The Piercing Truth

This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Sep 30, 2012

Talk is Cheap!

This past April, we reported about how retired APD Senior Sergeant, Paul Heh, filed a complaint against the APOA for the questionable spending practices by former president (and former officer) Joey Sigala and former vice-president Felipe "Flip" Garcia. Sgt. Heh's letter was not only in response to APD Chief Schultz's erroneous claim that an investigation could not commence without a complaint, but it was also simply the right thing to do. Many who have either retired or resigned from the department had paid money into the APOA's general fund and thanks to APOA lawyer Fred Mowrer"s email alerting all to the issue, it seemed those funds were spent unlawfully. In fact it seems they were embezzled.

Chief Schultz initially wanted to the keep the financial crimes investigation in house by assigning White Collar Crimes Sergeant Anthony Sedillo to the case, but because of Sgt. Sedillo's conflict of interest, investigators from the NM State Police came in--and are still conducting their detailed investigation. As we reported last spring, Eyes close to that investigation have told us it is not "if" crimes occurred but "how many."

Despite all of this, the new leadership of the APOA, Greg Weber and Tommy Henderson remained motionless and silent in confrontation to the events swirling around them. While Sigala and Garcia resigned in disgrace, Weber and Henderson dutifully stepped forward and did a press release in Mayor Berry's media room and announced, to the Mayor's benefit, the suspension of providing any financial relief to officers who had been involved in shootings. Shortly thereafter, the APOA voted for a new vice-president and former Chicagoan Shawn Willoghby was elected. All during this dynamic period and much of the period over which massive funds disappeared from the APOA's coffers, APOA treasurer Matt Fisher remained in place and steadfastly held that he had done nothing wrong.

Finally, this past summer the APOA invited an auditor to come in to do their own investigation of the missing money. Our Eyes tell us this delay was the result of the assignment of a committee to look in to the matter and decide whether an audit was even necessary and decide on a CPA firm to do the work.

Well, after months of work and review our Eyes tell us the CPA presented her findings this week. After years of abuse of spending member's money, after the resignation of the former president (and his subsequent arrest), and vice president, after the maneuvering of new leadership seemingly at the direction of the mayor, after countless delays to invite an auditor in, after the public announcement of a criminal investigation into the matter by the NMSP, and after spending over $18,000 on the audit, our Eyes tell us:

Over $150,000 was spent via credit card and unjustified checks during Sigala's reign as the APOA president but that because there are no receipts and by-laws don't specifically limit such actions there no wrong doing can be proved.

In an email released to the media this week, APOA President Weber stated that the APOA is at a "cross roads" and never in the APOA's history have there been such regularly low turnouts. Monthly APOA meetings have only had enough members to show up for a quorum in one of the last ten months. That means nothing will get done because no motion can be heard or voted on for approval. Weber's response was to conduct yet ANOTHER survey of concerns the members have so that they can best be addressed. Matters addressing treasurer Matt Fisher have even been shelved because nobody feels they can do anything.

We at the Eye are flabbergasted! As our Eyes continue to flood us with emails, the issue is not that the APOA executive board needs to hear from the members, its that the members need to hear from the executive board! Over $150,000 remains simply unaccounted and members are told nothing can be done. The annual income of the APOA hovers around $300,000...that means almost half of each members contribution is unaccounted for! The mayor continues to breach and violate existing contract provisions and Chief Schultz has driven APD off a cliff thanks to his endless changing of procedures, grand standing on false incidents, lies, coverups, and seemingly criminal actions, yet the APOA leadership's response is to survey its members what to do. Really?!

Mr. Weber and to all the other executive members of the APOA, the time for talk and surveys has long gone. Your members need to see leadership and know that they are being represented. So far it seems not only are their financial interests been cast aside but their labor interests as well. It is time for demonstrable action, because staying in-line with the APOA's concern for its funds with a "talk is cheap" mantra is not helping. Despite the Albuquerque Journal's best effort to deflect criticism against Chief Schultz and his endless string of failures, the fact is APD is headed to a manpower and skills deficit crisis. The things that need to be done will surely invite scrutiny from the 5th Floor and the paper, but what needs to be done is restore respect amongst the members. The members need to know you care and words are not sufficient. They need to see ACTION!

Sep 26, 2012

Problem? What Problem?

As many current and former officers have noted, under Chief Schultz, APD seems to think that evidence is something that is best used for press conferences. Chief Schulz and Mayor Berry routinely expedite the presentation of material favorable (or so they think) to them while denying, hiding, or destroying evidence that is unfavorable. They also seem to think their department is also their own personal promotional device. As the summer of 2012 closes, we can’t think of a better time to reflect upon this mess as the fall election season goes into overdrive and how they've harmed all those that depend on APD:

•While APD couldn’t get video footage of APD Sgt. Peck’s shooting before the media fast enough, Chief Schultz and company did all they could to conceal the video footage of Officers Shad Solis, Ron Surran, and Connor Rice. Schultz even lied about state law giving him protections to keep the video from the media.

•APD continues to release guns held in evidence for safekeeping or tagged as found to persons by doing the bare minimum in a background check: a local warrant check. And such policy is confirmed to be outside of the federal gun control regulations.

•APD’s lawyer Kathy Levy professes her ignorance of the federal gun law regulations and confirms that “saving time and resources” are substantial reasons for fast tracking the release of firearms. But she continues her track record of waiting until the last possible minute to satisfy court orders rather than stepping up and getting ahead of them. Why save the city money when you can cost taxpayers thousands in sanctions because you don't want to comply with court orders?

•APD’s deputy chief Paul Feist orders the unlawful release of ballistic evidence and then claims there’s a court order directing him to do so even though there are standing federal and state laws requiring police departments to retain such evidence.
•Spontaneous statements to supervisors by P1/C’s are being used against officers in support of termination level investigations.

•NOTE TO BERRY, your mismanagement of the city is bringing the state’s entire economy down! As best said by UNM’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research director:
“Albuquerque’s performance “is shocking,” she said. Other cities in the West “had a much deeper fall in the recession than did Albuquerque, and they’re bouncing back. Albuquerque really is the laggard. It’s striking. When your major metropolitan area is still in the doldrums it’s hard for the state as a whole to really start moving forward.” (ABQ Journal, Sept 24, 2012)

•As we at the EYE reported months ago, APD and the city contracted with consulting group to assess the overall efficiency of APD. The stunning conclusion is that dayshift officers need about 30 more cops working the streets. HMMMM…there are 3 dayshift squads for each of the 6 area commands, making 18 squads to await the 30 officers. Barely 1 extra officer per squad (1.67 for those picky readers). And that extra 1 and a half officer is supposed to free up all the other officers to have upwards of 45% on-duty discretionary time.......really?

•AFD’s response times are falling into unacceptable levels of delay. We’re wondering when the local media will review APD’s response times which of course have fallen into the times they were when APD’s spin-master and defendant, TJ Wilham, reported times were too slow.

•Officers are telling us the next Field Service Bid will be held in January because of the rapid drain of personnel as they elect to retire. This would be four months early. We are also being told Schultz is looking at downscaling specialized units by reverse seniority in order to backfill the huge vacancy in the field. We can't wait to see who gets preferential treatment.

•APD is hemorrhaging experienced and skilled officers who choose to retire rather than face the uphill battle of being discriminated against or subject to a hostile work environment. Such vacancies are glossed over by a spirit best expressed by Cmdr. Kevin Rowe as a feeling of “Love and Excellence” when in fact what exists is “HATE and FAILURE.”

•The current roster of officers assigned to patrol is as low as it was in the 90’s…nearly twenty years ago.

But hey, APD gets an “A” by its leaders, while the economic, political, and forces of reality converge upon the city and the department. Perhaps, just perhaps, the problems facing the city and APD aren’t the fault of the rank and file who are out there working their butt off every day. Perhaps, just perhaps, citizens, businesses, and institutions have lost their confidence and their optimism in the Duke City and that there is general fatigue of this chief and his mayor.

Perhaps it’s the…LEADERS…who have caused this mess. Could it be???

Sep 20, 2012

Average Cop Speaks Out

Below is a letter sent to the Eye.  For anyone who cares about this community and/or the Albuquerque Police Department, this letter is painful to read.  The letter appears to be from the prospective of a regular "Joe" or "Jane" cop...Folks we all see the dangers of having an inept chief.  Is everyone including our Mayor going to sit and do nothing until Schultz kills the entire community of Albuquerque with his incompetence?

 Remember; the Paseo Del Norte re-build would not be an issue if the City still had the Thirty MILLION dollars Schultz has cost us all in liability (this is just one issue)...

When I was a rookie 34 in the early 2000's every TO I had told me to always make copies of my reports, copy my evidence tags, and if possible copy my evidence before I submitted anything. When I asked why to each of these veteran and wise cops who have since retired or transferred and who have forgotten more than I will ever know, they told me that frequently the department will lose things and when things are lost it will fall on the officer to prove he turned it in. I was told if you didn't have a copy you were SOL. And that the department would break it off in you. Over the years I have heard many stories about how tapes, audio, evidence, and reports have disappeared for important events. We all know how somewhere out there there is a tape of a 10-15 at Mayor Marty's house. And that there are photos somewhere of Margaret Chavez De Aragon (or whatever her name is) showing injuries of having been beating up. Of course these items have never seen the light of day and are probably buried deeper than the Arc from Indiana Jones.

Now over the last few months I've seen that all my fears are coming true about hidden evidence and missing reports. we have bullets and casings "accidentally" being released to officers falsely accused of murder, we have video of 34s acting stupid that Schultz does everything he can to keep hidden, evidence in the warehouse gets contaminated and destroyed by neglect and last weekend we have Schultz and Banks, our Segway Soldiers, "forgetting" to turn on their cameras. Or did they? Now we have officer Grover's report showing up. Of course the department will say it didn't exist or was mistakenly filed. But I'm pretty sure I know what Lieutenant officer Grover spoke with, and while he is no longer with us, I can say that if that is what he thought happened with Mary Han, than I would take that to my grave. That Lieutenant was one of the best cops in APD. He was as solid as Corvino and Guillmette. And anybody who worked with, for, or around him know this is true. May he rest in peace.

When I took this oath to wear the badge I still wear, it meant something more than APD and more than the city of Albuquerque. It was to God, Country, and the Constitution.
If anybody knows/knew Grover, you know that he fought (and from what I hear continues to fight) for cops in trouble and being unfairly treated by IA or their supervisors. And I know he rep'd several sergeants also. I also know that officer Grover is far from perfect, but to be a cop, nobody is. APD is in shambles and with so many experienced people leaving as soon as they can it is not going to get better. This soft style academic academy they are doing is going to get cops hurt and cause more shootings because the cops coming out of this academy will not know how to deal with stress. They will panic and when people panic they go to the biggest stick they have....their gun.

34 Anonymous
... but many, for we are legion."

Sep 18, 2012

Schultz Spotted around Town; Or was He?

Our Eyes claim they spotted Berry's Chief of Police, Ray Schultz around town. For some reason, our Eyes tell us Schultz was dressed in disguise...Perhaps looking for a new career path?


Sep 16, 2012

Schultz Makes a Specticle of Himself

Our Eyes have been busy this weekend covering the often looked over details of APD’sChief Schultz’s greatest timed caper. It seems once again “the Terrible” that continues to plaque Albuquerque can’t just get enough attention.

On the opening day of the state fair a driver, trying to get through the parade,forced himself and created a giant stir and glanced some pedestrians. Rushing in to save the day was none other than Chief Schultz and Deputy Chief Banks. As stated by PIO Officer Rob Gibbs, Chief Schultz and Deputy Chief Banks could “smell alcohol coming from the car, saw blood shot watery eyes, and heard the driver communicate with slurred speech.” After the driver stopped for the two Segway mounted officers, according to Officer Gibbs, he refused to roll down his window at which point Chief Schultz shattered the driver’s window with his baton and attempted to extract the driver from the car. Mr. Gandara was booked into MDC and charged with Aggravated Eluding a Police Officer and Tampering with Evidence.

As with anything Chief Schultz touches, this entire incident seems shattered.Despite the fact that Mr. Gandara had stopped his car, our Eyes tells us Chief Schultz induced jeopardy by attempting contact with the driver of a motor vehicle from the Segway’s moving platform. Despite the fact that the car was surrounded by other APD and NMSP officers, Chief Schultz escalated the event with a use of force that left many scratching their heads. Many of our Eyes tell us there was a lot of discomfort as it was unclear if the chief had even tried opening the car door himself. The media seems focused on whether or not the chief and deputy chief operated their lapel cameras…well the obvious answer is of course not. An interesting precedent these two department leaders have put forward…

Below is a picture emailed to us by one of our Eyes…we also find it disturbing that Deputy Chief Banks (and Chief Schultz we’re told) were not wearing helmets while operating their Segways. Thankfully APD’s motor unit officers wear helmets, and according to OSHA it’s a requirement to wear helmets whether on horses, bicycles, or Segways. As usual once again, our leaders do NOT lead by example. We’re still trying to figure out how Chief Schultz and Deputy Chief Banks were able to discern the drivers lack of sobriety without seeing him drive in an impaired manner. Given that they could smell the alcohol (don’t you mean alcoholic beverage Officer Gibbs?), see the driver’s bloodshot watery eyes, and hear slurred speech, we’d think two of APD’s most senior leaders would want to protect themselves and model proper behavior before all of the children watching the fair. Of course, with APD’s command, it’s better to look good than to be good.

We look forward to reading Chief Schultz and DCOP Bank’s reports. We hope that the officers who got saddled with having to clean up this mess didn’t get stuck too long with a call that, frankly, was unnecessarily complicated by Mayor Berry’s police chief.

Sep 14, 2012

Schultz continues to expedite his departure with more Mis-management

"We need to restore public trust, public confidence and reach out to the community."
—APD Chief Ray Schultz, May 27, 2005.

In the wake of APD’s Evidence Room scandal APD Chief Gil Gallegos resigned and APD’s current chief, Raymond Schultz, walked in to save the day. Chief Schulz made the above remarks in an Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce meeting days after coming in as the chief of the state’s largest law enforcement agency. Yet, here we are, almost 7 ½ years later, and public trust and public confidence is at an even lower level than it was back when Chief Schultz made these remarks. We would think it was ironic if it weren’t for the fact that the original evidence room scandal occurred and unfolded while under the watch of then Deputy Chief Schultz.

As we reported earlier this year, the fiasco that happened in the evidence room, where money, guns, and drugs were stolen occurred under Deputy Chief Ray Schultz’s command. Despite concerns being raised by officers and the initiation of IA investigations, all efforts to objectively and thoroughly resolve the issue were suppressed by APD’s current chief: Raymond Schultz. The city’s own report (here) confirms this.

Yet now, it seems problems in the evidence unit are unfolding once again. As many of our Eyes, in colorful fashion, posted, there appears to be highly…inappropriate behavior going on in what is supposed to bean otherwise secure storage facility. There also appears to be video records of these activities that have been erased. Changing public records and tampering with evidence, we’d like to remind our readers, are serious felony offenses. In a city where its mayor actively promotes “Transparency” it seems the transparent thing to do would be to have NMSP or the AG’s office come in, and once again, conduct an investigation. In a department that its chief says earns an “A” we’d expect nothing but blue ribbon investigation when it comes to problems of its own. If APD wants to earn the respect of its citizens, its officers, and other departments, then it needs to hold itself to a higher standard. That specifically includes the executive staff.

If personnel are illegally gaining access to the warehouse and committing inappropriate acts, what else are they doing with evidence that is being held for pending or other criminal offenses. How many cases have now been put in jeopardy because of APD’s or the crime lab’sdirectory, Marc Adams, inaction?

Our recommendation to those folks that are witnesses to these suspected crimes are get in touch with the appropriate law enforcement authorities outside of APD or you can forward proof to us here at the EYE and we will get it to the appropriate authorities. Cell phone camera shots, videos,documents, or even dates of the events will help us ascertain what exactly is going on. As you’ve seen, posts with detailed personal information DO NOT get posted and we at the EYE fully believe in keeping the confidence of, and supporting, people who are trying to do the right thing…..

Sep 13, 2012

They're Here...

The Federal Department of Justice has started to dig into APD and the gross negligent mis-management of the Albuquerque Police Department by Chief Raymond Daniel Schultz.

The Eye would like to take this opportunity to thank Mayor Berry and his Chief of Police Ray Schultz for ruining a once great police department.

Schultz; you will need to disclose your pattern of distructive management practices and other activities to your new employer.

Berry; pack your bags, you will not be re-elected after the truth is exposed.

Compliments of The Eye On Albuquerque

Sep 12, 2012

Albuquerque’s Local Nazi Prodigy Ray Schultz Spews His Vile for Public Consumption

In 1933 Germany, Josef Goebbels became Adolf Hitler’s propaganda minister. By virtue of this office, Goebbels controlled German print, radio, cinema, and theater media. Goebbels primary objective was, of course, to serve Hitler and to promote and expand the interests of Hitler’s National Socialist Party. In many respects, Goebbels was a master of his craft: perpetuating a lie. While he lied about the NAZI’s true motives, their violence, their racism, their hate, and their crimes he concealed these lies in such a way so the German public accepted them. In Goebbels propaganda, the NAZI’s were patriotic, peacekeepers, true Germans, hungry for peace, and hungry for justice. One of the main principles Goebbels employed to promote his “truths” was that: Propaganda must be carefully timed.

a. The communication must reach the audience ahead of competing propaganda.

b. A propaganda campaign must begin at the optimum moment

c. A propaganda theme must be repeated.

(Doob, Leonard. PublicOpinion and Propaganda; A Book of Readings edited for The Society for thePsychological Study of Social Issues.)

In the best of honoring Goebbels, APD’s Chief Ray Shultz and City of Albuquerque Mayor Berry conducted a press conference today, on the 11th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001, terrorist attacks. This day has as much meaning in American history as December 7th and July 4th. In words and actions that frankly, defy belief, the Mayor and his Chief gave themselves a self-congratulatory “A” for where they have led the state’s largest police department. (See:

An “A.”

Let that sink in for a moment. What does this mean? Frankly it means a lot.
For all the people who have filed actions against the department for damages, injuries, harm, and wrongdoing by Chief Schultz and against the City of Albuquerque, you did so against a department its leaders say is doing an excellent job. For all the officers who have been wrongfully terminated, who have won their labor hearings, who have won in court, or who have actions pending, you did so against a department its leaders say are among the best in the Country. For all the citizens who take time out of their schedules and make efforts to improve the department by speaking out against it, according to Chief Schultz and Mayor Berry, you can go home because this department cannot get any better. For all the attorneys and law enforcement investigators from the DOJ, FBI, US Attorney’s office, NM State Police, and contract lawyers who are analyzing all of the endless patterns and practices of indifference, negligence, malfeasance, omissions, and cover ups, you can close your timesheets because your hours will not be honored by a department that Chief Schultz and Mayor Berry say is not hemorrhaging talent, experience, and effectiveness but is in fact at an apex of practices.

While every state around New Mexico is moving forward economically, New Mexico continues to slide backwards. While every city comparable to Albuquerque in the Southwest moves forward in major economic indexes, Albuquerque remains stagnant at best. While there are so many incidences of failures in APD that by definition those points of failures constitute a pattern, we at the EYE can only say Goebbels, you have found your prodigal student and his name is Raymond Schultz. Only somebody so delusional and self-absorbed would even consider such self-gratification on a day where so many people died and gave so much in furtherance of the rights of others.

Sep 7, 2012

Schultz Treats Everbody in the Same Manner; Just Ask Channel 13

Over a week ago Chief Schultz proposed a change to the Law Enforcement Academy by-laws that levies additional measures of punishment against an officer's certification. This week it seems that those additional measures are now showing their effect in ways the Eye anticipated and expressed concerns about.

Well over a year ago then Sergeant Dennis Barela was demoted from his position and returned to the rank of Patrolman 1st Class. Officer Barela was also sanctioned with a week of unpaid leave but that punishment was held in abeyance (that is delayed pending no other disciplinary issues). Now the LEA board has moved to suspend Officer Barela's certification for four months. If Officer Barela's certification, that is his license, is invalid because of this suspension he can no longer do any police duties.

Our Eyes tell us when channel 13 reporters went to ask Chief Schultz about this not only did he refuse comment but he walked off in a heated and angry manner. But he also muttered something rude under his breath as well our Eyes tell us.

Look, if an officer/sergeant/lieutenant/commander/deputy chief/chief is found to have committed misconduct they deserve to be disciplined up to and including termination. However, once disciplined; the issue is over. Here, thanks to his disrespect and misunderstanding of the US Constitution, Chief Schultz and the LEA Board have opened a Pandora's Box of problems. How is it that Officer Barela now face an additional four months of punishment when he in fact has already been punished?!?!

Our Eyes tell us there are many many more active duty APD officers that are facing similar consequences of double discipline by the LEA Board's actions. But we suppose that is ok, as when a citizen needs help they can expect only the best like Commander Rowe to arrive on scene and placate their police needs with "excellence and love" and song and dance.

Check out the story on KRQE's site (here).

Sep 6, 2012

The Pied Piper Gains NO Followers/Schultz Continues to Create more Vicarious Liability

Within the last week, as news broke out that APD's Chief Ray Schultz's own personal aid TJ Wilham was targeted in a lawsuit by APD Reserve Officer David Young, Deputy Chief Paul Feist misrepresented the release of "never to be released" ballistic evidence (once again blaming some unknown judge), and Chief Schultz leaked out information regarding a human rights investigation of APD by the state's Department of Workforce Solutions, things seem to be entering the Twilight Zone here in the city known as Albuquerque.

Earlier this week, in response to citizen outcry regarding a sex-offender conference scheduled for next week, APD brass led a "town hall" style meeting. Not surprisingly, APD pushed one of their newly created commanders to lead the session (could this have been some pushback to Lt. Callahan's allegations of promotion without merit?). Commander Kevin Rowe opened the meeting with his statement of "leading with...excellence and love." He then continued to speak to a virtually empty auditorium where it seemed there were more APD personnel and members of the media than actual citizens (who our Eyes tell us numbered four). But in typical APD promotional style, instead of using the opportunity to turn off the microphones, get off the stage, and have some one-on-one time, Commander Rowe decided to lecture. When one citizen's frustration finally boiled over and questions were posed to the panel (can any of our readers identify these people in the picture below?), Commander Rowe took it upon himself to speak over the citizen and not answer or even acknowledge the concerns expressed by the folks in attendance. Then, Commander Rowe whipped out his guitar and broke out a sonnet about love and peace and how we should all be in harmony.

Not surprisingly, the citizens and our Eyes reported feelings of bewilderment at the "event" quietly promoted as a community meeting. But while the commander discussed "excellence and love" our Eyes tipped us off that defendant Wilham was busy representing Albuquerque's police department at the city's Solid Waste department.

Occasionally, things happen that are beyond belief in their timing and irony. This week seems to be full of such things. If this is what Chief Schultz's vision of "In Step with Our Community" is, we fear what out of step looks like. Deputy Chief's apparently lying about evidence release procedures, civilian personal aids representing the department while they are targets in litigation that has criminal elements in it, a Chief who is so out of touch with his community's needs that he sends a rookie commander to literally do a song & dance before the citizens, more videos eroding APD's already jeopardized credibility, and who knows what else is coming down the pipeline....

PS Many of our readers have asked what has happened to the Doyle and Woolever labor hearings. Our Eyes tell us something very strange is afoot. In the aftermath of IA Sgt. Peck's shooting, city lawyer Kathy Levy had both hearings vacated and as of yet, no final hearing day for either former officer is scheduled. So while Mr. Doyle and Mr. Woolever's due process rights are impaired, APD's Chief Schultz goes before the state's LEA board to talk about ways to further violate employee's rights.

PPS Mayor Berry has for quite a while avoided much of well deserved attention for his failures in leading the city of Albuquerque in every way imaginable. A detailed and shocking special report by our Eyes is coming very soon...

Sep 5, 2012

Schultz uses Cronies to do his Unethical Deeds

This is a letter from a former APD officer. This is clearly proof of how unethical Berry's Chief of Police, Ray Schultz really is...More to come on this matter.

The Eye

Good evening,

My name is Orlando Camacho and I am an ex-apd officer. You may be familiar with what happen to me while an officer with the Albuquerque Police Department. Tonight I write to you because of something that has happened to me and I find with great disrespect, anger, insulting, a low blow and slap in the face for the upper command staff of the Albuquerque Police Department, especially Deputy Chief Fiest. I may have the emotions because I am directly involved with this incident and you may or may not feel the same emotions that I do.

I was involved in a struggle for my firearm with a person that I saw as a father. During that struggle, the firearm discharged and fatally wounded my dad. A casing ejected from the chamber of the Glock and was later found underneath the left knee of my dad. I was later terminated from the department without being charge with any crime. Later indiated for 2nd degree murder charges and was acquitted and won a ruling that Chief Shultz had violated my civil rights due to the method that he handled my termination. Years after this occurred I went to evidence to retrieve some items that were tagged as safe keeping. I had a little bit of a struggle with people return my phone calls and trying to get my property back. At one time, I was told that Deputy Chief Fiest had to sign off on releasing my items. I had to call him a couple of times to check the status of my items being released since he oversaw the evidence. I was contacted that Fiest did release my property.

When I picked up my property, one of the items I found was the casing involved in the struggle with my dad. I have attached photos of the evidence bag, tag and casing. This was a slap in the face and insulting for the department to release this to me. Call my incident what you would like, an officer involved in a shooting or an officer in a shooting, this casing was evidence in a homicide and should of never been released and should have been kept in evidence. Does the department do this with other major cases? The last officer involved shooting was involving Sgt Peck, will he be given the casing back from the shot that he fired?

As I stated, I may be seeing this as a bigger issue than you. But please understand, the intentional act of them giving me this casing was wrong. I wanted to share this information with you but also I fear some sort of retaliation.

Thank you and God Bless

Sep 1, 2012

The start of the End; APD’s Chief Schultz Heads for Implosion, Lies and Conspiracies Exposed

A year ago, the Albuquerque Journal proclaimed “Schultz Right for Job” in an editorial where they addressed whether APD needed a new chief or not (“APD Needs One Chief; Schultz Right for Job.” Albuquerque Journal, 09/01/11). In their article, represented as the paper’s opinion, the authors identified a list of issues Chief Schultz acted upon when confronted with them. For instance, the paper stated that when Hyde murdered two APD officers in 2005 Schultz created a group of “civilian APD employees to work with other agencies to help deal with mental health issues.” (Remember COAST?) When confronted with comments made by officers on their Facebook pages, Chief Schultz developed and implemented a social media policy. (Remember the Chief’s Twitter posting?) When PERF investigated the increase in officer involved shootings, Chief Schultz implemented 39 of 40 alleged recommendations.(Remember he was on the board of PERF?) The article closed with noble ideal that “APD officers are held to a higher standard, that they must walk their law-abiding talk…”

Here we are a year later, and given the record of Chief Schultz in the years leading up to the Albuquerque Journal’s editorial we would’ve expected to see an improvement in APD’s standing in the community, the quality of its officers, and its performance as a department. But we have not. In fact by any measure APD is crashing as an institution. The department continues to lose trust in the community as it hides and conceals misconduct by officers, experienced and veteran officers retire as soon as eligible (with over 60 scheduled to retire this year), and property and violent crime statistics continue to climb. Because of endless mismanagement and gross misconduct by Chief Schultz and his Deputy Chiefs, the department remains under constant scrutiny. Patrolmen, sergeants, and lieutenants remain without a contract, litigation by employees against the department has exploded, and still Ray Schultz remains as Mayor Berry’s police chief.

Now our Eyes tell us almost the unthinkable is unfolding. For quite a while people have wondered why it seems the Albuquerque Journal is so aggressive in criticizing the hard working rank and file APD officers while giving endless cover to a chief that has cost the city tens of millions of dollars, ruined careers and lives, and all but destroyed once proud and highly respected department. Last week we found out….

On August 20, 2012, APD’s “Special Projects Coordinator” and Chief Schultz’s personal assistant, TJ Wilham, was named as a primary defendant in a defamation lawsuit. In the case the allegations assert Wilham illegally obtained timesheet information pertaining to APD employee and fully sworn reserve officer David Young. Wilham then moved forward with stories in the Albuquerque Journal with titles such as “Wanna Be Cop…” and “APD Warned Civilian Not to Play Cop” ignoring the fact that Mr. Young had been issued a law enforcement commission card signed by Chief Schultz, issued a detectives badge, been praised by department executives, and had helped provide cover for officers in APD special investigation division. While it seems people were feeding the reporter information, Mr. Wilham never once contacted Mr. Young for an interview. Nor did he review whether or not Mr. Young’s actions were in violation of any SOP never mind state statute.

This is where the lines between the private media and a public law enforcement organization blur. In response to this front page story, the complaint states that Chief Schultz and APD lawyer Kathy Levy discussed the story and plotted a response before even ascertaining whether any wrongdoing had occurred. In emails Levy tells Chief Schultz, “...take the highroad that we are acting on the side of caution.” Levy also told Chief Schultz, “...make sure we’ve got good access to tj for the right comments…” Then days later on September 15, 2009, in an engorged article by Mr. Wilham, Chief Schultz is quoted as saying, “We have decided to take the high road and error on the side of caution. We think this is the best course of action…” Clearly, the relationships between Levy, Chief Schultz, and Mr. Wilham blurred as the APD and the Albuquerque Journal plotted together how to address this story and resolve it a manner where once again Chief Schultz was afforded cover.

What we wonder is how ironic is that while Chief Schultz is being hailed as a leader and the man right for the job he never is in front of challenges facing APD or its personnel. As the first Journal article confirmed, all Chief Schultz has done is follow events. He has not once been in front of them. And to make matters worse, those event she’s followed and “acted upon” as soon as they leave the public eye, he lets them go. Additionally, Mr. Wilham now works as Chief Schultz’s personal assistant and as we’ve seen in recent stories, Mr. Wilham and Chief Schultz remain in personal contact with the Journal’s current police reporter Jeff Proctor via personal non-department cell phones. Today Mr. Proctor reported on a story involving a charge of discrimination by several veteran APD lieutenants. Mr. Proctor learned of this information not from the lieutenants, not from their attorney, not from the state’s Department of Workforce Solutions, not from the US Department of Justice….but from none other than the 5th Floor.

A week after the Albuquerque Journal’s article praising Chief Ray Schultz, another article appeared authored by retired APD lieutenant Steve Tate. In “Schultz Has Had Ample Time To Cleanup APD.” (Albuquerque Journal, September 8, 2011) Lieutenant Tate asserts from first hand observations occasions where Chief Schultz could’ve done the right thing but failed to do so. When exceptions were being made to accepted police officer hiring standards, Chief Schultz did nothing. When certain officers’ misconduct was brought to Chief Schultz’s attention for termination, Chief Schultz did nothing. When it was clear there was significant increase in officer involved shootings, Chief Schultz did nothing. But from the dialogue detailed in the lawsuit against Mr. Wilham, we can be sure Chief Schultz was in constant contact with then reporter TJ Wilham in their plot as to how best spin the stories. Through Mr. Wilham’s help, Chief Schultz has evaded responsibility for the mess that now weighs over APD….