schultz once remarked in 2010.

Now, in June of 2012, APD and actions of its officers and department executives are being investigated and scrutinized by federal officials from the US Department of Justice, the US Attorney’s Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The previous president and vice president (and others our Eyes tell us) of the Albuquerque Police Officer’s Association are being investigated for financial crimes by the New Mexico State Police. In the midst of all these investigations, our Eyes tell us, APD contracted with a company named Matrix Consulting Group ( several months ago to assess and analyze the department’s operational efficiency.

Despite the fact the obvious answer is APD is grossly inefficient, is in a critical state of gross mismanagement, and such an analysis is most definitely needed, it seems Chief Schultz continues to mislead the press and the public. A few days ago a story broke in the Albuquerque Journal stating the department had contracted with Matrix to do a $200,000 operational analysis. Our Eyes tell us this study has already been done and is already in the hands of the mayor’s chief. We know from Chief Schultz’s past actions anything he can use to his benefit is usually paraded out in public as fast as it comes in. This leads us to believe the report is not positive. In fact, given there are as many officers patrolling the city as there were ten years ago despite a $30 Million bump in the budget one does not need to spend $200,000 on a report that will tell you there are inefficiencies. Given the department is in the midst of scandals of much greater magnitude than what Chief Schultz walked into back in 2005, one does not need to be told the department is in crisis. While we know Chief Schultz would never say “the buck stops here” with him, we find it disturbingly ironic that while the evidence thefts occurred, the crime lab was under the management of the deputy chief of investigations, who at that time was none other than Deputy Chief Ray Schultz. The problematic pattern created by Schultz dates back prior in time to when he was named chief.

An objective report detailing operational inefficiencies of APD is very much welcomed and perhaps it will be a starting point for a new chief. Our Eyes tell us that the data collected by Matrix are limited to personnel and simple numbers. No watch commanders or supervisors have been interviewed and personnel from Matrix have not gone on the ground to witness (observe and evaluate) the operations of APD. Perhaps, the chief meant to say “an additional $200,000” is being spent on such a report and we will then find out how to improve things. Give us a break. With the remaining deputy chiefs and majority of commanders in APD who simply mirror Chief Schultz’s thinking, and/or are unqualified for their positions, it is unlikely there will be any true or meaningful changes that APD so desperately needs. Of the three deputy chief, one was caught lying in sworn testimony (among other things), one has a confirmed conviction of excessive force, and the last was found to have unlawfully terminated two officers. The three Stooges have a better record than APD’s current three deputy chiefs. Oddly enough, the Three Stooges were only actors whereas APD’s deputy chiefs are not actors.

Our Eyes tell us the DOJ is deeply looking into the practices of the department and there are indeed demands that may only be satisfied by outside federal intervention. In almost ten years of apparent mismanagement, Chief Schultz can boast and make one claim to whoever takes over the department: he leaves it much worse than how he found it. Here at the Eye, we are sure, Chief Schultz put the best possible spin to the folks at Matrix. If Matrix is as thorough of a company it represents itself to be on its website, they might like to hear about what really is going on in APD besides what Chief Schultz presented. Just to make sure, here is Mr. Richard Brady, the president of Matrix, email address: Perhaps, Matrix will be willing to release the report they prepared to the people who paid for it: you, Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer.

Jun 5, 2012

Former PSO, Darren White, Claims new fraudulent Title and solicits help from a known Problem

While results of the state’s primaries have unfold, the question of whether or not the status quo in New Mexico remains narrow and shallow has already been answered in many arenas. Here in Albuquerque, the floundering “Racino” project chugs along despite there being little market based evidence supporting its existence. The Racino is the gambling enterprise at the New Mexico Downs horse racing facility. But evidence supporting its multi-million dollar renovation and multi-decade lease are secondary concerns when political favoritism and cronyism exists. Never mind that its “security consultant” is failed Albuquerque director of public safety, failed congressional candidate, failed county sheriff, and failed state secretary of public safety Darren White. When you deliver votes to the Martinez/McClesky administration, it doesn’t matter whether you succeed at anything, only that you deliver votes—or at least appear to do so. However enamored folks are of Mr. White, we’ve seen that such love is subject to immediate termination. When one’s actions overstep your authority and create a conflagration that burns into your employer’s office, as White did last summer in the scandal locally cherished as “White Gate,” we see how quickly we go from being public safety czar, to czar of nothing.

It seems, Mr. White is headed for yet another such disaster of over stepping his abilities and experience. In the real World, it's referrred to KSA and O's (knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics). You see, the Albuquerque Downs have floundered as a casino enterprise and the Governor has scheduled it for massive renovation and remodeling. Mr. White’s position as “security director” at the Downs didn’t exist prior to his termination last summer with the City of Albuquerque and was solely created for him by Governor Martinez to provide a “soft landing” and easy income given he hasty departure from the public payroll. But it seems a job without a purpose is not enough and given that over $30,000,000 is on the table for the construction of the Albuquerque “Racino,” Mr. White has a new title as he so casually asserted in a recent meeting. As the “Construction Manager” of the project, Mr. White now oversees the expenditure and operations of one of the largest projects currently underway in the city and the state. Interestingly enough, Mr. White seems to not have a general contractor’s GB-98 license as required by the state’s Construction Industries Division never mind any real experience managing anything for profit. But since Mr. White’s position as security director lacks purpose, it’s not surprising his position as construction manager lacks substance. As the self-appointed “Construction Manager” has no real experience in building, never mind running a private enterprise, it only makes sense that Mr. White bring in some help. Not surprisingly Governor Martinez’s second favorite lawyer and Texas-Tech graduate, Mark Shoesmith, is involved in the project. But our Eyes tell us this did not make things better, in fact things went from bad to worse.

Mr. Shoesmith was involved in the City of Albuquerque’s Sunport observation deck scandal where a project scheduled to cost $1,200,000 ended up costing over $700,000 more and closed out at nearly $2,000,000 because of unexpected ADA and code requirements. That’s a whopping 58% increase in budgeted costs. (See “Price of Airport’s New Deck Soars,” Albuquerque Journal 09/23/1997 Page--A1). To think that the Sunport’s observation deck was either underfunded because of code compliance oversight speaks of people not knowing what they are doing in the management of such a project. To think otherwise suggests people were cutting corners. Or perhaps the additional funding just disappeared as such much money simply seems to do in large scale public projects in New Mexico….

Combining the efforts of Mr. White and Mr. Shoesmith with a $30,000,000 project appears to make little sense unless the state’s taxpayers are ready to foot the bill for a project that, based off of the experiences and previous results of these two persons will probably exceed $45,000,000. With a “construction manager” who has no experience managing large scale projects without taxpayers being responsible for cost overruns, and a favorite government lawyer who only knows how to finesse the system so that cost overruns continue to be burdened by the taxpayers, a perfect storm looks to be in the making.

Perhaps Mr. White and Mr. Shoesmith will call upon the experience and skills of Albuquerque mayor RJ Berry. He ran his campaign on his much promoted experiences in the private sector as he spent government funds on various construction projects under his wife’s company and he does hold a GB-98 license. Our Eyes have told us he already is intimately involved…

Incidentally, in case anybody hasn’t noticed, the observation deck at the Sunport is still closed and it’s unknown when it will reopen after it’s short stint of use….perhaps after spending tens of millions of dollars, the new and improved “Racino” will stand boarded up as well.

Jun 1, 2012

Who is the Best Person for Office?

The Eye On Albuquerque would like to offer our best choices for public office. We will give you both sides of the story from our point of view and you can decide how you wish to vote. We want people in office who are “community care takers.” Simply stated, we want people who really care about the community and who will work to protect and preserve our rights. We here at the Eye On Albuquerque wish to make it very clear; any candidate who has ties to the nefarious Darren White or Berry is un-endorsable.

Any doubts on your end? Use our search bar and type in Darren White or Berry. There will be story after story that will serve as proof as to why we will not endorse any candidate who has any ties to these two thugs.

U.S. Senate

Democratic Party

Martin Heinrich is our current District One Congressmen. Heinrich has served the people of District 1 well. We see Heinrich as what we term as a “community care taker.” Notwithstanding, Heinrich whipped former Albuquerque Public Safety Director, Darren White, to the point it was embarrassing for White. Heinrich’s defeat of White is a milestone because the public finally saw White for what he really was and saved us citizen from a huge embarrassment and disappointment. Heinrich has a proven past and it appears like a reliable future. The Eye sees Heinrich becoming our next U.S. Senator.

Hector Balderas appears to be a “great guy,” but we see his problem at this point of trying to reach too high too fast. The Eye sees Mr. Balderas doing great things and reaching high places. For this man; it is only a matter of time.

Republican Party

Heather Wilson is an old “has been” who lives in a pretend world detached from reality. There are several issues that plague Wilson going back in time and to the present. Wilson has had strong ties to the nefarious former Albuquerque Public Safety Director, Darren White. This issue alone has to raise concerns to all of us about honesty and integrity. Wilson also declined to participate in a KOAT-Journal debate with her opponent Sowards. Why? Is she afraid to face reality? Wilson had spent three dollars for every dollar Sowards spent. This will not be a seat that is “up for sale.” Wilson in her politic ads attempts to “scare the hell” out of us in a pitiful attempt to get our votes. The Eye has and will never succumb to cheap shots or pressure. Wilson has already purchased her slot on the Republican ticket; the Eye On Albuquerque does not endorse this candidate for any position.

Greg Sowards is an unknown candidate, Sowards is a Las Cruces businessman. However, Sowards who is basically unknown still commands 20 percent of the popularity. We feel Sowards is a better choice than voting for the Heather Wilson/Darren White ticket. Fresh blood may be the perfect choice!

First Congressional District

Democratic Party

Michelle Lujan Grisham appears to be the best choice overall in comparison to the other Democratic candidates. Griego is running a dirty smear campaign against Ms. Lujan Grisham which tells us that Ms. Lujan Grisham MUST be the superior choice.

Eric Griego does not “walk the walk or talk the talk.” In his TV ads, Griego claims he wants to put Wall Street in jail. Yet, he had eleven warrants for his arrest. What was Griego’s plan; to put Wall Street in jail from his jail cell? There are also allegations of DWI? Griego cannot advocate enforcement of the law for others when he has failed to follow the law himself. Is more simple terms, Griego is a hypocrite. Running a dirty campaign is not helping his plight either.

Martin Chavez is another old “has been.” Here we have another hypocrite. Chavez fought avidly against APD and AFD officers participating in the “Rumble in the Rio.” The Rumble in the Rio was a boxing match by public safety officers to raise money to buy under-privileged children bicycles. Yet, Chavez in his TV ads portrays himself as a boxer who can throw a “punch.” Oh yeah, Chavez tried avidly back in the day to keep secrets of domestic violence hidden away…Marty, his dirty politics, and his red light scamera’s have all been voted out by Albuquerque; let’s keep it that way!

Republican Party

Janice Arnold-Jones is running on the Republican ticket unopposed. Ms. Arnold-Jones will have to prove and earn her worth as this election moves forward.

Bernalillo County District Attorney

Democratic Party

Jennifer E. Romero offers new approaches and fresh blood in the D.A.’s Office. Romero is well educated and educated in this current century. Her young at heart approach will breathe a much needed new life into the D.A.s Office. It is time for a change; change in the right direction. Romero doesn’t owe anybody and will start with a clean slate. After watching Brandenburg blunders, we here at the Eye On Albuquerque believe Romero is the best choice. Romero will prove herself as a “community care taker.”

Kerri Brandenburg is an old politician who has become a “has been.” It is time for fresh new blood in the D.A.’s Office. You will never see Brandenburg in a courtroom unless it would politically benefit her. Take for instance the Astorga case. Brandenburg was there to politic for office and not to fight for the death penalty. That case could have been better handled by several different D.A.’s in her office who have actually handled cases like this before and have the true expertise. Can anyone say, “Credit Hog?” Brandenburg owes her soul to the devil; that means it’s going to be hell to pay… Brandenburg lists all her education dating back to the 1970’s. She’s out-of-date and should be out of office. Brandenburg is another politician who has strong ties to the nefarious Darren White.

Republican Party

Senate District 18

Lisa Torraco
is a highly educated attorney with a vast knowledge base. Torraco is a family woman who we believe has the best interest of District 18 at heart. The Eye On Albuquerque sees Torraco as an up and coming “community care taker.” She will serve us all best in the State Senate.

Gerges Scott may have forgotten about how women are supposed to be treated. There are skeletons in Gerges closet (AKA; Gerges Calderon); take a look at the United States District Court, CIV 99 0139 JC. It does not paint a flattering picture. Why did this candidate fail to disclose this information? We have other proof that he speaks derogatory of women. Guess what? Gerges is being back by the nefarious Darren White and Albuquerque’s CAO Rob Perry. Gerges is clearly a bad choice for any office.