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This is right from the dictionary and seems to describe Albuquerque, Berry and Schultz. Fascism (f ash ,izem) noun An authoritarian right wing system of government and/or social organization. (in general use) extreme right wing, authoritarian, chauvinistic and/or intolerant views or practices. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one group over another, national, ethnic, especially social strata or monetarily; a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach. Compliments of one of our Eyes

Feb 10, 2018


We wonder who the hell decorated that tacky room. Union funds at work we see.
Does anyone remember a few weeks ago where Shaun Willoughby stated that the Albuquerque Police Department will take the best and brightest officers from other New Mexico police departments who do not pay competitively? WE DO. This must be what he is talking about.

It seems that either APD thinks that rehiring officers who were terminated for negligently firing their duty weapons, while impaired with alcohol is ok, or someone in background investigations at APD did not do their job.

Back in 2008 there was an incident in the SW where shots were fired and officers were dispatched. It gets a little muddy because we heard a few versions where there was and there wasn’t evidence the firearm in question was not fired. What is odd was how it was stated that it appeared to be unfired, but there were multiple gunshots in the area and no mention of the magazine count of the ammunition in the officer’s duty weapon. We are working on obtaining witness statements. Below is the criminal complaint and a link to the story.

For the record though, the officer, Ana Bruciaga was terminated in her probationary period for being intoxicated, and in possession of a firearm. The case was dumped for some reason after a deal was reached. Below are the case notes.

Today, our Eyes have notified us that Ana Bruciaga is now in the APD lateral hire class under the name Ana Lujan. We wonder if she gets another hiring bonus.

The irony in this is simply amazing considering the amount of officers who were railroaded, and plowed under over the years, for doing their jobs while actually on duty. This is yet again another example of how poor behavior is constantly rewarded.

Mrs. Lujan is a lateral from Rio Rancho PD where she has been working as a police officer since receiving a slap on the wrist for her actions in 08.

Is this how bad it is now? Someone needs to widen minds around here on the fact that candidates and potential lateral officers know what a shit hole whore house APD has become. They know who is still there and they are not going to risk their lives taking employment where inmates are running the asylum.

Chief Geiger can only do so much with complete idiots below him and an administration above him saddling him with political hacks.

It is not about the money folks. Get it through your heads. No officer wants to work with imbeciles or better yet, imbecile who are protected, rewarded, and promoted to be their supervisor. That is a fact.

It is going to be a long road to fixing things here if this is going to continue. And if the administration is going to do this, they need to audit all of the terminations since.

Now... on the lighter side, we were told that jelly donut that the mayor hired as the deputy chief Harold Medina, recently attended a community meeting and the citizens had two complaints. One... he was so fat... and two... they didn’t even know if he was a man or a woman.


Anonymous said...

I am the only one that thinks APO President Sean Wlloubeast is the long lost twin and separated at birth with Chumlly from PAWN STARS? Both are thick, slow, talk the same way and contributed little to the programs.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is going anywhere inhabited by the likes of someone looking like that fat slob, especially the best and brightest. lol.
And who the hell dressed that clown? A sweater vest? Really?! Lmmfao. APD IS FUCKED BECAUSE THE CLOWNS ARE RUNNING THE CIRCUS. What an embarrassment the place is and you guys haven’t even reported on the whore who keeps fucking everyone in the Walmart loss prevention rooms. It’s been 3 times now for that cop. Fire the pig already.

Anonymous said...

So if Ana "left" in 2008 and went to Rio Rancho wasn't Gier there during her tenure? When did she come back to APD? And more importantly why is she still here? Even if she became Lujan did her fingerprints change too?LMFAO Best and Brightest my ass! Like you said eye ,the good cops get railroded while the shitbags never leave. They just keep giving head

Anonymous said...

Chief Geier LMFAO Who has worked with LMFAO and believed his is a leader. NOT ME

Anonymous said...

and Richard Locke gets arrested for shoplifting? wow, just wow.

Anonymous said...

If APD allows that piece of shit criminal Bruciaga to remain on the department then nothing will change. It's back to quantity over quality. How the hell did her recruiter miss something so blatant? There is no way she filled out her application truthfully. Get rid of her before she kills someone and we citizens end up pic.king up the tab.

Anonymous said...

WTF? Doyle & Woolever were thrown under a bus and fired for a hell of a lot less. They had all the probable cause to believe their lives were in danger to warrant shooting the prick but they took a career criminal into custody with him only receiving a bump on his head. APD is a barrel of monkeys.

Anonymous said...

And that's exactly what everyone knew would happen when the new Mayor brought back 3 men that had ties to the previous leadership at APD. Business as usual. There are acts that if committed by officers at APD should not be excused and this is definitely one of them. Firing your weapon while drunk is definitely one of them. I don't care if it was dismissed or not. Fact is, everyone knows what happened. If this officer has to use her weapon again in the future the city is automatically going pay another 20 mil. Definitely not worth my tax dollars. No matter how low the numbers, APD can not afford to start acting recklessly. By the way, shouldn't the Mayor be in the process of that nation wide search for a new chief. Its pretty obvious this temp chief isn't going to work out.

Anonymous said...

if you have lived in Albuquerque for anytime, Just ask yourself is ABQ a better place today then 5 yrs ago? 10 yrs ago? 15 yrs ago?
Then why do you still live there? It's never going to change.

Anonymous said...

This is unfuckingacceptable. Total bullshit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I believe he changed he is in the process of changing his drivers license to read "Gender Neutral"...... that is what too many donuts and no exercise will get you.... is he even capable of removing his handgun from his holster? Re-retire and go back to Laguna Funky Fat Medina!

Anonymous said...

Medina-Grier-Garcia--Who ever is running APD not sure who it is but your threats don't scare us. Guess you don't remember we get threatened every day on the street by real criminal. Go ahead threaten us with discipline just like Schultz did and what did that get; can you say DOJ. Threats and intimidation don't work how about RESPECT and earning RESPECT then 34s wont fuck up. Lets try something new at APD---RESPECT. Fuck all of you on the 5th floor and Commanders for telling us in briefing shit like "I'm here to clean this place up." Look in you're own back yard Donnie.

Keller I know you read this blog take a look at the armed robbery unit those boys are a lil outta control. You guys finish you race or triathlon or whatever it was when you had no one on call. Why did we promote your Sgt and put her right back in the same unit. No wonder there wasn't anyone on call.